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OIL & GAS ??.... >>....A massive shale formation found in the Kiwi Nation is so huge and untouched, the New Zealand Herald reports: "It's literally leaking oil and gas"..>>>Since West Texas Intermediate trades at about $92 a barrel, the East Coast Basin oil will easily command $100 a barrel... maybe more. And with over 22 billion barrels of oil just waiting to be taken... this stock is about to explode. Let be clear about this: We are talking about the potential for several thousand percent gains. Right now their stock is trading for less than a buck. This is a tiny company. But when they start pumping oil out of the East Coast Basin, their shares could easily balloon to $27 a share, according to some analysts. That would be a mind-boggling 4,555% gain. ...>> ...According to the United States Geological Society: "Oil and gas seeps are natural springs where liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons leak out of the ground. Whereas fresh water springs are fed by underground pools of water, oil and gas seeps are fed by natural underground accumulations of oil and natural gas."..>> An independent report released in October 2012 says this shale field could hold more oil than the combined reserves of Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Royal Dutch Shell... Geologists have discovered at least 300 spots where oil and gas are bubbling at the surface. These two companies (both trading below $10 a share) control over 5,000 square miles of the emerging oil field... and production has already started...>>

A Tiny Company is Sitting on Billions' Worth of a Rare Chemical
Thanks to a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery, early investors are looking to bank 300 times their money.
[This Material] Could Cure Cancer. — Popular Science

Dear Reader,
If you've heard of Ventura County in Southern California, you probably associate it with scenic beaches, choice restaurants, or flashy nightlife.
But over the next month or so, you'll know about Ventura County for a far more important — and profitable — reason...
You see, for 5+ years, a team of America's foremost scientists has been hard at work in a laboratory there, working on a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery.
And it ALL revolves around the giant keyhole limpet... or more simply, the sea snail.

Giant Keyhole Limpet

It's something you'd ordinarily see in a sci-fi film. But this is very real.
And if you understand why this sea snail is so crucial — and what these scientists discovered while burning the midnight oil — you'll be on the fast track to 300x your money profits.
And as you'll see in just a moment, that's no exaggeration. Not even close.
In fact, due to the significance of this momentous discovery, that figure is probably on the shy side of what some take-the-bull-by-the-horns investors will pull in.
Long story short, the sea snail I just showed you a picture of could most certainly be worth 300 time your money.
Let me explain...

Unheard-of profit territory — with the potential to earn 300x your cash
I will start by saying this: The sea snail I showed you is NOT worth 300 time your money on its own (unless you manage to find one with a shell of solid gold)...
However, in tandem with the science-rocking discovery I just told you about, there's a rare opportunity afoot that gives you the chance to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime-type gains.
How much could you make?
Well, to be frank, I actually don't know how ridiculous the profits could get... It's very difficult to compare this unique discovery with previous scientific breakthroughs, because this marks an unprecedented change in history.
What was unearthed in a Ventura County lab is something that will alter the way the medical world operates forever...
Few discoveries in history have had the kind of impact this one will have. It's simply so game-changing, examples of past scientific developments may be completely pointless.
We're treading on truly unheard-of profit territory here.
However, for the sake of comparison, I'm going to show you what happens when truly world-changing scientific discoveries are made...
One such discovery dates back to a runny nose.
In the mid-1980s, a man by the name of H. DuBose Montgomery got a fairly severe cold. As he tried to recover, he began to wonder why the medical world hadn't yet perfected a cure for this malady that affects 1 billion people every year.
It may not seem like much, but in truth, a legend was born...
Not only did Montgomery go on to co-found a company now known as Gilead Sciences, but his work in the world of antiviral medicines is parallel to none.
I won't bore you with all the medical facts, but I will tell you Gilead Sciences went on to perfect something known as small molecule antiviral therapeutics. In short, these things have had a profound effect on everything from the common cold to HIV.
This development occurred in 1992.
The rest is history — and was unbelievably profitable for early-bird investors. Take a look:


The stock absolute erupted... It shot from a tiny 57-cents per share to nearly $28. That's a gain of 4,752%.
Just $200 into this company would have yielded $9,700.
Imagine if you put in more... $3,000 would have turned into nearly $150,000.
Even crazier, the share price is actually much higher these days.
All told, in the years since, the stock price has risen to $45.87 (a total gain of almost 8,000% — or 80x your money).
And that's what happens when a company makes a game-changing scientific breakthrough.
And this isn't the only company that's done something like this. In fact, it's actually one of the less profitable examples.
Check it out:
  • Amgen shot up 10,421%
  • Novo Nordisk has risen 11,350%
  • Biogen Idec skyrocketed 29,258%
  • Regeneron went up 5,785%
  • Celgene exploded 20,838%
As you can see, we're talking anywhere from 50 times up to nearly 300 times your cash.
And due to just how momentous this Ventura County sea snail discovery is, I believe you're looking at making at least that much. That turns a tiny stake of $200 into $58,000.
I told you this was once-in-a-lifetime-type stuff here. These things don't come around often. And I don't know of a single other person that's on top of this opportunity like I am right now...
So, what exactly is this discovery? And why is it so world-changing?
I'm about to explain...

