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....Warren Buffett's $34 Billion Presidential BRIBE How the world's greatest investor bought his own set of legal loopholes that could earn him — and YOU — 519% gains in the coming months...>>> ...Buffett had just made the biggest investment of his career: a $34 billion purchase that put him in position to have a virtual monopoly in one of the hottest and fastest-growing oil fields in the world. Production at this oil field is growing an astounding 30% to 50% a year. Virtually all of America's biggest oil companies — Exxon, Hess, and Continental — have a heated interest in this huge, dynamic oil field. There was just one thing missing for Buffett.......>>>

Warren Buffett's $34 Billion
Presidential BRIBE
How the world's greatest investor bought his own set of legal loopholes that could earn him — and YOU — 519% gains in the coming months
Fellow Investor,
In early July 2010, Warren Buffett made a controversial telephone call to the White House.
The world's most prolific investor needed a favor.
At the time, Obama's Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, said, "He wanted to come in and see the president, and you don't turn down the opportunity to talk to Warren Buffett."
And it's true...
Even the president of the United States doesn't say "no" to the second-richest American — especially when there's a deal to be cut.
Here's the rub:
Buffett had just made the biggest investment of his career: a $34 billion purchase that put him in position to have a virtual monopoly in one of the hottest and fastest-growing oil fields in the world.
Production at this oil field is growing an astounding 30% to 50% a year.
Virtually all of America's biggest oil companies — Exxon, Hess, and Continental — have a heated interest in this huge, dynamic oil field.
There was just one thing missing for Buffett...
One small piece of legislation in Congress had the power to prevent Buffett from securing a lucrative, long-term stranglehold on America's fastest-growing oil field.
If Buffett could just find a way to get that nagging bit of legislation killed, it would all but guarantee his $34 billion monopoly would be the single most profitable investment he ever made.
All he needed was one small favor from the president...
On July 14, 2010, Warren Buffett and President Obama met behind closed doors at the White House. It was during this private meeting that the two made a historic deal that would benefit both men greatly.buffett-bribe-1edited
Just a few months later, we started hearing about the "Buffett Rule," a new tax rule that would raise taxes on America's wealthiest people.
In return for his endorsement of this divisive tax plan, Buffett received certain favors that guaranteed his latest investment would be a multi-billion-dollar winner.
As you might expect, Buffett has already made a small fortune on this deal...
In fact, in about three years, this deal has been worth more than $22 billion for Buffett.
But the most important thing is that, as this moves forward, individual investors now have a chance to get in and grab up to 519% gains...
And that's why I'm revealing the details of "Buffett's Bribe" today...
In fact, Buffett's low-risk profit from this backroom deal will likely run as high as 25% per year — for the next 10 years.
At that rate (a very conservative one, I might add) your total haul would be 519%.
I've run the numbers every way 'til Sunday, and they're dead-on (though I should tell you my profit estimates may actually be on the low side)...
Quite simply, individual investors don't usually get the chance to follow a top investor into such an easy profit situation.
That's why I'm exposing this story to you now.
Because if you choose to act, you could do just as well as Buffett will on this deal... and maybe even better.

