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Let we study by using commonsense...>>>>Alternative Energy in the World-wide having the tendency using non fosils energy to be greater in the futures than using the fosils energy. It is going to be supported by so developing the hybrid technology and others which is not using the fosils energy...>>> So... it would better using the uranium or some other such berrylium... energy which have more efficiency.. and powerful...>>>Developed in a Boston research facility, one of the most powerful alloys on earth promises to revolutionize the nuclear energy industry..>> When you log countless hours researching the ins and outs of the global energy scene, studying flow charts and breakthroughs, and talking with geologists, scientists, and utility companies... there isn’t much time left to learn about other metals. But today – weeks later – I still have butterflies from that meeting. Here are some of the highlights: · The allowy was originally used by Manhattan Project scientists · Sales up more than 2,000% in the past five years · Potential to control nuclear fuels industry within the next ten years · Created a nuclear fuel that eliminates meltdowns · Created a super metal that has NASA, the U.S. Military, and computer manufacturers stalking the sales department day and night; they all want to take advantage of this rare metal's unique properties and what it can do for their products – and their bottom line. With those qualifications, the question isn’t whether this tiny company could make you and your family members extremely wealthy….

Developed in a Boston research facility, one of the most powerful alloys on earth promises to revolutionize the nuclear energy industry...
  Rogue MIT Scientists' Billion-Dollar Energy Cure

Dear Reader:
It was just supposed to be breakfast...
A casual “meet and greet” with the CEO of a small metals company. That should have been it.
After all, I focus on energy companies.
When you log countless hours researching the ins and outs of the global energy scene, studying flow charts and breakthroughs, and talking with geologists, scientists, and utility companies... there isn’t much time left to learn about other metals.
But today  weeks later  I still have butterflies from that meeting.
Here are some of the highlights:
·         The allowy was originally used by Manhattan Project scientists
·         Sales up more than 2,000% in the past five years
·         Potential to control nuclear fuels industry within the next ten years
·         Created a nuclear fuel that eliminates meltdowns
·         Created a super metal that has NASA, the U.S. Military, and computer manufacturers stalking the sales department day and night; they all want to take advantage of this rare metal's unique properties and what it can do for their products  and their bottom line.
With those qualifications, the question isn’t whether this tiny company could make you and your family members extremely wealthy…

The question is, How much longer will you be able to scoop up shares for less than a buck?

It's possible they could be much higher by the time you see this.
So let’s get started...
The meeting kicked off in the executive suite of the company's new 63,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility just outside of Boston. The paint on the walls hadn’t dried yet. And already there was talk of an urgent need for expansion.
Inside, I would hear sensitive information never before shared with the outside world – not the press, not even members of their own engineering department knew all the details behind this company's operations.
I was meeting with the CEO, Anthony, and his number one: a Massachusetts native known around the building as “Ray.”
As you’ll see and hear for yourself  thanks to my audio and video crew  it was Ray’s ability to “break the laws of physics” that now has this little outfit taking more orders than they can handle. Ray looked physically tired from trying to keep up.
They Increased Sales 2,000% in the Last Five Years... 
and They Plan on Doing It Again Over the Next Two!

I know. Those expectations are pretty high.

But this company’s been perfecting a technology with roots dating back 70 years. In fact, the company's technology and metal can be traced back to Manhattan Project.
That’s right, the very group of elite scientists – some of the smartest minds in history  that created nuclear energy and the atomic bomb started this company.
I knew right then and there that I was about to witness something truly remarkable.
You see, during WWII, while ironing out the quirks of the top secret atomic bomb, the scientists also logged countless observations on every element and material involved in the complicated process...

