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WHAT'S AMERICA BIG CHANGE...???..... Forbes Magazine: Ohio now has over 64,000 wells, with five hundred drilled just year. Recent and potential finds, particularly in the Appalachian basin, could transform the Buckeye State into something of a Midwest Abu Dhabi, creating more than 200,000 jobs over the next decade. >>> The "Ring of Fire" Millionaires Deep in the heart of Flyover Country, USA, sits a 1,000-mile-wide circle called the Ring of Fire. This "Ring" has created more millionaires in the last five years than Apple or Google combined. And that's just the start... >>

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The "Ring of Fire" Millionaires
Deep in the heart of Flyover Country, USA, sits a 1,000-mile-wide circle called the Ring of Fire. This "Ring" has created more millionaires in the last five years than Apple or Google combined.
And that's just the start...  

           Revealed Today: How a Secret Catalyst will Unlock Up to 532% Gains from the Emerging Natural Gas Market No One's Talking About

Dear Reader,
One hundred and ninety-eight miles north of the City of Brotherly Love sits a tiny jerkwater town called Towanda.
You've probably never heard of it... and quite frankly, who would have?
Towanda is a Native American name that means "burial ground.” And for the past few decades, Towanda was exactly that: a dying old industrial town that lifelong residents were fleeing as if it were on fire.
Settled in 1784, Towanda was once known primarily for its industrial factories — which included flour, toys, silk mills, and a foundry.
The population was 4,663 in 1900 and 4,281 in 1910. As the town's manufacturing base left to seek cheaper labor costs, its population decreased...
The most recent census report had Towanda with a population around 3,000.
But that has changed practically overnight.
"Help Wanted" signs are now the most popular advertisement in store windows.
You see, Towanda is a borough in the County of Bradford County in northeastern Pennsylvania. It sits on the northeastern part of a massive oil and natural gas formation we call America's Ring of Fire.
The wealth that's flowing in from natural gas and oil is literally transforming towns like Towanda all across the Ring. 
Towanda resident Chris Sutton became a millionaire practically overnight...
Sutton leased his 154 acres of land on the Marcellus Shale to Talisman Energy for a $900,000 up-front check — plus a 20% cut of the revenue of the natural gas extracted from his land.
The good news is the Ring of Fire is breathing new life into America's struggling economy.
And the best news is the Ring of Fire represents the single biggest wealth-creating opportunity I've seen in my career.
Some folks in the Heartland have likened it to the next gold rush — or even the start of another Industrial Revolution...
And that's no exaggeration.
When this bull market hits critical mass, new millionaires will be minted by the hour.
Read quickly, though, because this market is already starting to heat up...
I'm expecting gains like the one below from Cove Energy in just a few short months:

Or the whopping 950% gain from Westport Innovations, a company whose future rests solely inside the Ring of Fire:

That's why I'll share with you today exactly how to play this rush by detailing two companies.
PLUS I'll reveal the secret catalyst that I expect will easily push these stocks to gains of 532% — maybe more.
Before I get to the details, let me show you just how profitable this situation could be...

Epic Landgrab Spurs Triple-Digit Winners

Right now all across the Ring of Fire, a gold rush-like landgrab is taking place.
The Ring of Fire is home to the largest shale gas and oil reserves in the world...

Virtually overnight, landowners become "Ring of Fire millionaires" — and towns near the coveted reserves are bursting at the seams.
In Mansfield, Louisiana, Scott G. quit his job at a local paper mill. He's now a cattle rancher, thanks to the money he got from this historic landgrab.
Scott paid $70,000 cash for a tractor, and when he offered to pay cash at the dealership for the new Corvette he wanted, the salesman laughed... so he walked out. 
Now that's financial freedom, my friend.
Scott's living proof that the American Dream is still alive and well.
The entire Desoto Parish in Louisiana (where Scott lives) is enjoying a boomtown effect not seen since the railroad booms of the mid-1800s.
A few years ago, this tiny little Parish was one of the poorest in all of Louisiana.
Since that time, 11 of the 12 schools are set to get new buildings — paid for in cash. You read that right: cash.
Yes, the fuse has been lit for the biggest new bull market of the 21st century...
Most investors don't know it yet, but there's a piece of legislation in Congress right now that will send two stocks I've been tracking on a huge run to higher prices.
(Here's a hint: Both companies are perfectly positioned to exploit Uncle Sam's rush to subsidize the use of natural gas. And each is easily set to return early investors 500%, maybe more.)
I'll detail everything you need to know about both of these under-the-radar gems in a special report I'd like to send you for free. 
But you'll need to act fast...
Those of you who get in early will reap the rewards. Those who don't — well, that's not our problem...