These Easy 519% Buffett Profits Can be YOURS
You probably know that Warren Buffett is no stranger to making lopsided deals — deals that make him a lot of money, with very little risk.
In fact, he's made a career of it.
And there's a good reason for this.
You see, a "Warren Buffett investment" is more than just a cash position...
It's credibility, too. Warren Buffett's reputation as the world's greatest investor means companies actively seek out investments from the Oracle of Omaha. And once a company gets the "Buffett Seal of Approval," the stock price inevitably rises...
Just check out this little timeline:
  • Lehman Brothers went bankrupt on September 15, 2008. This debacle sent the stock market into a free fall. Financial stocks were among the hardest hit. The Financial Select ETF plummeted 32% over the next three weeks.
  • Eight days later, while investors around the world panicked, Buffett invested a cool $5 billion in Goldman Sachs.
  • While there's no proof Buffett had advance intel that the $700 billion TARP bailout was coming, he told CNBC, "If I didn't think the government was going to act, I would not be doing anything this week..."
  • Within a few weeks, Goldman hit a low of $53.31. They then got $10 billion in TARP funds, and by the end of 2009, shares were at $165.
  • Buffett made around $10 billion. YOU could have made a nice stake as well by following the guru to 209% gains.
  • Less than a month later, Buffett invested $3 billion in GE (who then got an unprecedented $139 billion guarantee for its debts). The stock bottomed at $7.06... but was pushing $20 within a year.
  • Again, you could have followed Buffett to netting 170% gains.
Pretty incredible, if you ask me. The crazy thing is there's more...
  • Buffett followed his GE play with a Bank of America deal that analysts have described as "ruthless." In August 2011, he took a $5 billion position in the bank.
  • BoA had been selling off all through the year, dropping from over $14 per share down to $6.30. Yet, once Buffett plunked down his cash, the stock jumped 26% on the very day the deal was revealed.
  • By March 2012, the stock was up to around $10. That's a 95% gain for Buffett — and gains YOU could have pocketed as well.
There is no doubt Warren Buffett ensures the odds are in his favor when he invests. You don't put billions of dollars at stake without knowing a few things...buffett-bribe-3
That's why his latest move is such a perfect opportunity — but ONLY for folks who take advantage quickly.
As I've shown you, there's a pretty quick turnaround on these deals. The gains happen in as fast as a month... so only those with early stakes truly see the full gains.
Now, I want to be clear: I'm not recommending Bank of America, or General Electric, or Goldman Sachs as an investment for you at this time...
No, I've found a much better opportunity for savvy investors — an investment that will inevitably profit from the twin forces of Buffett's savvy and America's production of fossil fuels.
This is about as powerful a one-two punch as I can imagine.

You Can TRIPLE the Market's Gains — for the NEXT 10 YEARS!
Hello, my name is Brian Hicks.brian_side I'm the founder and president of a multi-million-dollar investment research firm called Angel Publishing.
Much like how an "angel investor" provides cash for a promising start-up company, my firm provides profitable investment research for individual investors tired of being victimized by Wall Street's profiteering.
I've seen a lot in my 18 years in this business. I've traveled on wealthy investors' yachts, participated in venture capital funding of start-up companies, drinks and dinners with CEOs — you name it.
I don't really have time for the investment conference circuit any more. Those trips to New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans are too much of a grind on a family man like me.
And I got tired of sharing my profitable insights on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox News...
They never knew what to do with a real-life profit opportunity.
I'd rather focus on my true measure of success: the thousands of investors who have used Angel Publishing research to secure mammoth paydays for themselves.
In fact, I keep a special file cabinet for the letters from individual investors like you that have paid off their homes, sent their kids to college, and bought brand-new cars with the profits they've taken...
Like Cheryl, who wrote to say:

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These investors are no different than you. All they did to achieve life-changing wealth was act on the recommendations they received from me and my staff of forward-thinking analysts.
Now I'm exposing an incredibly simple, safe, and profitable situation that could help you secure 519% gains.
It's a "Warren Buffett" investment, so you know it's safe and very likely explosively profitable.
And because it involves one of the hottest oil fields in America, there's tremendous upside.
How can I be so sure that you can make five times your money safely and easy?
First, as I've said several times, this is a "Warren Buffett" investment we're talking about. It's all but guaranteed not to lose money.
Buffett's unique position has allowed him to make $4 billion in cash — plus capital gains of approximately 72% on this deal already. In other words, he's up around $22 billion in just three years.
This is exactly the type of investment he's used to make himself the second richest man in America...
And it can help make you wealthy, too.
Second, we're talking about a small group of stocks with significant upside. Given recent earnings growth for these companies, these stock prices should grow +20% a year... for the next 10 years.
Most investors simply have no idea how bullish the outlook is for these stocks.
Finally, there are above-average dividends involved that will juice your profits even higher. These are the kind of dividends that can shore up any retirement portfolio and create wealth for generations to come.
Plus, these dividends are prime candidates to get much bigger in the near future (I'll show you why in a minute)...
My research indicates this investment should easily turn an average of 25% every year for the next decade.
Now, 25% gains over the course of 12 months may not sound like much... but if you can grow your money at that rate for 10 straight years, you're talking about a 519% profit.
And this will be one of the easiest and safest 519% gains you've ever seen (and these days, I'm sure you know that worry-free profits are worth their weight in gold).
Not only that, but in just a few years' time, you could be cashing dividend checks equal to 40% of your initial investment — just like Warren Buffett does on investments like Coca-Cola.
He now cashes $400 million checks every year on his original $1 billion investment in Coke.
Starting today, you could safely and easily set yourself up to receive huge annual paydays, no matter what the economy or stock market does.
It's like getting thousands of dollars in "free" money every year.
This is fortune-building the Warren Buffett way.

