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......Energy costs will now plummet... as the share price only heads higher. .??.>>..."Absolute Black"...??

A $1.00 company just created...
"Absolute Black"
Energy costs will now plummet... as the share price only heads higher. 
 Dear Reader,
I didn't think I'd utter these words for at least another decade.
But in the next few minutes, shortly after you've seen this presentation...
I want you to buy shares of a very unique "solar" company.
Before you do, though, you'll need to check the price — and make sure it hasn't already popped from around $1 to $21.
You see, this company just created a unique technology that cuts the cost of solar technology in half... and doubles its power output.
In other words, it would make solar energy as cheap — and sometimes even cheaper — than coal, natural gas, or nuclear.
This is a breakthrough that already has the world's largest manufacturers lined up for large contracts... so there really isn't much time left...
Nick HodgeHi. I'm Nick Hodge.
I'm the managing editor behind Nick Hodge's Early Advantage.
Early Advantage is an investment advisory that's gained a reputation for successfully showing people who've grown sick of Wall Street and Washington antics how to make a fortune in the market by finding carefully selected early-stage investments.
And I just returned from a trip to Upstate New York with information that simply can't wait another minute...

It could potentially change your life as a team of scientists —
including a Nobel Prize winner
the world's energy landscape on its head
It could also make the near million people watching this presentation filthy rich.
But before I give you too many details, I need you to do something.
I need you to set aside any opinions you currently have toward the solar industry — whether you think it's a waste... or if you love it.
That's because, as you'll see, this isn't a "solar" company in the typical sense; it's in the applied materials and licensing business.
Plus unlike virtually every solar company in operation, these guys don't need regular handouts from Uncle Sam or other governments to stay afloat.
In fact, their business model and technological breakthrough are so perfect...
ABC News reports: They recently got a call from the White House pleading the CEO to join an advisory group to give advice to small businesses.
That's right.
The Obama administration — with access to business legends like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Tim Cook — went to this company's CEO for guidance on how to kick-start small businesses in America.
And it's easy to understand why...
The L.A. Times thinks the company's breakthrough could let solar panels operate at double their efficiency:
MarketWatch has boldly declared this technology will change the world:
tearsheet.marketwatch.621And because of its proven ability, even the Cantech Letter, a leading publication solely devoted to technology stocks, found this outfit is making believers from even the most skeptical investors.
To top it off...
Its business platform was designed from the ground up to mimic the most profitable companies in history and experience similar growth.
I'm not exaggerating in any way, shape, or form.
This firm's model was perfectly engineered to follow the footsteps of current household names...

Companies like Apple:

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters:

You get the point. The BIG players.
And it's a smart move — both for the company's growth and for investors.
After all, $10,000 in...
  • Pfizer would give you $472,608.
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters would hand you $430,588.
  • Apple, and you'd be sitting on $1.86 million.
I'm not going to spew a lot of "coulda shoulda woulda." There's no need.
Instead, you'll see for yourself how these guys could even things just a little better...
Starting off with the fact that they can follow those mega-stocks without taking on the same risky overhead.
Just how is that possible?

Because they're not following solar's doomed-from-the-start model
In fact, as the CEO bluntly put it during a private meeting I had shortly before the opening ceremony of their new 4,000 sq. foot plant in Upstate New York: "Solar doesn't work."
In other words, he's well aware of the shortcomings of the industry and where the problems are.
But he's not in business to compete with them.
Rather, his firm has invented the solution — one that can be used by all solar companies — that could finally make prices drop to the point where it's a real, viable energy source...
A step that otherwise appears to be a ways off.
In fact, here's where it stands in the fight for your business:
According to this chart published by the EIA in 2011, solar needs to drop in cost by another 50% before it's truly marketable.
We call this grid parity — that is, when solar costs equal or are less than the cost of other currently wide-spread sources of electricity.
Of course, that was in 2011... when solar modules were about $1.80 per watt.
In the few months since, the price has already come down dramatically.
In fact, Popular Mechanics recently reported solar prices have already fallen by more than 45%:
tearsheet.popularmechanics.61412In other words, it's already close.
But a few pennies away might as well be $20, $200, or $2,000 in this economy.
Until it's as cheap as or cheaper than what people pay now for fossil fuels, nobody in their right mind is going to get excited about making the switch to renewable energy sources.
Even loudmouth "I LOVE RENEWABLE ENERGY AND YOU SHOULD, TOO" celebrities won't be sold on solar — not until the prices come down enough.
Celebrities like Danny DeVito...
house 1
George Clooney...
house 2
Leonardo DiCaprio...
Rosie O'Donnell...
house 4

