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"Spark Profit System"
Leads to $3,040 in Profits
By next Monday, this field-tested trading approach could hand you $1,520 in pure profits... and you could do it twice per month every month moving forward
Dear Friend,
In mere moments, I'm going share with you a simple, systematic approach to trading that could help you average profits of $1,520 every two weeks.
And you can do it twice per month... EVERY month... on ANY stock — from blue chips to virtually unknowns to the beaten-down stocks no one else wants to touch.
Just imagine pulling down a real side income of $36,480 each year by using just a single, easy-to-understand trading strategy.
And that's if you start with just $2,000. Begin with $4,000, and you stand to double that figure (and pull in $72,960 per year in disposable cash income).
Don't believe me?
Just ask Scott Abraham...
Scott, a run-of-the-mill investor, touched base with his broker one day to discover he was $100k in the hole.
Needless to say, he took his money and turned tail. And he never looked back.
Then Scott was put in touch with me... and I showed him the secret I'm about to reveal to you.
By following ONLY my proprietary approach to trading, Scott quickly recouped some of his losses — earning $45,000 in just five months' time.
I call this strategy the "Spark Profit System" and you'll see why soon.
But first let me first introduce myself...
My name is Christian DeHaemer. I've been successfully trading in the markets for almost 20 years now, helping investors profit from under-the-radar opportunities most "experts" aren't even tuned to.
And today I'm going to reveal a strategy I've been fine-tuning — and using to rake in profits — for nearly 15 years...
The "Spark Profit System"
If you'd known about — and had been using — this strategy since the start of 2013, you'd have:
  • Locked down a 90% win rate
  • Booked average gains of 61%
  • Pulled in 9 winners (two per month); and
  • Made untold amounts of cash.
Imagine pulling in $1,520 every two weeks almost 100% of the time. It's unheard of in the financial industry...
Yet the "Spark Profit System" has done just that!
So, let me show you how it all works... as well as how YOU can start using this strategy to bank a sizable second income.

How $2,000 Becomes $10,783 in 60 Days
Take a look at how much money you could've pocketed in January of this year, thanks to the "Spark Profit System."
On January 3, the "Spark Profit System" screamed that ABG was about to make a big move.

If you'd bought in on January 3... and cashed out 28 days later, like I told investors to...
You would've watched a $1,000 stake balloon to $2,260!
You would have more than doubled your money on just this one trade.
But let's say you wanted to capitalize on the other two trades the "Spark Profit System" signaled that month...
On January 17, the system sounded the alarm for Rentech Nitrogen Partners:


Eight days later, a $1,000 investment would've returned you a profit of $380.
And on January 25 — the same day you closed your Rentech position — you could've bought into Peabody Energy with just $1,000.

Just four days later you would've seen that $1,000 jump to $1,527.
How's that for starting the year?
One month in, and there were already $2,067 in pure profits for the taking. And that's if you started with just $1,000.
Even crazier, in February, it would've been even BETTER...
On February 6, Westport Innovations lit up every signal in the "Spark Profit System":


Just $2,000 invested into Westport on that day — and you would've cashed out with a $3,700 profit in just a week's time.
In other words, one week into the month and your money would've already doubled.
But it didn't stop there...
On February 20, my "Spark Profit System" was telling me Toll Brothers was in trouble...


Despite the stock tanking, you could've still turned $2,000 into $3,636.
So with a starting investment of just $2k, you would've made a fat profit of $3,336 on just two plays!
These are the kinds of profits most investors are praying for just ONCE a year, when they try to ride a big trend (and, sadly, don't make a penny for their trouble)...
Meanwhile, the media is rejoicing because the S&P is up 7.61% after 13 years. After more than a decade, many people are more or less back where they started.
But by using the "Spark Profit System," you'll stay ahead of the game. And in fact, you stand to be making profits hand over fist, almost immediately.
So, how does it work, exactly?
Well, that's what this report is all about. I'm going to show you how it works, including the four specific signals to follow to fully harness this system for rapid-fire profit.
As you'll see, the unique combination of technical and fundamental factors make the "Spark Profit System" a comprehensive investing system. Not only does it find fast, easy profits — but it finds them often. In one month, anywhere from two to five trades set off my alerts, sometimes even more than that.
This may sound too good to be true. So, I'm not asking you to believe me...
Instead, I'm going to show you how my system works.
Once you see this system in action, how we make these returns will suddenly make a lot more sense to you.
But more importantly, after I explain how it works, I'm going to prove it — beyond the shadow of a doubt — by letting you try out some of these trades for yourself.
You can paper trade them, invest out of your main account, or just devote some of your "play" money.
Whatever you choose to do, you'll get to see — first-hand — exactly how the "Spark Profit System" consistently churns out profitable trades, every single month.

Catch It If You Can...
Before we go further, you have to understand one thing.
And that is the trading approach I'm about to show you is not for the kind of people who want to make one or two trades a year and hope for the best.
To rapidly grow your portfolio, you have to be in the markets, snatching profits when they present themselves.
I'll tell you right now... Dan Zanger, the world-record-holding trader who turned $11,000 into $42 million in two years, wasn't sitting around smoking a pipe while the markets moved.
If you want the investments that hand you a $760 profit for every $1,000 you trade, you have to go out, get in the market, and find them.
Here's the good news: That's exactly what the "Spark Profit System" does.
It takes stacks of information — I'm talking about various technical indicators, like double-tops, box charts, MACD, RSI, and more — and distills them into a system that pinpoints these potential money-doublers.
Let me give you a few examples of how it works...
Take a gander at this chart for Navistar:


As you can see, nothing miraculous seemed to be happening here. Investors would've looked at this chart and seen nothing but stagnancy, maybe even potential loss.
But when you look at this chart through the lens of the "Spark Profit System," you get a different picture...
This chart would've represented a 24-hour PROFIT of $1,000 for every $1,500 you had traded.
I'll give you another example. Take a look at this chart of Groupon:

This stock was a nightmare for investors. In just a couple months, Groupon shareholders lost 44% of their money as the stock plummeted from $18 to $10.
However, every indicator in the "Spark Profit System" was SCREAMING a buy.
Here's what happened next...
In just six days, this beaten-down company could've handed you profit of $9,800 for every $5,000.
Let me break that down for you: In less than a full week, you made what someone earning six figures makes in a month!
Heck, you could've even used this trading system to skim some profit off of Facebook! Look:

After Facebook's disastrous IPO and more than a year of killing investors, the "Spark Profit System" would've still shown you how to make a quick, four-day profit of $26.60 for every $100 you invested.
These are only three of the 64 winning trades investors following my research had the chance to profit from last year.
Think about that... That means we were averaging FIVE profitable trades every single month.
You don't even have to jump on all of them to make stable income every month from just a few minutes of work. And sometimes, the opportunities come much faster...

