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........Riyadh's Hidden Energy Crisis While the world wasn't watching, the Saudis have been covering up a huge secret... A secret so big and game-changing, they've gone to great lengths to keep it hidden. A secret that, when the rest of the world wakes up to its implications, will send massive ripples through the energy markets. For those bold enough to see the truth and act quickly, the opportunity it presents is immense...>> .....Saudi Arabia is running out of oil. You didn't read that wrong. It's not a joke, nor is it just my opinion. And I'm most certainly not crazy. It's a stone-cold fact. The report I'm talking about is from the world-renowned think tank Chatham House. I'm sure you didn't see anything in the media touting this report... or anything about the Saudis running out of oil on the evening news. I'm sure you didn't hear about it on talk radio, or stumble across this story on the Internet. Why? Well, it's one of the biggest conspiracies ever committed. Worst of all, it's one that is being committed against you and me. Let's face it; the mainstream media is bought and paid for by Big Oil. And since every Big Oil company is in deep with the Saudis, it's hard to tell where one leaves off and the other begins. So, why didn't you hear about any of this from mainstream media?..>> ...Saudi Arabia's death grip on oil supremacy is over. Done. Finished. Built on lies and paid for by you, their empire will soon crumble. The good news is I've found three small companies poised to explode when all hell breaks loose in the sand.....>> ..... People like Henry, who banked a cool 1,200%... "Keith: I hate to tell you this, but I missed your first round of trades on Brigham, but thankfully took your advice and bought BEXP in April 2009. Since then, it went up 12 fold for me... never sold it until last week. So thanks a lot! Best regards." And George, who took the time to write me to say: "Keith, made 3K in a just few trading days, all due to your quick call on Brigham. Can't wait for your next Bakken pick." And they're just two examples of readers who made a bundle on Brigham Exploration. The sad thing is it's too late to get in on that rocket ride...>> ... The US - alongside Saudi Arabia - fights for freedom and democracy in the Middle East The ability to persuade people that the US opposes tyranny is a testament to the potency of propaganda...>> who really paid all the war in middle east..?? Iraq-versus Iran..?? Invading Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Libya-Tunisia-Aljazair-Syria-Lebanon..?? Who the men stand behind ..?? Is that only Bush-Obama-Elizaboth-Cameron-Blair...and the NATO Regime..and the US Regime..?? >> Is there the real..... men..?? or the Regime behind....who real as the crime killer... ?? and let the people war amongs others..?? Why..?? What the real alibi..?? ..>> ..

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    • The US - alongside Saudi Arabia - fights for freedom and democracy in the Middle East

      The ability to persuade people that the US opposes tyranny is a testament to the potency of propaganda
Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saus with Barack Obama
Saudi King Abdullah with US President Barack Obama. Photograph: Mido Ahmed/AFP/Getty Images
The most significant problem in political discourse is not that people embrace destructive beliefs after issues are rationally debated. It's that the potency of propaganda, by design, often precludes such debates from taking place. Consider how often one hears the claim that the US is committed to spreading democracy and opposing tyranny in the Middle East in light of this fact from a New York Review of Books article by Hugh Eakin reviewing three new books on Saudi Arabia (via As'ad AbuKhalil):

"The US does more trade - overwhelmingly in oil and weapons - with Saudi Arabia than any other country in the Middle East, including Israel, and depends on close Saudi cooperation in its counterterrorism efforts in Yemen."
Indeed, President Obama has repeatedly touted what he calls "the strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia" and "the importance of our bilateral relationship" and often vows "to continue cooperating closely on a range of issues".

In other words, the single most repressive regime in that region is also America's closest ally. Eakin also notes that while Saudi leaders have exploited the rhetoric of the Arab Spring to undermine leaders its dislikes (primarily in Syria and Iran), its only direct action was to send its troops into Bahrain "to stave off a popular revolt and prop up the Bahraini monarchy" and use "its influence in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the alliance of autocratic Persian Gulf states, to pull together support for the beleaguered royal houses of Morocco and Jordan." About all of this Saudi bolstering of tyranny, Eakin says: "The White House has remained silent."

Actually, that's not quite accurate. The US has been there every step of the way with its close Saudi allies in strengthening these same tyrannies. As the Bahraini regime has systematically killed, tortured, and imprisoned its own citizens for the crime of demanding democracy, the Obama administration has repeatedly armed it and trumpeted the regime as "a vital US partner in defense initiatives" and "a Major Non-NATO Ally". The US continues to be a close partner of the Yemeni dictator ("elected" as the only candidate allowed on the ballot). And it stands as steadfastly as ever behind the Gulf State monarchies of Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar as, to varying degrees, they repress democratic movements and imprison dissidents.

There is, of course, a long-standing debate about whether there's anything wrong with the US supporting and allying itself with repressive regimes. A popular strain of foreign policy thought has long held that the US should be guided primarily by self-interest rather than human rights concerns: hence, since the US wants its Fifth Fleet to remain in Bahrain and believes (with good reason) that these dictators will serve US interests far better than if popular will in these countries prevails, it is right to prop up these autocrats.

That's all well and good, but then there should be nobody willing to believe US political leaders when they claim that they are engaging in military action or otherwise interfering in other parts of the world in order to subvert despotism and spread democracy. When President Obama stands up and says - as he did when he addressed the nation in February 2011 about Libya - that "the United States will continue to stand up for freedom, stand up for justice, and stand up for the dignity of all people", it should trigger nothing but a scornful fit of laughter, not credulous support (by the way, not that anyone much cares any more, but here's what is happening after the Grand Success of the Libya Intervention: "Tribal and historical loyalties still run deep in Libya, which is struggling to maintain central government control in a country where armed militia wield real power and meaningful systems of law and justice are lacking after the crumbling of Gaddafi's eccentric personal rule").