The world-shaking discovery... REVEALED
For decades now, medical companies around the globe have heavily relied on a compound known as Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (referred to as KLH — or what I call the "magic molecule").
That's a fancy name for what essentially amounts to sea snail blood.
OK. So what?
Well, right now KLH only comes from one place: the giant keyhole limpet, aka the sea snail I showed you a picture of earlier. And this sea snail lives in one very specific part of the world, off the coast of Central California.
Still... so what?
Here's the key: There are only 100,000 of these creatures left in the wild. Once the KLH has been extracted from them, they die.
In other words, the hundreds of drugs that rely on KLH — the drugs that assist patients who suffer from cancer to Alzheimer's to drug addiction — are in grave danger of extinction... along with this specific species of sea snail.
None of this may seem very exciting, but get this: Because it's so scarce, the KLH extracted from these sea snails sells for between $35,000 and $900,000 per gram.
That's how important this ingredient is to the medical industry — and the drugs that need it to exist.
So, there are two options: figure out how to make synthetic KLH, or figure out how to extract it without killing the sea snail.
As Popular Science reports, "KLH is too big and complicated to synthesize."
So there's only one choice left...
And here's the real rub (and where the 300x your money profits for you come in)...
Once single company — whose shares currently trade around a mere $0.60 as you read this — is the ONLY company that knows how to extract KLH without killing the sea snail. And they have a patent on it.
So, not only does no one else know how to do this...
But this tiny company also has a patent pending for a process in which they raise the sea snails on land.
That's what happens when you have the likes of these guys working in your Ventura County laboratory:
  • The board-certified immunologist who, together with his team at UCLA, was the first to discover AIDS in 1980; and
  • the Professor of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at UC-Santa Barbara — named one of the 50 leading technology pioneers of 2006 by Scientific American.
I could name four or five other renowned scientists who've worked on this, but you must see by now why the implications of this earth-shattering discovery could be astronomical...
In the near future, these guys could very well be the ONLY company with any access at all to these sea snails.
It may not seem like it, but for the medical world, this is just as important as the 1860s discovery of DNA or the 1920s unveiling of Penicillin. Even better, if it's not quite as big as those discoveries, it's at least on par with what the super-profitable companies I mentioned to you earlier unearthed.
And this means 300 times your money could be a walk in the park — and maybe even boatloads more.
So, by now, I'm sure you're wondering what the name of this company is...
I will reveal that in just a moment. But first, let me introduce myself...

Get in on the ground floor of an opportunity no one else knows about
My name is Nick Hodge, and I'm an investment analyst for Angel Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland.
I can promise you I work hard to find the best investment opportunities for my readers — whether they involve dividends, bonds, or as you can see today, a world-changing medical discovery. Heck, I've even dabbled in starting churches and buying stock in vineyards...
Put simply, there's not a stone I won't turn over if I think money can be made on the other side.
In this particular case, I've traveled to California and spoken with company officials myself as well as toured their facilities.
I'll go to any extent I feel necessary to make sure things are on the "up and up" before I recommend something other folks might be putting their cash into.
I don't simply sit behind a desk, staring at a computer screen, hoping for some opportunity to punch me in the face.
That's for the no-talent hacks that think they know what they're doing.
Not me. I do the real boots-on-the-ground research most analysts don't feel like doing — or simply aren't willing to do.
I've flown thousands of miles just to take a tiny helicopter into the Canadian wilderness to see a property firsthand... stood on the edge of 500-foot-deep mines... and attended $5,000/seat conferences in California, New York, Chicago, and elsewhere... all in the name of securing the full story behind the biggest wealth-creating opportunities in the world.
These things don't happen for analysts who don't get out of the office — or out of bed.
But I do it because it's what I love to do. It's what I've always loved to do.
Nick Hodge
Nick Hodge is managing editor of Energy & Capital and investment director for the advisory Early Advantage.
He's been in the investment publishing business since graduating Loyola University in 2006.
Known for a "call it like you see it" approach to money and policy, his insights have led to numerous appearances on television and in various outlets on the Web — including the Business News Network and Yahoo!'s Daily Ticker.
Co-author of a bestselling book on energy investing, Nick has led tens of thousands of investors to ten triple-digit wins and over 220 double-digit wins in the space.
He's also passionate about public policy, population, agriculture, water, and raw materials.
His expertise ranges far beyond stocks...
In Early Advantage, Nick shows readers how to make money as well as protect and spend it.
When he's not writing, investing, or flying around the world to meet with company executives, Nick can usually be found either in a boat on the Eastern Seaboard or on a Maryland farm pursuing the outdoor activities he grew up with and continues to love.
It's why I jumped at the chance to become a part of Angel Publishing and take the reins of an advisory service called Early Advantage.
That was six years ago... and thousands of my loyal readers have been growing richer ever since.
But I don't have to sit here and tell you how good Early Advantage is.
The results speak for themselves...
Since 2006, Early Advantage has delivered some of the best gains in the industry. I'm talking about moneymaking opportunities like these:
  • 159% on Xethanol Inc.
  • 119% on Cree
  • 316% on Akeena Solar
  • 101% on JA Solar
  • 391% on BYD Company
  • 426% on Alternate Energy Holdings
  • 110% on Solarfun Power
These are just a few of the hundreds of individual gains I've found for my readers.
Today's opportunity, however, stands to put every one of those gains to shame.
And that's why I wrote an exclusive report about this tiny California company that could pay you 300 times your money.
Many of the things I research either won't earn you a ton of money, or they have too many hitches and hold-ups.
Not this one.
I've finally put my finger on the breakthrough opportunity that stands to pay you enough cash to let you retire early.
Put simply, you could earn more than all the gains I just showed you combined in short order — that's how profitable I believe this medical discovery to be.
So, enough about all of that.
Now's the time to tell you how YOU could get in on the ground floor of an opportunity no one else knows about.
(OK, some folks know about this — like the insiders who own 43% of this small company (a sure sign it's ready to explode)...)
Either way, I'm going to reveal how to take advantage of this company — whose shares are priced at around 60 cents — right now.
Here's how...

