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Urgent Resource Alert:
The "Sixth Element"
This "inside info" from a world-renowned 
explorer could be worth $484,000 to you.
but only if you heed this advice before May 31st.

Fellow Investor,
I get dozens of calls each and every day.
Sometimes it's to make an appearance on CNN... sometimes it's a request
 to do talk radio... and sometimes it's an offer to speak at a news conference
 about the future of energy or the current state of the stock market.
But a call I recently got was different.
It was from a man with noticeable conviction in his voice — a man I'd 
never talked to before.
He told me he'd tracked me down because he had a story to tell...
About a massive $8.6 billion plus "wonder mineral" discovery in the wilds 
of Alaska — and the sub-50-cent company that uncovered it.
It's a mineral, he said, that many call the "Sixth Element" because of its 
placement on the periodic table.
I was intrigued, of course. I'm always on the lookout for early advantage 
opportunities for my readers.
And as I quickly learned, this one has the potential to be an enormous 
moneymaker for quick-moving investors.
Fact is, it's extremely rare to come across an exploration company with 
a market cap in the tens of millions that is sitting on a discovery potentially
 worth over $8.6 billion.
Meaning the resource it controls is worth over 600x the price at which 
the company is being valued by the market.
And with a stock price currently below 50 cents per share — though it 
will head much higher as more and more people find out about it — you 
could buy tens of thousands of shares with a mere $10,000 investment.
So the potential is there for this rare Alaskan "wonder mineral" discovery 
to make you ridiculously rich.
As you can imagine, I was eager to learn more about this "Sixth Element," 
its impact on future technologies, and how it could make my readers a tidy
 sum in the process.
So when the mystery caller asked me to meet him for lunch at the Hyatt 
hotel in my hometown of Baltimore, I jumped at the opportunity. And boy, 
am I glad I did...
As I sat in the patio cafe awaiting his arrival, I reviewed the notes I had 
jotted down from our conversation.
While I was deep in thought, a middle-aged, brown-haired man with an 
expensive suit approached my table, extended his hand, and introduced 
"It's so nice to meet you," I said. "I've just been reviewing the notes I took
 from our call."
He sat down, slid a packet of information across the table, and proceeded 
to give me a complete rundown of the direction of this explosive tiny
 exploration company.
The packet contained pictures, graphs, and initial mineral estimates that 
clearly showed the massive size of the "Sixth Element" discovery. He 
showed me a government-approved resource estimate quantifying how 
 much of the mineral the company controlled...
And if it's as accurate as it's supposed to be, the enormous $8.6 billion 
value of this mineral resource discovery could send this company's 
stock soaring 2,420% — or more.
This isn't just some pie-in-the-sky prediction. It's based on 
estimates from a well-respected international certification service.
Keep in mind, this is just the value of the resource in the ground.
It's really an early-stage bet.
Other companies that have a similar "sixth element" resource are being 
valued at $55 per tonne.
And this company possesses over 6.2 million tonnes — meaning it should
be valued at over $340 million. With that kind of valuation, you get a c
urrent estimated per share value of $3.78 for this explosive Canadian
exploration company...  
So It's Way Undervalued at Its Current Share 
Price  Below 50 Cents
You could see gains of 2,420% off this penny stock once investors 
discover this little-known exploration powerhouse.
A gain like that turns a small stake of $10,000 into $242,000, 
or $20,000 into $484,000, starting as soon as word gets out 
about this massive discovery.
And remember, this is just an estimate of this stock's value based on 
initial findings...
Indications are that it could be even bigger, meaning we may have a 
very conservative estimate here.
The bottom line is you could get a windfall of cash from just a small
 investment in this tiny Canadian company.
"So I'm curious," I said, "why did you tell me about this?"
He explained that he'd been following my coverage of other mining and 
 resource-related stories and liked what he saw. He knew my extensive
 expertise on mining and minerals, and wanted me to be the one to share
 information about this discovery with others.
At first I was a bit skeptical, because I'm often approached at conferences
 and business gatherings and told about "the biggest new discovery," or 
"the hottest technological breakthrough"...
But this "secret insider" had impressive credentials and a thorough grasp
 on the facts surrounding this enormous "Sixth Element" discovery.
As we talked, I learned that he's been a geological consultant since the early 
1990s, with vast experience exploring for gold, base metals, potash, 
diamonds, and a slew of valuable minerals all over the world, from Canada 
to Russia and China. In fact, he's evaluated mines on every continent
 except Antarctica.
So he's had years of experience exploring the globe to find the biggest and
 best mineral and metal discoveries...
And this time, he believes he hit the jackpot with an incredible $8.6 billion
 rare mineral discovery in America's last frontier, Alaska.
After talking a while longer, we wrapped up our lunch and I headed straight
 to my office to verify all the information my corporate "insider" had given 
me. And after pounding away at my keyboard for hours, fact-checking 
his numbers, I was elated to find out that everything he said checked out.
This explosive Canadian penny stock — priced below 50 cents per share 
— does have exclusive rights to over 6 million tonnes of the highly sought
-after "Sixth Element" mineral... worth over $8.6 billion.
And the discovery is in safe, mining-friendly Alaska — far away from
 the turmoil engulfing mining operations in Africa, or the pollution 
restrictions facing miners in China.
Plus, Alaska's prime location puts it in an advantageous position for 
shipping extracted natural resources to major end users in North America
 and Asia.

