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....... Three Russian naval ships were sailing toward Syria in the eastern Mediterranean on Friday and a fourth was on its way, the Interfax news agency reported, citing a source at navy headquarters. Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov said on Thursday that Russia was boosting its naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea, but primarily in order to organise a possible evacuation of Russians from Syria. >> ....An American national security official has reportedly outlined Washington’s war strategies for Syria, saying the US administration is preparing to use B-2 and B-52 bombers for a potential military strike against the country. President Barack Obama’s national security team is preparing for a “significantly larger military attack than most had anticipated,” ABC News reported. The unnamed official told ABC News the military action could do more damage to forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “in 48 hours than the Syrian rebels have done in nearly two years of civil war.” ...>>>

US will bomb Syria with long-range bombers, official says

US stealth B-2 bomber 
US B-52 bomber
                                                          US B-52 bomber
Sat Sep 7, 2013 12:36AM GMT

The B-2 and B-52 bombers are equipped with joint air-to-surface missiles, designed to destroy both mobile and fixed targets.
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An American national security official has reportedly outlined Washington’s war strategies for Syria, saying the US administration is preparing to use B-2 and B-52 bombers for a potential military strike against the country.

President Barack Obama’s national security team is preparing for a “significantly larger military attack than most had anticipated,” ABC News reported.

The unnamed official told ABC News the military action could do more damage to forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “in 48 hours than the Syrian rebels have done in nearly two years of civil war.”

“The air campaign which is expected to last at least two days will potentially include an aerial bombardment of missiles and long range bombs fired from B-2 and B-52 bombers flying from the United States,” according to the ABC News report by Jonathan Karl.
“That in addition to a relentless assault of Tomahawk missiles fired from those four Navy destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean. Those ships are loaded with nearly 200 missiles, plans call for firing the vast majority of them,” it added.

In an interview with CNN, a US official also characterized the long-range bombers as options.

"You can employ stand-off weapons from an aircraft, just as easily as from a ship or submarine. Aerial assets can be used from a distance," he said.

Other reports also indicated that the US military was preparing to employ greater firepower to reach shifting military targets.

“The revised options under development include the use of Air Force bombers to supplement US destroyers in the Mediterranean,” The Wall Street Journal said.

The B-2 and B-52 bombers are equipped with joint air-to-surface missiles, designed to destroy both mobile and fixed targets. The missiles' primary advantage is that they allow pilots to operate outside the lethal range of most hostile air defense systems.

US war machine cranks up again
US Navy destroyers cruising in the Pacific Ocean
US Navy destroyers cruising in the Pacific Ocean
Wed Sep 4, 2013 1:45PM GMT

By Finian Cunningham
The US war machine is cranking up to commit yet another criminal aggression on a sovereign country. This will be just the latest episode in a long history of American aggression and state terrorism against humanity and peace. And US politicians, from President Obama down, are lying through their teeth. They are wrapping themselves up with legalistic, moral and humanitarian principles to disguise the fact that they the mouthpieces of the most barbaric regime on earth.
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The true, barbaric nature of US government is once again apparent. It is a war machine. It has always been so, but for a long time the inherent belligerent, criminal state was disguised with the trappings of democracy, human rights and law.

But those trappings are now discarded; and the steely, bristling war machine trundles forward to kill and maim countless more civilians for its gratification. The US is the political equivalent of a perverse cult in which, periodically, innocent human blood must be sacrificed to satiate its lust.

The US political establishment cannot help itself. It is programmed for war, no matter who sits in the White House or in Congress. This is because the political system in the US is a ghoulish servant of corporate and military empire. The politicians must obey, and many of them are only too willing to obey, the over-riding dictates of the elite: maximise profits at home or abroad. If that means impoverishing the majority, so be it. If that means going to war and killing millions of innocents in order to impose regime change to install pliable puppets, so be it. This is dictatorship by an elite under ironclad capitalist imperatives. Formal democracy was a cover for decades, now it has been discarded as no longer needed.

The spectacle this week in Washington testifies to this grotesque deformation of democracy. Politicians of both main parties, the Democrats and Republicans, are lining up to support calls for war on Syria, while the majority of ordinary American citizens oppose any such action. Impervious to the wishes of its people, never mind the precepts on international law, the US is now taking aim to unleash death and destruction. A country of 310 million people with the biggest military arsenal on the planet is preparing to attack a small land of some 22 million people, which has not or does not threaten the US. In Syria, nearly one-third of its population has been displaced after being ravaged by nearly three years of war. Now this devastated Arab society and its seven million refugees are to bear the onslaught of American missiles and air strikes. How barbaric can you get?

