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.........And by following its latest move in this innovative tech sector, you stand to see returns that eclipse anything I've already shared with you....>> ..The Midas Supergroup has literally never produced a loser while sparking stock runs of 19,950%, 49,893%, and recently an unbelievable 67,350%. And that's no misprint. If you'd been following this group, you could have netted 670 times your money. That's simply unheard of in the industry... or at least it was before these guys came on the scene. Thing is, they've been around a while, but they keep their projects so close to the vest that just about nobody's ever heard of them...>>... You’ll also get ALL of the following: 12 Issues of The Crow's Nest: Delivered in the first week of every month, each research letter I send you will be packed with the best elite investor ideas I uncover. I’ll also show you how to boost your income, incredible ways to dramatically cut your cost of living, the safest way to grow your retirement account, and much more. Special Report: "FREE Money: How To Collect a Guaranteed 30% Gain" Bonus Report #1: "The Millionaire's Pennsylvania Mutual Fund" — This is a 30-year secret that is trumping Wall Street-type funds by almost three times, soaring nearly 365% in the last six years alone. In fact, it's Warren Buffett's favorite fund, and it's hidden in his will. You'll get details on how to get started. Bonus Report #2: "IRM(72): The Forbidden Secret To Retire a Millionaire" — While most Americans remain clueless, you'll get full details on a secret type of savings plan called an IRM(72) plan. These plans trump Social Security, 401(k)s, and IRAs by a factor of 10, but they have remained a secret because Congress forbids companies from advertising them. Yet IRM(72) plans are legal, there are no age restrictions, and you can begin with just $10. You’ll get details on how to start these plans right away...>>...So here's the deal... So long as you take action by March 25th, you will be guaranteed a 30% payout on however much you decide to put into this company. Invest $1,000, and you'll walk away with $300 in profit. Put $10,000 in, and you'll pocket $3,000. Stake yourself $25,000, and you'll earn an easy $7,250. There's no limit to how much you can put in... And as I've mentioned, these payouts are 100% guaranteed....>>

America's Most Elite Investment Collective
Just Netted 67,350% Gains...
And it's about to do it again!
Thanks to a proprietary investment ranking tool,
this group has its hands on a game-changing technology...
And it's about to take early investors
for another ridiculous profit ride
Dear Reader,

They're called the Midas Supergroup...
And they DO NOT miss.
When this underground team of elite investment pros decides to take on a project, the results are nothing short of storybook... every single time.
I'm not exaggerating, either...
The Midas Supergroup has literally never produced a loser while sparking stock runs of 19,950%, 49,893%, and recently an unbelievable 67,350%.
And that's no misprint. If you'd been following this group, you could have netted 670 times your money.
That's simply unheard of in the industry... or at least it was before these guys came on the scene.
Thing is, they've been around a while, but they keep their projects so close to the vest that just about nobody's ever heard of them.
But that's all about to change, as the Midas Supergroup has gotten its hands on a tech company that's set to cause a paradigm shift in the world of energy as we know it.

And by following its latest move in this innovative tech sector, you stand to see returns that eclipse anything I've already shared with you.
I'm getting ahead of myself, though...
I'll reveal what this game-changing technology is in a moment, but first let me show you why the Midas Supergroup is once again poised to unleash a torrent of "retire now" stock market gains.
One of its most recent projects was a largely forgotten Internet security company... that is, until the Midas Supergroup put its expertise to work.
I won't bore you with the particulars, but today, this little-known company provides a platform for secure, real-time communications at the fastest wireless speeds available to mankind.
And if that doesn't seem all that impressive, I'm sure this chart will change your mind:

Notice how the stock was dead in the water... until seemingly out of nowhere, the share price exploded.
That's the effect of the Midas Supergroup.
In this case, investors shrewd enough to follow these guys were able to collect 67,350% gains.
That kind of payday turns every $1k into $674,000... every $5k into more than $3 million... and every $10k into more than $6.5 million.
Now maybe you can understand why I say the results these guys produce are nothing short of storybook.
$6.5 million on a single investment? What would you even do with that kind of money?
Well, you'd better start thinking about it because this type of return is standard when it comes to the Midas Supergroup.
After all, the example I just showed you wasn't a one-time occurrence...
These guys churn out five-digit winners with astonishing regularity.

