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New Oil Shale Field Could Be Largest Ever Discovered in the U.S.
Project "Petroplex!"
drill pad sites
Hundreds of drill sites are being cleared... crews are moving in... and initial wells have been so prolific that Forbes Magazine recently said, "They're producing more oil than the pipelines can handle."  

Dear Reader,
At around 6 o'clock on the morning of May 28, 1923, an oil well named after the patron saint of the impossible blew...
The well sprayed oil over the top of the derrick and covered a 250-yard area around the site.
This is the infamous picture of it:

1923 oil derrick

On that morning, the oil boom in West Texas was born.
And the name of the well was Santa Rita No. 1.
For the next 50 years, oil from West Texas flooded the world...
Wildcatters, ranchers, and residents of sleepy cowtowns became instant millionaires as they struck one gusher after another.

There was so much oil coming out of this region, locals dubbed it the "Petroplex."


This region in West Texas has pumped out over 35 billion barrels since Santa Rita No. 1 started spewing black gold.
The Petroplex peaked in production between 1973 and 1974, as predicted by Shell geologist M. King Hubbert.
At its height, it was pumping out over 1.7 million barrels per day.
When it peaked, it marked the end of American oil domination and ushered in OPEC... and for the next 40 years, OPEC would have a stranglehold on the world's energy economy.
They pushed everybody around whenever they wanted to. When they got mad, they cut production, driving up the price of oil and gasoline.
And they would bankrupt any competition to their monopoly by increasing production and flooding the market with cheap oil.
But that was four decades ago. A lot of things have changed — and quite dramatically...
Thanks to the American revolution in hydraulic fracturing (or fracking, as it is popularly called), the Petroplex is about to regain its stature in the global oil market.
To the point, drillers using state-of-the-art technology can now access and extract oil from the actual massive source rock that was feeding the Santa Rita well 90 years ago.
Now before I go any further, let me quickly explain what a source rock is...
Why it is important...
Why it's the reason the United States is currently in an oil and gas renaissance...
And why it's the reason the IEA recently said the U.S. will become the world's largest oil producer...
"... overtaking Russia by the second quarter of 2014" and "overtaking Saudi Arabia by 2017."
The source rock is like a giant pressure cooker or giant factory heating all of that organic matter into billions upon billions of barrels of oil.
Source rocks are typically so highly pressurized and so full of oil, they literally push the hydrocarbons closer to the surface into surrounding reservoirs.

Every drop of oil pumped out of the ground since the first well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania, in 1859 was first created by a source rock.
Every drop!ogt-petroplex-image4
But even though oil companies have known about source rocks for decades, they couldn't drill into them, because it was either too expensive or the technology didn't exist.
That has all changed now with the advances in hydraulic fracturing and with oil selling for more than $90 a barrel.
And that's exactly what's happening in the Petroplex...
For the first time ever, companies are now extracting oil directly from the source rock in the Petroplex.
And the early results from these new wells are already a game-changer.
According to an October 16, 2013 Forbes report:
"... the region [Petroplex] is producing more oil than the pipelines can handle..." and "New infrastructure is being laid to send oil from the Petroplex straight to the refinery center in Houston... "
And on October 21, CNBC reported:
"Oil flows like water in the Petroplex."
And it's all because of the technological revolution in hydraulic fracturing developed in the United States.
As you read this oil workers are rushing into the Petroplex like army ants.
And it's easy to see why...
Large parts of the Petroplex shale are between 3,500 and 4,000 feet thick. That's about ¾ of a mile in length.
That's huge. Nothing like it has ever been discovered before.
To give you an idea of how big that is, the Bakken in North Dakota is between 10 and 25 feet thick; and the Eagle Ford in South Texas is around 35 feet thick.
Both the Bakken and Eagle Ford are currently producing a combined two million barrels of oil equivalent per day. That's more than the oil produced by OPEC members Ecuador, Angola, and Qatar.
And in a few short years, the Bakken and Eagle Ford will be producing more oil than OPEC members Libya, Algeria, Kuwait, Nigeria, and Venezuela.
But the Petroplex in West Texas is much, much bigger...
The sheer size of it is mind-boggling. In terms of square miles, the Petroplex is bigger than the states of Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island.
In fact, it's twice the size of New Jersey.
And large parts of its shale is so thick, it's like finding 140 Bakkens — or over 100 Eagle Fords — stacked on top of one another.
In a Texas News West 9 interview earlier this year, geologist Gary Dawson, who has studied the Petroplex for years, said:
"It's kind of the perfect shale. It is jet black and brittle. It creates and retains vast quantities of oil and natural gas."
He then added:
"Right now, we're just barely tapping the potential of the Petroplex shale."
In the same interview, energy expert Morris Burns said:
"This is a huge shale formation... and will help us become energy independent in the next 10 to 15 years."
And on October 7, 2013, Barry Smitherman, chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission that regulates oil exploration and production in the state, was quoted as saying:
"What has happened in our state is nothing short of a technological miracle."
"It kind of reminds me of the Energizer bunny [referring to how prolific the Petroplex is]... It keeps going and going and going."
What makes the Petroplex so different and potentially a game-changer is the fact that the formation contains several  unique shale formations stacked on top of one another.
The industry jargon for this is "a stacked pay zone."
Think of it as a layered birthday cake — with many layers.
Actually, think of it as five separate layered birthday cakes, all stacked on top of one another...
So even without hydraulic fracturing, a driller can access three... four... maybe even five different shale formations with just one vertical well!