Following a charade debate in the US Senate - and unanimous acceptance by lawmakers of phoney propaganda levelled against the Syrian government over chemical weapons - there emerged bipartisan support for President Barack Obama’s plan to launch war. The brainless uniformity of the American political mindset is appalling. Senators and Representatives were seen congratulating themselves on having “debated” and “deliberated” to use military force - all based on the most outrageous lies and fabrications. The notion that there is some kind of diversity in the US political system is a travesty. There is no “left” or “right”; or “doves” and “hawks”. The US White House and Congress is a collective rubber stamp to serve as an illusion for the capitalist war machine.

Some commentators have speculated, vainly, that there are figures within the US administration who up to now have been acting as restraining influences. US Secretary of State John Kerry, Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey were supposed to be the dissenting voices of reason by which sanity might prevail over militarism. What a pathetic illusion that is. These three servile figures were this week cheerleading the calls in Washington for war on Syria.

And the worst joke of all is President Barack Obama. Here is the man who was first elected to end American wars and overseas aggression that the ordinary, decent people of the US have become sick of. President Obama was prematurely awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after he made early speeches about nuclear disarmament and “reaching out to the Muslim world”. How the American people have been cruelly betrayed by Obama, who has served only to increase US militarism around the world, including nuclear capability, illegal wars and assassinations. Now the Peace Laureate promulgates the calls for war on Syria.

Speaking in the White House Rose Garden last weekend, Obama said: “Our military has positioned assets in the [Middle East] region. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs [General Martin Dempsey] has informed me that we are prepared to strike whenever we choose. Moreover, the Chairman has indicated to me that our capacity to execute this mission is not time-sensitive; it will be effective tomorrow, or next week, or one month from now. And I’m prepared to give that order.”

In other words, this is a president who is holding a gun to the head of the Syrian people and the wider world. What’s more, we can be sure that the so-called “peace president” has signed off on a full-scale military attack on Syria in the coming days. The New York Times reported this week that Obama held a confidential meeting in the White House on Monday with two of the most rabid militarists on Capitol Hill, Senators John McCain and Lyndsey Graham. These two dangerous clowns, who openly support Al Qaeda militants in Syria and have been calling for US air strikes for the past two years, emerged from their confab with the president, both telling the media of their satisfaction that Obama was readying a “serious” military attack on Syria. If those two crackpots are content, then we can be sure that the US is indeed planning a major campaign of aggression.

Let’s put this in perspective. The US and its Western allies’ claims that the Syrian government used chemical weapons are entirely bogus. There is not one shred of evidence to support these allegations, which rely on bombast and unverifiable information. The evidence, in fact, shows that the perpetrators of the deadly chemical attack near Damascus on 21 August, as in other previous incidents, were the anti-government mercenaries that the Western states and their regional proxies, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, have infiltrated into Syria since at least March 2011. There are reliable reports that the mercenaries were supplied chemicals from Saudi Arabia and were acting under the direction of Western intelligence to cause an atrocity in order to provoke the red line threshold for Western military intervention.

The haste with which the US has mobilized warships and cruise missiles off Syria within days of the alleged chemical weapon attack on 21 August, and the unseemly rush to war in Washington, indicates clearly that the bigger plan is regime change in Syria - an objective that the US and its allies have long desired and is well documented. So it is highly probable that Western agencies have colluded in a war crime to justify committing an even bigger war crime; and all the while we are told that the US government is preparing to launch missiles on a country in order to “save lives”. It is so ludicrous and yet Washington politicians feign to “debate” the merits and demerits of this farce.

The Washington elite is brazenly telling lies to the American people and the rest of the world. The cause and reasons for going to war are audaciously fraudulent and insulting to commonsense. Obama and his lieutenants claim that the “limited strikes” on Syria do not amount to war. That is absurd. Five US destroyers are lining up to launch hundreds of cruise missiles on Syria. How can that be construed as anything but war? The White House claims that the agenda is “not regime change” yet the US is sending weapons and CIA advisors to help the mercenaries in Syria, as noted again by the New York Times this week.

Obama claims that the planned attacks on Syria are not aimed at “tilting the balance of forces” in Syria, yet he has said that the strikes will “degrade the regime”. It is believed that the US military is targeting more than 20 airfields and airports across Syria. That obviously has little to do with neutralizing chemical weapons and everything to do with crippling the Syrian army’s capacity to finish off the Western-backed mercenaries, who have been routed in recent months. Also, as political analyst Christof Lehmann points out, US Special Forces have been primed on the borders with Jordan and Turkey to mount “seek and destroy missions” along with the militants inside Syria. “That means that it is not at all unlikely that there will be an attempt to decapitate Syria’s military and political leadership,” says Lehmann. That’s not regime change?