How to turn $5,000 into $15,600 in 3 Days
Take this play on Arena Pharmaceuticals:

On May 8, 2012, you could've hopped in with as little as $500 — and just three days later, closed out with a PROFIT of $1,060.
Or had you been a little more aggressive, you could've watched as $5,000 snowballed into $15,600... or $10,000 into $31,200!
Even better, the 8th of the month was a Tuesday. The 11th was a Friday.
You could've taken $1,000 on Tuesday... and had a fresh burst of $1,666 to spend that weekend with your family and friends — and you'd still have your original $1,000!
Not convinced yet?
Here's another one: Furiex Pharmaceuticals.


We told investors to jump on Furiex on February 28, 2012. In 24 hours, you could've walked away with a 71.43% gain — every $100 came back with a profit of $71.
There's the Long Platinum ETN...

You could've bought this (like I told investors to) on August 17, 2012. That same afternoon, I advised they sell it...
They grabbed an $830 profit for every $1,000 they put into this play.
Again, that's not in 24 hours or in a few days... that's in an afternoon — while you were eating lunch, probably.
Talk about money on demand!
Of course, these trades don't always come this quickly. It's more of a special surprise when they do.
My real goal is to let you punch in a trade Monday and cash out in a week or two for a profit. That way, you don't have to sit around babysitting your investments, and you can still sleep easy at night.
Like I said earlier, we've averaged a holding period of just seven days while winning 90% winners... with an AVERAGE gain of 61%... so far this year.
That means nine out of ten trades came back with pure profits for those who followed them.
And while I can't say in good conscience that this hot streak will last forever... I'm sure you're starting to see how just effective this system is.
With that, I think it's time to share the true secret behind the "Spark Profit System."

The "Spark Profit System" in Action
You see, the "Spark Profit System" comes in four distinct parts.
I call them the Hammer, Trigger, Options, and Spark.
The four parts are actually quite simple:
The Hammer: We look for stocks that have been pulverized. Stocks that have taken an absolute beating. Nobody wants them. Nobody's buying. The only people left are the ones who forgot they own the damn thing... I'm talking about 52-week lows and falling volume.
Once we find these opportunities... we have...
The Trigger: A sudden piece of good news. Something that causes the stock to make a slight upward move. Think of it like an early sign of summer: The birds are starting to migrate back North...
The key here is simple: Investors start seeing the stock has some life left in it. This is an uptick that usually comes from improved earnings, reduced debt, or speculation about a new product rolling out... The price makes a slight bump — generally thanks to insider buying.
Most importantly, volume picks up again. I don't trade tiny companies with sensitive prices, so this is critical.
You see, small individual investors usually can't make a dent in volume of larger companies. But big-money institutions can. So now, we know the whales are getting ready to swim.
That's when we...
Buy an Option: With options, we can leverage even the smallest move in a stock's price into mammoth-sized profits. By buying an option, you can control hundreds of thousands of shares of even the priciest stocks for just pennies on the dollar. Plus, you only lose the small stake you've invested in the case that the trade doesn't pan out as expected.
Then comes...
The Spark: A 'spark' is when something big happens. Something that causes the stock to make a dramatic move.  
This is where all the money is made.
Here's when investors who were waiting for reassurance come back in droves...
The institutional whales start swimming again. I'm talking about organizations wielding billions of dollars who start buying shares by the truckload. I'm not talking about a handful of traders with $5k to invest — I mean mutual funds, hedge funds, and so on.
Put simply, you want to buy AFTER the Trigger and BEFORE the Spark.
It will be a lot easier to understand with an example.
Let's use one of my recent plays, AOL.
As I wrote to investors on February 8th:
The complaint against AOL has always been that its users are old people using a dial-up connection, and these users will slowly die off. Therefore, the fact that AOL was a cash cow didn't matter, because if the company couldn't find revenue growth, it would become smaller every year.
Take a look at this chart:

You can see here pretty clearly: The bears drove it into the ground.
The Hammer had come down.
Volume had hit the floor; institutions had cashed out. Individual investors were washing their hands of AOL.
But then I noticed something that piqued my interest...
From December to February 7, insider buying was off the charts. In just two months, four of the company's officers had bought over 600,000 shares combined.
That's when I noticed the Trigger: Right there, on February 4, volume spiked — which meant eyes were once again on AOL. 
And just three days later, we had the Spark. 
As I wrote to investors on that day:
"AOL reported that EPS rose 78% from the year-earlier quarter to 41 cents."
Sales rose 3.9% to $599.5 million, beating the $576.8 million expected by analysts polled by Thomson Reuters.
"AOL returned to growth and generated significant value for shareholders in 2012," chirped the CEO.
From the moment the "Spark Profit System" signaled a buy, the share price moved up 11%.
If you had bought the option that day — right as the Spark set fire to the stock — and just held it for the next 14 days... the results would have ended up paying you some nice gains.
Of course, this is just the simple crux of the system — the most basic principles I named my method after.
Now you can clearly see how the "Spark Profit System" works. But those 11% gains are pretty small when compared to other gains this strategy has pulled in. Remember, this year alone we're averaging 61% on ALL of our trades (including the solitary loser).
Let me show you...

