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....You see, despite the massive technological advances over the past half-century, Western medicine still hasn't found a cure for cancer. So the best way to fight the disease is to detect cancerous cells before they spread. That's where the "blue light" comes in...>>> ....Then, a few months later, doctors diagnosed actor Michael Douglas with a deadly type of cancer... one that kills one American every hour. But thanks to this "blue light" technology, he survived. It’s a ground-breaking cancer screening system that could not only save your life, but also make you a millionaire for as little as $5,000...>>> .... Wal-Mart must pay him before it even pays itself... That's why I've dubbed him "Wal-Lord." And I've found a way for you to become a partner of this landlord starting immediately — with as little as $29. As a partner with this landlord, you're entitled to get a cut of the rent sent to him from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Staples, and more than a dozen other large retailers. You could make hundreds of dollars a month — regardless of the economy — without even having to leave your home. For example... 48-year-old partner Rob Caruso from Arizona took in "rent checks" of $5,969/month last year. Arthur Sikes in Ontario, Canada, collected a check for $1,638 just last month...>> ...I'm referring to a censored program that allows you to collect anywhere from $500,000 up to $1 million from a one-time investment through what I call the IRM(72) plan. And even though IRM(72) retirement plans can generate up to 10 times more cash than IRAs, your typical 401(k), or even Obama's newly proposed MyRA (a short way of saying "My IRA")... Most people haven't heard about IRM(72) plans for one simple reason. Companies that offer these plans are forbidden to advertise them to the public. Why? Put simply, SEC rules won't let them. Yet despite this censorship, you are legally entitled to open an IRM(72) plan if you wish. And there are no age or income restrictions whatsoever. It's something that could forever change the way people in America retire. The problem is, the average citizen just doesn't know about it. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with regular dividends offered by blue chip companies... bonds... CDs... or anything remotely close to those things. Instead, it's a way for you to pocket consistent income in a far more profitable way. According to the Federal Reserve, the value of a typical 401(k) is about $120,000. That's almost nothing if you're looking at retiring anytime soon. And it's 10 times less than the $1.1 million you could collect through a basic IRM(72) plan. If more Americans knew about IRM(72) plans, we wouldn't be looking at a time when ordinary people are forced to work into their 70s (or even 80s). The best part is, most plans allow you to start with as little as $10...>>

Every Month for the Past 9 Years, This Little-known Landlord Has Sent Out "Rent Checks" It Collects from Wal-Mart to Its Partners...
I've Found a Way for You to Become a Partner for as Little as $29

Dear Reader,
It's the single most reliable way you can get an extra check every single month.
One little-known "landlord" has been sending out "rent checks" it collects from the world's largest and most profitable retailers to its partners for the last NINE YEARS!
I'm talking about collecting rent from some of the world's biggest billion-dollar retailers — like retail behemont Target.
This landlord also gets rent from office supply giant Staples and from home improvement and crafts leaders Lowe's and Michaels...
This landlord even collects rent from the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart.
That's right. Even the huge retailer Wal-Mart is contractually obligated to pay this landlord each month in order to honor its lease agreements — no matter how shaky the economy is, or how high inflation soars...
Wal-Mart must pay him before it even pays itself...
That's why I've dubbed him "Wal-Lord."
And I've found a way for you to become a partner of this landlord starting immediately — with as little as $29.
As a partner with this landlord, you're entitled to get a cut of the rent sent to him from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Staples, and more than a dozen other large retailers.
You could make hundreds of dollars a month — regardless of the economy — without even having to leave your home.
For example...
  • 48-year-old partner Rob Caruso from Arizona took in "rent checks" of $5,969/month last year.
  • Arthur Sikes in Ontario, Canada, collected a check for $1,638 just last month.
  • 66-year-old John Cunningham in Texas has been a partner for years, and these days, he's getting remarkable payouts — as large as $23,220 a month.
And these payouts can grow bigger over time.
You see, this income stream is generated by the rent money Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Lowe's, and Staples must fork over to the landlord. That means even if these companies have a bad quarter... and even if the economy weakens... the landlord collects his rent and you get paid.
Point is "Wal-Lord" could pay you an endless stream of cash in all markets, up or down.
This Wal-Mart landlord has a stellar track record of delivering big payouts to partners like you.
And it's NEVER missed a monthly payout — not even during the 2008-2009 market crash.
Bottom line: This is an overlooked way for you to get paid by Wal-Mart... with more frequency than Wal-Mart's shareholders.
In fact, this landlord is paying more than double the yield of Wal-Mart's shares.
Indeed, this is a huge opportunity for you to shave off years to your retirement... to grow your wealth so that you won't have to work until you're 70... and to live a lifestyle you've never thought was possible since the financial crisis shredded the 401ks of millions of everyday Americans.
Few people know that this unique investment opportunity even exists.
I've never seen this opportunity written about in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times...
But it's 100% legal. And it's really very simple to take advantage of, as I'll show you.
What's amazing is that "Wal-Lord" has delivered reliable "rent checks" to its partners for 118 consecutive months (that's NINE years!) without missing a single payment.
That's right. Between 2002 and 2012, Wal-Lord has sent rent payment to its partners 118 consecutive months.
It's been one of the greatest — and least-known — ways to make extra income every single month without breaking a sweat — or even thinking about it...
Like clockwork, Wal-Lord's rent checks simple show up in your mailbox every month.
Recently, Vancouver's main newspaper The Globe and Mail reported just how great being a Wal-Lord parter has been: 
"... a dollar invested [with this landlord] in 2001 is now worth $18."
That means it has returned well over 1,700%.
You could have turned a small $10,000 investment into a whopping $180,000 profits!
It has averaged 29.7% returns to its investors every single year.
The S&P 500 can't hold a candle to those returns over the same time frame. And neither can so called "safe" retirement savings vehicles like CDs or treasury bonds...

What's even more incredible is that the MONTHLY payouts have gotten fatter over the past nine years — and you can start banking these payouts right away, no matter what your income level is.
You'll never have to worry about getting your checks.
And you won't have to wait any longer than a month to get them, ever.
So who is "Wal-Lord" exactly?
And how can you become a partner and get paid EVERY SINGLE MONTH for as long as you want?
The answers and more are revealed in this special presentation...

Your Ultimate Source for Reliable Monthly Income
It's a pretty incredible accomplishment.
"Wal-Lord" has delivered a reliable "rent check" to partners like you and me EVERY SINGLE MONTH FOR THE PAST NINE YEARS.
Just consider what's happened in the financial markets during that time period: a real estate bubble and crash... a war in the Middle East... a stock market crash... a huge financial credit crisis... a massive recession... a European debt crisis...
And through all of that market madness, this landlord has NEVER failed to deliver a monthly check to its partners.
Remember, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Best Buy are legally obligated to pay their landlord rent.
So as long as the world's largest retailers remain in business, this landlord collects rent money... and pays out a healthy cut of it to partners like you and me each month with certainty.
Take George Pritchard in Ontario. He received a cool $2,886 in "rent checks" each month last year.
Or 52-year-old partner Jeremy Evans in Alberta, who's been paid $6,817/month for the last 12 months...
It doesn't matter what the stock market does — or if the United States plunges into another massive recession, or if a financial crisis roils Europe...
You'll be set to receive a fat, growing "rent check" in your mailbox month after month, year after year, for as long as you want.
It's cash you're free and clear to spend as you please: take a long vacation... help your kids buy their first house without thinking twice about it... buy that secret getaway at the beach without worry... with money left over to furnish it, throw a party — with all the extras...
Bottom line: If you want more income that arrives like clockwork every month, there's simply no better way to get it.
It's so safe — and so lucrative — it may be the single best little-known retirement secret I've ever encountered... and the only one you may ever need.
In fact, there's never been a better time for you to become a partner.
Let me explain...
The Income Opportunity of the Century
You see, up until recently, Wal-Mart was buying real estate like it was going out of style.
We're talking nearly $1 billion worth of real estate per month.
But what few investors realize is that now Wal-Mart is now leasing these properties. Wal-Mart's strategic plan in North America over the next few decades involves aggressively leasing properties in order to gain access to urban areas.
And "Wal-Lord" is already reaping the benefits of Wal-Mart's new expansion plan.
So are its savvy partners like you and me.
Here's why...
This landlord specializes in retail real estate. Its strategy involves leasing shopping centers anchored by "big box" retailers.
It owns and manages a massive portfolio of shopping centers in major cities in our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada.
Their ownership interest contains an aggregate of over 25 million square feet. (That's about the size of four Pentagons!)

It's already signed over 76 long-term lease agreements with Wal-Mart, and most of these leases have terms of 20 years or more.
You've seen how big these Wal-Mart stores are... Now imagine collecting from 76 of them!
And here's the beauty part of this opportunity...
Because of its strong relationship with the world's biggest retailer, several more retail powerhouses are also cozying up to this landlord.
This landlord has an enviable list of Fortune 500 clients including Best Buy, Staples, Lowe's, Michaels, and most recently, Target.
So not only are "Wal-Lord's" partners able to receive a juicy cut of Wal-Mart's dough... but they're also able to rake in profits from a whole diverse group of all-star retailers.
It's cash that keeps pouring in — month after month, NO MATTER WHAT!
And now there's a way you can tap into this steady growing pool of monthly rental income this landlord collects from its high-quality tenants.
It's much easier than you think... Like I said, you don't need a lot of money to start. Once you're a partner, the checks get sent directly to your mailbox, or you can have them deposited electronically into your account.
October 2012 marked the 119th month in a row they sent out a MONTHLY "rent check" to partners like you and me. That's over nine straight years... without missing a single month!
What's amazing about "Wal-Lord's" monthly "rent checks" is that not only do they arrive like clockwork every single month... they've also grown BIGGER in size through the years.
Not even the 2008-2009 market crash could stop this Wal-Mart landlord from making large steady payouts to its partners. In fact, they've never gone down!
Now are you're beginning to see exactly why this unique income opportunity has me so excited? There's simply no better way to collect regular monthly income.
In short, a simple investment in Wal-Mart's landlord today could pay you every single month for as long as you choose.
And it gets even better...