I'm going to send a detailed report directly to your inbox — TODAY
Ever since I was a kid, I understood the following mantra quite well: Put in the time and hard work, and you'll be rewarded.
You can't simply go out there, throw darts at stock tickers, and bank on luck to nail down the most profitable opportunities in the world...
Readers of mine across the board have written in time and time again to express thanks for all the in-depth work I put into my research.


Of course, these folks aren't happy just because I work hard every day. They're happy because I've shown them a steady stream of profit opportunities.
After all, getting rich isn't all that difficult when you have an expert on your side constantly showing you — in great detail — how to collect huge sums of cash...
And it should prove to be even easier when you receive the report I'd like to send you today.
You see, I can't possibly include every last detail about this tiny company right here. If I simply released it to the public, everyone would jump on it... and it would ruin the opportunity for those of you who are truly interested in a windfall payout.
So I burned the midnight oil and drew up a comprehensive report on how you could start using this secret today. I've outlined step-by-step instructions on when to buy this stock (and what pricing to get in at).
I call it "Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule."
This report has been several months in the making, as I was waiting for the pinpoint time to take advantage of this monumental discovery.
And that time is NOW.
Wait too long, and the gains you leave on the table could be huge...
I'd like to send this report directly to your inbox right now.
Of course, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, I can't give out something of this magnitude for free. This information is too important — and proprietary — to simply hand out to the masses.
But before I tell you how shockingly little it actually costs to get this report sent to your inbox...
Let me tell you about something I'd like to give you for FREE, should you decide to check out "Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule" today.

Along with your FREE Exclusive Profit Report, I'd also like to send you information on a SECOND mega-profit situation...
This situation is a bit different than the medical breakthrough I've been covering.
In fact, it doesn't involve stocks at all... or options... or bonds. Instead, it involves a little-known government dictum that was passed by the government in 2010.
You see, thanks to this dictum, folks all over the United States are taking advantage of a "loophole" that's allowing them to legally pocket anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 per month.
It wasn't on the news. It wasn't in the paper. It wasn't covered by any mainstream online sources that I could track down. And while I don't know exactly why this issue wasn't covered closely by the media...
My best guess is this: The government is currently busy enough with the folks who already know about this "loophole" that it doesn't exactly want to broadcast its profit potential to the masses.
You don't have to fill out reams of paperwork, hunt through information archives for hours, or spend countless periods of time on the telephone in order to take advantage of it, either...
You just have to be able to fill out a single form and have $1,000 in your bank account.
Take a look for yourself:

As you can see, some of these folks started with just a grand.
Leslie Hershman invested $1K — and if she were to get out right now, she could pocket as much as $117,875 in pure profit.
Some folks, of course, started with more. That part is up to you, though. You start with as much or as little as you wish (with the minimum being $1,000 right now).
Of course that's for the time being...
Due to the sheer amount of folks catching on to this, any numbers or facts I cite may change in the near future.
After all, it's not often — if ever — that the government opens up and practically begs you to make money.
I realize that sounds ludicrous, but that's essentially what this 2010 government dictum boils down to.
And I cover everything you need to know in a FREE report called, "How to REALLY Get Rich in America (Starting with $35k in Profits by Year's End)."
Like the first report, this one is also 100% FREE. All you have to do is claim them.
Here's how...

