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Amazing Free Report:
Breakthrough technology turns
air, sunlight, coal, even water
into precious gas
Dear Reader,
The video you are about to see is a stunning look into the future of where we will all get our energy.
It features a little-known company I've been following for many years... and I want to tell you about it right now because of some revolutionary accomplishments the company recently achieved.
In short, the company was able to convert air into gas.
That's right... the same air you and I breathe.
This company was able to turn it into gas and transport it through a natural gas pipeline.
This gas can be used to turn on your lights and heat your home, among countless other things.
I know... It sounds unbelievable, right?
Well, it's true, as you'll see in the presentation you're about to watch.
You see, this company has been working on this breakthrough for many years.
It has patented (145 patents and patent applications in all) and perfected the technology.
And when all is said and done, it can supply all of the energy America could possibly want for just $0.02 a kilowatt hour. That's the equivalent of filling up your car for just $0.57 a gallon.
It works by converting air, sunlight, coal, and even water into gas.
It's clean, cheap, and abundant.
You can even transport this gas right through existing natural gas pipelines — so there's no extra infrastructure costs to move it, because the pipelines already exist.
And get this: Since air, sunlight, coal, and water are essentially limitless in supply, this energy will never run out... ever.
As I alluded to earlier, this isn't pie-in-the-sky stuff. This company's technology is being deployed and adopted all over the world as you read this.
In fact, you can find their technology in over 100 countries worldwide.
Their annual revenue has jumped to $40 million from $19 million in 2009.
And they have a backlog (sales for this company's technology that's already been booked) of over $53 million.
And the orders keep pouring in from across the globe...
The most recent customer to adopt their technology was the nation of Germany. Germany is the sixth largest energy consumer in the world. They licensed this company's technology to build a two-megawatt power plant facility in Falkenhagen. Two megawatts can power more than 2,000 homes.
The power plant went live this past August. For Germany, this is just the beginning of a major rollout of this company's power generation technology. And Germany is just one of many customers...
Enbridge — a $33 billion company that owns and operates the longest oil and gas pipeline systems in the world — invested millions into this company last year. In return for millions invested, they now own 13% of what I think is about to become an energy giant.
Enbridge's investment could eventually be worth billions in the years to come. And more importantly, they'll own a piece of what could be one of the greatest energy breakthroughs in decades.
Enbridge will also develop the same gas power plant systems in North America as were built in Germany.
Another "big name" investor in this company is General Motors (GM).
GM — the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world with annual sales of $152 billion — owns a 5% stake. Like Enbridge, GM knows that the millions of dollars it has invested in this company could return hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in the years to come...
I mean, think about it...
A technology that can convert air, sunlight, coal and even water into gas is the equivalent of a cure for cancer!
What's that worth?
A lot. Maybe the biggest windfall ever.
But here's the deal for you and me...
Germany, Enbridge, GM, and countless other companies are just now implementing this company's revolutionary energy technology.
That's why the company's stock is up about 100% in a year.
However, it still trades for less than $19 a share... and has a total market valuation of less than $250 million!
Now, I can assure you that as positive results come back from Germany's power plant, big investors like Enbridge and GM are going to be buying big blocks of this company's stock — squeezing out individual investors like you and me.
That's why I want you to buy the stock right now.
In a minute, I'll show you how. Plus I'm going to explain to you in detail how this company's technology works, and how it's a tectonic shift for industries like renewable energy, transportation, and fossil fuels.
On top of this, this company has its hands on the golden chalice of the energy market...
It has found a way to store energy!
Before we get into the meat of this presentation, let me introduce myself...

Hello, my name is Christian DeHaemer.
I've been in the markets for over 15 years. In that time, I've traveled all over the world, personally doing boots-on-the-ground research into some of the largest discoveries in the world.
In the past 15 years, my passport has gotten quite a workout. It's beaten and weatherworn. But it's been the key to accessing the most secretive people with the best investing information on the planet...
Whether it's the foothills of South Dakota or the far reaches of Mongolia, my research has yielded one thing and one thing only: massive winners.
Take a look...
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And that's only a small sample of the little-known opportunities I've unearthed.
But this new development will eclipse them all.
Years from now, this new technology I'll introduce you to today will be as important as the dawn of the petroleum age...
It will be the biggest innovation since Colonel Edwin L. Drake invented the modern oil drill 143 years ago.
You see, this revolution — this "mega shift" I'm going to reveal today — is in energy.
In my 15 years as an analyst, I've never seen anything like it.
Not only is this technology going to create a tectonic shift in society, but it will also give early-bird investors the chance to net huge gains.
How would you like to be one of the first people to put your money on a history-making company?
Just looking back, I'd put my neck on the line to say this company's stock could easily soar 1,159% — paying you $115.90 for every $10.
And that's just in the early innings. Once it picks up steam, it will build momentum like a freight train...
Gains as high as 10,000% are not out of the question.
You'll see why shortly.
But let's be clear on one thing: This technology has nothing to do with drilling.
In fact, it could very well send many oil well operators to the poor house once it spreads across the map.
You see, this company has done something bigger — something impossible.
They've basically made Obama's wet dream come true... but without a penny of help from him or the U.S. government.
In one fell swoop, this company made renewable energy a potential world dominator.

The Missing Link
Renewables have had a bum rap for years.
But there's one reason for that, one "fly in the ointment" that has held renewables back.
The one problem that has kept energy sources like wind and solar in the "kid's playground."
That problem is storage.
John R. Luoma, who has written books and articles on the subject of sustainable green energy, called this "the stumbling block for making renewable energy practical and dependable."
The battle has been to find a means to salvage energy generated by the wind turbines and solar panels to use at a later time...
What happens now is that the wind turbines start spinning when there's wind, thus generating electricity.
But that's the issue: The turbines are spinning when they're not needed — and then not budging at all when they're needed most!
So at 5:30 p.m., when the family is home, watching television, eating dinner... we can't get a lick of wind to get the stove working. But at 4:00 a.m., when everyone's asleep, there might be enough wind to power all of Chicago.
So the dilemma has been to find a way to store the energy from the off-peak hours — those times when the turbines are generating more electricity than we need.
However, there was never a storage solution that was...
  • Easily scalable (meaning it could be practically used almost anywhere);
  • Able to return an ample amount of energy for the amount of energy spent storing; and
  • Cheap enough to set up and put into use without costing multiple billions
Right now, the most common form of energy storage is pumped storage hydro-electricity. This is basically using electricity generated by wind and solar to pump water uphill. If the grid needs energy, the water is released immediately back downhill through turbines, which then produce electricity.
The Electric Power Research Institute reports that pumped-hydro accounts for 99% of energy storage worldwide.
And while overall pretty cheap, it suffers one big problem: scalability.
For pumped hydro to work, it needs a specific geographic location.
Here's a picture of a pumped-hydro facility so you can get a better idea:


I'll tell you about some other examples shortly... and how they made investors fortunes.
And then I'll show you how, because none of the companies had a real solution... investors had to give it all back. 
But this company figured it out.
Let me show you...
As you can see by this graph, there is a surplus of wasted energy from wind turbines and solar. This is essentially "free energy" that goes to waste during off hours.

If you could find a way to store this energy and use it later, you could write your own ticket.

Now, one company has found a solution to the energy storage problem using hydrogen electrolyzers, which use wasted energy to turn water into hydrogen. The hydrogen will hold BTUs indefinitely and can be shipped through natural gas pipelines.

