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........ The Next Trillion-Dollar Industry Airbus and Boeing already use it. So do Mercedes and Rolls-Royce. The U.S. Military opened an entire center dedicated to it last week. And you'll have one in your home in the next five years...>>> Warren Buffett Envies You By Jimmy Mengel | Friday, May 24th, 2013 Pop quiz, hotshot: See if you can identify any of these high-flying ticker symbols (no cheating!) PCYC ALK TWO GPOR OCN..>>

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The Next Trillion-Dollar Industry
Airbus and Boeing already use it. So do Mercedes and Rolls-Royce. The U.S. Military opened an entire center dedicated to it last week.
And you'll have one in your home in the next five years.
The Economist says it'll "have as profound an impact on the world as the coming of the factory did."
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Made in China
Made in America
Many experts believe this new technology will trigger a rebirth in U.S. manufacturing and put an end to the "Made in China" era.
And two cutting-edge companies are at the forefront of this revolutionary "portable factory"  that could make you extraordinarily rich
  starting today. 
Here’s how...
3D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution” New York Times
Dear Reader,
It's all over the news.
A breakthrough 3D printing technology is about to forever change manufacturing as you know it... putting to an end to the globalized supply chain — and the "Made in China" era.
This cutting-edge technology is so powerful, it could trigger an American Rebirth...
With many experts proclaiming 3D printers will make it possible for many American companies to mass produce products right here at home. Cargo ships could become a distant relic.
New research by The Boston Consulting Group found:


A new report by John Manners-Bell, CEO of Transport Intelligence, and Ken Lyon, CEO of Virtual Partners, found that with 3D printing, "Goods which were previously produced in China or other Asia markets could be 'near-sourced' to North America," vastly reducing transportation and labor costs for American companies.
Even The Economist agrees, noting: "The old rules of manufacturing, such as 'you must seek economies of scale' and 'you must reduce unit-labour costs' are being cast aside. New machines can print every item differently... "
With Forbes adding: "3D printing holds the potential to revolutionize how, where and when goods are manufactured."
Now, let me stop before I go any further and and say I know this sounds like some futuristic device you'd see in a sci-fi movie. But remarkably, 3D printing technology is real. And it's being used right now to create a variety of customized products.
For instance, 3D printing is being utilized to create stronger and lighter parts for the aerospace sector, and to reinvent medical devices that are custom tailored for each patient — like hearing aids, dental applications, and implantable devices. I even saw one patient recently who had 75% of his skull replaced with a 3D-printed implant.
The technology is even being used to "print" edible meals — including chocolate, cheese, scallops, turkey, and celery.
There's just no end to what 3D printing can create...
"Imagine entire supply chains powered by 3D printing, where customized products are made on-demand, anywhere in the world," says Forbes.
And Wired Magazine noted in a recent issue:


It's been estimated that up to 30% of finished products manufactured last year involved some kind of 3D printing.
By 2016, this is expected to rise to 50%... and by 2020, potentially up to 80%.
Imagine getting in now on this transformational technology that will forever change the way products are manufactured.
It could be the catalyst for America's manufacturing rebirth — by bringing local economies back to life and restoring middle-class jobs — and the catalyst for future riches for investors who get in on this trend now.
That's why I'm so excited to be here with you today...
I'm just finishing up an urgent new report that fully details two cutting-edge companies that are at the forefront of this revolutionary "portable factory" — two companies that could make early investors extraordinarily rich.
In just a moment, I'll show you to secure your FREE copy of this timely report. But first, let me explain in a bit more detail what this new technology is capable of...

I Just Saw the World's First "Printed" Car Rolling Off the Printing Press
Yes, I said "printing press."
Using a new kind of printer, a little-known Minnesota company has "printed" an entire car. It gets 200 MPG, goes 70 mph, and is built to last for 30 years.
I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes...
All the exterior components of the car — including the windows — were created using 3D printers.
If it wants to make another car, the company simply hits the "print" button again.
This new technology is similar to clicking the print button on a computer and sending a document to an inkjet printer. The only difference is that the "ink" in a 3D printer is a material that is deposited in layers until a solid object emerges...
It can print plastic, metal, glass, and even concrete.
This is one of those rare transformational technologies — like the Internet or the printing press — that could change the way we live, work, and play.
According to the Market Oracle, this is the 21st century's laser printer — with the power to forever alter industries in the same manner that desktop publishing changed the print industry during the 1980s.
Business Insider calls it:3dprinting.tearsheet.bizinsider
And for those wealthbuilders who jump in early on this emerging trillion-dollar industry, the rewards could be extraordinary...
Because the list of possible uses for this transformational breakthrough is already long — and growing.
While recently reading The Economist, I came across a story about a Ph.D. student at MIT named Peter Schmitt, who has been 3D printing a grandfather clock...


And right after that, I learned from Popular Mechanics that TV personality Jay Leno uses a 3D printer to make custom hard-to-find parts from scratch for his collection of classic cars...
The New York Times reports a California start-up is building houses with its 3D printer:
And even more remarkable, a tiny biotech company is exploring using 3D printing to create entire human organs. The printing device would lay down layers of living cells that could be molded into a bladder, kidney, or heart.
Incredible, isn't it?
But the tastiest use of 3D technology goes to the University of Exeter, where scientists have developed a 3D printer that prints not ink, plastic, metal, or concrete — but layers of delicious chocolate!
It's no wonder SmartPlanet calls 3D printing the:

Because with this brilliant innovation you can "print" your own car, your own drugs, your own food... even your own house.
Need a piece of jewelry? Or a spare part for your car or lawnmower? Soon you will be able to fire up the 3D printer and make one from composite materials.
This groundbreaking technology isn't just limited to big corporations or university research departments with deep pockets...
In fact, the little-known Minnesota company that "printed" the car I mentioned has recently released a home version of the 3D printer for under $1,300.
It allows every one of us to be a designer, inventor, factory owner — and maybe even millionaire — inspiring grand visions of a future where everyone prints out their own children's toys, replacement car parts, household objects, or musical instruments.
And as prices continue to drop, the 3D printer could soon be as common as a screwdriver in Henry Homeowner's garage...
The Economist says:

Wired Magazine says this new printing technology could trigger:


And yet, most people are still unfamiliar with the concept.
Which means you have a massive wealth-building opportunity to get an early advantage on this market before the average investor gets a clue.
And if history is any indication, you could turn a mere $10,000 into over $3.7 million off two explosive American companies that are at the forefront of this incredible 3D technology.
Here's how...