By the time all was said and done, one element  an element 99% of the population's never even heard of  stood out head and shoulders above the rest  even more so than uranium...
It's called beryllium.
With its unique properties, the applications for the metal appeared so vast and revolutionary that, at the time, they bordered science fiction:
  • Half the weight of titanium and twice as stiff
  • Transparent to X-rays
  • Doesn't spark
  • Non-magnetic
  • Doesn't rust
  • Extremely low neutron absorption rate
Owning the atomic number 4, it's the lightest metal on the planet next to its unpredictable neighbor, lithium.
These scientists knew combining it as an alloy wouldn't just make an extremely light material, but a phenomenally stiff one as well... lighter and stronger than anything they could imagine.
The team also observed that beryllium is an excellent absorber and conductor of heat, and which could have huge benefits to the nuclear industry.  In fact, if beryllium oxide were added to nuclear fuel it could even help prevent a nuclear meltdown.
The Japanese meltdown, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island would've never happened!
It's the sort of Cinderella story that mainstream media outlets like CNBC won't be able to resist talking about over the coming months... launching the share price into the stratosphere while your utility bills plummet.
And just like rising oil prices, record gold prices, the housing market and banking collapses, you'll see and hear every detail about this opportunity here first...
Months before a peep is uttered on the television or printed in the Journal.
It's technology that couldn't have come at a better time...
After the Fukushima Quake,
Demand for Safe Nuclear Power has NEVER Been Greater
I would love nothing more than to sit here and tell you that the world's energy crisis is over –that there's no more need for coal, oil, gas, uranium, or any other hazardous material to meet the surging demand facing the world's power grids...
But I can't.
The cold, hard truth is that the world's demand for energy is increasing at a staggering rate.

world energy demand

And in spite of the recent disaster in Japan, nuclear energy isn't going anywhere.
In fact, in order to pick up the slack of expected shortfalls from other fossil fuels, nuclear power plants are expected to play a major role the world over...
India just broke ground on its twenty-fifth nuclear plant, and plans to have 40 in the next two decades. China's pumping them out as though they were on an assembly line, and plans to increase its nuclear capacity 640% by 2020.
The truth is  everywhere you look  the underlying demand for nuclear power isn't going anywhere. It can't, as more countries face tightening power demands due to growing populations.
But the act of God that occurred in Fukushima did create a situation that could make you a fortune over the coming years: a new eye on nuclear safety.
And with a recent meltdown on everyone's minds, imagine a nuclear fuel additive hitting the market that, when mixed with uranium:
  • Instantly makes power plants operate up to 25% to 50% more efficiently, saving billions upon billions of dollars in operating costs, every year
  • Helps prevents any Chernobyl-like meltdowns from ever happening again
  • Drastically slashes the radioactive life of spent uranium
Considering the stigma associated with nuclear power to begin with, using this additive wouldn't be an option...
It would be a requirement for nuclear plants across the entire world.
Solving the Nuclear Power Plant's Achilles Heel
If you're not familiar with how most nuclear reactors work  and where severe weak points are  let me give you a quick crash course... 

how power plant works 1

Essentially, uranium fuel pellets are loaded up into a reactor (1).
In the heart of the reactor (known as the core), the pellets split apart and release heat energy, producing neutrons and splitting other atoms in a chain reaction.
That's where the problems start...
You see, ironically, uranium is an absolutely terrible heat conductor. That is, the core of the pellets heat up far faster than their surface.
The lopsided heat distribution forces those pellets to break apart long before all of the usable uranium is extracted, leading to less stable reactions and much more radioactive waste.
In other words, companies are not only tossing out billions of dollars a year in perfectly good uranium, but the poor heat distribution makes for a far more dangerous reaction.
To top it off, the unspent uranium carries an extremely long radioactive half-life.
That first step alone  evenly dispersing the heat across the entire pellet  is perhaps the biggest problem facing nuclear industry today.
And it's the reason several countries across the globe  including the United States  are slow to break ground on hundreds of new, shovel-ready reactors.
Of course, that all changed the moment...
Two Surprise Universities Cracked Nuclear Power's Greatest Challenge!
The Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) workshop doesn't exactly draw the same followers as the Nobel Prize nominees...
Funded by the Department of Energy, the LWRS is a unique workshop that gathers top university scientists and physicists from nuclear power plants around the country to meet in an effort to help solve our impending energy crisis.
You see, the DOE knows (perhaps better than anyone) that our fossil fuel days are numbered.
And they see  at least for the next several decades  nuclear power stepping up in a big way.
But first, they need to make sure it's much more environmentally-friendly, much more efficient, and much safer.
As you might imagine, if you're not into nuclear physics like Warren Buffett's into stocks, the expos typically don't score very high on the excitement meter...
For the most part, the same universities and the same scientists propose the same unfeasible ideas.
But in February 2009, that all changed.
And surprisingly, this brilliant idea didn't come from the likes of MIT or Caltech...
Rather, it formed as a joint project by two universities better known for their football teams than scientific prowess: Purdue and Texas A&M.
Funded by the same company I've been telling you about, these two universities worked to create a hybrid fuel capable of extending the life of uranium while protecting plants from ever melting down.
They knew after initial tests with their hybrid fuel that they were on to something big...
But they had no idea that their discovery would potentially change the face of nuclear power forever.
BeO: The Fuel the World's Energy Supply Will Depend On
It's called Beryllium Oxide, or BeO.
And next to uranium, it's about to become the most sought-after, highly-demanded resource for nuclear power plants across the world.
Its characteristics include: a melting point of 4,500 degrees... thermal conductivity matched only by diamonds... the ability to dissipate heat and cool faster than any other metal... strength several times that of steel... and it's still the second lightest metal on earth.
In other words, just knowing it properties and what is required for nuclear reactors, beryllium instantly becomes the most ideal fit.