The US is not committed to spreading democracy and freedom in the world. "Freedom" and "democracy" are concepts it exploits to undermine regimes that refuse to serve its interests. Indeed, there is virtually an inverse relationship between how democratic a country is in the Muslim world and how closely allied the US is to it. 

Yes, all of this is obvious and not novel to point out. Still, it needs to be pointed out because of how often the US government succeeds in leading people to believe that these are its goals. It's just extraordinary that so many people are willing to believe and advocate that the US ever acts in the world with the goal of undermining tyranny when "the US does more trade - overwhelmingly in oil and weapons - with Saudi Arabia than any other country in the Middle East". That this blatant sham is so widely accepted is a testament to the potency of propaganda, bolstered by the willingness of people to embrace self-flattering claims.

Now ask yourself:

Saudi Paid $100 Billion to US-NATO War against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya & Syria ?

What if the actual bomber was indeed a Saudi (Royal?) that is against this US/Saudi relation and the US not paying those +120 billion! dollar back to the Saudi state while most people are getting POOR?

This Saudi got deported to avoid any sanctions by the US against the Saudi state. For this would cause a major collapse of the Saudi relations hence the US economy and influence in the Middle East.

So the US found some poor fella's using facial recognition (one of them age 19 studying at the most prestigious university of the US) which one of them happen to be known in the FBI database. They framed them as suspects. NEVER forget: Nobody have seen actual footage of these known suspects shooting and/or throwing bombs to police!
[link to www.liveleak.com]

Glen Beck is going to reveal something, but do not applause, for he is part of founding the NWO (as he called it a new republic). He is a puppet helping to bring down the USA in the master plan from the same forces that have build and brought down the UK, and gave birth to the state of Israel.

Embrace yourself for the collapse!

Organisasi Rahasia “Majestic 12″

Anda sudah pada tahu organisasi2 AS yang beken, FBI, CIA, US Marshal, NSA dll, nah ini adalah organisasi yang merupakan mintos dan tidak diakui keberadaanya oleh AS. Uniknya organisasi ini berhubungan erat dengan Alien, UFO dan Extra terestrial thinglah dan menjadi inspirasi untuk pembuatan film MIB

sebelom bahas organisasinya kita liad backgroundnya dulu

7 July 1947, roswel, New Mexico
Sesudah badai petir yang terjadi pada malam sebelumnya, pihak AS menemukan apa yang diduga sebagai reruntuhan UFO. dan menutupi kejadian tersebut dengan mengatakan balon udara yang jatuh pada malam tersebut.

diyakini pada malam tersebut UFO yang malang tersebut tersengat 1000000 volt listrik dan jatuh. Oleh karena itu dengan cepat pemerintah AS membentuk Agency baru untuk mengurus hal hal ini dan mengurus teknologi yang mungkin dapat didapat dari meneliti rongsokan UFO tersebut.

September 24, 1947
Organisasi ini dibentuk atas perintah Presiden dan diklasifikasikan sebagai super-secret “MAJIC EYES ONLY” yang merupakan klasifikasi diatas TOP SECRET. lalu elite scientists such as Vannevar Bush, Albert Einstein, and Robert Oppenheimer, and career military people seperti Hoyt Vandenberg, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, Leslie Groves, and George Marshall dikumpulkan dan dimintai pendapat. Beberapa dari mereka mengusulkan agar teknologi ini DIRAHASIAKAN dan Bumi belum siap dengan kemajuan revolusioner yang mungkin timbul.

Proyek ini pun dilaksanakan dengan tujuan mengeksploitasi teknologi makhluk asing, dan dengan penuh rahasia dan dilaksanakan di groom lake alias AREA 51 yang terkenal itu. Meskipun beberapa orang meyakini Organisasi ini mempunyai lebih dari 1 pusat research, antara lain di alaska

Agency ini mempunyai kekuasaan yang lebih besar daripada CIA, NSA ataupun FBI. dan petinggi petinggi di washington hanya tahu sedikit tentang organisasi ini, organisasi ini sedemikian elitnya sampai2 personel personelnya direkrut dari orang orang yang sudah dicuci otaknya untuk menjaga kerahasiaan.

dan beberapa jurnalis yang mengincar berita ini secara mendalam menghilang secara misterius. pada teori konspirasi disebutkan bahwa Presiden John F kennedy dibunuh oleh organisasi ini, sebabnya tidak diketahui secara pasti

