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A crack in 78-year-old law just created a new breed of investment millionaires...

Now, regular investors are chasing so much money that the New York Times calls them:

DIY Romneys

My fellow investors,
This isn't easy to say.
And I don't want it to come off as conspiratorial...
But nearly 78 years ago, the president of the United States signed a devastating piece of legislation. One designed to forever separate society's elite from hard-working Americans like you.
With his signature, this legal document suddenly blocked 96% of the investing public from using what you might consider the world's most profitable investment tool.
A tool that's been reserved for only the richest Americans...
The type of guys who make the largest campaign contributions: the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Vanderbilts...

jd rockerfeller           jp morgan small          vanderbilt

And, in turn, the political elite — both Republicans and Democrats. I'm talking about guys like Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, George H.W. Bush, former auto-czar Steve Rattner, and many more.
They have used — and are still using — this tool to make as much money as they please.

billy clinton     mitt romney     Newt G     john edwards     george hw     steve rattner

(John Edwards, by the way, recently managed a casual $479,512 in a year using this tool. And Bill Clinton's reported to have walked away with more than $30 million...)
Three of my close friends have also been taking advantage of this investment strategy for nearly two decades, almost completely ditching stocks. I just started making a boatload of money from it, too.
And that's why you're reading this today.
I recently found a “loophole” that will allow every other American to profit from this once-forbidden investment booster as well.
But just so we're clear, I'm not suggesting you ditch your stock portfolio. Far from it. Rather, I want to share with you a trick that could drastically aid your nest egg.
It's a tool that you won't hear many people talking about. In fact, you can't advertise it. Yet, it regularly makes even the greatest stock gains look like peanuts...
Just how big am I talking about?


Ask yourself, What's a “good” annual return on a stock you're holding? 
 eog res
google 2012 - 2013 chart

Maybe, if you're lucky, 100%?


It's not bad. Heck, who wouldn't like to double their money in the course of a year?
But the truth is, if you were one of “these” investors, you'd be doing better. Much, much better.
You see, thanks to this tool, society's “elite” has been pocketing returns of 251%, 743%, even higher than 6,150% — again and again.
And they're doing it within several months to a few short years.
They're not banking those returns through exotic methods like calls, puts, margins, futures, real estate, or even currency trading, either. No sir.
This strategy is so “backdoor” that there aren't even charts available for the public to see... yet it lets those qualified and in-the-know pocket multi-million- and even multi-billion-dollar profits.
It's how 53 private citizens landed on The Forbes 400 Richest Americans list.
Oh... and did I mention this method of investing also lets them legally pay lower taxes than you?
How's that for fair?
And get this: Even if you knew about this investment, until recently, unless you were in the upper echelon — i.e. already a multi-multi-millionaire — it would have been illegal for you to act on it.

That Is... Until NOW
Hi. I'm Briton Ryle.
I'm the managing editor for The Wealth Advisory, a leading investment publication that's been showing people like you how to safely generate a massive, reliable source of low-tax income through carefully selected investments.
And thanks to a little-known loophole, I'd like to show you exactly how you can start profiting like America's wealthiest individuals have been doing for nearly 80 years.
Don't worry... You don't have to be rich. That's the best thing about this loophole.
Unlike most of these elite investors, you don't need to have millions of dollars in your checking account. You don't need “connections.” You don't even need to be well-versed in their backroom deals.
In fact, you could start taking advantage of these low-tax, high-income opportunities right now for less than $100!
And all you need to know how to do is check your email.
The best part?  
Once you get started, you'll get a check in the mail every single month. Think of it like a dividend on steroids...
As you'll see, how much you make is entirely up to you!
I'll show you exactly how it works in one moment. First...