The White House says the action in Syria is “not open ended, it is not Iraq or Afghanistan… there will be no boots on the ground”. So, why is the USS Antonio advanced amphibious warship stationed off Syria with 700 Marines onboard, and why has the latest motion agreed in Congress left a provision for “search and rescue teams to go into Syria”?

It is transparent and glaring. The US war machine is cranking up to commit yet another criminal aggression on a sovereign country. This will be just the latest episode in a long history of American aggression and state terrorism against humanity and peace. And US politicians, from President Obama down, are lying through their teeth. They are wrapping themselves up with legalistic, moral and humanitarian principles to disguise the fact that they the mouthpieces of the most barbaric regime on earth.

What this shows is that the US state is - inherently and incorrigibly - a war machine. Even a supposed “peace president” ends up behaving as an out-and-out war criminal. What American citizens need to do is to recognize the source of that inherent aggression. It’s way beyond this or that political party or politician. It’s the systematic inherent violence of capitalism. Americans need to deal with that for their own sake and that of humanity.
Russia sends four more warships to eastern Mediterranean near Syria
A Russian warship sails through the Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 5, 2013.
A Russian warship sails through the Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 5, 2013.
Fri Sep 6, 2013 8:42PM GMT

Russia’s anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev, the Neustrashimyy-class frigate and three landing ships, Alexander Shabalin, the Admiral Nevelsky, and the Peresvet, are already in the eastern Mediterranean, the report revealed.
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The Russian navy has sent four more ships to the eastern Mediterranean, near the Syrian coast, as the United States considers launching a military offensive against the Arab country.

The SSV-201 Priazovye reconnaissance ship, escorted by two landing ships, Minsk and Novocherkassk, had already passed through Turkey's Bosphorus Strait, Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted a source from the Saint Petersburg-based central naval command as saying on Friday.

A third landing ship was just making a short stop to lift “special cargo” in Novorossiysk in the Black Sea, the report added without elaborating on the cargo.
"The ship will make call in Novorossiysk, where it will take on board special cargo and set off for the designated area of its combat duty in the eastern Mediterranean," the source said.
The news agency added that Moscow will also send destroyer Smetlivy to the eastern Mediterranean soon.

Russia’s anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev, the Neustrashimyy-class frigate and three landing ships, the Alexander Shabalin, the Admiral Nevelsky, and the Peresvet, are already in the eastern Mediterranean, the report revealed.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who hosted a G20 summit in St. Petersburg, said on Friday that Moscow will help Syria if it comes under attack. 
“Will we help Syria? We will. We are already helping, we’re sending arms [and] cooperating in the economic sphere,” Putin stated.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Russian president said that a great majority of the world leaders gathered in St. Petersburg opposed unilateral military offensive against Syria.
“I can tell you who favored military action. It is the US, Turkey, Canada, Saudi Arabia and France, while the British prime minister’s support for the US was not shared by his citizens,” Putin said. “Now, who were categorically against: Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Italy.”
Last week, the British parliament voted against military intervention in the Arab state despite calls by Prime Minister David Cameron.

On Tuesday, Putin said Moscow has its own plans to deal with the possible US war on Syria.

"We have our own ideas about what we would do and how we would do it if the situation develops toward the use of force or otherwise," he said. "We have our plans, but it's too early to talk about them."

The war rhetoric against Syria intensified after foreign-backed opposition forces accused the government of President Bashar al-Assad of launching a chemical attack on militant strongholds in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21.

Damascus has vehemently denied the accusations, saying the chemical attack was carried out by the militants themselves as a false-flag operation.

On August 31, US President Barack Obama said he has decided that Washington must take military action against the Syrian government, which would mean a unilateral military strike without a UN mandate.

Obama said that despite having made up his mind, he will take the case to US Congress. But he added that he is prepared to order military action against the Syrian government at any time.

On Wednesday, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-7 in favor of a resolution authorizing the Obama administration to attack Syria.

The resolution would limit military action against Syria to a period of 60 days, with the possibility of a 30-day extension. It also bans the use of US ground troops.

Obama administration officials have embarked upon an extensive lobbying campaign on Capitol Hill, where US lawmakers in both chambers of Congress are expected to vote on a military action against Syria after they return from recess on September 9.


4 Russian ships head for Syria

2013-09-06 16:06
Moscow - Three Russian naval ships were sailing toward Syria in the eastern Mediterranean on Friday and a fourth was on its way, the Interfax news agency reported, citing a source at navy headquarters. 

Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov said on Thursday that Russia was boosting its naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea, but primarily in order to organise a possible evacuation of Russians from Syria. 

He did not say how many vessels were being sent.

The prospect of increased Russian naval presence near Syria has stoked fears of a larger international conflict if the United States orders airstrikes over a 21 August chemical weapons attack in a suburb of Damascus, the Syrian capital. The US already has numerous war ships in the Mediterranean.

Two Russian amphibious landing vessels and a reconnaissance ship have passed through the Dardanelles strait, according to the report carried by Interfax, a privately owned agency known for its independent contacts within Russia's armed forces.

Three Russian war ships were seen sailing through the Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey, on Thursday. It was not immediately clear if they were the same three vessels, although that seemed likely.

‘Special cargo’
Interfax reported that another landing ship had left the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on Friday morning and was to pick up a "special cargo" in Novorossiysk before sailing toward the eastern Mediterranean. 

The state RIA Novosti news agency also said that the landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov would be headed toward Syria after picking up cargo in Novorossiysk, which it said would take several days.

The three ships reported to have passed through the Dardanelles are the Novocherkassk and Minsk landing vessels and Priazovye reconnaissance ship.

The defence ministry said it was unable immediately to confirm the ships' departure.

The foreign ministry issued a statement on Friday, warning the US and its allies against striking any chemical weapons storage facilities in Syria.

"That would create the threat of releasing highly toxic chemical agents, with corresponding consequences for the civilian population and the environment," the statement said.

 "Moreover, it can't be excluded that as a result of such a reckless action militants or terrorists could gain access to chemical weapons. This is a step toward proliferation of chemical weapons not only across Syrian territory but beyond its borders."
- AP


Maju mundurnya Amerika untuk menyerang Syria rupanya membuat Israel jengkel. Dalam kegalauannya itu Israel pun meluncurkan 2 rudal jelajah atau ballistik (berita running text TVOne menyebutkan sebagai rudal ballistik, yaitu rudal yang ditembakkan ke angkasa dan jatuh ke sasaran dengan gaya gravitasi. Adapun rudal jelajah adalah rudal yang sejak ditembakkan hingga mencapai saaran digerakkan dengan mesin roket atau jet dan terbang dalam ketinggian rendah dan kecepatan di bawah kecepatan suara) dengan maksud untuk memicu peperangan. Namun rudal-rudal tersebut ditembak jatuh oleh Amerika.

Satu-satunya berita yang saya dapat dari media-media Indonesia adalah running text di TVOne, hari Selasa (3/9) sebagaimana tersebut di atas. Lebih jelasnya berita tersebut berbunyi sbb: "Syria mendeteksi peluncuran 2 rudal ballistik di Laut Mediterania."

Tidak ada penjelasan tentang siapa yang meluncurkan rudal-rudal tersebut dan dalam rangka apa? Hanya diketahui kemudian Israel mengaku telah meluncurkan rudal pertahanan udara "Sparrow" sebagai bagian dari program latihan militer bersama dengan Amerika.

Klaim Israel tersebut sangat aneh. Pertama, tidak ada pengumuman sebelumnya tentang adanya latihan militer Israel-Amerika di Laut Mediterania. Kedua, peluncuran rudal "Sparrow" sama sekali bertentangan dengan spesifikasi rudal yang dideteksi oleh radar Syria dan Rusia. "Sparrow" diluncurkan oleh kapal di permukaan laut dan berdaya-jangkau jarak pendek, sementara saat itu tidak ada satupun kapal Israel berada di sekitar lokasi penembakan. Jadi jika Israel mengaku telah meluncurkan rudalnya, maka satu-satunya kemungkinan adalah peluncuran rudal balistik atau jelajah dari kapal selam "Dolphin" buatan Jerman yang dimiliki Israel.

Amerika sendiri awalnya diam seribu bahasa tentang insiden tersebut meski dipastikan dengan keberadaan kapal-kapal perangnya di kawasan itu Amerika juga mengetahui peluncuran tersebut. Amerika awalnya bahkan menolak klaim Israel tentang program latihan militer bersama, meski kemudian mendukung klaim tersebut. Namun Rusia memberikan komentar keras atas insiden tersebut meski tidak secara tegas menuduh Israel.

“Saya sangat tidak mengerti bagaimana seseorang bisa bermain-main dengan senjata dan rudal-rudal di kawasan ini, saat ini," kata wakil menhan Rusia  Anatoly Antonov kepada media massa, Selasa (3/9), merujuk pada ketegangan antara Syria-Rusia dengan Amerika di Laut Mediterania (Laut Tengah).

