Sabtu, 03 September 2011

USiCasualties The Latest...News from War in Afghanistan.and in Iraq.........>>> These wars made and created by The International Crime Colonialist as involved US-NATO-and Israel and UN Security Council....>>.. These war are for killing and waiving moslem in these region for their occupation... and agresion ..and grabbed the land and the natural resources.. for the interest and global war in other moslem countries...>> It fact what was hapenned in the Land of Palestine since 1946-1947 until now......for more than 60 years....>>... So ... All the moslem and ulama.. must be more stronger united and fight for anywhere and anytime... for facing the Kafir war.. againts Moslem...>>> So Saudi Arabia and Iran and All moslem Countries.. must hand in-hand and support the jihad in moslem countries..againt the Kufar laknatullah... >>> So what is happenned in Libya and others countries.. is a part of the global war of the Kufar againt Moslem.. >> The rebelion in Libya whom supported by NATO is one of the trap for breaching moslem... >> The Rebelion is one of the watchdog of Kufar....>>> Actually teh moslem in the world must support Khdhafi group and also the Assad in Syria... againt the watchdog of Kufar... and their is a part of the International Crime Colonialist...planning and strategy...>> So.... Beware... All moslem countries... and all moslem must be more smarter and use the commonsense.. more stronger and stop fighting between moslem...>>... Pls keep maintainiing the musyawarah,.... and .... by the brotherhood amongs moslems.... and keep stronger the united...and solidarity....> .. Allahumma afrigh alaina shabran watsabbit aqdamana wanshurna alalqoumilkafirin.... >> Allahumma a'lzalislama walmuslimin walif baina qulubihim wa ashlih dzata bainihim wawahid shufufal muslimina ajmain kaffah.. khushushan fiel-Indonesie wa fiel-Falishthin-Wafiel-Iraq wafiel-Afghanistan-wa fiekulli makan birahmatikalázizilkariem. Allahummanshurna alalqoumilkafirin... Allahummanshurnaminmma kadzdzabun... Allahummanshurnalmujahidien fiel-Falishthin wafiel-Iraq wafiel-Afghanistan.. Allah...huu .... Allah...Huu ... Allah... Amin...>>


 The Latest...News from War in Afghanistan

09/03/11 Reuters: An unarmed female civilian was killed by Afghan forces
09/03/11 Reuters: Afghan and foreign troops kill 21 Taliban insurgents
09/03/11 NATO: ISAF Casualty
09/03/11 NATO: ISAF Casualty
09/03/11 NBC: NATO kills ex-Gitmo detainee in Afghan raid
09/02/11 WaPo: More Afghan soldiers deserting the army
09/02/11 DoD: Army Casualty Idenitified
09/02/11 WaPo: Militants in Afghanistan kidnap 30 boys after luring them across border
09/01/11 AFP: Tenth Georgian soldier killed in Afghanistan
09/01/11 DoD: Army Casualties Idenitified (2 of 2)
09/01/11 DoD: Army Casualties Idenitified (1 of 2)
09/01/11 DoD: Army Casualty Idenitified
09/01/11 thenews: Poland plans phased Afghanistan withdrawl

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