Tax-Free Shortcut Gives You 1,639%
More Gains than Stocks
You could safely retire with a steady income stream for life thanks to "Wal-Lord."
If you had been partners with this Wal-Mart landlord back in 2001, you could have pocketed gains of 1,700%. Not only does that crush the return of the stock market... it also crushes the last nine years of gains on gold and silver.
And as I've mentioned, the payouts have also been growing in size over that same time.
Now here's where YOU come in...
Anybody can join as a partner and collect a share of this incoming cash.
You don't need to do anything. There are no application forms to fill out. There are no meetings you have to go to... You just take in your cut of the rent that Wal-Mart and other high-quality retailers pay.
"Wal-Lord" has even listed its organization on the stock market — so it's super easy for you to participate.
Again, this is the easiest way I know of to get reliable monthly income... and pile up lasting wealth.
You could be on the receiving end of these rich payouts.
Remember, you'll be getting double the yield that Wal-Mart's own shareholders do, and you'll also receive checks much more frequently.
You can spend the checks as they come in. You can stuff the money into other accounts. You can reinvest the dividends and watch your stake multiply...
The choice is entirely up to you.
It's pretty incredible when you think about it...
As a partner, this Wal-Mart landlord MUST pay you a safe, steady stream of "rent checks" in the form of dividends every single month, for as long as you wish to collect.
And not only are your profits backed by the world's largest retailer — but also an impressive growing list of Fortune 500 companies.
To help you get in right away on this unique, low-risk investment, I want to give you a copy of my brand-new research report called, "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income."
In it, I'll show you how this investment works and why it's poised to make you more money in the coming months than you've ever thought possible.
But before I tell you how to claim it, first, please allow me a proper introduction...

Hi. My Name is Brian Hicks.brian_side
And I'm the president of Angel Publishing, one of the world's fastest-growing independent financial research firms with over 500,000 subscribers in more than 54 countries. 
You may have heard my name from my frequent appearances on TV as a money an d  markets commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News...
You see, I've been in the investment research industry for a long time. Over two decades, in fact.
And I've seen A LOT of unscrupulous brokers, traders, analysts — you name it.
So I started Angel Publishing with one mission: To provide wealth builders like you with the real story; to tell it like it is instead of running around touting stocks that don't have a chance of making anyone money.
We work to uncover wealth-building opportunities most investors won't ever hear about from the talking heads on CNBC or their broker.
Frankly, I didn't focus at first on off-radar income-paying opportunities like "Wal-Lord"...
For years, I followed the energy markets.
For instance, I'm sure you've heard of "Peak Oil" before. It's a term used to describe how the world is running out of cheap, easy-to-get oil.
On October 29, 2007 — well before the record-high $4 gas prices of 2008 — I was on CNN explaining how Peak Oil was just driving the price of petroleum higher and higher.
I even wrote a book about Peak Oil you may have read, called Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and the Greatest Investment Opportunity of the Century.
I did pretty well in that market.
Have a look at some of the notes I've gotten in my email inbox from readers...
Craig Jordan in Dallas, Texas, wrote to tell me:
Sarah Hogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shared this with me:
And Paul Starks in New York City wrote:
I love getting notes like these from my readers.
But while I was spending the majority of my time studying trends in the energy market, I couldn't help but notice how the best companies — from the most dependable to the fastest-growing — tended to believe in paying income to their shareholders.
Perhaps you've seen the study from Ned Davis Research revealing how dividend-paying companies in general do two and a half times better than non-income paying companies...
Another study by Milwaukee-based Heartland Advisors revealed that between 1928 and 2010, investors who reinvested dividends of 3%-6% could have gotten paid potent returns of 13.75% a year (on average).
The wealth-generating power of income-paying stocks is impossible to ignore.
I'm sure you're aware of some of these amazing stories...
Take McDonald's. To own 100 shares in 1965 would have cost you $2,200. But with reinvested dividends, your investment could have grown to over $1.8 million by 2003.
Or Coca-Cola: Reinvesting for dividends, a $5,000 investment in 1980 would now be worth $594,000.
Or take Altria, formerly Philip Morris. A $2,000 grubstake in Philip Morris in 1980 would have ballooned into an impressive $670,000 today, with dividends reinvested.
Here's the point: The most profitable investments are not the sensational high-growth wonders and IPOs that dominate all the headlines.
Because they involve too much risk.
Flying high on hype, investors almost always pay way too much for these "hot stocks" and, as a result, get way too little return on their investment.
Instead, the most profitable stocks are often found in unglamorous industries that pay investors steadily-growing incomes — and not just for a couple of years, but for decades... essentially forever.
Today I'd like to give you a chance to accumulate this income for yourself.
That's why I've prepared a research report explaining the details in full...
It's called "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income" and I'm going to send it to you absolutely free.
There's nothing complicated here at all. No tricks, no gimmicks.
You simply receive access to the report, and you instantly have the information you need to collect huge monthly checks that could fund your dream retirement — and then some.
All you have to do to receive these instructions is respond to this letter. There's no risk or obligation at all.
Let me explain...
You see, every month I share my investment research in a monthly newsletter called The Wealth Advisory. And when you take a no-risk trial subscription, the first thing you'll receive is my new report.
But I'll also send the details of another great opportunity...

"American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks"
The United States is experiencing an oil and gas boom, thanks to the disruptive drilling technology known as horizontal fracturing.
I'm sure you've heard of it before. It's literally creating hundreds of new millionaires every week.
From the Bakken in North Dakota... to the Eagle Ford Formation in southeastern Texas and the Marcellus and Utica Shale Formations in Pennsylvania and Ohio...
The U.S. is reclaiming its status as a global energy powerhouse.
In fact, the United States of America is now the world's #1 producer of natural gas... after being ranked 9th just four years ago.
We're swimming in so much natural gas that the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported America has over 100 years' worth of it.
And I've found a way for you to get steady income from America's oil and gas boom...
It's a wealth secret that's 26 years in the making.
Because of a unique corporate-tax loophole signed into law during the Reagan Presidency, some savvy investors are now receiving large monthly checks for retirement.
And get this: It's oil and gas companies that are cutting these checks to partners.
I've dubbed these extraordinary payouts "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" — and they're a bulletproof way to build your wealth.
  • Gerald Everton (53) a businessman, got an "American Oil & Gas Royalty Check" for $1,485 every month last year.
  • Warren Levy, 61, added an additional $46,300 to his income with "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" in 2012.
  • Jerry Holt (56) received an incredible $116,037 last year.
It's no wonder the mainstream press is starting to catch on...