Presiden John F kennedy
Majestic 12 lah yang diyakini berada pada penelitian “Beyond Fututre Technology” seperti
  • Micro Wave
  • Project AURORA
  • Penelitian LASER (ud relese to public)
  • Penelitian HyperVelocity Gun (ud relese to public dalam bentuk railgun dan gaus cannon)
  • Anti Matter Engine (ud relese to public, kalo uda 100% berfungsi pesawat2 Luar angkasa kek Star destroyer Starwars, kapal macros bakal jadi keliatan kek rongsokan kalo teknologi ini udah 100%, sebab kapal2 sekelas batlecruiser yang sepanjang 1km pun bisa dibuat tanpa masalah propulasi, kalo antimater engine ud selesai udah masuk “space age” dah)
  • Orbital Elevator (ud relese to public, teknologi yang lo bisa liad di Gundam 00. bedanya sama di Gundam adalah fungsinya jika di Gundam buad listrik, sedang yang asli untuk membawa satelit atau kargo ke space, ukuranya juga jauh lebih kecil. Teorinya ud lengkap siap dibikin kalo ada dana)
  • Nanobots (ud relese to public tp blom bisa dibuat)
  • Cloaking device (ga usa dijelasin juga ud pada ngerti maksudnya )
  • Teleporter (ud relese to public masih percobaan, butuh waktu lama…… banget supaya aplikayif)
  • Time Travel (ud relese to public tapi masalahnya sama kek teleporter)
  • Antigravity (ga usa dijelasin juga ud pada ngerti maksudnya )
  • Electromagnetic Shield (Shield yang biasa lo liad di film sci fi, buad block projectile)
  • Vacum bomb (bomb super keren yang menurut isu kalo meledak bakal menyedot apapun dalam radius 1km tanpa menyisakan apapun ( semacam black hole mini))
dan puluhan teknologi aplikatif yang uda keluar seperti mikrochip, komputer, dan robot

Agensi ini dilaporkan dibubarkan pada Tahun 1970an, Tapi ada kemungkinan Agensi ini dirombak ulank untuk menghilankan jejak.

Beberapa laporan lain menyebutkan Majestic 12 ada dibelakang proyek SDI ( Space Defense Initiative ) (pernah maen PE2, bunker dan satelit yang nembak merupakan milik SDI)

singkat kata menurut laporan Majestic 12 ada kemungkinan serangan oleh makhluk Asing ke Bumi, maka proyek ini dibuat dan disamarkan sebagai perang di luar angkasa kepada Sovyet republik. Aplikasi pada proyek2 ini antara lain memasang satelit LASER dan Satelit Nuklir strategis yang berada dibawah sub organisasi Majestic 12, NASDA (North American Strategic Defense Agency) dan mendeploy Rudal Nuklir Titan dan Atlas pada bunker bunker bawah tanah rahasia didekat atau dibawah kota kota penting AS.

beberapa orang menyangsikan lompatan teknologi yang cukup signifikan terutama sehabis insiden Roswell, antara lain pada kemajuan dalam dunia komputer dan aeroteknika, beberapa orang meyakini bahwa teknologi alien secara sengaja telah diterapkan sedikit demi sedikit di Bumi. Bayangkan selama 10 ribu tahun manusia mengunakan roda dan alat transportasi yang itu2 saja, sedang kemajuan dibidang pesawat dan luar angkasa baru berumur 100 tahun lebih.


STOPP PRESS..!!! Anda jangan kemana2 dulu. Inilah dia 10 ORGANISASI RAHASIA PALING BERPENGARUH dalam sejarah.

1. Order of The Assassins
Nama organisasi ini berasal dari bahasa Arab, yakni Hashashin atau Hashashiyyin. Didirikan oleh Hasan-i-Sabbah, seorang pengikut sekte Ismailiyah. Sekte ini berkembang di kawasan Persia, khususnya Kairo, Suriah, dan sebagian kawasan Timur Tengah. Organisiasi ini merajalela selama hampir dua abad, tepatnya dari tahun 1090 hingga 1273. Korbannya adalah orang-orang ternama. Mereka sangat ditakuti oleh raja-raja, pangeran, para syekh, dan sultan. Kelompok ini memiliki ketrampilan luar biasa dalam mengelabui sistim keamanan. Mereka membunuh pemimpin musuh secara sukarela sebagai syarat pengabdian kepada kelompok. Organisasi ini bermarkas di Alamut (sekarang di sebelah barat Iran), dan memiliki anggota yang sangat loyal dan berani mati yang disebut Fidayeen. Pada awalnya Fidayeen hanya terdiri dari para petani sederhana. Mereka hidup sebagai petani di waktu siang hari, tapi dapat berubah menjadi ganas dan berjuang secara lihai ketika malam tiba. Mereka menyerang korban-korban mereka dalam kegelapan. Organisasi ini dapat dianggap sebagai organisasi teroris pertama di dunia.

2. Cosa Nostra
Anda pasti sudah sering mendengar istilah “mafia”. Ya, organisasi ini adalah asal-usul dari nama Mafia, organisasi rahasia yang diciptakan pada abad 19 di Sicilia, Italia, untuk tujuan kriminal. Sejak saat itu, organisasi ini telah berkembang begitu besar dan telah melahirkan golongan-golongannya yang tidak malu untuk bertempur satu sama lain. Informasi-informasi tentang organisasi rahasia ini pun bisa Anda temukan di berbagai situs internet.

3. Freemasonry
Eksistensi organisasi persaudaraan rahasia kaum elit Yahudi ini berawal dari dibasminya ordo Ksatria Templar oleh Raja Perancis Philipe le Bel dan Paus Clemens V pada abad ke-14. Ketika pembasmian berlangsung, para anggota ordo ini tercerai berai kemana-mana dan di antaranya ada yang menyamar menjadi tukang batu dan bergabung dengan Serikat Tukang Batu di Skotlandia yang disebut Mason. Bahkan dari nama inilah nama Freemasonry berasal. Menurut sejumlah referensi, termasuk buku ‘Knight Templar, Knight Crist’, organisasi ini bertujuan untuk menegakkan kembali kejayaan bangsa Yahudi yang terusir dari Yaruselem pada 70 Masehi setelah runtuhnya kuil Sulaiman akibat perang Salib. Kelompok ini ikut ambil peran dalam memerdekakan Amerika Serikat 4 Juli 1776 dan kemudian menungganginya hingga kini. Bahkan mereka pula yang berada di belakang berdirinya negara Israel. Hingga kini organisasi ini masih terus bekerja untuk menggenggam dunia dengan berupaya menciptakan Tatanan Dunia Baru dimana mereka sebagai penguasanya. 

