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...The Biggest Hoax of the Century: Silver Lies The manipulated and hidden valuations of silver and gold can't be kept in the dark forever... and when they do come to the light, they'll explode in the blink of an eye. .???..>>>

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DOW 20,000?
Not a chance.
Mainstream media is telling you three massive lies to trick you back into the stock market.
Learn how to avoid the inevitable crash and bank triple-digit gains when it happens.
But hurry... It's only a matter of time before they force me to take down this special 
presentation. Watch it now. 

Triple Your Money Without Stocks
By Brittany Stepniak | Sunday, October 6th, 2013
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The Biggest Hoax of the Century: Silver Lies
The manipulated and hidden valuations of silver and gold can't be 
kept in the dark forever... and when they do come to the light, they'll 
explode in the blink of an eye. 
One Chance
Right now, you can coop up shares of this explosive silver stock for 
under $1 a share... 
Top 10 Richest Members of Congress
Spoiler alert: To even crack the top 50 required a net worth of at 
least $6.67 million, chump change compared to the guy at the top 
of this list. 
3 Simple Steps Towards Safe and Secure Wealth
You'll never look at America... taxes... banks... corporations... or your
 personal freedoms quite the same way again. 

Here Come ObamaCare Taxes!
Several new taxes to fund ObamaCare are about to start. Add in income 
tax, state tax, gas tax and sales tax and it's no wonder so many people 
have trouble making ends meet. Every time I think about it, my blood boils.
 So I'm doing something about it...
I found a powerful, 100% legal investment program that you can lower 
your income tax bills. PLUS, this program opens the door for you to 
get thousands in annual income from one of America's most important 
and fastest-growing industries. And you can do it all without lifting a finger.
I've prepared a video presentation that explains exactly how this tax-free
 program works.
If you have a few minutes, you can watch it HERE. 
Bracing for impact of a shutdown that's no shutdown at all. 
ALERT: 470% Returns
There's a select group of oil wells stamped and registered by the 
federal government using a numbered code: in this case, 42-XXX. 
Find out how you can profit from this too... 
Never, Ever Do This
Buy and hold... and lose. 
Triple Your Money Without Buying Stocks
3 dangerous lies mainstream media is selling you about this market recovery...
 We've got a better plan for you... 
Legends of Gold and Silver
The biggest precious metals experts in the world share their ideal trades. 
Have a wonderful afternoon!
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Brittany Stepniak

Profit from the Government Shutdown

Two Ways to Play It


By Nick Hodge   

You're probably not surprised your representatives couldn't avoid a government shutdown.
Republicans want to delay or defund ObamaCare. They also want to remove a provision that gives Congresspeople special exemptions under the law.
Democrats don't.
This issue has been connected to a government funding bill, and the impasse has led to a shutdown.
Of course, you know your "leaders" are inept...
A new CNN poll this week — before the shutdown — found Congressional approval is at an all-time low.
Mediaite describes it like this:
The basic takeaway from this poll is that the people hate everyone... with a majority now holding an unfavorable view of the Democrats, the Republicans' approval dropping... and another "all-time high" for unfavorability of the tea party movement.
Let's face it; our so-called "leaders" and their petty bickering aren't helping our country one bit.
And everybody knows it.
Bring It On
Let's take a look at what happens during a "shutdown"...
First of all, it's not a shutdown at all. According to past shutdowns, legal opinions from the Justice Department, and Office of Management and Budget directives, all crucial government services will continue without interruption.
Planes will fly. Trains will run. Entitlement checks will be sent. The military is just fine.
In fact, any claims that this is a shutting down of the government "is an entirely inaccurate description," according to the Justice Department.
You know what we lose?
A camera on a panda at the national zoo. Bellhops in Senate elevators. National Parks. And half of the overpaid civilian workers get furloughed.
I say bring it on. After all, the government was meant to operate lean and mean.
Market Impacts
Worst of all, the mere threat of even a portion of our government shutting down is enough to send ripples of fear through the stock market...
The Dow Jones has slid almost 500 points since September 15th.
I've been telling you for months that a bubble has been forming, that stocks were only going up because of free Fed fiat money and massaged economic data. This could be the final straw.
Whether you're in the market, and sitting on pins and needles right now... or still sitting it out, waiting for a crash...
I have good news for you.
I've found two ways you can protect yourself from all this madness and bank big gains in the process.
Take a look at what they've done in the past few days, amid rising market turmoil:
The Mayhem Meter Profit Makers
Find out how to use either — or both — of these strategies, starting today.
I believe they'll deliver thousands more percent as the true state of American political and economic devolution begins to be reflected by the stock market.
Be sure to check out my publication, Nick Hodge's Early Advantage for more details..
Call it like you see it,
Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge
Nick is the Founder and President of the Outsider Club, and the Investment Director of the thousands-strong stock advisory, Early Advantage. Co-author of two best-selling investment books, including Energy Investing for Dummies, his insights have been shared on news programs and in magazines and newspapers around the world. For more on Nick, take a look at his editor's page.