"Saya ingatkan bahwa Laut Mediterania berdekatan dengan perbatasan Rusia," tambah Antonov.

Saat ini di kawasan Laut Mediterania Amerika telah menempatkan 5 kapal perusak, 3 kapal selam nuklir, 4 frigat, 1 kapal angkut ampibi, dan beberapa kapal pendukung. Sementara Rusia memiliki 1 kapal jelajah berat, beberapa kapal pendukung, 2 kapal selam nuklir dan 1 kapal pengintai. Dalam waktu dekat beberapa kapal perang Amerika dan Rusia juga bakal berkumpul di kawasan itu, termasuk kapal induk USS Nimitz milik Amerika.

Sementar itu di kawasan tersebut Israel juga menempatkan 3 kapal selam "Dolphin" buatan Jerman yang memiliki kemampuan meluncurkan rudal-rudal jelajah dan balistik nuklir. Satu "Dolphin" di antara ketiganya tenggelam oleh torpedo buatan Rusia yang ditembakkan dari helikopter Syria awal bulan Mei lalu. Bangkai kapal dan awaknya tidak pernah ditemukan sampai saat ini.

Baik kapal-kapal Amerika maupun Rusia dilengkapi dengan sistem pertahanan udara dan laut yang canggih. Sistem pertahanan kapal-kapal Rusia didukung oleh satelit-satelit dan radar-radar canggih yang mampu menjangkau kawasan Laut Mediterania dari wilayah Rusia. Amerika pun didukung oleh sistem yang sama ditambah pesawat-pesawat mata-mata AWAC yang mampu memonitor lalu-lintas udara dari Iran hingga Italia.

Lalau bagaimana "nasib" rudal-rudal yang diluncurkan Israel tersebut?

Kapal-kapal perang Amerika yang berada pada titik terdekat peluncuran rudal Israel tersebut tentu dengan cepat mampu mendeteksi rudal-rudal tersebut, dan tentu juga memiliki kemampuan menembak jatuh rudal-rudal tersebut. Patut diduga rudal-rudal tersebut ditembak jatuh oleh Amerika, meski baik Amerika mapun Israel tidak pernah mengakuinya. Penembakan tersebut tentu didasarkan pada 2 hal. Pertama, karena rudal-rudal tersebut terbang di kawasan yang berada dalam kontrol militer Amerika sehingga dianggap membahayakan kapal-kapal perang Amerika. Kedua, ada kemungkinan Amerika mengetahui peluncuran rudal-rudal Israel tersebut ditujukan untuk memicu perang yang sampai saat ini belum disetujui Amerika, dan karenanya rudal-rudal tersebut ditembak jatuh.

Keberhasilan Amerika mengatasi insiden rudal Israel tersebut adalah satu poin yang patut diapresiasi, karena di masa lalu Amerika seringkali gagal mengantisipasi insiden-insiden semacam itu.

* Tahun 1967 Amerika gagal menghentikan serangan udara dan laut oleh Israel terhadap kapal USS Liberty yang mengakibatkan 40 lebih pelaut Amerika tewas dan puluhan lainnya mengalami luka-luka. Insiden ini dilandasi motif Israel untuk menyeret Amerika ke dalam perang melawan Mesir.

* Tahun 1986, Irak menembakkan rudal anti-kapal yang ditembakkan dari pesawat terbang, menghantam kapal perang USS Stark, menewaskan beberapa pelaut Amerika dan nyaris menenggelamkan kapal tersebut.

* Tahun 1987, kapal perang USS Vincennes menembak jatuh pesawat komersial Iran dan menewaskan 290 penumpangnya.

* Tahun 1996, pesawat penumpang TWA-800 ditembak jatuh di lepas pantai New York, Amerika oleh kapal perang Amerika.

* Tahun 2000, 2 teroris meledakkan bom di haluan kapal USS Cole yang tengah bersandar di pelabuhan Yaman, mengakibatkan kerusakan hebat dan menewaskan belasan pelaut Amerika di dalamnya.

* Tahun 2001, gedung Pentagon yang dilengkapi sistem pertahanan udara canggih gagal mengantisipasi serangan pesawat teroris (atau rudal jelajah) yang menghancurkan salah satu sisinya.


Di tengah-tengah ketegangan antara Rusia dan Amerika terkait rencana serangan militer Amerika terhadap Syria, Rusia kembali mengirimkan kapal-kapap perangnya ke kawasan Laut Mediterania yang berdekatan dengan Syria. Kali ini Rusia mengirim 3 kapal perangnya termasuk kapal jelajah berpeluru kendali "Moskva", yang akan menjadi kapal komando satuan laut Rusia di kawasan tersebut.