The Real Buffett Rule:
You Scratch My Back, We ALL Make Money
Maybe you've heard of Warren Buffett's Two Rules of Investing...
Rule #1: Don't lose money.
Rule #2: Don't forget Rule #1.
Yeah, Buffett's got a pretty good sense of humor. But when it comes to his investments, he's not joking around. No one should be surprised to learn he will do whatever it takes to guarantee he comes out a winner.
He's not going to lose money (and you won't either).
Sometimes, that means Buffett crosses the line and invests on insider information.
Of course, no one can prove anything. But we can certainly ask some questions, like:
  • Did Warren Buffett have insider information that government bailouts were coming to the financial sector when he invested in Goldman Sachs? Or was the fact that Goldman got $10 billion in TARP funds just weeks after Buffett invested a profitable coincidence?
  • Did the FDIC give Buffett a heads-up that it would back $169 billion in GE debt, paving the way for him to make billions? After all, that $169 billion guarantee came just a month after Buffett's $3 billion GE investment...
  • Was Buffett tipped off that Bank of America would pass its "stress test," clearing the way for billions in profits? Most investors felt that Bank of America would not pass the stress test due to billions in mortgage liabilities.
Given Buffett's status as a billionaire investor and businessman, it's easy to imagine he gets access to people and information that are simply off-limits to the rest of us.
It's also clear that companies like GE and Bank of America were eager to align themselves with Buffett, as they're well aware that a Buffett investment would give other investors the confidence to invest at a time when there was much uncertainty about the companies.
And this time, it goes even deeper than that...
When you consider Buffett's cozy relationship with Obama and members of his administration, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there's been an attitude of "you scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours."
If you've ever been curious as to why Warren Buffett is the only prominent businessperson to consistently endorse President Obama...
If you've ever thought there was something unusual about Obama's "Buffett Rule" that would raise taxes on the wealthy...
Then please read on, because this story gets even more interesting — and potentially profitable for you.

Warren Buffett's $34 Billion Bakken Oil Buy
On Tuesday, November 3, 2009, Warren Buffett completed a $34 billion deal — the biggest in Berkshire Hathaway's history.
The target? America's second largest railroad: Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF).
At the time, Buffett said: "Berkshire's $34 billion investment in BNSF is a huge bet on that company... and the railroad industry... Most important of all, however, it's an all-in wager on the economic future of the United States. I love these bets..."
I expect that when we hear the words "all-in wager on the economic future of the U.S.," many investors assume Buffett is talking about growing, spending, and the need to ship goods around the country via railroads...
But the true insight behind Buffett's railroad investment shows much more savvy.
In fact, the real reason he put up $34 billion for the Burlington Santa Fe railroad is what makes this such a significant profit opportunity for you.
And the fact that Buffett — once again — has stacked the deck to favor his investment means these profits are virtually guaranteed.
Because when Buffett bought the Burlington Northern railroad, he didn't have his sights set on shipping corn, or soybeans, or furniture.
No, he was buying unfettered access to the very key to America's economic future: fossil fuels. And not just any fossil fuels...
Buffett's Burlington Northern is the main supply line for America's hottest oil play...

I'm talking about North Dakota's Bakken Shale Oil Field.
The Bakken is America's fastest-growing oil field. And the Bakken discovery has been a godsend — it's put the American oil industry back on the map.
You see, U.S. oil production peaked back in 1984 at 8.9 million barrels a day. Oil production then declined every year for the next 24 years, finally hitting bottom in 2008 at 4.9 million barrels a day. (No surprise oil prices hit their highs in 2008.)
But according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), 2012 production will be up 29% from the 2008 low... 2013 should see 6.7 million barrels a day — an amazing 37% increase in just five years.
To put that in perspective, 60% of America's oil was imported in 2005. Today it's just 42%.
And nowhere is the boom in American oil production more pronounced than in North Dakota's Bakken Oil Field.

