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....If you think your retirement savings are under your control......>>> ..... Millions of American retirements — including yours — now hang in the balance. There are THREE things you can do about it......??? >> ...As you can see from the list above, Obama doesn't mess around when it comes to accomplishing his goals. His final one stands to be the most invasive and disturbing yet... I'm talking about: ZERO control over your own retirement assets... A "guaranteed rate of return" that's only set up to ensure you'll never make any real money... A "minimum" contribution amount designed to fund the government's growing list of entitlements... A front-row seat for the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar.......?? >> A quick look back in recent American history tells us it CAN. You may not have been alive in 1933, but your parents or grandparents were. And they lived through one of the most invasive measures ever taken by the U.S. government. That was when FDR signed off on Executive Order 6102, a measure that allowed the government to physically seize private gold stashes that folks had saved for and bought 100% legally. In fact, anyone with a gold "hoard" was instantly criminalized. They suddenly found themselves up against a penalty of 10 years in jail and/or a $10,000 fine if their gold was found. Imagine.....>>

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If you think your retirement savings are under your control...
You've got something else coming.
Thanks to a set of new legal guidelines coming down the pipeline, you're about to lose control over your current savings — and any you may compile in the future.
And if Obama has anything to say about it, you'll also earn a fixed percentage on any savings you ever earn.
It's shocking... it's damaging... and it'll be in effect sooner that you think. Check out the full details in this presentation right away. 
Upon entering office in 2008, Barack Obama created a secret "To Do" list:
Grow welfare
Bailout banks

Devalue the dollar

Raise taxes
Instate ObamaCare

But the final item on his stealth agenda stands to be the most dangerous of all... Introducing:

The Obama IRA
Millions of American retirements — including yours now hang in the balance. There are THREE things you can do about it...
Dear Reader,
There are a couple of questions you should get used to asking yourself:
What am I going to do with my savings?
What will Obama do with his cut after he takes it?

As you can see from the list above, Obama doesn't mess around when it comes to accomplishing his goals.
His final one stands to be the most invasive and disturbing yet...
I'm talking about:
  • ZERO control over your own retirement assets...
  • A "guaranteed rate of return" that's only set up to ensure you'll never make any real money...
  • A "minimum" contribution amount designed to fund the government's growing list of entitlements...
  • A front-row seat for the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar...
In short, Obama and Congress are salivating over the opportunity to tap into even MORE of your money than they already take.
And why not?
It's already happening all over the world...
Heck, the Greek finance minister has openly admitted the people no longer have control in their "democratic" country, as the government has imposed new and extravagant taxes in the name of "economic emergency."
In Argentina, it's even worse. Back in 2008, President Cristina Kirchner imposed a bill that nationalized her country's private pensions — seizing $30 billion of her citizens' hard-earned cash under the guise of paying off debt. Today the Argentine government is using that money to finance the country's current spending.
Last year Portugal did something similar, confiscating $7.5 billion in private savings to "meet deficit targets."
Ireland and Hungary have also carried out similar measures...
So have Poland and France — oh, and throw Brazil on that list as well.
And the United States looks to be next. In short order, we could ALL be funneling our personal savings into something insiders are calling the "Obama IRA."
The thing is I know what I'm going to do about it.
If not, I believe the information I've included in this letter could help you keep more money in your pocket — and even make some hearty gains as well.

Here's how it will all go down...
First of all, if you think the government can't control our savings, spending, or other private financial matters — think again.
A quick look back in recent American history tells us it CAN.
You may not have been alive in 1933, but your parents or grandparents were. And they lived through one of the most invasive measures ever taken by the U.S. government.
That was when FDR signed off on Executive Order 6102, a measure that allowed the government to physically seize private gold stashes that folks had saved for and bought 100% legally.
In fact, anyone with a gold "hoard" was instantly criminalized. They suddenly found themselves up against a penalty of 10 years in jail and/or a $10,000 fine if their gold was found.
Well, you won't have to. Your private funds are at risk again today.
The only difference is the government's not after gold...
They're after the retirement assets of EVERY American citizen.
In order to accomplish this, they're aiming on creating something called a "Guaranteed Retirement Account," or the "Obama IRA."
So your 401(k) or standard IRA will be seized and folded into one of these mandatory accounts...
And Obama will tell you how much you're saving, what your return will be, and what you can do with your cash.
As unpopular economist Teresa Ghilarducci wrote in the New York Times:
"This is a sensible way to get people to prepare for the future. You don't like mandates? Get real.
Just as a voluntary Social Security system would have been a disaster, a voluntary retirement account plan is a disaster."
It's tough to wrap your head around, I know: The government literally wants to tell us how to save our money.
Forget late mortgage payments, car payments, or tuition payments; if you can't get your hands on your own money because you need it... well, that's tough luck — plain and simple.
It's all very similar to the gold seizure implemented by FDR back in '33. Only back then, there wasn't much anyone could do.
But that's not the case today.
Today you have a few options that could help limit the damage of prying government fingers...

The Obama IRA: Why it will destroy your retirement savings

This whole mess started back on October 7, 2008.
During a committee meeting at the U.S. House of Representatives, ideas were thrown back and forth on eliminating tax breaks for 401(k)s and other retirement accounts. But the discussion didn't stop at "eliminating tax breaks"...

The conversation snowballed into a lengthy affair in which top-tier attendees decided it might be best to seize retirement accounts all together.

Teresa Ghilarducci, who I mentioned earlier, championed this idea — bringing forth her concept of the "Guaranteed Retirement Account," or the "Obama IRA."
As she expanded on the idea, a few things became quite clear...

These "Obama IRAs" would:
  • Take away your ability to manage your own retirement account
  • Pay you a measly fixed 3% return per year (no more, no less, EVER)
  • And ensure you have no freedom with this money whatsoever
Oh yeah, and the New York Times listed this proposal as one of its "Ideas of the Year."
Granted this was back in 2008, but Obama was busy checking other items off his secret to-do list first: He had ObamaCare to worry about, then his reelection campaign.
So the Obama IRA got pushed back a few years. And all the while, the countries I mentioned earlier (like Argentina and Greece) were taking the exact measures discussed in the 2008 meeting where Teresa Ghilarducci presented her retirement-destroying ideas.
So, here we stand: Obama has another four years in office, and there's one item on his list that remains unchecked: the Obama IRA.

It's coming sooner than you think...
Recently, a hearing sponsored by the Treasury and Labor Departments marked the beginning of the Obama administration's concerted effort to nationalize the nation's pension system and private retirement accounts.
Held in the Labor Department's main auditorium, the hearing featured a lineup of left wing activists — including one representative of the AFL-CIO who advocated for more government regulation over private retirement accounts and even the establishment of government-sponsored annuities that would take the place of 401(k) plans.
"This hearing was set up to explore why Americans are not saving as much for their retirement as they could," explains National Seniors Council Director Robert Crone.
"However, it is clear that this is the first step towards a government takeover. It feels just like the beginning of the debate over health care and we all know how that ended up."
A representative of the liberal Pension Rights center, Rebecca Davis, testified that the government needs to get involved because 401(k) plans and IRAs are unfair to poor people. She demanded the Obama administration set up a "government-sponsored program administered by the PBGC" (the government's Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation).
Robert Crone warns: "These people want the government to require that ultimately all Americans buy these government annuities instead of saving or investing on their own. The government could then take these trillions of dollars and redistribute it through this new national retirement system."
This situation is moving faster than you may think...
Already there is a bill requiring ALL businesses to automatically enroll their employees in IRA plans in which part of every employee's paycheck would be automatically deducted and deposited into this account.
If it passes, the government will be just one step away from being able to confiscate any retirement account it wishes.
Yet, at the same time, those of us who know how to "avoid" this disastrous pothole don't really care what happens. I don't want to fall victim to the Obama IRA any more than you do... but as I said earlier, I know the steps to take in order to soften the blow (and, truth be told, make some pretty hefty gains in the process).
I realize, though, that many of you may not know what to do. And time is of the essence here, so let me get to the "meat" of this situation...
It's time to learn how to protect yourself... how to free yourself... and how to earn yourself some real money as the Obama IRA moves into place.

