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Market Crash Imminent
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt...
And a lot of people are about to get hurt. 
Don't Be One of Them!
Here's how to protect yourself and bank triple-digit gains
when everything else goes to Hell

Dear Reader,
Everywhere you look, the mainstream media, at the behest of Wall Street and the political establishment, is desperately trying to sell you on this "bull market."
It's not because they have your best interests at heart... or because they understand your financial situation...
It's because they want you to buy the stocks they're so eagerly selling. They're going to short this market and make a killing.
So they roll out numbers showing that unemployment is falling...
They tell you a rise in corporate profits signals that a recovery is "under way"...
And worst of all, they say the stock market will keep hitting record highs even though they know it won't (because they won't let it, as you'll see in a moment).
I hope you're not buying into their propaganda. Though I know it's hard to ignore.
In fact, it's easy to feel like you're missing out.
Savings and money market accounts yield virtually nothing. Retirement accounts are insufficient. Wages are stagnant.
And your nest egg is being eroded by a dollar in its death throes.
So I can understand why you might think you have to buy stocks to avoid missing big gains. But you're wrong.
Please pay close attention to what I'm about to say...
DON'T do it! Avoid their lies at all costs!
Because when you start seeing front-page headlines like this...

Obama Bull Market
You should worry. It's NOT good news.
It's a sign that the so-called rally is an apparition, a mirage.
In the next few minutes, I'll expose this "news" for what it really is: a trick perpetrated by Wall Street.
Remember, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan ARE NOT your friends. They're capital barons that bank huge sums of money by hanging the Little Guy out to dry.
They desperately want to lure unsuspecting middle-class Americans like you back into the stock market.
But you don't have to play their game.
In fact, I'll show you how to turn the tables as they pull the rug out from under the market's feet...
And it doesn't involve bonds that pay you next to nothing, complicated options, or sitting on cash that's literally losing worth every day.
In just a minute, I'll show you how to bank triple-digit gains (or more!) when these lies come undone.
And the best news is: You don't have to buy a single share of risky stock to get in on the action.

Calling It Like I See It
nick-hodge-outdoorsHi. I'm Nick Hodge.
For as long as I can remember, I've had what some might consider a problem...
Since I was young, I've always said exactly what was on my mind.
At times, "not having a filter" (as my parents put it) has been... well, a challenge. My parents were the victims of countless embarrassing moments as the result of my brutal honesty.
But I never looked at speaking my mind as a problem. Truth be told, I've always thought of my outspokenness as a gift. Because to me, not saying what I think would feel like a lie.
I was raised better than that. I'm sure you were, too.
That's why six years ago, when Angel Publishing offered me the opportunity to start my very own financial advisory service, I jumped at the chance.
I wanted a platform to tell the truth about Wall Street. I wanted a way to help honest, hard-working Americans just like you beat these oligarchs at their own game.
And for the past few years, I've been doing exactly what I set out to do.
Here's just a sample of the gains I've shown my readers — even in the aftermath of a market crash:
  • 245% on Organovo Holdings
  • 128% on Natcore Technology
  • 316% on Akeena Solar
  • 113% on DNI Metals
  • 391% on BYD Company
  • 426% on Alternate Energy Holdings
Energy Investing for Dummies Covergreen book
I've also written two best-selling investment books and have been featured in countless shows and magazines.

Today, I'm bringing you this report because there's a dangerous lie being told in America.
The lie I'm talking about is the "recovery" you're being sold every time you turn on the TV or read the news.
It's a lie told by the mainstream media and supported by corrupt politicians.
It's also a lie being propped up by the Establishment with one simple goal in mind: to make the rich even richer.
I have a way you can protect yourself from what I'm about to show you...
I'll give you the details on how you can bank triple-digit gains when this house of cards comes crashing down.
Before I get to that, though, I want to be absolutely sure you believe what I'm saying. It's important that you understand the situation we're in so you are prepared to act.
Here's how they're...

Selling You the Recovery That Wasn't
I want to be clear about one thing right away...
All the lies I'm about to show you are tricks by Wall Street to keep the stock market growing.
They are lies that, when stacked on top of each other, seem like they could be true...
But they're not.
Instead, they're just a clever way to coax more unsuspecting investors like you back into the market.
But beware: Buying into the following three lies will leave you broke.

