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Healthcare & Bankruptcy: The Real Root of the Debt Crisis..>> Big Pharma is a huge hindrance. Physicians and specialists are less inclined to spend time interacting with patients to understand what's really wrong, and are instead rewarded for selling brand-name drugs to as many patients as possible. People don't always need drugs: they need to improve their health. And that starts with quality primary and preventative care. Compared to Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, the United States comes in dead last in five areas of health system performance: quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and the ability to lead long, healthy productive lives, according to the Commonwealth Fund. It is shameful that costs are rising while care is declining....>>>

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Wealth Wire is becoming The Outsider Club. Simply put, I created The 
Outsider Club because people like us will never be insiders. Greedy
bankers, venal politicians and their collective minions have a stranglehold
on the market and our personal freedoms. But we're not going to play
the victim. We're going to do something about it. Stay tuned...
Healthcare & Bankruptcy: The Real 
Root of the Debt Crisis
By Brittany Stepniak | Thursday, May 2nd, 2013
“Money is to my social existence what health is to my body." —  
Mason Cooley

Today's turbulent financial times are likely to leave you in a world
of panic if you have neither money nor health.
And it's hard to get by with just one and not the other.
Though I have been blessed with good health and still have youth on
 my side, I know it may not always be this way.
I know how quickly the world can remit an unexpected and expensive
  twist of fate...
"Millions of American Families are One Medical Emergency
 Away from Bankruptcy"
Even before the 2008 economic fallout, an American family filed for
 bankruptcy due to health-related debt every 90 seconds.
I come from one of these families.
When I was 13 years old my mother filed for bankruptcy. My parents
 had divorced a few years earlier, and we moved from a single-family
home in Upstate New York into a three-bedroom apartment in a
charming town in southwestern Virginia, where my siblings and I were
 able to attend one of the nation's top public secondary schools and
still cut our overall cost of living.
My mother was working for the Department of Social Services and
 raising three kids. She took on an extra job on the weeknights —
and even attempted a third one on weekends at one point.
We weren't completely struggling to make ends meet. After all, we
were exceptionally frugal, living without cable and Internet services
 until the Web became a neccessity for school projects... We would
 watch the news on an old TV set and plug in the VCR for family
movie nights.
Plus, my father was still very present in our lives and paying child
We weren't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but had
what we needed and my mother would have been able to start
setting a little aside for college.
But the aforementioned unexpected twists of fate showed up.