4. Illuminati
Ini juga kelompok persaudaraan rahasia kaum elit Yahudi. Semula organisasi ini berdiri sendiri, namun karena memiliki kesamaan misi dan visi dengan Freemansonry, organisasi ini bergabung dengan organisasi itu. Illuminati yang berarti pencerahan, didirikan oleh Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811) seorang keturunan Yahudi kelahiran Ingolstadt, Jerman, dan memiliki latar belakang pendidikan sebagai seorang Jesuit. Dia bahkan pernah menjadi pendeta Katolik, namun karena ajarannya dianggap menyimpang, dia didepak gereja. Hingga kini organisasi ini terus bahu membahu untuk menjadikan Israel sebagai penguasa dunia.

5. Thule Society
Sebelum Nazi berkuasa, kelompok ini berpusat di Munich, Jerman, dan setelah organisasi yang dipimpin Hitler itu berkuasa, kelompok ini dimasukkan dalam organisasi bersebut. Thule berasal dari sebuah wilayah misterius di utara Yunani dimana di situ hidup makhluk yang disebut Hyperboreans dan dan dipercaya sebagai ras asli bangsa Arya. Organisasi ini dibentuk pada 17 Agustus 1918 oleh tiga orang, dimana dua di antaranya bernama Rudolf von Sebottendorff dan Lanz von Liebenfels. Organisasi ini dicurigai punya kaitan dengan Freemansonry dan Illuminati, karena tujuan organisasi ini juga untuk menciptakan Tatanan Dunia Baru. Mereka bahkan tak segan-segan membunuh dengan dalih untuk mengurangi populasi. Anggota organisasi ini bahkan mempraktekkan Seksual Black Magic dan Magic yang dicurigai bersumber dari Kaballah, ilmu sihir Yahudi kuno. Konon, masuknya organisasi ini ke Nazi lah yang membuat Hitler menjadi memiliki nafsu membunuh yang keji dan impoten. Ini terjadi serelah Hitler mengikuti ritual-ritual sesatnya itu.

6. The Sons of Liberty
Mungkin organisasi rahasia yang satu ini masih asing bagi Anda. Setelah didirikan oleh para patriot Amerika pada tahun 1766, segera setelah perang Perancis-Indian, kelompok ini adalah salah satu kelompok rahasia yang benar-benar menyelesaikan apa yang mereka tuju—dan mereka benar-benar memiliki tujuan penting: terdiri dari beberapa revolusioner terpenting, mereka mengorbankan kerahasiaan mereka untuk dapat mendorong orang-orang untuk melawan Kerajaan Inggris. The Sons of Liberty bertanggung jawab atas pembakaran HMS Gaspee tahun 1772 atau Pesta The di Boston tahun 1773 yang terkenal, dan banyak insiden lainnya yang mengarah kepada jajahan-jajahan Amerika, langkah demi langkah, menuju Perang Kemerdekaan.

7. Skull and Bones
Organisasi ini didirikan pada tahun 1832 oleh mahasiswa Yale bernama William Huntington Russel, seorang pemuda dari keluarga kaya raya yang mendapatkan hartanya dari bisnis perdagangan opium. Pada awal tahun 1830, Russel pergi ke Jerman untuk belajar selama setahun. Di sana, ia bertemu dengan pemimpin sebuah perkumpulan rahasia dan segera menjalin persahabatan dengannya. Perkumpulan ini disebut memiliki keterkaitan dengan okultisme dan menggunakan kepala orang mati sebagai lambangnya.

Saat itu, di Amerika sedang beredar sentimen anti Freemasonry yang sangat kuat. Partai anti mason didirikan dan banyak politikus berkampanye untuk melarang aktifitas Freemasonry. Dampak dari kampanye ini kemudian mempengaruhi semua organisasi yang bersifat rahasia, termasuk perkumpulan-perkumpulan mahasiswa.

Ketika Russel kembali ke Yale, ia menemukan kalau sentimen inipun mempengaruhi perkumpulan-perkumpulan yang ada di situ, termasuk perkumpulan favoritnya, Phi Betta Kappa, yang mulai menanggalkan tradisi kerahasiaan mereka.

Melihat situasi ini, Russel menjadi sangat marah dan bertekad untuk membalas dendam. Lalu ia mengumpulkan para mahasiswa dari keluarga berpengaruh dan mengajak mereka untuk mendirikan sebuah perkumpulan rahasia yang diberi nama The Brotherhood of Death atau The Order of the Skull and Bones yang kemudian berubah menjadi Skull and Bones saja. 

Salah satu perkumpulan rahasia paling berpengaruh di Amerika ini memliki ritual yang mengerikan, karena setelah 15 anggota baru terpilih, mereka harus menjalani ritual wajib seperti berbaring di dalam peti mati, bergulat di lumpur, mencium tengkorak dan memberikan pengakuan mengenai sejarah kehidupan seksual mereka di hadapan anggota-anggota lain. Namun demikian, dari perkumpulan ini lahir tokoh-tokoh penting seperti Henry Luce sang pendiri majalah Time, dan Frederick Smith sang pendiri FedEx.