The Bakken: America's Fastest-Growing Oil Field
It's pretty simple, really.
The Bakken Shale Oil Field in North Dakota has billions of barrels of recoverable light, sweet crude oil. Estimates range from 6.3 billion barrels to over 30 billion barrels of oil.
Yes, that's a wide range, for sure. And it's also true there's still a lot that's unknown about the Bakken.
But what we do know about this oil field is this:
  • It's the fastest-growing oil field in the U.S.: 2011 production was 152 million barrels; 2012 production will be 190 million barrels.
  • Bakken shale oil is light, sweet crude — every bit as good as the best Saudi Arabian oil.
  • Bakken land prices continue to rise.
  • Warren Buffett spent $34 billion to get exposure to Bakken oil production.
Production figures and reserve estimates are one thing, but when the world's greatest investor puts his money on the line — $34 billion of it — that's the best sign yet that there's safe, easy profits to be made.
After all, Buffett doesn't like risk and he doesn't take chances.
He only invests in "sure thing" winners...
Like Goldman Sachs and GE in 2008. Like Bank of America in 2011. And like the $26 billion in profits he's already made on his $34 billion investment in just three years.
It's well-known that Buffett has no problem throwing his weight around to get the best deal possible.
And as I'll show you, he went to some extraordinary lengths to ensure his $34 billion deal would be a long-term winner.

Buffett's Bakken Deal: Game of Thrones
As I documented before, Warren Buffett requested a private meeting with President Obama in 2010. The two men sat down behind closed doors on July 14 of that year.
According to a White House official, the two men met "to discuss the economy and our ongoing efforts to work with the private sector to stimulate growth and create jobs."
But the evidence says it was at this meeting that Buffett got what he needed to guarantee himself — and you, if you so choose — a ten-year supply of consistent, market-beating profits.
You know what the president got... Just a few months after this high-powered meeting, Obama began making political waves with the Buffett Tax Rule.
And what did Buffett get? He got the proposed legislation for the Keystone XL Pipeline killed.
That's right. This is one of the boldest examples of backdoor dealing I've ever encountered.
You see, the Keystone Pipeline was proposed by the TransCanada Corporation to carry oil from Canada's oil sands to the Gulf of Mexico. It would also provide a much-needed link to North Dakota's Bakken oil field.
There was a huge outcry when Obama killed this pipeline proposal.
Maybe you heard that the Keystone Pipeline was killed for environmental reasons... or maybe you saw the reports that Obama nixed the Keystone proposal because the bill was being fast-tracked.
But those reasons are just a smokescreen.
So far as I'm concerned, the REAL reason the pipeline was scrapped was Warren Buffett.
You see, without the Keystone Pipeline to move their oil to market, the Bakken's oil producers are forced to turn to — you guessed it — railroads. And not just any railroad...
Buffet's Burlington Northern Santa Fe is the only American railroad that serves North Dakota's Bakken.
It couldn't be any more obvious:
  • The Washington Times said: "Warren Buffett... stands to benefit from the president's decision to reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline permit."
  • Alison Ritter, of the Department of Mineral Resources noted: "Oil that would have moved by the Keystone XL is now going to shift to rail transportation."
  • A BusinessWeek reporter pointed out that Burlington Northern has a "bigger position in what I think in the next cycle will be faster-growing elements — intermodal, the Bakken, international grain."
  • Justin Kringstad, director of the North Dakota Pipeline Authority, said rail shipments are expected to "increase exponentially with increased oil production and the shortage of pipelines."
Talk about a sweetheart deal.
Buffett now has +190 million barrels of Bakken oil in his back pocket. Right now his railroad hauls around 25% of Bakken oil... and profits and revenue are way up.
But with a newly won monopoly on Bakken oil, surely you don't expect Buffett to be satisfied with just 25%...
He's already expanding the railroad's capacity to be able to handle up to 70% of the light, sweet crude coming out of the Bakken.
Railroad profits will go through the roof — and so will the stock prices (and the dividend payments)!
Buffett's Bakken Oil monopoly has shined a profit spotlight on an overlooked and unloved group of stocks: the railroads. For individual investors, this is the ground floor of a powerful, long-term bull market for a select few railroad companies.