Collect $3,195 Per Month in
GUARANTEED Tax-Free Income
Details below on how YOU could tap into this 100% legal "trick" and turn every $10,000 stake into $220,425
Dear Reader,
On August 5, 1997, a Republican Congress partnered with a Democratic president to pass a powerful (and largely swept-under-the-rug) tax loophole.
What they devised makes it possible for people to collect large amounts of extra income without paying a single dime in tax.
And now, as more and more sources are reporting on this loophole, the amount of folks who've begun collecting huge amounts of tax-free cash has grown exponentially...

They're getting paid hundreds upon hundreds — even thousands — of dollars. And it's ALL completely tax-free.
Even better, these untaxed payouts are 100% guaranteed.

And you can collect them year-round, like some of the folks I've come across that I'll introduce you to in a moment.
Crazy enough, this isn't even the best part...
The most incredible thing is you can take your payouts, reinvest them, and you still won't be taxed, no matter how much more you make — EVER!
I'm not talking about some type of CD or annuity here, either...
The loophole I'm sharing with you today is very different — and far more profitable.
In fact, it's crushed stock market favorites like Google and Amazon over the past ten years: 

It beat out Wal-Mart by a factor of 10:

And it makes gold earnings look pretty tiny, too...

Had you known about this tax-free secret, you could have already turned every $10,000 stake into a GUARANTEED $220,425 — PLUS you'd be getting $18,720 in annual tax-free income on top of that.
And this isn't a one-time deal. You can use this loophole over and over again to bank large sums of guaranteed, tax-free cash for as long as you want. No matter what's happening in the markets (or to the economy), your tax-free income stream will continue to increase.
There's no other retirement savings "program" like it on the planet.
In my 20 years of market research, I've come across a number of sure-fire ways to stockpile cash...
Not one of them could've turned $10,000 into $220,425 — or 22x your money. And none of them would've paid you $18,720 a year on top of those profits.
But here's where things get really good...
I'm going to show you how to set up your own personal jet stream of tax-free income right now. It takes just a few minutes, there's no approval process, there are no income requirements and no investment minimums (though, of course, the more you have on hand to put into this tax-free loophole, the more guaranteed income you'll be able to collect while you're just starting out).
To show you what I mean, let me introduce you to my friend, Bert...