"Kapal jelajah Moskva tengah berlayar menuju Selata Gibraltar. Dalam waktu sekitar 10 hari akan memasuki kawasan Timur Mediterania dimana kapal itu akan mengambil alih komando gugus tugas laut di kawasan itu," kata seorang pejabat militer Rusia yang tidak bersedia disebutkan namanya kepada para awak media massa di Moskow, Rabu (4/9).

"Moskva" akan didampingi oleh 2 kapal perang lainnya, sebuah destroyer dari armada Laut Baltik dan sebuah frigat dari Armada Laut Hitam yang diperkirakan tiba di kawasan tersebut hari Jumat (6/9).

Pada tgl 1 September lalu Rusia telah mengirimkan kapal pengintai "Priazovye". Minggu lalu menhan Rusia mengumumkan pengiriman kapal-kapal beberapa Rusia termasuk "Moskva" ke Laut Mediterania untuk "tugas rutin".

"'Schlock and Awe,' Israel missile test fraud"; Gordon Duff; Veterans Today; 4 September 2013
"Russian defense official warns Israel on missile launch in Mediterranean"; Press TV; 4 September 2013
"Russia sends missile cruiser to Eastern Mediterranean"; Press TV; 4 September 2013

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The US denies reports that it has carried out a joint missile test with Israel in the Mediterranean Sea. The US Navy announced that it did not fire any missiles from ships in the region.


Sebuah pesawat F-22 Raptor Amerika yang dianggap sebagai pesawat tempur paling canggih Amerika, dikabarkan jatuh di Utara Yordania karena tembakan sistem pertahanan udara Syria. Jika laporan ini benar maka hal itu mengkonfirmasi keberadaan sistem pertahanan udara S-300 buatan Rusia, atau bahkan yang lebih canggih lagi yaitu S-400, di Syria.

Menurut koran Oklahoman Post, mengutip sumber militer Amerika yang tidak disebutkan namanya, pesawat tersebut jatuh di Utara Yordania di dekat perbatasan Syria.

Analis militer John Blu Reed mengatakan kepada koran tersebut bahwa kemungkinan besar pesawat tersebut ditembak oleh rudal-rudal S-300 atau S-400 buatan Rusia. Meski secara resmi Rusia tidak pernah mengumumkan pengiriman rudal-rudal tersebut namun para analis telah lama memperkirakan keberadaan rudal-rudal tersebut, terutama setelah terjadinya konflik di Syria. Presiden Syria Bashar al Assad sendiri pada Mei lalu mengatakan bahwa Syria telah memiliki rudal-rudal S-300 yang sampai saat ini dianggap sebagai sistem pertahanan udara paling canggih di dunia.

Di sisi lain juga dikabarkan oleh Los Angeles Times bahwa Syria telah menembak jatuh 4 rudal jelajah Tomhawk Amerika dengan menggunakan sistem pertahan udara Bentsr 1. Rudal-rudal tersebut ditembakkan untuk menguji keampuhan pertahanan udara Syria.

Kabar ini tidak dimuat oleh media-media massa "mapan" namun telah banyak beredar di media-media online independen.

Dipastikan jatuhnya pesawat F-22 serta rudal-rudal Tomahawk itu membuat Amerika berfikir ulang untuk meneruskan niatnya menggempur Syria, atau justru membuatnya mata gelap.

"U.S. F-22 Raptor Jet Crashed Above the Sky of northern Jordan"; Before It News; 2 September 2013

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“Kami punya pandangan tentang apa yang akan kami lakukan dan bagaimana kita akan melakukannya terkait situasi yang berkembang di Syria yang mengarah pada penggunaan kekuasan senjata. Kami telah memiliki rencana," kata Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin kepada awak media Associated Press dan televisi pemerintah Rusia Channel 1 , di kediaman Putin di Mowkow, Rabu (4/9).

Putin tidak menyebutkan "rencana" yang akan dilakukan Rusia terkait perkembangan di Syria, namun besar kemungkinan adalah pengerahan bantuan senjata-senjata canggih besar-besaran yang akan berpengaruh signifikan terhadap keseimbangan kekuatan antara Syria dan sekutu-sekutunya dengan lawan-lawan mereka.

Wawancara yang diadakan menjelang pertemuan G-20 di St. Petersburg Rusia ini menunjukkan bahwa Rusia tidak pernah bergeser sedikit pun dari sikap teguhnya untuk mendukung regim Syria di hadapan Amerika dan sekutu-sekutunya.