Bank Triple-Digit Gains from the "Next Gold Rush"
"The next gold rush" has started in the United States.
According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States is sitting on over 862 TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas buried in shale gas reserves throughout the Ring of Fire.

That's over a century's worth of domestic supply at today's consumption rates.
And at today's prices, that's literally TRILLIONS of dollars' worth of natural gas.
This vast supply is a game-changer.

And right now, there is a little-known piece of legislation sitting in Congress that, when passed, will propel the companies I'm recommending into once-in-a-lifetime profit plays.
The rush to tap these massive shale reserves has touched off one of the biggest job and industrialization booms since World War II.
Consider this: Since 2006, the technology industry has fired 330,000 people and the "green" sector lost another 480,000 jobs.
While those industries were busy losing jobs, the natural gas job market can't add workers fast enough...

According to Forbes Magazine:
Ohio now has over 64,000 wells, with five hundred drilled just year.
Recent and potential finds, particularly in the Appalachian basin, could transform the Buckeye State into something of a Midwest Abu Dhabi, creating more than 200,000 jobs over the next decade.

And that's just in one state in the Ring of Fire...
The same thing is happening in Louisiana and Texas, in Colorado and North Dakota.
Across the nation, oil and natural gas production has grown by an amazing 60%, adding 500,000 new jobs.
And get this: The average salary in conventional energy pays $100,000 — more than double the median income.
Energy research group Wood MacKenzie says the industry could tack on a jaw dropping 1.4 million more jobs by 2030!
Put simply, shale gas and oil is where the jobs are, where the money is, and best of all, where individual investors can make the biggest profits.
In fact, the list of big players lining up to claim their riches looks like a Who's Who in the world of billionaires and mega-corporations.

Sell Exxon — and Buy the REAL Cash Cows

Not too long ago, Exxon shocked virtually everyone in the resource world by buying XTO Energy for a whopping $41 billion dollars.
(You may not know XTO, but suffice to say they were one of the largest wildcatters in the U.S. natural gas business.)
Exxon's $41 billion buy-in signaled just how immense the potential for profits are in the shale gas fields all through the Ring of Fire.
And they're just one of the huge resource companies falling all over themselves to buy in to the profits hidden in the Ring.
Big hitters like Australia's BHP Billiton, Norway-based Statoil, and China-owned Sinopec have each paid billions of dollars for Ring of Fire real estate.
Every single one of them gladly paid obscene amounts of money to get not only their share of the natural gas profits... but just as importantly, the fracking technology perfected within the Ring of Fire.
The thing you must know right now is I'm not recommending a single one of these companies. They're too big and the potential for profit is just too small.
The opportunities I'll show you in a just a minute are far off most investors' radars...
In other words, their potential is immense.
Opportunities like when I led my readers to a staggering 759% on Petro Matad in only 10 months... or the 236% I showed them in Sharon Gol.
In fact, this situation is so ripe for fortunes to be made, billionaire investors George Soros and T. Boone Pickens have thrown money into the game. And I'm not talking seed money here — unless you think a $122 million investment by Soros in one company alone is small potatoes...
Why does he believe so much in this company?
It's all tied to a bill going through Congress right now called House Resolution 1380...