Dangerous Lie #1:
Declining Unemployment = Recovery
Here's what Heidi Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute had to say about the unemployment numbers politicians have been spewing each month:
"The unemployment rate is really not that helpful right now in understanding trends because we've had so many dropouts."
Did you know that the unemployment rate only includes people who have searched for work in the last four weeks?
That's right. It doesn't include those who simply gave up because they couldn't find a job. Nor does it include full-time workers who've been forced into part-time jobs. 
There are a lot of people like that in today's America.
Want to know what the unemployment rate really looks like?
Go ahead, take a look...

Real Unemployment
Indeed, at more than 12%, the real unemployment rate is double the "headline rate."

That's because more than 7 million people have given up looking for work. They haven't looked for a job in the past year because they've run out of patience and given up hope.
At the end of the day, just 63% of able-bodied Americans are active in the job market. That means less than two-thirds of U.S. workers are employed or looking for work.
How do all these workforce dropouts live?
Off your tax dollars, mostly.
In the past five years, the number of people that collect food stamps has increased by 65%.
Federal disability claims have climbed over 300% to nearly 7 million people since the early 1980s.
Each year, the government pays out over $1 trillion through federal assistance programs.
That doesn't sound like much of a recovery to me...
But that's only one of the lies they're spinning.
Here's another dangerous lie they'll use to bait you back into the market...

Dangerous Lie #2:
Corporations Have Never Done Better!
Here's another phony fallacy: "Corporate profits are back up!"
Nope. It's all smoke and mirrors.
No doubt it was easy to look profitable in the aftermath of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Posting higher year-over-year results was easy in 2011 and 2012 when the situation was so dire from 2008 to 2010. 
Companies could set the bar low and step right over it. 
They also cut costs by laying off millions of Americans. And even the workers that stayed on the payroll had their salaries frozen and bonuses suspended. 
So, yes, when you're firing a third of your workforce and paying your remaining employees less money to do more work, profits go up... 
But only for so long. At some point, there has to be demand for your services and products. And right now, there's not.
The result: Major retailers missed earnings estimates by the biggest margin in 13 years in the first quarter.
I'm not talking high-end retailers, either. I mean the 'Average Joe' stores...
  • Wal-Mart's profit plunged $220 million as store traffic fell by 1.4%.
  • Target's profit declined by $80 million, or 16%, as store traffic fell 2.3%.
  • Costco's income shrank by $84 million.
  • Best Buy's sales are down $300 million.
  • McDonalds' earnings fell by $66 million.
  • Income at The Gap fell 22%.
  • The Dollar General's profit fell 40%.
  • American Eagle's profits tumbled 86%.
Bulls blame these results on the weather, but that's just nonsense.
These companies' profits are down because Americans are out of work and underpaid. 
Wages have failed to match the pace of inflation. Personal income is on the decline.
In fact, five-year growth in personal income — how much you make now versus how much you made five years ago — is at its lowest level since record keeping started in 1959.

The growth is so low that for the first time ever, it's negative at -5%.
Meanwhile, household debt rose $129 billion in the fist quarter to $11.65 trillion.
"Buy stocks!" they scream. 
With what money?
This isn't a recovery; it's a car wash, and we're the ones getting cleaned out.
And that brings me to the biggest recovery lie of them all...

Dangerous Lie #3:
A Rising Stock Market = Recovery
There's one big problem with this lie: The stock market and the economy are two completely separate things.
Pundits and politicians are desperately trying to package them together. But it's just not factual.
After all, GDP shrank 2.9% in the first quarter... So why is the market at an all-time high?
Because the market rally is a sham.
Under it all, there's one thing that's driving the market higher.
It's not more people going back to work, and it's not rising corporate profits...
It's low interest rates.
If you've refinanced your house in the past few years, you know just how life changing a low rate can be.
So you may be asking yourself, "How can it be bad?"
What better way to get every last investor back into the market than making your savings actually lose money?
That's what the Federal Reserve has been doing for the past six years!
The Fed prints $118,000,000 an hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It says it's doing it to help us "recover" from the crash of 2008. But it's not.
Sure, it makes the economy look like it's growing on paper. But as I've shown you, unemployment is still high, corporate profits are falling, wages are down, inflation is up... It goes on and on...  
It's ALL a trick; it's ALL a trap... 