Easy Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly
Earning life-changing wealth from the stock market doesn't have to be risky, difficult, or time-consuming. In fact, it can be downright simple.
Just take a look at what the world needs most right now...
Energy. Power. The fuel to turn the economic engine.
It's no coincidence the U.S. economy started struggling when oil prices broke sharply higher in 2007 and 2008. But now, America's oil production is growing for the first time since 1991. Oil imports are falling. And a select few railroads are vital to America's growing energy independence.
Warren Buffett knows this...
But still, most investors are simply unaware of the advantages of railroad shipping.
For years, the railroads have been a dying industry: rusting rails, rotting ties, slow locomotives belching black clouds of smoke.
But the fact is the railroad industry is undergoing a stunning rebirth, much like America's oil industry.
New rails are being laid... decommissioned routes are being put back online... new railcars and engines are being built at the fastest pace in 25 years.
Why? Because it's cheaper to ship by railroad than an 18-wheeler — by a factor of 10.
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, a train gets about 100 miles per gallon per ton of cargo, while a truck gets just 10 miles per gallon for the same payload.
One standard railcar can hold up to 100 tons of densely packed freight; to ship that much by truck would take four standard tractor-trailers.
That means the average train hauls as much freight as 280 trucks.
And these days, with diesel selling for over $4 a gallon, Buffett clearly understands the fuel efficiency of trains is an attractive alternative to trucks.
But it doesn't end there...
Because as important as fuel efficiency and shipping goods is, it's the massive oil and natural gas boom in America that will keep driving these trains to higher and higher stock prices.


Let's consider the Bakken Oil Field again. In February 2012 Bakken crude oil prices plunged to $71 a barrel, even though West Texas oil prices were steady around $100.
What could possibly cause such a huge drop in price for the Bakken's high-quality oil?

There's simply not enough pipeline capacity to handle the 700,000 barrels of oil coming out of the Bakken every day. And when a surplus builds, prices fall.
In fact, current pipelines can only handle around 400,000 barrels of Bakken oil a day. That leaves 260,000 barrels a day that for the railroads. That's why Buffett's railroad runs between 660 and 990 oil cars out of North Dakota every single day.
And it gets even better for Buffett, because Bakken oil production is expected to hit 1 million barrels a day in the next two years... and Buffett is expanding his railroad to be able to haul 700,000 of those barrels.
You've got to hand it to Buffett. He's used his influence to lock in a consistent, long-term profit source.
And now you can lock in the exact same long-term profit source, safely and easily...
Because the energy-driven boom for railroad companies has only just begun.

Start the Clock to 519% Gains TODAY!
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, (EIA) rail deliveries of oil and petroleum rose almost 40% in the first half of 2012.
You can see it on charts like this one:


And it's not just North Dakota's Bakken...

The Association of American Railroads says overall, U.S. rail shipments of oil have nearly quadrupled in a year: 88,026 railcar loads of oil were shipped in the first half of 2012, up from only 22,714 in the first half of last year. And each car can carry 700 barrels of oil.
It's critical you understand the huge jump in oil shipments by railroad is happening throughout North America.
In other words, Buffett's not the only one who's making out like a bandit...
green check mark One railroad company recently told attendees at an investor conference the company expected oil shipments it carries to rise from 13,000 carloads last year to at least 70,000 carloads sometime in 2013.
green check Refiner Phillips 66 has bought 2,000 cars to bring crude from the U.S. interior to its refineries all over the country.
green check Tesoro has started bringing crude oil to its Anacortes, Washington refinery by train; Marathon Oil Corp. ships about 14% of its Bakken production by rail.
green check Norway's Statoil secured with long-term leases for more than 1,000 railroad cars to move some 45,000 barrels of crude per day to refiners across North America (and by the way, General Electric is the biggest lessor of railcars in the U.S.)
green check EOG Resources built a railcar facility at St. James, Louisiana, to deliver 20,000 barrels a day from the Permian Basin in Texas.
green check Canada's largest refinery, Irving Oil in New Brunswick, Canada, is ramping up its crude offloading capacity from two cars a day to 100 cars.
green check Even pipeline company Enbridge is getting on board: Two new railcars stations will put 80,000 barrels a day on the rails in 2013.
There should be no doubt that oil shipments by railroad will continue to increase. After all, U.S. oil production is expected to nearly double — from 6 million barrels a day to 11 million barrels a day in the next 10 years.
And most investors simple have no idea this is happening...
I'm ready to share the railroad stocks that are a lock to see 25% growth a year for the next 10 years — that's a total of 519% profits for you — in a Special Report called, "Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly."
This is one of the easiest and safest profit opportunities I've seen in my career. And as I'd like to show, oil is only one part of the energy trend that will continue to push these railroad stock prices higher...