These "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" come from companies you rarely hear about, but do much of the "grunt work" bringing oil from the fields to the refineries... and ultimately, to your gas station.
Basically, any time oil must be moved from point A to point B, these companies get paid.
Likewise, when oil moving through the system must be stored, companies involved in storage get paid.
But here's what makes many of these companies so rewarding for partners...
Thanks to Reagan's tax loophole, many of these companies servicing this realm of the oil and gas universe are structured in such a way that they must pass all of their profits to shareholders.
These companies are publicly-traded — but the nature of their tax structure means no profits can be withheld or stuffed into the company's coffers.
These profits must go directly to partners like you and me, quarter after quarter.
Some companies even mail you checks every single month!
In short: If you're looking for extra payouts to fund an early retirement, or if you want to see more money deposited into your account, "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks" may be perfect for you.
And I've narrowed it down to just three companies that I believe can pay you the largest checks for months to come, with very low risk...
I've written up the full details about these three companies you can start collecting from in a report called, "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks: How a Hidden Loophole Lets You Bank Huge Payouts from Little-Known Oil & Gas Companies."
When you try a subscription to The Wealth Advisory , I'll immediately rush you a copy of this report... along with my first report, "Wal-Lord: How the King of Retail's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income."
And that's just the beginning...
How to Safely Generate Thousands in
Extra Income Every Month
You see, The Wealth Advisory's philosophy is simple: You get paid by companies to own them.
I'm not recommending risky micro caps or trying to predict which way the stock market will turn next...
If that's what you're after, then you can stop reading right now. The Wealth Advisory is not for you.
The Wealth Advisory is about making sure you get paid more income, more often, from your investments.
Whether you're a long way from retirement, preparing for the big day, or enjoying your freedom now... you can safely generate thousands in extra monthly income, all from the comfort of your own home.
You'll be free to live better and more worry-free than ever before.
My unique income plays do all of the work for you, so you have more time for spending with the kids and grandkids, playing golf, and traveling.
You'll never look at going to the mailbox the same way again... because I'm going to show you how to get at least two checks every single month.
Even better, you can decide exactly how big your checks will be.
Most investors don't take advantage of these income plays. Most investors make the mistake of thinking they can only get safe income through Treasury bills, bonds, and CDs from their local bank.
But right now, CDs are paying nearly next to nothing — a wimpy 2.1%. And Treasury bonds aren't faring any better...
That's no way to build real wealth.
The Wealth Advisory zeroes in on the best-paying opportunities for you that the investment universe has to offer.
These are moves that target bigger income and fast payouts, but without the usual risk you might expect with these kinds of high-performance moves.
And none of these moves force you to tie up your money for any period of time. You can withdraw your cash or put money in whenever you feel like it.
In today's rocky economy — with the financial markets being incredibly choppy — nothing beats getting paid a dependable substantial check for owning shares.
Economists Kathleen Fuller of the University of Georgia and Michael Goldstein of Babson College analyzed over two million individual returns, and found that dividend-paying firms generate higher returns than non-dividend paying firms, especially in declining markets.
And James P. O'Shaughnessy in his national bestselling guide to the best-performing investment strategies of all time, What Works on Wall Street, concludes you can do four times as well as the S&P 500 by concentrating on fundamentally-sound stocks with high-dividend yields.
And that's the point: You're putting money into solid companies — becoming an owner and getting paid for it.
You're banking on a solid history of continuous and increasing payments to make you money.
Bull or bear market? It doesn't matter...
I can help you generate real, sustainable wealth in every market condition so you can live the rich retirement you deserve.
I aim to only show you the best dividend-paying companies, which are:
Loaded with cash. Well-established. Well-positioned. Fundamentally solid.
In the right industries at the right time.
With a long history of doing good business, paying out cash as steady dividends, raising their dividends continuously over time, and looking out for their stockholders.
I spend hours sifting through research to uncover the greatest income-generating opportunities for you.
It's my passion to help people make more money for their retirement.
By now, you're probably wondering whether The Wealth Advisory is right for you. Well, there's just one way to find out: Give it a try, at no risk whatsoever.
Here's what I propose...
Just 14 Cents a Day
I'd like to rush you a free copy of my two new reports:
Research Report #1: "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income"
Research Report #2: "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks: How a Hidden Loophole Lets You Bank Huge Payouts from Little-Known Oil & Gas Companies"
These two reports will be the first things you should read when you test-drive my monthly newsletter, The Wealth Advisory.
Over the course of the next year, you'll also receive:
  • One Full Year of The Wealth Advisory (12 issues total) – You'll receive a new issue on the third Friday of each month by email. In each new issue, I'll share details on stocks that can pay you the most extra income with the least possible risk.
  • Confidential Wealth Advisory Alerts – You'll be on this list to receive urgent alerts with full details and instructions on every recommendation I make.
  • Clear and Concise Trading Instructions – My service is so easy to follow, you simply read the plays verbatim over the phone to your broker, or do them yourself in just a few minutes online via a brokerage service.
  • Private Access to The Wealth Advisory Members-Only Website: Plus you'll have password-protected access to all of my special reports, alerts, and my entire portfolio.
And finally...
  • Outstanding Customer Support: If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our Customer Support staff any time between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (EST). They'll be happy to assist you.
Best of all: I'd like you to take the next 180 DAYS to decide whether or not you want to keep your subscription. That should give you plenty of time to see my work firsthand... collect your first few checks... and take advantage of my wealth-building secrets.
If you decide The Wealth Advisory isn't right for you, just give us a call on our toll-free number...
I'll send you a full refund. And you can keep everything you have received up until that point. I want you to be 100% satisfied.
So how much does The Wealth Advisory cost? And how can you get started?
Well, before I give you the surprising details, there's one more unique opportunity I'd like to share with you...
America's Secret "Drive-Thru" Dividends
If there's one thing Americans love to eat, it's fast food.
There are close to 50,000 fast-food chains across the country.
But there's a little-known financial secret of America's fast-food industry that could pay you thousands every single month... for life.
It all started 42 years ago when Southern California couple Bill and Joan Clark met Glen Bell, owner of a young local fast-food restaurant called Taco Bell.
Glen Bell wanted to expand, but he couldn't afford to buy a new building. So the Clarks agreed to be owners of the new building. That way, Mr. Bell didn't have to tie up his cash in real estate, and he could use it to run the new restaurant.
In exchange, Mr. Bell agreed to lease the building back for a period of 20 years.
So Mr. Bell got the cash to run his restaurant — and the Clarks got a steady stream of monthly income for years to come, thanks to their long-term lease.
The Clarks then invited regular investors like you and me to get in on the deal.
And the Clarks worked out similar arrangements with other fast-food and chain restaurants in America: Pizza Hut, Hardees, Golden Corral, and more.
Since the Taco Bell deal, the Clarks' company has paid a dividend every single month to shareholders... and they're still sending them out today!
That's 503 months of consecutive paychecks to shareholders.
Even more amazing is that the checks have grown bigger every single year for the past 16 years. So while many companies were forced to slash their payouts or suspend them altogether in the 2008-2009 financial crises, the Clarks' company was increasing the size of their payouts to shareholders.
Today you could be sitting on impressive gains of 2,350%!
In short: By helping these fast-food and chain restaurants expand, the Clarks created an endless stream of income for themselves and their shareholders.
The Clarks' business now covers not only fast-food restaurants, but also many of America's most popular retailers — Rite Aid, Jiffy Lube, CVS pharmacies, Kroger's, Friendly's Restaurants, even AMC movie theaters.
It's pretty much the closest thing you can get to an eternal "fountain of cash"... and you too can collect these growing checks each and every month from now on.
I've written up all the details about exactly how to get started in your third free report: "'Drive-Thru' Dividends: How to Collect Endless Monthly Payouts from America's Fast Food Industry."
Again, you'll get all of the details as soon as you take a risk-free trial subscription to The Wealth Advisory.
Here's how to get started right away...
Save 50%
A one-year subscription to The Wealth Advisory costs $99 a year.
But as I said before, I want you to try my work for yourself risk-free for the next six months before you decide if it's right for you...
And I want this to be as easy for you as possible. So I'm making you an offer you can't refuse.
Sign up right now for The Wealth Advisory and save 50% off the regular rate.
So you'll pay just $49. That breaks down to about 14 cents a day.
I know that's incredibly cheap.
But I'm giving you this offer for one simple reason: I want you to try my research.
You see, I've worked with thousands of independent investors over the course of my career. And I believe if you take advantage of just one or two of the stocks I've talked about in this letter, they could pay you an absolute fortune...
And provide you with all of the income you'll need for life.
We want you to be satisfied.
Our subscribers stick with us year after year because we work hard to make sure you'll benefit from our advice.
And that is why we're one of the fastest-growing investment research firms in the world.
If you decide during your 180-day test-drive that The Wealth Advisory is not for you, it's no problem whatsoever. I guarantee your money back — no matter what, no questions asked.
Heck, even if you cancel after the 180-day period, you'll still get money back for the unused portion of your subscription. It's that simple.
Subscribe right now and you will get:
  • FREE Research Report #1: "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income"
  • FREE Research Report #2: "American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks: How a Hidden Loophole Lets You Bank Huge Payouts from Little-Known Oil & Gas Companies"
  • FREE Research Report #3: "'Drive-Thru' Dividends: How to Collect Endless Monthly Payouts from America's Fast Food Industry"
This research shows you how to collect 12 "rent checks" from "Wal-Lord" over the next 12 months... plus up to 40 income payout opportunities.
That's 52 extra checks you're not receiving right now.
Sign up today and you'll get instant access (within the next 10 minutes) to all of these reports on our exclusive members-only website. And you'll start receiving your monthly issue of The Wealth Advisory on the third Friday of each month by email.
Here's the bottom line: Collect all of the income you'll ever need — for as long as you need it, no matter what happens to the economy or the financial markets.
The quicker you begin the more income you'll generate...
To get started immediately, simply click the button below this presentation.
Here's to more income, more often,
Brian Hicks Signature
Brian Hicks
Publisher, The Wealth Advisory
P.S. If you're not generating extra income with my research, if you're not pleased for any reason, just let me know within the first 180 days... You'll be refunded EVERY LAST PENNY of your subscription fee. No hassles, no questions asked.

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It all started with a sore throat that simply wouldn’t go away...
Then, a few months later, doctors diagnosed actor Michael Douglas with a deadly type of cancer... one that kills one American every hour.
But thanks to this "blue light" technology, he survived.
It’s a ground-breaking cancer screening system that could not only save your life, but also make you a millionaire for as little as $5,000.
After beating cancer with the help of this new technology, Michael Douglas recorded a public announcement, encouraging everyone to take advantage of it.
Here’s what he had to say:

The simple visual screening Michael Douglas is talking about is revolutionizing cancer detection.
You see, despite the massive technological advances over the past half-century, Western medicine still hasn't found a cure for cancer.
So the best way to fight the disease is to detect cancerous cells before they spread.
That's where the "blue light" comes in.

With the "blue light" device, your doctor now can see cancerous cells during a regular check-up... without using any invasive, painful, or expensive procedures.
It helps your doctor identify cancers at their earliest stages, when they’re still easily treatable and before they spread to other parts of the body.
That’s why this device is revolutionizing the cancer diagnostics industry.
Surprisingly, the company behind this breakthrough isn’t a large, global medical company.
It has a market cap below $50 million. Last year, it only made $3.7 million in sales.
But, as you’ll see in this presentation, sales are about to jump to $788 million... thanks to this "blue light" technology.
What does this kind of growth mean for investors like you?
Well, that’s a jump of 21,200%... enough to turn each $5,000 invested into $1,065,000.
So let me put it this way...
For just five grand today, you could be a certified millionaire — with change to spare — in a matter of months... not decades.
But keep in mind this is a truly time-sensitive matter, where only those who jump in early stand to pocket the biggest gains.
In fact, shares have already started to take off. Take a look... they’re up 160% in the last six months alone.
But this, my friend, is just the beginning.
The only question is: Will you scoop up shares of this company before it rallies an additional 21,200%?
I hope you will.
And that’s why I’ve rushed to get this information to you.
Because I know once Wall Street learns about this groundbreaking cancer detection device, shares will take off and never turn back.
In a minute, I’ll show you exactly why this company has the potential to be the single most lucrative investment you will ever make.