The Trend is Your Friend
But here's extra fuel for the fire...
There has never been a better time for a company to develop this technology.
Right now, governments everywhere are trying to race ahead and make renewables a staple of their energy diets... with scares regarding nuclear... the rising cost of oil, only worsened by the turmoil in the Middle East... and a crowding shift to low-emission, environmentally-friendly energy... everyone wants to build up their renewable energy sector.
It has already propelled the energy storage market to over $40 billion in size.
Let's just take a look at the United States, for starters: Right now, 29 of the 50 states have renewable energy mandates — meaning they have to produce a certain amount of energy via renewable resources by a certain year.
An additional seven states have "goals," but not official mandates.
The fact is 18 of these 36 states are not on track to meet the mandates or goals... and worse, it's proving to be a financial calamity.
A study by the Institute For Energy Research shows states with renewable energy mandates have electricity costs as much as 40% higher than non-mandated states.
Why? Because without a viable form of storage, this renewables business is just going to cost money out the wazoo...
It's expensive to build dozens of wind farms and solar panel fields, and then reduce usage of fossil fuels without a net increase in wind or solar to support it.
And remember, none of the storage mediums have worked before.
Beacon Power went under because they just couldn't perform their job affordably.
But governments are still diving in. In one year, global investments into renewable energy hit $263 billion... with estimates expecting it to go even higher.
Bloomberg pegs the eventual value of the market could soar to over $7 trillion!
The effects are popping up everywhere...
For example, two-thirds of the world's total solar power capacity was installed over the last two and a half years. And installations of new solar technology are expected to double again over the next two years!
Greenpeace's Global Wind & Energy Outlook shows wind energy has grown at an average of 28% a year for 15 years.
Here's my point: If a company finds a solution... a cheap, scalable, efficient solution... nations will fill the company's coffers to the brim.
They can send the share price to the stratosphere overnight.
Now, just picture in your mind how it's going to look when the company I've unearthed gets center stage in the battle...
What happens when they carve out even one-tenth of a percent of that $7 trillion jackpot?
That's $7 billion for commanding even the tiniest fraction of the industry.
If some of these stocks have shot up 670%... 1,159%... even 12,000% and beyond based on hype... what will it look like when a company with a REAL solution hits the scene?
In good conscience, I can't say this stock will go as high as 10,000%.
But to me, there's no question that 1,500% is in the bag — enough for you to easily snowball every $10,000 into $150,000. And you can feel confident in that.
The "smart money" is already piling in... Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and Vanguard have all built up solid positions.
So before I tell you the ticker symbol, let me give you a brief rundown of how this company's technology works...

The Silver Bullet
On June 14, 2013, E. ON Energy — one of the largest electric utility companies in the world — made the proverbial shot across the bow to Big Oil.
At this demonstration they revealed an earthshaking development: the end result of a project they began more than a year ago.
More importantly, it was the first real-world demonstration of the next era of energy, all thanks to a technology more than 213 years old.
In some ways, it's similar to the recent U.S. boom in fracking...
Hydraulic fracturing was first invented in 1947; however, recent advances in this technology have helped the world enjoy a sudden surge in oil supply.
Above all, the companies that use fracking to extract more oil have made investors fortunes. Drillers like Kodiak Oil & Gas would've given your portfolio a 3,259% shot in the arm — enough to transform every $10,000 in $325,900.
Now this 213-year-old technology is going to line up another massive opportunity...
Even if you only grab gains half as good as Kodiak's bull run, you stand to make a fortune.
This centuries-old technology is called electrolysis.
It was discovered more than 200 years ago by a surgeon named Anthony Carlisle and a scientist named William Nicholson.
Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to "slice" water molecules, separating hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen can be easily used as fuel. In fact, NASA has been using it for years to propel rockets into space.
Better yet, it's abundant. It's the most plentiful element in the universe.
You might be familiar with hydrogen. People have been trying unsuccessfully for a decade now to get hydrogen fuel cells to replace the combustible engine. Cost and safety fears have made that unlikely.
But hydrogen is making a powerful comeback...
What the company has done is hooked up a massive set of electrolyzers to wind turbines. When the wind turbine is generating electricity during those off-peak hours, the power is run to the electrolyzers, which then take simple water and separate the hydrogen and oxygen.
E.ON's station in Falkenhagen, Germany, is now the largest energy facility of its kind in the world.
This is the first "trial" facility E.ON had the company build. At the moment, it can generate storage for 1 MW of electricity...
They can quickly build this up to hundreds or thousands of megawatts through their award-winning polymer electrolyte membrane design.
The PEM is what basically creates the separation of hydrogen and oxygen — and this company is recognized as building the largest, most compact PEM electrolyzer ever.
Competitors need as many as 15 electrolyzers just to generate the same 1 MW!
They've already signed the company for more of these stations in Germany, with one in Hamburg.
Each of them will have the ability to scale up energy generation until they can produce and store thousands of megawatts.
But here's the best part — the reason this company has just hit the turning point in renewables...
They injected that gas directly into the country's natural gas pipeline system.
Think about that. They can store huge amounts of hydrogen in the pipeline system... for months at a time... and then transport it anywhere throughout the country for immediate conversion back into electricity!

The Pipelines
We're not talking "potentialities" here...
They've already tested and proven this technology works.
Each of them with the ability to scale up energy generation until they can produce and store thousands of megawatts.
Their system efficiently utilizes excess wind and solar energy to power the electrolyzers, which then separate the hydrogen from water, and feed it into the natural gas system that weaves throughout the entire country.
Let me put that in perspective for you...
Back in 2008, when billionaire oil and gas tycoon T. Boone Pickens plunked down $80 million to build the world's largest wind farm in Pampa, Texas, he ran into one serious barrier: a lack of transmission lines.
He couldn't even get the energy from the wind farms to the city.
But if he had used this same technology — to turn water into hydrogen and then distribute it through the natural gas pipeline system — the project would've been a massive success.
With the hydrogen flowing through the pipelines, and converted back into electricity wherever it was needed, Pickens would've probably changed the trajectory of the world's energy.
That's why Enbridge — the company that operates the world's largest crude oil and gas transportation system — has just personally invested $5 million in this company's development. They're now working together to build a commercial scale storage facility for the hydrogen generated by the company's electrolyzers, and then transporting them to wherever they're needed through the pipeline network...
No more storage problems; and no more difficulties in getting people readily available energy...
We can actually store the wind and solar energy, whenever it's generated.
We can store that energy for months at a time in the pipeline network.
We can move that compact hydrogen gas anywhere it's needed to generate more electricity at any time.
And it's all renewable.
Homes can be heated. Factories can be run.
Everything we thought renewables could never do has just become a shocking possibility...

