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Every Month for the Past 9 Years, This Little-known Landlord Has Sent Out "Rent Checks" It Collects from Wal-Mart to Its Partners...
I've Found a Way for You to Become a Partner for as Little as $29

Dear Reader,
It's the single most reliable way you can get an extra check every single month.
One little-known "landlord" has been sending out "rent checks" it collects from the world's largest and most profitable retailers to its partners for the last NINE YEARS!
I'm talking about collecting rent from some of the world's biggest billion-dollar retailers — like retail behemont Target.
This landlord also gets rent from office supply giant Staples and from home improvement and crafts leaders Lowe's and Michaels...
This landlord even collects rent from the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart.
That's right. Even the huge retailer Wal-Mart is contractually obligated to pay this landlord each month in order to honor its lease agreements — no matter how shaky the economy is, or how high inflation soars...
Wal-Mart must pay him before it even pays itself...
That's why I've dubbed him "Wal-Lord."
And I've found a way for you to become a partner of this landlord starting immediately — with as little as $29.
As a partner with this landlord, you're entitled to get a cut of the rent sent to him from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Staples, and more than a dozen other large retailers.
You could make hundreds of dollars a month — regardless of the economy — without even having to leave your home.
For example...
  • 48-year-old partner Rob Caruso from Arizona took in "rent checks" of $5,969/month last year.
  • Arthur Sikes in Ontario, Canada, collected a check for $1,638 just last month.
  • 66-year-old John Cunningham in Texas has been a partner for years, and these days, he's getting remarkable payouts — as large as $23,220 a month.
And these payouts can grow bigger over time.
You see, this income stream is generated by the rent money Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Lowe's, and Staples must fork over to the landlord. That means even if these companies have a bad quarter... and even if the economy weakens... the landlord collects his rent and you get paid.
Point is "Wal-Lord" could pay you an endless stream of cash in all markets, up or down.
This Wal-Mart landlord has a stellar track record of delivering big payouts to partners like you.
And it's NEVER missed a monthly payout — not even during the 2008-2009 market crash.
Bottom line: This is an overlooked way for you to get paid by Wal-Mart... with more frequency than Wal-Mart's shareholders.
In fact, this landlord is paying more than double the yield of Wal-Mart's shares.
Indeed, this is a huge opportunity for you to shave off years to your retirement... to grow your wealth so that you won't have to work until you're 70... and to live a lifestyle you've never thought was possible since the financial crisis shredded the 401ks of millions of everyday Americans.
Few people know that this unique investment opportunity even exists.
I've never seen this opportunity written about in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times...
But it's 100% legal. And it's really very simple to take advantage of, as I'll show you.
What's amazing is that "Wal-Lord" has delivered reliable "rent checks" to its partners for 118 consecutive months (that's NINE years!) without missing a single payment.
That's right. Between 2002 and 2012, Wal-Lord has sent rent payment to its partners 118 consecutive months.
It's been one of the greatest — and least-known — ways to make extra income every single month without breaking a sweat — or even thinking about it...
Like clockwork, Wal-Lord's rent checks simple show up in your mailbox every month.
Recently, Vancouver's main newspaper The Globe and Mail reported just how great being a Wal-Lord parter has been: 
"... a dollar invested [with this landlord] in 2001 is now worth $18."
That means it has returned well over 1,700%.
You could have turned a small $10,000 investment into a whopping $180,000 profits!
It has averaged 29.7% returns to its investors every single year.
The S&P 500 can't hold a candle to those returns over the same time frame. And neither can so called "safe" retirement savings vehicles like CDs or treasury bonds...


What's even more incredible is that the MONTHLY payouts have gotten fatter over the past nine years — and you can start banking these payouts right away, no matter what your income level is.
You'll never have to worry about getting your checks.
And you won't have to wait any longer than a month to get them, ever.
So who is "Wal-Lord" exactly?
And how can you become a partner and get paid EVERY SINGLE MONTH for as long as you want?
The answers and more are revealed in this special presentation...

Your Ultimate Source for Reliable Monthly Income
It's a pretty incredible accomplishment.
"Wal-Lord" has delivered a reliable "rent check" to partners like you and me EVERY SINGLE MONTH FOR THE PAST NINE YEARS.
Just consider what's happened in the financial markets during that time period: a real estate bubble and crash... a war in the Middle East... a stock market crash... a huge financial credit crisis... a massive recession... a European debt crisis...
And through all of that market madness, this landlord has NEVER failed to deliver a monthly check to its partners.
Remember, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Best Buy are legally obligated to pay their landlord rent.
So as long as the world's largest retailers remain in business, this landlord collects rent money... and pays out a healthy cut of it to partners like you and me each month with certainty.
Take George Pritchard in Ontario. He received a cool $2,886 in "rent checks" each month last year.
Or 52-year-old partner Jeremy Evans in Alberta, who's been paid $6,817/month for the last 12 months...
It doesn't matter what the stock market does — or if the United States plunges into another massive recession, or if a financial crisis roils Europe...
You'll be set to receive a fat, growing "rent check" in your mailbox month after month, year after year, for as long as you want.
It's cash you're free and clear to spend as you please: take a long vacation... help your kids buy their first house without thinking twice about it... buy that secret getaway at the beach without worry... with money left over to furnish it, throw a party — with all the extras...
Bottom line: If you want more income that arrives like clockwork every month, there's simply no better way to get it.
It's so safe — and so lucrative — it may be the single best little-known retirement secret I've ever encountered... and the only one you may ever need.
In fact, there's never been a better time for you to become a partner.
Let me explain...
The Income Opportunity of the Century
You see, up until recently, Wal-Mart was buying real estate like it was going out of style.
We're talking nearly $1 billion worth of real estate per month.
But what few investors realize is that now Wal-Mart is now leasing these properties. Wal-Mart's strategic plan in North America over the next few decades involves aggressively leasing properties in order to gain access to urban areas.
And "Wal-Lord" is already reaping the benefits of Wal-Mart's new expansion plan.
So are its savvy partners like you and me.
Here's why...
This landlord specializes in retail real estate. Its strategy involves leasing shopping centers anchored by "big box" retailers.
It owns and manages a massive portfolio of shopping centers in major cities in our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada.
Their ownership interest contains an aggregate of over 25 million square feet. (That's about the size of four Pentagons!)


It's already signed over 76 long-term lease agreements with Wal-Mart, and most of these leases have terms of 20 years or more.
You've seen how big these Wal-Mart stores are... Now imagine collecting from 76 of them!
And here's the beauty part of this opportunity...
Because of its strong relationship with the world's biggest retailer, several more retail powerhouses are also cozying up to this landlord.
This landlord has an enviable list of Fortune 500 clients including Best Buy, Staples, Lowe's, Michaels, and most recently, Target.
So not only are "Wal-Lord's" partners able to receive a juicy cut of Wal-Mart's dough... but they're also able to rake in profits from a whole diverse group of all-star retailers.
It's cash that keeps pouring in — month after month, NO MATTER WHAT!
And now there's a way you can tap into this steady growing pool of monthly rental income this landlord collects from its high-quality tenants.
It's much easier than you think... Like I said, you don't need a lot of money to start. Once you're a partner, the checks get sent directly to your mailbox, or you can have them deposited electronically into your account.
October 2012 marked the 119th month in a row they sent out a MONTHLY "rent check" to partners like you and me. That's over nine straight years... without missing a single month!
What's amazing about "Wal-Lord's" monthly "rent checks" is that not only do they arrive like clockwork every single month... they've also grown BIGGER in size through the years.
Not even the 2008-2009 market crash could stop this Wal-Mart landlord from making large steady payouts to its partners. In fact, they've never gone down!
Now are you're beginning to see exactly why this unique income opportunity has me so excited? There's simply no better way to collect regular monthly income.
In short, a simple investment in Wal-Mart's landlord today could pay you every single month for as long as you choose.
And it gets even better...

Tax-Free Shortcut Gives You 1,639%
More Gains than Stocks
You could safely retire with a steady income stream for life thanks to "Wal-Lord."
If you had been partners with this Wal-Mart landlord back in 2001, you could have pocketed gains of 1,700%. Not only does that crush the return of the stock market... it also crushes the last nine years of gains on gold and silver.
And as I've mentioned, the payouts have also been growing in size over that same time.
Now here's where YOU come in...
Anybody can join as a partner and collect a share of this incoming cash.
You don't need to do anything. There are no application forms to fill out. There are no meetings you have to go to... You just take in your cut of the rent that Wal-Mart and other high-quality retailers pay.
"Wal-Lord" has even listed its organization on the stock market — so it's super easy for you to participate.
Again, this is the easiest way I know of to get reliable monthly income... and pile up lasting wealth.
You could be on the receiving end of these rich payouts.
Remember, you'll be getting double the yield that Wal-Mart's own shareholders do, and you'll also receive checks much more frequently.
You can spend the checks as they come in. You can stuff the money into other accounts. You can reinvest the dividends and watch your stake multiply...
The choice is entirely up to you.
It's pretty incredible when you think about it...
As a partner, this Wal-Mart landlord MUST pay you a safe, steady stream of "rent checks" in the form of dividends every single month, for as long as you wish to collect.
And not only are your profits backed by the world's largest retailer — but also an impressive growing list of Fortune 500 companies.
To help you get in right away on this unique, low-risk investment, I want to give you a copy of my brand-new research report called, "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income."
In it, I'll show you how this investment works and why it's poised to make you more money in the coming months than you've ever thought possible.
But before I tell you how to claim it, first, please allow me a proper introduction...