$3,195 in Guaranteed, Tax-Free Income
Bert Hoff is a native of Seattle, Washington. He learned about this tax loophole just recently, and he began using it without hesitation.
Even though he's brand-new to the whole process, Bert's already picking up an extra $800 every few months in guaranteed, tax-free cash.
In his first full year, Bert will take in a little more than $3,195. In his second year, he's set to bank upwards of $4k.
I realize that may not seem like a mountain of cash... but consider the fact that Bert just began using this loophole — and he invested next to nothing to start with.
In ten short years, Bert could be sitting on a six-figure fortune. One that pays him over $10,000 in tax-free income every year.
He didn't have to do anything special to earn this extra money. And it's all 100% legal.
Like anyone, he's simply using the best strategy he's come across to maximize his retirement investments.
Much like my friend Harold Shiels is doing...
Harold told me he recently started using this tax-free loophole just a few months ago. His first income payment totaled $319. That adds up to $1,276 in his first year. In a couple of years, his checks could nearly double. And they'll double again a few years after that.
In no time at all, both Bert and Harold will have pretty nice nest eggs for themselves...
And they're living proof that you don't have to have $100,000 to get started. You can start with whatever you have — even if it's just $100 bucks, it's enough to get you on board with this tax-free loophole. Plus, you can always add more whenever you wish.
And today — in less than ten minutes — you'll have the chance to safely join Bert, Harold, and thousands of other investors who are using this tax-free loophole. Just like them, you can use this income secret to collect hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in tax-free payments every few months.
I talk to plenty of individual investors, and it's pretty clear that not much is working on Wall Street these days...
The economy is soft, unemployment is still way too high, and the Fed's interest rate policy has pulled the rug out from under traditional retirement investments.
That's why I've put this report together: because locking in your own steady, reliable tax-free income stream may be the easiest way to shore up your retirement savings or add cash to your household budget.
And like I say, there are no restrictions or waiting periods of any kind. You could be getting your first tax-free payout in as little as 30 days.

Where is all this tax-free income coming from?
When I share this secret with folks, the first thing most of them want to know is where, exactly, this cash is coming from.
Well, the fact is I showed Bert and Harold how they could get started making hundreds and thousands of tax-free dollars by owning a profit share in oil and natural gas wells.
That's right: This tax-free loophole generates regular income from oil and natural gas wells.
The folks who take advantage of this secret are legally guaranteed to collect regular payments as the oil or gas these wells produce is sold on the open market.
Now, I want to be clear that these aren't dividends that Bert and others are collecting. This is ownership. Bert actually owns a guaranteed, tax-free profit share in some of America's best producing oil and natural gas wells.
As prices for these commodities jump higher, the payments get bigger.
Because of a Ronald Reagan-era legal guarantee, anybody who wants to lock in a safe and steady income stream can do so by owning oil and natural gas production.
It's the easiest and safest way yet to save your retirement, earn steady income, and secure the financial freedom you deserve.
And the financial media is only slowly waking up to this opportunity.
BusinessWeek recently wrote that:
"[Oil well profit sharing] provides investors with steady income in unsteady times."
Kiplinger's points out that:
"[Oil well profit sharing] is a hidden asset class that Wall Street has yet to wake up to."
It's simple, powerful, and completely hassle-free.
Bert and Harold didn't have to go looking for the oil...
Nobody asked them to travel to the middle of nowhere and help drill the wells...
They're free to go about their daily lives as normal.
Bert's oil wells sit on one of America's oldest and most reliable oil fields, El Dorado.
About 20 miles northeast of Wichita, just off the Kansas Turnpike, you can find Bert's oil wells as they operate 24 hours per day. Oil has flowed freely from this field ever since the first well, Stapleton #1, was completed on October 6, 1915. By 1919, El Dorado was one of the biggest oil fields in the world...
It had 1,800 wells covering 22,300 acres. It pumped 29 million barrels a year at its height. That was good for 9% of global production. As the largest producing field in the United States at the time, some say it was the El Dorado field that won World War I.
Today the El Dorado field doesn't capture headlines anymore. But oil is still the lifeblood of this part of Kansas. Oil production here has been steady for decades.
And that's fine for a savvy "oil baron" like Bert — because, as I'll show you in a minute, his payments get larger when oil prices rise...
It doesn't matter where the oil actually comes from.
And these payments are guaranteed by law... no matter how bad the economy gets or what happens in the stock market, they keep coming month after month, year after year.
As for Harold, his oil wells are in West Texas. The first oil well was drilled there in 1921. Since then, this field has produced around 16 billion barrels of oil. And it's estimated to hold another 30 billion barrels of recoverable oil.
So, Harold can keep collecting on his profit-sharing agreement for years to come.

