Selasa, 19 April 2011

News from Afghanistan war >>>> Coalition Military Fatalities By Year...... Do you realize how many civilians killed during the war for more than 10 years ... And Whom take care and responsible for the destruction and killing people of Afghanistan.... This war is real crime war.....>>> UN-USA-NATO must be punished... by the World... they make Criminal war... in Afghanistan....


04/18/11 UN: Opium cultivation in Afghanistan expected to fall despite high prices
04/18/11 nbcdfw: Military Mum on Death of Waxahachie Soldier
04/18/11 AP: Afghan soldier opens fire at Defense Ministry
04/18/11 AP: Roadside bomb kills 6 Afghan policemen
04/18/11 CNN: Attacks kill 9 security forces in Afghanistan
04/18/11 AFP: One dead in Afghan protest
04/18/11 AFP: Ten Iranian engineers kidnapped in Afghanistan
04/17/11 Reuters: Impoverished Afghans shouldering burden of health care
04/17/11 AFP: Bomb kills three NATO troops in Afghanistan
04/17/11 NATO: ISAF Casualty
04/16/11 DoD: Army Casualty Identified
04/16/11 guardian: Afghanistan suicide bomber kills nine troops
04/16/11 NATO: ISAF Casualty
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