Hi. My Name is Brian Hicks.brian_side
And I'm the president of Angel Publishing, one of the world's fastest-growing independent financial research firms with over 500,000 subscribers in more than 54 countries. 
You may have heard my name from my frequent appearances on TV as a money an d  markets commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News...
You see, I've been in the investment research industry for a long time. Over two decades, in fact.
And I've seen A LOT of unscrupulous brokers, traders, analysts — you name it.
So I started Angel Publishing with one mission: To provide wealth builders like you with the real story; to tell it like it is instead of running around touting stocks that don't have a chance of making anyone money.
We work to uncover wealth-building opportunities most investors won't ever hear about from the talking heads on CNBC or their broker.
Frankly, I didn't focus at first on off-radar income-paying opportunities like "Wal-Lord"...
For years, I followed the energy markets.
For instance, I'm sure you've heard of "Peak Oil" before. It's a term used to describe how the world is running out of cheap, easy-to-get oil.
On October 29, 2007 — well before the record-high $4 gas prices of 2008 — I was on CNN explaining how Peak Oil was just driving the price of petroleum higher and higher.
I even wrote a book about Peak Oil you may have read, called Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and the Greatest Investment Opportunity of the Century.
I did pretty well in that market.
Have a look at some of the notes I've gotten in my email inbox from readers...
Craig Jordan in Dallas, Texas, wrote to tell me:
Sarah Hogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shared this with me:
And Paul Starks in New York City wrote:
I love getting notes like these from my readers.
But while I was spending the majority of my time studying trends in the energy market, I couldn't help but notice how the best companies — from the most dependable to the fastest-growing — tended to believe in paying income to their shareholders.
Perhaps you've seen the study from Ned Davis Research revealing how dividend-paying companies in general do two and a half times better than non-income paying companies...
Another study by Milwaukee-based Heartland Advisors revealed that between 1928 and 2010, investors who reinvested dividends of 3%-6% could have gotten paid potent returns of 13.75% a year (on average).
The wealth-generating power of income-paying stocks is impossible to ignore.
I'm sure you're aware of some of these amazing stories...
Take McDonald's. To own 100 shares in 1965 would have cost you $2,200. But with reinvested dividends, your investment could have grown to over $1.8 million by 2003.
Or Coca-Cola: Reinvesting for dividends, a $5,000 investment in 1980 would now be worth $594,000.
Or take Altria, formerly Philip Morris. A $2,000 grubstake in Philip Morris in 1980 would have ballooned into an impressive $670,000 today, with dividends reinvested.
Here's the point: The most profitable investments are not the sensational high-growth wonders and IPOs that dominate all the headlines.
Because they involve too much risk.
Flying high on hype, investors almost always pay way too much for these "hot stocks" and, as a result, get way too little return on their investment.
Instead, the most profitable stocks are often found in unglamorous industries that pay investors steadily-growing incomes — and not just for a couple of years, but for decades... essentially forever.
Today I'd like to give you a chance to accumulate this income for yourself.
That's why I've prepared a research report explaining the details in full...
It's called "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income" and I'm going to send it to you absolutely free.
There's nothing complicated here at all. No tricks, no gimmicks.
You simply receive access to the report, and you instantly have the information you need to collect huge monthly checks that could fund your dream retirement — and then some.
All you have to do to receive these instructions is respond to this letter. There's no risk or obligation at all.
Let me explain...
You see, every month I share my investment research in a monthly newsletter called The Wealth Advisory. And when you take a no-risk trial subscription, the first thing you'll receive is my new report.
But I'll also send the details of another great opportunity...

"American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks"
The United States is experiencing an oil and gas boom, thanks to the disruptive drilling technology known as horizontal fracturing.
I'm sure you've heard of it before. It's literally creating hundreds of new millionaires every week.
From the Bakken in North Dakota... to the Eagle Ford Formation in southeastern Texas and the Marcellus and Utica Shale Formations in Pennsylvania and Ohio...
The U.S. is reclaiming its status as a global energy powerhouse.

In fact, the United States of America is now the world's #1 producer of natural gas... after being ranked 9th just four years ago.
We're swimming in so much natural gas that the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported America has over 100 years' worth of it.
And I've found a way for you to get steady income from America's oil and gas boom...
It's a wealth secret that's 26 years in the making.
Because of a unique corporate-tax loophole signed into law during the Reagan Presidency, some savvy investors are now receiving large monthly checks for retirement.
And get this: It's oil and gas companies that are cutting these checks to partners.
I've dubbed these extraordinary payouts "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" — and they're a bulletproof way to build your wealth.
  • Gerald Everton (53) a businessman, got an "American Oil & Gas Royalty Check" for $1,485 every month last year.
  • Warren Levy, 61, added an additional $46,300 to his income with "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" in 2012.
  • Jerry Holt (56) received an incredible $116,037 last year.
It's no wonder the mainstream press is starting to catch on...



These "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" come from companies you rarely hear about, but do much of the "grunt work" bringing oil from the fields to the refineries... and ultimately, to your gas station.
Basically, any time oil must be moved from point A to point B, these companies get paid.
Likewise, when oil moving through the system must be stored, companies involved in storage get paid.
But here's what makes many of these companies so rewarding for partners...
Thanks to Reagan's tax loophole, many of these companies servicing this realm of the oil and gas universe are structured in such a way that they must pass all of their profits to shareholders.
These companies are publicly-traded — but the nature of their tax structure means no profits can be withheld or stuffed into the company's coffers.
These profits must go directly to partners like you and me, quarter after quarter.
Some companies even mail you checks every single month!
In short: If you're looking for extra payouts to fund an early retirement, or if you want to see more money deposited into your account, "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" may be perfect for you.
And I've narrowed it down to just three companies that I believe can pay you the largest checks for months to come, with very low risk...
I've written up the full details about these three companies you can start collecting from in a report called, "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks: How a Hidden Loophole Lets You Bank Huge Payouts from Little-Known Oil & Gas Companies."
When you try a subscription to The Wealth Advisory , I'll immediately rush you a copy of this report... along with my first report, "Wal-Lord: How the King of Retail's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income."
And that's just the beginning...
How to Safely Generate Thousands in
Extra Income Every Month
You see, The Wealth Advisory's philosophy is simple: You get paid by companies to own them.
I'm not recommending risky micro caps or trying to predict which way the stock market will turn next...
If that's what you're after, then you can stop reading right now. The Wealth Advisory is not for you.
The Wealth Advisory is about making sure you get paid more income, more often, from your investments.
Whether you're a long way from retirement, preparing for the big day, or enjoying your freedom now... you can safely generate thousands in extra monthly income, all from the comfort of your own home.
You'll be free to live better and more worry-free than ever before.
My unique income plays do all of the work for you, so you have more time for spending with the kids and grandkids, playing golf, and traveling.
You'll never look at going to the mailbox the same way again... because I'm going to show you how to get at least two checks every single month.
Even better, you can decide exactly how big your checks will be.
Most investors don't take advantage of these income plays. Most investors make the mistake of thinking they can only get safe income through Treasury bills, bonds, and CDs from their local bank.
But right now, CDs are paying nearly next to nothing — a wimpy 2.1%. And Treasury bonds aren't faring any better...
That's no way to build real wealth.
The Wealth Advisory zeroes in on the best-paying opportunities for you that the investment universe has to offer.
These are moves that target bigger income and fast payouts, but without the usual risk you might expect with these kinds of high-performance moves.
And none of these moves force you to tie up your money for any period of time. You can withdraw your cash or put money in whenever you feel like it.
In today's rocky economy — with the financial markets being incredibly choppy — nothing beats getting paid a dependable substantial check for owning shares.
Economists Kathleen Fuller of the University of Georgia and Michael Goldstein of Babson College analyzed over two million individual returns, and found that dividend-paying firms generate higher returns than non-dividend paying firms, especially in declining markets.
And James P. O'Shaughnessy in his national bestselling guide to the best-performing investment strategies of all time, What Works on Wall Street, concludes you can do four times as well as the S&P 500 by concentrating on fundamentally-sound stocks with high-dividend yields.
And that's the point: You're putting money into solid companies — becoming an owner and getting paid for it.
You're banking on a solid history of continuous and increasing payments to make you money.
Bull or bear market? It doesn't matter...
I can help you generate real, sustainable wealth in every market condition so you can live the rich retirement you deserve.
I aim to only show you the best dividend-paying companies, which are:
Loaded with cash. Well-established. Well-positioned. Fundamentally solid.
In the right industries at the right time.
With a long history of doing good business, paying out cash as steady dividends, raising their dividends continuously over time, and looking out for their stockholders.
I spend hours sifting through research to uncover the greatest income-generating opportunities for you.
It's my passion to help people make more money for their retirement.
By now, you're probably wondering whether The Wealth Advisory is right for you. Well, there's just one way to find out: Give it a try, at no risk whatsoever.
Here's what I propose...
Just 14 Cents a Day
I'd like to rush you a free copy of my two new reports:
Research Report #1: "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income"
Research Report #2: "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks: How a Hidden Loophole Lets You Bank Huge Payouts from Little-Known Oil & Gas Companies"
These two reports will be the first things you should read when you test-drive my monthly newsletter, The Wealth Advisory.
Over the course of the next year, you'll also receive:
  • One Full Year of The Wealth Advisory (12 issues total) – You'll receive a new issue on the third Friday of each month by email. In each new issue, I'll share details on stocks that can pay you the most extra income with the least possible risk.
  • Confidential Wealth Advisory Alerts – You'll be on this list to receive urgent alerts with full details and instructions on every recommendation I make.
  • Clear and Concise Trading Instructions – My service is so easy to follow, you simply read the plays verbatim over the phone to your broker, or do them yourself in just a few minutes online via a brokerage service.
  • Private Access to The Wealth Advisory Members-Only Website: Plus you'll have password-protected access to all of my special reports, alerts, and my entire portfolio.
And finally...
  • Outstanding Customer Support: If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our Customer Support staff any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST). They'll be happy to assist you.
Best of all: I'd like you to take the next 180 DAYS to decide whether or not you want to keep your subscription. That should give you plenty of time to see my work firsthand... collect your first few checks... and take advantage of my wealth-building secrets.
If you decide The Wealth Advisory isn't right for you, just give us a call on our toll-free number...
I'll send you a full refund. And you can keep everything you have received up until that point. I want you to be 100% satisfied.
So how much does The Wealth Advisory cost? And how can you get started?
Well, before I give you the surprising details, there's one more unique opportunity I'd like to share with you...
America's Secret "Drive-Thru" Dividends
If there's one thing Americans love to eat, it's fast food.
There are close to 50,000 fast-food chains across the country.
But there's a little-known financial secret of America's fast-food industry that could pay you thousands every single month... for life.
It all started 42 years ago when Southern California couple Bill and Joan Clark met Glen Bell, owner of a young local fast-food restaurant called Taco Bell.
Glen Bell wanted to expand, but he couldn't afford to buy a new building. So the Clarks agreed to be owners of the new building. That way, Mr. Bell didn't have to tie up his cash in real estate, and he could use it to run the new restaurant.
In exchange, Mr. Bell agreed to lease the building back for a period of 20 years.
So Mr. Bell got the cash to run his restaurant — and the Clarks got a steady stream of monthly income for years to come, thanks to their long-term lease.
The Clarks then invited regular investors like you and me to get in on the deal.
And the Clarks worked out similar arrangements with other fast-food and chain restaurants in America: Pizza Hut, Hardees, Golden Corral, and more.
Since the Taco Bell deal, the Clarks' company has paid a dividend every single month to shareholders... and they're still sending them out today!
That's 503 months of consecutive paychecks to shareholders.
Even more amazing is that the checks have grown bigger every single year for the past 16 years. So while many companies were forced to slash their payouts or suspend them altogether in the 2008-2009 financial crises, the Clarks' company was increasing the size of their payouts to shareholders.
Today you could be sitting on impressive gains of 2,350%!
In short: By helping these fast-food and chain restaurants expand, the Clarks created an endless stream of income for themselves and their shareholders.
The Clarks' business now covers not only fast-food restaurants, but also many of America's most popular retailers — Rite Aid, Jiffy Lube, CVS pharmacies, Kroger's, Friendly's Restaurants, even AMC movie theaters.
It's pretty much the closest thing you can get to an eternal "fountain of cash"... and you too can collect these growing checks each and every month from now on.
I've written up all the details about exactly how to get started in your third free report: "'Drive-Thru' Dividends: How to Collect Endless Monthly Payouts from America's Fast Food Industry."
Again, you'll get all of the details as soon as you take a risk-free trial subscription to The Wealth Advisory.
Here's how to get started right away...
Save 50%
A one-year subscription to The Wealth Advisory costs $99 a year.
But as I said before, I want you to try my work for yourself risk-free for the next six months before you decide if it's right for you...
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Sign up right now for The Wealth Advisory and save 50% off the regular rate.
So you'll pay just $49. That breaks down to about 14 cents a day.
I know that's incredibly cheap.
But I'm giving you this offer for one simple reason: I want you to try my research.
You see, I've worked with thousands of independent investors over the course of my career. And I believe if you take advantage of just one or two of the stocks I've talked about in this letter, they could pay you an absolute fortune...
And provide you with all of the income you'll need for life.
We want you to be satisfied.
Our subscribers stick with us year after year because we work hard to make sure you'll benefit from our advice.
And that is why we're one of the fastest-growing investment research firms in the world.
If you decide during your 180-day test-drive that The Wealth Advisory is not for you, it's no problem whatsoever. I guarantee your money back — no matter what, no questions asked.
Heck, even if you cancel after the 180-day period, you'll still get money back for the unused portion of your subscription. It's that simple.
Subscribe right now and you will get:
  • FREE Research Report #1: "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income"
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This research shows you how to collect 12 "rent checks" from "Wal-Lord" over the next 12 months... plus up to 40 income payout opportunities.
That's 52 extra checks you're not receiving right now.
Sign up today and you'll get instant access (within the next 10 minutes) to all of these reports on our exclusive members-only website. And you'll start receiving your monthly issue of The Wealth Advisory on the third Friday of each month by email.
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The quicker you begin the more income you'll generate...
To get started immediately, simply click the button below this presentation.
Here's to more income, more often,
Brian Hicks Signature
Brian Hicks
Publisher, The Wealth Advisory
P.S. If you're not generating extra income with my research, if you're not pleased for any reason, just let me know within the first 180 days... You'll be refunded EVERY LAST PENNY of your subscription fee. No hassles, no questions asked.