Become an oil baron... and beat the taxman, too!
In 1997, Democratic President Bill Clinton got together with a Republican Congress and passed a bill that included a very powerful tax-law loophole.
This was the bill that lowered the top capital gains tax rate from 28% to 20%. But not many investors realize this bill also made it possible to pay exactly ZERO in taxes on your oil and natural gas profit-sharing agreements — no matter how long you share in the profits or how much money you make!
Folks, this is as close to free money as it gets.
If you can avoid taxes, you can make tens of thousands more in profits than you would otherwise.
Earlier, I told you this tax-free income secret could have turned a $1,000 investment into $220,425, and you'd also be getting annual payments of $18,720...
Look how much extra money you make by simply avoiding the taxes:


See? You'd have missed out on thousands of dollars in income and profits.
There's simply no reason not to use my tax-free income secret and get 33% more on your investments, just by avoiding the tax bill.
And don't worry; this secret is SUPER easy to use. First-timers like Bert and Harold have had no issues whatsoever setting up their profit shares. If you can follow a couple of simple instructions, you're on your way.
The best part is you're becoming an owner. And that means you can do whatever you want with the income you receive: take a trip around the world... pay off the house... anything you wish!
Though, I can tell you now that some of the savviest owners simply take the cash and buy into more wells. They're growing their tax-free fortune as fast as possible.
These payments have been coming like clockwork every few months for the last 26 years. That's 104 consecutive payments that regular Americans like you have been paid from their oil wells. And these checks will keep coming, no matter what happens to the economy or the stock market.
It may be the easiest, safest way to create your own wealth I've ever seen...

Tax-Free Oil Wealth: The Perfect Retirement Plan
When it comes to planning for retirement, investors want stability, safety, and reliability.
You need to know, without a doubt, that your money is going to grow, year in and year out.
Let me ask you something...
Can you imagine not making money with a tax-free, oil well profit share?
No way. After all, oil and natural gas are among the most reliable and consistent millionaire-makers the United States has ever seen. This industry has created more American millionaires than Wall Street or Silicon Valley.
Oil has made countless millionaires over the last 130 years. Even today, this industry is creating 2,000 millionaires a year in some parts of the country...

And more recently, natural gas has made countless millionaires in Louisiana and Pennsylvania, Texas and Arkansas...
I'm talking about regular Americans like Oscar and Lorene Stohler from Williston, North Dakota. They are now worth over $1 million after Bakken oil was found on their land.
Or take David Brodsky, whose millionaire dreams came true when he leased over 100 acres of his land in Texas' Eagle Ford Shale basin.
Then there's former Pennsylvania auto mechanic Chris Sutton, who thanked his lucky stars when he leased his 154 acres of land to Talisman Energy for a $900,000 check, paid up front.
This tax-free income loophole I'm telling you about today can help you join the ranks of investors who are growing wealthy from America's most vital resource.
And you don't even have to own the land that has the oil to be in line for this tax-free money!
Reliable income from oil and natural gas wells — and a way to get that income without paying any taxes on it — may be the best thing to ever happen to your retirement account.

There may be no easier way to generate hundreds or thousands of dollars a month than to own your own oil well. It's actually a very simple arrangement: As a profit share owner in these wells, you get a share of the profits.
When you can get this steady income without paying any taxes on it, you'll grow your nest egg nearly twice as fast.
But the best part of this tax-free income loophole is how reliable it is. After all, you can own a profit-sharing agreement in some of America's hottest oil fields — like the Permian Basin in Texas, the Niobrara in Colorado, and the Marcellus Shale natural gas field under the Appalachian Mountains.
The profit margins for these profit-sharing agreements are typically around 80% — which means $.80 cents on every dollar is paid out to the profit share owners.
And I'll reiterate: Anybody can do this.
There's no approval process, no investment minimums, no restrictions of any kind that can keep you from becoming a modern-day oil baron.
The New York Times acknowledged:
"The United States [oil & gas profit-sharing agreements]... are much like the family trusts that cut checks for the descendants of oil barons."
Standard & Poor's rating services says:
"Investors are making significant amounts of money now" from [oil & natural gas profit-sharing agreements]."
And as I've said, you can enter into an oil and gas profit-sharing agreement and never pay taxes on the payments you receive.
One of the Midwest's biggest newspapers gets it:
"A [profit-sharing agreement that] give[s] off a steady flow of income... is basically a device for avoiding taxes. "
Now, at this point, I expect you might be wondering...

