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So we're strictly limiting the number of new investors to 800. And you have the first crack at reserving yours. Investors who get in now could be first in line for the biggest gains from this emerging gold bull market. With profits like 250%, 832%, 3,900%, 7,042% and more... Gains that you could multiply again and again, using the ideas and recommendations you’ll find in every alert from Resource Stock Digest Premium....>>> ....“We’re just not seeing the investment in new mine capacity that would be needed to sustain continued record peak production,” said Andrew Leyland, an analyst with metals consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS. Silver demand hit a record high in 2015, driven not just by jewelry and coins, but also by China's huge appetite for photovoltaic cells used in solar panels... And demand shows no signs of slowing down. My point is that silver represents an absolutely huge opportunity today. And it's one that most people are overlooking....>>“Gold-X: The Most Profitable Plays for the 2016 Gold Supercycle” Inside you’ll find ALL the details on three of the hottest “Gold-X” plays I’ve been tracking... That includes their names and ticker symbols, plus detailed analysis of their assets and management. You’ll get my off-the-cuff interviews with their execs and geologists... The images and videos I captured while visiting their sites.... And the full resource analysis I’ve compiled on their assets. You’ll see why they have so much more upside than 99.99% of gold miners, with the least downside...>> ....“Gold-X” Play #3: The NEXT Big Gold Buyout Target Immediate upside potential: 1,100% What I believe is the next big gold buyout target for the majors. Its flagship gold property is a 4.2 million ounce asset in Mexico, and it could be much bigger. Right now it's only explored a small part of its property, with the rest still mostly untouched. But that’s about to change... It's embarking on a major drilling initiative, and considering the existing discovery... Its odds of finding more gold are very good. Good enough to capture the attention of some pretty big gold titans. And they won’t wait long....>>

Texas gold expert reveals a strategy unknown
outside of his billionaire clients:

Introducing “Gold-X”

The easiest — yet least-known — way to land 100-bagger
returns on gold... while cutting your risk by 87%

WITHOUT owning giants like Barrick Gold

And WITHOUT touching coins, bullion, futures, or ETFs.

Hello, my name is Gerardo Del Real.
It’s no secret that gold — after hitting a decade low last year — has entered a new bull market.
One that has billionaires like George Soros and John Paulson buying gold hand over fist.
Now with Brexit, the unraveling of the EU, and central banks imposing negative interest rates worldwide...
There’s no doubt in my mind:
Gold is heading up for the foreseeable future... and with it gold stocks, bullion, and coins.

But there’s a better — and more lucrative — gold play
I guarantee you’re NOT hearing about...

A way to profit from gold almost entirely unknown outside of billionaire resource insiders like Rick Rule.
Put simply, this unusual strategy squeezes MAXIMUM profits from gold price swings, while cutting your risk by 87%.
I’m talking earth-shattering returns like 2,700%, 6,120%, and EVEN 12,006%... often in a year or less.
All from just tiny jumps in gold... or even if the price goes down.
And with absolutely none of the risks of buying typical gold stocks.
I call this secret “Gold-X.”
And no, it has nothing to do with futures, bullion, rare coins, or ETFs.
Not mining giants like Barrick Gold or Goldcorp.
And not even tiny junior miners.
There’s no other gold investment like it!
Now, just to be clear:
I love certain gold miners and think they’ll generate fantastic returns in the coming months.
But if you want to see the SAME life-changing 10-bagger — or even 100-bagger profits...
All WITHOUT taking on the risk of most gold plays...
Then I believe “Gold-X” is your #1 way to explosive fortunes in the new gold frenzy.
And here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter what gold is doing.
“Gold-X” delivers massive returns in all market conditions — in both bull and bear resource markets.
For example, back in 2014 in the teeth of the gold bear market, I identified a “Gold-X” trade in Nevada.
At the time when I told my clients to get in, the stock was trading for around 16 cents a share.


When the stock hit $1.50, I told them to immediately lock in their gains.
That could have turned every $10,000 invested into $93,200.
In other words, an 832% return in six months.
Meanwhile, gold prices plummeted 13% during that year.
This “Gold-X” play is one of my biggest successes. And it happened during the most brutal gold bear market in the past 40 years.
And this wasn’t just a fluke.
Even as the entire junior mining sector plummeted by 55% during the last downturn...
“Gold-X” plays were an entirely different story... surging for average 121% returns.

That’s the difference between more than doubling your investment in a down market...
Or watching your money get cut in half...
And some did a whole lot better.
For example, one play — AVU — climbed for whopping 971% gains in early 2015...

Even as gold dropped 18%.
Another called CGP jumped 900% around that time.

As gold plummeted by 40%!
And one play — RSV — was trading at 40 cents a share and soared to $7.40 in 2014...
A staggering gain of 1,702%!