Alaska Shipping Routes

In coming days, this tiny Canadian company's stock could soar 
10-fold... 30-fold... even 50-fold... and STILL be grossly 
And the best news is you don't have to send your money out of the
 United States to invest in this explosive opportunity...
You can do it right here at home in less than three minutes.
But hurry. Because resource investors and the fat cats on Wall Street will 
not ignore this situation for long...
This is the kind of life-changing opportunity that rarely comes along, where
 you could get in on the ground floor of a record-breaking $8.6 billion 
Alaskan mineral discovery before the average investor has a clue.
That's why I quickly put together my timely new report, "Your Pathway
 to Riches from Nature's 'Sixth Element'."
In just a moment, I'll tell you how to secure your FREE copy of this urgent
But that's not all...
I've also secured a private phone call for you with the man who sought me out..
. a highly-regarded expert on natural resource exploration, my contact has
 the inside details on this $8.6 billion Alaskan mineral discovery that could
 make you 2,420% gains... or more.
Only the first 500 investors who respond today will get access
 to this exclusive "windfall of cash" conference call on May 31, 
plus a free copy of the new report.
Before you respond, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit more about 
this incredible "Sixth Element" opportunity...

Nick Hodge
 Hi. I'm Nick Hodge.
Perhaps you've read my best-selling book on energy investing.
Or maybe you've heard me speak at an investment conference, or 
seen one of my numerous interviews...
For years I've been passionate about traveling the country to show 
 investors how to make money — as well as protect and spend it.
I don't just pick stocks. There are plenty of talking heads that can try to do 
that. Instead, I track down and persistently follow opportunities. I visit 
company offices, properties, and mines. I sit down with management.
 I develop a rapport with them. And we stay in touch.
This is all so I can keep you informed of the ins and outs of an 
investment along the way.
Conversely, I also show you negatives to watch out for.
I'm proud of the fact that I've led thousands of wealth-builders 
to double- and triple-digit gains over the last few years, which has led to
 a slew of notes like this:
Mark Rubin
Currently, I'm the managing editor at Angel Publishing and Investment 
Director for the financial advisory Early Advantage, where I seek out 
technological breakthroughs and massive discoveries that are changing 
the world...
Like the "Sixth Element" opportunity I'm sharing with you today.

The Mineral in Your Pencil Could 
Make You Rich
The "Sixth Element" I'm referring to is one of the purest forms of carbon, 
which happens to be Atomic Number 6 on the periodic table (hence its name).
Here I am examining a sample of it while traveling through North America
 in search of the hottest mineral and energy companies available for investors:

Nick with Large Flake Graphite

It's graphite, the mineral used to make pencil lead.
Of course, that's not the major breakthrough I'm talking about today...
It's a refined form of graphite called graphene that's causing
 a huge stir among the scientific community....