Unlimited Natural Gas
There's no question you've heard about how popular natural gas has gotten lately.
Warren Buffett himself famously plunked down $2 billion on a natural gas bet.
Now the world is looking to revolutionize the transportation system with natural gas...
GE and Caterpillar are both investing in building trains powered purely on natural gas.
Car manufacturers are developing natural gas-powered cars: Honda already launched a version of the Civic powered on natural gas. And Ford recently announced plans to sell a natural gas run F-150. Cars are being built with utilities designed specifically to use natural gas as fuel.
Buffett has already invested in natural gas powered transportation systems.
Obama also announced a plan to invest $2 billion in getting cars off oil and into lower emission fuels, like natural gas.
As one of the most abundant, cleanest materials in the world, natural gas will play a major role in the economic landscape for years to come — which is another reason this company's innovation is so exciting...
They're about to ride the wave of natural gas, without drilling or owning any wells.
By a process known as methanization, the hydrogen produced by the electrolyzers will be mixed with biogas, also a renewable resource.
Together, these two gases form what's called synthetic natural gas. And it can be used interchangeably with natural gas.
As the expansion continues in the world of natural gas, creating new cars, trucks, boats, planes, trains, and more that run on natural gas... this company's technology will be the only sufficient alternative.
That synthetic natural gas will flow freely through the pipeline system, just like hydrogen.
Plus, the CEO of the company spearheading this technology worked as a senior executive at Toyota. He is an insider — and he knows how to work with these car companies to grease the wheels and make sure they can push his company to the forefront.

The Game-Changer
Look, in my opinion, there's no question this company is on the cusp of becoming an absolute superpower in the energy world.
Its stock will go gangbusters once people begin realizing its full potential.
And again, that's already happening... In fact, the stock has popped 54% on just a few passing mentions.
All it takes is one good piece of coverage, and this stock's going to hit the ceiling.
What about when this company — with a real, scalable solution — starts popping up in utility and power plants around the world?
What about when the media learns about everything I've told you today — that this company presents a 100% renewable, unlimited, easily transportable energy source that can last us for thousands of years?
1,000% is a drop in the ocean.
Once it picks up steam, there's no telling how far it could go...
I've shown you that historically these stocks have made astronomical leaps of 670%, 1,159%, even 12,000% gains.
Conservatively, I think this stock will finally plateau after it has handed you nothing short of $15 for every $1 invested.
And considering this company is the pioneer of this technology, I truly believe this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I want to make sure you can get in on this ASAP. That's why I've put together a report with full details about this company...
It's called "How to Make 10 Times Your Money on the Energy Mega-Shift."
In it, I reveal the company that's just hit the mother lode — and busted open the gates for the next era of energy.
You'll see how much revenue they're already looking to add in the next few years... how many shares to buy... what price to buy them at... and more...
But here's the best part: I want to send you this report at no charge, immediately.
You'll be able to take action on this investment within the next five minutes.

Your Guide to Big Gains
You see, I gathered all these details on this stock for a reason...
It wasn't to put this presentation together.
No. It's because I currently manage an investment advisory service called Crisis and Opportunity.
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cao-fuel cell-testimonial
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Christian DeHaemer
Investment Director, Crisis and Opportunity

Tiny Biotech Owns World's
Only Source Of
Rare Cancer-Curing Chemical
Early investors are looking to bank 300 times their money
This urgent video has live footage of the company in action...
[This Material] Could Cure Cancer. — Popular Science
Dear Reader,

This is urgent. And every minute counts.
As you read this report, investors are getting rich from a tiny biotech start-up that is lighting the fuse under modern-day medicine.
At the center of it all is its main product, which is on a worldwide lockdown: "Blue Blood."
Highly rich Blue Blood Protein — which really is blue — is extracted from one of the rarest and most endangered animals on the face of this planet... a sea snail called a Limpet.
What makes this blood so unique and life-changing?
Well, it's a major component of over 100 vaccines and drugs currently going through clinical trials with the FDA. In other words, these drugs simply cannot work without Blue Blood... and there is nothing in the world that can replace it.
And here's the mind-blowing peculiarity in all of this...
Blue Blood is so vital to breakthrough vaccines and drugs today... one gram of it can sell for up to $900,000.
Talk about top dollar!
The biggest pharmaceutical companies around the world don't mind paying a fortune for it.
Well, because right now, "Several companies and institutions are developing Blue Blood based therapies for a wide variety of cancers," according to the National Cancer Institute.
If you're thinking of American giants like Pfizer, Merck, Amgen, and Biogen Idec... you wouldn't be off the mark.
England's GlaxoSmithKline, Germany's Bayer, Switzerland's Novartis, and Denmark's Novo Nordisk all need this Blue Blood too...
And the most exciting part of this opportunity for you is that they can only get this Blue Blood Protein from one little biotech company, which I'd like to tell you about today.
It owns exclusive rights and patents to extract and supply Blue Blood Protein to over a dozen big pharma companies... which gives this little gem a virtual monopoly in the biotech arena.
Over the last seven months, I've been shouting about and making the call on this little company — and it's up more than 300% since then.
Now, I'm predicting the stock could surge another 300% over the next 12 months based on events already shaping up. A deal with a company developing a breast cancer vaccine has already been signed.
I'd suggest you get in now to avoid missing out again on this life-changing opportunity.
Remember, it's trading below $3 right now. So there isn't much time to waste. You need to get in now to reap the biggest possible gains.
When you understand the operations of this tiny company... how it secures worldwide supplies of Blue Blood from a sea snail, not to mention its global influence... you'll realize why it's set to become the most important and innovative company this century.
That's the impression I got when one of my valuable inside sources alerted me about this tiny company a few months ago. And the company has been proving it every day since with its rising share price.
I can't reveal his name or identity here. All I can say is he's a major shareholder and close to this tiny company.
To vet every detail, I quickly hopped on a plane from Baltimore to visit this company's facilities and met with the top brass... the CEO and all the scientists working there.
Because of their tight security, I had to fax my ID a week in advance. Why?
They operate out of a naval base on the West Coast. There are even armed guards at the gates.
No surprise there. This stuff is top-secret!
This company's technology is launching an entirely new era of human history.
It holds the key to freeing human beings from breast, prostate, lung, lymphoma, leukemia, and brain cancer...
It could free us from Alzheimer's, arthritis, and heart disease... from nursing homes and the indignities of old age.
And while this company has returned over 300% gains to investors in just the last seven months...
It's on the cusp of rapid advancements and is beginning to receive the kind of commercial backing and attention we like to see in a promising new technology...
In short, it's about to sign contracts with major pharmaceutical companies. And that could make the 300% gains so far look tiny by comparison.
Possibly the most exciting thing about this little company, though, is that it's also minting millionaires out of the everyday people who own its shares.
Today, without missing a beat, you need to get in on this mammoth profit saga that's about to explode.
I'll give you all the details over the next few minutes.

4x Your Money in 7 Months
I'm Nick Hodge, founder of the Outsider Club and managing editor of the highly-aggressive investment service Early Advantage.
Since early last year, I've been sounding the alarm on this little biotech company... while it was trading at just $0.50.
No other analyst covered this stock. Most people didn't pay attention.
And that was a BIG mistake!
Like anything else, they just can't believe breakthroughs of this magnitude until it's too late.
I don't want you to make the same mistake... and miss the next round of huge profits.
Because when the stock bolted for its first round of 300% gains, I made some everyday folks very happy and extremely rich. Some of them made hundreds of thousands of dollars.
They made FOUR TIMES their money in half a year.
For instance...
A fellow named Geoffrey M. wrote in to say, "I've made serious money with you on             . Sold my long accumulated position (handsomely) when I was allowed to get into their private placement for 300,000 units. I'm a subscriber for life and strong disciple. Thanks!"
Joe A. chimed in, "Nick, I have made nice money with your recommendations and was able to get into              private placement for 50,000 units (which includes 25,000 warrants at $1.35). Keep those recommendations coming."
And Brit H. told me, "Hi Nick, I decided to lock in some profits on             and so it's the second triple-digit winner with you this year. I'm looking forward to the next. Not only for the profits, but also because these companies are promising and your research is well done."
But here's what's really exciting...
There's still time to get in at less than $3.00 a share. The only caveat: the window to get into this play is extremely tight.
Remember, it's already up 300%, and ink could be put to paper with a major pharmaceutical company any day.
This time around, I suggest you get in now or risk missing out.
Over the next few months, I'm forecasting a move to $5.00 — or more — as the company starts signing contracts with major pharmaceutical companies that simply can't get Blue Blood anywhere else.
Let's dive into the details....