Thanks to an SEC revision, $1 "Silver Strikes" are finally legal again...
Which means — starting today you have the chance to bag monthly (even weekly) payouts like these:
Below I reveal the next otp-silver-three payouts... and why they could hand you 35x your money by November
Dear Reader,
Let me start by being very clear about something...
The investment strategy I'm about to reveal USED to be illegal in certain segments of the U.S. market because it was so effective.
Years back, due to lack of government regulation, a handful of shrewd investors attempted to corner the stock market... using ONLY this technique.
While the attack failed, this strategy (which I'll show you in a moment) was immediately shut down, due in part to its immense profitability.
And so things remained for 46 long years...
Today that is no longer the case.
In fact, as I write this, "Silver Strikes" are part of a $1.2 quadrillion market.
To put that in perspective, that dollar amount is 20x larger than the global economy.
And it's all thanks to an SEC code revision... one that made this robust investment strategy available — and popular — to the ordinary investor.
How powerful are they?
Consider this...
Imagine transferring $1,000 from your savings account straight into these now-available "Silver Strikes"... only to realize in just a few months, you've made 35 times your money.
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How Chris DeHaemer Nailed 64 Winners (More Than 1 Per Week) in 2012
Over the past couple of years, Chris DeHaemer has quietly been following these little-known "Silver Strikes"... and he's been tinkering with a strategy that pinpoints exactly when these now-legal investments are primed to make their biggest moves.
So last year, when Chris let me know that this strategy of his was ready for public release, I gave him the go-ahead to beta test it on actual investors.
The result?
Chris took his beta testers on a wild profit ride, netting 64 winners — more than one per week:
  • 268% gains
  • 71% gains
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  • 71% gains
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  • 117% gains
These were all from just the first few months of beta testing... and the rest of the year was equally as good (I just don't have room to spell out ALL 64 gains for you here).
Now, there's no fancy name for this strategy. No bells or whistles.
It's a streamlined method of analysis that few people on earth could ever devise... yet it's easy enough to understand that it gives ordinary investors the chance to multiply their wealth.
And as I said earlier, every trigger Chris uses in his pinpoint alert system has been tripped by three plays that stand to far outpace anything he's yet discovered.
I'm talking about 35 times your money here — or more than ten times your money on each play.
Thing is you must act quickly (and carefully follow the instructions in this letter if you wish to be one of the few who can brag about growing rich on "Silver Strikes."
Here's the rub...

The Best Opportunity I've Seen in 18 Years
Buy a handful of different stocks, and you might make a few bucks over the next few years.
Buy some bonds, and the result will be the same...
Invest in a CD, Money Market account, or IRA — ditto.
In other words, these investments — while quite popular — aren't going to pay you anywhere near what you stand to make with a few well-timed "Silver Strikes."
Now, when I first heard about this strategy, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it...
I've always been an advocate of silver: hoarding silver coins, bars, or whatever form of physical silver you can find. And I'd never really considered an alternate method, to be quite honest.
But once I saw the storybook gains roll in during Chris DeHaemer's beta test, I suddenly became a "Silver Strike" supporter all the way. And despite the amazing gains we saw in 2012, those yet to come could be some of the most incredible moneymaking opportunities I've come across in my 18-year career.
According to his research, he's predicting EACH of the three "Silver Strikes" I'm revealing today could bring in +1,000% gains.
Here's why...
As Silver Demand Blows Through the Roof...
"Silver Strikes" Gains Will Be Explosive
You don't have to be tuned in to the latest financial news to understand that silver demand is absolutely off the charts.
Couple that with the fact that supply is historically low, and you find yourself in a situation where silver prices can do nothing but explode.
Just consider what's happened to other commodities in similar situations...
  • Oil shot from $10 per barrel to around $140 — a 1,300% bounce
  • Corn went from $1 per bushel to $7 — a rise of 600%
  • Copper jumped nearly 1,500%
  • Uranium popped up 1,300%
  • Cobalt rose nearly 1,000%
See what I mean? Supply is low, demand is high, and prices jump astronomically.
And right now, silver is going through the very same cycle.
People are clamoring to buy it, and the quantities needed just aren't there. Check this out:

As you can see, the white line (demand) is creeping above the blue line (supply) for the first time.
In fact, during the crazy rise since around 2008, the U.S. Mint has actually halted silver sales of certain types of coins several times!
News of the most recent suspension came in October:
As reported by World Mint Coins:

"The United States Mint has suspended the sale of several numismatic silver products... The precious metal has been on fire as of late and recorded a 28% increase in the last quarter."
You see, unlike gold, silver is used in a variety of industrial applications. Over HALF of all silver is used in everything from cars and computers right down to polyester... and there's no sign of this demand slowing down.
As a report from Thomson Reuters shows, industrial demand for silver could hit a record 511 million ounces by 2014.
The wacky part about the whole situation is this: As folks learn of the growing silver shortage, demand rises even more sharply.
People are trying to get their hands on the metal as fast as they possibly can.
That's where this opportunity comes in...
But instead of scrambling around with everyone else, trying to hoard physical silver, you could instead take advantage of "Silver Strikes."
Not only are there limitless "Silver Strikes" to take advantage of; lots of them cost right around $1. That's right. For just a buck, you can take advantage of this silver bonanza without paying the hefty premiums placed on silver coins and bullion.
That's because as prices shift in the silver market, $1 "Silver Strikes" move at an exponentially higher rate.
Let me show you a couple of quick examples...
otp stamp9 to 15 Times BETTER Than Stocks
Buying and holding is probably the most widely-used strategy out there... and sometimes, it works for folks.
It's just that while the people who use this strategy are running to the bank with their tiny payouts each year (if even that), there's a small group that's depositing up to 20 times as much cash... and they're doing it every single month.
That's the power of a "Silver Strike" in action.
Just take a look:
If you owned shares of this stock, you'd have made around 11% gains. So for every $1,000 you invested, you'd have made just $115 (and don't forget, it would have cost $25,000 to buy the stock in the first place).
Yet because this stock sits in the silver sector, you could have made a "Silver Strike" instead — which would have yielded 150% gains (and in just three weeks!).
This means that same $1k you might have sunk into ordinary stock shares could have actually turned into $1,500 in pure profit.
Pretty big difference there, if you ask me...
In fact, the "Silver Strike" was more than 13 times more profitable.
And it's not the only instance. Take a look:

Again, I'm showing you an actual "Silver Strike" here. This time, with boring old shares, you'd have made 14% gains...
But with "Silver Strikes," you could have netted 212% instead (15x better!).
And the list goes on and on...
  • "Silver Strike" Issuance #414XX: 73% in 6 days on a 7% stock move
  • "Silver Strike" Issuance #127XX: 43% in 44 days on a -6% stock move
  • "Silver Strike" Issuance #217XX: 68% in 6 days on a 5% stock move
  • "Silver Strike" Issuance #121XX: 80% in 13 days on a 9% stock move
  • "Silver Strike" Issuance #415XX: 103% in 10 days on a 9% stock move
It's clear that "Silver Strikes" blow buying and holding out of the water.
As I told you, when there are small price shifts in the silver market anywhere, "Silver Strikes" can move at a far faster rate.
And it's not just stocks... "Silver Strikes" make dividend payouts look like chump change as well.
otp stamp36 Times BETTER Than Dividends
You may think dividends are the way to go.
Yeah, so do tons of people...
But unless you've been reinvesting your dividends for decades, you're not earning anywhere NEAR what you could be.
Take the company Silver Wheaton, for example. These guys are a silver streaming company. In other words, their business is acquiring and moving silver.
This makes them a prime target for a "Silver Strike."
And that's just what happened last March...
At that time, the company was paying a whopping $0.03 dividend to investors. That's a $30 payout for every 1,000 shares owned.
You can't even pay the cable bill with that! It's embarrassing.
Yet there was a "Silver Strike" available (since this is a silver company)... one that turned every $5,000 stake (a fraction of what it would cost to actually own shares of the stock) into $6,100.
That's $1,100 in straight profit — from the "Silver Strike" to your bank account.
Not to mention the profit situation I just described proved to be 36 times better for folks who put $5,000 into the "Strike."
So, not only are "Silver Strikes" far more profitable in the right instances, but they're also much safer.
To collect one 3-cent dividend, you'd have had to pony up $30+ for a single share of the stock... and that doesn't even include potential losses while you're sliding that cool 3 cents into your pocket.
Yet the "Strike" didn't cost anywhere near that to get in.
I think you see what I'm getting at here.
But if you don't believe me at this point, maybe you'll believe Craig Sidwell...

Meet Craig Sidwell:

$45,000 Richer in 5 Months
Craig isn't the first person to hit financial rock bottom in recent years... and he won't be the last. But he IS one of the few that recovered. And I only know this because I recently spoke with him, and he was very open about his situation...
"One day I got an emailed statement showing over $100,000 lost," he told me in reference to his ex-broker. "I took my money and ran out of their office and haven't looked back."
"Since I've taken over my portfolio," he told me, "I'm up $45,000-plus in five months."
But Craig didn't do it all on his own... He didn't understand enough about the markets to get rich by doing everything himself.
He WAS smart enough, however, to make use of the very same strategy I've been showing you with "Silver Strikes" to get back on track.
In fact, the effects were pretty immediate...
"My first big hit... I picked it up at .98 in August, the day after I started... I sold it at $2.63. I currently have 16 positions and every single one is up. I got up this morning and watched the market open and my portfolio came to life with a $3,000 jump..."
The last thing he told me was this: "I've been out of work for two years and can now hold my head up again and better yet, pay my bills! Thanks."
With that, I think it's time to share the true secret behind the power of "Silver Strikes."

The Hammer... Trigger... and Spark
Like I've mentioned before... Chris DeHaemer's knowledge and methods are so technical, they're understood by only a handful of people in the world. But I'm going to do my best to briefly show you why his strategy has been historically successful...
If I boil it down to three basic components, it would be these:
  1. The Hammer — This occurs when something drastic happens in the market and an investment gets absolutely crushed.
  2. The Trigger — Eventually, as with all investments, intrigue and speculation will begin again, and prices will see a small rise.
  3. The Spark — Finally, due to growing speculation and increased demand, prices will take off  — and in-the-know investors will walk away much richer.
(Keep in mind, this is the simplest way I could explain the major crux of Chris DeHaemer's "Silver Strikes" strategy.)
He uses countless algorithms, alerts, and other mathematical criteria that let him know precisely when each of these events occurs, down to the very day. He doesn't guess like other folks... and that's where his decades of expertise separate him from the rest.
Take a look at the following chart to see what I mean:
As you can see, that's a pretty long line there... and the points at which the hammer, trigger, and spark took place are very specific.
You don't find these exact points in time by simply sitting back and hoping you're right. Chris KNEW he was right. And as you can see... once the spark hit, things got absolutely nuts.
Folks who timed this right had a shot at immense gains (just like the gains you stand to pocket from the THREE "Silver Strikes" I'm revealing today).
In the case of these now-legal "Silver Strikes," his alerts have already been going off like crazy.
You may know there was a massive silver sell-off in 2009 during the market correction... Well, that's the hammer.
You might also be abreast of the fact that silver started moving up in 2010 due to QE1 and 2. That was the trigger.
But here's where the real action begins...
As I showed you earlier, silver demand is reaching critical levels. Production is slowing due to this increased demand.
Things are hitting a fevered pitch, and the spark is set to send silver to unprecedented levels — giving savvy investors access to potential paydays the likes of which they've only ever read about in financial success books.
The thing is you have to time the spark perfectly in order to bank the biggest gains.
You have to know precisely when it hits... when it flares up... and when to make your "Silver Strike."
If you know this already, you're in great shape. If you don't, I suggest you keep reading, because I'm about to reveal this information in a moment...
First, I'd like to take a quick moment to share with you the underlying investment vehicle that makes "Silver Strikes" so explosively profitable.

The World's Most Powerful Investment
If you haven't already guessed, the secret that drives the profit potential of "Silver Strikes" is options.
I'm sure you're already aware that options get a lot of unfair "heat." But that's mostly because folks just won't take the time to understand them, even though they're one of the easiest, low-risk investments I've ever come across (and used myself). And you can't let the ignorance of a few uneducated people drive you away from THE best way for you to get rich.
Besides, whether you understand them or not actually doesn't matter...
What DOES matter is that you could end up earning 15... 20... even 35 times your money in just a few weeks — or even days.
And despite what some might say, options actually involve FAR LESS risk than buying up shares of stock and hoping you see a gain.
Let me show you what I mean...
A note on "Silver Strikes"
"Silver Strikes" are much like stock shares, bonds, and even physical silver in that the "Strikes" come in a wide-ranging array of choices.
Just like you'd have to choose between this coin and that, or this stock and that... you must also choose with "Silver Strikes."
In other words, not ALL "Silver Strikes" are equally profitable.
Some may yield just 10% gains, where others will pay out the type of cash I've been telling you about.
And that's what makes Chris DeHaemer's alert system so spectacular. It literally provides you with access to THE most potentially profitable "Silver Strikes" in the market (with split-second accuracy).
"The Hammer" recently took notice as a "Silver Strike" tripped his alert system.
There was a bunch of news surrounding a particular silver investment, and Wall Street was pounding the table. "Buy, Buy, Buy!" they were screaming. Rank-and-file investors took notice, and I don't know how many people pounced on the stock, buying up shares as fast as they could...
However, all the hype proved to be false, and in a little over a month, the stock tumbled, handing all those "early birds" 6% LOSSES.
Yet, at the same time, unbeknownst to many, a "Silver Strike" was issued... Those who saw this — and took the recommended action — saw 43% gains come rolling in instead.
Now, you tell me which was better; you tell me who played it "safe" and who didn't.
I mean, those jokers lost every penny they sunk into the stock, while the "Silver Strikers" walked away with some nice extra cash.
And here's why they took far less risk in doing so: a simple $1,000 invested into the "Silver Strike" would have given you control over 100 shares of stock.
The same amount of stock — for the folks who decided to buy outright — cost $2,800.
So really, the people who thought they were being smart were actually risking nearly three times as much cash as those who took part in the "Silver Strike"!
Of course, I'm aware that much of this may seem like gibberish to you... and that's absolutely fine. I don't expect you to fully understand what I'm talking about; I'm simply showing you how options work and why they're less risky.
That's why we have Chris DeHaemer on board. He takes care of all the technical stuff FOR you...
And to prove it (as well as so you can see the power of "Silver Strikes" for yourself), Chris is giving away his next three picks absolutely FREE.
But since you might not know that much about Chris, let me briefly introduce him to you (and myself as well)...

