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...It’s over 300% more efficient than rooftop solar panels… It generates electricity on any surface… ??

After decades of chasing the impossible, one $1.50 company just perfected
sunless solar headline
It’s over 300% more efficient than rooftop solar panels…
It generates electricity on any surface… 
And it's already paying back investors mountains of cash!
Dear reader,
This sucker's already moving — and fast!
Recently, I found myself racing toward a cab outside the AirTran terminal at Tampa International Airport...
No baggage, no return ticket; just the clothes on my back, a digital camera, and a wrinkled piece of paper.
If the address I scribbled down earlier that morning was right, 30 minutes later, I would be a witness to the impossible:
A technological breakthrough so disruptive, it could single-handedly transform the world’s energy landscape forever — and hand early investors like YOU a massive new source of income over the coming months and years.
My name is Jeff Siegel. I’m the founder of the world’s first  and most successful alternative energy research group.
And through a stroke of luck, I can share with you an adventure that I believe could make anyone reading this short letter very, very rich.
Let me explain…

The Technology Shrouded in Secrecy
For several months, I tried contacting the office of a very high-tech company.
Rumors spread that this outfit, located right outside Washington D.C., somehow unlocked one of the largest sources of energy anywhere on earth.
Not in a lab at MIT… not on a deepwater rig… not buried beneath the sand of an OPEC nation…
But in a tiny office building across the street from a Starbucks and a KFC near our nation’s capital.
To give you an idea of how much energy might be at this company's fingertips  if the rumors were true — its systems could eventually capture more energy in a single month than Saudi Arabia will produce in the next 50 years!
The breakthrough is what is called a solar window  on steroids.
A "solar window" looks like a regular window you'd see in a typical office building. In fact, you can't tell the difference between the two...
Except that this solar window contains a tiny film (sprayed on) that captures sunlight, converts it into energy, and uses the energy to heat or cool your room.
Now, I know what many of you are thinking...
The solar industry is inherently plagued with problems:
  • You need the sun’s direct rays to produce energy.
  • Panels are bulky and need constant care.
  • Installations are extremely expensive and time-consuming to build and install.
  • They’re not efficient enough yet.
But that’s exactly what had me spending months trying to catch an inside peek at this company’s breakthrough.
It literally conquered every obstacle in solar’s way  from efficiency, cost, and bulkiness to even needing sunlight!
That’s right — this company claims it found a way around needing the sun’s rays.
Needless to say, the rumors were more than enough to pique my interest...
After all, if they were true, this tiny company could easily become the biggest blockbuster since Cisco — and hand you a countless fortune in the process.
But every aspect of its cutting-edge technology was shrouded in secrecy.
I couldn’t even get a straight answer from the administrative assistant on the company's business hours. Emails, letters, faxes, calls — all unanswered.
If this company really could do what it claimed, it’s been kept under tighter wraps than the alien landing at Roswell.
I was beginning to have my doubts. And there was no way  without proof with my own eyes — that I would dare recommend this company to any investor.
I was about to toss it by the wayside — that is, until I came across an odd press release...
Apparently, one of the company's researchers would be holding an exclusive demonstration of their solar window inside a physics lab at a Florida university later that day.
The blurb was all I needed...
I didn’t care about credentials, how I would get into the building, or that I would stand out like a sore thumb, surrounded by physicists and faculty...
I booked the first flight out of BWI, scribbled down the address, printed a map of campus, and grabbed my camera.
It was a race against time. But if I made it, it would become perhaps the biggest blockbuster we'll see in our lifetime!