Why you haven't heard about the easy, tax-free cash you could be making
I can imagine you might be wondering why you've never heard of this ultra-reliable tax-free income secret.
After all, given the size of the checks that are being sent out right now, you can easily make your money back in a very short time. And after that, it's all gravy — your checks will keep coming month after month, year after year.
What investor wouldn't want a steady stream of reliable, tax-free income?

Fact is Wall Street heavyweights routinely get their best clients into oil and natural gas well profit-sharing agreements. But not surprisingly, they don't like to talk about it in public.
For instance, a few months ago, Barron's caught up with a wealthy insider from Goldman Sachs...
His name is Kyri Loupis. He's a managing director and portfolio manager at Goldman. He is responsible for billions in investment dollars.
Loupis doesn't like to share the details of these oil and natural gas profit-sharing agreements. When Barron's asked him how much money Goldman's top clients were making, he would only say, "... the strategy has been well received by our clients."
Why so secretive?
Well, if Goldman's millionaire clients knew how easy it was to grow their wealth with tax-free oil and natural gas profit-share deals, they wouldn't pay outrageous fees to the likes of Goldman Sachs!
Goldman doesn't think twice about pulling the wool over people's eyes while they gouge their own customers.
Nice way to do business, right? They make the big bucks, and average investors get left out in the cold.
Goldman Sachs has paid hundreds of millions in fines for this outrageous behavior, but they've never had to admit to any wrongdoing... even though we know the truth. I don't know anyone who believes Goldman will ever change how it treats the average investor. And it's been this way for decades.

How to Beat Wall Street's "Rich Get Richer" Game
Wall Street always favors the wealthiest investors.
Leeches like Goldman Sachs will tell average investors like you and me to "buy" while their best clients are dumping the same shares hand over fist.
But the quest to exclude individual investors from the very best moneymaking opportunities goes much deeper...
It's a long-standing tradition that's even been made legal by securities laws. In 1933, after the historic stock market crash wiped out thousands of investors, Congress went to work to clean up Wall Street and protect individual investors...
But when the Securities Act of 1933 was finally passed, it pushed approximately 98% of Americans out of the best — and safest — investment opportunities. Another gift to Wall Street.
But seriously, the Securities Act of 1933 included rules that said only "accredited investors" could participate in highly-profitable deals like private equity, pre-IPO stock sales, secondary stock offerings, and (you guessed it) oil well ownership.
In other words, unless you are a millionaire, you've been legally forbidden from owning one of America's most time-tested and proven investments for decades.
And you probably didn't even know it.
Fortunately, there's a way to get around this "accredited investor" rule...
Halfway through his second term, president Ronald Reagan passed the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Among other things, this act made it possible for partnerships to be formed between the owners of natural resources and average investors.
At the time, this new act was revolutionary. It meant that average, everyday investors could own a share of oil well profits for the first time in over 50 years.
Still, many investors assume that oil wells are only for "oil men," that you need a special geology degree to discover oil wealth...
That you have to already be wealthy to take the risk of not finding oil.
None of these things is true. The facts are quite different.
Oil wealth isn't just for "oil men" anymore. Thousands of American investors now own a profit share in individual oil and gas wells around the country — in Texas, in Kansas, in Alaska and Oklahoma. Heck, you could even take a trip and see with your own two eyes the very wells that are padding your bank account if you wanted to!
The bottom line is: You don't have to discover oil to strike it rich. You don't have to be rich to get richer.
The know-how to discover oil, bring it up out of the ground, and sell it to the highest bidder is already baked into these profit-sharing agreements.
And the agreement that guarantees your payments has already been certified by top lawyers and regulators. You seal the deal when you get on board.
Finally, there is no risk that you will go belly-up from a bogus oil discovery. The fields included in my tax-free income secret are verified. The reserves are proven. And in most cases, you can own a profit share in wells that are pumping oil right now.
There's no guesswork and no fine print.
And yet even now — 26 years after this oil well wealth became available to every citizen of the United States — the vast majority of investors are still not building their fortune with this reliable, proven moneymaker.
I'm going to change that.
What's more, I'm showing investors how they can secure their oil and gas well fortunes without paying one penny in taxes.