There's Something I Need to Clarify
Even though this is a tiny company, it’s not the typical biotech stock gamble.
I’m not talking about a risky drug company that depends on a FDA approval for survival.
In fact, the FDA and Health Canada have already cleared the "blue light" technology.
And I’m not talking about a technology that’s built on run-of-the-mill hype either.
The World Health Organization has already recognized the "blue light" device. And the prestigious Pride Institute has named it "Best of Class" twice.
The National Institute of Health and the BC Cancer Agency have backed it with $50 million.
Dozens of clinical studies have shown that the "blue light" device can help doctors detect cancerous cells before they spread to other parts of the body.
The National Institute of Health, for example, said that this device "has proved valuable in the detection of high-risk lesions, in the delineation of surgical margins, and in follow-up after treatment."
In other words, it’s a proven technology that has genuine explosive growth potential.
And here’s the best part...
The "blue light" company holds patents on this new cancer screen system. So no other company can use it or make money off it unless they pay this company first.
Despite all the proof this technology works, nearly nobody in Wall Street knows about this incredible opportunity.
So how did I discover this?
Well, let me tell you about...

The Phone Call that Could Change Your Life
Hi. I’m Nick Hodge.
I’m the editor behind Early Advantage, a highly acclaimed investment advisory that finds early-stage investments way before Wall Street knows about them.
You can’t expect to come across these opportunities simply by doing research behind a desk.
It takes much more than crunching numbers and reading financial reports.
That’s why I rely heavily on boots-on-the-ground research and information I get from my extensive network of contacts.
I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying: "It’s not what you know, but who you know."
Well, late last year, I got a call from one of my contacts who is a financier and advisor. For privacy reasons, I won’t mention his name.
But he consults with Fortune 500 companies on financing activities and other business strategies.
He’s the one who told me about this small company, the "blue light" technology, and the road it took to get where it is today, including the billionaires who invested millions in this company while it was still private.
These early investors have already received an offer to sell their shares and book a gain of 400%. But they rejected it.
They’re holding onto their shares because they know the final gains could be much bigger than that.
They know this company could become a multi-billion-dollar heavyweight in the medical arena.
And this company isn't going to let them down.
You see, the "blue light" device is already having a huge impact on the fight against a dangerous type of cancer.
A cancer that...

Kills One American per Hour
Most people know nothing about oral cancer. But it’s a very deadly disease. And the rate of its occurrence has increased in each of the last five years.
According to the National Cancer Institute, last year, about 42,000 Americans were diagnosed with oral cancer. In the U.S., the disease killed nearly 8,000 people.
That’s almost one death per hour, every day of the year.
Oral cancer is now the sixth leading cause of cancer mortality in the U.S. According to the American Cancer Society, its mortality rate is higher than the rates for cervical, laryngeal, testicular, thyroid, and skin cancers.
What makes it so deadly?
It all comes down to the fact that doctors are detecting oral cancer way too late.
When doctors identify oral cancer in the early stages of development, the disease has an 80 to 90% survival rate. The problem is that doctors often discover oral cancer after it has spread to other areas of the body, such as the lymph nodes, throat, tongue, and lungs.
So early detection is critical to survival.
And that’s why the "blue light" technology is so transformational.
It's literally...

The Difference Between Life and Death
Take a look at this picture…
This is how a patient’s mouth looks during a standard oral cancer examination with white light. It’s the way doctors are currently performing cancer screens — with their naked eye.
Can you find the cancer?
I doubt it.
You see, in its early stages, the only indication of oral cancer's presence is a slight discoloration of the gums or inner cheek. And that’s hard to detect using traditional white light.
By the time your dentist feels a large mass or sees a large lesion, it’s already too late.
Studies have shown that when doctors detect the cancer with this traditional method, it's already in stage 3 or 4 in 67% of the cases.
In those stages, the treatment is complex, costly, and often disfiguring. And the risk of death is much higher. The five-year survival rate is just 36%.
With the help of the "blue light," your dentist has a much better chance of spotting potential cancerous areas.
You weren’t able to find cancer with the white light when I showed you this image for one simple reason: cancer is invisible to the naked eye.
But here’s how the patient’s mouth looks like under the "blue light." The cancer becomes visible.
A biopsy later confirmed the dark area was cancer.

Here’s the bottom line: With this device...

Your Dentist Could Save Your Life… In Just Two Minutes
This type of cancer screening only takes a couple of minutes to perform and adds little or no extra cost to your checkup. But it can dramatically improve your chances of survival if oral cancer is discovered.
On the other hand, if your dentist is using the standard white light, there’s a very good chance he’ll miss the tumor... unless it has already advanced to a later-stage cancer.
By then, your chance of dying from cancer is 64%!
I don’t like those odds. Nobody does.
And that’s what makes the "blue light" technology so valuable. It allows dentists to discover cancer in its early stages, when treatment is both less invasive and more effective.
This technology helps clinicians identify tumors up to two years earlier than with traditional technology.
Other studies have shown the survival rate jumps to 95% if your dentist detects the oral cancer early. In other words, when dentists use the "blue light" device, the survival rate almost triples.
No wonder the "blue light" company has already sold over 15,000 units of this device since 2006. And dentists have used it to conduct over 25 million oral exams.

Dr. Jonathan Abenaim, a dentist in New Jersey, has also adopted the device. He recently explained why:
Some dentists have even called it a "magical wand" to fight cancer. And over half the dental colleges in the U.S. already own one. Soon, they'll be compulsory — or outright required — in every school and dental office.
Before I show you exactly why this "blue light" device has the potential to make you a millionaire...

Let Me Show You How it Works
As I mentioned before, Wall Street is completely ignoring this opportunity. But the "blue light" device is starting to get more attention in the mainstream media.
It was recently featured in the popular TV show Dr. Oz, where world-renowned dentist Dr. Jonathan Levine demonstrated how the device works. Let me show you the short clip.

As you saw in the video, this procedure is completely noninvasive. The doctor doesn’t need to use any dye. There's no scraping or swabbing.
It's a simple wand that takes two minutes to hold in front of a patient's mouth. And the payoff is huge:

It Will Save Millions of Lives
People who are 40 or older and who drink and smoke have a higher chance of being diagnosed with oral cancer.
In North America, 85 million people fit that profile. That’s equivalent to 27% of the entire U.S. population. So there’s already a huge market for the "blue light" device.
But the truth is... the market for this technology is much bigger.
You see, most people think that if they don’t drink or smoke, there’s no way they can get oral cancer.
But that’s simply not true.
The sad reality is that anyone can have oral cancer... even if you don’t drink or smoke.
And it’s all because of a virus called Human Papillomavirus, better known as HPV.
Fox News recently reported on this disturbing trend when it told the story of Jessica Tar, an oral cancer survivor.

As you saw in the report, the HPV virus is very common.
In fact, here’s a shocking statistic...

There's a 67% Chance You're Infected with This Virus
According to the National Cancer Institute, three out of four people are infected with one or more HPV types at some point in their lives.
I don’t want to scare you, but you may already be infected and not even know.
You see, this is a tricky virus... Most people with HPV never develop symptoms or health problems. So they go about their lives without knowing they’re infected.
The problem is the presence of HPV in the body increases the risk for oral cancer fifty-fold.
In the past 20 years, the incidence of HPV-associated oral cancer has increased dramatically. It already accounts for 60% of all oral cancer cases in the U.S.
And it has been estimated that by 2020, HPV will cause more oral cancers than cervical cancers in the U.S.
The bottom line is anyone who is sexually active is potentially at risk.
That’s why many health experts advise everyone over 18 years of age to get an oral cancer exam at least once a year.
With all of these factors combining...

Demand for the "Blue Light" Device is Set to Explode
Because of this virus, organizations like the Oral Cancer Foundation are saying anyone could be a victim of oral cancer.
They’re now recommending dentists perform oral cancer screenings on ALL patients at least once a year.
That would mean millions of oral cancer screenings taking place around the globe... dramatically increasing demand for the “blue light” device.
In fact, dentists all across the country are rapidly adopting the "blue light" oral screenings as part of their routine standard of care.
Dentists like Dr. Anna Berik, in Boston, who says:
And Stanford dentist Stephen Wolpo, who recently made this statement in the local TV news:
Dentists are also embracing this technology because it helps in the detection of a wide spectrum of oral trauma and disease — not just cancer.
A recent study at the University of Washington demonstrated that the "blue light" device also helps doctors identify viral, fungal, and bacterial infections.
No wonder more than 6,000 dentists in the U.S. have already purchased updated versions of the "blue light" device.
As you will see in a minute, this simple device is enough to turn this stock into a 10-bagger... a stock that returns 10 times the initial investment.
But the truth is this company is only scratching the surface with the dental market.
In its next growth phase, its shareholders will have the potential to...

Turn Each $5,000 into $250,000
The company currently generates most of its sales in North America. Based on the size of the dental market, there’s potential to sell 182,000 "blue light" devices.
That’s 12 times higher than what the company has sold so far.
So, by the time the company achieves its market share goal, the stock could easily be trading 12 times higher.
And this is just the beginning.
By late this year, management expects the company to have a presence in more than 23 countries.
You see, oral cancer is a global disease. This year, more than 640,000 people around the world will be diagnosed with oral cancer.
There will be a huge demand for the "blue light" device. And we all know what happens to companies that manage to expand internationally.
Sales explode... profits skyrocket... and shareholders get rich.
We’ve seen that story play out over and over again.
Take Wal-Mart, for example... It opened its first store outside the U.S. in 1991.
Here’s what happened. Less than a decade later, shares were trading 800% higher.