Why do I know all of this?
My name is Brian Hicks.brian_side I'm founder and president of Angel Publishing, one of the fastest-growing financial research firms in the world.
While we are technically a financial publisher, I like to think of us as more of a think tank...
We analyze trends and inform our readers of those trends and how they can protect themselves as well as make money.
In 2005, we called the housing bubble. Our readers made a fortune shorting housing.
In 2007, we called $150 oil. People wrote in to tell us we'd lost our minds... but oil topped out at around $147 per barrel, making a fortune for our loyal readers in oil and gas.
We were bullish on gold before most — in 2006 — and the yellow metal has seen highs of $1,900 per ounce.
I could go on and on with examples like these, but I think you get the point...
And I believe this next trend is one that could lead to more wealth destruction than the Great Depression.
But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out what some of my readers have had to say...
Craig Jordan in Dallas, Texas, wrote to tell me:
tearsheet 1
Sarah Hogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shared this with me:
tearsheet 2
And Paul Starks in New York City wrote:
tearsheet 3

I love getting notes like these from my readers.
And those quick gains are excellent. But I also understand how important long-term streams of income are...
Take McDonald's stock, for instance. In 1965, it would have run you $2,200 to grab 100 shares. That was a lot of money at the time — but with a little smart investing, you'd be sitting on $1.8 million today.
Same with Coca-Cola. You could have turned $5,000 in 1980 into $594,000 today.
Or even a company by the name of Altria. Early investors in this company saw $2,000 stakes turn into $670,000.
So, what's the secret?
Well, in my two decades of experience, the best investments in the world are the investments that pay you.
And I'm not just talking about gains... You see, the three companies above are all dividend-paying companies. With the simple concept of dividend reinvestment, you could have made an absolute fortune.
But investments that pay you aren't limited to dividends; there are plenty of different ways you can make money like this — up to and including tax-free income.
And the one thing every one of these overlooked investment strategies gives you is a way to sidestep the Obama IRA and keep more money in YOUR pocket.
That's why I'm sharing this information with you today: I want to give you the chance to accumulate extraordinary income for yourself without having to worry about what the government is doing.
There's nothing complicated here. No tricks or gimmicks. Just three ways for you to forget Obama and start getting rich behind his back.
Let me show you what I mean...

The Corporate Tax Loophole: How to make an extra $1,485 per month

The United States is experiencing an oil and gas boom, thanks to the disruptive drilling technology known as "fracking."

I'm sure you've heard of it before. It's creating hundreds of new millionaires every week...
From the Bakken in North Dakota... to the Eagle Ford Formation in southeastern Texas... to the Marcellus and Utica Shale Formations in Pennsylvania and Ohio... the U.S. is reclaiming its status as a global energy powerhouse. In fact, the United States is now the world's #1 producer of natural gas after being ranked #9 just four years ago!

We're swimming in so much natural gas that the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported America has over 100 years' worth of it.

And I've found a way for you to obtain steady income from this boom...

It's a wealth secret that's 26 years in the making. Because of a unique corporate-tax loophole signed into law during the Reagan Presidency, some savvy investors are no receiving large monthly checks for retirement. And get this: It's oil and gas companies that are cutting these checks.

That's right: These guys are paying what amount to royalties to anyone who knows how to claim them.
Check it out:
  • Gerald Everton (53), a businessman, earned "royalties" in the amount of $1,485 every month last year.
  • Warren Levy, 61, added an additional $46,300 to his income with these checks in 2012.
  • Jerry Holt, 56, received an incredible $116,037 over the same period.
It's no wonder the mainstream press is starting to catch on...

press clip 1
press clip 2
press clip 3

These "royalty" checks come from companies you rarely hear about, yet they do most of the grunt work in the world of oil production.
Basically, any time oil must be moved from point A to point B, these companies get paid. Likewise, when oil moving through the system must be stored, companies involved in storage get paid.
But here's what makes many of these companies so potentially rewarding for YOU: Thanks to Reagan's tax loophole, many of these companies are structured in such a way that they must pass ALL of their profits to shareholders.
These companies are publicly traded, but the nature of their tax structure means no profits can be withheld or taken by the government (much like your 401(k) and IRA could be).
Again, ALL profits must go directly to folks like you and me, quarter after quarter!
Some companies even mail you "live" checks every single month.
In short: If you're looking for extra payouts to fund an early retirement (or make up what's being taken from you), these "royalties" are probably right up your alley.
And you don't have to hunt down these companies on your own, either. Because I've taken the liberty of narrowing it down to just three companies I believe will pay you the largest checks for months to come.
In fact, I've written up the full details on these three companies in a special report called, "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks: How a Hidden Loophole Lets You Bank Huge Payouts from Little-Known Oil & Gas Companies."
And that's just the FIRST way you can avoid the limitations of the Obama IRA — and put some extra money in your pocket.
There are still two more ways to protect yourself.

"Drive-Thru" Dividends: U.S. companies want to pay YOU
Right now, American companies have record amounts of cash. And they're increasing their cash payouts to shareholders at a record-setting pace...
  • In 2010, companies on the S&P 500 paid out $20.65 billion in cash dividends.
  • In 2011, these companies paid out over $21 billion.
  • In 2012, the amount shot up to over $23 billion.
If you're not collecting your share of this crazy cash pile, you SHOULD be. There's no excuse not to.
Just consider, the cash dividends you lock in now could double and triple in the years to come — multiplying your cash payments by a huge factor.
And as far as I see it, if you're looking to collect blockbuster dividend income, there's one company that's head and shoulders above the rest.
It's a company that's paid out over $2.3 billion to its investors since 1969.
Not only that, but they've steadily raised their dividend — 69 TIMES.
Even more incredible: Their dividend has gone up for 58 straight quarters — doubling overall since 1994.
Pretty incredible stuff if you ask me. Investment in this company is a total no-brainer, as far as I'm concerned...
That's why I also included this information in a separate FREE report called, "'Drive-Thru' Dividends: How to Collect Endless Monthly Payouts from America's Fast Food Industry."
In addition to the first report, I'd like to send this one your way as well. Oh, and a third one...

Crazy Monthly Income: Pocket $5,969 Every 30 Days in 2013
This is the single most reliable way you can get an extra check every single month.
One little-known "landlord" has been sending out "rent checks" it collects from the world's largest and most profitable retailers to its partners for the last nine years.
I'm talking about collecting rent from some of the world's biggest billion-dollar retailers: Target, Staples, Lowe's, and Michaels...
This landlord even collects rent from the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart.
That's right. Even the retail king, Wal-Mart, is contractually obligated to pay this landlord each month in order to honor its lease agreements — no matter how shaky the economy is, or how high inflation soars...
Wal-Mart must pay him before it even pays itself.
That's why I've dubbed him "Wal-Lord." And I've found a way for YOU to become a partner of this landlord starting immediately — with as little as $29.
As a partner with this landlord, you're entitled to get a cut of the rent sent to him from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Staples, and more than a dozen other large retailers.
You could make hundreds of dollars per month — regardless of the economy — without even having to leave your home. For example:
  • 48-year-old partner Rob Caruso from Arizona took in "rent checks" of $5,969 per month last year.
  • Arthur Sikes in Ontario collected a check for $1,638 just a few months ago.
  • 66-year-old John Cunningham from Texas has been a partner for years... These days, he's getting remarkable payouts — as large as $23,220 per month.
And these payouts can grow bigger over time.
You see, this income stream is generated by rent money Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Lowe's, and Staples must fork over to the landlord. This means even if these companies have a bad quarter... even if the economy weakens... the landlord collects his rent — and you get paid.
The point is "Wal-Lord" could pay you an endless stream of cash in all markets, up or down.
Note: This landlord has never missed a single monthly payout — not even during the 2008-2009 market crash.
And like with the other opportunities, I've included all the details on "Wal-Lord" in a FREE report.
I call it, "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income."
So, that's THREE free reports I'd like to send to your inbox. Here's how you can make sure you receive them all...

How to safely generate thousands in extra income every month
You see, the above opportunities — as well as other wealth-generating opportunities — I'm consistently uncovering are revealed through one of our financial advisory services called The Wealth Advisory.
This e-Letter was founded on a simple philosophy: You get paid by companies to own them.
You won't be involved in risky micro caps, or trying to predict which way the stock market will turn next...
The Wealth Advisory is about making sure you get paid more income more often from your investments.
Whether you're a long way from retirement, preparing for the big day, or enjoying your freedom now... you can safely generate thousands in extra monthly income, all from the comfort of your own home. You'll be free to live better and more worry-free than ever before.
My unique income plays do all of the work for you, so you have more time for spending with the kids and grandkids, playing golf, and traveling.
You'll never look at going to the mailbox the same way again... because I'm going to show you how to get at least two checks every single month.
Even better, you can decide exactly how big your checks will be.
Most investors don't take advantage of these income plays. They make the mistake of thinking they can only get safe income through Treasury bills, bonds, and CDs from their local bank. But that's no way to build real wealth...
Heck even the "Obama IRA" will beat those horrible offerings!
The Wealth Advisory zeros in on the best-paying opportunities for you that the investment universe has to offer. These are moves that target bigger income and fast payouts — but without the usual risk you might expect with these kinds of high-performance moves.
And none of these moves force you to tie up your money for any period of time: You can withdraw your cash or put money in whenever you feel like it.
In today's rocky economy — with the financial markets being incredibly choppy — nothing beats getting paid a dependable substantial check for owning shares...
Economists Kathleen Fuller of the University of Georgia and Michael Goldstein of Babson College analyzed over two million individual returns, and found that dividend-paying firms generate higher returns than non-dividend paying firms, especially in declining markets.
And James P. O'Shaughnessy in his national bestselling guide to the best-performing investment strategies of all time, What Works on Wall Street, concludes you can do four times as well as the S&P 500 by concentrating on fundamentally sound stocks with high-dividend yields.
And that's the point: You're putting money into solid companies, becoming an owner, and getting paid for it.
You're banking on a solid history of continuous and increasing payments to make your money.
Bull or bear market? It doesn't matter... I can help you generate real, sustainable wealth in every market condition so you can live the rich retirement you deserve.
I aim to only show you the best dividend-paying companies, which are:
  • Loaded with cash. Well-established. Well-positioned. Fundamentally solid.
  • In the right industries at the right time
  • With a long history of doing good business, paying out cash as steady dividends, raising their dividends continuously over time, and looking out for their stockholders
I spend hours sifting through research to uncover the greatest income-generating opportunities for you, because it's my passion to help people make more money for their retirement.
By now, you're probably wondering whether The Wealth Advisory is right for you...
Well, there's just one way to find out: Give it a try, at no risk whatsoever.
Here's what I propose...