Pioneer Natural Resources Corp. was one of the first drillers to buy large acreage blocks in the Petroplex. They've done extensive studies to evaluate how much oil it contains in the formation.
This is what the CEO of Pioneer said in an interview a few months ago:
"We believe [the Petroplex] will reach 100 billion boe recoverable reserves at some point in time [and it] could possibly become the largest oil and gas discovery in the world."
That's why in early 2013, Chinese company Sinochem entered into a $1.7 billion joint venture with Pioneer just to get its foot in the door of the Petroplex.
Make no mistake; 100 billion barrels is nothing to sneeze at...
That would make it the second-largest oil region in the world, next to Saudi Arabia's Ghawar oil field.
However, the Ghawar oilfield has been pumping non-stop for over 65 years. It's old and near exhaustion. The Saudis are doing everything in their power to keep the oil flowing out of Ghawar — even blasting millions of gallons of seawater into the field's wells to squeeze out every ounce of oil.
But this new oil field in the Petroplex — thanks to the success of extracting oil with hydraulic fracturing — just started producing.
And get this...
Devon Energy — a $26 billion oil and gas company and one of the largest landowners in the Petroplex — has studied the formation inside and out. They estimate there's a 9,800-square-mile block inside the Petroplex that contains 3.6 million barrels of recoverable oil PER SQUARE MILE!
That's nearly 36 billion barrels of oil just in that block.
And they say it's all recoverable.
If true, that block has a gross resource value of about $3 trillion, making it one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on the planet!
That's why the big Japanese company Sumitomo agreed to invest $2 billion into Devon's Petroplex project, saying:
"The development area for the project is expected to have enormous resources... the largest proven oil reserves in North America."
But I have to honest with you; the billions of barrels of oil trapped in the Petroplex is nothing new — nor is it a secret.
Anybody willing to take the time to do in-depth research would have found what I found...
An obscure report published by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1979.
The U.S. Dept. of the Interior was commissioned by the Carter Administration to do a geological survey of the oil and gas resources within the Petroplex formation.
Jimmy Carter wanted to find out exactly how much oil and gas, both conventional and unconventional, America had in response to the continuing energy crisis in the Middle East of the 1970s.
Here's the very first sentence of that report:
"Approximately 91.6 billion barrels of oil-in-place and about 106.2 trillion cu ft of dissolved/associated and non-associated gas-in-place have been discovered in the [Petroplex] of western Texas... "
And don't forget this was published 35 years ago, in 1979.
Of course, today's state-of-the-art horizontal drilling technology didn't exist in 1979. So those tens of billions of barrels of oil just stayed in the ground...
Until now.
The industry-respected, Houston-based Hart Energy Magazine said it best in a recent issue about the Petroplex:

drill pad sites
"There's just oil all over the place."
That there is.
Here's a picture of hundreds of sites being cleared for drilling...
So you can understand why the IEA recently published a report saying the United States will overtake Russia in oil production next year, because the production from the Petroplex could soon double, maybe even triple what is coming out of the Bakken and Eagle Ford.
And remember, that 9,800-square-mile block that Devon Energy studied (estimating 3.6 million barrels of recoverable oil per square mile) is just a part of the much larger Petroplex formation.
That's how big and significant this thing is.
And that's why it's a modern-day black gold rush.
In fact, as you read this, the Petroplex has over 400 drill rigs currently moving into it or operating. To give you an idea of how much that is, it accounts for 10% of all drilling rigs currently in operation on the planet.
That's why the play is the hottest in the world right now.
But even though it's hot, the mainstream investing public knows nothing about it.
I can assure you that will change in the months and years to come...
And that's why I want to tell you about one company that has been there since the beginning — and is already selling its Petroplex oil to the market.
They control over 52 square miles of the Petroplex — enough land to blanket the entire city of San Francisco and then some.
Their wells are pumping out 2,350 barrels of Petroplex oil per day.
That's $227,950 worth of Petroplex oil every single day, or $83 million every year.
And it keeps growing...
The company is cash rich, too — with over $100 million ready to buy more oil-saturated acres.
Let me be very clear about one fact: This isn't some wildcatter exploring for oil. They've already found it — to the tune of more than $100 million in annual oil revenues per year.
As you read this, the company is selling their oil into the market.
No wonder insiders have been buying the company's stock all year.
And here's the best part...