The same thing happened to McDonald's when it started expanding internationally in the 1980s.
Investors made a fortune in the following two decades. Take a look... Shares of McDonald's went up more than 4,000% because of fast growth in international markets.

Let’s look at the medical industry...
BD Medical sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, and diagnostic products.
It started its international expansion in the 1980s as well. In the following years, shares rallied almost 2,000%.
I could give you hundreds of examples, but I think you get the point...
Once a company starts expanding into foreign markets, shares explode higher.
The "blue light" company won’t be an exception. Its goal is to dominate 40% of the $2.2 billion global market by 2017.
To be clear, this isn’t just a pipe dream or some hundred-year-out hocus-pocus projection.
It’s already happening.
Last year, for example, the company announced a strategic global sales and marketing alliance with DenMat Holdings.
DenMat already has a huge presence internationally. It distributes a wide range of cosmetic, restorative, and clinical dentistry solutions in over 68 countries.
With this expansion into other countries, growth will really take off. Industry experts think this company has the potential to sell 546,000 devices in those markets.
Let me show you what this kind of growth means for investors like you.
Remember... the company is expected to sell 182,000 devices in North America AND 546,000 devices internationally.
That’s a total of 728,000 devices... which is 48 times higher than current sales.
This means that once the company reaches its market share goal, the stock should be trading 48 times higher than it’s trading today.
That’s enough to turn a small investment of $5,000 into almost a quarter million dollars!
And here’s the best part...
Even after the sales of all these devices, the company won’t stop generating profits because...

It Follows the Gillette Business Model
With every sale of a new "blue light" device, the company creates a new source of revenue.
It’s essentially operating a business model similar to Gillette.
As you know, Gillette makes billions of dollars by selling a sturdy, permanent razor supplemented by cheap, easily replaceable blades.
That’s how the company cornered the men's facial grooming market and created a massive repeat customer base.
This is a highly profitable business model because it creates an endless source of income for the company from the disposable blades. That’s why Gillette shareholders made fortunes.
Thanks to this model, shares of Gillette went up more than 7,000% before the company merged with Procter & Gamble in 2005.

This Gillette model has been so successful that other companies have copied it…
Hewlett-Packard has created a continued source of income from ink cartridges for its printers. Keurig, the coffee maker company, has locked in repeat business from loyal customers who buy its coffee K-Cups. And Microsoft collects a license fee for every single Xbox game it sells.
And now, the "blue light" company is replicating that model...
Every time a dentist uses the device to do a cancer screen, it has to use a disposable cap.
The company estimates that there’s a potential for 710 million annual screens around the globe.
With the expansion into other countries, industry experts believe the company will make more than $500 million in annual revenues from these caps alone.
That’s 135 times higher than current sales. And it’s a recurring income.
This means sales of these caps alone are enough to push shares 135 times higher, turning each $5,000 invested into $675,000.
But the truth is the stock should move much higher than that.
Because that’s not the only source of recurring income the company has developed.
It’s also generating revenues from Lab services.
Recently, the company opened a laboratory services division. This side of the business provides complete cytology and biopsy laboratory services.
Before this service existed, patients with lesions identified by the "blue light" at their dentist were referred to a medical doctor for a follow-up and lab tests.
Now, the dentist can collect a tissue sample and send it directly to this lab service.
This is another great source of revenue because biopsies are 100% covered by insurance.
The average dentist will do 20 biopsies a year. The company estimates this represents a market of $750 million in North America.
If it captures just 15% of this market, which is very likely, it will make an additional $112 million every single year. This provides a third revenue stream for the "blue light" company.
In fact, the disposable caps and biopsies will ultimately have a much greater impact on the company’s revenue and profit margins than the "blue light" device itself.
So let me put all the numbers together for you. And I will show you how you could...

Become a Millionaire with as Little as $5,000
As I mentioned before, industry experts estimate the company will generate $177 million from its expansion in North America and international markets...
An additional $500 million from sales of disposable caps...
And $112 million from its lab services.
Once you add all these up, we’re talking about sales that are 213 times higher than current revenues.
This represents a gain of 21,200% — enough to turn a small investment of $5,000 into more than $1 million.
So you better start making plans...
How will you use all that money? Will you use it to retire in comfort and style, or buy a second home? Maybe you just want to travel the world... or simply chip in to your children’s (and grandchildren's) college tuition.
It’s up to you.
All I know is that you clearly have a ground-floor opportunity to own a company that has the potential to generate life-changing returns.
I could go on and on about this company and all the other reasons it could easily be the last stock you and your family will ever need.
But I’ve already taken a lot of your time...
So instead, I would like to send you a special report that tells you everything you need to know about this breakthrough opportunity.
I've outlined step-by-step instructions on when to buy this stock (and at what price to get in).
I call it "How to Make 213 Times Your Money with Blue Light Technology."
I’ve been working on this report ever since I got that phone call... and rushed to get this information to you because things are already moving quickly...
As I mentioned before, the stock is already up 160% in the last six months.
So I would like to send this special report directly to your inbox right now... FREE of charge.
All I ask in return is that you help ensure your family's financial well-being once and for all by taking me up on one special offer...
It's a personal invitation to join thousands of Early Advantage readers who have been booking double- and triple-digit gains on a regular basis.
As you may have guessed from the name of my research, I dedicate myself to finding profits that no one else knows about yet.
Whether it has to do with conventional securities like stocks or some underground investment, I make sure my followers know about it...
Just to give you a better idea:
  • I led readers to 391% gains on a Chinese battery play before anyone knew lithium was set to explode...
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How much does all this cost?
The short answer is: nothing.
I’ve convinced my publisher to give you a special deal... one that we’ve never offered before.
All the details are just ahead. But there’s something pressing I need to get off my chest...

I Haven’t Been Completely Honest With You
I told you the "blue light" stock has the potential to return 21,200%... enough to turn each $5,000 invested into more than $1 million.
But the truth is... I’m being very conservative.
Chances are you’re going to make boatloads more.
You see, right now dentists are the only ones using the "blue light" technology. But soon this will change.
The company will begin to scale out its proprietary, patented tissue visualization technology into other areas of medicine.
Ear, nose, and throat specialists will be using the "blue light" device to perform oral cancer screenings...
Dermatologists will be using it to screen for skin cancer...
Proctologists will be using it to perform anal cancer screenings and to assist them in prostate surgeries...
Gynecologists will be using it to perform cervical cancer screenings...
Even family physicians have the potential to adopt the "blue light" device to help them in their daily practices.
Take dermatology, for example.
The "blue light" technology can be used to better detect the two most common types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 3.5 million Americans are diagnosed with one of these two types of cancer every single year.
That’s what makes skin cancer the most common form of cancer in the U.S. There are more new cases of skin cancer each year than the COMBINED incidence of breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancers.
The dermatology arena is a $10 billion market in the U.S. alone. And the overall dermatological diagnostics and therapeutics industry is forecast to grow 9% a year.
So I anticipate a huge demand for the "blue light" device. The company expects to launch the first dermatological device in the next 12 months.
Keep in mind... That’s just one additional area of medicine.
Once the company starts expanding its proprietary technology beyond dental applications, sales will grow exponentially.
This tiny company, whose stock is still trading below $1, will quickly become a mid-cap company... worth hundreds of times more than it’s worth today.
I’ve seen what happens when medical device companies expand into other areas of medicine...
Take a look at Medtronic, for example.
Today, it’s a giant medical device company worth more than $55 billion.
But it all started with a single medical device... a battery-operated pacemaker.
In the 1980s and 1990s, the company started expanding into other areas of medicine, resulting in explosive growth.
Shares went up 414 times higher during that period. Take a look.

Could we see a similar type of growth with the "blue light" technology?
Cancer is the most devastating disease in the world... and it's grown into a worldwide epidemic of staggering proportions. 
Just imagine 10 commercial planes crashing and killing everyone on board. Well, the equivalent of that is happening EVERY DAY... due to cancer.
Nearly two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year — one person out of three will be hit with a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives.
That’s what makes the multi-billion dollar cancer diagnostics business one of the fastest-growing sectors in health care.
According to leading market research company BCC research, the cancer diagnostics market is growing at a compound annual growth of 47%.
And this company is about to become a major player in the sector. So it’s a safe bet that the demand for the "blue light" device is going to be massive for years to come.
Once this "blue light" technology expands into other medical areas... Once it hits the "mass market" stage... you’ll just sit back, relax, and watch your wealth grow at a breakneck pace.
But you won’t have to wait decades to make that kind of money. This could happen much quicker than anyone thinks...

Here's Why You Need to Act Now
The Terry Fox Research Institute and the BC Cancer Agency are in the third phase of a study that could trigger a boom for this company.
The study is trying to show that the "blue light" technology can reduce the rate of oral cancer recurrence.
Early results of this study have been very promising. They’ve shown that patients whose doctors used the "blue light" during surgery to remove oral cancer experienced a 0% recurrence rate. Patients whose doctors didn’t use it had a 25% recurrence rate.
In other words, without the "blue light," doctors are missing some tumors during surgeries. These missed tumors can then spread wildly out of control throughout the body until they kill you.
With the "blue light," surgeons can see exactly what area is affected by cancer. This helps ensure doctors are not leaving any cancer cells behind during surgeries.
That’s why the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research recently said that the "blue light" device is...