Your payments could grow 25% BIGGER every year.
Now, I need to make something very clear: There are certain SEC rules in place that prevent me from telling you exactly how much I expect you can make from my tax-free income secret.
I'm allowed to tell you how you can secure your own tax-free oil or natural gas well profit share. I can give you the specifics on how to lock in the kind of reliable income that can make you wealthy, no matter where you live. I can even tell you that your payments are guaranteed by law and will not be taxed...
However, I'm not allowed to tell you that your profit share payments will grow by 25% every year.
But I can certainly show you why 25% growth a year is very likely a conservative estimate...
First, these are fossil fuels we're talking about — the single most valuable commodity in the entire world. You won't find many energy experts who think oil prices are headed lower. I mean, with ever-rising demand, dwindling global supplies, and constant unrest in the Middle East, there's never been a more reliable and consistent market than what there is for oil...
If you have it, you can sell it. And you'll always get the best price, too.
Second, these oil and natural gas well profit-sharing agreements require by law the owners (that's you) receive as much as 80% of the money that comes from the sale of oil from your oil wells.
MSN Money will tell you:
"Often the payments grow as much as 7% a year. And they do all this in a way that lets you defer taxes."
These days, anything that reliably grows 7% a year is pretty darn good. But the fact is you can expect to do a lot better than 7% here...
Because this is oil we're talking about. The price is all but certain to move higher.
In fact, if you recall Bert Hoff, the man I told you about earlier, well, the payments from his profit-sharing agreement have done extremely well...
In 2009 these oil well profit-share owners split $17.9 million amongst themselves. The very next year, in 2010, they divvied up $31.7 million. The pool of cash grew to $39.7 million in 2011...
In just three short years, oil profit share owners like Bert more than doubled their income.
It's not at all uncommon to see the pool of oil well profits you share in grow by millions every year.
Not only that, but the value of the profit-sharing agreement went from around $10 per unit to over $40 as the cash payments increased.
Best of all, though, this tax-free income secret is easy and virtually worry-free. Because you don't have to worry about a well hitting a "dry hole"; these are producing wells with verified reserves. You will never be billed for maintenance costs... heck, you don't even have to own oil-rich land where the wells are located. And if you ever get tired of getting your oil and gas payments, you can sell your profit-sharing agreement to the highest bidder in about five minutes.
You can get started in just a few minutes — regardless of where you live or how much money you have to put down.
I'll show you how you can become a modern-day oil baron in the blockbuster Special Report called, "The Tax-Free Millionaire: Tax-Free Income from America's Oil & Gas Boom."
This report will show you step by step how to set up your own tax-free oil well income stream.
I've shared this research with several thousand investors just like you. Many of them are already getting paid as owners.
You can easily double your money in three years — and double it again in five — with this simple yet powerful oil well profit-sharing agreement.
Indeed, this is a huge opportunity for you to shave off years to your retirement... to grow your wealth, so that you won't have to work until you're 70... and to live a lifestyle you've never thought was possible since the financial crisis shredded the 401(k)s of millions of everyday Americans.
Few people know these unique tax-free profit share opportunities even exist... yet they've been one of the greatest ways to make substantial, tax-free income without breaking a sweat.

