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Thanks to this unique tool, every time gold gains just 1%, you make 2%... A 25% gain pays 50%... a 100% gain pays 200%... a 500% gain pays 1,000%! But you'd better hurry. As you'll see over the next five minutes, the price of gold may very soon super spike higher than $5,000/oz! ..... >>...Its so interesting...the nature of the market....between the real business and something such derivative.... But gold is so unique..... >> such thing as the examples...From September 10th to September 22nd, physical gold prices soared 19.65%... but the diamond in the rough we uncovered soared an astonishing 45.46% — more than doubling the gains gold attained! This is hardly a single incident...And again from February 9th through February 20th, gold jumped another 10%... while Greg's gold play launched 21%!>>> etc.etc.....>>

Gold's Doubling Effect
Thanks to this unique tool, every time gold gains just 1%, you make 2%...
A 25% gain pays 50%... a 100% gain pays 200%... a 500% gain pays 1,000%!
But you'd better hurry. As you'll see over the next five minutes, the price of gold may very soon super spike higher than $5,000/oz!

Dear Reader:
What I'm about to share with you is no coincidence.
It's not a temporary trend, either.
Instead, it's a money-making phenomenon so powerful that one of the world's top gold analysts, Greg McCoach, spent eight months investigating its validity.
Take a look and you'll see why:
First, let me say that these charts are NOT duplicates.
The one on the left represents the closing price of physical gold over the past year. The one on the right is the investment he's ecstatic about.
At first, they appear virtually identical. And they should — one is directly based on the other.
But that's where the similarities end.
How so?
Just take a closer look at the two charts again... only this time, with gains attached:

From September 10th to September 22nd, physical gold prices soared 19.65%... but the diamond in the rough we uncovered soared an astonishing 45.46% — more than doubling the gains gold attained!
This is hardly a single incident.
From January 14th to January 30th, gold prices surged again by 15%, making physical metals holders increasingly wealthy...
But investors who knew about this precious gem raked in an astonishing 31% over the same time frame:


And again from February 9th through February 20th, gold jumped another 10%... while Greg's gold play launched 21%!


And most recently — from the beginning of July through August 9th — gold prices have shot up 16%!
And Greg's investment? It's handed investors more than 34% in gains:


In fact, every time gold jumps just one percent, this stock launches two!
It's because of this phenomenon that Greg calls his play the "Doubling Effect."
I know. It looks crazy. And I don't blame you for thinking so.
In fact, when I first heard about this opportunity, I couldn't believe it either. Scratch that — I thought Greg had been drinking a little too much Makers Mark.
After all, how could an investment exist — directly related to gold prices — that pays you DOUBLE the gains gold makes?
A 25% gain pays you 50%. A 50% gain doubles your money.
It seems completely illogical.
Truth is, before Greg could show you an opportunity this powerful, he needed to know exactly what was dealing with. 
And with gold expected by many top analysts to break $5,000 per ounce, a downgraded U.S. economy, and a government that can't tell its ear from its a$$...
Greg doesn't see a smarter time than right now for Americans to dive into what he calls "Gold's Doubling Effect."
If you've ever met him, you'd know that when Greg talks, whole markets listen.
And that's because, over the years...

Greg's Mastered the Art of Entering Markets
at Precisely the Right Moment

It goes all the way back to 1998, when gold traded at 20-year lows (or $258/oz). Mines were shutting down daily, and no one thought it would ever rally again like it had in the 70s.
But that's not the way Greg saw things...
The truth is, he knew the market was on the verge of skyrocketing. And he was prepared to take full advantage of it — by risking it all and becoming a physical gold dealer.
It was the first of many brilliant moves that's defined his one-of-a-kind career.
Just take a look:


Timing just doesn't get any better than that.
That is, until you see the dozens upon dozens of mining and exploration stocks he's uncovered over the years that rapidly raked in several hundred — even thousand — percent gains.
Greg has single-handedly made scores of everyday investors millionaires without breaking a sweat.
One such lady, Sarah M., named her RV that she purchased in full — after a single one of Greg's stock recommendations paid her several-hundred-percent gains — after him!
Greg's unparalleled knowledge of geologic formations, matched with his ability to scrutinize a company from the top brass right down to the janitor, makes him one of the most sought-after analysts in the business today.
He literally travels the world just looking for the next perfect opportunity.
I could go on for hours. My point is, when Greg calls to tell me that he's found something "huge," I know fortunes will be made.
And as you can see from the charts above, it's clear that THIS play could trump them all. I'll give you the full details of how it works below.
But first, let me show you...