Make no mistake... This is a game-changing study... one that could turn this tiny company into a major player in the medical industry virtually overnight.
If these early results are confirmed when the study is complete, the "blue light" technology could be mandated by regulators and insurance companies.
This will lead to full insurance coverage and an exponential rise in sales.
The amount of money that could flow into the company’s coffers (and into your pocket, if you invest in the stock) would be dizzying.
The results of this study will be released later this year. Once it confirms this technology can help doctors during surgeries, the stock will take off and never look back.
After that study is published, it’s very likely every analyst from Manhattan to Hong Kong will know the name of this stock...
That’s why it’s so crucial that you act today... BEFORE the crowd swoops in and scoops up all the profits.
Remember, this stock is already moving higher... It’s up 160% in the past six months alone. I hope you’ll get in before it goes up another 21,200%!
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Nick Hodge
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The government forbids companies from telling you about...
Retirement Plans
They're 100% legal and can generate up to $1 million more cash
than Social Security, IRAs, 401(k)s, and even Obama's new "MyRAs"
They're open to anyone, with no income or age restrictions...
Here's how to start yours today...

Dear Fellow Investor,
Most Americans don't know this...
But the U.S. government, through the SEC, has kept the most secure and cash-rich retirement plan out of the mainstream media.
And it's been doing it for YEARS!
I'm referring to a censored program that allows you to collect anywhere from $500,000 up to $1 million from a one-time investment through what I call the IRM(72) plan.
And even though IRM(72) retirement plans can generate up to 10 times more cash than IRAs, your typical 401(k), or even Obama's newly proposed MyRA (a short way of saying "My IRA")...
Most people haven't heard about IRM(72) plans for one simple reason.
Companies that offer these plans are forbidden to advertise them to the public.
Put simply, SEC rules won't let them.
Yet despite this censorship, you are legally entitled to open an IRM(72) plan if you wish. And there are no age or income restrictions whatsoever.
It's something that could forever change the way people in America retire. The problem is, the average citizen just doesn't know about it.

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with regular dividends offered by blue chip companies... bonds... CDs... or anything remotely close to those things.
Instead, it's a way for you to pocket consistent income in a far more profitable way.
According to the Federal Reserve, the value of a typical 401(k) is about $120,000. That's almost nothing if you're looking at retiring anytime soon.
And it's 10 times less than the $1.1 million you could collect through a basic IRM(72) plan.
If more Americans knew about IRM(72) plans, we wouldn't be looking at a time when ordinary people are forced to work into their 70s (or even 80s).
The best part is, most plans allow you to start with as little as $10.
And you can access the money you've saved anytime you want without any penalty whatsoever.
Now, normally, as a financial analyst with a journalism background, and one who's been writing about breakthrough investments most people have never heard of...
I'd be the first to be skeptical about something as secretive and financially rewarding as IRM(72) accounts.
After all, there are enough get-rich schemes out there already.
But according to financial guru Peter Schiff, IRM(72) accounts make it so "you don't have to work anymore. You quit your job and retire."
And you can hold multiple accounts if you're so inclined. I know Warren Buffett holds several.
Of course, these are influential investors with a lot of capital at their disposal.
So I wanted to see if everyday Americans who don't have billions of dollars were secretly tapping into these accounts as well.
Turns out they are... and they are making a TON of money.
Check it out:
  • A $10 million fortuneKathleen Magowan, a first grade teacher, built a $10 million fortune through her IRM(72) plan. The funny thing is, her neighbors and family members never had any idea she was a millionaire.
  • $180 turned into $7 millionThen there's Grace Gray, who turned a small $180 investment into a whopping $7 million from her IRM(72) plan. She keeps quiet about her success, but she'll gladly tell you how thankful she is for her IRM(72) account.
  • A millionaire in the makingAnother gentleman, Mike Rogalski, is a millionaire in the making.
    He holds several IRM(72) accounts and plans to retire MUCH earlier than he ever thought possible.
But here's what's really mind-blowing...
99% of the investing public have no idea these things even exist...
Even though they're not allowed to be advertised, why do so few people know about them?

The Secret Investment Plan That's
None of Your Business"
Well, don't expect to hear GE, Coca-Cola, or any of those rich American companies advertise their IRM(72) plans. It's against the law to do so.
You won't even see any mention of those plans in their financial statements sent to their other regular shareholders.
Now can you see why practically no one knows this program even exists?

Another unusual thing about those IRM(72) plans is that they have nothing to do with the stock market, and Wall Street hates them because they bypass their greed.
In fact, brokers have secretly lobbied Congress to ban IRM(72) retirement plans completely.
We even spoke to one financial insider who admitted as much...
Tax and pension attorney Chris Egoville sat down with us to break down why brokers are so scared of IRM(72).
Financial brokers make their money by selling you a product... One of the unfortunate pieces of financial services is that it is really a sales-driven business.
A broker by definition is a salesperson. They're not going to be compensated the way that they want to be compensated if you invest in an IRM(72).
Brokers are self-interested... it probably isn't appropriate for someone giving retirement or long term savings advice to be compensated the way brokers are. It's just not impartial.
And it's not just brokers that hate IRM(72) plans.
Congress hates them enough to consider wiping them off the grid entirely.
President Obama's recent MyRA idea is just another red herring to push for full shutdown of IRM(72) plans.
Chris told us that not only was the MyRA a "terrible idea," but it was also the "surest way to lose your money."
But until MyRA becomes a reality, the good thing is anyone with the right information can open an IRM(72) plan and blissfully make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, that can be used for a comfortable retirement.
I've created this video to show exactly how these plans work, who exactly is offering them, how much money you can make, when you can expect to collect your payouts...
And, most importantly, why they're the safest investments on earth.

How I Discovered America's Safest and
Most Secretive Investment
My name is Jimmy Mengel.jimmy cnbc
You may have seen me hobnobbing with the financial elite on CNBC's Closing Bell...
Or you may have heard of me as the architect behind the wildly popular finance and investing website Wealth Wire, where I brought readers the story behind the mainstream financial news every single day.
I've spent my entire professional career researching and writing about little-known opportunities in the financial arena.
Today, because of my experience, I'm managing editor of one of the country's largest independent financial boutiques filtering obscure moneymaking ideas to our followers.
I head the Outsider Club and our financial planning advisory, The Crow's Nest.
As a trained journalist, I've gained a reputation among my peers for digging like a sleuth to uncover under-the-radar moneymaking loopholes in financial back doors that most people never hear of...
In other words, I don't follow the crowd. The real money is always in the investments you've never heard of. That's how the rich play the game.
For instance, last year I discovered a greedy way to play silver that doubles your return compared to buying silver the regular way.
It's a very simple tool to maximize silver's inevitable returns over the coming years...
In short, this investment phenomenon allows you to earn 2% every time silver spikes 1%.
Another unconventional investment I discovered is a way to get into the collectables market.
Through hard research, we tapped the resources of a collectables company that has authenticated and graded more than 27 million coins — worth a total of $27 billion.
The company's card experts have certified more than 20 million trading cards, autographs, and other valuable memorabilia, exceeding $1 billion in worth.
It's already up 45% in just a few months, and to top it all, my followers are enjoying a juicy 7.4% dividend, a return that's almost unheard of in the regular market.
I've been furnishing my readers with these unorthodox — but incredibly safe — investment ideas that could have a huge impact on their financial goals.
I am not one who follows the mainstream when it comes to money. That's the route to the poor house.
Folks who want to stick to conventional investment ideas can buy a CD and be happy with a 2% return forever or follow the herd in the stock market.
But if you want to beat the market at its own game and stay ahead of everyone else — instead of playing "catch up" — then this video is your gateway to financial freedom.
When I heard about the IRM(72) investment plan that has the potential to make Social Security, IRAs, and 401(k)s a thing of the past...
I went to work right away to uncover how you could open an IRM(72) plan and possibly build a million-dollar fortune like the folks I told you about.
So what exactly are IRM(72) plans, and how can a small $180 multiply into as much as $7 million like it did for Grace Gray?
You see, an IRM(72) plan is a corporate perk that was once reserved only for executives of rich companies...
And even though companies are forbidden to publicize this safe and lucrative retirement plan, nowadays, anyone can start a plan with a company of their choice.
This plan is specifically designed for people who want to start out small but want to accumulate thousands — even hundreds of thousands — without risking ANY money.

$2,000 Multiplies into More than $1 Million
There is no investment under the sun that is safer and more consistent than these plans. Not options, regular dividends, blue chip stocks, penny stocks, or anything else...
Yet they're the "best-kept secret on Wall Street," says financial analyst Vita Nelson, who is a devote follower of IRM(72) plans.
In short, an IRM(72) plan is what we in the financial world call an Individual Retirement Multiplier.
And it uses the "Rule of 72," a mathematical phenomenon used in elite financial circles to determine, with amazing accuracy, your profit's doubling effect or compounding periods...
Or how many years it will take for a currency's buying power to be cut in half.
Or the impact of additional fees on financial policies, mutual fund fees, or insurance policies.
Words alone cannot do justice to the compounding force behind this rule...
But famed scientist Albert Einstein tried when he said, "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it... he who doesn't, pays it."
Well, the Rule of 72 is the secret booster behind IRM(72) plans. It's the compounding effect on your money that makes this plan trump IRAs, 401(k)s, or Obama's ready-to-fail MyRA.
In fact, this force is so powerful that I think the government is deliberately keeping it from you.
I say that because if the masses actually knew of the income this multiplying effect could deliver, they would immediately demand an end to Ponzi schemes like Social Security.
That's exactly what a woman name Shelly Eifrig knew, and she used that knowledge to pad her retirement.
She learned the power of allowing her money to multiply. She started at age 20 with only $2,000 invested into her IRM(72) plan. By age 54, she was a millionaire.
But she isn't the only one. While the rest of the investing public fights for the same pool of risky stocks and low-return 2% CDs, I discovered people from all walks of life who secretly own those safe IRM(72) plans.
  • Curt Degerman, a man who collected bottles and cans to be recycled, built a net worth of $1.5 million. You can imagine how shocked people were to discover he was a millionaire.
  • Pete Green was barely 30 years old when he got married, and he didn't want his kid to start with nothing. He set aside $325 and dumped it into Pepsi's IRM(72) plan. That tiny $300 has grown into $5,604.63.
  • A man who wished to remain anonymous watched his account grow from $13,950 into $178,994.52 by opening an IRM(72) plan with Colgate Palmolive.
And as I said before — unlike 401(k)s, IRAs, or even Social Security — there's no age limit to owning a plan.