Hidden epidemic is picking off Baby Boomers in 
their prime
It starts with cold hands, leg cramps and unsightly circles under your
But one world renowned physician has discovered a 'triple threat' to
 disarm this health minefield before it blows. 
Renowned medical experts spanning the globe have come to
 a shocking consensus...
Alzheimer's...diabetes...heart disease...impotence
...and much more
are all symptoms of...
of the Baby Boomer
Researchers call it "the single most common thread
 to premature death"
And, astonishingly...no one's talking about it
But now you can turn the tide against this 
stealth killer--
with a solution so STUNNINGLY SIMPLE
it puts modern medicine to shame!
Dear Unsuspecting Friend,
High blood pressure...Elevated cholesterol...Problem blood sugar...
Bone loss...Sexual dysfunction.
I'll bet you know someone taking prescriptions for all these conditions.
 Maybe you face the avalanche of pill bottles every time you open your
 own medicine cabinet.
But let me fill you in on a secret Big Pharma is desperate to keep
 tightly under wraps...
Every single one of these sinister syndromes can be tied back to
In fact, as you're about to discover inside this exclusive expose...
There's almost NO disease or health worry
 that isn't  directly related to
But now, you're about to get the inside scoop on the jaw-droppingly
EASY cure to this hidden cause.
That's right--CURE
Not just another one of Big Pharma's Band Aids. You know--
the ones that cause even more problems.
In fact, thanks to this STUNNINGLY SIMPLE CURE--developed by
 one world-renowned M.D--SIX SHORT WEEKS from now...
Your head-to-toe health
will fall into place
Like a row of precisely 
laid-out dominoes
And it's as simple as tipping over that very first one.
More on how to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind CURE
 for FREE in just a moment. But first, allow me to
introduce myself.
My name is Karen Reddel. I've been working in the health
 publishing industry for nearly 20 years. And yet, never before
have I encountered a physician making such breathtaking
 inroads in natural medicine.
Exposing the REAL causes behind today's deadliest threats.
 And delivering cures so shockingly easy--they boggle the
mind! And put "modern" medicine's high-tech
 "wonder drugs" to SHAME.
His name is Fred Pescatore, M.D.
And today, he's allowed me to share some of his most shocking
 discoveries with you. Starting with the deadliest threat to your
 health that NO ONE is talking about...
Cold hands? Leg cramps? 
Ugly under-eye circles?
They're the first signs of...
The stealth assassin
picking off Baby Boomers
 like flies
So deadly, it claims another 
new victim
And yet--most M.D.s are completely
overlooking it!
Leg cramps that wake you up out of a sound sleep.
Fingers so cold you're embarrassed to shake hands at church.
Unsightly circles under your eyes--no matter how much
sleep you get.
Bruises that appear after the slightest bump...and take
WEEKS to go away.
These aren't just minor annoyances.
Your body is
shouting out a
These seemingly harmless symptoms are signaling a much
 BIGGER problem.
You see, there's a critically important, but little-known system
toiling away deep inside your body. And whether or not it's in good
working order can have everything to do with whether you live long
 enough to see your great grandchildren march across the stage
to "Pomp and Circumstance" ...or whether you keel over without
 warning into your bowl of cornflakes one morning.
This hidden health system MUST be in TIP-TOP SHAPE!
In fact, according to the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients,
 "The experts all agree that improving [it] is essential to enjoying
a long and healthy life."
Unfortunately, like most precious objects, this stealth health system
 is extraordinarily delicate. In fact, even that innocent piece of toast
 you had for breakfast can set off a deadly chain of events that can
 sneak up and destroy it.
And before you know it, those chilly fingers and Charlie horses
have SNOWBALLED into those all-too-familiar diseases. The ones
 that have stumped mainstream medicine for years.
One brilliant M.D. has
solved this lethal riddle
World-renowned physician Fred Pescatore, M.D., has single-handedly
 discovered how to stop this deadly avalanche at the source.
With a Natural Triple Threat. A precise combination of just three very
 special--and POTENT--natural extracts. From grape skins, lemon peels,
 and pine trees of all things!
They might seem like unlikely bedfellows. But Dr. Pescatore carefully
 hand-picked this odd trio. Because each one offers a unique,
powerful way to nourish and protect the fragile, microscopic parts
that make up your body's most critical--and most overlooked--system.
And when he combined these under-the-radar natural powerhouses,
 Dr. Pescatore saw...
Results like nothing else before!
Together, this Natural Triple Threat doesn't just armor your body's
most precious system. It actually helps repair it. So it can go back
 to doing what it does best...
  • Fueling your brain. So you can banish those frustrating
  •  "tip-of-your-tongue" moments FOR GOOD.

  • Preserving your pancreas. 3p.m. sugar crashes? GONE!
  •  With just the right amount of essential insulin--at exactly
  •  the right times.

  • Setting your sex life ON FIRE. Get what you want--when
  •  you want it. No more disappointment (for either of you!).

