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Why Obama is the Greatest Gun Salesman in America...>>> Gun Manufacturers Praying for Obama Reelection....>>.. So.. Could all the American people realized that they get and have the prosperous from weapon industries.. and killing so many innocence people around the world... with the terrorist and insecure world.. just for increasing the US National Income.. and make the people of American.. be happier..???!!...>> What is actually the moral of American whom claim that they are the most educarted people.. and so the most democratic people...????!!! But their life more or less making war-killing people.... and expose black campaign for so a lot moslems in the world..???!!>> I do not understand .. what was actually played by the US politicians.. whom so arrogance and so hate to Iran.. and other moslems... and by systematic provoking for anti Moselems in so varies ways and methods and schemes propaganda.. in so networking media mainstreams.. ??!! >> Jim Rogers: This Currency Could Triple...??!!>> ...Europe as a whole is the largest economy in the world. If Europe has problems, we in the US are going to feel those problems,” he said. "Let Greece go bankrupt and other people who are bankrupt go bankrupt, and then they can reorganize their assets and start over...??!!

Posted by Wealth Wire - Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Jim Rogers dropped in to CNBC to tell them what he is and is not buying in the face of the European Debt crisis. 
“Europe as a whole is the largest economy in the world. If Europe has problems, we in the US are going to feel those problems,” he said. "Let Greece go bankrupt and other people who are bankrupt go bankrupt, and then they can reorganize their assets and start over.” 
Rogers on what he DOESN'T own:
“I don’t own any U.S. equities,” he said, adding “I don’t own the pound sterling, although I do love the U.K. a great deal.
On what he DOES own:
“But I own the euro, I own the U.S. dollar. I own various currencies hoping to get through all this, but someday, none of us are going to own paper money at all.” 
“I own the renminbi. Every time I can, I buy more renminbi,” he said. “I expect the renminbi to  double or triple in the next decade or two.”
He also mentions that he prefers silver to gold because of the sustained rise in the gold price, however he is certainly long on both.

Gun Manufacturers Praying for Obama Reelection

Posted by Jimmy Mengel - Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
When my brother and I went to our local shooting range on a cool day in January 2009 we planned on draining a few magazines from his Beretta 9mm. We didn't have the time to pick up our own ammo, so we thought we'd just grab some at the range.
We were wrong...
As we approached the counter and asked about loading up on some ammo, the burly, flanneled gentlemen chuckled with mirth...
“No can do son, we're all outta' bullets for that one...”
But this is a gun range, right? Does that mean there would be no blasting today?
He took notice of the disappointed and perplexed look on our faces.
“Sorry, but since Obama got elected we're on backorder for just about everything...”
Enter the strange dichotomy of gun manufacturers and Democratic administrations. Though gun rights advocates and the NRA strongly oppose Obama and the gun control lobby, there is one fact that is irrefutable: Gun sales go absolutely wild when they gain power.
When President Obama took office, sales soared to record levels. While the government doesn't actually track sales, per se, FBI criminal background checks for gun purchases have soared to record numbers every year Obama has been in office.
This year those background checks are projected to hit 15 million for the first time in history.
Those numbers have led to a massive payday for gun manufacturers like Sturm Ruger. If you thought gold had a good year or two, check out the following chart:
guns gold
NRA head Wayne LaPierre appeared at the Florida CPAC convention this week to speak out against the Obama administration and urge voters to vote against him:
"The president will offer the Second Amendment lip service and hit the campaign trail saying he's actually been good for the Second Amendment, but it's a big, fat, stinkin' lie, just like all the other lies that have come out of this corrupt administration. It's all part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment in our country."
But in secret, the gun manufacturers may be rubbing their hands together, praying that Obama gets another four years. He may not be good for gun owners, but he sure as hell is the best thing to happen to the industry since the invention of the pistol...
Just ask Sturm Luger CEO Michael O. Fifer...
“I think half of the people in the firearms industry, if asked, would hope [Obama] is not President, but then will secretly go out and vote for him again,” Fifer said in a company sales call.

Americans Buy Guns in Record Numbers for Christmas

Posted by Mike Tirone - Friday, January 6th, 2012 
'Tis the season to be jolly.'
Well according to the FBI, this Christmas season provided a lot of jolliness to gun enthusiasts.
Over 1.5 million background checks on customers were requested by gun dealers to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in December. What's even crazier with these numbers is how much these gun purchasers are procrastinators. Nearly 500,000 of those requests were just within six days of Christmas.
It was the highest number ever in a single month, eclipsing the previous record set in November. So it looks like it is safe (or unsafe) to say that 2011 was a year for the guns.
On December 23 along there were 102,222 background checks, making it the second busiest single day for buying guns in U.S. history.
Let's not forget that these are JUST background checks, meaning that at the very minimum, one gun was sold for each check, while that does not figure into individual customers bringing home more than one firearm.
Many believe that due to the halted economy, people are preparing for crime waves to sweep the nation, therefore guns are being purchased rampantly. This summer before the Occupy Wall Street protests, Wealth Wire reported the highest selling items on were crowd control and protest-ready weapons such as batons and baseball bats.
Other theories as to why buyers are cleaning the shelves of gun stores is because they believe tighter firearms laws will be introduced in the near future. So to make sure they are prepared for the projected law changes, people are buying in hoards.
On a different level, some just attribute the high gun sales in some creative marketing. There has been reports of certain gun clubs offering pictures with Santa, a very interesting yet effective technique.
According to The National Rifle Association, people are mostly concerned with self defense police officer numbers are continuing to fall.
NRA spokesperson says, “I think there's an increased realization that when something bad occurs it's going to be between them and the criminal.”
But anti-gun campaigners said those who already owned weapons were simply hoarding more of them due to "fear-mongering" by the NRA.
A spokeswoman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said: "The research we've seen indicates fewer and fewer people are owning more and more guns."
In states like Arizona, home to the tragic killing of six and near-fatal shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, citizens are calling for tighter gun control, but according to one local gun dealer, sales couldn't be better. Legendary Guns in Phoenix had 25% higher sales on Christmas and the owner describes ammunition sales as “brisk”.
“A lot of people are concerned about pending gun legislation and the sense about the current administration. People think future availability will be limited and there's a feeling of 'get it while you can.'”

obama gun sales

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