31x More Profit than Regular Stocks
Check out this chart of ABG.
As you can see, the stock was thoroughly crushed through November and December...
Then suddenly, towards the end of December, something shifted. I noticed the Trigger. You can see the shift in volume, too.
On January 3, I issued a buy.
If you'd followed the "Spark Profit System," you could've grabbed a gain of 127% — turning $2,500 into $5,675 and pocketing $3,175 in profits... all in just 28 days.
Regular investors (who skipped the options part) made just 4%.
But by using the option, you made 31x as much.
That's an extra $3,075 profit on the same stock — from the same investment capital — over the same time period.
What would you rather have had... $100 from buying and holding the stock, or the $3,175 the "Spark Profit System" would've handed you?
Or take one of my smaller recent gains, Silver Wheaton:


Most investors looking at that chart don't see anything remarkable. It actually looks pretty bad.
But now that you have some idea on how the "Spark Profit System" sees stocks... it's a whole new ball game.
You can see the Hammer had fallen. Then, in mid-March, the Trigger was activated. So we bought the option on March 19...
In the blink of an eye, the Spark lit up.
In just two days, you would've snapped up $1,241.40 in profit for every $3,000 — a gain of 41%.
But old-fashioned investors who tried to buy and hold stock — maybe because they're just nervous about or unaware of options — hardly made a cent, at just 2%.
Put simply, the "Spark Profit System" allows us to rake in the money, from upswings and downswings, and the better gains I've shown you speak for themselves.
It hasn't been easy, though. As I said earlier, I've spent 15 years refining this system, so it's not just some "flash in the pan" strategy.
I've made profits every year using this approach since 1998... I made money as the dot-com bubble inflated and then made money while it burst.
This strategic system produces these big-profit swings because of good, old-fashioned work to make it as effective as possible. (I thank my years in the military for that focus on efficiency).
I've just touched the surface of how this system really works here. Trust me, with the information I've given here, you now have the tools to go find a handful of winning trades...
But without some of the finer points, you could still get crushed.
That's why I've just put the finishing touches on a new report, "'Spark Profit System': Smash the Markets and Go for Gains of 50%, 100%, and 250% in as Little as 7 Days."
In this report, I'm spilling ALL the beans.
You'll discover...
  • The exact breakdown of the "Spark Profit System" — including the simple signs to look for that tell you a stock is about to jump 50%, 100%, maybe even 200% or more in the next seven days...
  • Exactly what to say to your broker to quickly and easily execute an options play (it takes minutes — just say these exact words)...
  • A step-by-step breakdown of each component in the "Spark Profit System" (and how to get in and out, in just a few days, with an average of $760 for every $1,000)...
  • How to spot the NEXT move in a stock's chart that could spin off your $760 profit for every $1,000 you invest in as little as a week...
  • Bonus Secret: I'll reveal the simple way to profit from a stock's price collapsing — with as little risk as possible (and as much upside as you could ever hope for).
Even better, I want to send you this no-nonsense breakdown of my proprietary system — again, the system I've spent 15 YEARS developing... a system that could've shown you 64 winning trades in 2012 and a 90% win-rate in 2013 — absolutely free when you test-drive my trading advisory, Options Trading Pit.
"... made $12,000 in about 2 weeks."
If you're ready to start grabbing the profits I've shown you here, you'll be happy to hear this...
Every month, I take investors like you by the hand and lead them to these trades. And those following the research in Options Trading Pit are RAVING about the results.
Just take a look at what some of them have to say...
Hero Parikh reports:

"I bought SLV April 15, @ $ 2.85. I sold and made about $12,000 in 2 weeks. Thank you very much. GOD BLESS YOU..."
And Ray has done pretty well, too:

"Stuck with the original reco on the MCP June 50 Call. Got in at 4.80, sold first half around 11 and second half around 22.00 for a total gain in excess of 300% in less than a month. Not too bad for a few days work!"
Options Trading Pit trader Gary has made good money...

"The MCP June 50 call just gave me 184% since March 9! Many thanks!"
These are just a few of the ecstatic readers of Options Trading Pit who have written to share their results.
And today, I personally want to invite you to grab your share.
In Options Trading Pit, I reveal EVERY trade that meets my criteria. Any time a trade lines up that could hand us a 127% profit in just 27 days — like ABG — I'll notify you immediately. You're standing by for every possible seven-day windfall that could hand you an average of $760 for every $1,000 you invest.
But here's something that's going to make it even easier for us to find these kinds of quick money-doubling trades...

Hidden Profits in American Commodities
If you're like most people, you've probably shied away from the commodities markets. People see words like corn, wheat, and pork, and they immediately turn their heads.
But, you'll probably feel differently in just a moment...
You see, the very same system I've explained throughout this video works on commodities, too. The commodities market can be unpredictable, and it's hard to determine whether a play is set up for a huge gain or a monumental fall.
As such, I was able to develop a way to make money on commodities — no matter what the actual prices or technical charts are telling you.
Whether corn prices are up or down, or wheat is being trampled... it simply doesn't matter.
Just take a look at this play I recently discovered:


This chart shows the price movement that just set off one of my alerts.
As you can see, the Hammer, Trigger, and Spark all took place. And again, they all happened at VERY specific points in time.
If you time even one of these components wrongfully, you'll miss the biggest gains hands down.
Those who followed my advice and acted on this precise, split-second alert were rewarded with +1,000% gains.
It had to do with a well-known commodity: oil.
As you can see, the strategy worked flawlessly, handing savvy investors who got in an ever elusive tenbagger.
And this happens over and over again with countless commodity plays all the time.
Here's a few more ways we've been capitalizing on big commodity moves in Options Trading Pit...
  • 275% gain on the Physical Platinum ETF in 28 days
  • 185.71% gain on Westport Innovations in 7 days
  • 52.78% gain on Peabody Energy in 4 days
  • 42.26% gain on Enbridge Energy in 23 days
  • 41.38% gain on Silver Wheaton in 2 days
  • 38% gain on Rentech Nitrogen Partners in 8 days
  • 21.62% gain on Kodiak Oil & Gas in 23 days
  • 83.33% gain on the Long Platinum ETN in 1 day
And those are just a few examples.
Whether a commodity is tanking by 90% or shooting up by 800%, I know what to look for to help you make money.
Plus, with the newly improved "Spark Profit System," you won't be waiting years for those big gains...
We'll start taking profits almost immediately by riding these commodity trends.
And right now, I can tell you there are some very explosive opportunities on my radar.
That's why I've just written up a special briefing on this matter called, "Commodity Riches in America: 500% Gains Made Easy."
It explains — in easy-to-understand terms — how you can rake in profits from 12 commodity plays I've uncovered...
And by agreeing to a trial run of Options Trading Pit, you get a FREE copy of this report (in addition to the first report I showed you).

Grab Your First $1,520 Payout 7 Days from Now
So you're probably thinking: "Christian, that's great. I definitely understand you're making people piles of money, very quickly. I understand that you're set to make people EVEN MORE money, very quickly. So how much does it cost ME to be one of those people?"
That's a great question.
What's a service worth with a history of turning $2,000 into $5,700 in just 7 days (time and time again)?
$10,000? $50,000? $100,000?
Hedge funds take that much or more from you every year — AND require you to have a net worth of around $1 million... while only delivering you a fraction of the profits I've shown you here.
As I showed you before, just conservatively following the trades in Options Trading Pit could hand you an annual income of $36,480.
Let me set the tone for our relationship and be a straight shooter: the fee for Options Trading Pit is normally $2,500.
And that's a very fair price. I mean, you could make that back on a single trade.
After all, my AVERAGE profit this year is 61% — just $2,000 on my two investments a month would've paid off your membership AND handed you a $500 profit to boot.
But... your fee today won't be anywhere near the normal $2,500 price point.
In fact, it's not even going to be half.
To get one year of access... one year of on-the-money trade alerts... of research reports... of potential new monthly windfalls...
All you have to pay today is $799.
That's right. I'm chopping off $1,700 of the price to make it as easy as possible for you to join me today.
But if that's not enough, I'll make this deal even sweeter...

"I want You to Hold My Feet to the Fire for the Next 30 Days!"
By joining today, you can test drive Options Trading Pit risk-free for the next 30 days.
That's six free trades you can jump into (maybe even more)...
In essence, you can take $1,000 in each trade and earn yourself a PROFIT of $3,761 just for test-driving this service.
Hopefully you understand the significance of that.
That means that I'm inviting you to try my $2,500 a year trading research for free if I don't meet your expectations.
You might even cancel anyway and grab yourself a cool net $4,560 for a few minutes of trading.
But I don't think that will happen.... Once you start booking up strings of gains of 38%... 21%... 50%... even 127%... or 185%... I think you'll stick around.
Plus you don't even have to trade with real money. You can just paper trade for the next month and then make a decision based PURELY on what you've seen... without having risked a penny to try this service or put any of your investment capital on the line.
Once you start snapping up the profits with me, I think you'll be just like David Benson.
David wrote in and confessed that he has "big scars from past investing failures."
In fact, when he first started following the research in Options Trading Pit... he didn't even act on the trades.
But here's what he wrote in after finally taking the plunge...
"It's uncanny. I made money for the first time in my life on options with the APC calls you recommended. Thanks for your help and wisdom!"
Or Kris Leftag, who said:
"Wow. Joined yesterday and bought the FAS call at $2.00. Got the alert today to sell half. I chickened out and sold all at $3.10. No worries as I will take the 60% gain. Holy you-know-what am I impressed."
Or even Ryan Auten, who was only, too, happy to share his results:
"Great call on the XLF June 10 calls. Made a one-day profit of 24% after commissions. Keep it up!"
So that's it. Simple: Try it. If you think this is the best thing since sliced bread, stick with me and we'll keep finding profit opportunities month after month.
If not, let me know. I'll refund every red cent you've spent, no questions asked.

What You Get for Joining Today
Here's what you get by agreeing to test-drive Options Trading Pit today:
  • You receive between 24 and 48 monthly trade alerts.

    Every month we'll find stocks that have been Hammered... We'll let them scream a clear "BUY NOW!" when they finally hit the Trigger... Then, we'll jump in with options for quick-fire profits, just before the Spark finally sets the stock on fire — handing us gains of 185% in seven days, or 127% in 28 days... or even 81% in just 24 hours.

    Every month you'll get complete instructions on these fast, moneymaking trades. You can call your broker or make the trade online in just two minutes. I'll hold you by the hand and guide you to the biggest, fastest, lowest-risk profits: It doesn't matter if the market's moving up, down, or sideways... I'll be with you every step of the way to grow your wealth and guard your money like a junkyard dog.
  • You get ongoing position monitoring.

    I'm never going to leave you in the dark. After the buy alert, I'll follow up with an explanation of why a trade may have taken a turn for the worse, why we're sticking with it longer, or hell, even just when I am telling you to get out and start planning your next reward for another trade well done! In short, don't worry about being left to figure it out on your own: I'll be right by your side the whole time.
  • You get instant access to my new report: "Spark Profit System": Smash the Markets and Go for Gains of 50%, 100%, and 250% in as Little as 7 Days"

    It might sound melodramatic, but this is my life's work... In this report, I'm pulling out all the stops and thoroughly explaining the trading system I've spent 15 years refining. I'm talking about a systematic approach that is helping me book an average profit of 76% in as little as seven days... and sometimes gains as high as 185% or as quick as 81% in 24 hours.

    With this report, I'm going to "teach you to fish" so you can start using this system almost completely on your own to make money at will! You'll discover how to identify the ideal hammered stocks... you'll develop an eagle's eye for spotting triggers... and you'll begin to intuitively find the best moment to buy your option, just before the spark lights up and takes the whole thing to the moon.
  • You get my research report, "Commodity Riches in America: 500% Gains Made Easy"

    Whether the news is good or bad, there's a way to make money with commodities. Even if the stock tanks, you can get rich!