Let Me Introduce You to the Underground World of Mega-Profits
I'm talking about the world of private equity deals. That's where the real money is made.
Now, I have to stress that if all you know about this realm of the investment world is what you've heard from the presidential election, you're in for one hell of a shock...
You see, it's in this phase — this early stage of a company's development — that the most profitable deals are made. This is where promising companies get their first boost. And where the right ones turn into giants.
In fact, you'll find nearly every single publicly-traded company on Wall Street started out and got its initial funding through private deals, with just a few thousand to a few million dollars.
That's right. Even companies like Sprint, Microsoft, Cisco, AT&T, Pfizer, Intel, and so on...
They all start out as tiny private enterprises.

sprint logo microsoft logo new cisco sys logo att logo pfizer logo intel inside logo

And while you or I might make a return of 5% on one of them, early investors — guys who get in BEFORE an IPO — are pocketing more than 1,000% gains on the same company, thanks to their connections and their (preexisting) massive amount of wealth.
Take Jeff Bezos, for instance.
His name might ring a bell. He's the genius behind Amazon.com.
But that's hardly his only claim to fame...
You see, back in the late 90s, Jeff was also a huge fan of using his connections to buy shares of “off-the-market stocks.”
His favorite was a (then) start-up search engine known as Google. It wasn't public at the time. It wasn't even popular yet.
But being in his financial position, he was allowed to invest $250,000 worth of his own money into the (then) tiny company...
It would be one of the most successful investments of his career.
It would also demonstrate exactly why these investors stay so far ahead of everyone else.
That's because on August 19, 2004, one of the most anticipated IPOs in recent history took place.
Google went public.
On that day, everyone — traders from all over the world — fought to get a piece of the early action...
And if you were a wealthy investor like Bezos, you'd think they were all suckers. Because while Google's IPO closed 18% up for the day — and up over 800% overall, last I checked — this was peanuts compared to what Bezos and any other privileged investor landed during those trading hours.
While you might have walked away with an extra twenty cents on the dollar in a single day, Jeff and investors like him turned every single $1 invested into well over $1,120 on that day.
By the closing bell, Jeff's $250,000 was worth more than $280 million!
Today that same stake would be worth more than $2.6 billion.


Private Equity Investors are able to Make a Boatload of Money — Even if an IPO Bombs!
Peter Thiel is another example. He was among the first of the private investors for the IPO flop of the year, Facebook.

(In the company's defense, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg never intended for his site to go public... but because they were getting more investors than private companies are allowed to have, they were forced into an IPO.)
And we all know how that went...
The most talked about Internet offering since Google is still trading at a near 30% loss, costing people who jumped in with hopes of Google-like success billions of dollars.
Of course, that wouldn't be the case for Peter — or any other private investor, for that matter...
In the early years of the online social networking site, he gave the budding company a cool $500,000. That “small” half million dollar check — even though Facebook still isn't near its IPO price — is now worth more than $6.2 billion.
He made an absolute fortune on a stock that still hasn't broken even!
Reid Hoffman is another example. According to CNBC, while he only put $40,000 into Facebook in its early days, his investment is now worth more than $425 million...
In other words, while normal investors are down more than 30% on their money, he and many other private investors are coming out hundreds and thousands of times ahead!
It's no accident. These players are able to churn profits from virtually anywhere. Even the problem-plagued cruise ship industry.
In 2007, private equity group Apollo Management paid $1 billion to buy a chunk of Norwegian Cruise Lines. After Norwegian went public in January 2013, the group's stake is now worth over $3 billion — another triple for private equity investors!
It's almost sickening to think that those funding banks, angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms are the ones that — whether a company eventually goes public or not — always reap the largest returns...
Returns that easily turn every single $1 invested into more than $1,000...goodreads returns that used to be banned from everyday investors like you and me.
Returns you deserve to have boosting your portfolio, too!
Take the online book club, Goodreads, for example...
Try as you might, you won't find it on any stock exchange — at least, it isn't “officially” listed.
On the surface, there's nothing “special” about the online social club. Avid readers visit the website, buy books, and meet online to discuss them... in other words, nothing you would normally see and think “jackpot!”...
Unless you were among these privileged investors. To them, this company was pure gold. They saw the potential for, with a few tweaks, a massive buyout. And with their help, in just over a year, they landed just that: Without hardly a leak to the public, they pitched and sold Goodreads to Amazon.com.
The sale turned their collective $2.4 million into a whopping $150 million, making the company's founders and investors millionaires overnight!
Thanks to that Private Funding, These Guys Turned Every $1 They Invested into More than $62.50!
If you had the opportunity, you would have been able to turn every $100 turn into $6,250... every $1,000 into $62,500... and every $10,000 you had into more than $625,000.
And all at breakneck speeds.
I'm telling you this because in all my years spent studying the markets, I can't think of any other investment outlet on the planet that can top the returns that these guys are banking.
And that example wasn't even an exciting one. Just an online book club.
instagram logo
But that's the beauty of it!
A small investment here — even in a “boring” company — could easily churn out bigger profits than you'll ever see in the stock market. And they're doing it again and again.
Like the now-infamous Instagram...
You might not have used it. Personally, I haven't either. At my age, I don't see the point in turning a photo from a $3,000 camera into something that looks like it came out of a 1970s Polaroid.
But I can understand the 20-somethings getting a kick out of it. And this was another deal that turned early backers of the technology into filthy-rich millionaires.
With just $7 million in initial capital over the course of two years, this gimmick turned Facebook app handed investors — a group you could have been a part of! — a $400 million payday, reaping more than $57 for every single $1 invested.
That's after the founding college dropouts got their cut, too!
Other companies might not be seeing as much success, but they're still generating ridiculous profits for their private shareholders...
Like the Dailymotion online video networking site that rapidly churned out a 147% profit to private equity investors...