No Age or Income Limits
Consider the story of Alisha Brown.
She was a first grader when she was enrolled in the IRM(72) program of Coca-Cola as a present for her sixth birthday. 
For Alisha's family, it was giant first step towards securing her financial future.
When Coca-Cola sent her certificate of ownership for her IRM(72) account... so monumental was this moment that it was framed with an engraving of the first part of Deuteronomy 8:18 placed under it: "You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth."
It didn't take long before Coca-Cola mailed her documents to welcome her as a proud member of their IRM(72) program.
Her IRM(72) account was opened with less than $50. Today, it's worth nearly $8,000.
If the account continues undisturbed until she graduates college, Alisha will have roughly $15,400, which will be a great gift along with her college degree.
Just imagine if your child or grandchild had that privilege...
In a moment, I'll show you how you can open an IRM(72) plan that will generate $25,000... $50,000... $270,000... even up to $1.1 million more than what you're getting today in your traditional IRA or even your 401(k).
You'll know which company to contact, and applying is as easy as tying your shoe.
You simply fill out a form. There's a line at the top for your name and address. You sign at the bottom... enclose a check for an initial payment, which could be as low as $10 or $100... then drop it in the mail.
From there on, you can expect your $10 — or whichever amount you decide to start with — to multiply as if on autopilot.
But here's the real question: How did a retirement plan so rewarding and so secretive get started in the first place... and how can you take advantage of it starting today?

A Look into the Most Secretive and
Safest Investment on Earth
More than 50 years ago, some of America's biggest companies started offering their executives and other employees a special perk.
In short, they were allowed to buy shares of the company DIRECTLY from the company, usually at a steep discount.
Hundreds of companies like General Electric, Kellogg's, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble began offering these perks.
As you may have guessed, these shares became part of the company's IRM(72) program.
Over time, that perk was extended to the wider public, allowing them to get in on the program.
It was a way for a company to grow a stable of loyal shareholders and raise money away from greedy brokers and the stock market.
By now, you can see why brokers are furious about it and have dogged the government to shut down the IRM(72) program... and leave Americans to rot with the likes of IRAs and 401(k)s.
I'm not even surprised.
You see, every time your broker buys or sells a stock on your behalf, that broker makes a commission — whether or not you make money on that stock.
Mutual fund advisors, financial advisors, and planners all take their cut to get you into the market. No matter what you do, if you are investing, it has to go through one of these guys.
Do you think they'll ever tell you about IRM(72) plans? Don't hold your breath.
But guess what? It's time to stop paying needless broker fees.
That's exactly what Anne Scheiber did.

Novice Investor Turned $5,000 Into
$22 Million without a Broker
Sheiber was an IRS auditor, yet she didn't have much to rely on to retire worry-free.
She was badly burnt by brokers, so she resolved to never rely on anyone for her own financial future.
What happened next is shocking, for lack of a better word...
Using a measly $5,000 she had saved and a pension of roughly $3,150, she plowed it into an IRM(72) plan and built a $22 million fortune from her tiny New York apartment.
Never before has any investment in this nation's history given so much investing freedom to average Americans like IRM(72) plans have.
But there's one thing you must be mindful of. You can't wait one minute more to start a plan.
Obama is already on track to shut down every retirement plan that keeps your money from the government.
In fact, the government could wake up one morning and shut down the IRM(72) program for good.
So you must hurry to grab this ticket to a safe and worry-free retirement.
Here's how it works...

How to Use One Share of Stock to Make $1 Million
To open an IRM(72) plan (and I'll show you exactly which companies offer the best plans), you must buy ONE share of stock. That's it.
Your ONE share of stock generates dividends. But here's where it gets really good.
"These plans permit shareholders to automatically plow their dividends into the buying of additional company shares. In some cases, there's a discount on the price of those shares," as the Chicago Tribune puts it.
The more shares you get, the greater your dividends multiply over time. Keep in mind, these preferred dividends are not like the ordinary dividends regular investors get when they buy a stock.
These preferred dividends go straight into your IRM(72) account, and they are like dividends on steroids. They multiply quickly without you doing any work whatsoever.
That's a great way to start preparing for retirement even if you don't have a lot of cash on hand.
But if you can afford it, you can begin your plan by buying more than one share.
For example...
Let's say you saved $3,000 and started an IRM(72) plan with one of my favorite dividend payers, Duke Energy Corp. (DUK).
That initial investment of $3,000 would have bought you 176 shares of DUK at the time, each one earning a dividend yield of 5.4%. That dividend would eventually multiply five times.
Your IRM(72) plan would earn you a tidy $1 million payday as long as you simply let your dividend multiply in the plan and add a monthly contribution of just $80.
You could have earned a yearly dividend stream of $50,845 without lifting a finger.
This is way better than the returns you'd get from the S&P 500's measly 10.4% over the last three decades.
Remember, this is something you cannot do with regular dividends if you buy the stock via the stock market.
You can only get that "dividend multiplier" when you open an IRM(72) retirement plan.

How Your Money Can Multiply on its Own
Let me show you an example.
Some folks are happy with the 3% dividend advertised by Johnson & Johnson.
If you were to invest $5,000 into Johnson & Johnson the regular way — through your broker via the stock market — your profits would have been a measly $150 in annual dividends.
To some folks, that's a big deal.
But that's probably because they don't know about the company's IRM(72) plan that that allows you to collect 36%... from the exact same shares over the long haul.
This effectively translates into a whopping $1,950 in annual dividends that gets reinvested in your IRM(72) account to buy more shares directly from the company and build your retirement portfolio on solid ground.
And that's regardless of what happens to Social Security, IRAs, 401(k)s, the stock market, or the wider economy.
Your IRM(72) account must get paid by law.
Same thing could have happened had you tapped into the IRM(72) plan of Pepsi Co.
Most Americans take home the company's 2.9% dividend and stash it away hoping to build something for rainy days.

Too bad many of those individuals don't know Pepsi — according to American law — is forbidden from advertising its IRM(72) plan that could yield a sizzling dividend of 39% in a few years.
Another good example is AT&T's IRM(72) plan, where your dividend would have been seven times more than the regular dividends.
While the company currently yields a 6.7% dividend, its IRM(72) plan holders are bagging a whopping 43% instead.
Throughout my career as a financial analyst, I have seen my fair share of investment fads, and I can tell you there aren't many investments out there that are safe.
But IRM(72) accounts are just about the safest and most consistent way to multiply your money regardless of what happens in the market.

These Plans are Immune to Stock Market Crashes,
Falling Stock Prices, or Recessions
These plans are so solid that even if the company's stock price stumbles... your IRM(72) plans remain untouched.
Remember the earlier story of 6-year-old Alisha Brown, who owns an IRM(72) plan with Coca-Cola?
Well, her plan was opened with one share of Coca-Cola's stock, which cost less than $50 bucks at the time. Today, the account is worth nearly $8,000.
Thing is, Coca Cola still trades today at around the same price it did when the plan was started almost a decade ago. Nothing fantastic has happened to the stock price.
Not only that...
We've experienced the September 11th terrorist attacks... the rise and fall of the housing bubble... the stock market collapse of 2008... two wars waged halfway around the world... expanding federal deficits... and near double-digit unemployment.
Despite all of these woes, Alisha's plan grew at roughly 6% compounded. 
But this is not just a stroke of good luck.
A man named John Kayson bought 105 shares of U.S. Bancorp in one of his IRM(72) retirement trusts simply as an experiment.
He paid $27.29 per share and had a total cost of $2,865. The stock crashed (along with everything else) to $23.62 as of the close of the markets on November 19th, 2008.
Folks who owned just stock via the stock market and through a broker saw a 13% drop in price and lost a huge chunk of their savings.
Yet John Kayson's IRM(72) plan showed a 45.348% gain while everyone else got waxed in the market.

Could These Plans Make the Stock Market Obsolete?
Which brings me to another point that highlights how these IRM(72) accounts are better than IRAs, 401(k)s, or any other retirement plans...
When you open an IRM(72) plan, remember you buy shares directly from the company.
If the stock price of the company falls, the multiplying dividends simply buy more shares on the cheap... accelerating higher percentage dividends for the future.
John Kayson originally bought 105 shares. When U.S. Bancorp shares fell, he automatically owned 124.36474 shares. That's nearly 20 shares more than he originally purchased.
Did he get more dividends on those extra shares? You bet. He might be a millionaire in the making as a result.
His interest begins to earn interest on itself: the Rule of 72 in full action.
Bottom line: Falling stock prices don't affect IRM(72) plans in any negative way at all.
In fact, they allow you to add shares at the cheapest possible price.
From the looks of it, if too many Americans know about IRM(72) plans, it could make the stock market obsolete. And that's true in a sense.
Maybe that's why the government is working overtime to keep this a secret.