You might've seen it in the news lately because of the incredible advances
 it's bringing about in the medical field, the energy sector, defense, and so on.
And here's why: It's 200 times stronger than steel, thinner than a
 sheet of paper, and more conductive than copper.
Researchers at the UK's University of Manchester note it's "almost
 one million times thinner than a human hair."
"It is not only the thinnest material in the world," says the New 
York Times, "but also the strongest: a sheet of it stretched over
 a coffee cup could support the weight of a truck bearing down
 on a pencil point." 
Bloomberg adds:
"Lighter than a feather, stronger than steel, a superior
 electrical conductor to copper: According to its champions,
 graphene could unlock a new era of super energy-
efficient gadgets, cheap quick-charge batteries, wafer-thin
 flexible touchscreen computing, and a sturdier 
light-weight automobile chassis."
Bottom line: Graphene has the potential to completely revolutionize 
entire industries, creating bendable phones and touch screens... tiny 
self-powered oil and gas sensors... even synthetic blood that can be 
used in any person on the planet.
Incredible, isn't it?
And because of its possible future applications in technology, it 
has been generating significant buzz among scientists worldwide since
 its discovery.
Strategic metal experts are already calling graphene the  
"... most important substance created since synthetic
 plastic a century ago!"
It's no wonder the two Russian scientists who discovered it were
 awarded the Nobel Prize in physics — as well as knighthoods.
"Graphene doesn't just have one application," says 
Andre Geim, the Russian scientist who made the
 find along with Konstantin Novoselov. "It is not even 
one material. It is a huge range of materials. A good 
comparison would be to how plastics are used."
I'd say plastics is a conservative comparison. Graphene has far more
 high-tech uses than plastic — and is poised to be much more lucrative...
Scientists are hailing it as a miracle cure for industries ranging from
 fiber optic data transmission to nuclear energy to lithium-ion batteries.
Since graphene has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it's the perfect 
material for use in automobiles, rockets, boats, turbine blades, airplanes,
 and more.
Take a look at what hundreds of researchers, companies, and governments
 are already doing with the strongest, thinnest, most conductive
 material ever discovered...
  • Engineers at Northwestern University have a made a graphene
  •  electrode that allows lithium-ion batteries to store 10 times as much
  •  power and charge 10 times faster.
  • MIT Engineering Professor Jeffrey Grossman believes solar cells
  •  made from graphene could produce 10,000 times more energy
  •  from a given amount of carbon than fossil fuels.
  • University of Manchester researchers have created a device that
  •  "could help detect the presence of drugs or toxins in the body or
  •  dramatically improve airport security."
According to the Daily Mail: "A graphene credit card could 
store as much information as today's computers," and that
 "will lead to gadgets that make the iPhone and Kindle seem
 like toys from the age of steam trains."
The BBC says: "It could spell the end for silicon and change
 the future of computers and other devices forever."
Amazingly, the Israeli Army is even using the material to make invisible
Fact is graphene makes:
  • Solar – 50x-100x more efficient
  • Semiconductors – 50x-100x faster
  • Aircraft – 70% lighter
The applications for this "wonder material" appear endless.

This Super Material "Will Change the World." 
—  Huffington Post
I'm extremely bullish on graphene's future prospects, and so is one 
of the men who discovered it, Nobel recipient Konstantin Novoselov:
"I don't think it has been over-hyped... It has attracted a lot
 of attention because it is so simple — it is the thinnest 
possible matter — and yet it has so many unique properties.
 There are hundreds of properties which are unique or superior
 to other materials. Because it is only one atom thick 
it is quite transparent — not many materials that
 can conduct electricity are transparent."
And speaking of transparent, scientists at the University of Texas, 
Dallas have made a graphene invisibility cloak by heating up a sheet of 
the material with electrical stimulation.
Again, this isn't science fiction. This is happening right now.
Novoselov says, "It's a big claim, but it's not bold. That's exactly
 why there are so many researchers working on it."
So many, indeed: Over 200 companies are pursuing graphene opportunities,
 and it's been the subject of thousands of peer-reviewed research papers.
Just recently, Bloomberg reported: "'University-led research 
projects to investigate graphene won $1.35 billion in 
European Union funding."
That's a true testament of faith in this "wonder material."
"Analysts say the first graphene-intensive products should come
 to market within 18 months," says Businessweek, "with IBM,  
Samsung,  and Nokia among those racing to be first."
And now the global race is on — with a huge increase in patents filed
 to claim  rights over different aspects of graphene...
The BBC reports: 
 "A surge in research into the novel material graphene 
reveals an intensifying global contest to lead a potential 
industrial revolution."
Graphite's "Rare Earth" 
Yet only a few companies around the world have access to mineral 
graphite, which is the resource required to make graphene...
And up to this point, China has had a tight grip on the worldwide
 graphite supply, controlling over 70% of it.