Just 14 Cents per Day
I'd like to rush you free copies of each of my THREE new reports:
  • Research Report #1: "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks: How a Hidden Loophole Lets You Bank Huge Payouts from Little-Known Oil & Gas Companies"
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  • Research Report #3: "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income"
These three reports will be the first things you should read when you test-drive my monthly newsletter, The Wealth Advisory.
Over the course of the next year, you'll also receive:
  • One Full Year of The Wealth Advisory (12 issues total): You'll receive a new issue on the third Friday of each month by email. In each new issue, I'll share details on stocks that can pay you the most extra income with the least possible risk.
  • Confidential Wealth Advisory Alerts: You'll be on this list to receive urgent alerts with full details and instructions on every recommendation I make.
  • Clear and Concise Trading Instructions: My service is so easy to follow, you simply read the plays verbatim over the phone to your broker — or do them yourself in just a few minutes online via a brokerage service.
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  • Outstanding Customer Support: If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our Customer Support staff any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST). They'll be happy to assist you.
Best of all, I'd like you to take the next 180 days to decide whether or not you want to keep your subscription.
That should give you plenty of time to see my work firsthand... collect your first few checks... and take advantage of my wealth-building secrets.
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I want you to be 100% satisfied.
So, how much does The Wealth Advisory cost?
And how can you get started?

For the Next 24 Hours: Save 50%
A one-year subscription to The Wealth Advisory costs $99 a year.
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We want you to be satisfied...
Our subscribers stick with us year after year because we work hard to make sure you'll benefit from our advice.
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As I said earlier, if you decide during your 180-day test-drive that The Wealth Advisory is not for you, it's no problem whatsoever. I guarantee your money back — no matter what, no questions asked.
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It's that simple.
Subscribe right now and you will get:
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  • Research Report #3: "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income"
This research shows you how to collect 12 "rent checks" from "Wal-Lord" over the next 12 months... plus up to 40 income-payout opportunities.
That's 52 extra checks you're not receiving right now.
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Here's to more income, more often,
Brian Hicks Signature
Brian Hicks
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GET READY: Historic Transfer of Wealth into Gold & Silver
By Brittany Stepniak | Thursday, August 29th, 2013
Wall Street's on thin ice and Main Street has already fallen through the cracks, treading in vain just to stay above the poverty line...
In a slew of inconvenient truths, economists have seen the cold, hard facts, shedding an ominous light on the notion that our “recovering economy” has descended into a “crescendo of pain,” with Wal-Mart earnings hinting at economic disaster.
The Recession that Won't Quit
Still think we're in the midst of a recovery?
Not to burst your bubble, but for 95% of U.S. households, the recession never truly ended.
By many metrics, it has actually gotten worse...
Of all jobs generated this year, 75% are low-wage, part-time jobs putting us at a more realistic unemployment rate of 14%, according to Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz & Associates and expert of retail.
An additional 11 million people are disabled (read: forever unemployment), putting the economy in serious risk of a dire state of collapse.

Size. Does. Matter.
Right now, four publicly-traded gas companies are secretly inking the largest energy contract in history...
A contract so profitable, we've never seen anything this big before.
A contract that lets this group collect profit margins 1,740% larger than the average "successful" oil & gas company.
A contract you can read about and profit from right here. 

Consequently, retail isn't doing so hot.
Perhaps you've noticed some popular retailers leaving your communities — big-name stores like Best Buy (the one across the street from our office in downtown Baltimore got the boot about a year ago), JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, Sears, and K-Mart.
That's what happens when everyone in your neighborhood is on welfare or working part time.
History to Repeat Itself?
To understand the big picture here, one needs to look no further than Wal-Mart. Robert Ian at GoldSeek reports:
$1 out of every $45 in the U.S. is spent at Wal-Mart whose sales are over 2% of GDP. Wal-Mart recently reported the worst sales start in seven years.
According to a Bloomberg article this week, one Wal-Mart executive called it “a total disaster” and suggested it was related to the payroll tax hike, which will cut the median family take home pay by about $1000 this year. So much for the old “soak the rich” rhetoric...
Don’t forget, it was just about seven years ago Wal-Mart’s retail data began to indicate consumers were “liquidity constrained” and then that they were “tapped out.” We all know what happened shortly after that.
Moreover, the housing market has also slammed on the brakes. Mortgage activity plunged 50% to April 2011 levels this month.
Mortgage reformatted
But the optimists and capitalists amongst us have no fear...
On the contrary, they're one step ahead of the game. Instead of moping around in panic mode, they're preparing for the great transfer of wealth.

Silver is Going to $100
Legendary asset manager Eric Sprott said this will be "the decade of silver," during which silver will hit $100.
While you could certainly do well owning the physical metal itself, there's an even better way you could take advantage of it — for less than $1.

History Being Made in the Gold & Silver Markets
Right now, savvy investors are stocking up on gold and silver — the only true safe havens in an otherwise volatile market and idle economy.
In congruency with this notion, 15 major central banks including Russia, Turkey, and France recorded major gold purchases in the month of July; and gold soared over 90,000 rupees per ounce as the rupee continues to fall (including a 27% dip in the last two months alone). 
Gold has risen 16% from a 34-month low of $1,180.71/oz on June 28 as lower prices led to physical bullion demand throughout the world.
And the U.S. Mint has reported "robust sales" for American Eagle coins this year.
Mint reformatted
*Image courtesy of Bloomberg. Source: U.S. Mint.
Although you might find yourself more comfortable with more traditional investments in paper assets, those days are over. It's time to move on.
If you want to secure the future of your wealth, you need a new investment strategy and new investments...
You need precious metals. And you'll want to get them before the mainstream majority realizes their timeless value.
As investors lose confidence in currency, we're going to see a huge deflationary crash around the globe.
If you're any sort of history buff, you know that all empires in economic decline throughout the last 5,000 years have always returned to gold and silver bullion in times of deflation. 
So don't let the central bankers, the stock market, and the politicians cheat you out of any more of your hard-earned money. Take the initiative to educate yourself on what's really going on out there so you can hedge inflation and expand your wealth.
Wealth Cannot Be Destroyed, Merely Transferred...
Once you understand monetary history and the concept that wealth can never be destroyed, that it is merely transferred, you'll be able to pave your own golden brick road to financial success.
It's time to take matters into your own hands so you can transform one of history's greatest disasters into one of your greatest opportunities.
The miners are now the largest depositories of the remaining ounces available on earth. Huge demand coupled with diminishing supply in lieu of production ramps from many of the best operational companies put interested investors like you in an extremely lucrative position.
Experts have said this is the biggest remaining chance for profit in this era.
Make no mistake; this window of opportunity won't remain open for long...
The longer you wait, the more insane this stampede to gold and silver will be.
And we've decoded the mystery surrounding a vital number and a simple strategy that determines whether you make a million — or lose it all.
Farewell for now,
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compound gold headlineThe ONLY way to trounce gold's gains without having to buy coins, ETFs, options, major gold mining stocks, or tiny exploration stocks...

Dear Reader,
Two years ago, a stunningly-profitable gold investment algorithm made waves as it passed by word of mouth from investor to investor in Vancouver's exclusive and famously secretive precious-metals mining community...
Back then, the gold bull run was in full swing, and this algorithm quickly became a buzzword... first among the pros and then, eventually, with anybody interested in profiting off the precious metal trend.
The algorithm — nicknamed "Compound Gold" by insiders and private investors — took advantage of rapidly-rising gold prices to tap profits into formerly dormant mining operations.
Gains from this investment strategy could multiply the percentage gained by gold bullion by factors of 5, 10, 20 — even 50-fold or more.

Best of all, it's such a simple strategy to employ, it could literally be accomplished through a single trade on your online trading account.

Among these investors was the legendary John Paulson, who'd previously made himself a household name when he banked $2 billion shorting the housing market.
When he made his relatively quiet Compound Gold investment in 2009, few people took notice...
You can bet that things weren't so quiet when, 15 months later, Paulson walked away with $314 million in profit — having traded just one stock.

Since those early days of the previous metals bull market, things have changed. If you've been keeping up to speed on gold prices these days, or the outlook for the future, things don't seem quite as bright and shiny as they once were... at least, not at first glance.