Those Who Take Action RIGHT NOW... Stand to TRIPLE Their Money by November
If you didn't already know, my name is Brian Hicks.brian_side
I'm the President of Angel Publishing, a Baltimore-based consortium of world-class financial minds that produce a stable of investment research advisory products with a track record that's second to none.
If you've heard my name, it's probably from my frequent appearances on TV as a money and markets commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News...
Or maybe you've read some of my regular commentary in the Wealth Daily e-Letter...
Or perhaps you've checked out my book, Profit from the Peak.
Now, I bring this all up not to brag, but simply to show you that I've been making a living in the financial research commentary industry for a long time now. I've been in the trenches of it for more than 15 years, actually. And in that time, I've learned that of all the ways in the world to make money, the absolute best is locating ridiculously hidden opportunities...
The "Silver Strikes" I've been telling you about just so happen to be one of those opportunities — probably the best I've seen in my 18 years in the financial game.
While others are turning their heads, I always make sure I'm looking straight on. I don't want to miss out on tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars because of what everyone else is doing.
That's why I'm pounding the table on the "Silver Strikes" I'm writing to you about...
It's one of the best opportunities I've ever seen to profit from the market.
And that's saying a TON.
The thing you should be asking yourself at this point isn't when should I move on this... it's how do I move on this RIGHT NOW?
Well, that's the easy, fast, and risk-free part.
But before I give you the specifics, I want to tell you...

Why I Hired "The Hammer"
"The Hammer" may sound like a nickname better suited for a boxing champion than an investment guru... but if you've ever met the guy, you'd understand how much sense the moniker makes.
His real name is Christian DeHaemer (though I almost never call him that), and his last name actually means "The Hammer" in his ancestors' native tongue.
Whatever you decide to call him, The Hammer is a grizzled profit veteran I hired to dig up the inside details on the world's most underground profit stories.
He's a serious man: a U.S. military-trained fortune-seeker with a vast network of worldwide contacts in business and intelligence circles.
I mean, you don't find out the dirt on top-notch profit secrets without knowing a few folks in the upper circles...otp-silver-tearouts-1
And I'm not just saying this; I have emails sitting in my inbox right now that prove how The Hammer navigates through his circle of "friends" to obtain the biggest money secrets out there.
I've known the guy for more than 15 years, and I've seen first-hand how he's made his way through hazardous places like Egypt, Cuba, Libya, Israel, and Tunisia in pursuit of profits no one else even knows exist.
That's why I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, there's no one I'd rather have on this particular opportunity than The Hammer...
I went so far as to bait him away from the well-known investment research firm he'd spent the 14 years tracking down huge gains for — and some of those winners are eye-popping:
otp chart
I know I don't even have to explain how incredible some of those gains are, and those are just a few of the ones I found when looking over a track record I almost couldn't believe...
Triple-digit win after triple-digit win lined the spreadsheet.
It's why I was thrilled when he called me up and told me he'd put the finishing touches on his "Silver Strikes" strategy... while he was on "vacation."
By the time I saw him in the office again, he already had a report written on the matter...
"This was just too good," he told me. "I had to write it up on the plane ride home."
I read it immediately, and I have to agree with The Hammer.
If all his data is correct — and it always is — this could very well be the opportunity of the century.
Forget any amazing rags-to-riches tales you've heard before. You could be telling one three times as good by this time next year.
That's because I'd like to share The Hammer's report with you, free of charge.
It's called "'Silver Strike' Your Way to 3,500% Gains."
And you read that right. I said I'm going to show you this report for FREE.
Why would I disclose such valuable information for nothing?
Well, because...

I Want You to See How Powerful
The Hammer's Research Really Is...
There's no doubt in my mind how accurate Chris's research is.
And in order to prove it to you, we've decided to give you the next three "Silver Strikes" for free.
During The Hammer's year of beta testing his "Silver Strikes" strategy, he's been releasing his plays as part of Angel Publishing's Options Trading Pit advisory service. As soon as Chris's trigger is tripped, he immediately sends out an urgent alert. It details exactly what the play is, when to buy in, and any other information Chris feels you need to know.
All you have to do is act on it. You don't have to know anything about options.
You simply have to follow the instructions in Chris's alerts, and you're on your way.
And as I've mentioned, Chris has THREE new plays in the pipeline. They're the ones I'd like to send you for FREE.
Simply look over the report once it hits your inbox, check out what Chris has to say, and take action if you think it's right for you...
Then sit back and wait for Chris's follow-up alert to cash out. It's that simple.
All you need to do in order to receive Chris's next potential quadruple-digit blockbuster is agree to take a no-risk trial to his Options Trading Pit advisory service. Remember, that's where Chris details every last bit of information of his incredible findings... including an archive of every single "Silver Strike" Chris has ever uncovered.
But before I clue you in on the full details — and how to get this report sent to your inbox in the next five minutes — I feel it's necessary to sound my warning...

Please Read This Carefully
The thing is this type of profiteering probably isn't right for some people.
So, if you're used to buying and holding or collecting dividends, I urge you to keep a couple things in mind...
This is a more fast-paced type of investing. Some plays take a month or two, but others go down in the span of two days — or even 24 hours. You have to be ready to strike when The Hammer tells you to buy and/or sell.
You could be instructed to buy in the middle of the day... or to cash out for huge gains early in the morning. The point is if you're considering whether "Silver Strikes" are something you could take advantage of, you need to be flexible enough to fully execute the trades.
For plenty of people, this isn't a big deal. But I always like to keep folks informed so there's no surprise when they get an email at 2 p.m. to get out of a trade for 165% gains.
Now, if this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, the "Silver Strikes" Chris catalogs in Options Trading Pit probably aren't right for you.
That said, if making quick strikes on the stock market is something you're prepared for, you could be well on your way to amassing the types of lump sum cash payouts I've shared with you throughout this letter.
And it gets even better...
You see, there's another secret Chris has — and it can be just as lucrative as "Silver Strikes" have proven to be.
Let me explain...

Hidden Profits in American Commodities
If you're like most people, you've probably shied away from the commodities markets.
People see words like corn, wheat, and pork, and they immediately turn their heads.
But, you'll probably feel differently in just a moment...
You see, the very same strategy Chris uses to time his "Silver Strikes" works on other commodities as well as silver.
Of course, commodities can be unpredictable, and it's hard to determine whether a play is set up for a huge gain or a monumental fall. As such, Chris was able to develop a way to make money on commodities — no matter what the actual prices or technical charts are telling you.
Whether corn prices are up or down, or wheat is being trampled... it simply doesn't matter.
Chris knows how to make life-changing gains time and time again.
Take a look at this play Chris recently discovered:
This chart shows the price movement of a "strike" that set off Chris's alert system.
As you can see, the hammer, trigger, and spark all took place. And again, they all happened at VERY specific points in time.
If you mistime even one of these components, you'll miss the biggest gains hands down.
Those who followed Chris's advice and acted on his precise, split-second alerts were rewarded with +1,000% gains.
Thing is this play had nothing to do with silver...
It had to do with another well-known commodity: oil.
Yet Chris's strategy worked flawlessly, handing savvy investors the kinds of gains I believe the three "Silver Strikes" I'm going to reveal in a moment could make you in the next few months.
And this happens over and over again with countless commodity plays all the time!
Whether a commodity is tanking by 90% or shooting up by 800%, Chris knows how to make money either way. You just have to know what to look for.
And right now, I can tell you there are some very explosive opportunities on Chris's radar. They're set to make some folks very, very happy...
That's why Chris has written up a special briefing on this matter called, "Commodity Riches in America: 500% Gains Made Easy."
It explains — in easy-to-understand terms — how you can rake in profits from commodity plays time and time again... whether the news is good or bad, every single time.
And as a bonus, should you decide to test-drive Options Trading Pit, not only will you receive the three free "Silver Strikes" plays, but I'm also going to send you Chris's special commodity moneymaking report.
With these two reports alone, and Chris's proven results, it's all but guaranteed you'll make a boatload of cash.otp-silver-tearouts-2
But don't take my word for how well Chris has performed...
"I'm up about $50,000 in one year..."
Sometimes Chris will show me letters folks have personally written to him... but sometimes we get incredible letters from folks through our main email here at Angel Publishing.
Like the one from Darren Situ that said:
"I actually got in at .34 and out at .58, and I am absolutely amazed by your prowess... I am following you around like a puppy."
Or the one from Javier Mill:
"After commissions, I made $175.98 overnight — you are a wonder!"
And I can't forget the one from Scott Sayer...
"Dear Hammer, I'm up about $50,000 in one year on (some of) your recommendations...
Once again thanks, and keep up the good work."
That's just from a handful of Chris's picks, too. Imagine if Scott had followed ALL of DeHaemer's recommendations...
Either way, it's a pretty incredible string of compliments (and more come in almost every day).
I fully expect you will have a similar experience with the FREE "Silver Strikes" plays you're about to receive in your inbox — not to mention Chris's report, "'Silver Strike' Your Way to 3,500% Gains."
And all you have to do, as I mentioned earlier, is test-drive Chris's Options Trading Pit advisory service for 30 days.
So, how exactly do you do that?

What You'll Receive
To agree to a 30-day test-run of Options Trading Pit, all you have to do is click on the link at the end of this letter.
There's absolutely no risk or obligation whatsoever.
Once you click below (and fill out a small bit of information), you'll immediately be set up to receive all the perks Chris's beta testers have been receiving...
This includes:
  • Up-to-the-second "Silver Strike" alerts: When Chris's alerts are tripped, Chris is the first person to know — and you're the second. You'll know before just about anyone on the planet exactly which play is set to explode.
  • Follow-up Instructions: Once Chris feels the play has reached its "peak profit" stage, you'll receive an alert letting you know to cash out for maximum gains.
  • Special Reports: From time to time, a situation or strategy will be so compelling that Chris feels the need to write up a special report on the matter. You'll find a full list of these reports on the Members-Only Website.
  • Members-Only Website Access: You'll receive full password-protected access to all of Chris's alerts, portfolio, and Web feeds.
  • Complimentary Subscriptions to Wealth Daily and Energy and Capital: Chris is a regular contributor to both these daily e-Letters on cutting-edge profit opportunities and wealth-related issue commentary.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: If you ever have any questions or concerns, you call our Customer Support staff at any time and get immediate, live help between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST).
But that's just the beginning...
In addition to all the incredible stuff above, you'll also get four FREE reports...
When you agree to test-drive The Hammer's Options Trading Pit for 30 days, you'll receive two more reports on top of the research reports I've described for you:
  • Research Report #1: "'Silver Strike' Your Way to 3,500% Gains"— All the details you need to know about the THREE "Silver Strikes" I'd like to send you, as well as instructions on how to take advantage.
  • Research Report #2: "Commodity Riches in America: 500% Gains Made Easy" — Whether the news is good or bad, there's a way to make money. Even if the stock tanks, you can get rich. This report reveals several important secrets that could help you grow wealthy.
  • FREE Options Guide #1: "Understanding Options for Maximum Gains" — An easy-to-understand guide that explains how to successfully profit from options, time and time again. It reveals some insight as to how Chris has become one of the premier option gurus on the planet.
  • FREE Options Guide #2: "The Bear Market Baron's Guide to Options" — A hands-on guide to making a fortune, even as the markets are crashing.
That's a TON of free stuff just for agreeing to test-drive Options Trading Pit.
So, I'm sure you're wondering by now, even though all the stuff above is absolutely FREE, how much does Options Trading Pit cost?