These are massive 10-fold returns, often in a matter of months.
All while the price of gold tumbled from $1,800 to $1,200!
Most investors lost their shirts on conventional gold investments during the latest bear market.
Yet the few who were privy to these elite gold plays — like my high-net-worth clients — made an absolute killing.
Of course, it doesn’t just deliver home run returns during bear markets.
In fact, when the price of gold shoots up... “Gold-X” skyrockets 10x, 50x, or even 100x higher.
Here’s just a small snapshot of these gains from the 2000s' gold frenzy...
new-black-check-mark  6,100% on ATUS
new-black-check-mark  11,100% on MEV
new-black-check-mark  2,200% on LGN
new-black-check-mark  5,400% on GMX
new-black-check-mark  10,166% on MRZ
If you had put $1,000 into each of these five companies, you would have made an incredible $354,660.
If you had put $10,000 into the worst performing company on this list, you still would have walked away with $230,000.
And all in just a few short years.
Astounding, right? You won't see anywhere near these kind of gains by owning gold bars, coins, or traditional gold stocks.
One thing is clear: whether gold goes up, down, or sideways — it doesn’t matter.
“Gold-X” plays deliver MAXIMUM upside, with the least downside of ANY gold investment.
And could make you richer than you ever imagined from the new gold frenzy underway now.

“Paulson’s NEXT Big Bet”

The “Smart Money” seems to think so, too.
Take John Paulson, who famously made billions shorting the housing market before the 2008 crash...
And made another $5 billion betting on the gold bull market of 2009-2011...
He’s now making another big bet with $900 million in gold stocks, including “Gold-X.”
In fact, he recently headed a round of financing worth $55.9 million on a single “Gold-X” play.
A move I’d go so far as to call “Paulson’s NEXT Big Bet.”

Billionaire Rick Rule calls it...

The #1 Ingredient for 100-Bagger Returns in a Gold Bull Market

And famous billionaire Rick Rule is well known for being bullish on gold.
Yet few know his favorite personal gold strategy is “Gold-X.”
In fact, the billionaire has staked personal money in over 55 “Gold-X” plays, with fantastic results.
In one instance, Rule took home $17 million from a single play.
Another time, he walked away with $2.3 million.
And again, he took home a staggering sum of $29 million.
That’s a total of over $48 million from just three “Gold-X” plays.
Even for someone like Rick Rule, that’s no small payday. And that’s just for starters...
This strategy allowed Rule to take home tens of millions over decades, no matter what gold is doing.
He even recently came out and called this one of his #1 ingredients for 100-bagger returns.
And I agree.
But aside from billionaire gold market titans... or elite insiders within the resource space...

Few investors have ever heard of “Gold-X”
And most of the details behind it remain shrouded in mystery.
That’s because this unusual sub-niche makes up LESS THAN 1% of the entire gold market.
It’s truly the uber-elite of gold investing.
But here’s the thing...
In order to start generating life-altering profits from “Gold-X”...
new-black-check-mark You DON’T need to be an experienced gold investor... or even a “Gold Bug”
new-black-check-mark You DON’T need any complicated leverage vehicles like futures
new-black-check-mark And you DON’T need anything more than a brokerage account...
You just need ONE thing:
An inside connection to these companies...
Someone with an extensive network in the resource space...
Someone who knows how to distinguish good management from bad...
Someone who reads behind the company’s spin stories and quarterly earnings reports...
Someone who goes out to the sites, meets the geologists, and digs for the truth about their properties...
Someone who uncovers the true 100-bagger gems hiding amidst the rough, while exposing the frauds.
And that’s where I come in.
I’ve been an advisor for high-net-worth clients in the resource space for well over a decade.
Most of my clients have assets in the multimillions, some even in the BILLIONS.
When you’re dealing with this kind of money, you need a certain kind of a strategy...
A strategy to deliver MAXIMUM upside, with minimum downside...
A strategy that delivers even in the most bearish resource markets, like the kind we recently went through.
And that’s precisely what “Gold-X” is...
A gold strategy that delivers the BIGGEST profits from gold, while cutting your risk by 87%...
In bull markets, bear markets, and everything in between.
You may be wondering how “Gold-X” cuts your risk so substantially...
Let me explain...

The Truth About the New Gold Boom

You see, when most investors buy a gold miner, they don’t understand what they’re getting...
99% of miners are still in the exploration stage, searching for a potential mine.
They usually buy a single property that may or may not own gold.
That’s one property, in one jurisdiction... with tons of potential legal risks.
Not to mention the risk if they find they’re sitting on nothing but dirt and rocks.
And that risk is greater than you may think.
As the costs of exploration shoot through the roof, the real gold discoveries are few and far between.
The chart you’re seeing shows how spending on gold prospecting has increased 10-fold in recent years...