It's Happened Before with Transformational Technological Innovations...
According to a University of Chicago study, investors early to the game made massive gains off these cutting-edge innovators:
  • 37,199% on Container Corp. of America
  • 37,170% on Truax Coal
  • 30,503% on International Paper
  • 23,586% on Douglas Aircraft
  • 24,146% on Zenith Radio
  • 21,608% on Minneapolis Honeywell
Any one of these companies could have turned a mere $10,000 into over $2 million!
Why did these firms succeed in times of economic hardship? Simple: The founders recognized a market need and filled it.
Consider Zenith Radio...
It was a cutting-edge technology back in the 1930s. Zenith was the Apple of its day with radio breakthroughs.
By the end of the 1920s, one-third of U.S. households owned a radio. By 1933, that number climbed close to 60%.
Early-in wealth builders who were savvy enough to invest in Zenith back in 1932 could have made as much as 24,000%. That turns $10,000 into over $2.4 million!
If history's any clue, as we pull out of this current economic slump, huge tech advances will abound...
Like this amazing 3D printer that could transform our world — and your pocketbook.
And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you today...
Nick Hodge
Nick Hodge is managing editor of Energy & Capital and investment director for the advisory Early Advantage.
He's been in the investment publishing business since graduating Loyola University in 2006.
Known for a "call it like you see it" approach to money and policy, his insights have led to numerous appearances on television and in various outlets on the Web — including the Business News Network and Yahoo!'s Daily Ticker.
Co-author of a bestselling book on energy investing, Nick has led tens of thousands of investors to ten triple-digit wins and over 220 double-digit wins in the space.
He's also passionate about public policy, population, agriculture, water, and raw materials.
His expertise ranges far beyond stocks...
In Early Advantage, Nick shows readers how to make money as well as protect and spend it.
When he's not writing, investing, or flying around the world to meet with company executives, Nick can usually be found either in a boat on the Eastern Seaboard or on a Maryland farm pursuing the outdoor activities he grew up with and continues to love.
I've uncovered two future giants of 3D printing, each capable of bringing you a boatload of money as this emerging technology turns into a trillion-dollar industry.
In just a moment, I'll tell you how to secure your FREE copy of a timely new report I've put together on this new breakthrough.
It's called "3D Printing: Gains Up to 37,000%," and it will give you the full details on this revolutionary new technology — and the two companies set for explosive gains.
But first, let me introduce myself and share a bit of my background covering little-known breakthroughs and disruptive technologies that could change our world... and make you tax-shelter rich.

Hi. I'm Nick Hodge.
I'm an analyst at Angel Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland, and editor of Early Advantage — the resource for big profits from little-known breakthroughs and disruptive technologies in energy, resources, electronics, technology, agriculture, and more.
Known for a "call it like you see it" approach to money and policy, my insights have led to numerous appearances on television and in various outlets on the Web — including the Business News Network and Yahoo! Finance's Daily Ticker...
Perhaps you've read my bestselling book on energy investing, or seen me speak at numerous investment conferences around North America...
My goal at any appearance is always the same: to bring you the latest information, ideas, and companies that could change your life... and bring you enormous gains.
Like it did for these readers:


My goal is to get you in on the ground floor of emerging technologies — like the 3D printer — so you can maximize your gains before the Wall Street fat cats jump on board.
What I've been telling you about today is such a monster technological breakthrough, even NASA has jumped on the 3D printing express...
Awarding a grant to Behrokh Khoshnevis, a University of Southern California professor of engineering, to find a way to build a moon base using 3D printing technology:


 At that rate, you can put together a whole room in just an hour.
How amazing is that?!
As we head into the future, this technology is what will allow major advancements to be made in multiple industries. It's pure picks and shovels for the modern age.
It's no wonder, then, that some of the world's biggest players are taking notice...

According to Bloomberg Businessweek:
And that's just the beginning of what could be the "Next Industrial Revolution."
This is one of those rare technologies — like the steam engine, the light bulb, atomic energy, or the microchip — that could change the way we view the world...
And early investors will make the most tremendous returns.
Right now, only a handful of savvy investors understand how incredibly huge the 3D printing industry will be — giving you the opportunity of a lifetime to be among the first to invest and make a killing from what many experts are calling the next trillion-dollar industry...
An industry that could trigger America's next manufacturing revolution.

3D Printing: America's Next Manufacturing Revolution Has Begun
The prestigious Atlantic Council recently released a Strategic Foresight Report that details how 3D printing could change our world.
It called 3D printing:
It also noted the United States could experience a renaissance in innovation, design, IP exports, and manufacturing as a result.
The bottom line: America is BACK!
Forget all the doom-and-gloom stories you've been hearing about America's demise lately. Yes, we've had our share of bumps and bruises over the last few years... but with this ONE new technology, we could reclaim our title as the world's leading manufacturer.
Just look at how Apple has completely overtaken Japanese dominance of the gadget industry... or how Google took the lead in organizing the world's data... or how Facebook is the leading innovator in organizing the world's people...
The fact is when it comes to life-changing technological innovations, America is still a global powerhouse. And with its strong leadership in 3D printing technology, America could reclaim its title as the world's largest manufacturer — taking manufacturing jobs from China and bringing them back to America where the products are consumed.
Fact is higher production costs, shipping costs, time delays, and social unrest are leading many American companies to rethink moving jobs overseas.
3D printing solves all of those problems.
The final result: a sizable reduction of our global economic imbalance with China as our reliance on imports shrinks.
It makes sense... Why would an American company ship a critically needed product or spare part from China when it could "print" one immediately at home?