How You Can Get Paid to Invest
Here's the thing: I've only begun to scratch the surface of how great these plans are at helping you accumulate wealth.
If at this point you want to fold in your IRA or your 401(k), I won't blame you, considering that IRM(72) plans outperform them by 10-fold in some cases.
And with retirement on the horizon, the earlier you start, the better you can let your dividends accumulate to hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars.
I don't know about your personal financial situation. But here's some shocking news when you think of it...
72% of Americans say they will have to work until they are at least 80 because they have not saved enough to retire, according to USA Today.
Bottom line: Now's the best time to open an IRM(72) plan. And holding back a day longer is like throwing money away.
Plus, you never know when the government will shut down this program.
Nothing this good can last forever.
Right now, you may even want to start one for your kids or grandkid.
It will give them a jumpstarted financial advantage most kids never have. And you can do this with as little as $10, $50, or $100. Heck, you could start with $500.
In fact, you can start an IRM(72) account today at a discount.
What I mean is some companies secretly offer a 5% discount to begin a plan with them.
It's like these companies are paying you to invest in them.
And even if brokers hate it... and the government is keeping it a secret from you...
I'll show you exactly how to open an IRM(72) plan. It's as easy as paddling downstream, and it's 100% legal.
I'll even reveal a full list of companies that allow this technique and a full list of companies that will "pay you to invest in them."
I've just written a special report with all the details, starting with three of those companies that offer the best IRM(72) plans today.
IRM(72) Dividend Booster #1
This rock-solid company allows you to take full advantage of an IRM(72) program. Not only does it offer free dividend reinvestment on its 2.4% yield, but it also gives you a 5% discount on stock purchased directly this way.
That is a smooth 7.4% dividend that will multiply into over 20% over time. Not to mention the trading fees you'll save.
This company has raised its dividend every year for the past decade and in 22 of the last 23 years. And it plans to keep doing so.
When looking to buy any IRM(72) company, the key isn't to look at how large the dividend yield is, but to examine how many years the company has raised the dividend and the future chances of it continuing to do so.
That's why my second IRM(72) company is a gem.
IRM(72) Dividend Booster #2
This is a company that invests primarily in health care real estate, including senior housing and related facilities.
It could sound "boring" at first. But don't let it fool you.
The company has increased its preferred annual dividend for IRM(72) plans for the last 28 years. In fact, the last dividend increase was scheduled at the end of January 2014.
You can enjoy a nice 5.5% that will multiply more than five times once your IRM(72) plan kicks in.
But you'll have to hurry. Forget Wall Street and buy your share directly from the company to get plugged in.
IRM(72) Dividend Booster #3
A master at delivering IRM(72) plans, with dividends raised every year for the last 25 years... this is one plan you must add to your name.
I am talking about an average 6.6% dividend that will quadruple over time once you hold on to your IRM(72) plan.
I'll show you how to get started, who to contact, and what to expect over the long term.
You can get the full details on how to proceed to start an IRM(72) plan with each of these companies in my new research report: "The Forbidden Secret to Retire a Millionaire."
Once you get this groundbreaking report, browse it. Take action. Get invested in an IRM(72) plan, and watch your retirement plan sizzle five, even 10 times your traditional IRA or 401(k).
You won't have to worry about Social Security or the lagging retirement plans that send millions of Americans back to work well into their 60s.
Best of all, I'll be sending you this report FREE of charge. No strings attached.
You can claim your free report the minute you take a look at my research newsletter, The Crow's Nest.
What exactly is The Crow's Nest about... and where did it get its unusual name?
In the days of naval conquest, explorers were only as good as their lookout...
The best lookouts were built atop the highest point of a ship's mast, an area aptly named after the birds that would often perch there: the crow's nest.
While these were dangerous to climb, it was there that the lookout could see for miles out and identify any hazards, traps, or storms — well before they threatened the ship.
Not only did they spot potential threats and dangers, but a good lookout could also spy treasure, land, and opportunity to safely guide the captain to riches and prosperity.
It is for this reason that the success of most ships depended on the crow's nest.
As you can imagine, today's financial landscape has much in common with the high seas of pirate lore. The world of personal finance is filled with tricks, traps, fees, and scalawags...
But instead of Blackbeard coming for your booty, you have bankers, money managers, and government officials with their beady eyes fixed on emptying your pockets.
It's time to wake up and take matters into your own hands — not just with investments, but in every financial aspect of your life.
After all, you are the captain of your own ship.
But a captain is only as good as his crew... and that's why we at The Crow's Nest are ready to break our backs for you to help you reap the rewards of financial security.
The Crow's Nest will teach you how to completely take control of your finances — from buying stocks to plotting your retirement, taking advantage of tax breaks, and simply plugging the money leaks that threaten to sink you. 
We're not here to follow the crowd. You'll never find the super rich glued to the TV screen like a bunch of lemmings.
The best investments are those you'll never hear about or think you could participate in.
But here at The Crow's Nest, no investment is off limits. That's why we dig like sleuths to unearth the most obscure and potentially rewarding ones.
That's how you'll get rich in this game.
Today, you're about to start with one of those investments that most Americans have NEVER heard about but that have created millionaires whose wealth outlived them.
Your free report, "The Forbidden Secret to Retire a Millionaire," is the gateway to taking back control of your financial future.
If you're ready to chart the course of your retirement, then IRM(72) accounts are just the beginning.

Earn an Unheard-of 7.8% Dividend
from Valuable Items
Over the last few months, I introduced my followers to another investment strategy that's hidden from the public.
It's a way to collect steady paychecks thanks to other people's valuable collections like coins.
You don't have to be anyone's heir. You don't even have to own a single rare coin yourself — or any valuable collection, for that matter.
If you know what I'm about to share with you... you can turn the valuable collections of other people into a steady income stream for yourself or supplement your fixed income and build a nest egg that will support you for a long time.
These paychecks aren't collected just on coins — they come from every kind of collector's piece, like the first Elvis single released in America... a signed letter from Albert Einstein explaining Pi to a curious 8-year-old working on her math homework... and, get this, the most valuable American stamp ever created: the famous Inverted Jenny, currently valued around a million bucks.
In fact, I saw these valuables with my own two eyes when I visited the office of the company who's the leading authority on those rare collections...
And you can claim these paychecks on just about anything worth anywhere from a few bucks up to millions.
Guys like Bond King Bill Gross are tapping into these kinds of investment, reserved for the rich elites.
But I've found a way to get in, and I showed my readers the backdoor play on this.
I can't tell you much about this rare investment here, except that you can earn a juicy 7.8% dividend year on year as your reward.
You can get all the details about this rare investment in a special report I've prepared called, "The 7.8% Dividend Machine."
And like your first report, "The Forbidden Secret to Retire a Millionaire," my dividend report is also yours free of charge as part of your trial subscription to The Crow's Nest.

How to Get Started and Earn Sizzling
Dividends for the Rest of Your Life
But that's hardly all you will get as your welcome package to The Crow's Nest.
You'll get 12 monthly issues of The Crow's Nest, including unbiased and obscure investment ideas that have made millions yet remain buried because "you're not supposed to know about them."
Get ready for a front row seat to the best investment ideas available.
You'll get your very own password and username to The Crow's Nest platform, which gives you access to my Research reports... Newsletter Archives... Portfolio... plus my Research Videos.
Most importantly, I will tell you what to buy and sell at the most opportune time. There is no guesswork on your behalf.
If there's a moneymaking move that requires immediate attention, you'll get a quick alert to take action.
Got questions? There's a support staff to deal with any queries you may have.
Another good thing is the super low price I've asked my publisher to set in stone for you.

12 Monthly Issues for Less Than $0.25 a Day
How much does it cost, and how can you lock in your subscription today?
Today, you can get The Crow's Nest and everything I've mentioned for just $69 a year. That's less than $0.25 a day!
In other words, for less than the price of a stick of gum, you can begin to receive my Crow's Nest advisory to learn investment strategies like IRM(72) plans that can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement cash.
Remember, as soon as you subscribe to The Crow's Nest, you will have immediate access to your two free reports...
Special Report #1: "The Forbidden Secret to Retire a Millionaire"
  • IRM(72) Dividend Booster #1: This plan offers you the perk of "getting paid to invest," with an initial 5% discount to get started. You'll start off with a sizzling 7.4% dividend that will definitely multiply to over 20% over the long haul, a send-off to a golden retirement.
  • IRM(72) Dividend Booster #2: Start off with a 5.5% dividend and watch it multiply five times as you hold on to this plan. This company had increased its preferred annual dividend for IRM(72) plans for the last 28 years.
  • IRM(72) Dividend Booster #3: This is the one IRM(72) plan you must own right now before it's too late to get in. This company is a master at delivering IRM(72) plans, with dividends raised every year for the last 25 years. Start with a juicy 6.6% that will quadruple in a few years.
Special Report #2: "The 7.8% Dividend Machine"
  • Learn about the one safe investment most people have no idea exists but is the cash-gusher of the rich. This obscure moneymaker takes you inside the world of collectibles, where you earn a rare 7.8% dividend from other people's valuable items. Start building your dream retirement account.
Lock in your subscription to receive The Crow's Nest today. Your success is guaranteed.
Here's what I mean...
By subscribing today, you're only agreeing to try my research... not for the next month or next three months... but for the next six months.
If, during that time, you're not completely thrilled or satisfied, you're free to ask for a full refund.
Last thing I want is for you to pay for something that can't help you get rich.
But I want to take it a step further.
Regardless of what you do, your free reports and any investment intelligence you receive during your time with us are yours to keep.
I can't be fairer than that. But that's just the half of it.
You have to take a bold step to secure your retirement, and the best time to get started is today so we can see those dividends piling up in your IRM(72) account.
Remember, there is a lot of vested interest in seeing IRM(72) plans go away. You just never know when the government will cave in and ban those plans for good.
You must hurry today to start your plan now... for yourself or your kids.
I'm giving you all the info so you can take back control of your finances.
To open your IRM(72) account and get set on the right path to retire free of money worries...
Click here.
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