And in the meantime, this chart shows that the number of new discoveries has fallen sharply...

In fact, it’s now well established that the odds of a true gold discovery are 3,000 in 1.
Imagine if you went to the track, bet on a football game, or played a game of poker...
And your odds of winning were 3,000 to 1.
What’s more, most of these companies are not run by real geologists.
Their management’s only true talent is in promoting their stocks to investors...
Then cashing out before the shit hits the fan.
Which is exactly what happens during gold bull markets.
When gold goes up, these companies soar just like everything else related to gold...
But once they’re exposed as frauds...
They fall right back down to Earth, erasing the gains for their investors, or even go bankrupt.
That’s the potential pitfall of gold booms.

But “Gold-X” is entirely different...

These firms don’t just own one gold mine, or two, or three.
Often they own fifty or more different gold properties, spread out over multiple jurisdictions.
That means the opportunity for a big discovery is exponentially higher.
So it’s no surprise that so many “Gold-X” plays are highly successful, where gold miners fail.
Some of these companies may literally discover five or more successful gold deposits.
Now think about that.
If the chances of a true gold discovery are nowadays 3,000 to 1...
That means your opportunity for success with “Gold-X” is literally 15,000 times greater.
And the thing is...
They often trade for $1 or less, at the same price as many gold plays with just one mine.

Imagine Getting 100 Gold Mines for the Price of One

There’s another substantial advantage I haven’t mentioned yet.
One that can keep shares of “Gold-X” plays climbing higher and higher in gold bull markets.
Because these companies own dozens of properties, exploration almost NEVER stops.
Which means a constant flow of news and catalysts that sends investors into a buying frenzy.
It could be the start of new drilling...
A new ownership stake in a property in well-known “gold territory”...
Or a major new discovery...
Any one of these events could send shares soaring overnight, no matter what the price of gold is doing.
That’s why these companies are the PERFECT play for gold, in bear and bull markets.
And why they offer...

Multiple opportunities to double and triple your money overnight... with almost no downside

Gains that accumulate in a very short time period to 10-fold and even 100-fold gains.
Take this one “Gold-X” play called RMC.
From the bull market of 2009-2011, through the bear market, and all the way up until recently...
This play surged for triple-digit gains, over and over again... with almost no pullback.
Take a look...
All told, you would have seen a whopping 32,000% gain on RMC between 2009 and 2016.
That’s good enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $320,000.
And every $5,000 invested into $1.6 million.
But through that whole time the price of gold went up, down, and stayed virtually flat.
In other words, you would have made almost no money by simply buying and holding gold.
Can you see why this is so much better than any other gold investment?
And why investors in these plays now stand to make the biggest fortunes in the bull market...
All with MUCH less risk than other gold stocks?
And besides owning dozens of different properties, diversifying their risk substantially...
There are other reasons why “Gold-X” is far safer — and produces bigger returns — than typical miners.

Why “Gold-X” is far safer — and generates bigger
returns — than most gold stocks

For starters...
They don’t borrow money to explore these properties.
They don’t use your money.
And they don’t dilute the shares either.
Let me repeat that:
While so many junior miners have to fund their own exploration, and punish investors by diluting shares...
“Gold-X” plays do NOT dilute shares.
They are free from debt.
And the money you invest is off the table.
How is that possible?
All of their exploration is funded not by you, but by partnerships with deep-pocketed companies...
Think Barrick Gold or Goldcorp.
These giants don’t like to take risks.
Instead they go to the mining experts with the ability to discover the best, most valuable gold assets...
And that’s exactly what “Gold-X” plays are...
Teams of geologists with extensive knowledge of mining and a large stake in dozens of properties.
They’re known by industry insiders as “prospect generators.”
Rick Rule literally invented this gold company model, helping to back many of the original ones in the 1990s.
Since then he’s seen dozens of successes, more than any other part of the resource space.
And he believes that these plays will return the biggest 100-bagger profits for the new gold boom.
He’s not the only billionaire entering the gold frenzy, either.

Billionaires Going All in On Gold

Everywhere you look the “Smart Money” is loading up on gold at a frenetic pace.
George Soros dumped 37% of his U.S. stocks and put down $475 million in Barrick Gold.
His former partner, billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, is joining the buying frenzy.
The two billionaires first famously made their fortunes shorting the British pound in 1991.
Now the two are once again aligned on another bet: a bet on gold.
Druckenmiller recently put down a whopping $323 million in a gold ETF.
The single largest position in his entire family fund.
But here’s the thing...
These billionaires are right on gold, but they are WRONG on the execution.
Gold ETFs and Barrick Gold will certainly deliver some solid returns in the coming gold bull.
If you’re a billionaire, you buy these investments because doubling your money is more than enough.
But they will NOT hand you the sort of life-changing gains gold bull markets are famous for...
The kind of returns that make everyday investors rich on just a $10,000 or $1,000 investment.
The kind of gains you can see from “Gold-X”, even while protecting your downside.
And I’m not guessing, either.
Now, with gold entering a new bull market, “Gold-X” is once again leading the pack.