Do You See the Incredible Opportunity Here?
This is the technology that will transform the way we manufacture just about every single product.
This is the breakthrough that can bring an end to the "Made in China" era and bring America back to its feet.
3D printers aren't just going to revitalize America... They're going to revitalize American spirit and ingenuity:
  • Designs — not products — would be moved around the world as digital files to be printed anywhere... by any 3D printer.
  • Manufacturing facilities would print wide range of products without retooling... and each printing could be customized without added cost.
  • Products could be printed on demand... without the need to build up inventories.
And that's going to bring early wealth builders a mountain of cash...
Turning a tiny $10,000 investment in 3D printing into a possible windfall over $3 million.
Imagine what you could do with that kind of money... pay off your mortgage, pad your retirement account, pay for your kid's college education — never rely on anyone for anything.
The time for that is now, because...

3D Printing Technology is Advancing at a Rapid Pace
It's only once or twice a lifetime that you witness the emergence of a technology that is capable of generating TRILLIONS of dollars worldwide.
And that's why I'm excited to share with you the two companies that are at the forefront of this industry.
Each company is capable of bringing you phenomenal gains — as much as 37,000% — as the demand for 3D printing technology explodes worldwide... demand that could continue to skyrocket as this technology becomes more mainstream, just as it did for computers and cell phones.
That will push 3D printer prices down, which will send demand even higher.
Already, the price of 3D printers is coming down from $125,000 five years ago to under $1,500 today. Just imagine what will happen when the price drops to under $400, putting them well within the affordable price range of most consumers...
Like Apple and Dell computers in the 1990s, everyone will have a 3D printer at home. And when that happens, 3D printing will trigger a whole new wave of innovation.
The Atlantic explains the process like this:

Right now, we're at the very beginning of the transition from the "tinkerers" stage to the "mass market" stage.
That's the time you want to get in to maximize your gains.
Because when the fat cats on Wall Street finally discover the explosive moneymaking opportunities within 3D printing, the growth in this industry is going to be enormous.
This could be your Apple, your Microsoft.
If you had invested in either of these transformational technology giants in the early 1980s, you'd be sitting on a mountain of cash right now... able to retire when you want to, not dictated by someone else... able to travel the world, pay off your kids', even your grandkids', college education...
Well, this is your second chance at incredible wealth... a rare opportunity to get in on a jaw-dropping technology that is set to revolutionize the way we do things in business, at home, and in schools.
Or as The Economist says, it's the dawn of the:
Almost everywhere you look, an article about 3D printing is surfacing — from The Economist to Forbes to the Wall Street Journal.
Forbes has exclaimed:
The  Wall Street Journal noted we're in the:
But the problem for wealth builders is that none of these articles talk about where in the 3D printing industry you need to put your money right now — i.e. which cutting-edge companies could lead you to monster gains...
That's why I'm eager for you to get your hands on my FREE new report, "3D Printing: Gains Of Up to 37,000%."
In it, you'll get full details on the two companies that are set for enormous gains as the 3D printing industry explodes.
It's your blueprint to great wealth — and it's yours FREE.
Over the next few minutes, I'll give you step-by-step details on how to secure your copy.
Right now, let's take a look at the two companies you'll learn more about in the report...

3D Printing Wealth-Builder #1:
This Global 3D Printing Powerhouse Could Trigger the REBIRTH of America's Manufacturing... Here's How to Profit
This U.S.-based company is an emerging leader of the 3D printing industry.
The company develops, manufactures, and sells a line of 3D printers and related materials that create parts from computer-aided design (CAD).
Its products are used in the aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, and architecture industries... and until recently, it focused on the upper end of the market — selling its 3D printers to customers like 3M, Medtronic, BMW, Chipotle, and Xerox.
Its average mid-range price was $60,000 per unit, with some units costing more than $350,000. But realizing the monster sales potential in the fast-growing lower-end professional market, it recently released a 3D printer geared toward educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and independent designers...
It's the market's lowest-priced professional-grade complete 3D printing system priced under $10,000. And the patented 3D printer package contains everything needed — including the printer and support materials.
Its technology is so revolutionary that it could trigger America's manufacturing REBIRTH...
And response has been explosive.
Its latest quarterly report showed record-breaking revenue up nearly 25% and 3D system sales soaring by over 50% since last year.
And unlike most fast-moving technology companies, it has NO debt — just tens of millions of dollars to pour back into R&D.
I'll give you the full details on this emerging powerhouse in my blockbuster new report — yours FREE just by clicking below.
Before you do, though, you might want to hear about the other 3D printing company, which has the medical community buzzing with excitement...

3D Printing Wealth-Builder #2:
Make Millions Off This Tiny California Company that's Pioneering the Organic Printing Boom
Reuters calls 3D printing:
And I've just uncovered a tiny start-up in California — priced under $10.00 a share — that's taking regenerative medicine to the next level.
Unlike most 3D printers, which use plastics and metals, this printer uses biological material — in other words: living cells. And the products these printers create are living organs.
The specific technology is known as bio-printing. To date, the company has used it to create several tissue types including lung, cardiac muscle, and blood vessels.
The biggest advantage of using this technology is that because the tissue is grown from the patient's own cells, there is little or no danger of rejection.
With near-zero chance of rejection, this amazing 3D printing technology will eliminate the need to have patients wait for donor organs on long waiting lists.
Imagine going to the hospital and watching your new kidney or heart being "printed" out...
Not surprisingly, the company was named one of 2012's Most Innovative Companies.
Its incredible 3D bio-printing technology could shave billions off the $5 trillion spent on health care annually.
And that opens up an incredible opportunity for you to get in on an emerging technology that could bring you gains of as much as 37,199%... like the gains emerging technology innovators Container Corp. of America and Truax Gold brought to some of its early-investors in the past.
This company has doubled in size since 2011... and because of its massive potential, it has received millions in private funds to continue its groundbreaking research.
In addition, it has signed an agreement with its first major pharmaceutical partner, Pfizer. This is a huge win for this relatively unknown company.
This tiny company's revolutionary bio-printing technology is set to change medicine forever — and could make investors an astronomical amount of money in the process.
Why shouldn't that be you?
It all starts with you securing your own FREE copy my blockbuster new report, "3D Printing: Gains Of Up to 37,000%."
I want to give you access to it today, with my compliments, entirely FREE.
And all I ask in return is that you accept my personal invitation to sample everything my research service Early Advantage has to offer... with NO risk or obligation whatsoever.