You Can Buy the Company's Stock — Right Now — for Under $8 a Share!
That's right, $8 a share.
If history repeats itself (and it almost always does), this $8 Petroplex driller should be trading double — if not triple — its current per-share-price in a few months.
Let me explain a successful trading strategy I've learned throughout the years investing in oil stocks...
The time to buy an oil or gas company drilling in a new shale formation is when:
1) Production is just starting;
2) Initial wells are showing great results; and
3) The mainstream investing public knows very little about it.
We have all three of these conditions in the Petroplex.
I saw this happen to a "T" a few years ago in the Eagle Ford Shale in Southern Texas.
Here's how it played out:


Take a look at this chart of oil production from the Eagle Ford Shale.
As you can see, in 2008, oil from the Eagle Ford was pretty much nil. I mean, the state of Vermont probably produced more oil in 2008 than the Eagle Ford.
But in 2009, oil production in the Eagle Ford doubled. It was still small, but something positive and revolutionary was occurring as new test wells showed great production...
The American oil and gas industry was about to undergo another rapid change.
And that's when, between 2009 and 2010, savvy traders in the know began building stock positions in companies starting to drill in the Eagle Ford Shale.
And it paid off — big time.
Cabot Oil & Gas, a company with 62,000 acres in the Eagle Ford, saw its stock price go from $5 a share in 2009 to over $40 — for a gain of more than 700%.
Returning early traders a profit of 1,120%, Rosetta Resources saw its stock go from $5 to over $62 in that same period as they built a large acreage position in the Eagle Ford.
Here's what the CEO of Rosetta Resources said in their 2010 annual report to shareholders:
"We've established a major new base of production and reserves in the Eagle Ford Shale — with nearly 65,000 acres in the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas, Rosetta holds a competitive position in one of the hottest plays in the United States."
SM Energy, a company with 150,000 acres in the Eagle Ford, saw its stock price go from $10 a share in 2009 to $88 today, for a gain of 793%.
But then the real blockbuster came when BHP Billiton — a $190 billion behemoth corporation — bought out tiny Petrohawk Energy for a staggering $12 billion...
For years, Petrohawk was a microcap independent driller in the United States. But it had built up a sizeable land portfolio in the Eagle Ford Shale to the tune of 332,000 acres. It was like sitting on a mountain of cash.
And remember, looking at the oil production chart, 2011 — the year Petrohawk Energy was acquired for $12 billion — was still the early days of Eagle Ford Shale development.

Petrohawk had barely started producing oil from the Eagle Ford when BHP Billiton bought them out.
The reason was simple: Had BHP Billiton waited another year or two to acquire Petrohawk, the price tag would've easily doubled (and maybe even tripled) what they paid in 2011.
These are four examples of why it pays to get in earlybefore production ramps up in a new shale formation.
But it wasn't just the Eagle Ford where early traders made a fortune in a shale formation...
The Bakken started it all with Harold Hamm's Continental Resources.
In 2007, oil and gas driller Continental Resources went public on one simple premise: It was the largest landowner in the Bakken Shale in North Dakota.
Back then, companies and investors alike were still skeptical about drilling in the Bakken. For years, the technology didn't exist and the price of oil was way too low to make it economical.
That all changed in 2007 when hydraulic fracturing proved it worked — and the price of oil was soaring to $100 a barrel.
Smart, early traders bought Continental Resources in 2007 for $15 a share. Today it trades around $120 a share, and it's still going strong.
It has made Harold Hamm, the founder of Continental, a billionaire several times over.
I'm here to tell you that the exact same trading cycle is about to happen all over again...
But this time in the Petroplex Shale — and with the $8 driller I'm about to tell you more about.