“Gold-X” Leads the Pack in the 2016 Gold Rush

In just the past few months, several of these plays have soared for astounding 10-fold returns or higher.
Gains like 531% in six months...
And even 1,300% in six months!

That’s 25, 40, even 50 times higher than gold has gone up this year.
And this is one of gold’s best years on record!
Only “Gold-X” makes these sort of massive, quick gains possible.
The good news is, I've uncovered three “Gold-X” opportunities that I believe will make these returns look like child's play in the coming gold supercycle...
Mark my words: This is last great gold buying opportunity that we may ever see again for decades... and perhaps even in our lifetimes.
And by getting in right now while it's still early, you have a shot at seeing some extraordinary gains in the coming months and years.
I want you to get started immediately, so you don’t miss out on these life-changing returns.
That’s why I’ve formed a cutting-edge new market dossier. I call it:

“Gold-X: The Most Profitable Plays for the 2016 Gold Supercycle”

Inside you’ll discover complete details on three of the hottest “Gold-X” plays I’ve identified...
You’ll see the footage I’ve captured at their sites, my interviews with their geologists and managers...
Complete analysis of all their assets, their future catalysts that could send shares sky-high...
And the inside scoop that you won’t find anywhere else, certainly not in the financial media.
You’ll also see why they’re poised to hand investors the biggest gold returns in 2016...
Immediate, short-term gains like 800%, 1,100%, and 2,300%.
And that’s just to start with!
In just a moment, I’ll direct you to where you can secure this moneymaking research, absolutely FREE of charge.
But before I do, let me tell you a little bit about each of these companies right now.

“Gold-X” Play #1:
Why the “Smart Money” Loves

This 50-Cent Gold Play
Immediate upside potential: 2,300%+

The first prospect generator I’m eying is one the “smart money” loves.
Rick Rule owns 9% of shares. And Doug Casey owns another 9%.
Its projects include...
new-black-check-mark  9 gold-copper-zinc properties in Alaska
new-black-check-mark  A uranium project in New Mexico
new-black-check-mark  3 gold properties in British Colombia
new-black-check-mark  And 14 gold-copper properties in Mexico
The team that runs the company includes some of the world’s most renowned geologists.
Among them is the man responsible for making the Pebble Deposit discovery: one of the world’s biggest stores of wealth.
This savvy management has attracted partnerships from companies with values totaling $30 billion.
So far its exploration has been 86% funded from these mega-partners.
This has the dual effect of keeping the share structure intact while minimizing the debt accumulated.
So far in 2016 shares have jumped a solid 200%. While great, that’s by no means near the run-up we’ve seen from other “Gold-X” plays. Nothing like what I’ve already shown you here.
And that’s the opportunity.
It’s not even close to reaching its true upside potential. Not by a long shot.
In fact, in past gold supercycles, like the 2009-2011 boom, its shares surged up to 2,300%.
This time around it could certainly do it again, but even better.
You see, it spent the gold bear market doing the smart thing: acquiring valuable new properties for pennies.
Over the last two years the management believed the market was at a bottom. And they were right.
It bought a company with 12 exploration projects in Mexico.
Another with two formerly-producing gold mines in Alaska.
And in another deal it bought three large projects in British Colombia’s “Golden Triangle.”
And it got them all for just a fraction of what it would have paid in “normal” times.
The “steals” it got in the bear market will reward investors handsomely, especially as gold heats up.
So will my #2 play...
A company that owns properties for gold AND another hot resource.

“Gold-X” Play #2:30-cent stock owns the world’s hottest
gold AND lithium Mines...
Immediate upside potential: 800%