After peaking out just south of $1,900/ounce in September of 2011, the gold market's cooled, gradually meandering down to a low of $1,354 in May 2013 before settling at its current price of $1,400.
As strong as Compound Gold was during those post-crisis years, the algorithm cooled right along with the gold market.

Of course, as you well know, with every depreciation in price, a whole new set of opportunities opens up for a low buy-in.


With prices now stable about 25% down from their 2011 peak, private precious metals investors — as well as the institutional investors like Paulson who routinely close 8- and 9-figure returns — are starting to eye the yellow metal once again...

Which means Compound Gold is about to kick it into high gear once again for another round of super-charged profits.

This time, however, there's a wild card in play that did not exist the last time the algorithm activated during the post-crisis gold rush... a unique, highly-guarded investment that for the past two months, even as gold prices took a downturn, has broken all the rules by giving investors the kinds of returns not seen since before the 2011 peak.

But as prices stabilize, and conditions begin to reset to reactivate Compound Gold trading, mining industry insiders are waiting with bated breath to see the true potential of this wild card.
In the next few minutes, I'll tell you everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind investment, how you can get yourself involved with just a couple clicks on your online brokerage account and, most importantly, the eye-popping returns it could bring you within days of entry.
Before I get to that, though, I want to explain to you how Compound Gold works and why now — just like during the crisis years — investment pros and industry insiders are waiting for it to reawaken.

The Insiders' Secret: Compound Gold
There's an old joke in the industry that goes, "You can't mine gold for $500 an ounce, sell it for $300, and make up the difference in volume."
And that's precisely the problem with most companies that own property containing gold, silver, or anything else that's valuable...

Getting the valuable material out of the ground costs money... money that cuts into profits.
Cut enough of the profit and eventually, that land embedded with all those millions of ounces of gold and silver becomes worthless.

Just imagine... something worth billions of dollars — and nobody willing to shell out a dollar to own it.
Twenty-five years ago, when gold was trading at $350 and silver at $7, finding properties like this wasn't hard. More importantly, buying them was even easier.

Because no matter the size of the property — or how many million ounces of gold it held — anybody with an average-grade deposit who decided to start mining right then and there would be doomed to bankruptcy... making those properties worthless.

For those willing to bide their time, however, unimaginable fortune was around the corner.

Let's say you have a 3 million ounce gold deposit, an entry-level purchase for any major mining operation...
With cost of production at, for example, $400/ounce, that deposit would be functionally worthless when gold's market value is at $400/ounce. The owner would neither profit nor lose from the development of that property.

But if the market price rises by just a single dollar from that $400/ounce baseline...
That property suddenly becomes worth $3 million.
Historically, though, your gains would have been much, much bigger.
If you'd bought this 3 million ounce property back in February 1987, when gold was trading for $400/ounce, you'd have an asset with an overall value of zero dollars.
Three months later — when gold hit $470/ounce — that formerly worthless property would now be valued at $210 million.

By December of that year, with gold up to $500, it would worth $300 million.
Or if you want to look at it in terms of percentages gained:
Start with the same cost of production: $400/ounce...
If the market price of gold exceeded this $400 threshold — even by as little as 1% — this modest property which was worthless the day before... would suddenly become a $12 million dollar asset.
If a week later the price of gold went up a mere $8.00 per ounce (just 2%, based on mid-80s prices), the price of that suddenly valuable asset would double...

A 10% jump in gold price and the value is now up 1,000%.

But remember, the $400/ounce cost is just an example...
Every property — every mine — has its own specific break-even point.
Some higher-grade deposits break even below $400/oz, sending their stock skywards earlier on, while lower-grade properties break even well above $400/oz, launching their stock later.
The only trick is knowing that point and buying the stock when the market price of gold is as close to that point as possible: when the cost of production to gold market price ratio is near or at 1.

Hit that "sweet spot," and any subsequent jump in market price immediately launches the stock into exponential growth.

So it's not just a gold investment — but a Compound Gold investment, as it compounds incremental changes in gold price to generate major profits from a specialized type of property.
It's so efficient at gaining ground and so reliable, in fact, that Compound Gold trades have outpaced the world's single most popular gold investment, the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) — which itself nearly doubled from $97 to $185 between November 2009 and late 2011 — by 458%.
And it doesn't just work for gold...

A company holding 85 million ounces of silver (not a large deposit by major industrial standards) that was worth zero dollars at $6/ounce... would be worth $17 million if the price of silver went up by just 20 cents.
If silver prices increase less than 10% — from $6 to $6.50 — our property would now be worth $43 million.

And if you'd bought this property in 1986... by the end of 1987, with silver at $10/ounce, this "worthless" property would have a net value of $340 million.
I know this comes off as amazing, but it's actually pretty simple; you just need the market to be heading in the right direction, and Compound Gold immediately picks up speed.

Here's what I mean:
When gold prices spiked back in the mid 1980s, millions of gold investors made 50%, 60%, as much as 80% on bullion.

A tiny handful of Compound Gold investors who had the skill and luck to find the right companies just as gold prices were reaching and exceeding their specific costs of production... made thousands of percent — hundreds of dollars returned for every dollar invested.


This sort of speed and reliability puts Compound Gold in a class of its own among gold investments.
It was so powerful that it gave rise to a whole new class of investors — and helped the precious metals mining industry explode into the sector it is today.

But here's the catch: There are times when this method simply won't work.

You see, back in the 80s, we were in the midst of one of modern history's greatest precious metals bull markets. But just before the run started in 1985, a few people who knew what was coming went around deserted stretches of land in North and South America, buying up seemingly worthless tracts of land — land where there were proven gold deposits, but where the cost of production would bankrupt a company in short order.
And then the boom hit — and it was time to sit back and watch the profits collect.
Of course, nothing good lasts forever. When the precious metals bull market cooled off in the 1990s, anybody working this tactic would have to stop operations... and wait until the next one.
That next one came around after the economy crisis of 2008... and lasted a good three years before this most recent cooling off of the market.
But now, it looks like we've finally hit the reset button. And with gold just barely touching $1,400/ounce, there's a lot of room for growth in the near term.
As you just learned reading about the simple mechanism behind Compound Gold, with each dollar that gold gains... properties and companies that had never been profitable suddenly cross over into the black and transform overnight.
It paused for a while after the 2011 peak — but as prices hit multi-year lows, the moment to take full advantage of it all over again is here now.

The New Bull Market is Just Getting Started...
Even after recent slumps, you still can't open a newspaper or click through a financial news site without seeing quotes like these:


5 Reasons Gold Will
Continue to Rise

1) Economy
The U.S. manufacturing base has been shipped overseas. The few jobs being created are in the service industry or government sector. The official unemployment rate hovers near 10%, and 1 out of every 5 Americans is on food stamps. The 2008 economic implosion destroyed the real estate market, sent foreclosures skyrocketing, and swallowed up a nearly $1 trillion bailout... and yet, most experts predict the worst is still to come.
2) Fear 
The sovereign debt crisis threatens to spread across the globe. Fearful investors are shifting assets from the euro and other weakening currencies into gold. The stock market rebounded from its 2008-09 depths, but some analysts say it's overbought and due for painful correction. Meanwhile, turmoil across the Middle East, Asia, and elsewhere is exacting huge costs in American blood and treasure...
3) Demand
The Federal Reserve has kept U.S. interest rates at virtually zero with no sign of a hike on the horizon, thereby lowering the opportunity cost of buying gold. And investors have responded with astonishing eagerness, even forcing the U.S. Mint to ration popular bullion products in order to meet overwhelming demand. Expect central banks in China, India, and Russia to fuel demand for gold.
4) ReflationOf the major assets, only Treasuries and gold have escaped the selling panic that has gripped the markets. Rushes on gold have caused mints around the world to run out of popular gold coins. Because of the inflationary impact of government bailouts, $2,000 could be the floor, not the ceiling.
5) The DollarDollar weakness, plentiful liquidity, and policy reflation will be persistent themes in the future. Massive fiscal and monetary stimulus have weakened the dollar, whose current resurgence stems mainly from the European debt crisis. Once that crisis reaches the debt-burdened United States, the dollar's weakness as a currency will be evident to all — and its role as the world's reserve currency will be in jeopardy. As always, gold will be the first and most universal remedy.
But with today's gold price at $1,400, finding companies with the perfect cost of production levels is actually easier than it was two years ago.

Companies with production costs at or near today's Compound Gold sweet spot are more common today because there is so much more room to profit.

The profit potential for this highly-specialized breed of companies is simply staggering — easily as strong as it was in the days when Paulson made his storied purchases, and far, far in excess of anything we saw back in the early bull runs of the 1980s.

Remember, for gold to just rise a few dollars is enough for these stocks to start doubling or tripling.
Dare to think big, though, and you'll see the real opportunities start to materialize...

If gold itself doubles, you could be looking at 100, 500, even 1,000 times your initial investment.
Just imagine investing $1,000 today... and in two years, cashing out a cool million.