    This special report reveals several important secrets that could help you grow wealthy.
  • A savings of $1,701

    Remember, this service normally retails for $2,500 (still a bargain, considering my average profit would've paid for it quickly)... but I'm cutting it down by $1,701 for you today to make it easier for you to get started making money with these trades.
  • You get to test-drive my wealth-generating advisory, Options Trading Pit, risk-free for 30 days.

    Force me to prove — for one full month — that I'm not full of hot air... that I can actually make you money. That's four free trades.

    If any one of those turns into a 185% winner in seven days... or 127% in 28 days... even just 50% in eight days... a 29% winner in three days... or even an 81% winner in 24 hours... you'll very quickly make back your investment today in no time!

    **If not, I'll refund you every cent and thank you for giving Options Trading Pit a fair shake.**
Plus, I'll do you one better. I'll throw in two more blockbuster reports for FREE when you sign up:
  • FREE Options Guide #1: "Understanding Options for Maximum Gains" — An easy-to-understand guide that explains how to successfully profit from options, time and time again.
  • FREE Options Guide #2: "The Bear Market Baron's Guide to Options" — A hands-on guide to making a fortune, even as the markets are crashing.

Start Your Subscription Today!
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You can test-drive Options Trading Pit for 30 days — and actually let me PROVE to you how powerful this system is. That means you can call in, even on the 29th day, and get a complete refund of your money.
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You genuinely take no risk today by trying Options Trading Pit.
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You could start giving your trades laser-focused accuracy, grabbing profits of $1,520 every month for every $2,000 you trade — in as little as seven days and for just five to ten minutes of actual trading.
Just think of the folks who have followed my advice in the past and done it...
Jennifer Dent wrote to say:

"I made $175.98 overnight — you are a wonder!"
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"An absolute winner for me. In 2 days price shot up like the sky is the limit. Subscription price is paid back."
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"... sold my TLAB's option today for a 100% profit, got in late on Petro Matad but have over 100% paper profit."
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"I got in late on the Petro Matad play... but having been up 336% today, who cares!!"
Again, it all starts when you accept this offer today.
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After that, you're on the way to the greatest windfalls of your career.
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Right now, thousands of Americans
unknowingly sit on "hidden treasure"
worth upwards of $3.5 million
Even if you're not one of them, I'll show you how to claim your piece of their treasure using one simple Key...
Dear Reader,
When Wayne Sharp passed away shortly after his 69th birthday, he had little more to his name than his mother's house and $200 in his bank account.
Or at least, that's what was on the record...
You see, for over 20 years, Wayne spent his time largely alone, rarely even speaking to neighbors. He wasn't known for having many friends, nor did he spend any time with family.
So when he passed away, it was left to officials to catalogue his possessions and put his home up for sale.
During this process, the crew discovered a bunch of old clothes, some well-worn furniture, and several dusty ammunition boxes in his garage. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Or so it seemed...
Once the ammunition boxes (which seemed extraordinarily heavy) were hacked open, it was discovered that Wayne had quietly been sitting on thousands of valuable and rare coins.
It was a collection that had taken decades to build — and one that nobody, except for Wayne, of course, knew existed.
According to Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover, some of these coins were minted as early as the 1840s.
It was, literally, a treasure trove.
But what makes this story truly incredible is what happened next...
At the follow-up auction, this coin collection fetched over $3.5 million.
And that was just for some of his coins.
The rarer coins were sold individually through an online auction, bringing the total to $7.4 million.
Though Wayne's sole heir (a distant relative) was the lucky one here, there were several other folks who were collecting their piece of this $7.4 million fortune.
And amazingly, they didn't even know Wayne.
They still don't.
I'm not talking about the state government that collected the taxes, or the auctioneers who took commissions... I'm talking about everyday investors who have tapped into a way to collect steady "paychecks" thanks to other people's valuable collections.
You don't have to be anyone's heir. You don't even have to own a single rare coin yourself — or any valuable collection at all, for that matter.
If you know what I'm about to share with you... you can turn the valuable collections of other people into a steady income stream for yourself.
Using one simple Key, which I'll explain in a moment, you'll have the chance to bank steady $1,300 "paychecks" as part of a continual income stream that could help you amass a nest of extra cash that can be used for whatever you wish.
But before you understand The Key I'm going to reveal, you need to know a bit more about how this all works...
So let me briefly cover that — and then we'll get into exactly how to get those $1,300 "paychecks" pumping into your account.

How to Bank a $1,300 "Paycheck" on Collections You Don't Even Own
If you don't already know, sports memorabilia is a BIG business.
For years, diligent collectors have banked huge bankrolls thanks to the clamor for official game-used uniforms, autographs, helmets, awards, and just about anything else you can think of.
Just take a look at a few pieces that have made millionaires out of collectors...
The original documents of James Naismith's 13 basketball rules, written when he invented the game, pulled in $4.3 million at auction.


Mark McGwire's record-breaking 70th home run ball smashed expectations as die-hard baseball fans entered a bidding war, and the auction ended at just over $3 million.


The bat used by Babe Ruth to hit the first-ever home run at Yankees Stadium sold for $1.3 million.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta opened their checkbooks to bid on the pair of boxing gloves worn by Muhammad Ali during his first heavyweight title fight...
Fertitta won the auction for a cool $1.1 million.
And the most valuable single piece of sports memorabilia ever was an all-night bidding war for the earliest-known and verified Babe Ruth Yankees jersey, which sold for over $4.4 million.