A resource that Goldman Sachs calls the “New Gasoline”... The Economist calls “the world’s hottest commodity”... and Bloomberg goes so far as to say “get ready for life without oil.”
Of course, I’m talking about lithium.
And it’s no secret that next to gold, lithium is the hottest resource boom on the planet.
The good news: I’ve uncovered a 30-cent “Gold-X” play offering access to the best of BOTH.
I’m talking about...
Three red-hot gold plays in Nevada, including one of the area’s most significant gold deposits.
And six lithium properties bordering America’s only operating lithium mine.
To be clear, what has me really excited about this company is the potential of its gold deposits.
But the lithium properties are a very nice “sweetener”...
With the constant news flow from the Tesla 3 and excitement about lithium, in addition to gold...
Shares should go vertical in 2016 and beyond, maximizing gains from both the lithium and gold booms.
Plus, its properties have the additional perk of secure water rights. And that’s huge.
You need water to extract lithium. No water, no lithium.
And a lot of so-called “lithium” companies have yet to even acquire water permits.
This offers it a massive advantage against just about every other lithium play... an advantage that the big billion-dollar lithium companies are eager to get for themselves.
Drill results from any one of its properties should be announced within the next few months.
Good news from any one of them could send its shares through the roof.
What is its upside potential?
Back in 2014, in the middle of the bear market, this play’s shares surged 800% on news from one of its gold deposits.
So in the middle of a bull market for BOTH gold and lithium, similar news could send it even higher.
Now here’s my third and final “Gold-X” play...

“Gold-X” Play #3:The NEXT Big Gold Buyout Target
Immediate upside potential: 1,100%

What I believe is the next big gold buyout target for the majors.
Its flagship gold property is a 4.2 million ounce asset in Mexico, and it could be much bigger.
Right now it's only explored a small part of its property, with the rest still mostly untouched.
But that’s about to change...
It's embarking on a major drilling initiative, and considering the existing discovery...
Its odds of finding more gold are very good.
Good enough to capture the attention of some pretty big gold titans.
And they won’t wait long.
When a new discovery happens, as seems inevitable, its shares WILL go sky-high overnight.
The majors, desperate for discoveries of their own, will want to get in before that happens.
And scoop up the company for a steep premium, for many multiples of its shares.
It has a lot more going for it, too.
It’s the longest running and operating prospect generator with a 30-year track record of success.
In that time frame it's made five BIG gold discoveries, two of which were brought to production.
That’s incredible.
As I mentioned earlier, the odds of a real gold discovery in exploration are now 3,000 in 1.
That means out of every 3,000 junior explorers, maybe only one ever lands a real gold mine.
And this one tiny company has not one, not two, not three, but five major gold discoveries.
What’s its secret?
Well, it has an unbeatable management team for starters...
A team with over 200 years of combined experience in prospecting, exploring, and geochemistry.
But it also has the power of the “Gold-X” prospect generator model.
As a result it has zero debt...
Enough cash on hand to explore for years...
And the share structure is solid.
What’s more, it has backing from some big-money investors like Mexican billionaire Ernesto Echavarria, who owns approximately 8% of the company.
It has everything a major company would look for if it were looking to buy a company.
Right now it’s unbelievable that we have the option to buy this company for just $1.50.
In all my years in the resource space you almost never see bargains like this one.
And as you’d imagine, that won’t last forever — or much longer in the coming months.
So you can get moving on these opportunities right away, I’ve assembled a new dossier:

“Gold-X: The Most Profitable Plays for the 2016 Gold Supercycle”

Inside you’ll find ALL the details on three of the hottest “Gold-X” plays I’ve been tracking...
That includes their names and ticker symbols, plus detailed analysis of their assets and management.
You’ll get my off-the-cuff interviews with their execs and geologists...
The images and videos I captured while visiting their sites....
And the full resource analysis I’ve compiled on their assets.
You’ll see why they have so much more upside than 99.99% of gold miners, with the least downside.
You’ll see the fast-approaching catalysts that could send their shares sky-high in 2016.
And you’ll discover a new way to invest in gold that can hand you mega-profits in ANY market.
In short, it’s everything you need to pocket the biggest profits in the 2016 gold boom and beyond.
With your permission, I’ll send this timely market analysis to your inbox, absolutely FREE of charge.
All I ask in return is that you test-drive my new research advisory service, Resource Stock Digest Premium.

Resource Stock Digest Premium
As I mentioned before, I'm Gerardo Del Real.
I’ve dedicated my life to understanding and profiting from the ins and outs of every type of resource imaginable... gold... silver... copper... uranium... palladium... even rare minerals like cobalt.
I've also built a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio. And I've been able to fund it with the profits I've made from my investments in resource stocks.
And I've been sharing what I know with my high-net-worth investor clients for the past 10 years.
But I don't work on Wall Street. Or in Silicon Valley. Or in Vancouver. 
I live in Austin, Texas. But I've also lived in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Alaska.
And for being “off the grid” so to speak, I've done extremely well.
For years, I've also provided research to several well-known newsletter writers who have sought me out.
And I've always wanted to write one myself. Except this won't be the kind of tacky, thrown together newsletters you've probably subscribed to before.
I spend hundreds of hours compiling the most highly detailed analysis for clients on the recommendations I find, as well as exclusive insight into the mining and energy industry from the eyes of insiders and CEOs 
And I'm launching my newsletter right now because the stage is being set for a gold bull run of unbridled magnitude...
Let me explain...