The World's Only "Blue Blood" Supplier
Blue Blood is real blood that comes from an extremely rare wild sea snail. But here's the problem...
There are only 100,000 of these rare snails left in the ocean. They can only be found off the coast in California. And the numbers are fast depleting.
What's so special about this blood?
Blue Blood contains a complex protein molecule, and it's an indispensable ingredient in over 100 drugs and vaccines that pharmaceutical companies desperately want to bring to market.
In short, this protein activates your body's immune system and tells it to let the vaccine kill whatever bad cells need killing... something that has never been done before.
Let me show you how groundbreaking and historical all this is...
To understand how Blue Blood Protein works, you have to go back to the early days of vaccines 50 years ago.
You see, medical researchers would take something harmful like a virus, kill it, and then inject it into your body.
Your immune system would see the inactive virus and learn how to attack it in the future.
That's how we fought polio and rubella viruses for decades.

But What About Cancer?
The problem with cancer cells is they look like your body's own cells and trick your immune system to ignore them.
The body's immune system sees the cancer cells and says, "This is my own. I shouldn't attack or kill it."
And they keep growing into huge tumors until your body is no longer able to handle it.
In short, cancer cells are like stealth planes: "Invisible."
But attaching Blue Blood Protein to cancer cells is like attaching reflectors to a once-invisible stealth plane.
All of a sudden, your body's radar begins to see cancer cells as foreign objects and starts killing them.
In short, Blue Blood offers a solution that, according to Popular Science, "Could Cure Cancer."
Not only would that be a world-changing event that would bring relief to millions of people... it would also generate billions in revenue for this tiny biotech firm.
Over the next 12 months, we'll see a phenomenal opportunity to make money from what I call the Blue Blood revolution.
Right now, this tiny company is the only one in the world that can supply Blue Blood Protein to the market... at up to $900,000 per gram.
What's even more exciting from an investing standpoint is this supplier is so incredibly small, with enough space to run wild, that early shareholders are literally getting rich with a single stake.
Based on the numbers alone — the amount of Blue Blood these guys are producing now (I'll show you numbers in a bit) and the current market value of it — we're looking at a possible upside of an additional 300% - 500% in the next 12 months.
Remember, over the last 7 months alone, the stock has climbed 300%. At that rate, you could turn every $5,000 into $20,000 in quick time.
Just imagine the money you have right now and multiply by four or even five times...
Like I did when I suggested this company months ago, I am making the same call now to get in at under $3.00. Only this time around, the stock is heading for the stratosphere quickly...

Not Mentioned Anywhere
The question you're probably asking is: If this is so big, why haven't I heard of this before today?
The way it works in this business, you just can't win if you don't have an inner circle of contacts in various industries who share details of the next breakthrough or moneymaking trend before it makes headlines.
Of course, I do my due diligence to confirm the merits of each story.
But one of the main reasons my firm has become one of the largest newsletter publishers in the world is because of our connections.
Which brings me to the next point...
This is not something you'll likely hear about in the news anytime soon, regardless of how cutting-edge it is...
You bet we couldn't find this company mentioned anywhere in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, or any other mainstream financial publications.
Because the company is ridiculously small. And mutual funds and other large financial institutions are legally prohibited from investing in tiny companies — their charters just won't allow it.
You can also bet the major pharmaceutical companies in negotiations with this tiny biotech have barred it from using their names with a non-disclosure agreement. They don't want their competitors to know how utterly reliant on Blue Blood they actually are.
Sad thing is, most investors will never hear about this tiny biotech player. And if they do, it'll be too late.
Well, that's just too bad, because starting today, you'll be way ahead of the curve when you finally buy this stock for under $3 a share.
In fact, there are several reasons why this little company is a winner regardless of how you look at it.
Here's what I mean...
Companies with competitive advantages like Coca-Cola, Wrigley, Hershey, Apple, Wal-Mart, and Amazon jump right to the front.
Biotech firms like Amgen, which soared 10,421%, and Celgene, which climbed 20,838%, both had incredible moats made of countless patents.
Their huge profit margins, consistent growth, and dominance made investors very wealthy.
Well, this tiny biotech company I want you to own today is building its own legacy with several impenetrable moats... and will soon take its place among the most innovative companies in the world.
Here are the amazing facts propelling this tiny Blue Blood company forward towards greatness:

Moat #1:

Global Monopoly on Production

and Supply of Blue Blood Protein
Traditionally, drug companies sent divers into the ocean to search for Blue Blood Limpets. If they found some, they'd extract the blood. And then the Limpets would die.
But this operation added to the scarcity of Limpets and left only 100,000 in the waters off the coast of California.
This little biotech company has changed all that.
What did they do?
They patented a way to grow the same limpets... on land!
And they also patented a way to extract their Blue Blood... WITHOUT killing them.
This startling video explains it all.

No company in the world can provide any competition or steal this tiny biotech's proprietary methods of producing Blue Blood on a commercial scale.
It also means that any pharmaceutical company in the world that needs Blue Blood to make vaccines or drugs can only get it from this tiny biotech player.
Truly, this is groundbreaking stuff.
But the story only gets juicier when you add this next moat around the company...

Moat #2:
Biggest Multi-Billion Dollar Client List...
The Who's Who of Big Pharma
Blue Blood drugs are already approved and in use in Europe and Asia.
But what about the U.S.?
The largest and most influential drug companies are now signing contracts to secure their reliable supply of Blue Blood ONLY from this little company.
In short, these big companies are poised to commercialize a variety of Blue Blood-based drugs to treat various diseases, like...


But that barely scratches the surface. Check out this question and answer from my private site visit:
  • Amgen is developing a therapy for systemic lupus that's in Phase 1
  • Biogen Idec has a multiple sclerosis therapy in Phase 4
  • GlaxoSmithKline owns a therapy for dermatitis in Phase 1
  • Neovacs' Crohn's disease vaccine is in Phase 2
  • Samsung Medical Center's prostate cancer vaccine is in Phase 2
  • National Cancer Institute's leukemia vaccine is in Phase 2
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is in Phase 1 with its prostate cancer vaccine
  • Stanford University's brain cancer vaccine is in Phase 1
  • Axon Neuroscience's Alzheimer's disease vaccine recently entered Phase 1 
According to the Government's National Cancer Institute...
"Optimer Pharmaceuticals is at phase II clinical trials with a breast cancer vaccine, Celldex Therapeutics is in phase II clinical trials with a glioblastoma vaccine, and Biovest International is evaluating a vaccine for non-Hodgkin lymphoma in phase III trials."
And all of them are utterly dependent on Blue Blood.
Bottom line: If one of these companies — be it Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world by sales, or Novartis, the third largest in the world by sales — is to begin selling Blue Blood-based therapies and vaccines, a multi-billion dollar industry will emerge.
And this tiny company — the only one capable of providing a reliable source of Blue Blood product — will emerge a billion dollar company, passing its wealth on to you if you hurry and get in now at this ground floor price!
On the surface, it all sounds a lot like science fiction.
Call it what you will, but it's already making my readers rich and will do the same for you if you decide to ride this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity starting today.
Just how much money can this company make with a global monopoly on Blue Blood Protein?