arieso logo
Or the 3,700% profit they made from mobile network optimizing tech from Arieso...
crashlytics logo
Or the 1,566% payday you would have banked from Twitter's purchase of

Crashlytics — a simple yet powerful app that measures what makes mobile phones crash.

The list of genuine, successful companies that you can't touch (until now) literally spans thousands of pages:
burger king logo dollar general logo meditech ernst and young publix logo mars logo ikea logo wawa logo
They're handing their ultra-rich, private financiers incredibly stable, reliable sources of income, year after year.
Could you imagine what you would do... how much money you could make... how much debt you could pay off... how free your time would become... if you were able to take a cut from these deals?
Deals that used to only be available to the super-wealthy.

Clause in 78-year-old Law Created the Ultimate Separation of Class
As I mentioned earlier, this law that's protected the wealthy has been in place for a long, long time...
great depression line
Back to the Great Depression, another time in history when Americans could have used information like this the most.
I didn't live through it, but I remember sitting around as a child, hearing about it from my parents and grandparents... Most of their stories revolve around a simple life with no electricity, eating backyard rabbit and poke salad, making dandelion wine, and growing opium poppies to make what they would refer to as "the best pain killer ever."
I'm sure you've heard similar stories of Depression-era ingenuity growing up, too.
It was back in those days that the infamous Securities Act of 1933 was passed.
Now, for the most part, the 97-page law paved the way for a much safer investment environment...
sec act meeting
It required companies to comply with a specific set of rules, giving investors full disclosure and all pertinent information they would need to make their own sound investment decisions.
Overall, the act made the environment for buying, trading, and selling stocks much more stable, keeping the scammers at bay.
But that's not all it did...
What you'll find tucked inside is a set of extremely strict guidelines: guidelines regarding who would be allowed to profit from the most lucrative investments available.
What they define are accredited investors.
And, according to the document, they set the bar nearly impossibly high for normal investors to get any piece of the action...


I stressed the "person who has individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person's spouse, that exceeds $1 million" for a good reason.
You see, with inflation adjusted for when the bill was written, $1 million would be worth well over $17 million today. And even though the $1 million still stands, there are other barriers in place that still keep many of America's millionaires from being allowed to touch private equity deals.
The start-up, private phase in a company's life-cycle.
The truth is, these guidelines were put in place to grossly favor high-ranking politicians and the already super-wealthy — guys like John Pierpont Morgan, the Vanderbilts, Whitneys, Rockefellers, and Warburgs of the world. People who were so wealthy at the time that their fortunes are still being spent today. They would be able to continue to greatly expand their wealth and live a life of unimaginable luxury, while everyone else scraped by.
And that's the entire idea.
Under the guise of “your safety,” the government once again created a law that literally blocked you from participating in the true wealth-building phase of America's economy.
And for decades, it's helped generate the largest separation of wealth the world has ever seen.

But that's changing. And it's changing fast.
As you're reading this, there's a new breed of millionaires being born...
A group of Americans taking their financial future into their own hands. A group that's now making so much money from private companies, the New York Times recently started calling them “Do-It-Yourself Romneys”:

This new group of investors isn't just crashing the party of the mega-wealthy...
They're finding some of the smartest, most reliable sources of income on the planet — sources that inflate their retirement accounts with a check every single month.
And they're doing it tax free.