Dangerous New Monetary Policy 

Fuels Gold Super Spike

As you probably know, many of the world economies are ailing...
Central banks, in their last-ditch efforts to stimulate growth, are engaging in the most frightening monetary “experiment” the world has ever seen.
The European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank, the Bank of Japan, and others have now instituted negative interest rate policies, without knowing ANY of the consequences.
In short, what it means is that instead of earning interest on bonds, investors are being charged to loan money to the government...
And this is unprecedented... it's the first time in history that banks have used these policies.
  • Legendary investor Warren Buffett calls it, “a phenomenon nobody ever dreamed would happen... I don't think anybody knows exactly what the full implications will be.”
  • says, “This is ultimately an admission of defeat, as traditional means of bringing excessive debt under control have failed.”
  • Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, calls it, “the biggest crisis globally.”
  • Billionaire investor Bill Gross, dubbed the “bond king,” says, “Negative interests are not the way to go. They are proving to be a disaster and certainly not an elixir for economies on a global basis.”
And, worse, these same policies could soon lead commercial banks to charge depositors (regular folks like you and me) to keep our money in a checking or savings account.
As Warren Buffett says, “It’s a different world... and you’re better off putting the money under your mattress than in a bank.”
After all, who would keep their money in a bank if the bank were to force folks to pay for the privilege?
“If currency in a bank is worth less than currency in your hands or in a mattress, that could produce something in the way of behavior that nobody’s even anticipated,” says Buffett.
In other words, a massive panic as investors move out of paper currency and into the world's single most valuable asset in times of crisis... gold.
With over a quarter of the world now in negative interest rate territory, it's already having a very chilling, scary effect on the financial markets.
Volatility has ratcheted up over the past several months. Gold has streaked up 22% since the start of this year.
Yet I believe it's just a mere preview of what's to come.
As the World Gold Council says, “Gold returns in periods of low rates are historically twice as high as their long-run average.”
In fact, I'd say that in five years, all of these things — gold, silver, and platinum — will be much higher in value than they are today. Some currency analysts are calling for gold to hit $5,000 an ounce... and silver $200 an ounce.
Jim Rickards, one of the world’s most renowned currency experts, is even forecasting $10,000 gold.
As a result, these stocks have the potential to shoot up quicker — and higher — than at any time in the past.
And with my “shopping list” of companies I'm constantly monitoring, you'll be the first to know when it's time to get in on one of them.
It's a commodities bull market you don't want to miss out on.
The question I have for you today is:
Are you going to take advantage of it — while we’re still in the early stages?
That's the point of my new research advisory, Resource Stock Digest Premium. It's the best way for you to learn how to take advantage of these incredible opportunities.
Resource Stock Digest Premium could be your key that unlocks the secrets of one of the most profitable markets in the world... at one of the most important times in the history of the commodity markets.
I'll be mainly recommending gold and silver stocks — because that's where I see the biggest opportunity over the next six months — but there will also be picks from a wide range of resource sectors including uranium, copper, zinc, and lithium.
Remember, my goal is to make money wherever we can, finding the best possible reward with the least possible downside risk.
By focusing on the companies everyone else is too lazy to investigate, I've made a ton of money for myself and for my clients.
I look for companies with “market caps” as small as $10 to $20 million that could soar to $50 million, $100 million, or more within a few short months or years.
Now, the truth is I disqualify 99% of the precious metals plays out there... But when I'm fully 100% behind a company — like these three rare “Gold-X” opportunities — you'll get the trade recommendation in a moment's notice.
We won’t make a move unless it has the ability to double, triple, or quadruple your money.
I'll tell you exactly what to buy, when to sell, and when to hold... so you can enjoy the biggest gains possible.
As a member of Resource Stock Digest Premium, you'll be part of an elite group of investors — a group that takes hold of companies on the ground floor and watches them launch skyward.
I typically get my clients in early with the insiders...
So how do you get started? Well before I tell you, I should also mention something...

You May Not Be Right For This
You see, in spite of everything I've just said, Resource Stock Digest Premium may not be right for you.
I don't worry about short-term price fluctuations.
And I don't trade in and out of the market on a daily basis.
I am NOT a “trader.”
I’m a cautious, conservative player in a market full of risk takers and gamblers.
Like I said, we invest in the best management teams, with the best assets, that are in safe jurisdictions, and have plenty of working capital.
In other words, investments with massive built-in profit potential with very little downside risk.
That’s what makes “Gold-X” opportunities so different from all the gold miners.
This is not about "playing the lottery" or taking wild chances with our money, nor is it some “get rich quick” scheme.
This is about hard-fought, elbow-deep, grease-stained research. Being in the right place at the right moment, that’s all.
... And NOT flinching when it's time to "pull the trigger."
But some people just don't have the stomach for the index-busting gains from the opportunities we set ourselves up for so early. If you think this isn't for you, don't worry. It's not for everyone.
But if you think you can handle it, and want to not only protect your wealth from this economic insanity but also profit like you never imagined, I want to give you a fresh copy of my latest report.
It's called: “Gold-X: The Most Profitable Plays for the 2016 Gold Supercycle.”
And remember, this is just the first round of investment opportunities I have for you.
Over the next few months, I'll be recommending more and more leading up to the coming rally.