8. The Order of Nine Angles (ONA)
Organisasi pemuja setan ini muncul di Inggris Raya pada tahun 1980-an dan 1990-an. Anggota organisasi ini didoktrin sebagai individu yang menjadikan dirinya sebagai pribadi-pribadi yang unggul dan bijaksana, sehingga mereka tak segan-segan menghadapi tantangan yang mungkin saja melampaui kemampuan batas fisik dan mentalnya. Organisasi yang memiliki asosiasi dan kelompok-kelompok di Amerika Serikat, Eropa, Australia, Selandia Baru, Kanada, Rusia, dan Islandia ini tak segan-segan mengorbankan nyawa manusia dengan dalih untuk menghilangkan karakter manusia yang lemah.

9. The Black Hand
Dengan motto dramatis yang menyatakan “bersatu atau mati”, organisasi ini bukan merupakan apa-apa kecuali perdamaian. Organisasi ini didirikan di Serbia pada tahun 1911, dengan tujuan menggabungkan semua bangsa-bangsa Slavia Selatan, dalam upaya untuk melawan dominasi Hungaria-Austro. Yang paling terkemuka dari aksi-aksi mereka, yang berdampak besar terhadap kemanusiaan, adalah aksi pembunuhan Archduke Franz Ferdinand, pada tahun 1914. Dilakukan oleh pemimpin the Black Hand, Dragutin Dimitrijevic, tindak kriminal ini memicu peristiwa-peristiwa yang mengarah kepada awal Perang Dunia II.

10. Bilderberg Group
Titik awal terbentuknya organisasi rahasia ini adalah saat konferensi pertama mereka berlangsung di Hotel de Bilderberg, di Oosterbeek, Belanda pada tanggal 29 sampai 31 Mei 1954.
Pertemuan pertama ini diprakarsai oleh beberapa tokoh, antara lain:
-Józef Retinger
Dia prihatin dengan perkembangan kelompok anti-Amerika di Eropa Barat.
-Pangeran Bernhard dari Belanda
Dia dilobi oleh Retinger dan kemudian setuju dengan pendapat Retinger yang dianggapnya brilian.

-Paul Van Zeeland, perdana menteri Belgia
-Paul Rijkens, direktur utama Unilever Belanda
-Walter Bedell Smith, direktur CIA
-Charles Douglas Jackson, penasehat Presiden Eisonhower

Pertemuan pertama ini akhirnya mampu mempertemukan 50 delegasi dari 11 negara-negara Eropa, dan 11 negara-negara Amerika.

Bilderberg Group telah turut mengendalikan dunia dengan cara mereka sendiri, sama seperti organisasi-organisasi rahasia lainnya yang ikut mengendalikan dunia dalam cara yang tidak wajar. Bilderberg Group tidak begitu berbeda jauh, anggota-anggota mereka terdiri dari orang-orang yang mempunyai pengaruh untuk setidaknya mampu melakukan lobi-lobi ke petinggi-petinggi negara di dunia ketiga. Lebih menakutkannya lagi, beberapa sumber telah mengatakan jika CIA, MI6, KGB dan beberapa dinas intelejen rahasia negara-negara di seluruh dunia telah dikepalai oleh anggota-anggota dari Bilderberg Group, yang berarti bahwa mereka mempunyai akses ke hampir semua database negara-negara maju di dunia.

Setiap tokoh yang mereka undang di pertemuan khusus, terbukti belakangan menjadi tokoh-tokoh yang ikut berperan penting dalam perkembangan sejarah dunia. Seperti misalnya Bill Clinton dan Tony Blair.

Warning: The contents of this report will likely make you angry... but it could also make you very rich.
Lies in the Desert
Saudi Arabia's death grip on oil supremacy is over. Done. Finished.

Built on lies and paid for by you, their empire will soon crumble.
The good news is I've found three small companies poised to explode when all hell breaks loose in the sand...

Dear Reader,
I closed the report... lay it down on the table... folded my hands over my head and leaned back in my chair...
The only thought going through my mind was "Finally!"
You see, for years I've been telling every and anyone who would listen that Saudi Arabia can't be trusted, that everything that comes out of their mouths is suspect: their fork-tongued support for the United States... their denial of ties to some of the world's most horrific acts of terrorism... their insistence of almost unlimited reserves of oil.
Well, the report I'd just finished reading was the final nail in the Saudi oil coffin.
Because it just blew the lid off Saudi Arabia's most shocking secret — the one secret they've been fighting tooth and nail to keep hidden.

Riyadh's Hidden Energy Crisis
While the world wasn't watching, the Saudis have been covering up a huge secret...
A secret so big and game-changing, they've gone to great lengths to keep it hidden.
A secret that, when the rest of the world wakes up to its implications, will send massive ripples through the energy markets.
For those bold enough to see the truth and act quickly, the opportunity it presents is immense.

Saudi Arabia is running out of oil.
You didn't read that wrong. It's not a joke, nor is it just my opinion. And I'm most certainly not crazy.
It's a stone-cold fact.

The report I'm talking about is from the world-renowned think tank Chatham House. I'm sure you didn't see anything in the media touting this report... or anything about the Saudis running out of oil on the evening news. I'm sure you didn't hear about it on talk radio, or stumble across this story on the Internet.