Like it did with rare earths, China is limiting graphite exports with quotas 
— imposing a 20% export tariff and a 17% value added tax (VAT), 
causing graphite prices to rise. What's more, due to environmental concerns, 
China has just ordered restrictions on any further graphite mines in two 
of its largest graphite producing regions.
All this has set the stage for non-Chinese based production of graphite to 
explode in a big way...
Leaving the door wide open for graphite mining operations in other parts 
of the globe — like our massive Alaskan discovery — as most of the 
world's major economies perceive the mineral as being necessary for 
technological and industrial progression.
"China has a stranglehold on natural graphite supply," says Simon 
Moores of Industrial Minerals. "This, together with a generation
 of under-investment in mines around the world, is creating
 a very tight supply situation."
But that's about to change...
Because ONE tiny Canadian company has discovered a monster 
$8.6 billion graphite resource in the wilds of Alaska.
And this little-known company, priced below 50 cents per share, now owns 
and controls one of the largest and most concentrated reserves of 
 graphite in the developed world.
With the global race to acquire graphite heating up, the timing of their 
discovery couldn't be any better.
Remember, this company's current market cap is well under $50 million. 
So imagine the potential impact on this stock's sub-50-cent share price 
as this gigantic graphite discovery moves closer to market...
Conservative estimates show you could make a $484,000 payday with a 
 mere $20,000 investment in this Canadian exploration company.
And that's why it's one of my top picks for 2013.
But the key is to get in on this tiny Canadian graphite company while
 prices are still cheap.
With the incredible promise graphene has shown, the stock price won't 
stay that way for long. Already, Future Markets, Inc. reports a 4,000%
 increase in demand for graphene-based materials...
Which could send graphite prices soaring as demand for this mineral 
starts outpacing supply next year.


That's why graphite has been named a "supply critical mineral" and a
 "strategic mineral" by the United States and the European Union.
Starting next year, the world will demand more graphite than is available...
And the supply/demand imbalance will only be worsened as these 
new sources of demand from graphene applications come online.
It's no wonder prices have more than doubled since 2006, from $700 to 
$1,500 per tonne.
That's why it's urgent you secure your copy of my newest FREE report 
"Your Pathway to Riches from Nature's 'Sixth Element'" — 
today, before diminishing supplies of graphite push this tiny Canadian 
company's stock price to record heights.
Inside this urgent report, you'll get the full details on this little-known 
company whose $8.6 billion graphite discovery could bring China's near 
monopoly on this vital mineral to a quick end...
And could make you 2,420% gains, as this "wonder mineral" transforms
 the way we live in ways you never dreamed of.
"Mobile phones that fold, transparent and flexible solar panels, extra 
thin computers... the list of potential applications is endless," says  
Science Daily.
And don't forget, if you're one of the first 500 readers who respond to 
my offer today, you'll secure a valuable spot to our upcoming  
"Sixth Element" Conference Call on May 31.
With this conference call, you'll have the opportunity to meet the 
"corporate insider" who first introduced me to this company.
But before you secure your spot, here are a few more details about 
 this tiny exploration company that's made one of the biggest graphite
 discoveries on earth...

This Tiny Canadian Company 
Could Soar 2,420%
with the Coming Graphite Shortage...
There are a few companies that have a chance to bring a graphite mine
 all the way to production. One of these is a graphite company 
I recommended months ago... it's already up nearly 100%.
And then there is the Canadian company that I'm talking about 
today, which has discovered the largest graphite resource estimate in 
North America.
Exploration on the Alaskan property where the discovery was made 
began in the spring of 2012 with a geophysical survey.
This was followed by surface sampling (totaling 591 rock grab samples 
 and 32 channel samples) and an 18-hole diamond drill program...
The results of this program led to the initial resource estimate of over 
six million tonnes of graphite, worth over $8.6 billion in today's market.
For early-in investors, this record-breaking North American graphite
 discovery could make them powerful gains of 2,420% or more...
Ultimately, this company wants to sell its huge graphite resource to
 a bigger mining outfit or an end user at a massive profit — giving you an
 opportunity for spectacular gains from a future buyout.
The fact remains that non-Chinese countries need to become increasingly 
self-reliant in the acquisition of their graphite. as it becomes an 
increasingly vital commodity.
That's why this estimated $8.6 billion graphite discovery is so 
vital to countries worldwide, as they continue to pursue the vast 
technological advances that can be brought about by the "wonder 
 material" known as graphene.
Just look at the sheer size of the graphite resource this tiny Canadian
 company controls by comparing it to other graphite resources...
Other companies that are being valued higher than the company I'm 
 talking about today only have resources totaling hundreds of thousands
 to a few million tonnes.