Why Gold Prices Will Continue to Break New Ground

Imagine for a moment that you knew about certain factors — already in place — that would keep gold prices skyrocketing.
Even better, you knew we weren't facing a "bottom" in gold prices anytime soon.
In fact, this current surge could last a couple of years...
Taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind investment right now means you could ride the wave and easily collect a fortune, safely pulling in twice the gains gold makes.
Best part is — unlike other investors who are buying expensive futures contracts or even physical gold — you don't need a lot of money to get started.
All you need to know is when...
And it's happening right now!
If you look at the downgrading of U.S. credit... a skyrocketing debt in excess of $15 trillion... and the only way out is to print more money, destroying the U.S. dollar... You'll start to see why we'll be stuck in this spiral for quite some time.
In fact, we're staring straight at the largest inflationary period in years.
 And it'll blow gold prices wide open — well above the $1,800 we're at right now.
Broke Uncle Sam doesn't really have the cash on hand for these unprecedented spending bills... and if you think for a second that every single employed American is going to be taxed an additional $5,000 this year to pay for it — in an already stretched-thin economy — think again...
In reality, the only option the Fed has is to print more (and I hate to call it this) Monopoly Money.
That much cash is already sending an inflationary shockwave across the entire nation.
Just take a look at what's happened to the dollar over the past twelve months:
As I'm sure you know, when there's inflation — even the rumor of inflation — the price of gold does something beautiful...
It skyrockets.
And the proof that gold's already revving its engine is all around us:
  • The private sector's recently gobbled up in excess of $30 billion worth of T-Bills — enough to guarantee a negative return — over fears of the coming economic crash.
  • On top of T-Bills, investors seeking safer investments are buying so much physical gold that bullion dealers as well as producers can't keep up.
  • Recently gold prices have steadily soared almost 18%, with another 50% surge expected in the near term.
And that's just for the short term. I haven't even mentioned the juiciest part...

History to Repeat Itself:
Why Gold Prices Could Super Spike to $5,000...
Making You a Massive Fortune Along the Way!
Right now, gold sells for around $1,800 an ounce.
But what if you knew about the factors at play — happening this very moment — that could soon make this new high mark look like pocket change?
Heck, with the investment tool we've uncovered and gold at $1,800, you could turn every $5,000 into $22,700.
Now, just to get an idea of what to expect in the future, let's take a quick look at our last massive gold super spike...
During the great gold bull market of the 1970s, the average monthly gold price increased from less than $35 to over $675 an ounce, representing a 1,833% gain.
If today's gold bull market makes similar moves forward, gold prices could skyrocket well past $5,000 an ounce.
Just take a look:
Now, gold prices at $5,000 may seem like a stretch...
Nevertheless, $5,000 gold is absolutely possible.

How a Gold Bull Market Works
Every major gold bull market in modern history has consisted of three main stages:
1. Currency Devaluation Stage
2. Investment Demand Stage
3. Mania Stage
During these three stages, gold prices typically rise in a parabolic upswing, which ultimately results in a sharp, skyrocketing price spike.
(Take a look at the chart of the gold bull market during the 1970s as an example of this phenomenon.)
So far in today's gold bull market, we've seen evidence of the first two stages:
During the first stage of a gold bull market, prices increase because of currency devaluation.
So far in this bull market, a dramatic drop in the value of the U.S. dollar against other world currencies has lifted gold prices over the past seven years, breaking the $1,800 per ounce mark.
In fact, this devaluation is evident in the continuous crash of the greenback.
And now — thanks to massive spending that we can't REALLY pay for, a downgraded credit line, and compounded debt — we're about to add some TNT to an already highly-explosive situation...
In the second stage, gold prices continue to grow due to increased investment demand.
 Attracted by the modest gains of the first stage of the gold bull market, investors begin to buy gold as an investment, which further snowballs the price of gold.
And with today's screaming demand for physical gold, the introduction of gold ETFs and similar products, investment demand has had incredible strength since the beginning of this gold bull market, growing in terms of both tonnage and dollar demand.
Again, the first and second stages of a gold bull market generally return considerable gains. In fact, gold prices in this bull market have increased as much as 306%.
Of course, with the investment tool that I'm about to show you, that modest 306% return could have stuffed your pockets with more than 600% gains!
Don't worry if you missed it...
Truth be told, it's the third and final stage of a gold bull market that can turn everyday investors into instant millionaires...
How the Mania Stage of a Gold Bull Market Could Hand You
Several Thousand Percent Gains in Very Short Order
"I have never made this kind of money at investing. I am addicted to profits!"