Moat #3:
Huge Profit Potential and Financial Stability
It's no surprise rich drug companies are spending top dollar to secure their stash of the stuff.
As each drug goes through the three stages of clinical trials, every single one uses specific amounts of Blue Blood Protein.
For Phase 1 of clinical trials, each drug uses 3-5 grams of Blue Protein. With over 100 drugs, that's up to 500 grams of protein.
How about Phase 2?
It takes 50-100 grams of Blue Protein to get through that phase. That's a mind blowing 10,000 grams of protein.
How much money can this little company make at this point?
Blue Blood Protein costs about $35,000 per gram for lower grade.
Those 100 drugs will need 10,500 grams just to get approved by the FDA.
That totals over $367 million right there.
But keep in mind... if higher grade Blue Blood is required — at up to $900,000 per gram — the total quickly jumps to almost $1 billion.
And that's without even mentioning Phase 3 potential.
If you were to go beyond that, the numbers would be truly off the charts.
Just take a look at the company's revenue projections below:
That kind of revenue would make this tiny biotech stock — currently trading below $3.00 — an $18.00 stock.
An 800% increase in share price!
Now, I don't want you to think that all those 100 drugs will make it to the market.
Given the history of the FDA, many drugs don't see the light of day after Phase 1 and 2 trials. They just fail at the labs.
But here's what to keep in mind...
Even if just 10 of those drugs get approved for the market, the company will still rake in billions a year.
In fact, this company has publicly stated it can earn over $800 million in the next two to three years. That's nearly eight times its current value with a market cap around $100 million.
And over the long haul, it's securing royalties on the long-term sales of blockbuster drugs brought to the market that utilize the power of Blue Blood.
But it doesn't end there.

Moat #4:
Exclusive Groundbreaking Vaccines
Not only is the company supplying Blue Blood for other drugs... it's developing its own drugs as well.
Here's what I mean.
It just acquired the worldwide license and exclusive rights to develop, manufacture, and sell vaccines to treat an infection known as Clostridium difficile (C. diff) from an agreement with a Canadian university.
According to professor Mario Monteiro, discoverer of the C. diff technology, "[This company's] vision has made it possible for our scientific discovery to migrate from the lab to the hands of industry. I'm confident that in time, this vaccine will prove to have saved many lives."
This is life-changing news because C. diff is a growing cause of mortality in hospitalized patients and causes more than 330,000 infections in the U.S. every year.
Heck, the cost of C. diff treatment in the U.S. and Europe is already estimated at more than $7 billion annually.
No doubt this tiny biotech company will eat away a huge chunk of this money.
And this is just the company's first proprietary drug. There could be more in the pipeline.
After all, it owns the world's only commercial supply of Blue Blood.
Which brings me to my next point...

Moat #5:

Blue Protein Cannot Be
Artificially Produced or Synthesized
No one else can artificially make Blue Blood.
As Popular Science puts it, "Blue Blood is too big and complicated to synthesize."
If no lab can artificially create a Blue Blood substitute, then researchers and scientists who create breakthrough therapies have no choice but to team up with the only supplier in world...
And that's our little trail-blazing biotech company.
Keep in mind, this isn't some wild speculation.
When I first recommended this company, it was trading at just $0.50 a share.
Over the last seven months, the stock bolted for a 300% gain, making some of my readers, who listened to my call, wealthy.
I am making the call again for you to get in today under three bucks a share.
Those who don't listen this time will miss out on the biggest biotech start-up in modern day history.
For good reason...

Why You Need to Jump on This
Opportunity Now at Under $3.00 a Share
The stock is garnering momentum and attention worldwide. It can only stay a secret for so long.
First off, this tiny company just got added to the S&P Dow Jones TSX Venture Select Index. Essentially, this is a list of 48 companies that are the "best in breed" and meet specific liquidity criteria.
Another thing: All throughout 2013, the company released peer-reviewed research and presented at medical conferences... so word is also getting out in the medical community.
What about new contracts?
It has signed an irrevocable, worldwide license to own the technology developed through a Collaborative Research Agreement between it and big pharma's Bayer... 
It's also signed an agreement with a company in late-stage trials for a breast cancer vaccine. And there are other ones in the pipeline. 
Let me also mention this quickly... and this is incredible.
I just got alerted that the California Fish & Wildlife Department is courting this tiny biotech company for its expertise and guidance on how to protect the 100,000 Limpets that remain in the wild...
This is like asking a heroin dealer to help regulate the heroin market.
No doubt this tiny company's goal will be to help influence the strictest regulations for the wild harvest of sea Limpets... effectively sealing its monopoly, since it's the only one that can birth them on land.
Which begs the question... How much money can you really make from a small investment in this sub-$3 stock by getting in now?

A 4,752% Return Could Be Possible
Considering the science-rocking discovery of Blue Blood Protein... this is a rare opportunity to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime-type gains.
To be frank, I actually don't know how ridiculous the profits could get. Why?
This company's stock could surge 10-fold in the near future alone based on its influence in the biotech space.
It's simply so game-changing, examples of past scientific developments may be completely pointless.
However, for the sake of comparison, I'm going to show you what happens when truly world-changing scientific discoveries are made and how they create personal wealth.
One such discovery dates back to a runny nose...
In the mid-1980s, a man by the name of H. DuBose Montgomery got a fairly severe cold. As he tried to recover, he began to wonder why the medical world hadn't yet perfected a cure for this malady that affects 1 billion people every year.
It may not seem like much, but in truth, a legend was born...
Not only did Montgomery go on to co-found a company now known as Gilead Sciences, but his work in antiviral medicines transformed the world.
Gilead Sciences went on to perfect something known as small molecule antiviral therapeutics in 1992.
In short, these things have had a profound effect on everything from the common cold to HIV.
The rest is history — and it was unbelievably profitable for early-bird investors. Take a look:
The stock absolutely erupted from a measly $0.57 per share to nearly $28. That's a gain of 4,752%.
Just $200 into this company would have yielded $9,700.
Imagine if you put in more... $3,000 would have turned into nearly $150,000.
Even crazier, the share price is actually much higher these days.
All told, in the years since, the stock price has risen to $45.87 (a total gain of almost 8,000% — or 80x your money).
And this isn't the only company that's done something like this. In fact, it's actually one of the less profitable examples.
Check it out:
  • 10,421%
    Amgen brought Epogen and Neupogen to the market between 1989 and 1990, taking its revenue from $2.8 million to over $1 billion. Had you gotten in early, you could have been rewarded with a 10,421% gain — enough to roll $10,000 into a cool $1.04 million.
  • 11,350%
    Novo Nordisk specialized in diabetic care,  and brought the drugs Novonorm and PrandiMet to the market, as well as the groundbreaking diabetic drug Victoza, which brought in $2.7 billion. Its stock returned a life-changing 11,350%.
  • 29,258%
    Biogen Idec blazed a trail by launching the first multiple sclerosis drug, Avonex, which achieved $1 billion in sales. No surprise the investors cashed in a staggering 29,258% gain, turning a small $2,000 into a whopping $585,160.
  • 20,838%
    Celgene has more than 300 clinical trials and is building a strong reputation for its intellectual property rights, including bringing miracle blockbuster drug Thalomid to the market. The stock has exploded 20,838% — enough to turn $5,000 into $1 million.
As you can see, we're talking anywhere from 50 times up to nearly 300 times your cash.
I told you this was once-in-a-lifetime-type stuff here. These things don't come around often. And I don't know of a single other person who's on top of this opportunity like I am right now...
None of those companies, like Amgen or Celgene, had the kind of advantages and monopoly this little biotech player enjoys today.
With everything panning in favor of this company right now, the stock is poised for historical highs, and investors — including you, if you hurry — could become rich from a one-time investment.
As you saw at the start of this presentation, some everyday folks are already cashing in on huge profits. Now, it's your turn.
I hope you jump on this opportunity before the door shuts on this $3.00-a-share deal.
If this sounds like something that interests you, then I'm ready to send you my free report on this situation: "Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule."
You'll also know the ticker symbol and up to what price to buy this little gem.
Best of all, I'd like to send you this report absolutely free of charge.
All I ask in return is that you take a risk-free trial membership to my research publication Early Advantage.
What exactly is Early Advantage... and how can it make you rich from groundbreaking investment research?