Your FREE Special Report is Waiting:
"Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly"
There's no doubt oil shipments will continue to push railroad stocks higher for at least the next 10 years. But you should know it's not just oil...
The railroads also play an indispensable role in developing America's immense natural gas resources.
Most investors don't know it, but hydraulic fracturing — the process by which oil and natural gas-rich shale rocks are broken apart to release the fossil fuels — is completely dependent on railroads.
Every natural gas well in America that uses hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, requires between 3,000 and 10,000 tons of sand. And 13,000 new shale gas wells are drilled every year.
Just a couple weeks ago, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune said: "Hydraulic fracturing — the oil drilling technique widely known as 'fracking' — has created a major new business for railroads, because each horizontal well requires between 3,000 and 10,000 tons of sand."
And as it happens, Minnesota and neighboring Wisconsin are home to the biggest sand mines in America.
Now, I'll confess I was unaware sand mines were big business until recently. But did you know Wisconsin alone has 60 new sand mines in the works?
And railroads are the only way to move that much sand.
One railroad has already seen a 265% increase in fracking sand shipments in the last 24 months. This company is investing millions to open up new tracks in Wisconsin and Minnesota to get even more sand to market.
And with 60 new sand mines coming online, this railroad will be plenty busy...
I've selected this particular company as the Top Rated Railroad Stock in the Special Report, "Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly."
  • This company will see its revenues, profits, and stocks prices shoot higher as it supplies high-growth natural gas fields like the Marcellus in the Northeastern U.S.
  • When you get your FREE copy of "Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly," you'll also learn how this railroad is the only other company servicing North Dakota's Bakken — the very same oil field that's pushing profits of Buffett's railroad higher.
  • Fox News says this company's Bakken shipments have "... surged 2,500% since 2009, to 8.5 million barrels per year. The company expects to move 45 million barrels per year within the decade."
With growth like that, it's easy to see why I say your profits will be safe and easy.
Warren Buffett will make a fortune from the railroad boom, so why shouldn't you?

Meet Jeff Siegel, the People's Insider
Now, I've been an energy bull for the last 10 years.
My book on Peak Oil, Profit from the Peak, accurately predicted oil would become the world's most desirable and valuable commodity.
And my staff of analysts and I turned those predictions on oil into some of the biggest profit opportunities imaginable. We were among the first to recommend Bakken oil stocks. And individual investors that acted on our advice earned life-changing wealth. Like the 574.9% they made the first time we recommended Brigham Exploration.
Of course, folks who missed that recommendation didn't miss out, they still made 478% the second time we advised buying Brigham.
Our loyal readers took time to write us about the sweet 261% they took on Northern Oil & Gas. Then there was the 170% on American Oil & Gas, the 140% win with UTS Energy, and even 103% on Petrobank.
Again, I'm not telling you this to brag. My point here is to show you that my top-notch analysts and I have a documented history of delivering life-changing wealth with our research and analysis.
As I showed you before, our readers have bought new cars and sent their kids to college with money we helped them earn.
You're darn right it feels good to read letters from people who are living a better life. And I can't wait until I'm reading a similar letter from you.
Because the fact is, we're nowhere near done uncovering the biggest, safest profit opportunities for our thousands of readers.
Now, I'd like to introduce you to the analyst who brought this remarkable 519% railroad opportunity to my attention.
His name is Jeff Siegel.
Jeff's a mild-mannered guy — until he gets his teeth into an easy moneymaker like the "Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly" opportunity I've been telling you about.
Then he becomes an absolute bulldog, tenacious and absolutely unyielding.
It's these very characteristics that led me to hire him for my firm nine years ago. Jeff was the very first analyst I hired...
And over the last decade, I've watched Jeff uncover a slew of hidden profit opportunities as he enriches his small circle of like-minded investors...
  • In 2008, he was invited for an exclusive laboratory tour to validate the effectiveness of one company's new technology. His endorsement was worth a quick 20% gain for his readers.

    But that's just a small example...
  • In 2009, he was invited to what seemed like a routine groundbreaking ceremony for a new power plant operator. But after noticing a cadre of Goldman Sachs investment bankers in attendance, he quickly alerted his fellow investors that something bigger was coming. That insight led to a massive 300% profit.
  • In 2010, he received early warning the Chinese were about to severely restrict exports of vital rare earth elements. His pre-IPO recommendation of rare earth miner Molycorp (NYSE: MCP) soared from $12.85 to as high as $77 a share as his advance intelligence on China's rare earth export caps was confirmed.
  • In 2009, while touring a California power plant, his guide let slip that the plant was about to triple its electricity generation. Once again, this information was good for a quick 200% profit for his circle of friends.
  • One of Jeff's Top Recommendations for 2012, a company with a low-cost innovation for electricity generation, soared 186% — in just three months! Jeff is still one of the only analysts to understand this company's potential... and his readers made a fortune.
I don't know if it's his easy-going nature that disarms people into divulging their profitable secrets, or his comprehensive knowledge of the power-generation market that lets him get this kind of insider information...
Whatever Jeff's secret is, it works — like a moneymaking charm.