The point in all of this, however, is that it doesn't matter if you collect any of these rare items — or if you've ever seen or touched a baseball bat or a pair of boxing gloves in your lifetime.
What does matter is the folks selling this memorabilia aren't the only ones seeing profits.
You see, the same small group of folks who were collecting their share of Wayne's $7 million coin collection was also pocketing a portion of the proceeds from sales of Ali's gloves, Ruth's jersey, and McGwire's ball.
In short, as each of these collection pieces sell for outlandish prices — and they continue to do so every day — you could be claiming payouts off these sales on a consistent basis...
Earning up to $1,300 in steady paychecks all year round.
In the next few minutes, I'll show you:
  • Where to find out what to do with those $1,300 paychecks after you make them — and how to protect them from today's money-grubbing pirates...
  • The Key that unlocks this steady stream of income that has paid out like clockwork for over four years — and why these paychecks keep growing...
  • How The Key keeps cheaters from pirating these profits — and why that protection is the secret to their huge investment potential.

Any Collection Has the Potential to be a Gold Mine... Even if it's Not YOUR Stuff
Like many children, when Billy Wright was nine years old, he bought as many comic books as his weekly allowance would permit.
At the time, he did it because he enjoyed the fantasy and adventure of the stories.
But as time wore on and Billy grew up, he kept these old comic books out of nostalgia — and added to his collection, slowly but surely.
Fast-forward to today, and you'll find that Billy's collection of comic books, amassed over many years, sold for $3.5 million.
Of course, it's no stretch to think that sports memorabilia, comic books, and coins can be worth a boatload of cash.
But what about Luke Underwood's passion: McDonald's Happy Meal toys?
Luke started piecing together the little, seemingly worthless fast-food giveaways because he liked them. Then he started going for full sets... and then some of the rarer pieces recognized only by avid collectors... Eventually, he amassed around 7,000 pieces, the largest-known collection in the United Kingdom.
At only age 11, he decided to sell out. Luke pocketed 8,000 pounds (or $12,500).
And guess what?
You could have pocketed a share of that sale — as well as Billy's comic book sale — if you were aware of the secret a small group of people have been using for years now to pocket cash, thanks to other people's valuable collections.
But if you, like Wayne, have a collection in storage somewhere... you could be sitting on much more money than you realize...

Your Childhood Collection Could Be Worth THOUSANDS Today — Even if You Sold it Years Ago!
What did you collect as a kid?
It might have been action figures, stamps, coins...  all in that shoebox you kept in the closet or under your bed, full of the goodies you patiently amassed over the years.
It seemed like every kid on the block had a collection of some shape or form.
But time moves forward, and life goes on.
Suddenly, you reach an age where those stacks of comic books are just collecting dust and taking up space in a room you'd rather use for something else.
They become less important, because they are no longer such a big part of your life.
I collected baseball cards. But most of them are gone now. I got rid of them. Some stuff I gave away, some stuff I threw out... Spring cleanings came and went. Garage sales picked my collection apart.
Bit by bit, my massive card collections became nothing but memories...
I hung on to a few that I figured would be worth something: a Roberto Clemente rookie card, a 1959 Mickey Mantle card, a handful of the old tobacco cards.

With hindsight being 20/20, though, I wish I had held onto all of those old cards.
While I was upset when I found out how much all those old cards are worth these days, I discovered a way to still make thousands off of them, even though most of them belong to people I don't even know.
That said, if you do still have your collection, or you're currently piecing one together, you can still use the secret I'm telling you about today.
In other words, you can still make money off other people's collections — and even your own, too, without ever selling a single item!
Let me explain...

Make Hundreds... Thousands... even Millions on "Buried Treasure"
My name is Jimmy Mengel.
For the last three years, I have helped over 150,000 readers learn about every area of investing as managing editor of the daily newsletter Wealth Wire.
I've published thousands of articles designed to help my readers arm themselves with the right information, build their knowledge base, and help them take an active role in increasing their personal wealth.
It was during this time spent in the "trenches" of the investment world that I uncovered a way you can collect a regular $1,300 "paycheck" from other people's collections...
And of course, if you have a collection that could be worth something, there's an opportunity to cash in.
Who knows? Your collection could be the next $3.5 million sale...
In other words: However you decide to approach this investment, there is a strong chance you're going to generate a handsome profit.
Just imagine walking into a building with a few objects you've held onto since you were a kid... only to walk out with three million dollars.
Or how about making one simple investment and collecting an extra $1,300 paycheck that you can add to your income without doing a thing?
You could use that money to pad your retirement accounts, take a couple of nice vacations every year with your family, or spend your free time on the golf course.
Regardless of how you use it, it'll be there for you.
All you have to do is make one simple investment — and I'll show you how.

Collect Thousands of Dollars in Extra Income — like Clockwork
Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I can guarantee your collection will be worth millions of dollars.
I'm not a collections expert, and I have no idea what you might have stored in your attic or your basement.
But as you'll see, average folks just like you have found old things hiding in the nooks and crannies of their homes and cashed them in for far more than they ever expected.
And if you don't want to part with anything, or if you are absolutely convinced that you don't own anything of value, you can still collect thousands of dollars from a company I'm calling "The Key" — as in, "The Key that Unlocks Your Buried Treasure."
Here's how it works...

Grading: The Difference Between $20... and $1 Million
So, why are people spending so much money to buy collections?
Because they know these collections can turn a huge profit.
Let's use a real-world example in a very common area of collecting: coins.
If you go on eBay, you can find auctions like these:

This is an estate sale offering five Morgan Silver Dollars — a very popular coin among collectors. The seller indicates that these are not appraised, nor have they been graded. He's not an expert; he's just selling off an estate.
Currently, these coins are selling for a little over $16.00, or just $4 a coin.
But let's say, for example, that you buy these coins and take them to a professional grader who says they are actually Almost Uncirculated 1884-S Silver Dollars worth $500 each...
That's $2,500 — a profit of almost $2,484.
But imagine the grader verifies that these are the same silver dollars, but graded MS68...
Now each coin is worth over one million dollars each.
This is an extreme and unlikely scenario, but do you see the difference a professional grader can make to the value of a collection?
This is why people are buying old collections more furiously than ever. And you can, too.
But you don't have to...
Instead of searching around for rare items that might be on sale, buying them, having them graded, and hoping to turn a nice profit... you can let others do the legwork for you.
Let them do the heavy lifting while you collect a $1,300 paycheck, thanks to The Key.
The Key is a major player in the collection grading world.
They have worked hard since 1986 to gain an infallible reputation among high-end collectors.
And you can't buy this kind of stake in the market. It takes years to build a platform and reputation like this, which means there isn't any real competition.
In fact, when you go on eBay, they are the biggest search result for coins and cards.
The Key verifies the authenticity of various items and grades them, like:
  • Coins
  • Memorabilia
  • Stamps
  • Trading Cards
  • And much more
And that's not all.
This company also publishes helpful price guides and operates a Certified Coin Exchange for coin dealers. They even host conventions for collectors.
Because their competition is so low, they are positioned as one of the top providers of collectors' services.
And now they have set themselves up to pay healthy dividends to shareholders.
But the real reason The Key holds such a stable position at the top of the collection industry is the verification services they provide for collectors.
Allow me to open up my treasure map and show you why all signs lead us straight to The Key...

Why is The Key so invaluable to the collecting industry?
Because they offer much-needed protection for buyers...
Remember when I listed off the big auctions of rare sports memorabilia earlier?
Well, this modern age of sports memorabilia was born in 1999. That was the year Barry Halper sold his collection of sports artifacts for nearly $40 million.
Started when he was just eight years old, when he was collecting autographs at Ruppert Stadium in Newark, this collection brought Halper a fortune, a stake in the New York Yankees, and the fame of knowing that almost 200 of his pieces went to Major League Baseball to be placed in the Hall of Fame.
Commissioner Bud Selig said of the sale: "This important baseball collection belongs in the Hall of Fame, and that is where it will be for all time."
But along with this new age of rare sports memorabilia collecting comes the stark reality that strict verification of these items is needed.
Mere months after MLB purchased Halper's collection, they displayed portions of it at the 1999 National Sports Collectors Convention.
The reaction of auctioneer Josh Evans, chairman of sports memorabilia company Lelands?
"I was absolutely floored at how much of it was fake. There were several early jerseys I saw, and all of them were no good."
Indeed, as time passed, more and more pieces of this "valuable" collection have been revealed to be fake from various credible sources:
  • "Shoeless Joe" Jackson's 1919 uniform was tested — and it contained materials invented in the 1940s and 1950s
  • Experts confirmed the Babe Ruth autograph was a forgery
  • The FBI inspected the Ty Cobb diary and verified that it was fake
And so on.
One of the biggest forgeries — and possibly the most embarrassing of the collection — was Sotheby's sale of Lou Gehrig's "last glove," which sold for $387,500.


How did they know it was a fake? Because the real one already sat on display in the Baseball Hall of Fame, donated to the Hall by Gehrig's mother as part of her last will and testament.
One expert we spoke to says that as much as 80% of Lou Gehrig memorabilia is fake.
But because we attach so much emotional value to these pieces of sports history, collectors will continue to pony up thousands — and even millions — of dollars to own these artifacts.
And as millions continue to flow into sports memorabilia sales, The Key will stay busy verifying sports pieces while collecting their service fees...
And they'll stay busy because they are the best in the world.
Their autograph expert — who you may recognize from the hit television show Pawn Stars — exemplifies how much expertise really goes into separating the fakes from the real deal.
Take Babe Ruth, for example:
That's why these guys are the go-to experts for priceless memorabilia.
But memorabilia is only one place where the collection industry needs The Key...

Coins are Big Business for Collectors — and for Pirates
There is a great deal of caution that needs to be taken in coin collecting.
Counterfeit coins, doctoring, false claims, theft, overpricing — these are all common issues in the coin collection industry.
In 2009, a man bought 561 coins for a total of $370,000 without any verification. After he sent them to a professional grading service, he discovered the coins were worthless.
So a company like The Key with the ability to verify authenticity and validate the worth of a coin collection is peace of mind most collectors will pay a premium for.
You might say these continuous problems with coin collecting provide "job security" for The Key.
And the numbers behind The Key's coin validation services are staggering: Right now, they are grading an average of 150,000 coins every month.
A representative of eBay recently told the co-founder of the company that The Key is directly responsible for the sales of 620 graded coins every hour.
That's every hour of every day, 365 days a year.
Just go to eBay and type in The Key's coin grading company name (and I'll show you how to find that out in just a minute), and you'll find 400,000-500,000 matches.
And that demand is growing...
With offices now in Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, The Key is opening up for millions of collectors worldwide.
In China alone, there are 103 counterfeit coin factories.
Their new offices in China alone are going to bring in millions of dollars in new business, because they are offering services that nobody else is offering in that country!
So while that $1,300 "paycheck" you're going to collect from this company depends on how well business is going, the coin industry alone provides so much revenue for The Key that you can feel confident in your returns for the foreseeable future.
Remember, you don't have to buy or sell a single coin!
And you don't need to be the sole heir of a hidden fortune, like Wayne's distant relative.
But when you think of childhood collections, many of us have one thing in mind...

What is a trading card worth? Well, it depends on where you get it...
In the trading card industry, verification is needed more than ever.
One baseball card trader revealed that he took one of those famous Honus Wagner cards and trimmed the edges to make it look like it was in better condition than it actually was.
tcn-collectorsuniverse-honus-cardIt originally sold for over $2 million.
Baseball cards are fraught with counterfeits and alterations.
But the Key is always there to provide reliable, valuable analysis of these items to prevent collectors from wasting millions of dollars — verifying an average of 140,000 cards every month.
And remember how many coin sales they provide for eBay? Trading cards are even more impressive...
According to an eBay representative, 80% of trading cards on the website are not graded or verified — so they don't sell. But of the 20% that are graded and verified, 99% of those are verified by The Key.
Not only that, but The Key's card verification service is also the #1 search term on all of eBay, providing the website with sales of 1,230 cards every hour.
So now that we know that business for The Key is secure for the future, and there is a lot of money flowing in the industry.
That just leaves one question on your mind...