Company Project Location Total Resource (tonnes) Average Grade (%) Contained Graphite (tonnes) Project Status
Focus Graphite Lac Knife Canada 7,938,000 15.7% 1,246,000 Preliminary Economic Assessment completed 4Q 2012
Mason Graphite Lac Gueret Canada 10,354,000 19.6% 2,027,000 Bankable Feasibility Study expected 3Q 2014
Northern Graphite Bissett Creek Canada 80,931,000 1.6% 1,333,000 Production Planned 2H
Flinders Resources Woxna Sweden 2,600,000 10.5% 274,000 Production Planned 2H 2013
Canadian Graphite Company Alaska USA Over 107 million tonnes 5.8% Nearly 6.2 million tonnes Follow Up on initial Resource Estimate

But here you can easily see this Canadian exploration company's 
resource is three times larger than any of its peers.
Now take a look at the potential value of those resources, using a conservative
 value of $1,400 per tonne of graphite.
(And remember, the long-term thesis here is that graphite prices will be 
much higher in the future.)

Company Contained Graphite In-situ Value @ $1,400/  tonne Current Market Cap, Q2 2013
Focus Graphite 1,246,000 $1.744 Billion $69.65 Million
Mason Graphite 2,027,000 $2.838 Billion $33.65 Million
Northern Graphite 1,333,000 $1.866 Billion $49.03 Million
Flinders Resources 274,000 $383.6 Million $27.16 Million
Canadian Graphite Company Over 6 Million $8.674 Billion Under $50 million

As you can see, the value of this Canadian company's resource in the ground is 
over $8.6 billion, yet it's trading for just a tiny portion of that!

The other companies are being valued higher because they've been around longer.
 But as this company gets closer to production — and the market values it the 
same way as its peers — you could see large gains in value as the demand for
 graphite skyrockets worldwide.

Where it's currently trading, this company presents a great way to play a 
future rise in graphite prices. Because the resource is so large and has easy 
shipping access, I see potential for an end user to ultimately purchase the 
rights to this graphite to secure a long-term supply of graphene.

So, the company could ultimately pull in 2,420% gains as its mammoth 
 $8.6 billion graphite discovery comes to fruition... or you could make a windfall
 of cash in the short term, if the company secures a buyer and its stock 
skyrockets from the lucrative cash deal.
Either way, you win.

Why May 31st Could Be Your First Day 
on the Pathway to Riches...
I have met with management of this fast-growing company several times,
 including the Chairman and CEO, President, and VP of Exploration. And 
they told me juicy details in those meetings that are too hot to give away to
 just anyone...
That's why I had to put them in the report I want to give to you right away. 
This report is called, "Your Pathway to Riches from Nature's 
'Sixth Element'."
Inside, you'll get the full details on the $8.6 billion Alaskan graphite 
discovery that could make you gains of 2,420% or more.
In addition, if you sign up to receive this report today, you'll have 
the opportunity to listen to our "Sixth Element" Conference 
Call on May 31, 2013. This call gives you the opportunity to listen
 to the corporate "insider" who first introduced me to this company.
But hurry... Registration for this special event is limited to the first 
500 who respond.
While it'll cost nothing to listen in, you stand to lose thousands in profits
 if you miss out.
And all I ask in return is that you accept my personal invitation to sample
 everything my research service Early Advantage has to offer — 
with NO risk or obligation whatsoever.