Selama konflik Syria yang telah berlangsung lebih dari 2 tahun terakhir, publik dunia memang sering mendengar berbagai jenis senjata canggih buatan Rusia yang dikirim ke Syria. Sebut saja misalnya rudal anti kapal "Yakhount" dan rudal anti serangan udara "S-300". Senjata terakhir ini sangat ditakuti Amerika dan sekutu-sekutunya karena kemampuannya mendeteksi dan menembak dengan tepat berbagai sasaran secara simultan dari jarak jauh, serta daya tahannya terhadap serangan berbagai jenis senjata elektronik. Demikian takutnya Amerika dengan senjata itu hingga memaksa mereka melobi ketat PBB dan pemerintah Rusia untuk membatalkan pengiriman senjata itu ke Iran dan Syria.

Akibat tekanan PBB Rusia membatalkan pengiriman S-300 ke Iran, meski kedua negara telah meneken kontrak jual-beli beberapa unit sistem S-300. Sampai saat ini pun Rusia secara resmi membantah telah mengirim rudal-rudal S-300 ke Syria. Namun para analis militer percaya secara diam-diam Rusia telah mengirim rudal-rudal itu ke Syria, khususnya setelah ancaman serangan Amerika ke Syria semakin meningkat. Selain itu diketahui juga bahwa Syria telah memiliki beberapa unit sistem (seperangkat senjata yang meliputi radar, peluncur dan rudalnya) S-300 yang didapatkan di pasar gelap. Presiden Bashar al Assad sendiri pada bulan Mei lalu telah mengatakan secara terbuka bahwa Syria telah memiliki senjata ini.

Terkait dengan "rencana" Rusia terkait konflik Syria akhir-akhir ini, Putin secara tersirat menyebutkan kemungkinan akan melanjutkan pengiriman senjata S-300 ke Iran yang disebutnya sebagai "sekutu regional Syria", yang terbengkalai karena tekanan PBB. Meski telah mengembangkan sistem pertahanan udara sendiri yang tergolong cukup canggih, Iran dianggap masih memiliki kelemahan dalam sistem pertahanan udara jarak jauhnya. Dan dengan senjata-senjata S-300 itu dipastikan Iran mampu menutupi kelemahan tersebut dengan efektif.

Dalam wawancara tersebut Putin kembali mengkritik kredibilitas tuduhan Amerika terhadap pemerintah Syria sebagai pelaku serangan senjata kimia. Menurutnya tuduhan tersebut "sangat absurd".

“Kami tidak memiliki fakta-fakta detil tentang apa yang sebenarnya terjadi. Apakah itu senjata kimia atau hanya semacam polusi udara?" kata Putin.


Sementara itu di medan perang Syria dikabarkan milisi pro-pemerintah dengan dukungan militer Syria berhasil merebut kembali kota strategis Ariha setelah melalui pertempuran sengit dengan pemberontak. Dengan direbutnya kota tersebut, pemerintah Syria berhadap bisa membuka kembali jalur suplai antara wilayah pantai di Latakia dengan provinsi Idlib dimana kota Ariha berada.

Kota Ariha berada di dekat jalan raya utama menuju kota Idlib di Utara Syria. Penguasaa kota itu memungkinkan pemerintah mengkonsolidasikan kekuatannya yang berada di Latakia dengan provinsi Idlib yang saat ini berada di bawah kepungan pemberontak.

Dalam pertemuran di Ariha tersebut para anggota milisi melakukan penetrasi ke dalam kota di bawah lindungan serangan artileri militer Syria.

Operasi di Ariha ini merupakan bagian dari opeasi militer besar-besaran yang dilakukan militer Syria untuk membersihkan Provinsi Idlib dari keberadaan para pemberontak. Selain di kota-kota, militer Syria dan milisi juga melakukan serangkaian serangan ke daerah-daerah pinggiran hingga ke kawasan pegunungan.

Pada tgl 25 Juli lalu Sekjen PBB mengatakan bahwa korban tewas selama konfli di Syria telah mencapai angka 100.000 jiwa. Sementara itu laporan terakhir menyebutkan bahwa terdapat 4,25 juta penduduk Syria yang terpaksa menjadi pengungsi dengan 1,8 juta di antaranya meninggalkan negaranya.

"Syria: Putin’s Veiled Warning to Obama"; News Brief; 4 September 2013
"Syrian forces retake strategic town of Ariha"; Press TV; 4 September



Amerika dikabarkan bakal menggunakan kekuatan penuh untuk menghancurkan kekuatan militer Syria, di antaranya dengan pesawat-pesawat pembom strategis B-52 dan B-2 yang diterbangkan langsung dari Amerika. Pembom-pembom itu akan dilengkapi dengan rudal-rudal "udara ke darat" yang mempu menghancurkan target-target tetap maupun yang bergerak.