And I say, It's YOUR Turn to Get a Piece of the Action!

Now, thanks to a special amendment passed by Congress, you can!
Not too long ago, they created a new type of investment firm. It's called a Business Development Company, or BDC. And unless you're already rich, this outlet is your ticket to the highly-profitable underground world of private equity investing.
That's because investing in a BDC is very similar to being an elite member of a venture capital or private equity firm — those investment clubs that are reserved for only the mega-millionaires.
There's not much of a difference at all: Each provide investors with a way to cash in on small, private companies and participate and profit from the sale of those investments.
The only real difference is that venture capital and private equity funds are often closed to all but wealthy investors.
BDCs, on the other hand, let anyone who purchases a share in the open market profit from these amazing deals.
And THAT is a benefit in and of itself.
You see, being public, BDCs are able to attract more money faster than many of the venture capital and even closed private equity funds. It's a perk that allows shareholders of BDCs to land larger stakes in companies poised for rapid growth — and in turn, a larger percent of the profits.

In the short time since its existence, it's already been responsible for generating massive amounts of stable, low-tax income for shareholders who are smart enough to pick the right ones...
Forbes calls it "private equity for coupon clippers":

And it doesn't just end there...

The Right BDCs Pay Investors like You 90%–98% of the Firm's Income Every Month

Now, this is where I think things get really special — especially for investors looking for an outstanding investment to boost their retirement income...
That's because, as a special provision, these firms are required to pay investors at least 90% of the income they generate through their successful investments! Many of them pay out as much as 98%.
And it's all in the form of massive monthly dividends — non-taxed if they go straight to your retirement account.
As Investing Daily puts it:
Like real estate investment trusts (REITs), BDCs are not taxed at the corporate level as long as they pay out to shareholders at least 90% of their taxable annual net income each year and derive 90% or more of their gross income from dividends, interest, and capital gains on securities. Consequently, BDCs can offer investors much higher dividend yields than many other types of investments.
It's rapidly becoming an investment I consider to be the greatest income generator on earth...

And if that wasn't enough, not only do BDCs hand you up to 98% of their profits every month... they're safer and more reliable than investing with a venture capital or private equity firm!

That's right, I said it.
You have an opportunity, right now, to secure more reliable, safer gains through private investing than even the giants like Bain Capital.
How are they safer?
Simple. You see, BDCs are required to offer "managerial assistance" to the companies they buy “shares” of, sort of how a venture capitalist or equity firm works.
But unlike venture capital or private equity funds — which are open only to high-worth “accredited investors” — BDCs are open to everyone.
And it's because of this that investors in BDCs are afforded mandatory safeguards, preventative measures that require the BDC to diversify its investment portfolio.
It also has to hold its debt-to-equity ratio to 1 or less. And every quarter it needs to reevaluate the companies it holds in its fund.
In other words, while it's taking risks — by law — to protect you... it needs to keep extremely close tabs on the companies it funds.
If you ask me, there's not a single better investment opportunity available to safely build your retirement accounts to the levels you deserve. The levels you want.
You shouldn't have to worry about if you'll have enough money when you get older...
And now you don't have to.
As Financial Advisor puts it:

I do have to give a word of warning, though: BDCs, like any investment, offer several options to choose from. And they're certainly not all created equally.
Fortunately, I've spent the past several months conducting thorough due diligence on each as many of them as I could get my hands on...
And after countless hours, I've uncovered two that are what I consider to be the perfect retirement
They have it all: top management, extremely high monthly dividend payouts, and investment portfolios stocked full of some of the most promising companies I've ever encountered!
I've compiled all the details in a new report called, "Retirement Jackpot: The Best Private Equity Deals Around."
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All that I ask is that you test-drive my best-selling investment letter, The Wealth Advisory. And I'll fill you in more on the perks of joining The Wealth Advisory in a moment.
First, I'd like to explain a little further exactly WHY I want you to start looking into these BDCs as your ultimate retirement booster.
You see, pretty soon they might be the only retirement-friendly investments left...