The Early Advantage to 
Unlimited Riches
Early Advantage is the resource for big profits from little-known 
breakthroughs, huge resource discoveries, and cutting-edge disruptive 
technologies in energy, electronics, technology, agriculture, and more.
No sector is off-limits. And 'the early advantage' doesn't only apply to 
stocks; you'll get my musings on productivity, taxes, food, the outdoors, 
and more.
From chatting with start-up CEOs in Silicon Valley... to meeting and 
working with actual farmers... to inspecting mines in Alberta and Ontario..
. you'll get the real boots-on-the-ground research most analysts just don't 
feel like doing: obscure conferences and trade shows, site visits, 
private one-on-one interviews — all in the name of getting 'the early
 advantage' on any moneymaking (or money-saving) opportunity
 out there.
And my strategy is working. For 2012 and 2013, I have a solid  
82% win rate (as of spring 2013).
With recent winners including Organovo up 102%, 3D Systems up 53%,
 Ford Motor up 24%, Natcore Technology up 129%, and DNI Metals
 up 113%.
In just the past few years, my top-level research and market insights
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Gains like:
  • 119% on Cree (3-4 months)
  • 159% on Xethanol Inc. (2-3 months)
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  • 101% on JA Solar (14 months)
  • 391% on BYD Company (3 months)
  • 426% on Alternate Energy Holdings (3 months)
  • 110% on Solarfun Power (5 months)
Of course, that's just a sampling of some of my biggest gains.
"Smaller" ones include:
  • 33% on GS Agrifuels (1 day)
  • 28% on Arise Technologies (1 day)
  • 73% on World Energy Solutions (2 days)
  • 41% on Ener1, Inc. (1 day)
  • 82% on Capstone Turbine (7 months)
  • 32% on Akeena Solar (1 month)
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There are hundreds of double-digit wins I could list from my performance
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But the tiny Canadian exploration company I've been showing you today
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As you can imagine, spotting winners like these time and again isn't easy.
 Hours and hours of research go into making sure that every single play has
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And sometimes, the promise doesn't jive with the fundamentals, and so 
a company ends up being left out of Early Advantage.
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that readers of Early Advantage will be the first to know.
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And that's why I keep receiving letters like these:
Loren Paley
You can join them and thousands of other satisfied investors today —
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Your Ultimate Resource for 
Big Market Success
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Well, when you consider the hours of research required to investigate each
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of service.
The truth is it would be really hard to put a price tag on all of this hard
-won intel.
You can be sure any Wall Street broker would eagerly charge thousands
 of dollars...
But the last thing I am is a Wall Street broker.
Like me, most of my members despise Wall Street's antics and the way 
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your pocket from a mere $10,000 investment on just this one stock.
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For an opportunity like that, I'd say $699 is quite a bargain.
Still, I think it could be even better...

Pay $200 Less than Regular
I understand money is tight for a lot of folks these days, and I want 
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I want to make sure I've done everything I can to ensure you're able 
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For this special offer only, I'm slashing $200 off 
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You can get an entire year of Early Advantage for
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Keep in mind you're not buying anything right now.
 All you're agreeing to do is test-drive Early Advantage
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This deal gets even better...
If you ever become unsatisfied for any (or no) reason at all, just 
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It can't get much fairer than that.
Plus, just to make sure this service is right for you, I'll also send 
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These reports are currently being sold for hundreds of dollars apiece...
But you'll get them ALL — absolutely FREE — the minute 
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Let Me Show You Exactly What You'll 
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  • "Wonder Mineral" Report: "Your Pathway to Riches From 
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  • Bonus Report #1: "3D Printing: Gains Up to 37,000%"
  • Bonus Report #2: "Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule"
  • Bonus Report #3: "How to REALLY Get Rich in America"
  • Confidential Early Advantage Alerts: Complete details on
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  • markets as fast as I can uncover them. Additionally, these 
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  • Clear and concise trading instructions: My service is so easy to follow, you can simply read the plays verbatim over the phone to your broker, or do them yourself in just minutes online.
  • Private access to the Early Advantage Members-Only Website: Here you'll have password-protected access to all my Special Reports, Alerts, Videos, and my entire Portfolio — every play I've ever made in the history of the service.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call my Customer Support staff and get immediate live help any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST).
The intel in just one of these special reports could easily pay for your membership many times over...
And they're yours to keep, no matter what your final decision is.
Plus, you'll get access to our exciting upcoming "Sixth Element" Conference Call on May 31, with an opportunity for you to hear a world-renowned exploration expert who will give you every juicy detail about the tiny Canadian company that's poised to unearth a $8.6 billion graphite fortune.
But you must act fast...
All of the opportunities I've mentioned here are extremely time-sensitive, and the conference call is limited to the first 500 investors who sign up today.
Remember, you risk absolutely nothing by taking advantage of this spectacular opportunity.
Please don't let it slip through your fingers.
With the ridiculously low price and full money-back guarantee I'm offering you on Early Advantage right now, there's simply no other way to say it...
It just couldn't be any easier for you to get rich.
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Good Investing,
Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge
Editor, Early Advantage
P.S. I urge you to act in the next 48 hours to secure your spot to our exclusive "Sixth Element" Conference Call on May 31, 2013, where you'll have the opportunity to listen to the world-renowned explorer who told me about the record-breaking $8.6 billion "wonder mineral" Alaskan discovery... a discovery that could bring you quadruple-digit gains in coming months. But hurry... Time is of the essence. The event is right around the corner, and attendance is strictly limited to only 500 Early Advantage members. Click here to sign up now.

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