You get the idea.
They're not buying until prices come down just a little bit lower.
Even people like me who think solar will be an important part of the energy mix of the future have yet to actually make the leap because of the price.
It's an issue the CEO of this company understands. And that's exactly where his engineering outfit comes into play.

"Absolute Black" Drops
the Price of Solar in Half
While it's ready to introduce several solar advancements — advancements that could each make you quite wealthy...
The first order of business (and something they commissioned a Russian Nobel Prize-winning scientist to help solve) is perhaps the most important... and the most profitable.
Drop the cost of solar production in half
A move that by itself could bring the entire industry on an even playing field with coal — and solidify this firm as the major supplier of the technology.
It might not sound like a huge deal, but producing the top anti-reflective coating on a panel is one of the most costly steps in the entire solar process.
Until now, the industry standard has been to use complex, costly machinery that includes dangerous chemicals, vacuum chambers, large amounts of time, and high temperatures.
This also creates a legal nightmare.
The end result?
An expensive, somewhat dark coating that still bounces precious sunlight off it like a mirror.

In the solar world, any light reflected is electricity wasted — a lot of electricity.
But that's all about to change...
And rapidly hand early investors triple- and quadruple-digit profits as the world's leading solar manufacturers buy access to this technology.
This technology:
  • Cuts the price of solar cell production in half
  • Doesn't require nearly the amount of time to produce
  • Creates the coating on panels at room temperature
  • Traps ALL available sunlight, drastically boosting power output
  • Can be used with any company's current cell technology
In other words, this breakthrough is everything the solar industry — and mankind — has been waiting for!
Take a look at the panels next to each other and you can see the difference:


The one on the left is the one used throughout the world today.
The one on the right is what this company's "coating" does to that same panel: It absorbs so much light that the media's dubbed it "Absolute Black."
The picture really doesn't do it justice.
When I visited the company's facility in Upstate New York, I witnessed the side-by-side comparison firsthand — and how easy it is to create.
The difference was so extreme, it was like being in a concert hall versus a sound-proof room.
And the process that makes it is as amazing as the panels are black.
While in New York, I was fortunate enough to have a panel coated right in front of me.
It looked extremely simple. And in a way, it is.
But what I witnessed is a patented process that no other solar manufacturer on the planet has the current capability or know-how of doing.
As I already mentioned, making a coating is normally an extremely expensive, time-intensive, and dangerous process that requires massive machinery, high temperatures, and vacuum-sealed chambers.
Everything this company does is done at room temperature, with nothing more than the setup on the screen, and it takes about the same amount of time as baking cookies.
But it's this process that is about to save the solar industry billions of dollars every year, dropping solar's price per watt as low as coal's.
The final result isn't just an industry standard covering...
This coating traps 10x more light than the current standard (that glossy, highly-reflective solar panel you saw earlier.)