beryllium 1
But until now, its use has been reserved to special projects: in small doses for X-Ray windows, high-speed aircrafts, missiles, and communications satellites.
In fact, it was only because this company funded a joint research venture with two universities that the scientific world was able find out how the right mixture of beryllium oxide with uranium could revolutionize the soon-to-skyrocket nuclear power industry.
The rest of the world will find out shortly.
You see, their mixture gives the uranium fuel pellets a "skeleton" of beryllium oxide.
This "skeleton" sucks the heat from the uranium core, creating for the first time a much longer, smoother, and safer reaction.

And now, thanks to the unique formula beryllium oxide enhanced nuclear fuel, power plants across the globe won't just save billions of dollars by making the uranium more efficient, but they can also...
Put an End to Accidents Like Chernobyl and Fukushima  for Good!
On Saturday, April 26, 1986, at 1:23 in the morning, the worst nuclear power disaster in history took place.
Thanks to a mix of unstable pellets, inadequate graphite temperature control rods, and clumsy human decisions... a catastrophic chain reaction started in Reactor 4 of the Ukraine's Chernobyl power plant.
A massive steam explosion ripped through the core of the reactor, followed by a second chemical explosion that launched highly radioactive particulate and gaseous waste into the air.
Directly, the blast killed a few dozen people, and is credited for killing thousands more by way of the cancer they acquired from exposure to the highly radioactive material.
It was an accident the world vowed to never let happen again. And yet, we still have to witness events like Three Mile Island and Fukushima, all while living with constant unease about the safety of nuclear energy.

Fortunately, as you read this, the patented beryllium oxide fuel (which can help prevent-meltdowns and reduce operational risk) is preparing for the final stages of testing before being unleashed onto the global energy market.
The advancement is so monumental that a consortium of GE, Hitachi, and Toshiba has signed on to help develop it...
 They know how much it's worth. 
Imagine what this discovery will do for the tiny company I've been telling you about  and for its early shareholders.
As I mentioned earlier, this unique mixture conducts heat far better than traditional uranium oxide alone, creating a much longer-lasting, more stable fission process. With less uranium needed at a time  25% to 50% less!  the chances of any form of dangerous nuclear reaction are now virtually gone!

It's a move that has all plant operators thrilled... Even staunch environmentalists are backing it!
And the moment this little outfit completes this final phase of testing, you can bet their sales office will be swamped with orders.
In the meantime, however, you won't have to wait another second for this company to hand investors handsome returns...