Why Most People Won't Hear About 

These Explosive Little Opportunities

Now, chances are you’ve never heard of these companies I'll be recommending...
After all, you won't read about them in the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal.
They simply don’t cover the backbone of the precious metals industry. And that's because these resource companies are SMALL.
They aren’t covered by many analysts or brokerage firms. In fact, sometimes I buy these companies before they even have a website.
So how do I find them?
The same way I find all of my companies... with hard work.
I literally filter through thousands of opportunities. I don't just take the word of my tight-knit group of elite contacts. That's not enough...
I put in the extra miles, flying out to many far-flung locations.
My goal is to make at least one site visit per month. And then relay my findings from the field directly to you.
I spend countless hours with CEOs and geologists. I analyze drill hole results. I thoroughly examine all the pertinent documents, including pre-feasibility studies, company reports, and press releases.
I know how to separate who's actually telling the truth from who's just blowing smoke.
In fact, on my private, members-only website, I will “call out” companies that publish fluffy press releases and reports.
In other words, I will expose the companies I see that are making claims that are exaggerated, inflated, or that are just flat-out false.
That's why Resource Stock Digest Premium will be unlike any other advisory letter you've ever subscribed to in the past.
Sifting through hundreds of these reports is very laborious and time-intensive.
But it all helps me locate only the absolute best, most explosive opportunities out there.
More importantly, it's also helped me SAVE my clients millions of dollars by keeping them out of certain deals.

The Secret Wall Street

Most of these companies aren’t listed on Wall Street.
In most cases, you can only find them on Bay Street — that's north of the border on Toronto's two major stock exchanges.
Most people don’t know this, but Canada’s Bay Street has more junior exploration companies listed on it than any other stock market in the world. It's THE Wall Street of exploration mining.
So to take advantage of these opportunities, you must be willing to invest in tiny companies listed on Toronto’s two stock exchanges.
It’s as easy as buying a stock on the New York Stock Exchange. It’s not hard. And I'll show you exactly what to do and how to do it.
However, I know some people only invest “American.” If that’s the case, then my service isn’t something you will likely be interested in.
On the other hand, if this is still something you would like to do, I will show you how to invest in Canadian mining stocks step by step on my website.
Chances are your broker may already deal with Canadian securities. Almost all of the large brokerages like E*TradeInteractiveScottrade, and Fidelity already do.
And keep in mind, I get no compensation for mentioning these brokerages. I only provide this information to help you.
So if you're ready to take advantage of this amazing precious metals bull market on the horizon, here's what I suggest you do...
Start a subscription today and you'll have instant access to my newest report, “Gold-X: The Most Profitable Plays for the 2016 Gold Supercycle.”
But that's just the beginning... As a charter member of Resource Stock Digest Premium, you'll also get:
  • Monthly Issues of Resource Stock Digest Premium (12 in Total) — Every month, you'll receive a new issue of Resource Stock Digest Premium, which gives you new buy, sell, or hold recommendations, a full analysis behind each of my new picks, as well as offers you inside videos and pictures to many of the world's top junior mining projects.
  • Special Resource Stock Digest Premium Updates — The junior mining and exploration market moves fast. Sometimes a new buy or sell recommendation just can't wait for the scheduled monthly issue. And I'll send you these alerts right away.
  • Unrestricted 24/7 Access to Resource Stock Digest Premium Members-Only Website — You'll have password-protected access to all of my issues, special reports, trade alerts, interviews, and my entire portfolio.
  • Outstanding Customer Support — If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our Customer Support staff any time between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. (EST). They'll be happy to assist you.
So how much does a membership to Resource Stock Digest Premium cost?
I think it's insanely cheap — especially considering all the time, money, and effort that go into this research. In many cases, I've spent years following the activities of these geologists before I recommend their companies...
Because you simply can't do this work by just staring at a computer screen.
It takes a lot of time flying to remote locations... staying in isolated locations... and then spending months tracking their developments...
Plus the countless hours I spend compiling all the data for my clients.
And if you're ready for a sophisticated approach to investing in these junior mining companies, you won't find another service like this anywhere else in the industry.
It's entirely unique... not to mention the potentially huge returns these recommendations could generate.
But before I tell you how to start your own trial subscription to my Resource Stock Digest Premium advisory, there's one more opportunity you can take advantage of right now...