Will the "Magic Molecule" be your Early Advantage on 30,000% gains?
I told you earlier I was brought on board here at Angel Publishing to take the reins of my own advisory service.
That service is called Early Advantage, and I've been successfully uncovering unique fortune-building market opportunities for six years.
As you may have guessed from the name of the service, I dedicate myself to finding profits that no one else knows about yet. Whether it has to do with conventional securities like stocks or some underground investment, I make sure I know about it...
Just to give you a better idea:
  • I led readers to 391% gains on a Chinese battery play before anyone knew lithium was set to explode...
  • I showed folks how to make 5x their money on an unheard-of nuclear start-up...
  • I uncovered a Canadian shale metal mine few people had ever even heard of that yielded "triple-your-money" gains...
  • I've closed, in total, over 200 double-digit winners on my stock recommendations alone by locating little-known wealth-building opportunities before the masses knew about them.
I do all the research... I find all the opportunities... and I give you specific instructions on how you could profit.
testimonialAll you have to do is the easy part: take action.
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Simply put, the minute you claim your copy of "Minting Millions with the Magic Molecule," you'll immediately receive 30 full days of unrestricted access to the following:
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This alone makes the $499 I'm currently charging for Early Advantage seem like small beans.
And yes, you read that right...
I'm charging just $499 for my advisory service — one that's delivered double- and triple- gains to my readers time and time again.
So when I say that's the lowest price I could ever dream of charging, I'm not kidding in the least.
Think about it: I've seen other services charge $1,000... $5,000... even $10,000 for similar information. Not only that, but from what I've seen, the results of these other publications don't come close to the track record I've put together since 2006.
It's a no-brainer, if you ask me.
But if you're still on the fence, I have something that should push you over...

I'm throwing in another FREE bonus  
(one some folks have paid $499 to receive!)
While some folks will dive in head first (and plenty have probably already skipped ahead to click the "order" button below), I realize some people take more time to decide on things like this...
I get that. That's part of the reason I'm giving you the two FREE reports I just told you about.
However, I realize you may not be familiar with my service and exactly what I do — and that's why I've decided to include one more bonus. And while it may center on ordinary shares of stock, the gains stand to be anything but...
You see, it's very rare for one resource to define an entire era of human history the way copper, steel, and oil have. We haven't seen anything of that magnitude for decades.
But as I see it, that's all about to change.
It actually gives me butterflies as I write this...
I'm talking about a resource you've probably never heard of that will assist in breakthroughs on everything from the blood cells in your veins... to the way your brain functions... to military defense... to the powering of electronic devices.
This resource was first discovered in 2004 and led to two scientists winning the Nobel Prize six years later. The world's biggest companies and governments are currently spending tens of billions of dollars researching it.
So, why am I so excited?
Well, it's recently been confirmed that the biggest potential deposit of this substance in the world is right here in North America.  
And one company has the inside track on this resource and common shares of its stock stand to absolutely explode.
The only question is: How much longer will you be able to scoop up shares for less than two bucks?
In fact, by the time you see this... there's no guarantee stock prices will still be as low as I've seen them.
This is certainly one of those "early bird gets the worm" type of opportunities — a truly time-sensitive matter where those who jump in early stand to pocket the biggest gains.
testimonialAnd this is where my next FREE bonus comes in...
I've documented everything you need to know about this opportunity in an exclusive write-up I've called, "The Money Behind the Money: How to Quadruple Your Wealth from Graphene's Rise."
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Now you can understand why some folks have shelled out $499 for this information...
But you won't.
You won't pay a single cent for it. It's yours when you agree to test-drive Early Advantage for 30 full days right now.
Let's recap what you get for just $499:
  • Exclusive Report #1: "Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule" — This report includes the full details on everything I've been telling you about today: the world-changing medical discovery, the company behind it, and more importantly, the ticker symbol of this company.
  • Exclusive Report #2: "How to REALLY Get Rich in America (Starting with $35k in Profits by Year's End)" — This report outlines the recently passed government dictum I mentioned, how you could get rich using it, and full instructions on making your first transaction.
  • Exclusive Report #2: "The Money Behind the Money: How to Quadruple Your Wealth from Graphene's Rise" — This includes all the information on the secret alloy I just told you about. You'll learn the full story on why this metal stands to make early investors rich... and what you need to do to be one of them.
  • The Early Advantage Members-Only Website
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If you ask me, that's quite a package for one simple payment of $499.

There's literally nothing I can do to make this deal better, or more of a no-brainer for you...
I've offered you a way to make a killing with a little-known discovery in Ventura County, California, that's bound to make savvy folks a pile of cash over in the near future...
Instructions on how to take advantage of a 2010 government dictum that most folks have never heard about...
And a way to cash in on a "forgotten" metal that could pay out big-time gains in short order...
As well as 30 full days of access to my advisory service, Early Advantage.
Oh, and I must make mention of this...