Profits from a Proven Track Record... in Your Hands
As I already mentioned, my name is Brian Hicks. I'm the publisher of Jeff Siegel's Power Portfolio, the first independent investment newsletter focused exclusively on the power generation market.
Now, I've been in the investment research business for nearly 20 years...
I've watched the economy boom and bust a few times. I've seen the world embrace the dot-com craze, only to watch it come crashing down. I've seen the real estate market explode and then implode. I've seen collapses and recoveries.
And through it all — regardless of the state of the economy — there are a few eternal investment truths.
Perhaps the most reliably profitable trend in history is that global energy consumption grows year after year. It's like clockwork.
And Jeff Siegel is among the world's foremost experts on every aspect of the power generation market.
That's why Jeff is regularly invited to speak at industry and investment conferences across the globe (in fact, he just got back from a two-week speaking tour that covered three conferences!)...
Jeff's expertise is the reason he's been featured time and time again on CNBC, Fox, and Bloomberg. His comprehensive knowledge of the power markets is why start-up companies invite him to their labs to evaluate their technology.
The real-time alerts Jeff issues from conferences, meetings, and demonstrations mean his Power Portfolio readers are among the first investors in the world to get in on breaking investment opportunities.
Yes, Jeff's expertise with the energy and power generation markets keeps him in high demand...
But he always keeps his best ideas and most closely guarded investment secrets for his Power Portfolio readers.
That's why so many of Jeff's readers make absolute fortunes in the power generation sector. Take a look...


And I've got stacks more of success stories just like these. They're a direct result of one of the best stock recommendation track records in the industry.
That's because Jeff routinely uncovers the most reliably profitable stocks in the market for Power Portfolio readers.
There's one good reason individual investors are turning away from Wall Street and taking control of their investment decisions: profits.
Wall Street firms care more about their bonuses than helping anyone else make money. I can tell you firsthand, as the founder of an independent investment research firm, I see hundreds of new investors come on board every single day — because our interests, yours and mine, are perfectly aligned...
If you don't make money with Power Portfolio, you leave. Then I can't pay my staff.
That's why I've assembled a top-notch analyst team, starting with Jeff Siegel. Once you see Jeff's detailed investment research, once you get a taste of the huge gains in your investment portfolio... I'm confident Jeff will quickly become your most-trusted advisor.
But even that's not the whole story...
Just to get your money on board with most high-profile investment managers, you'd typically need to put up more than $1 million in capital.
And once the gains come (assuming they do), fund managers rake in management fees as highs as 4% — plus they'll take up to 27% of the profits in "performance fees." So while your money earns modest gains at best, hedge fund managers become billionaires faster than any other segment of the population.
That's just not how we do business.
I expect you'd rather keep your profits you make for yourself than redistribute your wealth to a bunch of hedge fund managers...
And I want to help you do just that with the Special Report, "Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly."
It contains all the juicy details on the top railroad stocks that could make you at least 519% over the next ten years. And remember, that's my low-ball estimate... I have no doubts that this investment will ultimately be a 1,000% winner, once those dividend checks start rolling in.
Plus, when you get your free copy of the Special Income Report: "Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly," you'll discover:
  • The Backdoor to the Bakken: Not many investors understand that Buffett's railroad will soon ship more Bakken Oil than pipelines do. And we guarantee no investors are aware of the other railroad that serves the Bakken... but with it's money-doubling potential, you'll see why this is Jeff's #1 Railroad Recommendation.
Add it all up, and you'll be at least 519% richer.
But that's not the only profitable opportunity Jeff has ready for you...
You'll also want to check out his other profitable Special Reports:
  • Bonus Report #1: "8 Stocks to Own Right Now"
    Every year, there's a handful of stocks that just crush it. This year, we've identified 8 individual stocks that are all poised to deliver double-digit gains, with many also offering very attractive dividends to boot. From electric infrastructure plays to natural gas turbine manufacturers to energy logistics companies, while they may not sound like the most exciting things in the world, they are undoubtedly profitable plays on the transition of our global energy economy.
  • Bonus Report #2: "Tapping into the World's Biggest Construction Project for a Lifetime of Wealth"
    From Asia to the Middle East, North Africa to the Caribbean, nearly $50 trillion worth of infrastructure projects is now under way... Thanks to a new G20 initiative, new roads, pipelines, bridges, railways, seaports, and dams are being financed and constructed at an alarming rate. This report identifies three of the companies that are already getting the lion's share of new infrastructure projects around the world. 
  • Bonus Report #3: "Energy, Uninterrupted"
    With oil now at high prices unimaginable just a few years ago, energy and power generation are the single biggest concerns for the global economy. In this comprehensive report, we detail seven top profit opportunities serving the global power generation market. You could build your fortune with the companies that hold the key to future economic growth with cheaper power generation technologies. You'll be surprised at the number of triple-digit winners you find in these pages!
That's THREE extra bonuses above and beyond "Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly."