What the CEO Was Really Excited About...
The company's other use for beryllium is engineered materials and advanced alloys.
I know what you're thinking... It doesn't sound very exciting. It might even sound boring. That's what I thought, too...
Until I realized just how crucial this industry has been for every advancement since the Bronze Age:
·         It's let us break the sound barrier
·         It helped us land on the moon
·         It's given us cars that travel 40 mpg
·         It even put that smart-phone in your pocket
In fact, every time an item becomes stronger, lighter, smaller or faster, it's mainly because of an advancement in engineered materials.
I'm sure you've heard these related buzz words over the decades:
  • Made From Stainless Steel”
  • 100% Fiber Glass Body”
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum!”
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced”
  • 100% Titanium Alloy”
You get the idea...
And with each new material, items become lighter, faster, or stronger.
So, what is it about this company that's so exciting?!
As you might expect, the scientist in charge didn't merely invent the “next carbon fiber” out of beryllium. Not this group.
In short, thanks to a very secret process  one they could only partially reveal to me  they created perhaps the lightest, strongest, most vibration-dampening super alloy humanly possible.
As the CEO summed it up: “We created a material that scientists said couldn't be created and use it in a way that they said couldn't be used.”
It's bold. It's ballsy... 
And It's So Cutting-Edge
You Have to Build Atom by Atom to Beat It!
In other words, using this one-of-a-kind material, engines could run hotter, cars would travel further, computers could process faster, satellites could aim straighter, and drones could carry heavier payloads than ever before...
All while saving companies vast amounts of time and money. Sometimes saving them millions of dollars, and even human lives.
And that has corporations from every industry lining up at the door of this currently tiny outfit...
In the military...
Laser guided systems: Until now, laser guided devices attached to the bottom of aircraft required the pilot to often fly dangerously close inside enemy territory... well within range of being shot down. The pilots had no choice; the housing – and therefore the laser or camera itself – shook violently as a result of turbulence.
But with this unique metal and its ability to dampen vibrations, pilots can now safely engage their targets at distances twice what they could before, saving precious lives and taxpayer dollars.
Drones: You might have thought they're not a big deal yet. But the fastest growing sector of the military isn't troops, tanks, fighters, subs, or even Humvees... It's drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Whether they're equipped with food, cameras, or bombs, their use in warfare is increasing daily. In fact, they're in such high demand that the DoD's budget for military drones has increased more than 300% over the past two years.
And with this company's unique alloy, these unmanned aircraft can carry more, further, longer, and cheaper than ever before. They have  a dedicated contract with the U.S. military to explore how to use this alloy in even more ways to help improve the operational efficiencies of a range of UAVs.
During my tour of the facility, I was told about parts being made and researched for the likes of Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin... and was often told to turn off the camera before they revealed any details.
In the computer industry...
In the computer industry, the metal's stiffness is about to be applied to take hard-drive speeds to levels only dreamed about. The beryllium part being made while I was at the factory is used to deposit gold ribbon on hi-tech circuit boards. And Ray, the lead engineer, said they were for one of the leaders of the industry... It could be Intel, National Semiconductor, or Cypress  who knows?
Telling me who the pieces were for, I was told, would give away that company's competitive advantage; they don't want anyone else to know they're using beryllium parts to make circuit boards. That's how important this advancement is.
Come to think of it, any time efficiency, weight, or stiffness needs to be improved  either through competition or government mandate  this company's latest beryllium alloy performs head and shoulders above the competition.
And as I mentioned earlier, it can do it cheaper and faster as well.
It's these unique features – and the orders that are now pouring in – that has the CEO convinced revenues will increase from $5 to $10 million a year to $200 to $500 million a year in short order. 
That implied (at a minimum ) a 1,900% increase in sales... at a maximum, it's closer to 10,000%.
What do you think a 10,000% rise in revenue will to this tiny company's stock?
How rich would that make its shareholders?
And if you thought other companies might give them a run for their money, think again...
This Metals and Engingeered Materials Outfit Already Holds a Significant Worldwide Beryllium Properties Portfolio
That's right! Even before test phases are completed, this little-known outfit has already secured some of the world's largest potential deposits of beryllium ore.
In other words, they're going to be among the largest suppliers, from the ground up, to the nuclear market from the moment their materials are operational.
And to top it off, they own 100% of the intellectual property rights.
And with 440 nuclear plants in operation today — and hundreds more on the board for the near future — this tiny metals company is about to launch to the top of the nuclear fuels industry!
... Making every early-stage investor extremely wealthy.
And to prove it, I want to rush you my latest report, detailing the entire situation. It's called,” Preventing the Meltdown: How Beryllium Could Revolutionize the Energy Industry."
The report spells out everything you need: company name, ticker symbol, and exactly when you can expect the big gains to come rolling in.
So let me tell you how to get it sent to your inbox right away, so you can get in on this thing before the masses start catching on...
How to Claim Your FREE Report Right Now
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