It's so dark that in the science community
it's compared to reaching Absolute Zero
The added darkness — ten times darker than the material used today — results in a dramatic increase in power output just from the coating...
All that from a process that can be incorporated easily to any solar manufacturer, saving the entire industry billions.
That's why China and India's largest solar companies are already lining up at their door.
And while writing this, we learned that Italy, Europe's largest solar builder, has been added to the list.
Even oil conglomerate Saudi Arabia is jumping on the solar train...
tearsheet.energycollective.62112They're all eagerly waiting until the plant I visited is fully operational.
And you should be, too.
Since it requires special chemicals — made only at the plant — manufacturers signing on will be locked into continuous future purchases for years to come...
In fact, the CEO shared his intentions of possibly giving the machinery away to anyone who wants it to lock them into using his company's exclusive chemical process again and again.
According to him, that's where the real money will be made.
And he's right.
As he puts it, "If you control the technology, you control the industry."
With the world's top solar producers lining up already, you're going to see this $30 million company rapidly transform into the backbone for the entire near-$300 billion renewable industry!

As that happens, every investor could rapidly see this company's share price launch
from below $1 to $3... then to $5... then to $11...
Then the sky's the limit!
That's because the company purposely positioned itself to operate with hardly any overhead. They're in business to supply other companies — even entire nations — with their patented top coating process.
It's a business model we've all seen before, used by some of the world's largest — or at least, most profitable — companies...

And it's for this precise reason I believe it could launch the share price from below a buck to more than $21 in short order.
It shares the same brilliant strategy as Gillette's disposable razor blades, a design from the late 1800s that's made Gillette the world's number one razor company...
appleThe same strategy that, thanks to the advent of iTunes, started Apple's launch from a fading ember into the largest company in the history of the world...
The same strategy that also launched Green Mountain Coffee Roasters from a flat-lined roasting plant to a 12,000% gold mine, after they flooded the market with the gourmet Keurig maker and their required K-Cups...
In fact, take a closer look at many of the largest companies in the world and you'll see a similar plan in force.
This is your opportunity to land one of those giants of industry before it becomes a household name.

And that's why I want to make sure you're able to scoop shares of this outfit as soon as possible — if it's not already too late...

Especially considering the CEO just released this exciting message:
"I know many of you have been wondering what's 
been going on at our new Research & 
Development Center. I've recently returned from New York and I'm happy to report that our 
work there should pay off dramatically in the weeks ahead."
And it couldn't have come at a better time!

Even before these game-changing advancements...

the solar industry has been raging!
It might be hard to hear. Believe me, it's hard to say, too...
But it's true.
Right now, solar's growing at a rate that puts all other sources to shame:
According to the EIA's March 2012 Energy Report, the renewable sector has added 221% more power to the electric grid than natural gas!
And it's only expected to increase over the next several years, as unit prices tumble...
solarinstallationschart As that happens, you're going to see this tiny outfit's share price launch from nearly $1 to well over $11...
And eventually break $21 a share!
It's a move that Early Advantage members are happily getting used to.
And I want to make sure that you're not left out on this one...
So just to get you up to speed, by tomorrow's opening bell, I want to rush you my latest report.
It's called "The Non-Solar Solar Stock to Save an Industry" — and I want you to have it absolutely free.
In it, I'll show you everything you need to know about this company, its technology, how it works, and — most importantly — how you could take advantage of it before the fastest gains are made and it becomes a household name.
You'll get all the details on this company with its game-changing technology... there's just too much information to give you here...

Information detailing how this company ALSO

plans to double the power output of today's solar panels
When the CEO called me and told me his company had developed a technology that could change the world, he was only partly right.
His company actually has two technologies that will change the world:
The first one cuts the cost in half.
The second one nearly doubles the power output of today's best solar panels.
You see, panels currently in production are vastly limited: They can only absorb a small portion of the sun's light spectrum and turn it into energy — and the way they're currently designed, that's all they'll ever do.
In fact, every year, technology firms across the globe fight tooth and nail to increase power outputs by the smallest margins. An increase of 1% over the rest of the field is a HUGE deal.
Of course, and once again, this same outfit that's dropping the price of solar in half isn't just going to help other companies increase output by a measly one or two percent...
Rather, they're going to double the current output!
The science behind it is incredibly complicated...
The easiest way to think of it is by picturing two panels stacked on top of each other — only neither is getting in the other's way.
This picture illustrates the technology pretty well:


The one on the left is what's considered a top-of-the-line solar cell. It's able to convert nearly 17% of the sun's light into electricity.
The one on the right is this firm's "stacked" panel design, in which each layer is specifically engineered to absorb a different part of the natural light spectrum — something never before accomplished.
And because it's capable of harnessing power from other areas of the light spectrum, it's capable of boosting the electrical output of your typical cell from 17% to more than 33%.
This is a gain that's completely unheard of anywhere in the industry.
And it's a technology this firm knows is in extremely high demand.
I can't stress enough how big I see this company getting, thanks to how it's strategically positioned to take orders from the entire solar market versus fighting for business at the retail level.
Its customers are other solar companies, not utility companies or homeowners.
And the first orders are expected to start stacking up quickly...
That's why I want to rush you your copy of my in-depth report on the company, "The Non-Solar Solar Stock to Save an Industry Today."
And as I mentioned earlier, I want you to have it for free. All I ask in return is that you take a trial run of my hit advisory, Nick Hodge's Early Advantage.
This is an offer you simply cannot afford to pass up...
Early Advantage is the resource for big profits from little-known breakthroughs and disruptive technologies in energy, electronics, technology, agriculture, and more. No sector is off-limits.
In just the past few years, my top-level research and market insights have led investors to massive triple-digit gains. Gains like:
  • 119% on Cree (3-4 months)
  • 159% on Xethanol Inc. (2-3 months)
  • 316% on Akeena Solar (15 months)
  • 101% on JA Solar (14 months)
  • 391% on BYD Company (3 months)
  • 426% on Alternate Energy Holdings (3 months)
  • 110% on Solarfun Power (5 months)
Of course, those are just from some of my biggest gains...
"Smaller" ones include:
  • 33% on GS Agrifuels (1 day)
  • 28% on Arise Technologies (1 day)
  • 73% on World Energy Solutions (2 days)
  • 41% on Ener1, Inc. (1 day)
  • 82% on Capstone Turbine (7 months)
  • 32% on Akeena Solar (1 month)
  • 25% on Trina Solar (2 weeks)
  • 26% on Xantrex Technologies (12 days)
  • 30% on JA Solar (2 days)
  • 47% on SunPower (6 weeks)
  • 43% on GT Solar (1 month)
  • 54% on Yingli Green Energy (2 months)
  • 24% on ReneSola (6 days)
  • 40% on A-Power Energy (1 month)
  • 40% on Greenko (6-7 months)
  • 62% on Maxwell Technologies (3 months)
  • 32% on ABB (3 months)
  • 52% on Nevada Geothermal (6 months)
  • 42% on First Trust Global Wind Energy (8 months)
  • 35% on Ultra DJ-AIG (3 weeks)
  • 59% on American Superconductor (6-7 months)
  • 78% on PowerSave Energy (3 months)
  • 39% on Echelon (4 months)
There are hundreds of double-digit wins I could list from my performance over the past five years...
Nick Hodge
Nick Hodge is managing editor of Energy & Capital and investment director for the advisory Early Advantage.
He's been in the investment publishing business since graduating Loyola University in 2006.
Known for a "call it like you see it" approach to money and policy, his insights have led to numerous appearances on television and in various outlets on the Web – including the Business News Network and Yahoo!'s Daily Ticker.
Co-author of a bestselling book on energy investing, Nick has led tens of thousands of investors to ten triple-digit wins and over 220 double-digit wins in the space.
He's also passionate about public policy, population, agriculture, water, and raw materials.
His expertise ranges far beyond stocks...
In Early Advantage, Nick shows readers how to make money as well as protect and spend it.
When he's not writing, investing, or flying around the world to meet with company executives, Nick can usually be found either in a boat on the Eastern Seaboard or an on a Maryland farm pursuing the outdoor activities he grew up with and continues to love.
And this non-solar solar company is already looking like it's going to completely tower over them all.
As you can imagine, spotting winners like these time and again isn't easy...
Hours and hours of research go into making sure that every single play has what it takes to put money in your hands.
Very often, it means taking long treks to desolate patches of land no one in their right mind would set foot in to grill CEOs and take a close, hard look at the true promise of every project...
From chatting with startups based in Silicon Valley... to meeting and working with farmers... to inspecting mines in Alberta and Ontario... to last-minute trips to Upstate New York.
You'll get the real boots-on-the-ground research most analysts just don't feel like doing: obscure conferences and trade shows, site visits, private one-on-one interviews — all in the name of getting the early advantage on any money-making opportunity out there.
Sometimes, of course, the promise doesn't jive with the fundamentals, and so a company ends up being left out of Early Advantage.
But whenever a company or fund does make the grade, you can be certain that readers of Early Advantage will be the first to know.
That's why it can be found printed in dozens of languages and in more than 122 countries across the globe!
And this early advantage doesn't only apply to stocks...
You'll get my musings on productivity, taxes, saving money, leisure, and more.
I share the same strategies, techniques, and habits I employ successfully in my own life.
And that's why I keep receiving letters like these:
tearsheet 1
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tearsheet 4
tearsheet 5
And you can join them today — without risking a single penny.