I Spend Millions on My Research
You already know the best way to make a lot of money is to get in the game early — before a company makes news with a major discovery in the mining sector or energy sector... the creation of some disruptive technology... or breakthroughs in agriculture or health.
It's the reason I meet with start-up CEOs in Silicon Valley... visit actual farmers... inspect mines in Alberta and Ontario... attend obscure conferences and trade shows... and conduct private one-on-one interviews.
All in the name of giving you the early advantage on any moneymaking or money-saving opportunity available, long before the rest of the market catches on.
That's what Early Advantage is all about.
I've been on the cutting edge for years, discovering major life-changing, moneymaking opportunities that other financial institutions don't cover.
For example...
  • Before 3D printing made the news, I told my readers about a company called Organovo that develops three-dimensional (3D) human tissue printing technology to create tissue on demand for research and surgical applications. Since then, the stock has surged over 570%.
  • Then there's Natcore Technology, a company with a number of patented technologies that any solar company can use to double the efficiency of current solar cells while cutting costs in half. I flew to New York to visit the company's facilities and was impressed with what I saw. In less than 3 months, my readers were able to secure a 128% gain.
Quite often, my investigations lead to companies that you may never hear or read about in mainstream news publications like the Wall Street Journal or Forbes...
But that's okay with me; the gains for my readers are real — no matter how many mainstream publications ignore the opportunities.
If the stock is everywhere, there is no way you'll ever make any money on it. But that's what's great about my approach, and it has rewarded my readers handsomely.
Whether with 3D-printed human tissue, solar breakthroughs, or the initial run of this Blue Blood company, members of Early Advantage have been raking in the gains.
Benny J. called in to say:
"Success story? Let's say stories! I had a doubler with Organovo. Bought             at 0.50 which has now given me 280% and I have not sold any yet. And my $25,000 investment in Natcore is now worth $95,000! Another 280%! Big compliment to your service Nick. It is the absolute best service I have had, and I am going to be a lifetime member."
Anthony R. also shared his experience:
"Hi Nick, I'm looking forward for the next 'Natcore,' 'Organovo,'  and '           .' Early Advantage is the most profitable service in almost 10 years of trading. Pure and simple. As a friend of mine who speaks a broken English used to say to me, "Thank you very big!"
Others are more straightforward. Bob D. simply chimed in with:
"Needless to say, your picks have been very rewarding. Thanks for all your hard work and "hand holding" during these volatile markets. It is always reassuring to get your timely e-mails."
Or William S., who said:
"Dear Nick, I enjoy your insight into market assessments. I have religiously followed your tips and recommendations... and made lots of money!"
Rest assured, these are the opportunities that can make you rich in the game. And that's my sole purpose here.
In short, that's the work I do on behalf of my readers, and it's made them a lot of money and the most satisfied in the investment business.
There are just too many great opportunities hidden in the market making great gains for everyday investors... while you sit on the sidelines.
As activity heats up in the biotech space and the masses catch onto this story, expect late investors to push the price through the roof.
I want you in before this happens, and I'll help make this decision easy for you right now.

Below is a List of What You'll Get
I will send you my report "Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule" free of charge when you take a no-risk trial of Early Advantage.
It spells out all the details on this hot little biotech stock that will no doubt hold the crown as the most profitable and important company of the next decade.
Because of the urgency of this play, you'll have access to that info minutes after you sign up. But that's not all you'll get.
You'll also have full access to...
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Within minutes of signing up, you'll receive an email with your password to the Early Advantage website... your ultimate gateway to unheard-of profits in cutting-edge sectors ahead of the crowd.
I encourage you to read the research reports you'll see there. Many of the recommendations are still considered major "buys."
Be sure to scan the "Getting Started" window to help you know how to get the most out of this service.
Given all that, at this point you must be asking, "How much does Early Advantage cost?

Lock in This Low Subscription Rate Today
I don't have to tell you how much it costs to uncover the kind of information I do.
One minute, I am jetting to California to check out the latest in breakthrough biotech. Next minute, I'm hopping to Ottawa or landing in a floatplane on a lake in Saskatchewan.
This is by no means a cheap operation. But it's worth the research.
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“Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule” (Nick Hodge)