Your Ultimate Source for Reliable Monthly Income
To help you get in right away on this unique, low-risk investment, I want to give you a copy of my brand-new research report called, "The Tax-Free Millionaire: Tax Free Income from America's Oil & Gas Boom."
In it, I'll show you how this investment works — and why it's poised to make you more money in the coming months than you've ever thought possible...
But before I tell you how to claim it, first, please allow me a proper introduction.
"... You've more than paid for my daughter's college education."brian_side
I'm Brian Hicks. Twenty years ago, I realized my calling in life: to provide top-quality, actionable, and profitable investment research to individual investors. That may not sound glamorous, and I'm certainly no Gandhi or Mother Theresa...
Simply put, I love the financial markets. But I learned long ago that the only one Wall Street helps make money is... Wall Street.
Since I started Angel Publishing in 2004, my analysts and I have helped tens of thousands of individual investors —  investors just like you — make life-changing wealth in the stock market.
"[I]bought the wife a new car."
In 2006 gold was trading below $600 an ounce. But our research clearly showed that currency devaluation was an inevitable outcome of globalization...
So we began aggressively recommending precious metals and mining stocks. Stocks like:
  • Capital Gold: recommended at $0.34... sold at $4.54
  • Fortuna Silver: recommended at $0.75... recent high above $7
  • Allied Nevada Gold: recommended at $2.75... currently $26 a share
  • Ventana Gold: Recommended at $0.50... acquired by EBX Group at $12.65
In 2004 we were among the first research teams to recognize the era of cheap oil was over...
My book, Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and the Greatest Investment Opportunity of the Century, was published in 2007, just a few months before oil made its historic run to $147 a barrel.
On October 29, 2007, I was invited on CNN to explain how Peak Oil would drive the price of petroleum higher and higher. Another analyst called me a "Peak Freak" — but my conviction on oil led me to uncover the incredible opportunities in domestic shale oil that was just then being pioneered in the North Dakota's Bakken Formation.
"Two and a half years later, I wrote a check to [pay off my house]."
If you've heard of the Bakken, then you know my early recommendations for Bakken companies were incredibly profitable...
  • Kodiak Oil & Gas: recommended at $0.95 a share... currently at $8.80
  • Northern Oil & Gas: recommended at $6.02... currently at $19
  • Brigham Exploration: recommended at $3.43... acquired by Norway's Statoil at $36.50
Yes, my firm's success with investment research like I've shown you has attracted a lot of attention...
Angel is one of the world's fastest-growing independent financial research firms, with over 500,000 subscribers in more than 177 countries.
I've been asked to share my ideas on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News. And I've spoken at conferences around the country.
But I'm most proud of the "thanks" we get from individual investors who have used our research to build life-changing wealth...
"I'm just sorry that I didn't act on your information sooner, but I guess I can't be too upset with a 250% boost in one week. Keep up the good work!" — Sarah H.
"I subscribed about six months ago and wish I did it sooner. I'm up 336%. Yesterday alone my portfolio went up 23%." — Paul S.
"I had $8,000 dollars... This week, I'm going to walk away with $85,000!!! I'm proud to say you've more than paid for my daughter's college education. I can't thank you enough." — Matt K.
"Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the hard work you do in finding the great companies for your readers. Currently I am up 252%, 165%, and 101% respectively. You made a believer out of me. Regards." — N.W.
"I'd like you to know exactly how much I've appreciated your Bakken coverage over the years: I sold my position in NOG in Feb. 2010 for long-term gains of 261%, 1/3 of my position in BEXP in Apr. 2011 for long-term gains of 361% (and bought the wife a new car), and sold the rest of BEXP in Oct. 2011 for long-term gains of 743%. Now holding a large position in your newest pick with unrealized long-term gains of 365%. Thanks again!" — Mike L.
"When I first met you, you told me I could use the profits I would make in the junior mining stocks to pay off my house. I didn't really believe you. Two and a half years later, I wrote a check to do just that. I never thought this would be possible. Thank you so much for your wise guidance." — Robert C.
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Another study by Milwaukee-based Heartland Advisors revealed between 1928 and 2010, investors who reinvested dividends of 3%-6% could have gotten paid potent returns of 13.75% a year (on average).
My favorite study on the matter was conducted by acclaimed investor and researcher Robert Arnott...
In one if the most comprehensive market research projects ever, Arnott compiled stock market data for 200 years (1802-2002) to see what the best way to profit was. What he found was amazing — and should revolutionize the way you invest...
Only 8% of stock market gains come from rising valuations; 74% of investment returns from the stock market have come from dividends!
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The Wealth Advisory: A Systematic Plan for Building Wealth
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How to Safely Generate Thousands in Extra Income Every Month — for Just 14 Cents a Day
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I highly doubt other financial advisors and investment "gurus" are telling investors they can get virtually guaranteed income from their ownership of oil well profits — an investment that could also give you as much as much as 42% on your initial investment in just the next 12 months...
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