My 100% Iron-Clad, No-Risk Guarantee
As the price of Early Advantage is set at a mere $499, I'm confident you'll put that money back in your account within your FREE month of Early Advantage access.
testimonialIt's chump change compared to how much you could make from the special opportunities I detail in Early Advantage (or in either of the two exclusive reports I'm going to send you).
Yet, I understand my service may not be for everyone...
That said, if during your 30-day test-drive you find that Early Advantage isn't your cup of tea... no problem at all. Simply let me know, and I'll refund every cent.
No hard feelings, and no line of questioning — you'll receive your money back immediately.
But I don't think it'll ever come to that... not once you learn more about this potential 300x your money opportunity I've been telling you about today.
Think about it like this: A year from now, you could be looking back on a very different life...
And while I'm not saying you'll turn into an overnight millionaire, I am telling you I believe you'll get there. At the very least, you could earn a substantial "second salary" with these opportunities to pay off your mortgage, buy a vacation home, or travel to all those places you've been dreaming of seeing.
To secure your copy of "Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule" right now — along with your two other bonus reports — click here.
Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge
Editor and Creator, Early Advantage

P.S. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this opportunity, I can only make it available for a limited time. At this point, I can't say for sure exactly how long this information will be "live"... It could be anywhere from days to a couple of weeks. With that in mind, there's no better time to check out how this world-rocking scientific discovery could earn you 300 times your money. So click here to make sure you get in early.

New Zealand's Bakken!
A massive shale formation found in the Kiwi Nation is so huge and untouched, the New Zealand Herald reports: "It's literally leaking oil and gas"
An independent report released in October 2012 says this shale field could hold more oil than the combined reserves of Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Royal Dutch Shell...
Geologists have discovered at least 300 spots where oil and gas are bubbling at the surface.
These two companies (both trading below $10 a share) control over 5,000 square miles of the emerging oil field... and production has already started.

Dear Reader,
On the North Island of New Zealand — about 268 miles from Auckland — sits the small town of Hastings.

For decades there's been nothing remarkable about this small port town... until now.
Massive oil deposits surrounding Hastings have been found that are 10x larger than the infamous Bakken oil field.

And the major permit holders to these deposits are two companies that I'm about to detail for you today.
Energypedia recently said: "... both have had independent third party evaluators assign shale oil resource potential of 12.6 and 20.9 Billion Barrels Original Oil in Place respectively."
In fact, there's so much oil where they hold permits, it's literally bubbling to the surface. (I'll show you exactly why that's so important in just a minute.) And it's virgin ground.
"The basin has been intermittently explored since the 19th century, tantalizing prospectors with over 300 oil and gas seeps onshore. However, the basin has never been commercially produced." — Stanford University Basin and Petroleum System Modeling Group
The best news is... this discovery is just starting to heat up!
Drillers are quietly rushing in and snatching up every available piece of land they can.
"New Zealand is at the beginning of a country-changing event... activity and momentum are increasing but going under the radar screen." — William Buechler, Lead Portfolio Manager, Kiwi Pacific Fund
And if you missed getting in on the Bakken... this opportunity is your last "best chance" at getting rich on the shale revolution.
But if you wait, you'll miss this one, too.
So pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you and be prepared to act.
The companies I'm about to show you are starting to drill right now... and there's no telling how soon news of their success will leak out.
But know this: When word gets out, their share prices will soar.

'North Island' Bakken
It's no secret how game-changing the Bakken discovery has been for North America — and for the world...
Today it's the largest producing oil reserve in the United States. And its impact has been hard to miss.
When production ramped up there just a few short years ago, millionaires were minted by the hour.
But what you probably haven't heard is there's a shale formation on the North Island of New Zealand called the East Coast Basin.
It's eerily similar to the Bakken in just about every way — except for one...


An independent report says the East Coast Basin shale fields could be 10 times LARGER than the Bakken.
The massive potential of this field will make untold fortunes for those with the foresight to get in early.
Like folks who got in early on the Bakken's Northern Oil & Gas and banked over 1,300%...


Or those lucky enough to be holding shares of the Bakken stock Brigham Exploration when they were snatched up by Statoil. People who got in at the bottom could have banked in excess of 3,100% gains!
And unlike some countries, the Kiwi Nation is embracing the new oil rush. So much so that on March 7, 2013, the government put out an economic impact report on the basin.
Why? Because they are already counting on exactly how much money this oil discovery will create for the tiny island nation...
And it's hard to argue with their logic.
When analysts start comparing the East Coast Basin to the North Sea oil boom, the fuse is lit. When permit holders start leaking quotes calling it the "Texas of the South," you should take notice. And when you start seeing quotes like the ones below, your chance to get in early is nearly gone...
"Oil is the largest source of energy in New Zealand. At present, the petroleum sector contributes around $3 billion annum as export revenues. The government is planning to increase this to $30 billion per annum by 2025 by exploring for oil in unexplored basins." — OilPrice.net
"A shift in technology and in the global markets for energy means that New Zealand appears to have the potential for global scale oil and gas discoveries with associated export earnings." — GasToday.com
"The oil and gas industry has the potential to be New Zealand's economic game-changer." — Fairfax NZ News
The thing is... oil discoveries like this just don't come around every day. So when they do, people in the know take notice. And ultimately, they take action.
Because unlike most oil fields found in the modern era, there's a fundamental difference that makes the success of this field virtually guaranteed.