Don't Buy into the Bull****
I'm going to let you in on a little secret... something the Wall Street machine knows but doesn't publicize.
It's common knowledge among economists that every bull market has three phases...
1) The Accumulation Phase: This is the period at the end of a downtrend when insiders (hedge funds, money managers, politicians, etc.) start snatching up shares on the cheap.
2) The Public Participation Phase: As insiders buy, the market bottoms. Public fear and apprehension about investing eases as a result, and smaller investors like you re-enter the market.
3) The Excess Phase: Finally, momentum picks up, and exuberance takes over. Those who've made money want to make even more. And those who've missed out feel like they have to rush in or risk missing out entirely.
And that's when a bear market is born. 
You see, once we hit Phase 3, all the big money players from Phase 1 bail out, leaving the little guy holding the bag.
They sell their stock for much more than it's worth. They book gains of 100% or even 1,000% and more. And then they start positioning their options to short the market... so they can make even more money when the trend reverses.
Here's the dead giveaway...
Since 1928, the average duration of a bull market is 57 months, and the average return is 165%. Well, this one is now 64 months running with a return of more than 190%.
In fact, the current bull market is the second longest in the last 80 years and third longest in the market's 100-year history. 

Bull Market Duration (1)

And again, it's built on a lie!
This is all due to the Fed's stimulus, which is poised to expire within the next year or so...
What happens then?
It all comes crashing down, that's what.
I'm warning you: Politicians, the mainstream media, and Wall Street are selling unsuspecting Americans a recovery that doesn't exist.
They're all in it together. And they're screwing you, coming and going.
Why would they do that?
Because they're...
A Bunch of Dirty Liars
If you already bought into this so-called rally and plunked your money back into the market, I'm sorry.
This is going to be an unpleasant few minutes for you.
Fortunately, you'll know what you need to do to help yourself out of this mess when I'm through.
If you're like most Americans, though — those who have watched their modest retirement accounts be slashed in half — you've probably been watching the news with a skeptical eye.
That's good. It means you're still rational enough to hear my message.
And that message is: DON'T buy a single share of risky stock right now.
Not one.
I know it's tempting. You may feel like you're missing the boat. But the truth is that boat sailed a long, long time ago... in 2009, to be exact.
Here's what the market has looked like since then...

Notice how it's been going straight up.

Sure, if you'd called the market bottom and thrown your money down in March 2009 — during the lowest part of the crash — you'd have easily doubled your investment in just five years.
But you didn't do that, did you?
There's only one group that did: Insiders. The Wall Street Banksters and the D.C. Elite. They're the only ones who had any money to invest after the 2008 crash. They went all in... and won big!
Did you know the richest 10% of Americans owns over 91% of ALL stocks and mutual funds? And that percentage has increased EVERY YEAR since 2001.
The richest 1% alone owns nearly half of all stocks and mutual funds.
That's not a typo.

The richest 1% of Americans owns nearly half of all stocks and mutual funds in existence.
It's shocking.
And it's no wonder that the highest-earning Americans saw their net worth grow by 28% from 2009 to 2011.
But what about the remaining 93% of us on Main Street? Our net worth fell by 4%.
In 2012 alone, the incomes of the top 1% rose nearly 20% compared with just a 1% increase for the remaining 99%.
They're getting richer on stocks... Everyone else is barely getting by during this "recovery."
In fact, 76% of Americans in a recent survey said they live paycheck to paycheck.
I can't offer any better proof that the stock market and the economy are two different things — and that any talk of "recovery" is a lie — than that single statistic.
So who do you think stands to gain the most from having everyone sitting on the sidelines jump back into the market again?
Yeah, I know. That's a loaded question. But I'll say it anyway just so it's out there...
No one has more to gain from the stock market hitting new high after new high than ultra-rich Insiders.
The market is like a snowball rolling down a hill... As it rolls, it becomes bigger and more dangerous, luring more unsuspecting investors back into the game.
More and more middle-class Americans begin to feel like they're missing out, so they jump back in, too.
The word spreads to friends and family...
News outlets feverishly cover it, which fuels the growth even more until it reaches a frenzy.
They call that "a bubble."
It's also called the rich's way to turbo-charge their already hefty gains.
Then the inevitable happens... it CRASHES!
If you're sitting on gains from the market right now and you think I'm full of it, let me ask you a question: How did your portfolio fare in 2000 when the market realized dot-coms were full of promise but not full of profits?
And what's the value of your house right now compared to 10 years ago? I bet you thought home values would continue their skyward march forever, too.
But they didn't.
We're in a stock bubble right now. Just like in 2000 and 2008.
Both of them popped and wiped out the wealth of average folks all over our great country.
You know who didn't suffer in 2000 or 2008? You know who always gets out right before it hits the wall?
Yep, Insiders. The CEOs. The board members. The senators.
They have one thing on their side that most American's can't begin to fathom: unfettered access.
Imagine what you would do if you knew a chain of events was about to take place that would cut your wealth in half...
You'd sell right then and there, wouldn't you?
Damn right, you would. You'd get out right before that snowball went cascading into the abyss.
That's where we are right now.
The market is gaining momentum. It's growing larger by the minute. And it's headed for the cliff.
Today I'm going to show you how you can avoid suffering through another crash.
Even better, I'll show you how you can make triple-digits when it happens. My plan is safe, easy, and you don't have to own a single share of company stock to do it.
People who already take my advice love the insight and profits I deliver for them.
But don't just take my word for it...
Listen to what some of them are saying for yourself:
I don't share these true stories with you to brag; I just want you to see firsthand the power of the information I provide via my financial advisory service, Like Minded People.
All the research and time I put into generating those exquisite results is now telling me that...