  • And much more!
In fact, this all-natural Triple Threat is the most sure-fire way
to pile years onto your life--and life to your years.
And here's more great news...while these super-critical extracts
aren't making mainstream headlines--they ARE readily available!
You just need to know where to look.
Wiping out the Baby Boomer Epidemic at the source is a SNAP. And
Dr. Pescatore's patients have put it to the test. With remarkable results.
And now you can, too!
Dr. Pescatore would like to send you all the details on his
Natural Triple Threat cure for FREE right now. You'll find out
 everything you need to know. Including precisely which forms
of each extract are best, where to get them, and how much to take.
I'll tell you how to get in on this exclusive opportunity in just
a moment. But first, the Baby Boomer Epidemic isn't the only
deadly health mystery Dr. Pescatore has solved using Nature's
 piece-of-cake cures.
He's also discovered how it's just as simple to...
Unlock your body's own STUNNING  
natural ability to
Wake Forest University researchers nicknamed it Mighty Mouse.
 And "mighty" is putting it mildly...
Despite being injected with 20 million of the most vicious cancer
cells on earth, this tiny creature never showed a single sign
  of the disease.
When they examined some of Mighty Mouse's cells under
 a microscope, researchers made a startling discovery.
Something that almost never happens.
20 million cancer cells--GONE
That's right. There wasn't a single trace of cancer in the mouse.
And it wasn't just a one-time fluke...
Mighty Mouse's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren
(and so on) all remained cancer-free, too. Even when researchers
upped the number of cancer cells they injected to a whopping 2 billion.
In other words, buried deep in the Mighty Mouse family genes
was a mysterious...
Natural immunity to cancer
And now Dr. Fred has discovered a way you can get it, too.
All thanks to an extraordinarily powerful, yet precise
substance called Alpha G.
It's virtually unheard of here in the land of "cut, poison, and burn"
cancer care. But Alpha G is the active ingredient in the No. 1
 natural cancer treatment used in over 700 clinics
and hospitals in Japan.
Unfortunately, "authorities" in this country refuse to
acknowledge the powerful potential of ANY natural therapy
 for treating cancer. With billions of dollars invested in cancer
drug research, there's just too much money at stake.
But as Dr. Fred will tell you, not only is this treatment as
 thoroughly researched as ANY pharmaceutical
cancer drug...it actually works better!
Because, unlike chemotherapy drugs, this natural Alpha
 G-rich remedy can...
Revive your body
 at its core
Instead of killing off cancer cells directly (and everything
 else with it), Alpha-G works by igniting the most tenacious
 immune cells in the human body--Natural Killer (NK) cells.
In fact, the specialized Alpha-G remedy used in Japanese
hospitals doubles--even triples--NK cell activity in just two weeks.
Studies show it works--
and works FAST--
to reverse even the most 
hopeless cases
Like Maryann's.
She went to a neurologist for headaches and vertigo.
And was devastated to learn she had an inoperable brain
tumor. Imagine her terror at hearing the news she "could die
 at any time." But Maryann had heard of the Alpha-G miracle-
-and figured she had nothing to lose by trying it.
Thank goodness she did!
Three months later, her brain tumor had shrunk by HALF.
And less than a year after her initial death sentence, Maryann's
cancer had completely disappeared.
Today she says, "My physical condition is good.
The headaches are gone. I can move around energetically
 every day."
And there are NO energy-zapping
or nauseating side effects!
In fact, if you're undergoing traditional cancer treatments--
like chemotherapy--Alpha-G can help alleviate the infamous
 side effects.
  • It boosts red blood cell counts that chemo knocks out..
  • .giving you a fresh supply of critical energy.

  • It brings white blood cells cancer drugs kill off back 
  • to life...armoring your immune system against 
  • dangerous infections.