In Early Advantage, I Show Readers How to Make Money as Well as How to Protect and Spend It
In just the past few years, my top-level research and market insights have led wealth builders to massive triple-digit gains like:
  • 119% on Cree (3-4 months)
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  • 316% on Akeena Solar (15 months)
  • 101% on JA Solar (14 months)
  • 391% on BYD Company (3 months)
  • 426% on Alternate Energy Holdings (3 months)
  • 110% on Solarfun Power (5 months)
Of course, those are just some of my biggest gains.
"Smaller" ones include:
  • 33% on GS Agrifuels (1 day)
  • 28% on Arise Technologies (1 day)
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  • 82% on Capstone Turbine (7 months)
  • 30% on JA Solar (2 days)
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  • 43% on GT Solar (1 month)
  • 54% on Yingli Green Energy (2 months)
  • 40% on A-Power Energy (1 month)
  • 62% on Maxwell Technologies (3 months)
  • 52% on Nevada Geothermal (6 months)
  • 42% on First Trust Global (8 months)
  • 35% on Ultra DJ-AIG (3 weeks)
  • 78% on PowerSave Energy (3 months)
There are hundreds of double-digit wins I could list from my performance over the past five years, some of the worst years in market history.
As you can imagine, spotting winners like these time and again isn't easy...
Hours and hours of research go into making sure that every single play has what it takes to put money in your hands.
Very often, it means taking long treks to desolate patches of land no one in their right mind would set foot in to grill CEOs and take a close, hard look at the true promise of every project... from chatting with 3D printing start-ups based in Minnesota and California... to meeting and working with farmers... to inspecting mines in Alberta and Ontario...
You'll get the real boots-on-the-ground research most analysts just don't feel like doing: obscure conferences and trade shows, site visits, private one-on-one interviews — all in the name of getting the early advantage on any money-making opportunity out there.
Sometimes, of course, the promise doesn't jive with the fundamentals, and so a company ends up being left out of Early Advantage...
But whenever a company or fund does make the grade, you can be certain that readers of Early Advantage will be the first to know.
And the early advantage doesn't only apply to stocks: You'll get my musings on productivity, taxes, saving money, leisure, and more. I share the same strategies, techniques, and habits I employ successfully in my own life.
And that's why I keep receiving letters like these:

You can join them today without risking a single penny.

Your Ultimate Resource for Transformational Technology Breakthroughs
When you test-drive Early Advantage for 30 days, you'll have exclusive access to the same kinds of little-known plays that have already delivered double- and triple-digit gains time and again — often in just a few days, weeks, or months.
I will work hard to get you an early-in on disruptive and future technologies before they enter the mainstream — when the gains are greatest on looming advances, like 3D printing.
Remember, 3D printing is about to usher in the rebirth of American manufacturing and could trigger the end of the "Made in China" era...
SmartPlanet notes:

Emerging technologies, particularly 3D printing, are making production in the U.S. viable and cost-effective once again. Incredibly, the United States is now seen as the next low-cost production region — replacing China.
That's why I'm so excited for you to get your hands on my newest report about 3D printing...
So you can quickly capitalize on two of the hottest 3D printing companies set to explode as the rebirth of American manufacturing begins.
But that's not all you'll get...
Just to make sure this service is right for you, I'll also send you three additional BONUS reports about the hottest new technology and energy breakthroughs...
  • Bonus Report #1: "The Money Behind the Money: How to Quadruple Your Wealth from Graphene's Rise"
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Well, when you consider the hours and hours of research required to investigate each possible play... the mountains of data that must be sifted through... and the extensive traveling often required...
I think you'll agree I'd be well justified in charging at least a few thousand dollars for this kind of service.
I know people who pay $5,000 or more every single year for financial advice. And I could easily charge that amount. In fact, with the proven results of my in-depth research, I could charge double that and still make you plenty of money...
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That's $1,500 less than what I should be charging. But I'm okay with that.
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It can't get much fairer than that...

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Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge
Editor, Early Advantage
P.S. This is an incredible opportunity for you to get an early-in on a cutting-edge 3D printing technology that is at the early stages of transforming the global manufacturing industry. By clicking here now, you'll get immediate access to two booming 3D printing companies that are at the forefront of this "portable factory" technology — and could make you gains of 37,000%... or more.

Warren Buffett Envies You
By Jimmy Mengel | Friday, May 24th, 2013
Pop quiz, hotshot: See if you can identify any of these high-flying ticker symbols (no cheating!)
  1. PCYC
  2. ALK
  3. TWO
  4. GPOR
  5. OCN
The answers are below the fold...

It's Official: Silver BEATS Gold!
Gold has risen 439% over the last decade... but silver has gone up 609% in the same time — and it's expected to keep outperforming gold in the coming years.
What's the best way to play silver's ascent for safe, outsized gains? Click here now for the details. 