HR1380: The Secret Catalyst to 532% Gains

HR1380 is dubbed the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act — or for short, the first letter of each word: NATGAS.
Clever, right?
When passed, this little-known resolution will effectively end American's dependence on foreign oil. More importantly, it will kick off one of the biggest transportation transformations the world has ever seen.
I know that may sound bold, but it's true. Because HR1380 is the first thing the government has gotten right in years...
You see, Uncle Sam is offering a $64,000 tax credit — PER TRUCK — to swap out diesel engines with engines that will run on natural gas. And at the going rate of $4.12 a gallon for diesel, everyone in the transportation industry has been looking for cheaper fuel alternatives.
And here's where the opportunity gets really big...
The liquefied natural gas equivalent to gallon of diesel is less than a buck.
So not only is natural gas over 75% cheaper than diesel, now Uncle Sam is going to PAY companies to switch over to natural gas engines.
In the next five years, the number of natural gas-powered vehicles will shoot from nearly 100,000 to well over 700,000!
And just when you thought it couldn't get any more interesting, there's one more thing you should know...
Uncle Sam also wants to hand out up to $100,000 in tax breaks to companies that provide natural gas refueling pumps!
The signing of NATGAS will send companies that have expertise in natural gas-powered engines and natural gas refueling capabilities into the stratosphere.
And that's where the billionaires come in...
You see, HR1380 is also affectionately known as the Pickens Bill, named after billionaire T. Boone Pickens.
And why is Pickens interested in natural gas?
BIG money, plain and simple.
Pickens owns the option to buy 15 million shares at $10 each of a company called Clean Energy Fuels Corp. That's a $150,000,000 bet on their success.
And what do they do?
They provide natural gas for transportation — in other words, they're a gas station for natural gas-powered vehicles.
But the billionaire buy-in list doesn't end there...
Warren Buffett's notoriously green-energy focused MidAmerican Energy Company is a player.
Hell, even Democrat Nancy Pelosi has a hundred grand invested in the same company Soros does...
But that pales in comparison to the $122,000,000 stake Soros has — or Pickens' $150,000,000 bet on the outcome of HR1380.
I shouldn't have to tell you that when billionaire titans and greedy politicians put their financial weight behind something, and start placing big bets on the outcome, the potential has to be immense — and the outcome all but certain...
I've found the two small companies poised to reap the biggest rewards when HR1380 passes.
In fact, I just finished a report called: "Profiting Big from the HR1380 Transportation Transformation."
Within its pages, I'll give you all the details on both small companies that return up to 532% — maybe more.
I'll tell you how to get this blockbuster report for FREE in just a moment.
First, let me give you a sneak peek into just how big the opportunity is...

Profit Opportunity: "Profiting Big from
the HR1380 Transportation Transformation"
The paradigm shift in this shale gas explosion is the vast supply.
It's why I'm so bullish on this opportunity.
Because you need to have energy in abundance for there to be a fundamental shift in its use. And it's got to be cheap.
Don't just take my word for it...
Here's an excerpt from "Investing in America, Building an Economy that Lasts," produced by the White House:
An abundant local supply will translate into relatively low costs for the industries that use natural gas as an input.
Expansion in these industries, including industrial chemicals and fertilizers, will boost investment and exports in the coming years, generating new jobs.
Think about it... Who's going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investments for an energy source that has low supply and high costs?
No one!
And that's why the passing of HR1380 is so important.
As I said, HR1380's goal is to provide huge tax breaks to companies that build vehicles which use natural gas for power, or to companies that provide the refueling capabilities for those vehicles.
Basically, the U.S. Government is saying they will subsidize the race to use cheap fuel.
The first company I'm recommending to you supplies engineering services and fuel delivery systems used in natural gas engines.
Every manufacturer that jumps into building natural gas-powered engines will need their engineering expertise and their products.
That alone has them poised to double, maybe even triple, profits from the passage of HR1380.
But what puts them head and shoulders above every other player is that they also provide the same types of services and products to natural gas storage and fuel distribution facilities...
The very ones that will be built by the hundreds when HR1380 is passed.
This company's got both sides of HR1380 covered, and when the bill is signed... their stock will soar.
532% could just be the beginning!
It's the surest thing to a slam-dunk five-bagger I've seen in 20 years.
In fact, the last time I saw anything close to this kind of potential was when I got my readers positioned for the rise of Internet gaming in China.
That explosion took GIGM from $2 to $25... good for a wallet-busting 1150% gain to those who got in early:


Or when the car market hit the skids — and car parts company AutoZone (AZO) went up $250.00.
But it's easy to see that the move to natural gas will be much bigger than either of these situations.
Sometimes, the next big trend isn't clear until it's too late to get it...
Now's probably a good time to mention that I've earned my reputation on spotting trends early — and making my readers rich.
That's why I'd like to send you my special report, "Profiting Big from the HR1380 Transportation Transformation."
This report includes the ticker symbol, company details, and the price you need to get in at to profit the most.
Now let me tell you a little bit about the other company I'm recommending, because this opportunity is already heating up as you read this...
You see, Wall Street barely realizes the potential of company #2 because they look at it the wrong way.
And that's why it's currently such a bargain.
Put quite simply, they're a manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, buses, and RVs. While their brands are fairly well-known, what most investors miss is their potential to skyrocket when HR1380 is passed...
Because unnoticed by many, they've just announced their intent to offer natural gas-powered vehicles.
And just as overlooked is their partnership with Clean Energy Fuels Co. — the very same Clean Energy Fuels that T. Boone Pickens has a stake in!
Not only is this company going to benefit from the huge government subsidies of HR1380; they're also assuring their vehicles can refuel with natural gas, which will catapult their rate of adoption.
If this looks like the biggest home run Wall Street is missing, it is!
But it won't be for long...
And if you needed a kicker for this one, think big: They also have an extensive international distribution network.
So when this cheap energy explosion ripples through the world markets — and it will — this company is poised to see their fortunes multiply tenfold.
I'm so certain of the fortune-making potential of this rush that I want to send you "Profiting Big from the HR1380 Transportation Transformation" for FREE. 