Why? Well, it's one of the biggest conspiracies ever committed. Worst of all, it's one that is being committed against you and me.

Let's face it; the mainstream media is bought and paid for by Big Oil. And since every Big Oil company is in deep with the Saudis, it's hard to tell where one leaves off and the other begins.

So, why didn't you hear about any of this from mainstream media?
The short answer is big money. Mainstream media makes hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising from Big Oil — the same Big Oil that's in bed with the Saudis...

Let me say it again: It's the biggest cover-up I've ever seen.
And the whole thing sickens me.

Hi, my name is Keith Kohl. I'm the Chief Investment Strategist for Energy Investor.
You may have never heard of me. And that's OK. But by the end of this exposé, you'll be very glad you did...

I've made my career out of pointing out lies from the thieves in Saudi Arabia and their slimy OPEC partners. And to do that, you sometimes have to fly under the radar. So it's alright if you've never heard my name before...

But you'll be sure to remember it after cashing in big on what I'm about to share with you.
The fact is I've showed my readers how to make huge profits by going where the money really is in the energy markets.

Because despite the Saudis' lies, I know the truth. And today I'm going to share with you how to get rich off that very truth.
No one's ever made money — really BIG MONEY — playing Big Oil and their Saudi friends. I've been shouting that from the rooftops for years now. And I've been saying there were far smarter places to make money investing in oil...

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The sad thing is it's too late to get in on that rocket ride.

But there's a silver lining... one that will have you drooling, just as soon as you get an idea of how massive this opportunity could be and how it could impact your life — and your bank account.

You see, I've found three companies set to explode when all hell breaks loose in the Saudi Kingdom. 

And trust me, it's going to.
Truth be told, nothing would make me happier than showing you how to bank huge gains at the oil sheiks' expense.

Now, before you go writing me an email saying I've stepped over the line, that I'm not being politically correct... I'm asking you to give me a few minutes of your time and read on.

Because, my friend, I have a huge ax to grind with Saudi Arabia... and when I'm done, I think you'll see why.
More importantly, though, you'll see just how much money you'll be able to stuff into your pockets by playing the Saudis' fall.

The Saudis' Secret Collapse
In case you didn't catch it before, let me again state the latest fact for the record: Saudi Arabia is running out of oil.

Don't take my word for it... Here's an excerpt of the report from Chatham House:
Saudi Arabia's energy consumption pattern is unsustainable...
That means on a 'business as usual' trajectory, it would become a net oil importer in 2038.

That's right. If the Saudis continue at their current rate of oil consumption, they will become net oil importers even sooner than they want to admit. And truthfully, I think we're looking at much sooner than 2038. Because it seems Saudi Arabia has developed quite a penchant for wasting the one thing the world covets most...

How much do they waste? To be blunt, too much. We're talking about nearly three MILLION barrels PER DAY.

That's a staggering number, for sure. But get this: That's more than 25% of their oil production.
According to the International Energy Agency, the Saudis consume more oil than Germany, a country with 3x the population. Talk about waste!
The Saudis use as much oil per person as we do here in the United States — and we have a far higher car-to-person ratio.

The thing is it's not completely the citizens' fault.
Don't get me wrong; they certainly aren't helping... but why walk anywhere when gas costs a paltry 60 cents a gallon?

This has created all kinds of problems. Incidents of diabetes and poor air quality have become commonplace all across the Middle East. The Saudi version of Uncle Sam has created a monster.

But even more sinister is the REAL reason they practically give away gas to the masses: control, pure and simple.

It's a means of controlling the population. Think about how the poor grow up in that country... some would say it's deplorable ( and that's being generous, in my opinion). So one of the ways they prevent mass outbreaks of violence between the "haves" and "have-nots" is to keep them fat, dumb, and happy. And in this case they do it with "virtually free" gas.

But that's just the beginning of the waste chain...
A whopping 65% of Saudi electricity is generated by burning oil.
That's right, they literally burn oil to produce electricity. And brace yourself, because this is where the steam really comes out of my ears...
Guess what they need most of the electricity for?

Air conditioning.
That's not a typo: They burn oil to produce electricity... to power their air conditioning units.
Based on the Chatham House report, air conditioning units soak up at least half of the oil-generated power the Saudi Kingdom creates.

And during the hottest times of the year, the Saudis' burning of oil to power air conditioners almost matches Russia's oil usage. (Russia is the the fifth-largest user of oil in the world, in case you weren't aware.)

We're talking about oil here, folks. Wars have been started over it. Futures of entire nations rest in the balance of it being available.
And the Saudis... they're burning it to power appliances that cool their homes and offices.
Take a look at just how much oil they're wasting every year... 


I can almost hear them saying with a shrug: "No worries, we'll just pump more!"
Well, the last laugh is going to be on them...
Because they can't. They don't have any more oil to pump!
Take a look at the chart below.


Production is going down, not up.
According to Chatham House, Saudi Arabia is on track to import crude sooner rather than later, given their current pace of consumption and their burning the precious fuel.
And that's the scary part. The world's largest producer of oil is running out... and at the same time, world oil demand is GROWING.
That's exactly what makes this situation so explosive.
It's also why now is the best time to jump in on three small drillers I've found.
Because the Saudis are tapped out. Their top spot on the world's oil reserves pyramid is coming to an end.
The good news is I've found a way to bank big gains on the Saudis' fall... and the best news is all three companies are U.S.-based.
So while Riyadh pumps out more lies, I'm here to show you the truth.
More importantly, I'll show you how to get rich off of it.