Good Public Companies are Becoming an Endangered Species
As a recent article from the Economist puts it:

And USA Today writes:
And they're right.
Dell, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble are just a few of the latest companies taking aim at the private route.

dell logo     good best buy logo     barnes n noble logo

And for good reason: You see, there's a lot more freedom for companies to pursue and focus on long-term, stable growth when private.
The simple truth is it isn't easy running a public company...
You need to please investors every three months. You have to be overly transparent about your operations. Analysts pry into every detail of your operation during quarterly earnings calls.
In other words, you can't focus on truly running your company the way it needs to be run.
It's madness.
Even more annoying is that a public company is forced to spend millions of dollars a year on compliance rules and special audits, thanks to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (an Act that gets more costly every year).
Public companies are being regulated out of existence!
And worse than the compliance headaches is the attitude of Wall Street itself.
Wall street cares about one thing and one thing only: rapid growth.
If you don't have a growth story, they don't want to hear it.
That explains why the number of public companies has plummeted more than 38% over the past decade... and why the number of IPOs per year has fallen even further: In 2000, there were roughly 311 IPOs per year. In 2011, there we saw only 99.
It's no wonder why scores of major public companies are now looking for exit strategies!
And thanks to the Fed's easy money policy, the funding from private enterprises is on pace to shatter even pre-2007 and pre-dotcom records!
Just take a look at the loans being made to firms for purchasing private companies — and for taking public companies private:

private equity buying

That's just for the first few months of 2013!
And sources tell me that as the year presses on, private funding is only set to increase.
As Forbes recently explained, we're at the dawn of a private equity revival:
Business 2.0 is catching on to the same trend...
Whether you see it happening or not, there's a massive exodus from the public marketplace.
And the transition is leaving fewer truly amazing investment options for you.
That's why it's so important for you to read my latest report, "Retirement Jackpot: The Best Private Equity Deals Around."
And that's not the only thing I'd like to do for you today...
You see, every month I share my investment research in a monthly newsletter called The Wealth Advisory. When you agree to try a no-risk trial subscription, the first thing you'll receive is that retirement-saving report.
This report includes every last detail on the hottest two BDCs I've uncovered through months of back-breaking research.
And that's just for starters...
I'll also send the details of another great opportunity to help you boost the income you're already getting right now.

"American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks"
The United States is experiencing an oil and gas boom, thanks to the disruptive drilling technology known as horizontal fracturing.
I'm sure you've heard of it before. It's literally creating hundreds of new millionaires every week.
From the Bakken in North Dakota... to the Eagle Ford Formation in southeastern Texas and the Marcellus and Utica Shale Formations in Pennsylvania and Ohio...
The U.S. is reclaiming its status as a global energy powerhouse.

american shale from wallord
In fact, the United States of America is now the world's #1 producer of natural gas... after being ranked 9th just four years ago.
We're swimming in so much natural gas that the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported America has over 100 years' worth of it.
And I've found a way for you to get steady income from America's oil and gas boom...

It's a wealth secret that's 26 years in the making.
Because of a unique corporate-tax loophole signed into law during the Reagan Presidency, some savvy investors are now receiving large monthly checks for retirement.
And get this: It's oil and gas companies that are cutting these checks to investors.

I've dubbed these extraordinary payouts "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" — and they're a bulletproof way to build your wealth.
Everyday investors are reaping the benefits of this investment strategy as we speak:
  • Gerald Everton (53) a businessman, got an "American Oil & Gas Royalty Check" for $1,485 every month last year.
  • Warren Levy, 61, added an additional $46,300 to his income with "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" in 2012.
  • Jerry Holt (56) received an incredible $116,037 last year.
It's no wonder the mainstream press is starting to catch on...

test 1
test 2
test 3
These "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" come from companies you rarely hear about, but that do much of the grunt work — bringing oil from the fields to the refineries and, ultimately, to your gas station.
Basically, any time oil must be moved from point A to point B, these companies get paid. Likewise, when oil moving through the system must be stored, companies involved in storage get paid.

But here's what makes many of these companies so rewarding for investors...
Thanks to Reagan's tax loophole, many of these companies servicing this realm of the oil and gas universe are structured in such a way that they must pass all of their profits to shareholders.

These companies are publicly-traded — but the nature of their tax structure means no profits can be withheld or stuffed into the company's coffers.

These profits must go directly to investors like you and me, quarter after quarter.
Some companies even mail you checks every single month!

In short: If you're looking for extra payouts to fund an early retirement, or if you want to see more money deposited into your account, "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" may be perfect for you.