The End is Near
Look, nothing lasts forever. And the so-called rally they're selling today is no different. It's going to end.
Here's what Woody Dorsey, president of the prestigious research firm Market Semiotics, has to say about it:

"The market is in the late stage of mania. There could be more gains to come. But the resolution will be a severe correction. And I think it will happen in the next few months."

Remember, the Fed has kept up the ruse by keeping interest rates low. Every wealthy person knows that. So does every shill on Wall Street who manages their funds.
But they're all greedy. They want to wait until the very last minute before the party ends to bail. They will wait until the maximum number of mom-and-pop investors has piled back into the market...

Then they'll all sell for maximum gains.
The Fed itself has acknowledged its mistakes...
Said Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher:

"We've made rich people richer. This is great for the Buffetts and for others who can take advantage of this multiple of great money and cheap money that's been available. The question is, what have we done for the working men and women of America?"

I think the obvious answer is nothing.
The asset bubble that has formed proves it.
Sadly, there's one thing most desperation-filled latecomers aren't thinking about at all — something no broker would ever dare tell someone at the other end of the line hoping to save his retirement...
The Fed is closer than anyone thinks to doing the one thing that's going to kill this party in its tracks.

It's going to hike the rates.
The truth is we can't afford to go much further into debt.
Wall Street knows it. Politicians know it. The Fed knows it most of all.
The thing is no one knows exactly when the rates will rise. And no one wants to be the first one to leave because there's still money on the table.
But they don't want to wait too long, either — and risk losing money when the sell-off happens and stocks tank.
So they're nervous. They analyze every statement the Fed makes. They hang on its every word.
If the committee even hints at raising the interest rates, the market slides 200 points. Everyone holds their breath.
Then, when they realize the crash hasn't come yet, they keep plowing money in... sucking more innocent people in with their lies... and the market rises again like an unbalanced seesaw.
Here's how economist Tobias Blattner explains the lunacy we are experiencing:

"Whenever there is good news out of the U.S. it will cause selling because people see it as a confirmation for the Fed tapering, while if we have something more disappointing... people will say, 'Well OK, it won't happen yet.' That unfortunately, is the kind of volatility that is going to continue for the next couple of months."

That's the opposite of what should be happening...
The market should be going DOWN on bad economic news... not UP!
We're all being set up for a fall.
Even Bill Gross, co-founder of Pimco (a $270 billion investment fund), said this about buying stocks right now: "You're going to lose."
Maybe you think you can get out in time...
But you're wrong.
But it's not ALL bad. The good news is...

You Can Profit From This Mess
You can position yourself for the inevitable market collapse. 
And to help you, I've prepared a special report called, "Exploiting the Fall: How to Bank Triple-Digit Gains When the Bubble Bursts."
No options, and no funny business. And you can get access to it in just a minute.
Let me tell you what's inside first...
Believe it or not, there's a way you could make money every time the market dips or plunges.
A lot of money, too. There's something out there I call the "Bear Gun."
Because when a bear market rears its ugly head, it shoots off.
Take a look at what the Bear Gun did the last time the market crashed...

This is a four-month period in 2008.

Notice how it's just humming along, trading sideways all through August and September. 
Then October comes, the market crashes, and BOOM! The Bear Gun goes off!
That first shot up is a 60% surge over a 10-day period.
And all told, it's a 170% increase from Oct. 1 to the end of November.
So what's the Bear Gun doing now?
Well, here's what it's done over the past year...


Not a pretty sight, is it?
No, because that's how the Bear Gun works: When the market goes up, it goes down.
And this five-year bull market has done quite a number on it...