  • It even helps revive the cells responsible for hair 
  • growth that chemo shuts down...slowing--even 
  • stopping--hair loss.
Combine that with the super immunity you get from
the Alpha-G cure and you've got...
A one-two punch
against cancer
that no other remedy
on earth can match
And, as you'll learn in Dr. Fred's Library of Shockingly Simple 
Healing Miracles, not only is the Alpha-G cure the most
promising cancer breakthrough in the past 150 years...
it's also the easiest.
While it's used mostly in Japan...Alpha-G is now readily
available in the U.S. It doesn't cost an arm or a leg (or your
 immune system!). And it's easy to use.
You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home.
 But it's absolutely critical to make sure you're getting
 the REAL DEAL, from a reputable source--and that you're
taking it correctly.
Dr. Fred will give you all the essential details--including
 sources and doses--in his Library of Shockingly Simple 
Healing Miracles. I'll tell you how to get it as a totally FREE
GIFT in just a moment, along with some of Dr. Fred's other
 staggeringly simple cures for today's most devastating
diseases. Things like...
  • The "cheater's secret weapon" for squashing diabetes 
  • without giving up a single decadent morsel

  • How to start reversing heart disease
  •  in just 72 hours

  • Nature's unrivaled cure-all that tackles 
  •  everything from ADHD to tinnitus

  • And many, many more!
But first, let me tell you about the man who's making
these shockingly easy healing miracles possible for
thousands around the world...
Lovingly known by his devoted
patients simply as "Dr. Fred"
Fred Pescatore, M.D., is, hands-down, one of today's
most sought-after medical experts. He's been featured
on The View, The Today Show, ABC News, The O'Reilly 
Factor, Day and Date and Rachael Ray. He's the author
of numerous best-selling books. He's also President of  
The International and American Associations of 
Clinical Nutritionists.
And Dr. Fred has gained such tremendous respect in the
medical community for one very simple reason. He has
single-handedly taken on all of the biggest health disasters
 of the century. And all of the tedious protocols for treating
them. And revealed the outrageous truth.
Getting--and staying
doesn't have
 to be hard!
It's true! And Dr. Fred's patients are living proof.
He's shown them how to dine in decadence every
single day...How to get better results from
exercising less...And how to solve those nagging
health concerns once and for all.
Without a single drug.
Patients like...
  • Gail M., who reversed her diabetes, ditched 
  • her blood sugar medication, and dropped several
  •  dress sizes eating SHOCKINGLY rich, sinful treats
  •  like sticky-finger spare ribs and fudge brownies

  • Joan P., who ended years of hot flashes and
  •  menopause agony without HRT!

  • Henry S., who slashed his cholesterol--
  • WITHOUT statins--in less than two months.
And these are just a few examples of the
thousands who have escaped the mainstream drudgery.
 Who feel better than they have in decades and are
living life to the fullest every day.
All thanks to the jaw-droppingly simple solutions of Dr. Fred.
And it's high time
you knew about them!
So today, he wants to share them with YOU, too.
Inside his Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles.
And today he's offering this invaluable resource-- 
containing 7 full volumes of health-transforming
 solutions--to you as an absolutely free gift.
No doubt Dr. Fred is a true innovator. He's on the
 front lines of natural medicine, forging new ground
against the mystery diseases stumping modern
medicine (ones like the hidden Baby Boomer
Epidemic I told you about earlier).
But he's also had overwhelming success curing some
of medicine's most notorious health villains. And if his
easy solution for outsmarting cancer seems too good
to be true, well...
Just wait until you see what he can do for diabetes...
A cure so powerful,
yet so simple,
ditching diabetes for good is
Forget about the needles, the "sawdust and
grass clipping" diet, and the potentially lethal blood sugar drugs.
The supposed "global health authorities" are beating a dead horse
 with these useless tactics.
All the while, Dr. Fred's patients are defeating diabetes  
every single day. And you won't believe how they're doing it!
Are you ready for this one? All you need is ...
A hearty appetite!
Because Dr. Fred's breakthrough is all about using your body's
most powerful cravings to help you defeat diabetes once and for all.
That's right.
Golden fried chicken...gooey
chocolate brownies...
and other "off limits"
decadent treats can actually HELP
cleanse your body of diabetes
And Dr. Fred will tell you how it works--in luscious detail-
-for FREE, in his Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles
You'll also discover...
  • Why you SHOULDN'T be in a rush to exercise!