— Jim
Everyone knows there's no rush like a gold rush.
And a speculative mania can kindle an inferno of popular greed that rivals that of the Conquistador's legendary lust for gold.

During the third stage of a bull market, mania buying finally turns gold's parabolic upswing into a blistering price spike.
Make no mistake — mania stage already started. And this time, it's happening across the entire globe...
  • Earlier this year, the U.S. Mint suspended sales for its American Eagle 1 ounce gold coin.
  • The South African Rand Refinery — makers of the infamous Krugerrands — admitted to being temporarily bone-dry.
  • Australia's Perth Mint announced they were no longer selling gold to citizens.
  • Germany's Bundesbank refuses to sell their gold to the public, claiming it as a strategic asset required for the confidence and stability of the euro.
  • The World Gold Council recently reported an all-time quarterly record ($32 billion) for gold as investors seek refuge from global financial meltdown. That's an astounding 45% increase from any amount ever on record.
And this rapidly spreading shortage is only the beginning of what is bound to launch gold prices to levels of mass hysteria... making those on top of the wave filthy rich.
Now let me tell you how you can...
Double Your Gold Profits with This Unique Investment Tool
One of the world's leading international investment managers launched a new, one-of-a-kind investment vehicle designed to double the monthly return of gold prices.
Mind you, this investment has been all but ignored by the media since its launch. After all, gold has never been understood or appreciated by the mainstream, despite its historic economic significance...
Still, for every 1% increase in the price of gold, this new gold investment vehicle delivers a positive 2% return!
There's no investment club to join. You won't have to open a special account to get in on the action; it trades on the NYSE. Plus, it's completely liquid... and easy to add to any stock account you own right now.
To top it off, as you already know, now is the time you want to be in gold!
Yes, it's likely the U.S. dollar will continue to remain strong in the short term, subsequently holding back the price of gold... But it simply won't last.
Sooner or later, the U.S. dollar will collapse. It's imminent.
In fact, we're already uncovering tons of evidence to prove that it's already started.
And this is launching the mania buying stage to previously unthinkable levels... making this new gold investment vehicle a true "no-brainer."
Now, very briefly — before I get into the details of how you could start collecting DOUBLE gold's profits — let me introduce you to the man behind the curtain...
Secrets of a Mining Speculator
His name is Greg McCoach.
And for the past 11 years, while other investors played stale blue chips (some of which straight-up collapsed), he's been delivering home-run investments to people just like you, year after year.
You see, in January of 2000, he set out to create the most profitable mining investment advisory service the world's ever seen: Mining Speculator.
"I know that you don't like to 'toot your own horn,' but the two things that really set Mining Speculator apart from the other mining stock recommendation services is (1) You do the leg work and go to visit the mines and the management, so if you recommend something, I have great confidence about it; and (2) You do not do a 'pump and dump' like many other people out there... You also have been covering the junior miners for many years, and know many of the companies and individuals in this industry, which is invaluable."