Secrets of the Silver Markets

Gold has been pretty hot over the past couple months, but most investors don't realize that silver has been even hotter.
Silver is up nearly 40% since the beginning of the year.
And some of the major silver producers have been on fire...
For instance, since the start of just this year:
  • Pan American Silver is up 141%
  • Silver Wheaton popped 69%
  • Coeur Mining is up 227%
  • Hecla Mining has shot up 128%
  • First Majestic is up 225%
  • Silver Standard has jumped 81%
  • Tahoe Resources is up 63%
Silver acts more like a traditional commodity because, unlike gold, it is consumed for industrial purposes.
But the real reason I like silver is because of the dire nature of the silver mine supply.
Roughly 70% of silver is produced as a byproduct of mining some other metal, such as copper, lead, or gold.
Less than a third of the world's output comes from actual silver mines. There are very few stand-alone silver producers out there.
As a result, there is not a lot of exploration for silver. And there is limited investment going into new mines.
“We’re just not seeing the investment in new mine capacity that would be needed to sustain continued record peak production,” said Andrew Leyland, an analyst with metals consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS.
Silver demand hit a record high in 2015, driven not just by jewelry and coins, but also by China's huge appetite for photovoltaic cells used in solar panels...
And demand shows no signs of slowing down.
My point is that silver represents an absolutely huge opportunity today. And it's one that most people are overlooking.
silverstocks_reportThat's why I'll give you my full analysis on the two best silver investments I think you should make right now. One of them is a prime buyout candidate.
When you sign up for Resource Stock Digest Premium, you'll receive all the details on this opportunity immediately in my research report, "2 Silver Stocks To Own Now.”
So how much does Resource Stock Digest Premium cost, and how can you get started?
Well, because you'll be among the first charter subscribers, I have arranged a very special deal.
Let me explain... 


Special Launch Offer 

(Limited Time Only)

You see, since this is a brand-new service, I pondered this question for quite some time.
After all, this is private information that I reserve exclusively for my asset management clients.
In fact, I personally know of services that cost up to $5,000 per year for similar information.
But this is the first time that I'm "going public" with my research.
So I decided on a price that’s a mere fraction of that figure.
Normally, I’d charge $1,000 for a full year of access to Resource Stock Digest Premium.
But that’s the regular price... not the special price I’m currently offering to you if you agree to become a charter member of Resource Stock Digest Premium today.
For you, the price is even lower — $299 for a full year’s membership.
That’s a 70% discount!
I can do even better for you today though.
If you sign up for my new Platinum Member option, I’ll slash the price for you exponentially.
Moving forward you get all of my recommendations, all of my analysis, all of my boots-on-the-ground coverage for a LIFETIME...
And you get it all for $999.
Without ever having to renew...
That’s the same as the yearly price I normally charge new members!
I consider that an absolute steal considering the gains from just a single play could make up for the cost several times over... not to mention all the work that goes into each and every one of my recommendations. 
I will say, though, that this is a limited-time offer. There are only a select number of charter membership slots available.
Once those fill up, the price will revert to the standard. No exceptions.
So if you’re interested in taking a small stake of your investment money and getting in at the early stages of a few safe yet highly undervalued gold companies that could soar thousands of percent in the coming bull run — I suggest you lock in your spot today.
Because there's also one more reason why I must cap membership to Resource Stock Digest Premium.
Let me explain...

Bad News: Only 800 New Investors

All of the companies I'll recommend to you have made it through my harsh process of elimination.
Not a single stock makes its way into my portfolio without having the potential for 50-to-1 returns. But they are also tiny. Too tiny to recommend to a wide audience.
We don’t want to make any one position blow up prematurely. Because that is not the way I invest. Like I said, I typically get my clients in early with the insiders.
And to make sure that doesn’t happen, we need to keep the group of investors who can access these trades small. Really small.
So we're strictly limiting the number of new investors to 800. And you have the first crack at reserving yours.
Investors who get in now could be first in line for the biggest gains from this emerging gold bull market.
With profits like 250%, 832%, 3,900%, 7,042% and more...
Gains that you could multiply again and again, using the ideas and recommendations you’ll find in every alert from Resource Stock Digest Premium.
That's about as good as I can make it.
If you're interested, welcome aboard.
To get started — and to gain instant access to all of the investment research I described to you today — Subscribe Now.
Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest Premium
P.S. These slots are going to go fast. If you're not comfortable committing online, and you would prefer joining Resource Stock Digest Premium by telephone, dial (toll free) 1- 855-877-8623 to secure your membership with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

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