Witnessing the Impossible
The lab was standing room only.
Physicists, company executives, a CNBC team, and a few “suspected buyers” gathered shoulder-to-shoulder around a bisected home in the center of a dark room.
At first glance, it looked like any other scaled-down house; there were no rooftop panels, no wires, no tinted windows.
But as the CEO explained shortly before the blinds went up, the windows were sprayed with the company’s one-of-a-kind solar formula.
You couldn’t tell anything happened to them. They looked like regular windows you’d find on any house or office building.
Then the curtains went up, and the sun’s rays hit the windows...
Immediately, lights inside the house turned on.
As far as regular expensive and boxy solar panels would be concerned, it was nothing special...
Except that there were no panels.
And as the CEO quickly demonstrated, his company’s spray-on solar cells weren’t only several times cheaper and able to be applied at room temperature to any window instantly…
But this near-invisible solar spray is 300% more powerful than regular, expensive rooftop solar panels!
If that didn’t have the image of enormous profits flooding every mind in the room, they took it one step further...
The blinds shut, cutting off all traces of sunlight, and the lights in the lab turned on.
Somehow, the rays from the regular, incandescent bulbs were enough to still power lights for the house!
As the CEO explained, these cells are also 1,000% more powerful at extracting energy from even artificial light sources  enough to keep power running on buildings from the glow of, say, street lights at nighttime...
All from a material that could be sprayed on ANY window on ANY building — even at room temperature!
I could hardly believe it. There I was, one of the first outsiders in the world to witness a technology so disruptive that it could, without any effort, radically change the global energy landscape.
It had to be the same feeling other spectators felt when they viewed the first controlled nuclear reaction on the squash rackets court in Chicago in 1942, or how the five witnesses of the Wright brothers’ first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina must have felt watching historical innovation unfold...
Only this tiny company is on a much faster pace.
The CEO shared with us that the company’s already beyond the lab. In fact, although it would be illegal to disclose who's interested, you got the feeling that major corporations were lining up to sign contracts.
And why wouldn’t they?!
This company's groundbreaking solar spray could single-handedly eliminate a building or house’s electric bill!
The invention is blockbuster. And it could literally change the way we use energy forever.
The Birth of a New Industry: Endless Energy

Even in the short time since the demonstration, many think this window will single-handedly transform the energy market, making electric utility companies nearly obsolete… similar to what the PC and Windows did to typewriter companies like Brother and Smith Corona.
I don't know if that'll happen or not, but I do know this: The company's stock is ready to go ballistic.
I'm predicting that it'll increase in value by another 595% over the next three years. To achieve that gain, all the stock has to do is rally to $10.42.
You see, this stock is tiny  trading for $1.50 a share. And it's still completely under Wall Street's radar.
But as I mentioned, that's changing... and changing fast.
To top it off, Wall Street investors are tripping over themselves trying to find new and promising solar energy stocks to invest in.
And the reason is simple: profits.

Solar Energy Stocks are Producing HUGE Gains!



% Gain
Canadian Solar Inc$3$9.33211%
First Solar Inc$27.71$124.76349%
GT Solar International Inc$3.65$15.11313%
Trina Solar Ltd$2.98$30.02906%
JinkoSolar Holding Co$8.23$24.08192%

Not only are solar energy stocks red-hot right now, but these companies represent the next generation of energy.
It's the future, plain and simple.
To give you an example of where I believe this company is headed, just take a look at First Solar…
By all comparisons, First Solar is perhaps the closest match to this outfit. Disruptive for its time, it was the first to launch low-cost, commercial-scale thin film solar manufacturing. It was a huge game-changer in the world of solar.
But unlike our solar window company, First Solar's product isn't very efficient.
And it definitely can't generate electricity without direct sunlight, either. First Solar's panels are also far more expensive to purchase, transport, and install.
But within one year of going public, shares of First Solar catapulted from $24.47 to 311.14! That's a cool 1,170% gain that investors following this disruptive technology landed without breaking a sweat...
And almost overnight, First Solar became the largest manufacturer of thin film solar modules on the planet.
But they’re about to be replaced.

Share the Wealth
With the solar energy industry booming, there's been a trickle-down effect. Any company directly or indirectly connected to solar is benefiting.
Take Trina Solar, for example — a global supplier of component modules used for the solar industry...
Over the past two years, its stock has soared in value, going from $2.98 to a high of about $30.02.