Your Ultimate Resource for Big Market Riches
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Well, when you consider the hours and hours of research required to investigate each possible play, the mountains of data that must be sifted through, and the extensive traveling often required, I think you'll agree I'd be well-justified in charging at least a few thousand dollars for this kind of service.
The truth is, it would be really hard to put a price tag on all of this hard-won intel.
You can be sure any Wall Street broker would eagerly charge thousands of dollars...
But the last thing I am is a Wall Street broker.
Like me, most of my members despise Wall Street's antics and the way they've robbed people like you and me over the years.
That said, I promise to never follow their path — starting with their outrageous prices and fees.
As an Early Advantage member, you won't pay anywhere near the thousands they would charge you.
That's why one full year of Early Advantage costs just $699.
Remember, we're talking about life-changing riches from some of the world's most exciting energy and technology stocks...
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The kind I've been telling you about for the past few minutes that could easily launch from $1 to more than $21.
For an opportunity like that, I'd say $699 is quite a bargain.
Still, I think it could be even better.

Pay $200 Less than Regular Subscribers
I'll be honest; I want to make sure I've done everything I can to ensure you're able to get on board and profit from this extremely rare solar opportunity.
So I'm ready to cut you a deal...
For this special offer only, I'm slashing $200 off the regular price — so you can get an entire year of Early Advantage for only $499.
Keep in mind you're not buying anything right now.
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This deal gets even better: If you ever become unsatisfied for any (or no) reason at all, just let me know any time and I'll send you a refund for the balance of your subscription.
It can't get much fairer than that.
So let me show you exactly what you'll get as soon as you join us:
  • Confidential Early Advantage Alerts — Complete details on the newest ways to make money in the energy and technology markets as fast as I can uncover them.
  • Clear and concise trading instructions — My service is so easy to follow, you can simply read the plays verbatim over the phone to your broker, or do them yourself in just minutes online.
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  • Outstanding Customer Support — If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our Customer Support staff and get immediate live help anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST).
When you join me, you'll have immediate access to the following reports — alongside "The Non-Solar Solar Stock to Save an Industry":
  • Bonus Report #1: "Make 744x Your Money from the World's 'Forever Mine'"
  • Bonus Report #2: "Preventing the Meltdown: How Beryllium Could Revolutionize the Energy Industry"
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The intel in just one of these special briefings could easily pay for your membership many times over...
And they're yours to keep — no matter what your final decision is.
But you must act fast...
All of the opportunities I've mentioned here are extremely time-sensitive.
They might be dirt cheap now — but this could change overnight, the second word gets out to other investors.
Remember, you risk absolutely nothing by taking advantage of this spectacular opportunity... But you risk missing a huge opportunity if you don't take immediate action.
Please don't let it slip through your fingers.
Best Regards,
Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge

Editor, Early Advantage

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