Why Listen to Me?
My name is Christian DeHaemer.
I'm the founder of the Crisis & Opportunity investment advisory service.
Unlike many "editors" in the financial business, I'm a boots-on-the-ground kind of guy.
Maybe I get that from my military background, or maybe it's the simple fact that I learned long ago that if you want to find out what's going on somewhere, you have to go there...
And go "there" I do.
Over the past 15 years, my passport has gotten quite a workout. It's tattered and dog-eared — and has a few stamps that conjure up memories of stories I just can't tell you...
But there's one thing that visiting places like Egypt, Cuba, Tunisia, Mongolia, Libya, and Israel has taught me that I can share with you: how to get eye-popping gains.
Winners like:
         759% on Petro Matad                       162% on Markland Technologies
         235% on Fieldpoint Petroleum         515% on Palm Resources
         243% on Cemex                                 251% on Unilife
         256% on Allied Nevada Gold             131% on Richmont Mines
         351% on Entree Gold                        268% on China Yuchai
"The best news today is that gains like these are possible right here in United States, thanks to the Ring of Fire."
— Christian DeHaemer

I don't tell you this to brag, but to show you that when it comes to triple-digit winners, I'm as serious as you can get.
Your average Wall Street shill couldn't find half the triple-digit winners I have all over the world, much less right here in his own backyard...
He's locked in his cushy office behind his mahogany desk.
He's part of the problem.
Unlike him, I work for you.  

Your Time for Massive Gains is NOW
You're sitting on the edge of one of the greatest investing opportunities of your investing lifetime...
The American Dream has new life being breathed into it every single day inside the Ring of Fire.
And I want you to realize that dream, too.tearsheet4.31612
That's why I'm going to make you this offer: 
I want you test-drive my world-class advisory service, Crisis and Opportunity.
In exchange for taking this test-drive, I'll send you the special report "Profiting Big from the HR1380 Transportation Transformation."
This report is just the tip of the iceberg, though.
Because I've just uncovered another massive opportunity in the making — and when you join me today you'll also get...

A Bonus Ten-Bagger
Playing Government Regulation
Whenever ANY industry shows as much potential as this shale gas revolution, someone's always going to be unhappy.
Even with all the pro-energy comments coming out of the White House right now, the simple truth is the government loves to regulate...
And at the head of the enforcement line is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Every single energy company that's got a stake in the Ring of Fire wants to avoid lawsuits and EPA sanctions like the plague.
It's one trend you can always count on: big companies working hard to hold on to their money.

The good news is for every problem, there's always a profitable solution. 
And the best news is I've found a little gem trading under $1 a share that's ready to reap huge gains by tackling the cleanup of the fracking process.
This little beauty holds 13 patents for a process that eliminates the need to truck wastewater from the fracking wells to off-site holding ponds, saving the energy company millions in lost time and expense.
Their process also renders the water 100% reusable.
How big of a deal is that?
The average horizontal shale gas well requires about 4.5 million gallons of water to support the fracking process... or enough to water your local golf course for 25 days!
Now imagine that scenario played out thousands of times in just the United States alone...
That's a mind-boggling amount of water.
And while water is more plentiful within the Ring, a lack of clean water could completely derail fracking for natural gas in many other countries.
So to say this company presents a valuable environmental and efficiency solution is an understatement.
The best part is this company will clean water at half the price of its nearest competition.
They have just started to get the word out...
Once this story makes the mainstream press, it could easily hit $2-$5 a share.
When you join Crisis and Opportunity, I'll also send you the free bonus report called: "Water Profits: How a Tiny $0.75 Company Will Clean Up Fracking and Make You Rich."
This bonus report details everything you need to know about the tiny water cleaning company to get in early and bank massive gains.
It's just one more example of how I'm looking at every conceivable angle where you can make mammoth profits from this bull market inside the Ring of Fire.