All that matters is finding the right company — with the right cost of production levels — and waiting for that sweet spot.
I know what you're going to say: All these theories and stories are great... but you want to see a live example of what happens when a company hits the Compound Gold sweet spot.

Instantly in the Black: South American Silver Corp
Like I mentioned before, what works for gold also works for silver, and here's an example of just that...
In October of 2009, South American Silver Corp. (SAC) was a tiny $13 million company trading at 13 cents a share.
Investors looking at just the stock value would have been misled, because within SAC's property in Bolivia was an estimated 322 million ounces of silver.
Even at 2009 prices, this deposit had a theoretical value of over $5.1 billion.
But here's where the algorithm comes in...
Because the low-grade ore found in great abundance on this property would cost about $20/ton to process into raw silver, the owners of this property would have been losing $2/ton on their investment (at late 2009 silver prices).
Their $5.1 billion asset wasn't an asset at all. It was a liability.
But over the next 20 months, the price of silver did something spectacular:


In a rally to rival all rallies, silver jumped from $18.50 an ounce to over $50!
That's a gain of over 170%.

Not bad, right? You could have invested $10,000, and by the summer of 2011, cashed out with $27,000.
But remember this: At $18/ounce, SAC was virtually worthless... but at $50/ounce, less than two years later, this company was profiting $32/ounce!

At that price, the entire property had a total resource value of $16.1 billion — with $10.3 billion of that being pure profit.

In case you can't imagine what that does to a company's stock price, here's what South American Silver Corp looked like as it passed its sweet spot last year:


Between September 2009 and April 2011, South American Silver went from 13 cents to over $3.00 for a gain of 2,307%.

So if instead of putting that $10k into raw silver, you bought SAC just as its cost of production hit that sweet spot...

You'd have made a pre-tax profit of $230,000.
It's not a trick, it's not a fluke, and you don't need any specialized brokers or understanding of finance to execute... With a single trade, anybody who knew the cost of silver production for this one Bolivian property would have made millions in less than two years' time.
Want another example?

Here's Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (CUM).
It hit its break-even price back at the end of 2008, when gold prices were at $800/ounce. In the two years since, as the sweet spot came and went, the stock looked like this:


So while gold doubled to $1,830 an ounce in the 26 months following that magical sweet spot, this company went from 40 cents to $8.00 — a self-sustained gain of 2,000%.

The gains took the company up from a tiny $30 million exploration outfit to an exploding $600 million gold mining powerhouse... and would have turned a $10k investment into $200,000.

Here's a third example: Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. (AEM).

This one goes back more than a decade — and illustrates the point that every property has its own specific break-even point, which can be exploited.


As the gold market picked up after going through a dry patch in the 90s, the profits on paper suddenly materialized, and the value of this company's property shot up exponentially.
It took a little while longer than usual, but in the end it was a monster success story — gaining 2,600% as it climbed from $3 to $80.
Not convinced?
Here's yet another example...


This company, Gabriel Resources (GBU), hit its sweet spot back in 2009. By mid-2011, it had grown by over 800% into a $2.5 billion giant. (In that same time, gold only rose by 60%!)

This wasn't that small of a company to begin with, but an established firm worth hundreds of millions. Regardless, its rise was so easy to predict — and so reliable — that billionaire investor and hedge fund superstar John Paulson bought a full 18% of the company.

The purchase was just one of the many gold investments he made that year... Paulson also invested heavily in physical gold, as well as a number of larger North American producers.
But this play was by far the strongest-gainer of the bunch, helping to make 2010 the biggest year of his already legendary career.

"Mr. Paulson, a hedge fund manager who sprang to fame when the housing market collapsed, personally made about $5 billion in 2010, according to two investors in his company." — NY Times

If the several examples above don't convince you, here are a few more:
1.) International Tower Hill Mines Limited (THM): December 2008: 98 cents — January 2011: $10.00 (1,020% GAIN)
2.) Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK): November 2008: $1.80 — February 2011: $21.90 (1,216% GAIN)
3.) Teck Resources Limited (TCK): March 2009: $3.30 — January 2011: $61.00 (1,848% GAIN)
4.) New Gold Inc. (NGD): December 2008: $1.70 — August 2011: $13.07 (768% GAIN)
5.) Osisko Mining Corporation (OSK.TO): December 2008: 75 cents — December 2010 $16.00 (2,133% GAIN)

And that's just a small sampling...

Which illustrates my final point: Professional investors and industry insiders have been banking billions off this method for years.

In other words, using this basic principal isn't a new or novel idea. In fact, many of the professional commodities investors refuse to make any trades in which this algorithm hasn't predicted success.

Unfortunately, this simple yet essential system of investment is almost completely overlooked by do-it-yourself investors. This baffles me, but it's just a fact of life in today's financial world...

A vast majority of today's investors have simply never heard of Compound Gold — nor do they understand the basic principal behind its pattern of success.

So you can already consider yourself a member of the elite. After all, you already know how and why this system works and the basic principal behind putting it into action to make yourself tens, even hundreds of times your money back in short order.

But picking the right company can still be tricky... There are so many to choose from, and digging through quarterly financial statements to come up with that perfect cost-of-production isn't exactly a weekend activity for everyone.

To my good friend and colleague, precious-metals guru Greg McCoach, it's a full-time job — and a career-long obsession.
And what he recently discovered is a company that's turned the Compound Gold concept on its head.

I Don't Specialize in an Industry; I Specialize in Making Money
My name is Jeff Siegel. I am the Investment Director and Managing Editor of one of Angel Publishing's longest running and most iconic investment newsletters, Energy and Capital. 

One of our closest industry contacts — and one of my long-time friends — is the editor of our precious-metals newsletter, Mining Speculator. His name is Greg McCoach. Greg has been a specialist in the field for over two decades. And he's asked me to write him an intro to bring Compound Gold to a never-before tapped audience...

Just recently, Greg identified a gold mining company that seems to have shattered the mold.
This company — trading at around 70 cents — is still considered a junior miner.
For the last two months, it's been doing something quite remarkable...

While gold's been declining, eventually settling down at $1,400, this company's stock was flourishing — more than tripling in just several weeks in May of 2013!

Now, Greg's had this eye on the company for awhile, before any of this recent movement started.
The reason? He's got a proven method for weeding out the true winners from among the scores of average mining companies operating in this sector.

Over the past 25 years, Greg's experience has shown that there are three critical elements to raking in eye-popping returns...


#1. The Advantage of Junior Mining Companies

Why invest in juniors?
That's easy — money and unparalleled leverage.
You see, it's not uncommon for junior-mining companies to experience huge gains (tenfold or more) very quickly as news of a discovery leaks out.
"When I first met you, you told me I could use the profits I would make in the mining stocks to pay off my house. I didn't really believe you. Two and a half-years later I recently wrote a check to do just that. I never thought this would be possible. Thank you so much for your wise guidance."  — Robert, Illinois.
On top of that, the resurging bull market in precious metals not only focuses more attention on the sector, but also causes even more money to be spent on exploration...
And the payback on a new find increases exponentially.
You see, in the mining world, it's no secret that most mineral deposits are found by junior mining companies and individual prospectors.
There are several reasons for this:
black check Junior explorers are not slow-moving bureaucracies like many senior companies; juniors make fast decisions both in the boardroom and in the field.
black checkSenior resource companies generally have a different role to play — namely, to fund and put into production deposits discovered and developed by juniors.
But it's the talent, motivation, and dedication of their management teams that is the secret to most juniors' success.
When investing in a junior mining company, you're investing in its management team as much as you are in its promising projects... which leads us to the second critical element to raking in eye-popping returns... 

#2. Know the Management Team Inside and Out

When Greg studies a company, he spends hours, days, and weeks with CEOs and geologists — even with companies he never actually recommends!
This is the only way to truly get a feel for their expertise.
After all, in the mining business, if an exploration geologist finds a mine, it's likely that he'll find others...
It's a fact that far fewer than 5% of all exploration geologists will ever be credited with a discovery leading to a producing mine. What's more, less than one out of every 1,000 exploration sites will ever turn into a mine.
But those select, gifted explorers who find numerous mines seem to have a sixth sense that helps them to succeed.
Finding these geologists isn't the easiest task in the world. But they're all drawn to it for the same reason: money.
It's the huge potential that comes when a discovery is made.
You see, as part of a junior mining company, the geologist who makes the discovery might get $10 million, $20 million, or $100 million in capital gains for his efforts.
After all, in the life cycle of a mining stock, it's the exploration phase that provides the biggest move in share price (leverage).
The best and brightest mine finders know it. And they'll search the world over to make a new discovery.
When they do, the monetary rewards are tremendous — for both the management team and for investors.

#3. The Simplest and Most Overlooked Part of Making a Fortune in Investing

It's best summed up by J. Paul Getty, one of the most successful investors of modern times.
What did Getty know about building wealth and investing for spectacular gains that his contemporaries didn't?