  • The freakish fat helping Dr. Fred's patients beat
  •  diabetes faster--and BETTER-- than any 
  • drug or supplement.

  • How to turn up the heat of your body's 
  • secret fat-burning furnace!
But it gets even easier. And--dare I say--FUN!?
Because Dr. Fred has also discovered a single,
secret ingredient that makes his diabetes defeating cure...
This was the kicker that changed everything.
Multiplying the power of his already-potent cure.
Negating the need for steely discipline, because...
Now you
and get
away with it
He calls it his "Secret Super-Charger" (or SSC, for short). 
SSC is a secret ingredient--a delicious natural,
ultra-healthy, relatively inexpensive plant extract
with near-magical health-promoting powers. The plant is
native to Australia, and "freakish" is truly the word for it...
It goes to work melting that stubborn belly bulge and
balancing see-sawing blood sugar in a matter of DAYS.
Just take a look at what it's done for Dr. Fred's patients...
  • At 52, Joan had been trying to lose the same 
  • 25 stubborn pounds for nearly a decade. 
  • But less than two weeks after she started using 
  • Dr. Fred's SSC, she'd already shed 7 of them!

  • SSC helped Claire cut her diabetes meds in half in 
  • just a few weeks. Today, she's off them altogether 
  • and her blood sugar is the best it's ever been!
How does it work? Well, SSC blows away any other superfood
you may have sampled in its enormous proportion
of monounsaturates. These are the "good fats" that help
 make olive oil so sensational, and SSC is nature's richest
source of them bar none...
So why not let Dr. Fred give you the secret of SSC--
and so much more that can wipe out your diabetes for good.
Just click on the button below right now, and say "YES!" to
find out how to claim your Library of  Shockingly Simple 
Healing Miracles as an absolutely FREE gift. (It's jam-packed
with 7 full volumes of life-saving cures just like this one!)
Take it from someone who knows ...
United Nations Official credits 
Dr. Fred for Saving His Life
"I'm a peacekeeper for the U.N. and I'm constantly hopping
 on jets to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe. And I take
my meals on airplanes or restaurants, often in times of high stress.
By age 55, I was 90 pounds overweight, I had diabetes, and
 even my face has broken out into a rash.
My wife had diabetes too. We felt weak, tired, often exhausted.
Quite candidly, we were scared for our lives. So we both
went to see Dr. Fred.
I didn't need much convincing, because Dr. Fred is well-known
at the U.N. I personally know three other coworkers whose
lives he helped turn around. Still, I was shocked when he told
me what I could eat, and how much! But we saw results
 immediately, and month by month, the news just got better.
My fasting blood sugar dropped 35 points.
Today I'm free of diabetes and 90 pounds lighter, WITH NO
MORE RASH! And I'm completely off all medication.
My wife is diabetes-free too and she looks years younger. I'm
told we both do.
Dr. Fred's secrets work "on the road" wherever I go, all over the
globe. I can choose the most delicious meals on the menu,
at restaurants worldwide.
This stuff really works."

----Randolph Miller, New York, NY
And it's not just your blood sugar that will improve with
Dr. Fred's shockingly simple remedies...
From heart disease to high blood pressure and more.
Just sit back and watch as...
on your blood panel--better!
Jack did it--and now you can
repeat his healing miracle, too!
In as little as 6 weeks
Imagine your relief when, shockingly all by itself,  your LDL
dives down, your HDL zooms up...Triglycerides, C-reactive
protein, and blood pressure?
One morning soon you could wake up and WOW. These heart
 health markers you've spent decades trying to get a handle
on won't just be NORMAL but closing in on...
Sound impossible? Well, let me read a brutally honest and
very moving letter to YOU recently written by one of the smartest,
most successful investment bankers on Wall Street.
Jack Birney has zero time for bull--but he dropped everything at
 the end of a busy day to record exactly what happened to him
when he saw Dr. Fred. Because he wants people everywhere to know...
Dear Friend,
I still can't believe it, whenever I look in the mirror and see that
new guy staring back. Who could believe that, not that long ago,
my cholesterol was 304, my blood pressure was too high and climbing,
 and I weighed more than 300 pounds. I had "heart attack"
written all over me and I knew it.
I lived in denial until one evening I came home to my wife and
two kids. And it hit me like a ton of bricks, "If I die, what will 
happen to THEM?"
But what could I do? Not drugs! People take drugs and tell you
"My numbers are better!" But they're still fat, they still look like
hell and who are they kidding? It's a fool's game. So when I
heard about Dr. Fred, I thought "This is my man!" He never
gave me a single drug and I'm on no drugs now.
His secret could not have been simpler. He didn't even ask me
to exercise! And I still can't believe the results.
Every single medical 
  • I've lost about 75-80 pounds, and kept it
  • off now for two years.