Grab Your Share of the Riches
When you're as serious as I am about success, you know it takes a complete approach.
That's why when you try out Crisis and Opportunity, you'll also get exclusive access to:
  • My Special E-alerts – Get breaking news on emerging profit opportunities as I find them. The three companies I've shown you today are just the beginning... You'll also get a slew of new recommendations and portfolio updates delivered right to your inbox as soon as they're written.
  • Two Additional Shale Gas Plays – As I sit to write this, I've got  two more shale gas plays that I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on...
  • The Members-Only Crisis and Opportunity Website – This is just what you'd expect from a boots-on-the-ground guy like me: a no-nonsense archive of all my commentary, picks, current and past portfolios, and all the special reports I've written (just like the two I'll send you today for free).
  • World-Class Customer Support – Whenever a question or problem arises, our support staff is there to help you with just a simple phone call. Receive live, immediate help Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST).
  • My Personal Guarantee – If at any time in the first 30 days you're not completely satisfied with the profits you're making with Crisis and Opportunity, just let me know. You'll receive a full refund of your subscription.
If you're still with me, I think you realize just how big this opportunity is.
You also know by now nothing in life is free — nothing good, anyway.
Over the years, I've made people absolute fortunes.
I could easily charge $5,000 for my research. I have before. And even that price was a downright bargain based on how much my readers made...
So I'm thrilled to say if you're one of the first 500 readers to respond to this offer today, it'll only cost you $999 to join Crisis and Opportunity.
I realize that may still sound like a lot of money to you, but it's the lowest price we've ever charged for my work and it's a small amount compared to what you could make in your first trade.
My publisher wanted to charge a lot more.  He said that the last time I opened my service up to new members, the letter was about a small Kenyan oil company.  That stock went from $1.25 to $4.32 in four months (and is still climbing)...
The time before that the stock I told  you about went up 759% before we sold for a profit.
Remember, I regularly show my readers gains like:
  • 115% on Cove Energy
  • 351% on  Entree Gold
  • 515% on Palm Resources
And my Ring of Fire stocks are once-in-a-lifetime scores. Some people wait years, decades, even their whole lives for something this big to come along.
As I told you before, you have a full 30 days to decide if this type of research is for you. That's 30 full days of risk-free profits from Crisis and Opportunity.
You also get the two free reports: "Profiting Big from the HR1380 Transportation Transformation" and "Water Profits: How a Tiny $0.75 Company Will Clean Up Fracking and Make You Rich."
They're yours to keep, no matter what.
I'd never be able to make you this offer if I wasn't 100% sure you'll love Crisis and Opportunity...
But don't just take my word for it.

See what some of my readers have said:

I have a drawer full of letters like these from people thanking me for showing them how to make money hand over fist.
For just $999 a year, you can join them.
For 12 months' worth of retirement-securing plays, all you'll pay is about half what you'd pay a day for a good cup of coffee...
But remember, this offer is strictly limited to the first 500 people who sign up.
Once we hit 500 members, this offer will be closed out immediately — and you'll likely never see anything close to it again.
I'd hate to see you miss out on banking these once-in-a-lifetime gains on the Ring of Fire...
If you're not 100% happy with Crisis and Opportunity, you can get 100% your money back any time within the first 30 days (we will prorate any requests after that time).
What could be fairer?
I've done everything I can to make this a no-brainer...
I've shown you how two little-known companies could make you a "Ring of Fire millionaire."
I've given you the lowest price I can offer...
I've even arranged to give you 30 days to try it for free so you can invest in the companies I've detailed in "Profiting Big from the HR1380 Transportation Transformation" and "Water Profits: How a Tiny $0.75 Company Will Clean Up Fracking and Make You Rich."
It's time for you to act.
You can either seize this opportunity... or let it slip through your fingers and kick yourself later.
Don't miss out on your chance to secure your financial future.
Yours in Profits,
Christian DeHaemer Signature
Christian DeHaemer
Investment Director , Crisis and Opportunity

P.S. Just as I was finishing up this report, another company popped up on my radar screen... I've had my eye on it for awhile, but the timing just hasn't been right — until now. Situations change in the blink of an eye with red-hot markets, and I'll be pulling the trigger on this company any day now. You have to get in now.
P.P.S. The report is called "Gas Transport Riches: How to Bank Big Gains in the Global Gas Grab" and there's no extra charge for this report... but I can only send it to the first 500 people to respond, so don't delay!

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