That's a gain of 906%.
With gains like that, investors are making a fortune investing in alternative energy stocks.
That's why I'm so bullish on my tiny $1.50 solar window stock. It's next in line for blockbuster gains.
And no other company on the planet can come close to it!
I'm predicting that every $10,000 invested will turn into $69,500 within three years. Sounds too good to be true, but my portfolio regularly holds stocks that shoot 220.31%, 145.51%, 321.07%, and 153.33% in less than a year!
In other words, this stock handing you 595% gains in three years is a low-ball estimate. In fact, I think this new solar window stock will hit $10.49 — and then go on to double digits.
In a minute, I'll tell you how to get a piece of the action. But first, let me tell you why…
You Must Erase "Alternative" from Alternative Energy

Let me dispel a myth: "Alternative" — as in alternative energy — is no longer alternative. It's mainstream.
Check this out...
In the past 12 months, FedEx, Staples, the Timberland Co., and corporate behemoth Wal-Mart have begun installing solar panels at their stores and facilities.
Now listen, I don't want you to be disillusioned... These companies aren't installing solar panels because they've suddenly become concerned with global warming; they've installed solar panels because it'll reduce their electric bills by as much as 60% each month.
That's what's driving the boom in solar energy. And it’s a boom that hasn’t looked back!
When I first started making investors money exclusively in the alternative energy market back in 2005, no one thought it was a serious market.
In fact, when I attended the first Solar Power Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C., there were only eight journalists taking notes.
Eight… for a nationwide conference!
There was such little interest in solar at the time that we all fit comfortably in a makeshift room in the basement of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
But even without any obvious interest or hype, I still showed investors like you how to pull in triple-digit winners in the industry.
Today, however, solar investing hasn’t just caught the attention of John Q. Investor...
It’s an industry that’s captured the entire planet!

You get the point.
Investors are quickly realizing that solar is shaping up to be one of the most profitable markets of the 21st century.
It already has a group of savvy investors raking in a fortune!
In fact, the solar manufacturer that I'm going to tell you about today has already delivered gains of more than 55% in just a few days.
But I'm expecting even more gains in the next six months... and I'll tell you why in one moment.
First, let me show you why, of all the publicly-traded solar companies, this is the company that will soon dominate the solar energy market.
Solar’s Now Affordable!

When most people think about solar, they envision photovoltaic devices (PV). This is what a typical photovoltaic installation looks like:

reg panels

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, serious interest in solar technology took hold in the United States. But due to prohibitive prices, large scale applications were nearly impossible.
However, starting in 2005 (when oil started trading above $60 a barrel) interest in solar rapidly returned... only this time, PV was becoming more cost effective.
In 1976, the average selling price per watt was about $100. Today it's significantly less. And it’s plummeting by the month:

super duper cheap solar prices by decade
With such a drastic reduction in price — coupled with the ever-increasing price of oil — it's no wonder both residential and industrial consumers are starting to flock toward solar alternatives.
Since 2001, the global photovoltaic market has averaged a 40% annual growth.
And thanks to this company’s new spray-on solar film, that number’s about to launch even higher!

A Solar Window in Every Home]

Now, I want you to listen to me very closely, because this is where this company is going to make the bulk of its money...
You see, standard solar panels have been extremely expensive to construct and install — until now.
To top it off, they’re still not as efficient as they could be. And they still have to be manufactured in very expensive, high-tech, climate-controlled labs...
In other words, they can’t be readily applied to just any glass surface or rooftop on the spot. They need to be integrated to the complete construction of a new building.
Don’t get me wrong; these companies are still claiming massive gains in growth and popularity.
In fact, they’re returning triple-digit gains for their investors!

Building Green = Solar Opportunities
But these gains are peanuts compared to what we're now starting to see in a new, burgeoning sector of the solar market called Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).
BIPV integrates the process for energy generation technology into building design and materials. With BIPV, solar power elements actually become part of the building.
Industry experts agree that the use of BIPV technologies could provide a massive opportunity for rapid and wide-scale adoption of solar technologies... which will essentially help lead to overall growth in the solar market.
One of the major players in the BIPV game right now is Sharp Corporation. Sharp is the biggest manufacturer in the world of integrated solar roofing panels.
Both aesthetically pleasing and completely functional, here's an example of what a typical integrated solar roofing panel looks like:


As you can see, the solar panels actually become a part of the construction, as opposed to something added on later...
And that’s one drawback of most BIPV plans — it needs to be on a new project.