The Midas Supergroup Effect
I can't stress this enough: Virtually every time these guys get involved with a company, regardless of what "genre" that company falls into, the results are impeccable.ea-wireless-side-box
For instance, the Midas Supergroup took a fledgling medical company by the name of Medivation under its wing.
At the time, Medivation had only three employees, and venture capitalists wrote the company off as a lost cause.
But the Midas Supergroup saw something else... a company with a licensed technology for the treatment of Alzheimer's.
So they invested their time, effort, and money into Medivation... and just 24 months later, what was once a $10 million newcomer had turned into a $400 million powerhouse (nowadays, it's worth $8 billion).
And this wasn't lost on ordinary investors around the globe...
Take a look at this:

After the Midas Supergroup took over, Medivation saw its share price soar by 19,950%.
Those gains turn every $1k into $200,000... every $5k into more than $1 million... and every $10k into more than $2 million.
Again, the Midas Supergroup took an all-but-unknown company and turned it into solid gold for the investors smart enough to catch on.
Thing is, these gains could actually seem small a year from now as the new technology the Supergroup has its hands on makes its way into every American home.
But before I reveal this sweeping discovery, let me show you one more example of why the Midas Supergroup is THE investment collective you need to take notice of right now.

Berkshire Hathaway Beat-Down:
Three Months to 49,893% Gains
The next company the Midas Supergroup put its magic touch on also had a record-breaking run.
What most folks took for an underperforming, development-stage company, the Midas Supergroup took for a touchscreen technology with previously untapped profits.
As usual, the Midas Supergroup looked like a collective of geniuses as it took yet another emerging company from the ground floor to the penthouse.

This was the Midas Supergroup's third venture... and as you can see from this chart, shares experienced a shotgun ascent — spouting off for 49,893% gains in a matter of just three months.
Just $1k invested turns into $500,000... every $5k into $2.5 million... and every $10k into $4.5 million.
Compare that to Warren Buffett's darling company, Berkshire Hathaway, and you'll see that the Midas Supergroup wins out every single time.
Consider what $1,000 invested in Berkshire Hathaway in 1980 would be worth today... $400,000.
That's certainly a nice chunk of change, but few people realize they could have actually made 25% more than anything Berkshire paid out.
Not only that, but the Midas Supergroup gains came in just three months... as opposed to the 34 years Berkshire investors had to wait around.
In short, there's nothing quite so explosive as a visionary tech stock... when combined with the unflagging success of the Midas Supergroup.
Heed my advice today, and any one of the five-digit gains I just showed you could be yours.
And that's because the Midas Supergroup is about to launch another world-changing technology into the public market...
Only this time, the tech is MUCH bigger and the implications are more far-reaching than anything the Supergroup has put out yet.
Here's why...

The Billion-Dollar Database
As you've probably suspected, you don't simply venture into opportunities like the Midas Supergroup has by sheer luck.
It takes more than money and a bit of know-how.
In fact, it takes more than anything the human brain is capable of...
You see, the success of the Midas Supergroup lies in a complex (and proprietary) investment ranking tool devised by some of the greatest mathematical minds in the country.
The Midas Supergroup does more than simply recognize groundbreaking ideas — or "disruptive tech," as the media likes to call it. It sees value when and where others do not.
And it's all thanks to a computer-run database that's arguably the most important (and valuable) piece of software in the stock market today.
What it boils down to is this: a comprehensive database that uses complex algorithms to rank companies according to factors like a high CAGR of patent applications, patent novelty, quality, and impact, among other critical pieces of intel.
It's dense, complicated, and impossible to understand (unless you have a Ph.D. in mathematics).
It's taken over 75,000 man-hours to develop this master system that never sleeps or takes a day off.
It contains in-depth information regarding 4+ million U.S. patent grants and 2+ million U.S. patent applications...
It's constantly running behind the scenes, parsing data on these patents — as well as over 4,000 public and private companies — and continuously updating the internal leaderboard of companies that stand to change the world.
But most importantly for you, this elite business intelligence is precisely how the Midas Supergroup comes up with its five-digit winners.
That's what it takes for the Midas Supergroup to throw its weight behind a company.
In fact, this system is SO discerning that it's only led to Midas Supergroup endorsing six companies in its 17-year history.
And all of them — ALL of them — have delivered massive gains to those who took notice early.
You've already seen for yourself how this uncompromising approach has turned into 19,950%, 49,893%, and even 67,350% returns.
But as I've mentioned, today's opportunity — while it sounds crazy — could trump anything the Midas Supergroup has ever delivered.
After all, the same cutting-edge database that led to the previous mega-profit stock runs has just alerted the Supergroup to a tech innovation that's set to create a paradigm shift in the energy sector as we know it...