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“How to get this $35,000/gram miracle cure for just $0.65″ — that’s the subject line of the latest teaser ad we’re reviewing … how can you resist?
The folks at Angel Publishing appear to be spinning off some of their newsletters, with Nick Hodge headlining, into a new little entity called the Outsider Club — which, as far as I can tell, is just another of the dozens of interrelated newsletter brands that have been built by Agora-affiliated publishers over the years. Some of them catch on and build big mailing lists, some of them quietly disappear.
But this pitch is not really just from this “Outsider Club”, it’s from Nick Hodge’s pricey newsletter called Early Advantage, which has been around for many years at Angel Publishing — it used to be called Alternative Energy Speculator until they realized that particular subsector was losing investor interest a couple years back, and it has called some interesting stocks to our attention, including Westport Innovations about five years ago before they were listed in NY.
So I tend to pay attention to their new picks even though some of the tiny ones end up being crash-and-burn disasters — my readers keep asking about them, and they pick so many tiny stocks that their attentions have a tendency to drive big spikes in the share price. I expect we’ll see the same thing once again here, since this latest teaser pick (which I mentioned a couple weeks ago, but haven’t gotten to looking at closely until now) is even smaller than most.
Of course, such spikes up in price are usually followed by a collapse if the story doesn’t play out as cleanly or as quickly as the ads always seem to imply, but they can at least be fun to watch.
So what’s Hodge’s latest darling stock?
Here’s the teaser pitch:
“… for 5+ years, a team of America’s foremost scientists has been hard at work in a laboratory… working on a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery.
“And it ALL revolves around the giant keyhole limpet… or more simply, the sea snail.
“It’s something you’d ordinarily see in a sci-fi film. But this is very real.
“And if you understand why this sea snail is so crucial — and what these scientists discovered while burning the midnight oil — you’ll be on the fast track to 300x your money profits….
“What was unearthed in a Ventura County lab is something that will alter the way the medical world operates forever…
“Few discoveries in history have had the kind of impact this one will have. It’s simply so game-changing, examples of past scientific developments may be completely pointless.
“We’re treading on truly unheard-of profit territory here.”
Irregulars Quick Take
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Well, we can at least rest assured that the fertile fields of hyperbole are growing nicely in Baltimore, MD — how can you not want to know about “unheard-of profit?”
Even if we know that the reality never matches the hype, there’s still that little part of our brain that says, “what if he’s even just halfway right?”
He compares this advancement to the big antiviral discoveries made by Gilead Sciences (GILD) back in 1992, and shows the dramatic stock move from 50 cents or so up to the low $20s — he doesn’t mention that it took 15+ years of patience and fortitude to enjoy those gains, or how many other companies seemed to have similarly exciting discoveries in 1992 and are now bankrupt, but you get the idea — biotech is one of those areas of the market where huge gains are possible. And even though the fact isn’t hammered into your head everyday the way those potential gains are, you probably area also quite aware that with 1,000%+ return potential you almost always get a heightened risk of 100% losses.
So what is this “Magic Molecule” that’s supposed to make us rich?
Here’s some more from the teaser ad:
“The world-shaking discovery… REVEALED
“For decades now, medical companies around the globe have heavily relied on a compound known as Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (referred to as KLH — or what I call the “magic molecule”).
“That’s a fancy name for what essentially amounts to sea snail blood…
“KLH only comes from one place: the giant keyhole limpet, aka the sea snail I showed you a picture of earlier. And this sea snail lives in one very specific part of the world, off the coast of Central California….
“Here’s the key: There are only 100,000 of these creatures left in the wild. Once the KLH has been extracted from them, they die.
“In other words, the hundreds of drugs that rely on KLH — the drugs that assist patients who suffer from cancer to Alzheimer’s to drug addiction — are in grave danger of extinction… along with this specific species of sea snail.
“None of this may seem very exciting, but get this: Because it’s so scarce, the KLH extracted from these sea snails sells for between $35,000 and $900,000 per gram.”
OK, so that’s our little “Magic Molecule” — Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin. I confess that I had never heard of it before taking a quick look at this story about two weeks ago.
And yes, the Keyhole Limpet was featured in Popular Science as an enabler of a cure for cancer about 18 months ago — an article that is worth a quick read, and that mentions the company that’s farming these mollusks in California to extract their blood.
So is that the same company being teased by Nick Hodge? Let’s quickly check a few more clues:
“Once single company — whose shares currently trade around a mere $0.60 as you read this — is the ONLY company that knows how to extract KLH without killing the sea snail. And they have a patent on it.
“So, not only does no one else know how to do this…
“But this tiny company also has a patent pending for a process in which they raise the sea snails on land.
“That’s what happens when you have the likes of these guys working in your Ventura County laboratory:
  • The board-certified immunologist who, together with his team at UCLA, was the first to discover AIDS in 1980; and
  • the Professor of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at UC-Santa Barbara — named one of the 50 leading technology pioneers of 2006 by Scientific American.”
So … yep, this is Stellar Biotechnologies, which is listed on the Venture exchange in Canada at KLH and also trades over the counter in the US at ticker SBOTF (with low volume in both places, this is a sub-$40 million stock and $100,000 in money flowing in or out could dramatically impact the stock price).
And yes, Stellar is the leading (and practically the only, they say) company that’s sustainably cultivating Keyhole Limpets on land, in a controlled environment aquaculture farm/lab, and extracting their blood for use in vaccines. Their current capacity is about one kilogram of blood per year, which doesn’t sound like a lot — but apparently the amount required for each dosage of a vaccine must be infinitesimally small.
KLH is really a vaccine conduit, not a curative compound in its own right (there are other mollusks that have been touted as miracule cures, like the anti-bacterial and cancer-fighting properties of some sea snails that have been in the press in recent years) — it’s a large molecule that’s safe for humans but has a strong immune response, here’s how they describe it:
“KLH is an important immune-stimulating protein used in wide-ranging therapeutic and diagnostic markets. Potent, yet proven safe in humans, KLH operates as both a vital component for conjugate vaccines (targeting cancer, autoimmune, and infectious diseases) as well as an antigen for measuring immune status. Stellar Biotechnologies was founded to address the growing demand for renewable, commercial-scale supplies of high-quality, GMP-grade KLH. Stellar has developed leading practices, facilities and proprietary capabilities to address this need.”
So apparently this KLH stuff is a great base for vaccines — it’s part of a tested compound for dozens of clinical trials right now, including at least a few active trials where they have supply agreements with pharmaceutical companies. You can see several presentations here about their business and technology. The Wikipedia page explaining this protein gives a pretty good broad overview here.
And the stock has climbed nicely this year, following their listing on the OTCQB and rising awareness among US speculators and plenty of news releases from the company about their aquaculture achievements and the progress of potential vaccines for cancer and other diseases, along with, of course, this recent attention from Nick Hodge. This isn’t the first time the company has been a stock market darling, that Popular Science article came a year after the surge of excitement that drove the shaers from 20-30 cents to well over a dollar for a few weeks in late 2010-early 2011, but we’re broaching new highs for the year again here in the 70 cent range.
That means Stellar Biotechnologies now has a market cap approaching $40 million — laughable for the kind of potential market they’re talking about, with hoped for royalties and other revenue bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars a year perhaps as soon as 3-5 years from now (that’s from one of their investor presentations), but very large for a company that has negligible revenue and posts losses in most quarters of roughly a million dollars. They’ll also have to raise money by selling stock, I expect, if they haven’t made any big deals with pharmaceutical companies by late this year.
But that’s probably the immediate upside potential, beyond the possibility that they might get exciting news from one of the current KLH vaccine trials that leads to a rapid increase in demand for the molecule — they say they are “actively exploring multiple, current avenues of co-involvement with 7 of the 15 largest biopharma companies.”
And for a $40 million company, a joint venture deal with a larger pharma company can easily provide enough cash to keep them going for quite a while — and spur some increased investor love.
I have no real sense for what the market for this KLH will be in the end — certainly demand could be very high if there are effective vaccines for Lupus, Breast Cancer or Rheumatoid Arthritis that use this molecule, but it’s not clear to me what the physical capacity is or what the pricing would be in that world if higher demand… or whether the mass market demand for this compound would lead to new ways of synthesizing it and therefore sidestepping the limited capacity of Stellar’s mollusk farm. They have managed to get these creatures to reproduce in captivity, so they’re managing multiple generations of them and can increase capacity over time, but I can’t imagine that they can increase capacity all that quickly.
The only folks I saw actively selling and quoting prices for KLH for labs were selling it for about $10/mg, I have absolutely no idea whether their variety is as good as Stellar’s (or maybe it is Stellar’s, I dunno), but at that rate a kilogram, Stellar’s annual capacity, would be worth $10 million. If Hodge is right and this stuff is good enough that it sells for $35,000-900,000/gram, then that means their annual kilogram of KLH production could pull in somewhere between $35 million and $900 million a year in revenue.
So that’s a pretty wide range, potential revenue somewhere between $10 million and $900 million … which doesn’t count any royalties they might get for their proprietary products or from joint ventures if they really proceed with developing their own compounds for clinical study, as they indicate they might.
So far, though, revenue is more like $250,000 over the last four quarters … which means the low end of that estimate would be hugely dramatic growth for Stellar. Of course, whether or not they can ever reach that low-end guess is an open question — it looks really interesting, I can see that they’ve invested a lot (including government grants) to build this sustainable aquaculture and processing capacity, but with science still proceeding and the vaccine trials still pretty early, I can’t even halfway guess what the company should be worth or whether their product will stand out as a crucial component and see increased demand even if prices rise.
But that’s the long-term imagining about Stellar’s future — most likely, the stock will bounce around like a cork as news flows regarding any of their clinical trials or joint venture deals with pharmaceutical companies, so I wouldn’t expect to see the shares trade on some fundamental valuation based on revenue or earnings anytime soon. File this under “speculation” and be prepared for a bumpy ride if you decide to get on board, I expect that Nick Hodge’s attention (and the attention of our merry band here at Gumshoe Nation) will make the stock bouncy even without any fundamental news (average trading volume combined in Canada and the US is not often much more than $100,000, which is very, very light — don’t count on getting out of a position at a reasonable price if you want to sell in a hurry).
If you’d like to hazard a guess as to what the stock is worth, or whether it’s worth a nibble, feel free to use the friendly little comment box below. 