Drum roll, please...
Here are the answers: 
So how'd you do? If you got more than one, give yourself a pat on the back... You've outscored your humbled editor.
These five companies are the top holdings of the Russell 2000 Index, the leading indicator of small-cap U.S. equity performance.
And while the press was crowing about all-time highs in the DOW and S&P, the Russell 2000 quietly hit a record of its own: an all-time high of 1,000 this week, just as the other indices pulled back.
The Russell 2000 is a collection of the bottom 2,000 companies in the Russell 3000 — which make up a mere 8% of the total market cap for that index. In other words, these companies are small, with the average market cap around $1.26 billion, compared to the S&P, which requires a market cap of $4 billion to even qualify.
The bulk of the Russell's holdings are in Financial Services, Consumer Discretionary, Producer Durables, Technology, and Health Care. 
The index is a good measure of how small domestic stocks are doing. Because most of the index is comprised of U.S.-based stocks, they have less exposure to Europe's economic woes, which could bode well for the rest of 2013...
These wild child small-caps have actually outperformed their stable big brothers over the past year:

^RUT Chart

From June 25, 2012, to May 3, 2013, consumer discretionary stocks led the pack, yielding an impressive 33.6% as consumers kept on spending.
These sectors followed with great yields as well:
● Russell 200 Materials & Processing Sector – 31.1%
● Russell 2000 Energy Sector – 28.1%
● Russell 2000 Producer Durables Sector – 27.9%
● Russell 2000 Financial Services Sector – 26.6%
If you don't trust yourself to weed through the oft volatile small-cap sector, you can easily play the iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund (NYSE: IWM), which is already up 15% this year. Had you bought and held since the start of the year, you would have out-performed most big-shot fund managers.
If you want to further mitigate your risk, you can opt for the SPDR Russell 2000 Low Volatility ETF (NYSE: SMLV). This fund was launched in February and tracks 164 low-volatility small caps, with heavy exposure to Financial, Utilities, and Industrials.
But if you're swinging for the fences (as we like to do when we get a good pitch to hit), small-caps are perhaps the one area of the market where individual investors like you and I actually have an advantage over the bigwigs. In fact, Warren Buffett himself once said he envied folks like us — individual investors with less money to spend but more flexibility on where to spend it.
Why, you ask? Because size does matter...

An Opportunity SO Rare, Most Investors Will Only Have This One Chance to Cash In...
Billion-Dollar Mountain of Silver
Trading for Under $1!
"Here's Why Junior Silver Stocks Are Poised To Skyrocket
Even Higher Than Junior Gold Stocks"

Junior Mining Analyst Greg McCoach
Dear Reader,
Major buzz is starting to filter through the mining community...
Just 15 miles southwest of a huge $5 BILLION silver deposit in mining-friendly Peru, one tiny exploration company has hit the precious metals jackpot...
Having staked 46 claims in a site that spans 25,291 acres, they've quietly uncovered what could be a huge mountain of silver.
It's a massive 35 million ounce silver discovery currently valued at an impressive $1.1 BILLION — and growing quickly.
In fact, I think this mountain could hold several hundred millions of ounces of silver.
Even better, you can scoop up shares of this explosive stock right now for under $1 a share...
And over the next few months, I expect more positive results from the exploration drilling to send shares of this tiny penny stock soaring to the $15 to $20 range — or higher.
In fact, it could announce an even bigger discovery that would immediately drive shares higher, so you don't want to miss out...
You see, not only does this company have exclusive 100% rights to what could be one of the world's largest remaining untapped deposits of silver... but it's also one of the richest silver finds on the planet.
This is the kind of play that could change your life.
The kind where you can turn a tiny initial stake into an absolute fortune...
One capable of funding the rich, fulfilling retirement you deserve — with enough leftover to leave a generous nest egg for your children or grandchildren.
I'll give you the full details on this rapidly developing silver story over the course of the next few minutes. I'll also tell you why I think silver exploration stocks could give you even higher gains than gold mining stocks.
But first, why should you believe anything I have to say about making rich outsized gains off tiny silver, gold, and other junior resource stocks?
Let me explain...

Hi. I'm Greg McCoach.greg mccoach
I've been a junior mining investment analyst and gold bullion dealer for the past 13 years.
You may have seen me before on major media outlets like CNBC and Fox.
They interview me because when it comes to picking winning junior gold and silver mining stocks, my track record is second to none.
And I'm not one to brag, but I've zeroed in on similar mining companies that have delivered my readers hundreds to thousands of percent gains...
I'm talking about big triple- and quadruple-digit winners on tiny gold, silver, and other junior mining stocks like:
  • 145% on Excellon Resources
  • 346% on Duluth Metals
  • 610% on Silvercorp
  • 894% on Allied Nevada
  • 1,235% on Capital Gold
  • 1,200% on Canadian Zinc
  • 1,740% on Polymet Mining
  • 1,803% on NovaGold
  • And much more...
Consider this: Just $10,000 invested in the average play since 2001 would already break $2,742,243 in profits today.
I don't know of any other investment advisor in the world who's matched this record — and if you can find one, I recommend you begin following their advice immediately (and tell me about it, too).
But that's not why I'm writing to you today...
In short, this is one of the most exciting silver finds I've witnessed in my career as a precious metals investment analyst.
The company has already locked down a huge $1.2 BILLION ounce deposit of silver with major potential for a high-grade discovery. Almost every press release from the company contains news of this miner hitting new rich intercepts of silver.
So this could be the tip of the iceberg for this small company with a market cap just shy of $72.6 million.
Bottom line is that this company has 100% rights to mine this silver bonanza worth 16 TIMES its current "market cap."
You could see gains of 2,473%, once investors catch wind of this fast-moving small cap situation, turning every $5,000 into $123,650 or $10,000 into $247,300 starting just days from now.
It's the type of moneymaking play that can transform your life... essentially overnight.
And bear in mind... this is just an estimate of this small cap stock's value based on initial findings from this mammoth silver discovery.
The company's geologists have taken thorough samples indicating that silver exists in abundant quantities.
In fact, all 15 holes they drilled except for one came up with high-grade silver. So we may have a conservative estimate here.
But I don't expect shares of this explosive small cap miner to remain this cheap for much longer...
More positive drilling results have just been released, and your rare opportunity to claim a potentially life-changing stake could vanish for good.
So let me give you the full story right now...