Several years before he died, Getty shared his "secret" in his autobiography...

He explained that whenever he made an investment, he tried to apply this simple principal: If you want to make money, really big money, do what nobody else is doing.

In Getty's own words, "Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying."
This isn't merely a catchy slogan. It's the very essence of successful investing.

But as simple as it sounds, too many people do just the opposite. They buy high and sell low. They're trend followers. To put it more bluntly, they follow the crowd.

The successful investor is a trendsetter, not a trend follower. He gets in — and out — ahead of the crowd.

Now, the company I've been teasing this whole time clearly falls into all three categories:
1.) It's a junior miner — and trading just north of 70 cents, it's in the very middle of the pack. Not too small. And not too big (for now at least)...
2.) It boasts a highly-successful management team. A recent discovery reconfirmed what Greg already knew — that this team is a winner.
3.) It's a gold-miner — and as you know, the trend right now, despite all common sense, is to be bearish on gold. Your average investors are selling... That means those who will ultimately profit, are buying, now, and buying big.
In addition:
  • It's got a super-tight share structure, with just 39 million shares outstanding. This is music to an investor's ears, because sparse sharepools mean when the stock moves, it moves fast...
  • Almost 1/3 of this company's worth (over $8 million) is in cash — making this company not just well prepared for the next round of exploration, but its stock well rooted in liquid assets.
I am convinced that Greg's new discovery isn't just going to continue its recent gains, but actually accelerate as the Compound Gold sweet spot packs more gains onto this already chugging profit-machine.

You'll Make Triple-Digit Gains — OR IT'S FREE!
Used properly, the information in mining legend Greg McCoach's newest report will be worth hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars to individual investors who get in early enough.
Most resource and mining traders would be happy to pay upwards of $2,000 and as high as $5,000 to get the jump on a Greg McCoach play. To them, it's minuscule overhead for the profit potential they're getting.
Right now, Greg is offering this report along with a year's subscription to Mining Speculator for just $49.

That's less than 15 cents a day for a shot at making thousands in one simple trade.

I pleaded with him not to go so low on his subscription fees, but instead of listening, Greg took it a step further... and I had no choice but to accept his terms.

He's so certain your Compound Gold stock will go up by at least 100% before the coming winter that if it doesn't work — for whatever reason — Greg and I will refund every penny of your subscription to Mining Speculator.

Bottom line: Either you double your money in the next six months — or you pay nothing.
No small print, no exceptions, no excuses.

Make 100% or get your money back. Period.

And listen, if at any point during your first six months you're unhappy for any reason at all, just say the word and I'll send you a check in the amount of your subscription fee...
6 full months. Any reason at all. No questions asked.
No matter what you decide, however, you get to keep your copy of Greg's breaking report, called: "Compound Gold: Ride the Gold Bull to Exponential Gains."
For the introductory price of $49 you will also receive:
  • 12 Issues of Greg's monthly advisory, The Mining Speculator
  • Research Report #1 — "The Most Explosive Junior Silver Stock of 2013"
  • Research Report #2 — "The Yukon's Best: The Easiest Gold Gains You'll Ever Make"
You have absolutely nothing to lose.
The upside here is staggering. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that this opportunity can potentially alter your life forever.
But you must move quickly...
Because this opportunity is so explosive — and because this company is still a closely-guarded secret within the investment community — I am limiting the number of subscriptions to just 200.
Once we hit that number, I'm closing the file, sitting back, and waiting for the real action to start.
The way things are progressing in the gold market, I wouldn't be surprised to see my new recommendations double or even triple in the coming weeks...
Things are only going to move faster, and you need to position yourself now to ensure full profit potential.
However you choose to order, please do it now.
This opportunity won't wait...

Good Investing,
Jeff Siegel Signature
Jeff Siegel for Angel Publishing

P.S. This trade must be executed within the next seven days. With the recent fluctuations in gold prices, and with major movement on Greg's new gold mining stock, I cannot guarantee that this opportunity will be around much longer... Every day is another day of lost gains. Don't miss out an another dollar of profit — click the button below.

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Junior Mining Analyst Greg McCoach
Dear Reader,
Major buzz is starting to filter through the mining community...
Just 15 miles southwest of a huge $5 BILLION silver deposit in mining-friendly Peru, one tiny exploration company has hit the precious metals jackpot...
Having staked 46 claims in a site that spans 25,291 acres, they've quietly uncovered what could be a huge mountain of silver.
It's a massive 35 million ounce silver discovery currently valued at an impressive $1.1 BILLION — and growing quickly.
In fact, I think this mountain could hold several hundred millions of ounces of silver.
Even better, you can scoop up shares of this explosive stock right now for under $1 a share...
And over the next few months, I expect more positive results from the exploration drilling to send shares of this tiny penny stock soaring to the $15 to $20 range — or higher.
In fact, it could announce an even bigger discovery that would immediately drive shares higher, so you don't want to miss out...
You see, not only does this company have exclusive 100% rights to what could be one of the world's largest remaining untapped deposits of silver... but it's also one of the richest silver finds on the planet.
This is the kind of play that could change your life.
The kind where you can turn a tiny initial stake into an absolute fortune...
One capable of funding the rich, fulfilling retirement you deserve — with enough leftover to leave a generous nest egg for your children or grandchildren.
I'll give you the full details on this rapidly developing silver story over the course of the next few minutes. I'll also tell you why I think silver exploration stocks could give you even higher gains than gold mining stocks.
But first, why should you believe anything I have to say about making rich outsized gains off tiny silver, gold, and other junior resource stocks?
Let me explain...

Hi. I'm Greg McCoach.greg mccoach
I've been a junior mining investment analyst and gold bullion dealer for the past 13 years.
You may have seen me before on major media outlets like CNBC and Fox.
They interview me because when it comes to picking winning junior gold and silver mining stocks, my track record is second to none.
And I'm not one to brag, but I've zeroed in on similar mining companies that have delivered my readers hundreds to thousands of percent gains...
I'm talking about big triple- and quadruple-digit winners on tiny gold, silver, and other junior mining stocks like:
  • 145% on Excellon Resources
  • 346% on Duluth Metals
  • 610% on Silvercorp
  • 894% on Allied Nevada
  • 1,235% on Capital Gold
  • 1,200% on Canadian Zinc
  • 1,740% on Polymet Mining
  • 1,803% on NovaGold
  • And much more...
Consider this: Just $10,000 invested in the average play since 2001 would already break $2,742,243 in profits today.
I don't know of any other investment advisor in the world who's matched this record — and if you can find one, I recommend you begin following their advice immediately (and tell me about it, too).
But that's not why I'm writing to you today...
In short, this is one of the most exciting silver finds I've witnessed in my career as a precious metals investment analyst.
The company has already locked down a huge $1.2 BILLION ounce deposit of silver with major potential for a high-grade discovery. Almost every press release from the company contains news of this miner hitting new rich intercepts of silver.
So this could be the tip of the iceberg for this small company with a market cap just shy of $72.6 million.
Bottom line is that this company has 100% rights to mine this silver bonanza worth 16 TIMES its current "market cap."
You could see gains of 2,473%, once investors catch wind of this fast-moving small cap situation, turning every $5,000 into $123,650 or $10,000 into $247,300 starting just days from now.
It's the type of moneymaking play that can transform your life... essentially overnight.
And bear in mind... this is just an estimate of this small cap stock's value based on initial findings from this mammoth silver discovery.
The company's geologists have taken thorough samples indicating that silver exists in abundant quantities.
In fact, all 15 holes they drilled except for one came up with high-grade silver. So we may have a conservative estimate here.
But I don't expect shares of this explosive small cap miner to remain this cheap for much longer...
More positive drilling results have just been released, and your rare opportunity to claim a potentially life-changing stake could vanish for good.
So let me give you the full story right now...