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Green Chip: “Clean Air Cash-Outs — $1.6 billion Clean Truck Superfund”

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Here we have another newsletter from the folks who brought us Green Chip Stocks, which has been riding herd on the wave of environmentally friendly investors with a near-constant stream of new teaser ads.
This latest ad, from Jeff Siegel for the new service, talks about “clean air cash-outs”, which as I read it are just the money making opportunities of the greenification of Wall Street. He adds some cynicism, talking about the fact that these clean air changes and innovations pushed by businesses are really designed to grow profits, not to clean the air (though they may do that, too). I don’t expect any of the wise, jaded and clear-thinking Gumshoe readers are surprised to hear that.
We hear nearly every day about investment opportunities that should allow you to make millions on the back of new government regulations, carbon limits or trading, high oil prices, or consumer demand for Green. So what do we have this time, and is it worth a second look?
The name of the special report they’ll send you for subscribing to the service is “I-LNG: California’s Hottest Clean-Air Cash-Out.” The newsletter they want you to subscribe to is Alternative Energy Speculator, by Jeff Siegel and Nick Hodges — apparently they’re launching with a “special deal” at $199 for subscribers, but the “normal” price will be $499. You might recognize those names from Green Chip Stocks, which is their “greener” and cheaper newsletter — apparently this new Alternative Energy Speculator service is for “stopgap” investments that help develop energy independence and reduce pollution or fuel use, but that are potentially more explosive and aren’t necessarily really specifically “green” or renewable energy.
This time we’re talking about an interesting little niche in the world of alternative fuel vehicles — trucking. Specifically, the teaser talks about Southern California, and the fact that the smog and emisions are so bad from the massive trucks that ply the port areas of Long Beach and Los Angeles (mostly taking containers from the ports to their destination, but also moving stuff around within the ports), that they insituted significant new emissions reductions for these large truck fleets.
And to coincide with these new emissions standards, they realized that to just do away with the trucks would choke the ports, which are already at capacity, so they also passed a $1.6 billion government “superfund” to help replace these truck fleets.
This teaser company is the one who makes the engines (or modifies them, really), to let them run on LNG. That’s liquid natural gas. So yes, it’s not like the trucks will run on solar power or be a fleet of giant Toyota Prius clones, they’re still using fossil fuel, but natural gas burns so much more cleanly that diesel or gasoline that the hope is that this can dramatically reduce the southern California smog.
So … what are we dealing with?

Well, the Thinkolator is on the case … and I can tell you that the truck that’s being aimed squarely at this new fleet revitalization is probably either the Kenworth T800 or the Peterbilt 386. But Green Chip is talking about a tiny company, and I’m sure they don’t want you to buy PACCAR (parent of both Kenworth and Peterbilt) — though that may be a good pick, too, and I know they’ve been recommended by Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor in the past and the company is pretty cheap and has a good reputation for innovation.
No, what we’re looking at here is the engine company, not the truck maker. And the company that’s being teased here is …
Westport Innovations (WPIVF on the pink sheets, WPT for the main listing in Toronto)
This is a company that has developed a LNG modification, called HPDI, for a Cummins engine, and it does have an exclusive deal with PACCAR to sell these trucks. And from what I can see, they aren’t just blowing smoke about this being the only truck that’s approved for this $1.6 billion superfund for fleet replacement. I don’t know how long it will remain the only truck, but it certainly seems likely that they’ll get a lot of orders for this. Westport is itself specifically focused on this niche, developing engines for all kinds of alternative fuels, from LNG and CNG to biofuels and probably other funky stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet.
They also tease that other folks are testing these trucks, too — Wal Mart is testing four of them (the Peterbilts, in their case), and they’re being tested in Australia and elsewhere (Australia is probably the only country with as much of a trucking culture and dependency as the U.S.) This is all true, Wal Mart is doing their testing in the Southwest, if that matters to you.
The company is priced right around $3, and it did have a nice bounce of 25% or so on the news of that government fund — but that was really just to allow them to recover from a collapse at the beginning of the year. The shares traded more or less between $2-3 for much of the past year, and are now near the top of that range near their all-time highs. The company is worth a little less than $300 million and has fairly low trading volume, so you might wish to be patient if you decide you’re interested in buying shares — it can move around quite a bit with even a modicum of investor interest.
Our friend T. Boone Pickens is also a major shareholder of Westport, he holds more than 10% of the stock as of the last filing I saw. This fits in with his general interest in natural gas, since he really believes NG in some iteration will be the transportation fuel of the future for the U.S. (we saw this most recently with an Energy and Capital teaser for one of his other favorites back in January).
The company did just turn a profit of a few cents a share, so that’s nice, and if all those orders for fleet revitalization really materialize and they are able to expand and take market share in the U.S. truck fleet there’s certainly some potential here over the long term, assuming you believe that we’ll continue to see more LNG fueling stations built around the country, albeit at the current slow pace.
There are certainly orders coming in — there’s an announcement here about the most recent one, $4 million for 50 trucks — I read that as being that the $4 million is Westport’s share, so that’s about $80,ooo for the engine and fuel system for each truck. I have no idea how that compares with a standard 15 liter diesel engine for these monster trucks. I have no idea how much these trucks cost, either.
So … this is where I hand it off to you, the wise, insightful, and handsomely dressed Gumshoe reader — is this opportunity compelling enough to buy a marginally profitable small company? Are there better “stop-gap” measures for reducing particulate emissions and making trucks more efficient? If California is spending $1.6 billion on these new and retrofitted trucks and no one else makes an approved engine for this program, how much of that money will go to just these engines/fuel systems and therefore to Westport? How many would they have to sell on a regular basis to become consistently profitable? Might PACCAR, Volvo or Cummins just buy the company? I don’t have the answers, but I will admit to being intrigued by this one — it’s hard to resist real orders and cash flow, though there’s probably a catch somewhere.
full disclosure: I do not own any company mentioned here, and won’t trade in any of them for at least three days.

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