You'll Be Shocked
I think it's pretty obvious by now how much money you stand to rake in with the "Silver Strikes."
And if you're still reading, you must agree. 
Think about it...
How many chances in your life have you had the chance to double... triple... or even quadruple your current salary without doing one bit of work?
Not many — if any.
So you'll also agree that I could justifiably charge an absolute fortune for this information.
$100,000? Maybe half of that, if you're lucky. Yes, I know exactly how much I could charge for this information... I'm well aware.
But I'm not going to charge anywhere near that much...
It just doesn't make sense to charge an arm and a leg just so ten people have access to information that stands to change their lives.otp-silver-tearouts-3
I want everyone to have a fair shot.
So I charge a mere $799.
You read that right: Less than eight hundred bucks gets you a full year's worth of Options Trading Pit —not to mention however many "Silver Strikes" might pop up during that period.
Of course, I know that despite the incredible value here, $799 may still seem like a lot of money... and that's why we're also offering a special quarterly payment option: For just $249 every three months, you can enjoy the very same benefits and receive the very same information I've been telling you about.
But as I also told you before, you're not on the hook for a thing. This is merely a test-drive.
And should you decide Options Trading Pit simply isn't for you, that's fine.
But I'm positive that won't be the case. After all, you'll have 30 days to decide. That's a full month.
Not only will you get full membership privileges to Options Trading Pit during that time, but you'll also immediately receive the four FREE reports I told you about earlier, straight from the desk of Chris DeHaemer.
Keep in mind that these reports, any alerts you receive, and any other intelligence you gather during those 30 days are yours to keep — even should you decide to cancel during your trial period.
It's 100% risk- and obligation-free.
There couldn't be a better deal on the table, to be quite honest... I mean, for the sake of your own future, you must sign up — even if you fully intend to collect the refund — and put some cash into the FREE "Silver Strikes" I'm about to send you.
Then you can decide whether or not to stay on for the long haul.

You're Not Paying a Cent for Information that
could Net You Thousands of Dollars
You're simply putting $799 on the table and letting me hold it in escrow for a month while you decide if Options Trading Pit is worth what we're asking.
But once you see just how rare and insightful Chris's perspective and analysis are (not to mention how much money his picks make), I'm positive you'll be a Options Trading Pit subscriber for life.
There's ALWAYS the chance to make huge gains with well-timed option plays... over and over and over again.
(As I mentioned, huge gains sometimes come in as little as 24 hours!)
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Brian Hicks
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The Recovery that Wasn't
If you've been watching the market hit new highs and wondering if you should get back in...
You're being told 3 dangerous lies designed to lure you back into Wall Street's clutches.
Here's how to triple your money without ever buying a single share of stock.

Dear Reader,
Everywhere you look, the mainstream media, in conjunction with the political establishment, is desperately trying to sell you three big lies about America's so-called recovery.
They roll out numbers showing unemployment is falling...
They tell you a rise in corporate profits signals that a recovery is "under way"...
Worst of all, they show you the stock market hitting new highs and claim it's proof that we've turned the corner...
I hope you've resisted buying into their propaganda.
I know they're hard to ignore. In fact, it's downright easy to feel like you're missing out.
If you were one of the millions of investors kicked in the stomach by the crash of 2008... if you're suffering from a savings account that struggles to keep up with expenses... a retirement account that's shrinking... and a house that's underwater...
You may think that you have to get in now to avoid missing big gains. But you're wrong.
Please pay close attention to what I'm about to say.
DON'T do it! Avoid their lies at all costs.
Because when you start seeing front-page headlines like this...


You should worry. This is NOT good news.
It's a sign that the so-called rally is an apparition, a mirage.
In the next few minutes, I'll expose this "news" for what it really is: a trick by the ultra-rich who control America.
They desperately want to lure unsuspecting middle-class Americans like you back into the stock market.
But you don't have to suffer at their hands any more.
I'll also show you how to beat them at their own game as they pull the rug out from under the market's feet, just like they did in 2008...
And it doesn't involve bonds that pay you next to nothing, complicated options, or sitting on cash that's literally worth less every day.
In just a minute, I'll reveal two little-known ways that you can use to bank triple-digit gains (or more!) when these lies come undone.
The best news is you don't have to buy a single share of risky stock to get in on the action.

Calling It Like I See It
Hi. I'm Nick Hodge.
For as long as I can remember, I've had a problem (at least, for some people it's been a problem)...
Since I was young, I've always said exactly what was on my mind.
At times, "not having a filter" (as my parents put it) has been... well, a challenge. They were the victims of countless embarrassing moments as the result of my brutal honesty.
But I never looked at speaking my mind as a problem. Truth be told, I've always thought of my outspokenness as a gift. Because to me, not saying what I think would feel like a lie.
I was raised better than that. I'm sure you were, too.
That's why six years ago, when Angel Publishing offered me the opportunity to start my very own financial advisory service, I jumped at the chance...
I wanted a platform to tell the truth about Wall Street. I wanted a way to help honest, hard-working Americans just like you beat the rich at their own game.
And for the past few years, I've been doing exactly what I set out to do.
Here's just a sample of the gains I've shown my readers — even in the aftermath of a market crash:
  • 245% on Organovo Holdings
  • 128% on Natcore Solar
  • 316% on Akeena Solar
  • 113% on DNI Metals
  • 391% on BYD Company
  • 426% on Alternate Energy Holdings
I've also written two best-selling investment books and been featured in countless shows and magazines.
Today, I'm bringing you this presentation because there's a dangerous lie being told in America.
The lie I'm talking about is the "recovery" you're being sold every time you turn on the TV or read the news.
It's a lie told by mainstream media and supported by corrupt politicians.
It's also a lie being propped up by the Establishment with one simple goal in mind: to make the rich richer.
I have a way you can protect yourself from what I'm about to show you...
I'll give you the details on how you can bank triple-digit gains when this house of cards comes crashing down.
Before I get to that, though, I want to be absolutely sure you believe what I'm saying. It's important that you understand the situation we're in so that you are prepared to act.
Here's how they're...

Selling You the Recovery that Wasn't
I want to be clear about one thing right away...
All the lies I'm about to show you are a trick by the rich to keep the stock market growing.
They are lies that, when stacked on top of each other, seem like they could be true.
But they're not.
Instead, they're just a clever way to coax more unsuspecting investors like you back into the market.
But beware: Buying into the following three lies will leave you broke.

Dangerous Lie #1:
Declining Unemployment = Recovery
Here's what Heidi Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute had to say about the unemployment numbers politicians have been spewing each month:
"The unemployment rate is really not that helpful right now in understanding trends because we've had so many dropouts."
Did you know that the unemployment rate only includes people who have searched for work in the last four weeks?
That's right. It doesn't include those who simply gave up because they couldn't find a job.
And there are a lot of them.
Look at this chart:
There are over four million people who either gave up looking — because they don't think there's a job out there for them — or simply haven't looked at all in the past year.
In fact, TRUE employment is close to a 30-year low. Only 58.6% of the population actually holds a job right now.
There are currently more people on Federal welfare than work in the private sector.
Of course, the flip side of that is over 41% of our country isn't working at all!
So, how do all these people live?
Probably off your tax dollars.
In the past five years, the number of people that collect food stamps has increased by 65%.
Federal disability claims have climbed over 300% to nearly seven million people since the early 80s.
Each year the government pays out over $1 trillion through federal assistance programs.
That doesn't sound like much of a recovery to me...
But that's only one of the lies they're spinning.
Here's another dangerous lie they'll use to bait you back into the market...

Dangerous Lie #2:
Rising Corporate Profits = Recovery
This lie is so simple to understand, I can't believe they try to pass it off...
But true to its nature, the Establishment will do whatever it takes to sell this idea of a recovery to the American people.
There's one simple reason profits are up. And it has everything to do with the lack of jobs I just showed you.
Think about it...
There are millions of people without jobs. So companies have zero pressure to raise salaries. I mean, why would they? You're replaceable — and probably for a lot less than you're making.
So while corporations have marginally increased their revenue, they've drastically reduced their costs through rampant cost-cutting. That means layoffs, automation, and benefits cuts.
This translates into more profits for the company. But it doesn't help you out one bit.
And here's the worst part: Corporate profits haven't been this high since the 1950s — but the amount of those profits paid to employees hasn't been lower since 1966.
Corporate profits have grown by more than 20% a year since 2008, but disposable income has only added 1.4% during the same time.
It's so clear, even bigwig Wall Street bankers can see it...
Just listen to what Ethan Harries, co-head of global economics at Bank of America, recently had to say:
"The U.S. corporate sector is in a lot better health than the overall economy. And until we get a full recovery in the labor market, this will persist."
It still doesn't look or sound like a recovery to me.
But we still haven't gotten to the biggest recovery lie of them all...