Even China is Getting in on the Action
Peru currently ranks as the second leading producer of silver in the world. In fact, nowhere on the continent of South America is as much gold and silver mined as in Peru.
Right now, the country is in the midst of the biggest gold and silver mining boom in recorded history.
According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, mining companies are investing a whopping $51.4 BILLION in new mines and expansion projects in Peru.
Even China is getting in on action, expected to pour a hearty $3 billion into various mining projects throughout Peru over the next 18 months.
And this tiny exploration company has already secured 25,291 mineral-rich acres in Peru's central silver belt.
It's one of the richest silver belts on the planet... and it's home to several world-class silver mines.
In fact, to the southwest of this company's site is Cerro de Pasco, Peru's fourth largest silver mine and one of the biggest in all of South America.
Plus this company's site is mere miles from a massive $5 billion silver deposit that's currently being exploited by Buenaventura Mining, a "senior" gold and silver producer. So this is an area that's absolutely teeming with mining activity.
Currently, our tiny silver company is exploring two separate mineral zones at its vast site.
The first zone contains the massive 35 million ounce deposit of silver, which, as I said earlier, is just the tip of the iceberg.
The company's CEO said this first zone had a mineralization width of 100 meters near the surface and extended as far down as a whopping 200 meters.
In short, this is an under-the-radar silver play that I think eventually will shoot up 2,473% or more, based just on the current value of their silver reserves alone.
Now, if you're skeptical that this stock could explode 2,473%, I certainly understand...
But the simple truth is other, very similar junior silver producers — the kinds of silver stocks I specialize in — have done even better.
Take Silver Standard, for instance...
You could have bought this stock for less than $1. But after its first mines went into production, the stock exploded to more than $34 per share! That's a life-altering gain of 3,300%.
Point is you could make a killing by getting in right now — BEFORE its first mine goes into production.
But the real fortune will be made when the second mine comes online...
According to this company's consulting geologists, the second zone contains a silver deposit that absolutely dwarfs the first zone.
In fact, they think it could be TRIPLE THE SIZE of the deposit in the first zone!
So that means this exploration company may have access to an additional 105 million ounces of silver worth a stunning $3.2 BILLION at today's prices!
If this turns out to be true, then there's almost no question that shares of this junior miner would soar into the stratosphere.
In fact, all five drill holes they sampled in this zone came up with silver.
Now here's the really exciting part...
Initial tests from the second zone showed high levels of "volcanic sulfide mineralization" (VSM).
Sulfide mineralization is known to be an excellent indicator for high levels of zinc and rare earth metals...
Price point for rare earth metals are about that of gold — and demand for these industrial metals rivals that of even silver.
So you can imagine my excitement when the company's CEO announced:
"We are extremely pleased with the results of this [new] survey as it indicates that the sulphide mineralization may be more than twice the size than was first indicated. The Company has already commenced preparation of an amendment to the current drill permit to include drill platforms over this new anomaly."
When they confirm with drilling that they have hit this kind of mineralization, the big mining majors will be all over this company.
Are you beginning to see why this incredible junior mining company has me so excited?
The profit potential is simply off the charts.
But here's the thing...

Less Risk, Higher Returns
I'm incredibly selective when it comes to recommending junior gold and silver mining stocks to my circle of readers.
The fact remains that only 1 in a 1,000 explorers ever strikes it really big.
Most exploration companies never end up finding anything at all.
That's why I look for companies with massive built-in advantages over other gold and silver explorers that are starting completely from scratch.
And the fact that they already have a huge discovery is just the beginning...
This company's world-class site is nestled in between several major mining projects. So the infrastructure to support a massive mining operation already exists: There are paved roads and power lines along the border of the property.
This saves the company vast amounts of money and time.
And it gets even better...
Silver isn't the only resource this company has discovered at this site. They've also found huge amounts of zinc and lead.
And I haven't even factored that into the total estimate for this company's huge profit potential after their most recent mineral predictions were blown out of the water.
In short, I recommend you start building a tiny stake in this company right now.
This story will not remain under wraps for long. The people who stand the chance to make the most money here are the ones who get in soon.
That's why I've written up the full details about this explosive mining opportunity for you in a brand-new report called, "The Most Explosive Junior Silver Stock of 2013."
More on how to secure your copy in just a moment — first, let me tell you why shares of junior silver miners are set to soar many times their current levels over the next 12 months...
Regardless of what happens to the economy.

Why Junior Silver Stocks Could Deliver You
Even Bigger Gains than Junior Gold Stocks

Recently, silver has been in a more extreme bull market than gold.
That means the gains we could see here could be astronomical.
You see, the price of silver per ounce has usually been equal to around 1/16th of an ounce of gold — meaning it took 16 ounces of silver to equal a single ounce of gold.
But over the past decade, gold has taken off, leaving silver behind — that is, just until recently...
Take a look at this chart:


In the last ten years, silver has returned 609%, while gold has returned 439%.
As you can see, silver is on a tear. But it still has to DOUBLE in price so it's where it should be in relation to gold.
All of this means silver exploration stocks could give us much higher gains than gold stocks.

John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of Sprott Asset Management, says:
"When silver breaks free, I think many people are going to be shocked by how fast and far it goes."
Multimillionaire and one of the world's greatest investors Jim Rogers says:
"If you put a gun to my head and said you had to buy one, I would buy silver rather than gold."
The fact is demand for silver is on the cusp of hitting historical highs.
Unlike gold, silver has a host of crucial industrial uses...
It's in more of our most useful devices than any other commodity besides petroleum. Silver is needed in just about every electronic device made — from TVs to computers to electric cameras to iPads.
It is also important in batteries, disinfectants, solar energy, and water purification.
The list of products that need silver is enormous and constantly growing — including the two biggest areas of all:
  • Photovoltaic cells used in smartphones (1.2 billion cellphones were sold last year)
  • Silver's recent ascent as a leading antibacterial agent being used by hospitals and health care facilities around the world (you can buy silver-imbedded Band-Aids!)
Meanwhile, the supply of silver is in a downtrend of historic magnitude...
Silver inventories have fallen 92% since the start of the 20th century.
We actually have 5x more gold than silver in aboveground supplies.
It makes sense when you think about it... 90% of the gold ever mined has been saved, but 90% of all the silver ever mined has been used up for industrial purposes.
At the current rate of use, all known silver reserves will be depleted in less than 30 years.
And if that's not enough to raise the hairs on your neck, then get a load of this... If the rest of the world starts consuming silver at just half the rate of the United States, it will be gone in eight years.
As that date approaches, silver's run-up of the past couple of years will look like a mere blip on the radar screen. Silver's coming surge will give investors the chance to make a killing.
This is an amazing opportunity you will not want to miss out on...
That's why I've set my sights on this tiny company — currently trading for less than a $1 — that you can take advantage of right now for huge gains... all in one of the richest silver districts the world has ever seen!
In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if a larger company looking to beef up its existing silver reserves just swoops in and buys out this company at a substantial premium.
But for you, it could be a win-win...
Shares of this tiny silver company could soar 2,473% — even without a buyout.
Turning a $10,000 stake into $247,300, or invest a bit more and turn $25,000 into a whopping $618,250 profits.
You could retire in style... buy a car or two... set up your children or grandchildren with college funds... donate money to a charity cause that's close to your heart...
The choice is yours.
Now there's so much more I need to tell you about this remarkable company. And it's all in my newest report, "The Most Explosive Junior Silver Stock of 2013."
I'd like to send it to you absolutely free and without obligation.
But before I show you how to get it, please let me tell you some more about myself...

Even Hollywood's Elite Have Sought Me Out
I've been dealing in precious metals since 1998, when I founded Amerigold.com, a gold and silver bullion dealership located in Denver, Colorado.
Even some of Hollywood's elite have come to me to buy physical gold.
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That's exactly when I launched my newsletter, Greg McCoach's Mining Speculator.
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The Precious Metals Bull Market
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Today, we sit at a historic crossroads.
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You see, the United States is in terrible economic shape, plagued by an out-of-control national debt. And it's doubtful we'll get out of it anytime soon.
As a result, prices of gold, silver, platinum, and other resources have started climbing...
In fact, I'd say that in five years, all of these things — gold, silver, and platinum — will be much higher in value than they are today.
Some currency analysts are calling for gold to hit $5,000 an ounce... and silver $200 an ounce.
And the soaring prices and new technologies are putting previously inaccessible deposits of precious metals and other resources within reach — much faster than ever before.
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Is The Mining Speculator Right For You?
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You see, though they are all publicly-traded companies, most of them aren't listed on Wall Street.
In most cases, you can only find them on Bay Street — that's north of the border on Toronto's two major stock exchanges.
Most people don't know this, but Canada's Bay Street has more junior exploration companies listed on it than any other stock market in the world. It's THE Wall Street of exploration mining.
So, in order to take advantage of these opportunities, you must be willing to invest in tiny companies listed on Toronto's two stock exchanges. It isn't hard. And I'll show you exactly what to do and how to do it.
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On the other hand, if this is still something you would like to do, I will walk you through buying Canadian mining stocks step by step on my website.
Chances are, your broker may already deal with Canadian securities. Almost all of the large brokerages like E*Trade, Interactive, Scottrade and Fidelity already do.
And keep in mind, I get no compensation for mentioning these brokerages. I only provide this information to help you.
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Test-Drive The Mining Speculator

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Huge Event in Gold
There's been a major development in the gold industry.
It's a discovery so massive, I recently traveled halfway across the continent to see it for myself.
As you read this, Canada's Yukon Territory is in the early stages of what could be one of the biggest exploration success for gold in decades.
How big?
Geologists estimate that up to 100 million ounces of gold lie underneath these few acres of land.
At today's prices, that's a stunning $166 BILLION worth of gold.
And one small exploration company I've been tracking — currently trading for less than $2 a share — has had a 100% success rate in their drill tests.
In fact, every single hole they've sampled (and they've done 72 so far) has come up with gold in it. And those 72 drill holes represent less than 10% of the total land on this company's gold mining claim.
Conservative estimates suggest four to six million ounces of gold from these holes.
But imagine that much gold spread out over 720 holes...
That's upwards of 60 million ounces of gold!
Not too shabby for a company whose current market cap is less than $114 million.
I conservatively estimate you could double your money as this situation unfolds.
When you sign up for The Mining Speculator, you'll receive all the details on this opportunity immediately in my research report, "The Yukon's Best: The Easiest Gold Gains You'll Ever Make."
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You'll Want to Buy These 4 Gas Stocks Right Now!