  • My cholesterol is 163, with the good type up
  •  and the bad stuff down.

  • Blood pressure 110/80, and I know I'm looking 
  • better, because...
People at work keep telling me
 "Jack, you look 25 years younger!"
And the great thing is, my health keeps getting even better,
every month! I'm back at my college football weight. I could
lose more, but friends say, "Don't Jack, you look great." Must
say that's nice to hear.
So I asked Dr. Fred, please, use my story. Show other folks
they can do it too! And if you might be hesitating right now,
 listen, if I can do it, you can!
If you want to be free of cholesterol problems, free of high
blood pressure... if you want to be there for your grandchildren
--please, just give this great doctor a try. I still can't believe
how simple it was. But one thing I know. It works!
Jack Birney, New York, NY
Isn't it time YOU repeated
 Jack's miracle?
Isn't it time you knew how Dr. Fred's patients have put
all their heart worries to rest for good?
Well, get ready for this one. Because true heart health
isn't as puzzling as you've been led to believe. In fact,
 you could be well on your way to a heart that's...
In just 72 hours
When it comes to keeping your heart humming on all cylinders,
 here's what you need to know...
The cause of heart disease essentially boils down to ONE thing.
That's right--just ONE simple secret. (Hint: It's NOT cholesterol!)
Dr. Fred has been railing against this overlooked killer for years.
 And he's developed a groundbreaking way to kick it to the
curb for good--in just 72 hours! Without dozens of rules.
Or killer drugs.
If you already have high blood pressure, high homocysteine
high trigylcerides, or high cholesterol, this stunningly simple
technique is the fastest thing you can do to start reversing it for good!
And if you reply immediately, you'll get all the details as a
FREE GIFT to you, in Dr. Fred's exclusiveLibrary of Shockingly 
Simple Healing Miracles.
Plus, Dr. Fred will fill you in on...
THREE life-saving secrets you
won't hear from your cardiologist
  • It's not a battle between HDL "good" cholesterol vs.
  •  LDL "bad" cholesterol. It's not even about total cholesterol.
  •  There are far more important markers of heart health 
  • than cholesterol. And Dr. Fred will give you the complete rundown.

  • Chest pain isn't the only symptom that can signal a 
  • problem. In fact, there are six red-flag symptoms 
  • you'd never expect.

  • A handful of easy-to-find--and CHEAP--natural 
  • supplements can make a world of difference to 
  • your heart and artery health--without risky side effects.
And, just like all of Dr. Fred's remarkable cures...
It works when NOTHING
because it's so
shockingly simple!
You'll get all these piece-of-cake cures--and much more--
inside Dr. Fred's 7-volume Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles.
Just click YES right now, and let me tell you how you can get
all the astonishing (and astonishingly easy!) details absolutely FREE.
But first, I've got one more of Dr. Fred's shockingly simple
cures to share. And this one may be the most miraculous of them all...