And I've narrowed it down to just three companies that I believe can pay you the largest checks for months to come, with very low risk...

I've written up the full details about these three companies you can start collecting from in a report called, "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks: How a Hidden Loophole Lets You Bank Huge Payouts from Little-Known Oil & Gas Companies."

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How to Safely Generate Thousands in Extra Income Every Month
The Wealth Advisory's philosophy is simple: You get paid by companies to own them.

I'm not recommending risky micro caps or trying to predict which way the stock market will turn next...

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The Wealth Advisory is about making sure you get paid more income, more often, from your investments.

Whether you're a long way from retirement, preparing for the big day, or enjoying your freedom now... you can safely generate thousands in extra monthly income, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Even better, you can decide exactly how big your checks will be...
Most investors don't take advantage of these income plays. Most investors make the mistake of thinking they can only get safe income through Treasury bills, bonds, and CDs from their local bank.

But right now, CDs are paying nearly next to nothing — a wimpy 2.1%. And Treasury bonds aren't faring any better...
That's no way to build real wealth.

The Wealth Advisory zeroes in on the best-paying opportunities for you that the investment universe has to offer. 

These are opportunities that target bigger income and fast payouts, but without the usual risk you might expect with these kinds of high-performance moves. And none of these opportunities force you to tie up your money for any period of time. You can withdraw your cash or put money in whenever you feel like it.

In today's rocky economy — with the financial markets being incredibly choppy — nothing beats getting paid a dependable substantial check for owning shares...
Economists Kathleen Fuller of the University of Georgia and Michael Goldstein of Babson College analyzed over two million individual returns, and found that dividend-paying firms generate higher returns than non-dividend-paying firms, especially in declining markets.

And James P. O'Shaughnessy in his national best-selling guide to the best-performing investment strategies of all time, What Works on Wall Street, concludes you can do four times as well as the S&P 500 by concentrating on fundamentally-sound stocks with high-dividend yields.

And that's the point: You're putting money into solid companies — becoming an owner and getting paid for it.

You're banking on a solid history of continuous and increasing payments to make you money.

Bull or bear market?  It doesn't matter...  
I can help you generate real, sustainable wealth in every market condition so you can live the rich retirement you deserve.

I aim to only show you the best dividend-paying companies, which are:
  • Loaded with cash. Well-established. Well-positioned. Fundamentally solid.
  • In the right industries at the right time.
  • With a long history of doing good business, paying out cash as steady dividends, raising their dividends continuously over time, and looking out for their stockholders.
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There are close to 50,000 fast-food chains across the country.
But there's a little-known financial secret of America's fast-food industry that could pay you thousands every single month... for life.

It all started 42 years ago when Southern California couple Bill and Joan Clark met Glen Bell, owner of a young local fast-food restaurant called Taco Bell...
Glen Bell wanted to expand, but he couldn't afford to buy a new building. So the Clarks agreed to be owners of the new building. That way, Mr. Bell didn't have to tie up his cash in real estate, and he could use it to run the new restaurant.

In exchange, Mr. Bell agreed to lease the building back for a period of 20 years. So Mr. Bell got the cash to run his restaurant — and the Clarks got a steady stream of monthly income for years to come, thanks to their long-term lease.
The Clarks then invited regular investors like you and me to get in on the deal. And the Clarks worked out similar arrangements with other fast-food and chain restaurants in America: Pizza Hut, Hardees, Golden Corral, and more.
Since the Taco Bell deal, the Clarks' company has paid a dividend every single month to shareholders... and they're still sending them out today!

That's 503 months of consecutive paychecks to shareholders.
Even more amazing is that the checks have grown bigger every single year for the past 16 years. So while many companies were forced to slash their payouts or suspend them altogether in the 2008-2009 financial crises, the Clarks' company was increasing the size of their payouts to shareholders.

Today you could be sitting on impressive gains of 2,350%!
In short: By helping these fast-food and chain restaurants expand, the Clarks created an endless stream of income for themselves and their shareholders.
The Clarks' business now covers not only fast-food restaurants, but also many of America's most popular retailers — Rite Aid, Jiffy Lube, CVS pharmacies, Kroger's, Friendly's Restaurants, even AMC movie theaters.

It's pretty much the closest thing you can get to an eternal "fountain of cash"... and you too can collect these growing checks each and every month from now on.
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