The Great Oil Weapon
Saudi Arabia importing oil.
I know it seems hard to believe. But let's be honest; OPEC's numbers have always been suspect...
Consider back in 2007, when the vice president of Saudi Aramco told U.S. representatives they could increase their barrels of oil from 716 to 900 billion barrels in the next 20 years.
Seems they were about 300 billion barrels too optimistic. Well, not optimistic, really — they flat out lied.
Hard to believe, I know...
And it angers me. Consider for a moment the fact that we send the Saudis about $453 billion every year for their oil. We've fought their wars. We've gone out of our way to protect them and their precious assets.
And what have we gotten in return?
Lies. One right after the other.
How about these gems:
  • The oil embargo in the 1970s. Just the Saudis' friendly way of reminding us who really controlled the oil.
  • The funding of the PLO in 1978-1979 in reaction to the United States' support of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty. In case you've forgotten, the PLO has been tied to numerous terrorist activities around the globe.
  • September 11, 2001. No matter how much they shrugged their shoulders or denied it, Saudi involvement in this atrocity is certain: 15 of the 19 hijackers on that day were Saudis; mountains of evidence tying high-level Saudi royals to the funding and support of Al Qaeda is undeniable (by the way, that's money we sent them for their oil) — all resulting in the largest attack ever on U.S. soil, leaving 2,977 victims dead and countless lives shattered.
I'm not asking you to get mad all over again, because if you're like me, you're still pissed. I'm just trying to show you that no matter what garbage the Saudis and the mainstream media spews about them, the simple truth is actions speak louder than words...
While we were busy sending them somewhere in the neighborhood of $127 million every single day for their oil, they were busy trying to find ways to destroy us.
Well, my friends...
I've found a way to get even with them...

Simple Math, Huge Opportunity
Let's put aside the emotion for just a minute. It's hard, I know. But let's just look at this situation from a completely numbers-based view. Because in the end, this is your money we're talking about here (and I already know you'd love to get even with them)...
The world's appetite for oil is growing. Take a look at the chart below.

About two months ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report that said global demand could top 90 billion barrels a day by the end of 2012.

Of course, the largest consumers are the United States, China, Europe, and Japan. And China alone is expected to be consuming 9.9 million barrels of oil per day by the end of this year.
For just a second, let's forget about WHEN the Saudis will become net importers. In fact, let's not even think about IF they will... because it really doesn't matter.
The opportunity to make money off their backs is monstrous, no matter the scenario.
You see, the simple fact that their reserves are dwindling is enough to set off a huge jump in oil prices.
We already know their production numbers are suspect at best...
So, what happens when global demand continues to skyrocket while the world's largest producer's reserves begin to fall?
You got it. Prices skyrocket.
I don't know about you, but where I live gas is about $4 a gallon right now — not exactly a bargain...
But just imagine how high prices are going to go!
That's why you have to act now.
Because eventually, the whole world is going to catch on to this reality... and all hell is going to break loose.
And when the word gets out, every sheep from Wall Street is going jump in the market, and your chance for huge gains will be gone.
So while the Saudis are consuming themselves right out of their perch atop the world's energy markets, take a look who is number two in projected oil production capacity on the chart below...


That's right, it's the good ol' United States.

Forget about Russia, Venezuela, or even Brazil — they're not even close!
Now imagine what happens when the Saudis can't feed their people cheap gasoline...
The Saudi gov't has used cheap gas to keep their subjects fat, dumb, and happy for the better part of four decades. They've subsidized oil prices big time. It's their opium for the masses.

But the party's about to end...
With the earnings of an average Saudi being barely $15,000, just imagine the rioting and chaos that stands to be unleashed when the people realize they aren't getting cheap gasoline any more. It'll make the riots last year look like a Boy Scout gathering.

You know what I say? Serves 'em right.
While Saudi Arabia runs out of oil and their empire crumbles, I've found three companies right here in the United States that are poised to be the new kings of energy.
In fact, I just finished a report called, "The Ultimate Oil Triple Play: Three Companies for Oil's New Era."

Within its pages, I'll give you all the details on all three small companies that could return 132%, probably a whole lot more. I'm going to tell you how to get the report for FREE in just a moment.
But first let me give you a sneak peek into just how big the opportunities are for folks who listen to me...

Grab Triple-Digit Gains from The Ultimate Oil Triple Play
I haven't gotten to where I'm at by not showing people how to make boatloads of cash.

And I wouldn't have shared this exposé with you today if I didn't think I had discovered your absolute best chance to make a killing by playing the fall of Saudi Arabia.

But because I want to remove all doubt and be sure you understand just how massive the potential is to make a killing, I've put together a little preview of each pick in my Ultimate Oil Triple Play.
You can review them below — then be ready to ACT.

Triple Play #1: The Ahead-of-the-Curve Driller

If I had to pick one stock for you to get in today, this would be it. Hands down, this one is my favorite to to show you massive gains.

How big? At least 132%... and that's being extremely conservative. I honestly think that's just the tip of the iceberg. As oil supplies tighten, they're set to return a whole lot more.

You see, this little gem is way ahead of the pack in how they're positioned. While most energy companies are worried about today, this forward-thinking outfit is ready for tomorrow.

I've already showed you how reserves in the Saudi Kingdom are shrinking while the world's appetite continues to grow...
That's exactly why this company's future is so bright.
This sub-$7 oil driller has about 533 million barrels of energy in proved reserves. Better yet, nearly all of it is oil, and a mere 53% of it is developed. The fact that they're trading below $7 only proves to me how little Wall Street truly knows. But that's their loss — and your gain.