Leaking Precious Riches
The East Coast Basin just may be the last of its kind. You see, the oil and gas there is so plentiful, it's literally seeping to the surface!cao-new zealand-1
If you've never seen a picture of an oil seep take a look...
What are oil and gas seeps?
According to the United States Geological Society:
"Oil and gas seeps are natural springs where liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons leak out of the ground. Whereas fresh water springs are fed by underground pools of water, oil and gas seeps are fed by natural underground accumulations of oil and natural gas."
The key part of that definition is that the seeps are fed by large pools of underground resources.
Oil seeps are dark, messy, and mean one thing... massive opportunity.
cao-new zealand-2And the East Coast Basin is loaded with oil seeps.
"Over 300 oil and gas seeps known." — New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development

Oil seeps just like this one have been happening for thousands of years. In fact, the word mummy comes from the Arab word mumiyyah, which means bitumen.
Bitumen is a form of oil that seeped to the surface in ancient Egypt and was used to help preserve bodies after death.
The Bible even mentions sealing Noah's ark with tar which came from an oil seep.
And that's only a part of what's coming out of the ground in the Kiwi Nation...
Gas seeps are just as common in the East Coast Basin and mean just one thing to drillers: added billions in profit.
You see, the gas they're leaking is natural gas — the same natural gas that led to a fuel revolution here in the United States. And here's just a small sampling of proof on just how real the gas seeps are in New Zealand...
It's set the resource world on its ear!

Gas seeps have a storied place in the history of man... Fires caused by gas seeps in Greece around 1000 B.C. were responsible for the legend of the Oracle of Delphi. And the Chinese used bamboo to direct natural gas from seeps to burn as part of the process of making seawater drinkable by removing the salt.
More importantly though is the link between seeps and some of the biggest resource discoveries of all time...

Seeps: Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel
Easy oil. Easy gas. Every fortune-seeking driller in history has dreamed of about it.
And for those lucky or smart enough to come across it, easy oil has been the key to limitless wealth.
Thousands of years ago, there was no seismic imaging... no satellite photos... no test drilling. When oil and gas was found it came from seeps. That's just simple observation.
And it didn't take long for man to put oil to good use: oil lubricated wagon wheels and fueled lamps, it was even used in medicine... but that was just the start...
As the uses for oil grew, so did the thirst for more. The growth in demand brought a growing sophistication in drilling practices.
But one thing has held true even as the technology to find and unlock oil has grown by leaps and bounds: A vast majority of the world's largest oil discoveries were made by the simplest method ever — seeps.
Because let's face it... when oil is so abundant that it leaks to the surface, there's likely immense amounts.
And history proves this is true...
In 1543 Spanish explorer Juan Cabrillo watched as natives waterproofed their kayaks near the Le Brea tar pits in what would become Los Angeles. Le Brea is Spanish for tar... and these world-famous pits were created by seeps.
More importantly, by 1892 a miner named Edward Doheny and his partner drilled the first successful well by these seeps in what would years later become Dodger Stadium. By 1897 they had 500 wells... and by 1910 California was putting out 77 million barrels of oil.
Today, just to the north lays the Monterey Basin. Coal Point in the Santa Barbara channel is home to the world's largest oil seep with over 1,200 documented seeps. The Energy Information Agency (EIA) estimates the Monterey fields have about 16 billion barrels of oil just waiting to be taken. That's 4x the reserves of the Bakken!
And that's just one example.
As early as 1626, French explorers documented natives igniting seeps around the Lake Erie area...
In 1821 William Hart dug the first natural gas well not too far from Lake Erie in Fredonia, New York. The reason: He saw bubbles seeping from a creek. His work eventually led to the creation of Fredonia Gas Light Company, the first U.S. natural gas company.
And down the road in Titusville, Pennsylvania, seeps were collected by damming Oil Creek and skimming the oil from the top. In 1859 Colonel Edwin Drake dug the first oil well there. Pennsylvania quickly became the world's third-largest oil producer — and would remain so for forty years.
Fredonia and Titusville rest on the massive Marcellus Shale Formation that spans from New York to Virginia. The EIA estimates the Marcellus holds 410 TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas. That's about 55% of the total shale gas reserves in the U.S.
And then there's this...
In 1864 a group of emigrants searching for water found a stagnant pool of water with oil floating on the surface in Montana... mere miles from where Bakken Formation lies.
The history of massive oil discoveries tied to oil seeps is stunning.
More rock-solid proof comes from Spindletop, Texas: In 1901 Captain Anthony Lucas struck oil there. Indians living in the area had known of the oil seeps for centuries, but the area had remained largely undrilled until that time.
Oil flowed from the first well at Spindletop at over 100,000 barrels a day. That's more than all the rest of the wells in the United States combined.
Spindletop ushered in the modern age of oil... and it started with oil seeps.
And despite advancements in how oil is found in the modern oil era, oil seeps have been the key to some of the largest discoveries since Spindletop, too.
Discoveries like:
  • The second largest oil field in the world — discovered in 1912 in Kuwait by the British, the Burgan Field is second only to the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia. It holds a whopping 72 billion barrels of oil.
  • Kirkuk Fields in Iraq — also known as Baba Gurgur, which translates to "Father of Flames," this field is the 14th largest in the world: Kirkuk holds nearly 8.5 billion barrels of oil.
  • North Sea Basin — while on the decline, the North Sea may still have up to 29 billion barrels of oil left. The ocean floor there teems with coral reefs created by oil seeps.
  • In 1976 a fisherman in the Bay of Campeche complained oil was ruining his fishing nets... PEMEX, the national oil company of Mexico, investigated. The result? The Cantarell oil field — named after the fisherman. It's the largest oil field in Mexico, holding 35 billion barrels of oil. It's also the fifth largest oil field in the world.
All of these fields were found because of oil seeps.
I could go on, but I think you get the point. Oil seeps are a key sign to some of the largest oil discoveries known to man. And big oil companies know it. The oil giant BP published work in the 90s that showed over 75% of all oil-producing basins have surface seeps.
Until a short time ago, most folks thought the last of that easy oil was gone forever...
But that's all changed with the discovery in the East Coast Basin.