Let Me Introduce Myself
Before I do that, let me introduce myself.
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Here's a snapshot of some of the quick gains we've fleeced from the Bakken...
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We've had an amazing run of profits over the last six years, which include...
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My focus has always been on North American energy companies (primarily in Canada and the United States). As the years passed, I began to target long-term investments, including both larger infrastructure stocks as well as the bigger drilling players.
My subscribers are thrilled with the results. So we'll keep it that way.
But I wanted to create a service that will target the smaller, unknown stocks that monitor the shale plays...
I want to show my readers the next Continental Resources, Rosetta Resources, or Petrohawk Energy — companies that have a huge amount of growth ahead of them, capable of delivering potentially monstrous gains in a short time.
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That's why I created Oil & Gas Trader, a fast-paced energy service that will give you the chance to capitalize on potential targets where and whenever they surface.
The biggest gains are yet to come, as hydraulic fracturing oil-rich shale formations launches America toward energy independence and global oil dominance.
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The small companies drilling in new shale formations — like the Petroplex — are the ones to look out for.
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That's why I'm so excited about this $8 driller that's already producing and selling oil from its Petroplex wells.
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First, let me tell you why the bar has never been lower for traders like you and me to make substantial profits on oil and gas companies drilling in the United States...

OPEC Admits America's Oil Drilling Technology is a Game-Changer
For the first time, OPEC recently acknowledged that technology for extracting shale oil and gas is changing the global supply picture significantly, and demand for their oil will be reduced.
The thing is OPEC fears these technologies are a significant threat to their stranglehold on the globe.
In OPEC's new forecast, U.S. shale oil will contribute two million barrels per day to global supply by 2020 — and three million bpd by 2035.
Just imagine...
The United States is in a position to export oil!!!
For comparison's sake, two million barrels per day is equal to the current output of OPEC member Nigeria, Africa's top exporter.
If you were to rip OPEC apart and let every member stand on its own... their measly 1-2 million barrels of oil can't hold a candle to America's output.
And they know that.
Truth is OPEC is only strong as a unit.
They might last a few more years... but already, there's pain within the camp.
But here's what most people don't know: The only country keeping OPEC somewhat solid is Saudi Arabia, with its 9.8 million barrels per day.
Which brings me to my next point...

Saudis Leaving the Oil Game?
Not only is U.S. oil production increasing to the point at which it'll become the world's #1 oil producer as predicted by the IEA...
But the Saudis are facing a bunch of issues that compound their struggling position.
Their internal oil consumption is surging, which means they'll have less oil to export.
And I'm not the only one who thinks so: Citigroup recently released an eye-opening report that suggests the Saudis will stop exporting oil by 2030.
Saudi Arabia knows this, and they're trying everything from green energy to reducing domestic oil consumption to cut their addiction to their own oil.
However, modernization comes with a steep price — the price that America once paid. Now it's the Saudis' turn.
It's only a matter of time until OPEC and Saudi Arabia come clean about the future of oil production.
Personally, I don't intend to wait around for them to fess up — and investors shouldn't either.
The best part about America's oil renaissance is that we don't have to play along with OPEC's game of shady reserves, declining production, and the Saudis' future export crisis... because we don't share these same problems.
Instead, America will be calling the shots on the energy stage as we produce more oil, thanks to cutting-edge technology like hydraulic fracturing.
It's one of the most innovative engineering feats of our time, and it will usher the United States into economic and energy prosperity that will dwarf every other boom we've seen in this country.

Why You Must Claim Your Oil Riches Right Now...
Before It's Too Late (like last time)
You don't have to wait around until America gets to the peak of its oil prosperity...
It's important that you move in now — especially with the new Petroplex Shale that will catapult the U.S. into the driver's seat of global oil production.
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You can become rich regardless of where you live.
Right now, energy companies are quietly drilling in the Petroplex, constructing pipelines and building roads to handle the weight of heavy trucks.
It's like the Bakken in 2007 and the Eagle Ford in 2009. History is repeating itself. And so will the profits.
So, what are we doing?
We want our members to be the "first traders" into the Petroplex. That means you.
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Remember what I said earlier in this presentation...
The successful trading strategy I've learned throughout the years investing in energy stocks is that the time to buy an oil or gas company drilling in a new shale formation is when:
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2) Initial wells are showing great results; and
3) The mainstream investing public knows very little about it.
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P.S. Most Americans have no idea the Petroplex even exists... yet it's 140x thicker than the Bakken... and 100x thicker than the Eagle Ford and it's the one shale formation that will thrust America into inevitable global oil and gas dominance. Most importantly, it will create a new wave of everyday millionaires. Click here to give yourself a chance at becoming one of them.

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