Dangerous Lie #3:
A Rising Stock Market = Recovery
There's one big problem with this lie: The stock market and the economy are two completely separate things.
Pundits and politicians are desperately trying to package them together. Don't buy into it.
Because the market rally is a sham.
Under it all, there's one thing that's driving everyone back into the market.
It's not more people going back to work, and it's not rising corporate profits...
It's low interest rates.
If you've refinanced your house in the past few years, you know just how life-changing a low rate can be.
So you may be asking yourself, "How can it be bad?"
What better way to get every last investor back into the market than making your savings actually lose money?
That's where Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, comes in...
Ben prints $118,000,000 an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
He says he's doing it to help us recover from the crash of 2008. But he's lying.
All he's really done is put our country $17 trillion dollars in debt.
Sure, it makes the economy appear like it's growing on paper. But it's just another trick. An Enron accounting gimmick. A tool being used to...

Set the Trap
Think about this...
Our Gross Domestic Product (which values what the United States produces as a nation) grew by $50 billion during the last three months of 2012.
Politicians jumped all over this as proof of the economy's growth.
But the truth is, during that same time Bernanke pumped $370 billion into the system.
So in reality, the economy shrank without all his "free" money floating around.
Why would he do that? Because the more money there is floating around in the system, the less it's worth.
And because supply is so high, interest rates are at all-time lows.
That's the reason your bank pays you next to nothing to park your money there. It's the reason CDs pay you less than 1%. It's also why the bond market has fallen out of favor.
No one can make money investing in any of them.
And if you're one of the millions who think hiding your cash in a mattress is the answer, think again...
All this money printing has assured that inflation is right around the corner.
Remember, the more of something there is, the less it's worth.
And with all that money floating around, every dollar you have is becoming worth less and less — every minute of every hour of every day.
Just look at what the Fed has already done to the value of your dollars:


So, where's the one place you can put your money that's looking up right now?
Ding, ding, ding! That's right... the stock market.
And that, my friend, is how the trap has been set.
Politicians, the mainstream media, and the ultra-rich are selling unsuspecting Americans a recovery that doesn't exist.
They're all in it together. And they're screwing you, coming and going.
Why would they do that?

The Rich are Dirty Liars
If you already bought into this so-called rally and plunked your money back into the market, I'm sorry.
This is going to be an unpleasant few minutes for you.
Fortunately, you'll know what you need to do to help yourself out of this mess when I'm through.
If you're like most Americans, though — who have watched their modest retirement accounts be slashed in half — you've probably been watching the news with a skeptical eye.
That's good. It means you're still rational enough to hear my message.
And that message is: DON'T buy a single share of risky stock right now.
Not one.
I know it's tempting. You may feel like you're missing the boat. But the truth is that boat sailed a long, long time ago... in 2009, to be exact.
Here's what the market has looked like since then...

Big Gains for the Rich
Notice how it's been going straight up.
Think about it... If you had put your money in the market in early 2009 — during the lowest part of the crash — you'd have easily doubled your money in five years.
But you didn't do that, did you?
There's only one group that did: the ultra-rich. They're the only ones who had any money to invest after the 2008 crash. They went all in... and won big!
Did you know that the richest 10% of Americans own over 91% of all stocks and mutual funds? And that percentage has increased EVERY YEAR since 2001.
The richest 1% alone owns nearly half of all stocks and mutual funds.
That's not a typo.
The richest 1% of Americans own nearly half of all stocks and mutual funds in existence.
It's shocking.
And it's no wonder that the highest-earning Americans saw their net worth grow by 28% from 2009 to 2011.
But what about the remaining 93% of us on Main Street? Our net worth fell by 4%.
In fact, 76% of Americans in a recent Bankrate.com survey said they live paycheck to paycheck.
I can't offer any better proof that the stock market and the economy are two different things — and that any talk of "recovery" is a lie — than that single statistic.
So, who do you think stands to gain the most from having everyone sitting on the sidelines jump back into the market again?
Yeah... I know. That's a loaded question. But I'll say it anyway just so it's out there...
No one has more to gain from the stock market hitting high after new high than the ultra-rich.
The market is like a snowball rolling down a hill... As it rolls, it becomes bigger and more dangerous, luring more unsuspecting investors back into the game.
More and more middle class Americans begin to feel like they're missing out and jump back in, too.
The word spreads to friends and family.
News outlets feverishly cover it, which fuels the growth even more until it reaches a frenzy.
They call that "a bubble."
It's also called the rich's way to turbo-charge their already hefty gains.
Then the inevitable happens... it CRASHES!
If you're sitting on gains from the market right now, and you think I'm full of it... let me ask you a question: How did your portfolio fare in 2000 when the market realized dotcoms were full of promise but not full of profits?
And what's the value of your house right now compared to six years ago? I bet you thought home values would continue their skyward march forever, too.
But they didn't.
We're in a stock bubble right now. Just like in 2000 and 2008.
Both of them popped and wiped out the wealth of average folks all over our great country.
You know who didn't suffer in 2000 or 2008? You know who always gets out right before it hits the wall?
Yep, the ultra-rich Insiders. The CEOs. The board members. The Senators.
Because they have one thing on their side that most American's can't begin to fathom... unfettered access.
Imagine what you would do if you knew that there's a chain of events about to take place that would cut your wealth in half...
You'd sell right then and there, wouldn't you?
Damn right you would. You'd get out right before that snowball went cascading into the abyss.
That's where we are right now.
The market is gaining momentum. It's growing larger by the minute. And it's headed for the cliff.
Today I'm going to show you how you can avoid suffering through another crash.
Even better, I'll show you how you can make triple-digits when it happens. My plan is safe, easy, and you don't have to own a single share of company stock to do it.
People who already take my advice love the insight and profits I deliver for them.
But don't just take my word for it...
Listen to what some of them are saying for yourself:

I don't share these true stories with you to brag; I just want you to see firsthand the power of the information I provide via my financial advisory service, called Early Advantage.
All the research and time I put into generating those exquisite results is now telling me that...

The End is Near
Look, nothing lasts forever. And the so-called rally they're selling today is no different. It's going to end.
Here's what Woody Dorsey, president of the prestigious research firm Market Semiotics, has to say about it:
"The market is in the late stage of mania. There could be more gains to come. But the resolution will be a severe correction. And I think it will happen in the next few months."
Remember, Ben Bernanke has kept up the ruse by keeping interest rates low. Every wealthy person knows that. So does every shill on Wall Street who manages their funds.
But they're all greedy. They want to wait until the very last minute before the party ends to bail. They will wait until the maximum number of mom and pop investors has piled back into the market...
Then they'll all sell for maximum gains.
Even Bernanke's buddies at the Fed are catching on!
Take it from Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher:
"We've made rich people richer. This is great for the Buffetts and for others who can take advantage of this multiple of great money and cheap money that's been available. The question is, what have we done for the working men and women of America?"
I think the obvious answer is nothing.
The asset bubble that has formed proves it.
Sadly, there's one thing that most desperation-filled latecomers aren't thinking about at all — something no broker would ever dare tell someone at the other end of the line hoping to save their retirement...
Bernanke is closer than anyone thinks to doing the one thing that's going to kill this party in its tracks.
He (or his replacement) is going to hike the rates.
The truth is we can't afford to go much further into debt.
The rich know it. Politicians know it. The Fed Chairman knows it most of all.
The thing is no one knows exactly when the rates will rise. And no one wants to be the first one to leave, because there's still money on the table.
But they don't want to wait too long, either — and risk losing money when the sell-off happens and stocks tank.
So they're nervous. They analyze every statement Bernanke makes. They hang on his every word.
If he even hints at raising the interest rates, the market slides 200 points. Everyone holds their breath.
Then, when they realize this time isn't the crash, they keep plowing money in... sucking more innocent people in with their lies... and the market rises again like an unbalanced seesaw.
This back and forth is called volatility.
It's caused quite a few heart attacks among bigwigs and little guys alike.
Here's how economist Tobias Blattner explains the lunacy we are experiencing:
"Whenever there is good news out of the U.S. it will cause selling because people see it as a confirmation for the Fed tapering, while if we have something more disappointing... people will say, "Well OK, it won't happen yet. That unfortunately, is the kind of volatility that is going to continue for the next couple of months."
I've found a way you can bank triple-digit gains from these wild swings.
The good news is you can do it without ever buying a single share of stock!
And I'm not talking about buying options or some other complicated method best left to the pros...
My method is easy to understand and simple to do.
To help you do it, I've prepared a special report called, "Exploiting the Fall: Bank Massive Gains from the Next Market Crash."
You can get access to it in just a minute.
Listen, if you felt you just had to get back into the market because your account was wiped out in 2008 and your savings account earns you next to nothing, I understand.
Maybe you think you can get out in time...
But you're wrong.
Even Bill Gross, co-founder of Pimco (a $270 billion investment fund) said this about buying stocks right now: "You're going to lose."
But you don't have to.
The good news is...

You Can Profit from This Mess
You see, there's a way you could make money every time the market dips or plunges.
And it's all thanks to a proprietary system I've developed, called the Mayhem Meter.
It doesn't matter if they're talking about raising rates, or if they actually do it... No matter why the market moves down, you can make money when it drops.
In fact, the more the market falls... the more money you can make.
Again, this doesn't involve risky options or complicated futures.
The Mayhem Meter is far less risky than both of those methods.
At its simplest, the Mayhem Meter is a unique screening system of seven indicators that measure everything from market volatility to risk-reward ratios — with one specific goal in mind: to predict when the market is ripe for a fall.
When used alone, each of my seven indicators is powerful.
But when they're used together in my proprietary system, the results can be game-changing.
I'd love to give you all the details about how it works...
The truth is I can't.
I've worked on the Mayhem Meter for well over half a decade. It was a labor of love for me. I can't begin to tell you how many family picnics and ballgames I missed toiling over the details.
And a year ago when I was sure I had it perfected, I proudly showed it to my publisher using data from the crash of 2008 and the 20% plunge of 2011...
In both cases the Mayhem Meter predicted the drops with frightening accuracy.
The bad news is when he saw the power behind the results, he immediately made me sign a confidentiality agreement that forbids me from ever revealing exactly how it works.
It's probably for the best. The only people who would really be interested in the guts of my system are other researchers looking to steal its power.
The good news, though, is there's one critical thing I can share with you about the Mayhem Meter... and that's how to make BIG money using the results.
So now, not only can you have knowledge of what the market is going to do in advance — knowledge once reserved for the ultra-rich — but you will also be able to make money off their backs by using it!
The problem is that ever since I've been ready to unveil the Mayhem Meter, easy money from the Fed has kept the market going straight up.
So sadly, it was virtually forgotten here at the office.
Except by me, of course.
And I knew reality had to kick in at some point.
In fact, for months I've had my finger on the trigger, just waiting to send you two specific plays that I call "Mayhem Profit Makers." Each could easily return at least 856% when all hell breaks loose in the market (and maybe a whole lot more)...
But the timing just wasn't right.
Remember this chart? The market was on a straight line up.