Even China is Getting in on the Action
Peru currently ranks as the second leading producer of silver in the world. In fact, nowhere on the continent of South America is as much gold and silver mined as in Peru.
Right now, the country is in the midst of the biggest gold and silver mining boom in recorded history.
According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, mining companies are investing a whopping $51.4 BILLION in new mines and expansion projects in Peru.
Even China is getting in on action, expected to pour a hearty $3 billion into various mining projects throughout Peru over the next 18 months.
And this tiny exploration company has already secured 25,291 mineral-rich acres in Peru's central silver belt.
It's one of the richest silver belts on the planet... and it's home to several world-class silver mines.
In fact, to the southwest of this company's site is Cerro de Pasco, Peru's fourth largest silver mine and one of the biggest in all of South America.
Plus this company's site is mere miles from a massive $5 billion silver deposit that's currently being exploited by Buenaventura Mining, a "senior" gold and silver producer. So this is an area that's absolutely teeming with mining activity.
Currently, our tiny silver company is exploring two separate mineral zones at its vast site.
The first zone contains the massive 35 million ounce deposit of silver, which, as I said earlier, is just the tip of the iceberg.
The company's CEO said this first zone had a mineralization width of 100 meters near the surface and extended as far down as a whopping 200 meters.
In short, this is an under-the-radar silver play that I think eventually will shoot up 2,473% or more, based just on the current value of their silver reserves alone.
Now, if you're skeptical that this stock could explode 2,473%, I certainly understand...
But the simple truth is other, very similar junior silver producers — the kinds of silver stocks I specialize in — have done even better.
Take Silver Standard, for instance...
You could have bought this stock for less than $1. But after its first mines went into production, the stock exploded to more than $34 per share! That's a life-altering gain of 3,300%.
Point is you could make a killing by getting in right now — BEFORE its first mine goes into production.
But the real fortune will be made when the second mine comes online...
According to this company's consulting geologists, the second zone contains a silver deposit that absolutely dwarfs the first zone.
In fact, they think it could be TRIPLE THE SIZE of the deposit in the first zone!
So that means this exploration company may have access to an additional 105 million ounces of silver worth a stunning $3.2 BILLION at today's prices!
If this turns out to be true, then there's almost no question that shares of this junior miner would soar into the stratosphere.
In fact, all five drill holes they sampled in this zone came up with silver.
Now here's the really exciting part...
Initial tests from the second zone showed high levels of "volcanic sulfide mineralization" (VSM).
Sulfide mineralization is known to be an excellent indicator for high levels of zinc and rare earth metals...
Price point for rare earth metals are about that of gold — and demand for these industrial metals rivals that of even silver.
So you can imagine my excitement when the company's CEO announced:
"We are extremely pleased with the results of this [new] survey as it indicates that the sulphide mineralization may be more than twice the size than was first indicated. The Company has already commenced preparation of an amendment to the current drill permit to include drill platforms over this new anomaly."
When they confirm with drilling that they have hit this kind of mineralization, the big mining majors will be all over this company.
Are you beginning to see why this incredible junior mining company has me so excited?
The profit potential is simply off the charts.
But here's the thing...

Less Risk, Higher Returns
I'm incredibly selective when it comes to recommending junior gold and silver mining stocks to my circle of readers.
The fact remains that only 1 in a 1,000 explorers ever strikes it really big.
Most exploration companies never end up finding anything at all.
That's why I look for companies with massive built-in advantages over other gold and silver explorers that are starting completely from scratch.
And the fact that they already have a huge discovery is just the beginning...
This company's world-class site is nestled in between several major mining projects. So the infrastructure to support a massive mining operation already exists: There are paved roads and power lines along the border of the property.
This saves the company vast amounts of money and time.
And it gets even better...
Silver isn't the only resource this company has discovered at this site. They've also found huge amounts of zinc and lead.
And I haven't even factored that into the total estimate for this company's huge profit potential after their most recent mineral predictions were blown out of the water.
In short, I recommend you start building a tiny stake in this company right now.
This story will not remain under wraps for long. The people who stand the chance to make the most money here are the ones who get in soon.
That's why I've written up the full details about this explosive mining opportunity for you in a brand-new report called, "The Most Explosive Junior Silver Stock of 2013."
More on how to secure your copy in just a moment — first, let me tell you why shares of junior silver miners are set to soar many times their current levels over the next 12 months...
Regardless of what happens to the economy.

Why Junior Silver Stocks Could Deliver You
Even Bigger Gains than Junior Gold Stocks
Recently, silver has been in a more extreme bull market than gold.
That means the gains we could see here could be astronomical.
You see, the price of silver per ounce has usually been equal to around 1/16th of an ounce of gold — meaning it took 16 ounces of silver to equal a single ounce of gold.
But over the past decade, gold has taken off, leaving silver behind — that is, just until recently...
Take a look at this chart:

In the last ten years, silver has returned 609%, while gold has returned 439%.
As you can see, silver is on a tear. But it still has to DOUBLE in price so it's where it should be in relation to gold.
All of this means silver exploration stocks could give us much higher gains than gold stocks.
John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of Sprott Asset Management, says:
"When silver breaks free, I think many people are going to be shocked by how fast and far it goes."
Multimillionaire and one of the world's greatest investors Jim Rogers says:
"If you put a gun to my head and said you had to buy one, I would buy silver rather than gold."
The fact is demand for silver is on the cusp of hitting historical highs.
Unlike gold, silver has a host of crucial industrial uses...
It's in more of our most useful devices than any other commodity besides petroleum. Silver is needed in just about every electronic device made — from TVs to computers to electric cameras to iPads.
It is also important in batteries, disinfectants, solar energy, and water purification.
The list of products that need silver is enormous and constantly growing — including the two biggest areas of all:
  • Photovoltaic cells used in smartphones (1.2 billion cellphones were sold last year)
  • Silver's recent ascent as a leading antibacterial agent being used by hospitals and health care facilities around the world (you can buy silver-imbedded Band-Aids!)
Meanwhile, the supply of silver is in a downtrend of historic magnitude...
Silver inventories have fallen 92% since the start of the 20th century.
We actually have 5x more gold than silver in aboveground supplies.
It makes sense when you think about it... 90% of the gold ever mined has been saved, but 90% of all the silver ever mined has been used up for industrial purposes.
At the current rate of use, all known silver reserves will be depleted in less than 30 years.
And if that's not enough to raise the hairs on your neck, then get a load of this... If the rest of the world starts consuming silver at just half the rate of the United States, it will be gone in eight years.
As that date approaches, silver's run-up of the past couple of years will look like a mere blip on the radar screen. Silver's coming surge will give investors the chance to make a killing.
This is an amazing opportunity you will not want to miss out on...
That's why I've set my sights on this tiny company — currently trading for less than a $1 — that you can take advantage of right now for huge gains... all in one of the richest silver districts the world has ever seen!
In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if a larger company looking to beef up its existing silver reserves just swoops in and buys out this company at a substantial premium.
But for you, it could be a win-win...
Shares of this tiny silver company could soar 2,473% — even without a buyout.
Turning a $10,000 stake into $247,300, or invest a bit more and turn $25,000 into a whopping $618,250 profits.
You could retire in style... buy a car or two... set up your children or grandchildren with college funds... donate money to a charity cause that's close to your heart...
The choice is yours.
Now there's so much more I need to tell you about this remarkable company. And it's all in my newest report, "The Most Explosive Junior Silver Stock of 2013."
I'd like to send it to you absolutely free and without obligation.
But before I show you how to get it, please let me tell you some more about myself...