Technology Unlocks Easy Oil Profits
The most compelling thing about the East Coast Basin discovery is, of course, the seeps — over 300 in total.
Because what it shows is the source rock below the seeps is literally overflowing with oil.
In case you've never seen source rock, here's what it looks like.

Looks just like any other rock — with one big difference...
It's so loaded with oil that it's turned black!
When oil is so plentiful that the source rock becomes saturated, the rest comes to the surface in — you guessed it — seeps.
And up until about 13 years ago, only traditional oil wells were used to get the oil to the surface, no matter where you were in the world.
The problem with that was sometimes, geologists knew there was far more oil trapped in the rocks. Oil that they couldn't get their hands on.
But that all changed in 2000 when Texas entrepreneur George Mitchell used a mixture of chemicals, water, and sand to crack open the rock. The process is known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking for short.
To say the use of fracking has been a game-changer wouldn't do it justice. Fracking is literally redrawing the energy maps of the world. And the balance of power in the energy world is changing right along with it...
Here's what Harvard's Kennedy School says about it:
"The shale/tight oil boom in the United States is not a temporary bubble, but the most important revolution in the oil sector in decades." 
And here's what is being said about fracking in New Zealand:
"A shift in technology and in the global market for energy means that New Zealand appears to have the potential for global scale oil and gas discoveries with associated export earnings." — Crown Minerals Group Manager Chris Kilby
The thing is... the shale in the East Coast Basin is almost a mirror image of what it is in the Bakken. Except that in some places, the shale in the East Coast Basin is up to 12x thicker than the Bakken.
That simply means more source rock to hold the oil and gas.
And that's where things start to get really interesting...
Since 2006 — when fracking started in the Bakken — North Dakota's oil production has nearly quintupled to over 700,000 barrels a day, making it the second-largest oil-producing state.
Experts say it will hit 1.2 million in 2013.
And remember, that's just oil!
Fracking works the same for natural gas...
Thanks to fracking, natural gas production in the United States soared to 7.8 TRILLION cubic feet in 2011. That's almost 7.5 trillion more than in 2000.
Fracking has even brought back the dream of energy independence to the United States... and New Zealand has taken notice:
"Fracking is one of those technologies, and can help New Zealand meet the energy demands of current and future generations." — Venture Taranaki, Economic Development Agency

The Kiwi Nation's Billionaire Dreams
The geographical similarities between the Bakken and East Coast Basin are striking.
And the government can already see the dollar signs.
The Taranaki Basin on the North Island is already under development. So it's clear the officials there are embracing fracking as a tool to their economic growth.
"I would love to see other regions experience the same economic boost, and fracking is one of the technologies than can allow that to happen." — Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley
And the impact isn't lost on anyone else, either...
"New Zealanders need to realise that the oil and gas sector and its future development has the potential to be the financial game-changer that could allow us to do such things as provide extra funding for hospitals." — Taranaki Daily News
"Oil is the largest source of energy in New Zealand. At present, the petroleum sector contributes about $3 billion per annum as export revenue. The government is planning to increase this to $30 billion per annum by exploring for oil in unexplored basins." — OilPrice.net
"Fracking could create 7000 jobs." — Stuff.co.nz
It's literally the perfect storm for a game-changing oil discovery: A stable, pro-drilling government. A massive supply of oil. Technology that can unlock it. And they have...