And best of all... this company has a strong foothold in the Mississippian play in Oklahoma and Southern Kansas. They expected to have 26 wells in play there by the end of 2012 — but by October, their rig count had already risen to 30!

You may have never heard of the Mississippian play. And that's ok. Because the mainstream hasn't yet, either. But when they do, you won't just hear the words "Bakken" and "Marcellus" when it comes to where billionaires were made...

That's why right now is the perfect time to jump in. Because when the word gets out, this stock is going to easily double — maybe more.

Triple Play #2: My Favorite "Think Deep" Profitmaker

Look, I'll be honest... Even guys like me who have seen drillers come and go have favorites: Companies and stocks we know we can just count on to make money. Companies that get it. Companies that know how the game is played and play it far better than the rest.

And that's what we have in my Triple Play #2 play: the ultimate gamer.

You see, this favorite of mine will go anywhere in the world to make a buck. And why wouldn't they? Unlike companies that are tied to one geographic area, this winner-in-the-making is a pure offshore driller. They've got rigs drilling all over the world — places like the Gulf of Mexico, Australia, Thailand, and even Africa.

There's a huge demand for ultra-deepwater rigs (in water depths over 7,500). And the rates for their rigs are absurd... $200,000 or more per day. (Crazy, I know. But when BP practically killed offshore drilling with their debacle in the Gulf of Mexico, most companies were falling over themselves to get rid of their surpluses to avoid huge losses.)

The Gulf disaster was one of the worst in American history. It was also followed by a one-year drilling moratorium. And the big players dumped their surplus and ran for the hills.

Who do you think was diversified and savvy enough to hang around waiting for the ban to lift?
That's right... MY favorite deepwater driller — one that's ripe for the plucking!

Follow my instructions in the special report and it'll be your favorite, too...
That's why I'd like you to join me as a member of Energy Investor. Unlike most investment advisories, Energy Investor has helped good folks just like you bank life-altering gains the likes of which most people only dream about.

I'll tell you everything you need to know about how to get my world-class research for pennies on the dollar in just a minute.

First, I want to tell you about the third pick in my Triple Play — and why you need to get all the details on it before it's too late.

Triple Play #3: Steady Runner Wins the Game

Look, if you've ever considered another investment advisory, you've probably never seen what I'm about to reveal to you...

A solid, safe company to invest in.
You probably won't make 200% on this one when you sell it... because chances are you're never going to want to sell it!

Before you think I've lost my marbles, consider this: This little gem is an energy-based MLP with a monster 8% annual yield with quarterly distributions. It's like an oil-fueled cash-printing machine.

And it's a must-have for any serious investor's portfolio.
This is the purest example of how secure U.S. oil profits can be for investors — and just one more example of how I look at things differently to make sure you can squeeze every dime out of this opportunity.
It's also another perfect example of how I can be...

Your Guide to Massive Profits
For those who haven't been paying attention, the resurrection of the American energy industry may come as quite a shock.
But this was something I saw coming a mile away...
I've been telling my readers since 2005 that chasing Saudi oil money by grabbing shares of global oil giants was a mistake.

There's simply no opportunity there any longer.
The chance to get rich off them has come and gone.
But while the lemmings were chasing the Big Oil money and their Wall Street cronies off the cliff of financial oblivion, I've been finding ways to make huge money right here in North America.

How? Simple. I'm a boots-on-the-ground type of guy. When I hear about an opportunity, I go there.
It's how I make my living, beating every Wall Street fat cat to the punch... time after time, year after year.
In fact, I've helped my readers beat the street while seeing gains like:
  • 170% on American Oil & Gas
  • 103% on Northern Oil & Gas
  • 69% on Crescent Energy
  • An eye-popping 574% on Brigham Oil
But don't just take my word for it...
Here's what just a few of my happy readers have said:
Or Mike, who wrote in to tell me:ei-saudi-tearout2
And one last one from Cheryl...
My readers are so happy with the gains I've shown them year in and year out, I literally have a drawer of "thank you" notes just like these.

And if you join me, the next big score letter could be from you.
Now, I don't show you these readers' letters to brag. Rather, I want you to see that when it comes to showing my readers big gains, I'm all business.

That's why I'm speaking to you today. Because while the world wasn't watching, the United States emerged as the new king of the world energy market...

At the same time, the Saudis and their OPEC cronies have begun to crack. You can only hide that many lies for so long. The Chatham House report proves that. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

If you don't think there's a whole lot more hidden about the Saudis' oil numbers, you're kidding yourself. Remember, they've built palaces on U.S. dollars, while at the same time doing everything they can to destroy us.

That's why the time to get in is now... because when everyone else catches on, the chance to make the big profits will be long gone.

I'd like to give you all the details on this opportunity — and all the other plays that make up what I'm calling "The Ultimate Triple Play."

The details can be found in my special report, "The Ultimate Oil Triple Play: Three Companies for Oil's New Era" — which can be yours today free when you join my investment advisory service, Energy Investor.

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Here's to your future on top,
Keith Kohl Signature
Keith Kohl
Investment Director, Energy Investor
P.S. Remember, when you join Energy Investor, you do so completely risk-free. If for any reason you're not happy, simply call us for a 100% refund. And keep in mind, if I wasn't completely certain you'll love my work, I could never make this kind of offer.
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