But that's exactly why it's poised for such huge gains going forward. 
The market has overheated. Right now is literally the worst time to be buying stocks.
Everything is topped out. The only place for the market to go is down. That's why the "Smart Money" is shorting it.
They all got in back in 2008, when stocks were dirt cheap. When everyone else was selling, they were buying.
Now, everyone else is buying... And what do you think they're doing?
I'm telling you, this market is going to collapse and take everything down with it...

Everything except the Bear Gun.
The Bear Gun is going to shoot higher.
Just look at where it's trading... It's worth only a fraction of what it once was.
At the height of the last crisis, the Bear Gun was doubling investors' money every month.
It will go up on ANY market pullback.
The market goes down, and the Bear Gun pays out. It's that simple.
Imagine that... Imagine cheering market declines while everyone else is freaking out and grinding their teeth.exploiting-the-fall-report
That's the position you could be in.
And it's all in my report: "Exploiting the Fall: How to Bank Triple-Digit Gains When the Bubble Bursts."
That's not all, though.
Preserving Your Wealth
Is As Important As Multiplying It
In addition to the Bear Gun, the report I'm offering you — "Exploiting the Fall: How to Bank Triple-Digit Gains When the Bubble Bursts" — is filled with a few other gems, too.
Namely, the best way to buy gold and get free shipping.
Do I really have to remind you what happened to gold prices the last time the market crashed?
Here, take a look...
See that period from 2008 to 2011, when things were at their worst?
All gold did was more than double in value, shooting from less than $800 per ounce to more than $1,800 per ounce.
Obviously, things have settled down over the past few years...
Gold has taken a breather... just like the Bear Gun.
Everyone has gotten complacent.
All the lies about the "economic recovery" and the "bull market" have done their job. They've convinced people that the worst is over.
Surely, our economy will never experience another tumultuous period again, right?
The stock market ONLY goes up... like real estate in the 2000s.
We're right on the precipice of another disaster. And when disaster strikes, you want to own gold.
Not only can I help you get it, but I can also get it shipped to you for free. Right to your doorstep. No charge.
I can also tell you how to keep the money you've made in the stock market over the past five years.
You probably haven't done as well as Wall Street, but I bet you've made some money.
Well, I'm going to tell you how to keep it.
The Bear Gun... free gold shipping... wealth preservation...
It's all in my report: "Exploiting the Fall: How to Bank Triple-Digit Gains When the Bubble Bursts."
And you can get a free copy delivered to your inbox right away.
You just have to sign up and join me...
Be Your Own Man With Like Minded People 
What I'm really trying to tell you here is that you don't have to be a pawn of Wall Street or the government.
You can be your own man (or woman). And I'm willing to help you, just like I've helped thousands of others with my flagship publication, Like Minded People.
I started Like Minded People with the goal of building a community outside of the American oligarchy.
I've accomplished just that, and I want you to join us.
Sign up for Like Minded People today, and not only will I save you from the next market crash, but I'll also show you how to bank triple-digit gains in my special report: “Exploiting the Fall: How to Bank Triple-Digit Gains When the Bubble Bursts."lmp-conspiracy-crash-reports
You’ll also get these five other valuable resources FREE with your subscription:
  • "12 Things Rich People Do That Poor People Don’t"
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  • "My Secret to Real Wealth: The Three Investments You Must Own Today That Have Nothing to Do With the Stock Market"
  • "On Our Own Together: The Foundation of Like Minded People"
All of these reports, as well as my monthly communiqué, have led scores of investors to big-time gains like...
  • 159% on Xethanol Inc.
  • 119% on Cree
  • 316% on Akeena Solar
  • 391% on BYD Co.
  • 426% on Alternate Energy Holdings 
  • 110% on Solarfun Power
  • 102% on Organovo Holdings
  • 128% on DNI Metals
And that's just a small sample. Over my career, I've called dozens of triple-digit winners and hundreds of "smaller" double-digit winners.
You don't have to take my word for it, either. Here's what subscribers have said...
Now, I'm offering you the chance to join us.
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We’ll even let you keep all six valuable reports I mentioned above for free. It’s our way of saying thank you for trying out our service.
Remember, the workingman in America is being destroyed by a greedy Establishment. The U.S. government and its friends in corporate America are after your money any way they can get it.
You have to stay vigilant and live as far outside the system as possible. You need to become self-reliant.
With Like Minded People, you’ll have a leg up on the rest of America. You’ll learn how to live outside the system and thrive.
In just a few short months, I think you’ll consider your membership to Like Minded People the best money you ever spent.
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I look forward to welcoming you as our newest member.
Call it like you see it,
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Nick Hodge
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