Wireless Electricity
Considering the ridiculous historical precedent the Midas Supergroup has set, its backing is a strong enough signal to buy in its own right...
But when you pair this elite endorsement with an unparalleled technology like wireless electricity — one that has consumers going crazy with interest and Big Business licking its lips — it could easily produce gains that eclipse any of its previous endeavors.
Just like with the Midas Supergroup's storybook success, words can't capture the astonishing nature of this technology.
No more wires, batteries, or electrical outlets necessary. No more forgetting to charge your phone before an important call.
Take a look for yourself, and bear in mind that this video shows only a small sample of what you can actually do with this revolutionary technology:Just stop and think for a moment about how many people you know who own smartphones or tablets like an iPad or a Microsoft Surface or who watch Netflix or other streaming services on their laptops...
That covers just about everyone I know. And their devices are always starved for power.
The point is that electricity affects almost everyone on earth... meaning the impact of wireless electricity will be felt by billions.
As such, the Midas Supergroup isn't the only one who sees billion-dollar potential in this budding industry.
IMS Research, the leading provider of market research and consultancy to the global electronics industry, estimates that wireless electricity will be a $4.5 billion market by next year.
A new report from Pike Research projects that wireless power revenue will reach $15 billion by 2020.
In fact, Richard Martin, editorial director for Pike Research, says:
"We predict this technology taking off in a similar fashion to how Wi-Fi got its start a decade or so ago."
It is truly THAT transformative of a technology.
And thanks to this amazing and disruptive tech, the international energy grid is about to undergo a monumental paradigm shift.


Put simply, disruptive technologies change the way the world works.
It's also worth noting that whenever this "changing of the guard" takes place, millionaires are made.
The Beginning of the End of the Vulnerable Electric Grid
After Superstorm Sandy caused more than 4 million utility customers to lose power in 2012, National Geographic put out a timely article reporting that "technology for transmitting power without connection to the vulnerable electric grid" is "closer at hand than most people think."
Here we are two years later, and the National Grid has just warned that its capacity to supply electricity this winter will be at a seven-year low due to generator closures and breakdowns.
Not only did e-commerce render big-box retailers like Borders obsolete... it also sent Amazon shares up an insane 4,000%.
Smartphones made landlines irrelevant... and sent Apple shares surging by 6,000%.
Thing is, when I witnessed wireless electricity in action — I immediately knew I was glimpsing the future... as well as the eventual demise of the power grid.
The world is transforming in front of our eyes.
That's why the Midas Supergroup took notice of this tech immediately... AND the one small company that's currently in a position to bring this tech into every American home.
In fact, this wireless electricity company is teaming up with a wide range of manufacturers and business partners — and turning away a slew of others, because frankly, there's more interest than it can handle.
The energy grid as we know it is going the way of the dodo... and it's been a long time coming.

Energy is the Prime Mover of the Economy
Thing is, electricity has always been worth a ton of money.
Back in 1888, when Nikola Tesla was granted 22 patents for AC electricity (what we still use today), they were the most valuable patents ever awarded.
But Tesla — who always had more than a touch of mad scientist in him — tore up his royalties contract with Westinghouse Electric, essentially walking away from millions in backlogged royalties and billions that would've accrued in the future...
Because it was more important to Tesla that his invention reach millions than that he become one of the wealthiest men in the world.
Truth be told, Tesla wanted to give away electricity for free...
And not just any electricity — wireless electricity.


Called everything from a wizard to a genius to a master of lightning, Nikola Tesla actually invented wireless electricity more than 100 years ago.
Initially, this technology was repressed by the U.S. government.
The short answer is that it was too difficult to regulate... meaning it was much easier to squeeze Americans for every penny when they were hooked up to the power grid.
Then this technology was repressed for fear it would fall into the wrong hands — specifically the Russians'.
Then it simply fell off the radar because no one could replicate Tesla's incredible success... for an entire century.
Even in Tesla's prime, other renowned scientists of the age — including Thomas Edison — couldn't make heads or tails of his experiments.
Only with the advent of the 21st century high-tech, high-def digital age has anyone had the ability to duplicate Tesla's invention.
I don't say that to discredit any of the brilliant scientists of the last century but rather to point out that Tesla was truly a visionary scientist in a league of his own.
Now, the Midas Supergroup and one tiny wireless electricity company have picked up Tesla's torch... and now that this technology is no longer dormant, it's more valuable than ever.
Today, this visionary tech is gearing up to pay you as much as 67,350% or more.
I can honestly say that in my entire career, I've never seen an opportunity like this...
One that has been more than 100 years in the making...
And one that's ripe with five-digit gain potential.