Each report is a $99 value, but you can get them all today — ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Not only that, but you'll also gain complete access to ALL of Jeff Siegel's valuable cutting-edge research at absolutely no risk:
  • Jeff Siegel's Premium Power Portfolio — Includes the status of all of our Power Portfolio recommendations. The stocks in this portfolio are long-term investments. These winners regularly trounce some of the best-known and most respected hedge funds in existence. You can count on these stocks to power your portfolio higher!
  • Aggressive Trading Portfolio — Includes a list of stocks Jeff covers for near-term opportunities, and has included some of our most dramatic gainers yet. For short quick gains, you won't find better opportunities than these.
  • Monthly Spotlight Stock — Every month, Jeff offers you a new power market stock, complete with in-depth research and specific actionable advice. These rare discoveries allow you to be among the first to learn about emerging opportunities in the power generation market... and jump on them before mainstream media outlets even know what happened.
You'll also get instant access to our entire research library, an invaluable investment tool that educates and advises how and when to react to sudden developments in the market.
Add it all up — ALL the research, ALL the Special Reports, ALL the profitable stock recommendations...
All I ask in return is that you take a six-month trial subscription to Jeff Siegel's Power Portfolio and sample the profits firsthand.
There's no obligation here at all. I'm just asking you to try Power Portfolio and sample the kind of in-depth research and life-changing profits a true power market insider like Jeff can bring you.
If you decide to keep it, the annual cost of this service is just $99. That includes:
  • Full Membership to Jeff Siegel's Power Portfolio
  • Our Marquis Special Report: "Easy 519% Profits from Buffett's Oil Monopoly" detailing the company that boasts a technological breakthrough so disruptive, it could single-handedly transform the world's energy landscape forever... and make you a ton of money in the process
  • Library of Research Reports — You'll have full access to our entire library of research, including the three Special Reports mentioned above
  • Weekly Updates and Recommendations on the latest developments in the market
  • Instant "Real-Time" Alerts telling you when to buy and when to sell, and giving you specific entry and exit prices
  • Live Customer Service — Our staff of Customer Service agents are available every weekday during business hours to answer your questions and provide whatever assistance you may need
  • Detailed Research — Exactly what you'd expect from a true professional like Jeff, you'll get detailed research for every stock he recommends. You'll always profit with confidence with Jeff Siegel on your side.
Of course, if you decide that Jeff's research, investment style, and winning picks are not for you, just call any time within six months of your purchase, and I'll refund your money right then and there.
That's a 100% refund — no questions asked, no surcharges, no processing fees, and no small print — guaranteed for half a year.
You have absolutely nothing to risk here and everything to gain... like 519% profits from this rock-solid "Buffett" investment.
It doesn't get better than that.
Jeff Siegel is the top dog in his field. And the stock market profits his readers make put many billionaire hedge fund managers to shame.
That's why I'm confident Jeff's moneymaking prowess will impress and enrich you.
But I must warn you: If you're looking to score the 519% profits I'm talking about, you don't have much time to wait around...
You see, these stocks are moving steadily higher. And every day you stay on the sidelines is a few more percentage points of profit you're missing.
With the risk-free offer I've laid out for you, there's simply no reason you should miss out on this wealth-building situation.
Warren Buffett has cleared the way for 519% gains for this group of stocks.
All you have to do is step up and take your position. It really is that easy.
Because that, my friend, is how you get rich in this market.
Good Investing,
Brian Hicks Signature
Brian Hicks
Publisher, Power Portfolio
P.S. Make no mistake; America is on the path to energy independence. Most investors don't yet realize the nation's railroads hold the key... but they will. After all, investment secrets like this don't stay secret for long. Take action TODAY to lock in your safe and reliable 519% profits. Here's how. 

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