— John N.
Greg didn't want to waste time with stocks that dawdle on their way up the ladder.
His investors are in it for one reason: to become filthy rich.
Since his start, he's found some of the most undervalued stocks on the planet. He's shown thousands of everyday investors across the globe how to secure their positions just before the biggest gains occur.
And this goldmine of a gold investment is no different...
He literally scours the planet for these opportunities as protection against the financial uncertainties that have engulfed the U.S. and world markets.
As the saying goes, "Periods of great crisis also offer great opportunity."
Right now — without question — the best opportunities for investors to protect themselves against the coming financial reckoning are with precious metals and, in particular, with this gold investment that promises double the returns.
In addition to the picks in the metals sector, Greg dishes out the most accurate and truthful — though sometimes painful — economic commentary to help investors just like you sift through the massive amount of disinformation put out by the mainstream media.
And just so you can form a better picture for what I'm talking about, here are a few excerpts from past investment alerts that have helped this tight-knit group uncover some of the most explosive plays in the market — well before anyone else catches wind of them...
December 2005: The Dollar vs. the Strength of Gold
"First we have gold over $500 an ounce and oil is back over the $60 a barrel level. Both appear like they will continue to go higher... These things are significant because in the happy picture of America's finances and the world economy, they shouldn't be [that high]. If everything were so rosy then these things certainly would not be happening."
January 2006: A Housing and Foreclosures Warning... Long Before the Bubble Burst
"We will see more personal bankruptcies than we have seen in recent years as an alarming number of consumers that opted for interest only and adjustable rate mortgages are faced with an ugly reality, and no chapter 7 bankruptcy protection."
February 2006: The Dow First Breaks 11,000
"We are [soon entering] a period where investments in precious metals will severely out-perform those in the general market. More importantly, investments that typically have been good performers in the past few decades, (i.e. money in the bank, T-Bills, bonds, and blue chip stocks), now have great risk associated with them. Most investors of course don't see it this way, but I believe they will soon learn for themselves the hard way."
November 2006: When Other "Experts" Were Calling Gold's Ceiling at $720
"I expect that in the year 2007, we will start to see a major run for the exits away from the dollar. How bad this gets is anybody's guess, but the bottom line is that this will be incredibly bullish for gold and should take the yellow metal to new all-time highs. Most likely over $1,000 an ounce."
I could go on all day. As you can see, some of what Greg has to say is shocking and, frankly, hard to swallow.
But as you can also see, all of these events have happened or are happening now...
And many investors like you are now sitting on massive fortunes as a result of his advice.
Bottom line: Some people just don't have the stomach for index-busting gains. When you see how fast they come, you'll understand why.
So, if you think this isn't for you, don't worry; it's not for everyone.
But if you think you can handle it — and want to not only protect your wealth from this economic insanity, but also profit like you never imagined — I want to give you a fresh copy of Greg's latest report.
It's called, "How to Double Your Gold Profits: The World's Only Investment Vehicle Yielding Double the Monthly Return of Gold Prices." And I want you to have it for FREE.
How to Get Started Doubling Your Gold Profits
All you have to do is take a six-month, risk-free trial of the Mining Speculator advisory.
"When I first met you, you told me I could use the profits I would make in the mining stocks to pay off my house. I didn't really believe you. Two and a half years later, I recently wrote a check to do just that. I never thought this would be possible. Thank you so much for your wise guidance."

— Robert
Mining Speculator isn't your normal investment advisory.
It is, however, the definitive resource for investors seeking profits — and protection — in a gold and precious metals bull market with no end in sight.
It's where investors burned by the financial crisis are now turning as a safe-haven alternative to the agenda-guided mainstream financial media.
Truth is, in the Mining Speculator portfolio, Greg disqualifies 99.9% of the gold, mining, and precious metals plays out there.
But when he's fully 100% behind a company — like this rare gold opportunity — you'll get the trade recommendation in a moment's notice.
He tells you what to buy, when to sell, and when to hold, so you can enjoy the greatest gains possible.
Plus you'll also receive profit-producing research every month, including his special Mining Speculator reports and urgent updates, as well as unrestricted access to the Mining Speculator site...
All for just $99 a year. That's less than 28 cents a day!
In other words, for less than a pack of Bazooka Joe, you can begin receiving your copy of the Mining Speculator advisory, in addition to getting a free copy of Greg's special report, "How To Double Your Gold Profits: The World's Only Investment Vehicle Yielding Double the Monthly Return of Gold Prices."
The companies you'll learn about and what he shares with you today have the potential for payoffs so large, you may never go back to your broker for advice again...
Let Greg help you make those returns.
But I can't promise the deeply discounted price I'm offering you today will remain that low for long.
Because of the surging popularity, there's talk around the office about hiking the price several hundred dollars more per year. And in all honesty, it would be a fair move.
"Good day, Greg. Just a quick email to say thank you for your recommendation. I'm up 235% (including commissions). I'm new at investing – and especially in metals – and when I saw the kind of money I can make, I'll stick with you for a long while, not even a price increase will push me away... Let me tell you that every month, I can't wait to receive the next Mining Speculator report. Kind regards."

— Martin B.
In fact, I've seen other services boasting a fraction of the returns that Greg's delivered to investors over the years charging as much as $5,000 for their advice.
Agreeing to test-drive Mining Speculator today guarantees you are locked in at the discounted rate of $99 — even if other people get stuck paying more in the future.
And, if you're not completely satisfied with the quality of service and commentary Greg offers, you have six full months to let me know, and I'll refund every penny... No questions asked!
How many other services have you seen that offer you a return policy this good?
Plus, if you decide to cancel, you can keep his newest research report, "How to Double Your Gold Profits: The World's Only Investment Vehicle Yielding Double the Monthly Return of Gold Prices."
It's yours FREE.
But as I said, gold's already surging... And it's not turning back anytime soon.
So I urge you to sign up by clicking on the button below.

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