Even Hollywood's Elite Have Sought Me Out
I've been dealing in precious metals since 1998, when I founded Amerigold.com, a gold and silver bullion dealership located in Denver, Colorado.
Even some of Hollywood's elite have come to me to buy physical gold.
In 2000, after coming out of the dot-com bubble, I knew gold prices were bottoming — and that a new precious metals bull market was taking hold.
That's exactly when I launched my newsletter, Greg McCoach's Mining Speculator.
In fact, I was calling for $1,000 gold long before anyone believed it could happen — and $1,500 gold two years before we reached that benchmark.
I've been warning readers like you about the coming financial crisis for years, telling you the best way to prepare is by owning shares of precious metals mining stocks.
Many of the talking head pundits disagreed with me at the time... but that didn't stop my readers from making life-changing profits hand over fist as the U.S. dollar fell off a cliff and the government turned the printing presses on full throttle.
Just have a look for yourself...
My portfolio has more than tripled!
"As a recent subscriber, I want you to know how thankful I am to have met you. Because of your Deluth Metals recommendation, my own portfolio has more than tripled since I subscribed. The fee you charge for your service is a pittance compared to the value you deliver." — Fred Williams, Austin, TX
I used the profits to pay off my house!
"When I first met you, you told me I could use the profits I would make in the junior mining stocks to pay off my house. I didn't really believe you. Two and a half years later I wrote a check to do just that. I never thought this would be possible. Thank you so much for your wise guidance." — Sean Spencer, Del Ray Beach, FL
I've never made this kind of money before!
"I have been following Greg's recommendations in the junior mining sector for the past five years. At first I just watched, but eventually after seeing so many of his recommended stocks appreciate by multiples, I began putting my own money into his top picks. That was three and a half years ago. My portfolio is now worth many, many times what I originally invested. I have never made this kind of money with my investments. He could charge thousands of dollars for the information he provides. I recommend him to all of my friends, family and associates." — Robert Brigham, San Diego, CA
That's just a small sampling of the emails I've received from my readers over the years who are padding their portfolios with triple- and quadruple-digit gainers.
I'm telling you all of this not to boast — but to show you that this tiny silver stock is simply outstanding.
In the past, I've helped my readers bank explosive gains on similar junior mining companies — including 912% on Silver Standard, 989% on Wheaton River, 1,316% on Guyana Goldfields, 1,110% on Viceroy X, 1,400% on American Bonanza, and more...
But as impressive as those gains are, I think the potential for profits with this stock is even greater.
And now I'm inviting you to join me in this astounding profit potential. All you have to do is take a risk-free trial to my Mining Speculator advisory.
Let me tell you how it works... and why I believe you could make more money in the months and years ahead than at any time before in your life.

The Precious Metals Bull Market
Just Beginning to Heat Up
Today, we sit at a historic crossroads.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment when you can make a huge fortune on gold, silver, and other junior mining stocks.
Even though the major resources — gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, etc. — have had some astounding runs, we are not anywhere close to the end of this precious metals bull market.
You see, the United States is in terrible economic shape, plagued by an out-of-control national debt. And it's doubtful we'll get out of it anytime soon.
As a result, prices of gold, silver, platinum, and other resources have started climbing...
In fact, I'd say that in five years, all of these things — gold, silver, and platinum — will be much higher in value than they are today.
Some currency analysts are calling for gold to hit $5,000 an ounce... and silver $200 an ounce.
And the soaring prices and new technologies are putting previously inaccessible deposits of precious metals and other resources within reach — much faster than ever before.
As a result, these stocks have the potential to shoot up quicker — and higher — than at any time in the past.
It's a commodities bull market you don't want to miss out on.
And that's the point of my research advisory, The Mining Speculator. It's the best way for you to learn how to take advantage of these incredible opportunities.
Now, the truth is I disqualify 99% of the mining and precious metals plays out there... But when I'm fully 100% behind a company — like this rare silver opportunity — you'll get the trade recommendation in a moment's notice.
I'll tell you exactly what to buy, when to sell, and when to hold... so you can enjoy the biggest gains possible.
So how do you get started? Well before I tell you, I should also mention something...

Is The Mining Speculator Right For You?
In spite of everything I've said, The Mining Speculator may not be for you.
That's because when you sign up for my service, I won't recommend companies you've likely ever heard of before.
These exploration companies are incredibly tiny. They aren't covered by analysts or money managers. You certainly won't read about them in the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times.
But there's another reason you'll likely never hear about these stocks.
You see, though they are all publicly-traded companies, most of them aren't listed on Wall Street.
In most cases, you can only find them on Bay Street — that's north of the border on Toronto's two major stock exchanges.
Most people don't know this, but Canada's Bay Street has more junior exploration companies listed on it than any other stock market in the world. It's THE Wall Street of exploration mining.
So, in order to take advantage of these opportunities, you must be willing to invest in tiny companies listed on Toronto's two stock exchanges. It isn't hard. And I'll show you exactly what to do and how to do it.
But I know some people will only invest "American." So if this is something that's outside your comfort zone, then my service isn't something you'll be interested in.
On the other hand, if this is still something you would like to do, I will walk you through buying Canadian mining stocks step by step on my website.
Chances are, your broker may already deal with Canadian securities. Almost all of the large brokerages like E*Trade, Interactive, Scottrade and Fidelity already do.
And keep in mind, I get no compensation for mentioning these brokerages. I only provide this information to help you.
So if you're ready to take advantage of this amazing precious metals bull market, here's what I suggest you do...