The tree bark
for sunburn,
And everything 
in between!
This is Dr. Fred's No.1 recommendation for every patient
 he sees. No matter what ails them.
In all his years dedicated to overturning the mainstream
medical dogma and developing the simplest--most effective--
healing cures, Dr. Fred insists he's never come across
one quite as PERFECT as this.
Because there's simply no easier way to make such an
 enormous impact on every aspect of your health. From
the top of your head to the tip of your toe!
Even deadly serious conditions like Alzheimer's and hypertension
 are no match for this natural remedy. And you'd never guess
 the source...
This virtual cure-all comes from one of nature's oldest,
 simplest materials...
Tree bark, of all things!
But before you start chipping away at the old maple in
your backyard, hang on just a second!
We're not talking about any old tree bark here. No,
this one is highly unique. And it grows ONLY in a specific
region along the European coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
But as exotic as it might sound, this tree bark cure
 (TBC, for short) may be the easiest solution of them all. Because...
There's almost NOTHING it can't do
From the outside in and back again, this remarkable
extract works wonders for what ails you...
Nature's own ALLERGY medicine
Silence those hay fever symptoms without the brain fog or
heavy head! Allergy meds work by keeping sneeze-triggering
histamine from attaching to your cells.
But this little wonder does Allegra one better. It can help
prevent the release of histamine in the first place, keeping
you allergy-free from the start.
Erase the NO. 2 FEAR of getting older
Cancer reigns supreme as the biggest fear of getting older.
 (And as you've already seen, Dr. Fred has you covered there).
But close on cancer's heels, is something many of us take for
granted until it's too late...
But TBC has been shown to sharpen vision like Windex
on a dirty window...
And get back the stamina and performance you had in your
20s. Yep! TBC is a miracle worker for erectile dysfunction.
In fact, it operates in a similar way to Viagra...but naturally.
(In other words--without the risk!)
Hush that incessant RINGING in your ears!
Hissing, ringing, buzzing. Day in and day out. If you've got tinnitus,
 you know just how maddening it can be. Even worse-
-most doctors will tell you there's "nothing you can do."
But not Dr. Fred!
He's been tracking the research on TBC for close to a decade
 now. And just a few years ago, a group of Italian researchers
put it to the test in 82 tinnitus patients. And just 150 milligrams
of TBC reduced tinnitus symptoms by more than 62%.
It's a small study--and not a fool-proof cure. But if you suffer
 with tinnitus, you know ANY dent in your symptoms is a miracle!
Armor your brain against ALZHEIMER'S disease
Research on TBC for Alzheimer's is just taking off, and already
 it's showing SUCCESS...
It helps stop   the No. 1 marker of Alzheimer's--dangerous
beta-amyloid plaque--from killing off brain cells. And one randomized
 trial showed TBC improved memory and everyday thinking in
elderly patients.
Shield yourself from SUNBURN--from the inside out
I know it sounds crazy, but with TBC--you can shield yourself from
 dangerous UV rays--with a SIMPLE PILL. Giving you a built-in SPF,
without the dangerous chemicals in lotions, oils, and sprays.
The safest STROKE prevention on the planet
Think of it like Nature's Coumadin...keeping your blood clot-free
and flowing with ease. But much, much safer than prescription
blood thinners--or even aspirin! (And if you love to travel-
-don't forget the TBC in your carry-on: It works for deep vein
thrombosis and swelling, too!)
And that's just the
beginning of what
TBC can do for you!
Just look at what else this Tree-Bark Cure is capable of...
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  • Sooths the itching, scaly skin of psoriasis