Window to The Future
Since the inception of the modern solar industry, the primary goals have focused on improving the efficiency of solar while placing much less effort into the design of new applications.
However, the company I'm going to tell you about in my report, "A Solar Window in Every Home," believes the application of solar technology could actually provide more value and return than simply striving to improve efficiencies alone.
You see, thanks to the ingenious design, this company’s market is virtually unlimited...
  1. They can go out to ANY home or office building and apply — on site — their solar formula to start generating power for the building or household immediately.
  2. There’s no waiting for custom glass or specific dimensions of a window or shingle, which drastically reduces the cost of installation and development...
  3. On top of that, the solar technology used is 300% more efficient than leading rooftop panels.
  4. And the icing on the cake, as was also demonstrated in front of my very eyes: These solar cells are capable of generating electricity even from artificial light sources!
Imagine having a building in a city that can draw some extra power, simply because it is next to a street light on a sidewalk...
Management at this solar window company believes the wide-scale use of its power-generating platform will make solar energy economically feasible, and provide an opportunity for the solar energy market to explode — especially considering that this company can apply their solar cells on buildings and skyscrapers that are decades old!
In fact, its market is the five million buildings and more than 80 million detached homes that are already built.

And it is this premise that provides the backbone of the company's Solar Glass technology.

The company focuses on the development of very thin (1/10 the thickness of other company’s “films”), semi-transparent spray that creates large-area solar structures that you can see through.
This semi-transparency makes the glazing desirable for placing over glass, plastics, and other see-through structures.
As you could imagine, this invention represents a new breed of solar cell design that balances solar efficiencies and lower manufacturing costs with near-limitless applications.
Today, the use of architectural glass and transparent plastics is staggering in scope; the worldwide market for this company now reaches into the hundreds of billions.
Energy-producing glazing applied to the windows of these commercial and industrial buildings provides the opportunity for huge benefits as a competitive alternative to non-energy producing windows. The electrical power generated can be used to run building systems and reduce dependency on grid-based power supplies.
Builders and manufacturers of building products already use glass, plastic, and other materials... So they may be especially attracted to the economic benefits of using the same materials to produce energy while continuing to function as window, display, or facade surfaces.
And with the increasing love affair solar is having with new, cost-efficient solar technologies, this stock is in a perfect position to take the lead in low-cost BIPV.
Which is why I want to offer you my latest report, "A Solar Window in Every Home," completely FREE of charge when you become a member to my cutting-edge investment service, Green Chip Stocks.

Profits from a Proven Track Record... In Your Hands

As I already mentioned, my name is Jeff Siegel and I'm the publisher of Green Chip Stocks, the first independent investment research service focused exclusively on alternative energy markets.
Now, I've been in the financial research business for more than 16 years.
I've watched the economy boom and bust. I've seen the world embrace the dot-com craze, only to watch it come crashing down. I've seen the real estate market explode, and then implode. I've seen collapses and recoveries...
And through it all, regardless of the state of the economy, I've been leveraging profits by being the first to pick up on market trends — especially when it comes to the energy industry, which I've come to know like the back of my hand.
It's why I've been invited to speak at so many industry and investment conferences across the globe. It's the reason I've been featured time and time again on CNBC, Fox, and Bloomberg.
And it's the reason I've been able to help so many of my readers make absolute fortunes in alternative energy and other early market trends.
Take a look...
And I’ve got stacks more of success stories just like these. They're a direct result of one of the best stock recommendation track records in the industry...
And that's something I boast with much pride.
In fact, we regularly put most top hedge funds to shame: 
  • 20 of my most recent recommendations averaged a gain of 52.7%
  • Of those 20, 6 were double-digit winners
  • Five were triple-digit winners!
Just to put things into perspective, here are five of the top-performing hedge funds, along with their total assets and returns:

2009 Hedge Fund Performance

But that's not even the whole story.
Just to get your money onboard with one of these high-profile investment managers, you’d typically need to put up more than $1 million in capital. And once the gains come (assuming and hoping, of course, that they do), fund managers rake in between 20% and 50% "performance fees"...
So while your money earns modest gains at best, hedge fund managers become billionaires faster than any other segment of the population.
That's just not my philosophy. I'd rather you keep your gains, instead of redistributingyour wealth to a bunch of hedge fund managers...
And I want to help you do this by offering you a free copy of my brand-new report: "A Solar Window in Every Home."
 It contains all the juicy details on this solar stock that could make you at least 595% in the next three years! And remember, that’s my low-ball estimate... I have no doubts about this company being able to become my next 1,000% winner.
Plus, when you get your free copy of "A Solar Window in Every Home," you'll also get complete access to:

  • Green Chip Stocks Premium Portfolio — Includes the status of all of ourGreen Chip Stocks Premium recommendations. The stocks in this portfolio are long-term investments; they have earned investors returns that shame some of the best-known and most respected hedge funds in existence.
  • Limited Coverage Portfolio — Includes a list of stocks that we cover for near-term opportunities, and has included some of our most dramatic gainers yet. For short quick gains, this is the ride to take.
  • Green Chip Fund Index — Covers a couple of specific "green" funds that offer long-term investment opportunities while providing income via distribution payments. For the more conservative investor, this is the stress-free way to earn double-digit profits and benefit from regular dividend payments to supplement your regular income.
  • Monthly Spotlight Stock — Once a month, we highlight a new "green" stock and offer in-depth coverage on that stock. These rare discoveries allow you to be among the first to learn about emerging opportunities in this market, and jump on them before mainstream media outlets know what happened.
You'll also get instant access to our entire research library — an invaluable investment tool that doesn't just educate; but advises how and when to react to sudden developments in the market.
This package includes these three additional Special Reports, FREE:
  • "Energy, Uninterrupted" — Storing energy safely and efficiently is just as important as producing it in the first place. It's one of the fastest developing tech industries today, and I've got details on some of the strongest and most promising operations out there today.
  • "Wind-Powered Profits" — It's the fastest-growing renewable energy source there is, with wind companies consuming oil and coal market share every day. I've made it a point to focus a great deal of my attention on this sector, so you can get the latest information on which companies are making the biggest difference — and the biggest profits — before anyone else.
  • "The Electric Car Revolution Starts Now" — Whether you're talking about hybrids or plug-ins, the facts are undeniable: Electric cars are here to stay... which means now is the time to find the specialized companies that won't just profit from this new and voracious market, but multiply in size as a result of it. With this report in hand, you need look no further. We've got the inside scoop on the newest vehicles to hit the market and the companies behind them.
That's seven extra bonuses above and beyond "A Solar Window in Every Home."
And right now, you can get complete access to this wealth of information at absolutely no risk. All I ask in return is that you test-drive Green Chip Stocks Premium to see if you like it...
If you decide to keep it, the annual cost of this service is just $99.
That includes:
  • Membership to Green Chip Stocks Premium
  • Our marquis report — "A Solar Window in Every Home"   — detailing the company that boasts a technological breakthrough so disruptive that it could single-handedly transform the world's energy landscape forever... and make you a ton of money in the process
  • Access to our entire library of research reports, including the three mentioned above
  • Weekly updates and recommendations on the latest developments in the market
  • Instant alerts telling you when to buy and when to sell
And if you decide that our research, investment style, and winning picks are not for you, just call me at any time within six months of your purchase, and I'll refund your money right then and there.
That's a 100% refund — no questions asked, no surcharges, no restocking fees and no small print — guaranteed for half a year.
You have absolutely nothing to risk here and everything to gain — like a 595% gain on a single solar company that’s about to rewrite the energy books.
It doesn't get better than that.
But I must warn you: If you're looking to score a profit of that magnitude, you don't have much time to wait around...
You see, this company is already working on some pretty major contracts that could blow the lid off this thing in a matter of days. I’m talking about giants capable of sending this tiny $31 million company’s share price skyrocketing with a single order!
So it's no surprise that over the past few weeks, the buzz surrounding this company has started to send its share price north.
And by as early as next week, we could see every trend-chaser on Wall Street accumulating shares of this little solar goldmine.
That's why it's so important that you stake your claim now — before this thing gets launched into the stratosphere...
Because that, my friend, is how you get rich in this market.
Good Investing,
Nick Hodge
Jeff Siegel

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