What Goes Up... Must Come Down!
Then, halfway through 2013, things started to change...
Word of "the end of easy money" started to float around. Pundits became less impressed with our stagnating GDP.
Years of "unrecovery" could no longer be swept under the rug.
The market started to crack.
In June, a market that had climbed straight up from Dow 6,500 to over 15,000 quickly dropped 659 points in three days.
Here's what it looked like — by far, the biggest drop of the year.

Nothing Lasts Forever... This is Just the Beginning! 
As that happened, take a look at what my first Mayhem Profit Maker did:

An 11.7% Gain in One Day... and over 13% in 3 days! 
So while the market lost 4.5%, my Mayhem Profit Maker made over 11.7%... in one day. In three days, it had gained over 13.7%.
When the market dropped 20% in 2011, it would have cost you over $213 to get a piece of Mayhem Profit Maker #1...
Today, you can get into this play today for as little as $20.
Mayhem Profit Maker #1 is the perfect way to hedge your bets if you still have money in the markets, but think all hell might break loose.
Look, even if the bigwigs only get nervous enough to send volatility back to 2011 levels... you could see a gain of 856%. And remember, this is my conservative play — a play that has the potential of returning $42,844 for a $5,000 stake.
Since that drop in June, the roller coaster ride has officially begun...


And the Mayhem Meter is telling me that there are even bigger drops coming.
Drops you can bank massive gains on. Remember, the higher the market rises... the bigger the drops will be.
Everyone is skittish and, as sad as it sounds, that plays directly into the hands of what I'm about to show you...
Just a hint of the end of free money shot Mayhem Profit Maker #1 up 13.71% in just 72 hours.
Here's what my Mayhem Profit Maker #2 did during the same time...

A 22% Gain in ONE DAY! 
That's right, it shot up a stunning 22% in one day! And in the two days that followed, it tacked on another 7% for gains well over 29% in three days!
How did that happen?
I found a way to ratchet up the gains so that every time the market drops... this Profit Maker will move up in price by twice the drop.
Think about that. The 659-point tremor that the market felt in June could have made you a 22% gain... in one day!
A $5,000 stake could've netted you a $1,100 profit in about eight hours.
When volatility was at its peak in 2011... it would have cost you almost $895 to get a piece of Mayhem Profit Maker #2.
Right now you can get in for three bucks.
And if the volatility of old returns, it will head right back up.


That means if you get in now, and volatility just returns to its 2011 level... you stand to make a life-changing 24,335%!
That's good enough to turn a $5,000 stake into over $1,216,775.
If it gets worse than 2011... you'll make far, far more.
And it could definitely happen! The Mayhem Meter is predicting another drop is just around the corner.
But even if we only see a quarter of the volatility witnessed in 2011... a $5,000 stake will still net you over $304,193.
You can get in on these plays with a few simple clicks of the mouse, or a two-minute call to your broker.
Both plays will allow you to make money every time the market drops. And keep in mind that neither of them involve buying risky stocks, options, or futures.
Imagine how good it will feel to not have butterflies in your stomach every time the Fed has a meeting — or whenever the market has a big down day...
You can rest easy knowing that no matter how far the market drops, you're going to make money.
And the good news is the more it drops, the more you'll make!
But you have to act now...
The Mayhem Meter is telling me the next drop could happen any day now.
I'll give you all the details on both Mayhem Profit Makers in my special report, "Exploiting the Fall: Bank Massive Gains on the Next Market Crash."
You can get a free copy of it right away when you...

Join Me at Early Advantage
Let me ask you a question...
Are you better off now than five years ago?
For most of you, the answer will sadly be no.
But it doesn't have to be that way. You have the power to take control of your financial destiny. And you can do it today.
I want you to join me at Nick Hodge's Early Advantage.
I started Early Advantage with one goal in mind: to help you beat the rich at their own game.
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You'll never have that problem with Early Advantage.
I put my name on this service for one reason and one reason only: to show you that I stand behind everything I do 100%.
Early Advantage is the resource for massive profits. The opportunities I've revealed to you today are just the beginning.
Please understand that while I do believe the market is ripe for a fall, I also believe there are still opportunities for you to invest in companies and bank big gains...
Whether it's an impending breakthrough or a disruptive technology in fields like agriculture, energy, or electronics, you can count on me to get you there before the fat cats jump in and to get you out safely with a big gain.
To do that, I don't spend much time behind a desk... Whether it's flying into the wilderness to witness a source of untapped energy firsthand... spending time in the glass-walled conference room of a tech start-up... squeezing every detail I can from a CEO... or touring production facilities that no other researcher has ever seen...
I do it all for you.
I don't think there's any better way for me to give you the highest quality research available than to go see the company firsthand.
And I'll be honest with you... that means a lot of companies don't make it onto my "must buy" list.
That doesn't make the CEOs happy. But that's their problem.
My priority is you.
And in just the past few years, I've led good folks just like you to gains like...
  • 159% on Xethanol Inc.
  • 119% on Cree
  • 316% on Akeena Solar
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  • 391% on BYD Company
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  • 28% on Arise Technologies (1 day)
  • 73% on World Energy Solutions (2 days)
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  • 62% on Maxwell Technologies (3 months)
  • 52% on Nevada Geothermal (6 months)
  • 35% on Ultra DJ-AIG (3 weeks)
  • 78% on PowerSave Energy (3 months)
That's dozens of triple-digit wins and literally hundreds of "smaller" double-digit wins.
And as you can imagine, gains like these have made those who follow my advice not only very happy, but also very wealthy...
And now's your chance to join them risk-free, because...

You Deserve the Best
I'm sure by now you're wondering how much it costs to join a research advisory service that delivers this kind of performance week in and week out.
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To me that means one simple thing: It's working.
It also means the chance to join Early Advantage at the low pricing I'm giving you today may not last forever.
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Remember, you can get in on both of these plays today for a mere fraction of what you would've paid the last time volatility spiked in 2011.
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I know that may sound incredible, but remember, just one day of the market realizing this "recovery" is a sham launched Mayhem Opportunity #2 up 22%. In a single day.
The longer the roller coaster ride continues, the more nervous everyone will get.
You need to get positioned now.
I'm not just asking you to take my word for how great Early Advantage is...
I'm putting my money where my mouth is.
I want you to take your time and try out everything my powerful service has to offer...
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If I wasn't 100% sure you'd love Early Advantage and everything it can do for you, I'd never be able to make you this offer. And I'm not stopping there...
Every savvy person who joins me today will also get:
  • Confidential Early Advantage Alerts – Every day, I spend countless hours finding ways for you to make big money. As soon as I uncover them, you'll know about them.
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  • Exclusive Access to the Early Advantage Website – Just what you'd expect from a world-class advisory service: When you join, you'll receive a username and password that unlocks countless moneymaking Special Reports, Alerts, and my entire portfolio.
  • Top-Notch Customer Support – We are always here to help you, because your success is our ultimate goal. If you have a question, or if you need assistance accessing your account or locating a report, you can call us during the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST) and speak to a real, live human being who will bend over backwards to make you happy.
Don't forget, the minute you join Early Advantage, you'll have immediate access to "Exploiting the Fall: Bank Massive Gains on the Next Market Crash."
But that's not all...
I'll also give you THREE other bonus reports for becoming a member today:
  • Bonus Report #1: "How to REALLY Get Rich in America (Starting with $35k in Profits by Year's End)"
  • Bonus Report #2: "Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule"
  • Bonus Report #3: "The Money Behind the Money: How to Quadruple Your Wealth from Graphene's Rise"
Some readers paid $499 to get access to just one of these reports...
They're yours FREE when you decide to take a test-drive of an Early Advantage membership. Keep them even if you decide it's not for you.
It's just one more way I go the extra mile to ensure your financial success.
But you have to act fast...
Things are heating up in the markets, and the ultra-rich are getting edgy. Every time the Fed hints it may stop printing money, or anytime anything hits the wire that may lead to the party ending early... the markets will seesaw so fast, it'll make your head spin.
The good news is... when the markets twitch now, instead of reaching for a bottle of antacids, you can log in and watch your bank account skyrocket.
You need to act now though. For every minute you let pass, you risk missing out on the plunge.
I've done everything I can to make securing your financial future a no-brainer...
I've given you two home-run plays in the special report, "Exploiting the Fall: How to Bank Massive Gains on the Next Market Crash."
I've offered you the lowest price I've ever offered for Early Advantage.
I've even taken all the risk out of joining me today by giving you my two-month "no questions asked" money-back guarantee. That way, you can take advantage of all the moneymaking opportunities before deciding if my service is right for you.
And I've thrown in three additional bonus reports.
It's time to act.
The rich might have stuck it to you in 2008... but you have the upper hand this time.
Here's your chance to take back what's yours.
Click the button below to become a member of Early Advantage today.
Calling it like I see it,
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Nick Hodge
Editor and Creator, Early Advantage

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