Demikian informasi yang disampaikan beberapa pejabat militer Amerika kepada media Amerika ABC News dan CNN baru-baru ini.

"Tim keamanan nasional yang dibentuk Presiden Barack Obama tengah mempersiapkan sebuah operasi militer yang "serangan militer yang lebih besar dari yang pernah diantisipasi," lapor ABC News mengutip pejabat tersebut.

Menurut pejabat tersebut, dampak serangan yang bakal dilakukan selama 2 hari diperkirakan akan jauh lebih hebat daripada yang telah dilakukan pemberontak selama 2 tahun lebih.

“Serangan udara yang diperkirakan akan berlangsung setidaknya selama 2 hari akan menggunakan rudal-rudal dan bom-bom jarak jauh yang ditembakkan dari pembom-pembom B-2 dan B-52 yang terbang dari Amerika," tambah laporan tersebut.

Serangan tersebut bakal dikombinasikan dengan serangan rudal-rudal jelajah Tomahawk yang diluncurkan dari kapal-kapal perang Amerika di kawasan Timur Laut Mediterania. Kapal-kapal tersebut dilengkapi dengan hampir 200 rudal Tomahawk.

Sementara itu dalam wawancara dengan televisi CNN, seorang pejabat militer Amerika lainnya memperkuat pernyataan sebelumnya dengan menyebutnya sebagai salah satu pilihan.

"Kita dapat menembakkan senjata-senjata dari pesawat semudah kapal perang atau kapal selam. Asset-asset udara bisa digunakan untuk menyerang dari jarak jauh," kata pejabat tersebut.

Laporan-laporan lain mengindikasikan bahwa Amerika tengah mempersiapkan kekuatannya untuk menyerang sasaran-sasaran bergerak.

“Pilihan-pilihan baru yang tengah dibahas adalah termasuk penggunaan bomber-bomber sebagai tambahan bagi kapal-kapal perang di Mediterania,” tulis The Wall Street Journal baru-baru ini.

Selama era Perang Dingin, pesawat-pesawat pembom B-2 dan B-52 dilengkapi senjata utama berupa rudal-rudal berhulu ledak nuklir. Namun untuk misi di Syria diperkirakan akan menggunakan rudal-rudal "udara ke darat" yang didisain untuk menghancurkan sasaran tetap dan bergerak. Keunggulan bomber-bomber tersebut adalah dapat melakukan serangan jarak jauh yang relatif bebas dari senjata pertahanan udara lawan, meski mungkin tidak bagi sistem pertahanan udara Syria dan Rusia.


Sementara itu kantor berita Rusia Interfax baru-baru ini mengambarkan bahwa Rusia kembali mengirimkan lebih banyak kapal perangnya ke sekitar perairan Syria di Laut Mediterania. Mengutip keterangan pejabat tertinggi AL Rusia.

Kepala staff AL Rusia Sergei Ivanov kepada media Rusia mengatakan hari Kamis lalu bahwa Rusia tengah memperkuat kekuatan AL-nya di Laut Mediterania. Namun ia tidak menjelaskan secara rinci berapa kapal perang Rusia yang akan berada di kawasan tersebut.

Kehadiran kapal-kapal perang Rusia itu memicu kekhawatiran bahwa konflik Syria bakal berubah menjadi perang regional atau bahkan perang yang lebih besar lagi yang melibatkan Amerika dan Rusia. Amerika sendiri yang tengah merencanakan serangan "terbatas" terhadap Syria telah mengirimkan sejumlah kapal perangnya di sekitar Syria.

Interfax melaporkan bahwa setidaknya 2 kapal perang Rusia telah melintasi Selat Dardanella Turki menuju Laut Mediterania. Keduanya adalah kapal amphibi dan kapal pengamat yang berasal dari Armada Laut Hitam Rusia. Sementara tiga kapal perang Rusia lainnya pada hari Kamis terlihat telah melintasi Selat Bospurus yang membelah kota Istambul

Selain itu Interfax juga melaporkan sebuah kapal pengangkut dengan "muatan khusus" yang  diduga kuat sebagai senjata-senjata canggih, telah meninggalkan pelabuhan Sevastopol di Laut Hitam menuju Laut Mediterania. Media Rusia RIA Novosti menyebutkan bahwa kapal bernama Nikolai Filchenkov itu menuju Syria setelah mengangkut kargo di Novorossiysk.

"US will bomb Syria with long-range bombers, official says"; Press TV; 9 September 2013
"4 Russian ships head for Syria";; 9 September 2013

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