"If I don't have anything to sell, how can I collect that $1,300 'paycheck'?"
All the stars are aligned for this business: no long-term debt, promising growth (business was up 21% in the most recent quarter), and they are continuing to free up more cash flow.
This is a strong, focused company.
And I'll tell you everything you need to know about it in my latest report, "The Key: Unlocking Buried Treasure Where You Least Expect It."
In this report, I cover everything you need to know about this investment, including:
  • How the future of gold and silver means big money for The Key
  • Why the recent trend of increasing dividends will continue
  • The one swift pivot that unleashed a rush of income into the company
  • How the company was turning a profit within one month of launching their business
  • And why it's still flying under the radar
Whether you want to build your wealth or simply collect some extra income, this is one of the smartest money moves you can make.
I'll show you why — and how — in this report.
So, how do you claim your free copy?

Use the Key to Unlock Thousands of Dollars in Profits, Starting Today
As I mentioned earlier, my name is Jimmy Mengel.
In my time running Wealth Wire, I spent thousands of hours avidly scouring the net for the best underground financial opportunities...
And when I uncovered The Key, I knew this was something that every investor needed to know about.
But I wanted to take it one step further...
There are so many publications and newsletters on the market today, and each one of them promises to help you make a fortune. Instead of stopping there, I put together a new advisory designed to not only show you how to make your money — but also how to protect it and use it in the most efficient way possible.
And so The Crow's Nest was born.

The Crow's Nest: Guiding You Through the Dangerous Financial Seas
In the days of naval conquest, explorers were only as good as their lookout.
Perched atop the crow's nest, the lookout could see for miles out and identify any hazards, traps, and storms well before they threatened the ship. Not only did they spot the dangers, but a good lookout could spy treasure, land, and opportunity to safely guide the captain to riches and prosperity...
It is for this reason that the success of most ships depended on the crow's nest.
Today's financial landscape shares much with the high seas of pirate lore. The world of personal finance is filled with tricks, traps, fees and scalawags.
But instead of Blackbeard coming for your booty, you have bankers, money managers, and government officials with their beady eyes fixed on emptying your pockets...
  • Have you been paying 2% to 3% of your retirement in fees by dumping money blindly into a 401(k) with paltry returns?
  • Have you been counting on social security to fund your retirement?
  • Do you feel like your savings are just sputtering along?
It's time to wake up and take matters into your own hands.
You are the captain of your own ship.
But a captain is only as good as his crew. And we are ready to break our backs for you.
We are your own personal crow's nest, at your service and ready to steady the turbulent seas of finance.
We will demystify your finances and arm you with the knowledge and research you need to save, grow your money, and prosper — all on your own.
The Crow's Nest will teach you how to completely take control of your finances — from buying stocks, plotting your retirement, taking advantage of tax breaks, and simply plugging the money leaks that threaten to sink your finances.
Each issue of The Crow's Nest is broken down into four parts...

Charting the Course: The Power to Manage and Grow Your Money
In each issue, we'll give you a way to set yourself up to safely and effectively grow your wealth — whether it's beefing up your retirement savings, opening an IRA, setting up an emergency fund, creating wills and trusts, and even starting education funds for your children or grandchildren.
Most importantly, we'll show you how to do it yourself — without being beholden to the government or banks to know what's best for you.

Plugging the Leaks: Eliminating Waste from Your Budget
A leaky boat can only last so long before it sinks.
Each and every day, money is escaping through cracks in your financial strategy.
We'll tackle them in each and every one of our issues.
Whether it's eliminating fees from your mutual funds, setting you up with a savings account that actually beats inflation, or revealing the easy ways to save hundreds on car insurance or even do-it-yourself brick-and-mortar stuff like sealing your windows and conserving your electricity.
Did you know some credit cards actually charge you for not using your card?
Hundreds of dollars could have leaked away from sources you don't even know about!
We'll expose the hidden fees in your credit cards, bank account, and stop money from needlessly drying up each and every day.

Tie Down the Mast!: Protection from the Coming Storms
In the stormy waters of the financial markets, sometimes the best offense is a good defense.
We'll show you how to safeguard your portfolio during times of turmoil.
Sometimes all it takes is a simple hedge: some healthy dividend stocks, exposure to precious metals, or flat-out bailing on the market until the dust settles.
Whatever the scenario, if there's a storm brewing, we'll give you options to hang on to your spoils and save your portfolio from plummeting.

Plundering: Add to Your Wealth Safely and Easily
Sometimes money is right there for the taking.
When we spot a safe opportunity to push some easy gains your way, we won't hesitate to tip you off.
We'll also take you through the stock-buying process one step at a time. So don't fear if you've never traded a stock in your life. It's far easier than the financial cartel will have you believe.
Now, let me say that I understand there's no guarantee The Crow's Nest will be right for you...
That's why I want to get it into your hands so you can see for yourself.
Subscribe to The Crow's Nest today and start receiving your monthly issues packed with valuable insight and information you can use to build your fortune.
If you decide within the first six months that The Crow's Nest is not a good fit for you, just let us know that you want to cancel your subscription... and we will give you a 100% refund.
You don't have to risk a dime, and you'll get:
  • My Free Report: "The Key: Unlocking Buried Treasure Where You Least Expect It"
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How much will this cost you?
The cover price for The Crow's Nest is only $99 per year...
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Look, I recognize that not everyone is familiar with every aspect of investing...
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You may not have an attic full of valuable heirlooms... or a garage packed with priceless coins like Wayne Sharp... but that doesn't mean you are destined to live a life full of financial worry...
I'll help you take the necessary steps to collect thousands of dollars from buried treasure.
Your $1,300 paycheck is waiting.
Click the button below to access the map that will lead you to your fortune.
All hands on deck,
Jimmy Mengel
Jimmy Mengel Signature
Editor, The Crow's Nest
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