  • Even help kids with ADHD--one study showed that
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And these are just a few more entries on TBC's mind-boggling
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My younger sister was diagnosed with junior myoclonic epilepsy (JME) about a year before my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and suffered a severe staph infection after surgery. She remained in the hospital for the better part of a month, and was back a few months later with new complications.
Hospital bills piled up and my sister required numerous specialists and incredibly expensive medication. Many specialists were at hospitals hours away from us, adding travel and lodging costs to the pile of medical bills. My parents' work schedules were greatly disrupted, further contributing to their financial woes.
My mom's family insurance plan was sufficient in keeping the cost of many of my sister's prescriptions down to the bare minimum, but it just wasn't enough. At one point, my sister was on 15 different pharmaceutical drugs, including several experimental drugs with bad side effects requiring additional medication to counter the negative effects of the primary drugs.
Paying medical bills was complicated as well. Even when a specific hospital was in our network, some of the doctors or phlebotomy-labs that played a role in the process weren't.
Whenever my mother would pay off one bill, another would inevitably arise.
Doctors decided my sister's epilepsy might be something other than a traditional case of JME after she responded poorly to traditional treatment. Her seizures were difficult to manage, so the experiments continued. She was in and out of research facilities, neuroscience offices, and hospitals instead of in school most of the time...
Facing Bankruptcy
At the height of our family's crisis, my mother felt there was only one option left: bankruptcy.
As ashamed as she was, she felt trapped and without an alternative. And her situation is not unique...
For the 92% of the medically bankrupt, high medical bills directly contributed to the motion to file for bankruptcy. Since 2001 the proportion of all bankruptcies attributable to medical problems has increased by 50%. Nearly two-thirds of all bankruptcies are now linked to illness.
And as idealistic as the president's speech-writers make ObamaCare sound, this program is only adding insult to injury.
While Obama promised to lower premiums by $2,500 per family per year, national health expenditure projections from the CMMS estimate the premiums increased by 8% in 2012, and many companies are now dropping employees' spouses and family members from their policies.
Similarly, businesses are incentivized to hire fewer full-time workers and more part-timers to avoid the mandated "affordable health coverages" — or face a $2,000 employer penalty for each uninsured employee.


Silver is Going to $100
Legendary asset manager Eric Sprott said this will be "the decade of silver," during which silver will hit $100.
While you could certainly do well owning the physical metal itself, there's an even better way you could take advantage of it — for less than $1.

We are a nation of nearly 50 million uninsured citizens.
  • 15% of people aged 15-64 say they have avoided medical attention because of cost
  • 11% have not filled prescriptions because of the price tag
  • 48% say they believe new health care laws will hurt the economy more than spending cuts in the next 5 to 10 years
The United States spends $300 billion on pharmaceuticals each year and $2.7 trillion on health care. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but that's hugely problematic... Soon, individuals won't be the only ones going bankrupt. Our government could be next.
Health Care: Hurts More than it Helps
Astronomical medical costs are met with major shortfalls in care. It is rare to get the quality of care you pay for nowadays, despite the fact that the U.S. outspends all other OECD nations on health care both per capita and as a portion of GDP:
helath care
We need to revamp the entire system.
Doctors should be rewarded for quality of service, not volume of service.
Big Pharma is a huge hindrance. Physicians and specialists are less inclined to spend time interacting with patients to understand what's really wrong, and are instead rewarded for selling brand-name drugs to as many patients as possible.
People don't always need drugs: they need to improve their health. And that starts with quality primary and preventative care.
Compared to Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, the United States comes in dead last in five areas of health system performance: quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and the ability to lead long, healthy productive lives, according to the Commonwealth Fund.
It is shameful that costs are rising while care is declining.
If health care costs were under control and growing no more quickly than the economy, we'd stand a chance at getting a handle on our national debt. Unfortunately, health care spending is currently growing at about 1.5x the rate of the GDP — and is already close to 20% of the entire economy.
Forbes reports: "Health care spending will eat up the federal government’s budget even sooner, and that is the root cause of the U.S. sovereign debt problem."
At this rate, how can we expect to find the funding and the manpower for other social programs, i.e. Social Security, or defense, or any other federal government roles?
Congressional leaders, the health care industry, and Big Pharma need a new concrete strategy — before this looming health care/bankruptcy crisis snowballs into a national debt crisis we'll never get out from under.
Farewell for now,
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