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In the next few minutes, I want you to buy shares of at least one of four very special companies.
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Let me explain...
Imagine you run a successful natural gas company.
You've got several rigs operating within the "sweet spot" of one of the largest deposits on earth.
You're using the latest and most efficient technology. Your crews smoothly rotate around the clock, producing gas at the best bang for their buck on the market.
But with prices so low — still under $4.00 — after all of your fixed costs, the best you or any company is able to manage is a profit margin of about 6.7%.


In other words, you're only pocketing around $0.25 for every 1,000 cubic feet of gas produced.
It doesn't sound like much. But still, it's enough to please your shareholders with very respectable gains over the past 12 months.
For example, operating under similar restraints, shares of Southwestern Energy launched more than 20% over the past year.


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I know most investors would jump at the opportunity to land returns like that every year. Who wouldn't?
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You see, it's no secret that the United States — heck, all of North America — is awash with natural gas.
By far, we have the world's largest deposits.
In fact, we have so much gas on our continent that we now have the Saudis looking for new customers...
In an article released by Reuters:


And as anyone following the recent U.S. shale story will tell you, our massive deposits coupled with breakthroughs in extraction techniques are keeping market prices dirt cheap.


And while these low prices have forced domestic outfits to operate at razor-thin margins, for four very special companies, it's opened the door to...

The Most Profitable Gas Deal in History

As you might be aware, across the Pacific, Asian countries — specifically China and Japan — aren't as lucky when it comes to energy prices. While we sit back and enjoy $3.75 per mcf, they are stuck paying the Russians as much as $20.
That's five times the amount we pay!
And with their growing economies, demand is skyrocketing.
Take a look at the surging natural gas demand coming from China.


According to the EIA, Japan isn't faring much better...


I hope you can see where I'm going with this...
These four companies are about to start flipping North America's dirt-cheap natural gas for one hell of a profit.

It's so good that even with the cost of converting natural gas to liquid natural gas (LNG) and shipping it, they're still walking away with a profit of more than $7.10 per mcf!

Compare that to the $0.25 domestic companies are banking as profit, and you can see why I'm calling this group of stocks the easiest no-brainer investment of the decade!

I almost feel guilty about how much we're about to profit from it... almost.

How Gazprom's Bullying Set Up the Investment of the Decade

You see, until this deal, Asia was stuck importing most of their gas from two major sources: Turkmenistan and Russia's Gazprom.
And while they fully intend to keep importing from Turkmenistan, after years of Gazprom's bullying antics, threats to shut off power, and broken deal after broken deal, Asian countries — specifically, China — are looking to drop Russia like a hot potato... even if that means they still pay the same high price for gas!
With their rapidly growing economy and energy consumption, countries don't want to be held at the mercy of Gazprom's infamous price gouging — or worse.
You may remember the complete freeze-outs in the Ukraine...


All because Gazprom decided to suddenly jack up the price by an additional 50 cents per 1,000 cubic meters — and the Ukraine didn't want to pay... so millions were left out in the freezing cold in the middle of winter.
They've also become infamous for creating false shortages to raise prices that panic millions, from France to Turkey:


With scores of their own pipeline deals crumbling time and again with Gazprom, who can blame the Chinese for wanting to secure a more friendly, stable source of energy?
For us, things couldn't be better...
Because when it comes to energy deals, the companies involved in this one lucked out and landed the mother lode.

China Lands Mega-Deal, Secures
One of the Largest Gas Deposits on the Planet

It's called the Horn River Basin.
Located in the northeast corner of British Columbia, this 400-million-year-old riverbed is only slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island...


It's one of the largest accumulations of natural gas anywhere in North America, trapped in a type of rock known as shale.

In fact, the giant gas field was formed at the same time as North America's other famous shale deposits — deposits that are now making headlines across the globe: the Marcellus and Haynesville Formations.
After the EIA's latest revision, the Horn River Basin now officially holds more natural gas than both!
In fact, very few shale deposits can boast having as much natural gas as the Horn River Basin, making it one of the largest gas fields in the entire world.

At about 8,000 feet underground, the little-known Horn River Basin is packing more than 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. That's enough to meet California's gas demand for the next 100 years!
And, as companies working in the unconventional gas world will tell you, the Horn River Formation is loaded with perks that make it far more appealing than its U.S. cousins...

First, its gas is several times more concentrated.
While the deposit is only marginally smaller than the Haynesville Formation, all of the Horn River's gas is located in an area just one-third the size — making any company's job of finding and extracting the gas far, far easier.

Second — and perhaps most important — is its location.
I don't want to turn this into a political debate...
The fact is the United States is not mining friendly. Not only is it extremely expensive to go through the purposefully delayed permit process, but the U.S. government can, does, and has shut down scores of operations on the slightest whim.
Canada, on the other hand, welcomes the industry with open arms...
And being in Canada's mining-friendly British Columbia, companies are able to get to work the Horn River Basin months (even years!) faster — and for a whole lot cheaper — than they ever could in the United States.
It's a policy that's turning miners into millionaires.

How the Horizontal "Drill, Baby, Drill!" Recently Unlocked the Largest Gas Deposits on Earth!
We've known oil and gas have been trapped in these massive rock formations for decades.
Getting it out was the challenge.
Since the 1950s, company after company tried their luck and failed at extracting gas from these massive deposits.
It wasn't until recently that the secrets — and the riches — could be unlocked on a massive and profitable scale...
It started as a technique called "horizontal directional drilling," a process in which wildcatters drill down to the oil and then kick out their well thousands of feet to the left or right, sort of like an underground sprinkler.
Here's what it looks like:


However, horizontal directional drilling alone wasn't quite enough to get the oil and gas out of the ground.
The real trick was to figure out how to both drill sideways and fracture the rock (fracking) to release the oil and gas inside, a technique that is constantly being perfected with each new frack job performed.
Separately, horizontal drilling and fracturing had been done before...
But not until recently had they been united in a way in which the two methods work well together.
Even today, horizontal drilling and "fracking" are not considered exact sciences; the process is part art and science.
But one fact remains: Some companies are better at horizontal drilling than others.
They're simply better suited for it. And they have more experience.
Sometimes, it comes down to the particular geologist in charge...
This was the case with the Chinese — and exactly how they decided exactly which company they wanted working on their project.
They're using nearly the same set of criteria that I've used for years now to help Energy Investor readers land some of the best-performing energy plays the markets have to offer.
This same careful scrutiny keeps my inbox full of letters from happy readers and investors, like this one from Glyn Thorman:
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Companies that have the right touch at fracking and horizontal drilling — no matter how much natural gas or oil are trading for — are reliably able to generate monstrous profits for their shareholders.
And this rapidly spreading technology is opening up some of the largest energy deposits on earth.
Just take a look at what this technology's recently made available...

Global Opportunities for Fracking are Rapidly Spreading

Game-Changing Technology: Arriving When We Need It Most
According to every global energy forecast, without these "unconventional" energy deposits, the world's progress in virtually every fashion wouldn't just come to a standstill...

It would shut down.
According to the International Energy Agency's annual World Energy Outlook publication, the planet's going to need to increase our already-exhausted energy production by nearly 50% within the next two decades.

Skyrocketing Energy Forecast
And North America's natural gas is the key.
Mark my words: Energy — natural gas, specifically — might be dirt cheap today... but in the coming months and years, we're in for a crunch.
And the companies at the forefront of shale technology (like the ones I've uncovered, thanks to China's energy play on the Horn River Basin), will be absolutely critical in meeting our demand.
In fact, I've outlined for you four of these companies that are leading the way in a breaking report called, "The $2 Trillion Energy Pact."
In it, I'll show you how to take advantage of the largest energy deal in history — from every possible angle.
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All together, this ground-breaking report leaves no stone unturned.
But as I've already mentioned, you'll want to act fast...
Since November, when the deal solidified, the companies involved in this massive pact are already handing investors handsome returns — even in the face of rock-bottom gas prices!
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Get In on the Ground Floor of One of the Largest American Energy Booms in History...
As I mentioned earlier, my name is Keith Kohl.
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So, it's not to be taken lightly when I say that this natural gas deal, the one that China just locked up in British Columbia, could — without a doubt — be one of the most profitable investment opportunities you see in your lifetime.

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Well, thanks to these developments in horizontal drilling and fracking, America's standing on the doorstep of the most exciting investment age in over 100 years.
If I didn't believe in the research my team and I are doing, we wouldn't spend weeks traveling to Texas, Montana, North Dakota, and even to the far northern reaches of Alberta, Canada.
The point is, we get around. And I want you to have the opportunity to profit from it all. So I make my research and investment advice as cheap as possible.
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Good Investing,
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