The World's Largest Customer
What's going on in the Kiwi Nation's oil fields isn't lost on China...
They are the second largest consumer of oil in the world next to the United States.
By 2030 it's estimated China will burn a whopping 17.5 million barrels per day. That's also the day when they will overtake the U.S. as the world's largest user of oil.
But unlike Uncle Sam, China is light years behind in unlocking any oil they're sitting on have in their country. So China's strategy is buying companies that own oil fields — or the technology to develop them.
They have to. Because assuring an oil supply for their enormous economy is a national security issue...
The oil is New Zealand is enough to fuel China's needs for years to come. And China will happily buy every drop of oil the East Coast Basin can pump out.
In fact, the two countries already have a cozy relationship thanks to the New Zealand China Free Trade Agreement.
With oil prices rising just about every day, the companies I'm going to detail for you today are perfectly poised to exploit this discovery.
I've spent years watching the world's energy fields, just waiting for everything to line up as it did in the Bakken...
And when I saw New Zealand getting close, I spent another six months researching every way to make money on the East Coast Basin. I've found the two opportunities I'm convinced can give you life-altering gains.
But you must act fast — because word is getting out.
Here's your way to get in on the New Zealand Bakken before the herd does...
New Zealand Bakken Opportunity #1
The first opportunity you need to act on is an explosive growth stock that holds extensive amounts of oil and gas-laden land all over New Zealand.
The last time they released news that they acquired new land for drilling... their stock shot from $.58 to $3.59 — a stunning 518% gain in just three months!

They already control over 200,000 acres in the Taranaki Basin that hold nearly 78 million barrels of oil.
But that's just the beginning...
They are snatching up land in the oil-rich East Coast Basin at a breakneck pace. Right now, they have the drilling rights to over two million acres. You didn't read that wrong: Two million acres of land that are literally leaking oil everywhere.
That's huge! And it's exactly what is going to shoot their share price into the stratosphere.
They are slated to start drilling in an oil seep region of the East Coast Basin any day now...
And when they hit oil, all hell is going to break loose with this company's share price.
Think about it... Their reserves are estimated at a stunning 22 billion barrels of oil by an independent research firm.

The best part is the oil they pump from the wells in New Zealand is high-quality oil.
The higher the oil quality, the less refining that needs to be done... and less refining means they can charge premium prices for their oil.

"This extremely high quality oil is sold into the Asia-Pacific Tapis market at a premium to West Texas Intermediate. — New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development
Since West Texas Intermediate trades at about $92 a barrel, the East Coast Basin oil will easily command $100 a barrel... maybe more.

And with over 22 billion barrels of oil just waiting to be taken... this stock is about to explode.
Let be clear about this: We are talking about the potential for several thousand percent gains. 

Right now their stock is trading for less than a buck. This is a tiny company. But when they start pumping oil out of the East Coast Basin, their shares could easily balloon to $27 a share, according to some analysts.
That would be a mind-boggling 4,555% gain.

And even if analysts are wrong and shares only go to half of that... you could still reap a gain in excess of 2,277%.
Talk about life-changing!
This tiny company has everything they need:
  • Immense amounts of land that's literally leaking oil
  • Over 22 billion barrels of oil just waiting to be taken
  • An experienced management team that has already proven it can get it all out of the ground
And they're starting to drill in the East Coast Basin right now.
An opportunity this big only comes along once in your investing lifetime... and it's sitting there... just waiting to be taken — NOW!
That's why I've put together a special report called, "Profiting Big from the New Zealand Bakken."
Inside you'll find everything you need to know about how to maximize your gains with the opportunity I just described.
Before I tell you how to get your copy of my report, I want to tell you about another...

New Zealand Bakken Opportunity #2
Not to be outdone is my second New Zealand Bakken opportunity...
This company — trading at just over $4 — has been involved in the New Zealand energy market for over 11 years.
Just like our first opportunity, this company has been fracking in the Taranaki region of the North Island. Their property there holds over 600 million barrels of oil and 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas!
They also own and operate 100% of all their facilities... including the pipelines.
This is important because it means they control every form of revenue and cost that comes from their operations.
It's paid off: They saw a 227% increase in production during 2012. And in 2012 revenue increased 228%, right along with production.
Take a look below — the revenue forecasts for the next two years are staggering...

Explosive revenue coupled with complete control over costs means one thing... big profits.
And in this case, the recipe for a giant revenue jumps is simple: Find a massive supply of oil... secure the property... and start drilling.
That's easier said than done. And it's why this company is the second of only two I'd recommend. Just like our first opportunity, this company knew the seeps in the East Coast Basin meant one thing: a massive supply of oil and gas. And they knew the oil they'd pump from the ground would be the same high quality, premium-priced oil.
Here's what a company official had to say...
"The crude is a high-quality oil that is commanding a premium price on the international market — it's netting $100 a barrel."
So they went on an aggressive land-buying spree... to the tune of 1.7 million acres! That's an area bigger than the state of Delaware.
They did what they needed to and grabbed as much land as they could. And it was all around the oil seeps in the East Coast Basin.
They believe there is up to 14 billion barrels of oil there.
At the $100 per barrel they can command for their premium product, their revenues are about to soar.
They're currently trading at just over $4 a share — but they won't be for long...
They're about to drill four test wells in the East Coast Basin any day now.
When news of their success gets out, I fully expect their shares will shoot up to $35, maybe higher... good for a whopping 775% winner!
You can get all the details on both of these triple-digit winners in the making in my special report, "Profiting Big from the New Zealand Bakken."
I'll show you how to get your free copy in just a minute.
But first let me show you...

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