Test-Drive The Mining Speculator

for the Next Six Months
Try The Mining Speculator for the next six months and make a decision whenever you're ready...
Start a no-risk trial subscription today and you'll have instant access to my newest report, "The Most Explosive Junior Silver Stock of 2013."
Plus, every month you'll receive my Mining Speculator advisory letter, which offers market insights into precious metals and updates on all our positions.
But that's just the beginning... As a member, you'll also get:
  • Special Mining Speculator Updates which issue buy, sell, or hold recommendations, as well as offer you inside videos and pictures to many of the world's top mining projects.
  • Unrestricted 24/7 Access to The Mining Speculator Members-Only Website — You'll have password-protected access to all of my special reports, trade alerts, and my entire portfolio.
  • Outstanding Customer Support — If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our Customer Support staff any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST). They'll be happy to assist you.
Over the next six months, take your time and decide if The Mining Speculator is right for you.
If it's not, simply let me know before your six-month trial period has expired.
If you decide to cancel, I'll send you a full refund — and you can keep everything you've received up until that point.
If you cancel after your six-month trial period ends, we'll give you a pro-rated refund based on the time left in your subscription.
But I don't think you'll want to cancel after you've gotten a sample of my work...
"The two things that really set your service apart from the other mining stock recommendation services is (1) you do the leg work, and go to visit the mines, and the management, so if you recommend something I have great confidence about it, and (2) you do not do a 'pump-and-dump' like many other people out there. You also have been covering the junior miners for many years, and know many of the companies and individuals in this industry, which is invaluable." — John P., Seattle, WA
$25,000 Profits!
"I would like to renew my subscription to a lifetime subscription as the publication has already generated about $25,000 profit for me… Thanks." — Sam J., Fort Wayne, IN
We're thrilled and the best is yet to come!
"Dear Mr. McCoach, thank you for your dedication to your site and your work. We (my family) have looked at your stock recommendations, in particular PLM, did the research and purchased 41,000 shares a little while back. Needless to say we are thrilled, and the best is yet to come. Coming from a family of 13 brothers and sisters and knowing the value of a dollar, it has been a blessing to have found your site." — Barb and Bob E., Philadelphia, PA
And I think you'll be just as pleased with the performance of my recommendations.
So how much does a Mining Speculator membership cost?
I think it's insanely cheap — especially considering all the time, money, and effort that go into this research. In many cases, I've spent years following the activities of these geologists before I recommend their companies...
I've met with them personally; I've visited their properties, inspected their operations, analyzed their reports. And I stay on top of their developments — and stay in touch with their exploration teams on a regular basis.
It takes a lot of time flying to remote locations... staying in isolated locations... and then spending months tracking their developments...
And if you're ready for a sophisticated approach to investing in these junior mining companies, you won't find another service like this — not to mention the potentially huge returns these recommendations could generate.
But before I tell you how to start your own trial subscription to my Mining Speculator advisory, there's one more opportunity you can take advantage of right now...

Huge Event in Gold
There's been a major development in the gold industry.
It's a discovery so massive, I recently traveled halfway across the continent to see it for myself.
As you read this, Canada's Yukon Territory is in the early stages of what could be one of the biggest exploration success for gold in decades.
How big?
Geologists estimate that up to 100 million ounces of gold lie underneath these few acres of land.
At today's prices, that's a stunning $166 BILLION worth of gold.
And one small exploration company I've been tracking — currently trading for less than $2 a share — has had a 100% success rate in their drill tests.
In fact, every single hole they've sampled (and they've done 72 so far) has come up with gold in it. And those 72 drill holes represent less than 10% of the total land on this company's gold mining claim.
Conservative estimates suggest four to six million ounces of gold from these holes.
But imagine that much gold spread out over 720 holes...
That's upwards of 60 million ounces of gold!
Not too shabby for a company whose current market cap is less than $114 million.
I conservatively estimate you could double your money as this situation unfolds.
When you sign up for The Mining Speculator, you'll receive all the details on this opportunity immediately in my research report, "The Yukon's Best: The Easiest Gold Gains You'll Ever Make."
You can get started with a trial subscription to The Mining Speculator for just $49.
Is it worth paying the equivalent of just $4 a month to learn about low-risk, lucrative mining opportunities you'll hear about nowhere else?
I think so — especially for the shot at the kinds of life-changing gains I've netted my readers... like 254%, 544%, 893%, 1,215%, 1,316%, 1,400%, 1,800%, and more.
Fact is just one of these plays could pay for your subscription several times over...
For the introductory price of $49 you will receive:
  • 12 Issues of my monthly advisory, The Mining Speculator
  • Research Report #1: "The Most Explosive Junior Silver Stock of 2013"
  • Research Report #2: "The Yukon's Best: The Easiest Gold Gains You'll Ever Make"
Sign up today and you'll receive instant access (in the next 10 minutes) to these reports on The Mining Speculator's Members-Only Website.
Of course, you're protected by my six-month money-back guarantee... So if you decide at any point in the next six months my research isn't right for you, simply let us know by phone or email and you'll get every last penny back — even in the last hour of the 180th day.
And you can keep every single thing I've sent you.
It's my way of saying thanks for giving my research a try.
To get started — and to gain instant access to all of the investment research I described to you today — subscribe now.
Greg McCoach
Junior Mining Investment Analyst, The Mining Speculator
P.S. Remember, you've got the next six (6) months to decide if my research is right for you. If it's not, simply let us know by phone or email, and you'll receive a full refund... And you can keep everything you've received as my way of saying thanks for giving my research a look.

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