Let Me Briefly Introduce Myself...
Nick Hodge
Nick Hodge is publisher of the Outsider Club and investment director for the advisory Early Advantage.
Known for a "call it like you see it" approach to money and policy, his insights have led to numerous appearances on television and in various outlets on the Web — including the Business News Network and Yahoo!'s Daily Ticker.
In Early Advantage, Nick shows readers how to make money as well as protect and spend it.
My name is Nick Hodge, and I’m an investment analyst for Angel Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland.
You’ve probably heard my name before... and I don’t mean to sound egotistical when I say that.
But I’ve been in the financial game for a long time now, and I’ve gained quite a reputation for delivering these kinds of huge profits time and time again:
  • 245% on Organovo Holdings
  • 59% on Stratasys
  • 113% on DNI Metals
  • 82% on Capstone Turbine
  • 391% on BYD Company
  • 60% on Cosan
  • 80% on Trina Solar
  • 159% on Cree, Inc.
  • 316% on Akeena Solar
And the list goes on and on. I simply don’t have the time to list all of my big-time winners here.
But know this: Off of just one of my recommendations, you could make the type of money that could change your portfolio... or even your life.
How do I know? It’s already happened.
One guy by the name of Dan Leopold wrote to me about one of my recent recommendations...
"I made over $100,000 with you on the first             run a year or so ago..."
I’ve had to redact the stock name there because it’s an active play that’s still making people money, and it wouldn’t be fair to those currently holding positions.
Donald McMillan shared his story, too:
"I did very well on two picks. Pretty lucky with a profit of $27,649!"
And Anthony Reymond recently wrote me to say:
"This is the most profitable service in almost 10 years of trading. Pure and simple. [Three picks] have been triple-digit winners for me. As a friend of mine who speaks broken English would say, 'THANK YOU VERY BIG.'"
But my favorite is from Tom Donaldson, who made nearly half a million dollars on a single trade:
"Nick — My account is now over $450,000. Happy with the gains so far! Thanks!"
So as you can see, I continually provide the potential for huge gains.
And I can tell you this...
It takes a lot of hard work and boots-on-the-ground research to maintain the success I’ve experienced.
Whether it’s flying out to California and speaking with an aquaculture expert to get the inside details on a world-changing medical discovery...

image 1
Or taking a tour with Canadian CEOs to uncover the newest intelligence in the world of energy...

image 2 

Or even interviewing Montel Williams in the hopes of discovering the next 1,000% gainer in the market...

image 3
There’s not a stone I won’t turn over if I think there’s money to be made on the other side.
In this particular case, I’ve been in close contact with the management team of the Midas Supergroup and the game-changing wireless electricity company I’ve been telling you about.
There's something we all seem to agree upon — and here it is in the words of the wireless electricity company's CEO:

"[This technology] has the potential to be the most disruptive global technological advancement in 2015."
But things are moving fast. Major advancements are already underway and will be felt before the year's end...
The profit potential here is unlike anything I’ve ever uncovered (and that includes all of the gains I showed you just a moment ago).
There is literally no cap on how high this stock could go. But I do know this...
It’s set to happen soon.
This is truly once-in-a-lifetime-type stuff here. These things don't come around often. And I don't know of a single other person who's on top of this opportunity like I am right now...
With everything panning in favor of this company right now, the stock is poised to break market records, and investors — including you, if you hurry — could become rich from a one-time investment.
As you saw at the start of this presentation, everyday folks have already cashed in on jaw-dropping profits steered by the Midas Supergroup. Now, it's your turn.

I Spend Millions on My Research
You already know the best way to make a lot of money is to get in the game early — before a company makes news with a major discovery in the mining or energy sector... the creation of some disruptive technology... or breakthroughs in agriculture or health.
I’ll go to any extent I feel necessary to make sure things are on the up-and-up before I recommend something other folks might put their money into.
I don’t simply sit behind a desk, stare at a computer screen, and pick a stock based on some arcane information from an annual report.
That’s for the no-talent hacks that think they know what they’re doing.
Not me. I do the real research most analysts don’t feel like doing — or can’t afford to do.
I’ve been in a three-man helicopter over the Canadian wilderness... stood on the edge of 500-foot-deep mines... and attended $5,000/seat conferences across the country... all in the name of securing the full stories behind the biggest wealth-creating opportunities in the world.
You can even say I’ve hobnobbed with the financial elite...

If you didn’t already know, the "other guy" in that snapshot is John Paulson, American hedge fund guru and billionaire.

We were both invited to a closed-door investment summit in Puerto Rico recently, and we had a nice little chat.
It’s pretty obvious these things don’t happen for analysts who refuse to leave the office — or get out of bed.
But I do it because it’s what I love to do. It’s what I’ve always loved to do.
Giving readers like YOU the early advantage on any moneymaking or money-saving opportunity available long before the rest of the market catches on.
That's what Early Advantage is all about.
I've been on the cutting edge for years, discovering major life-changing, moneymaking opportunities that other financial institutions don't cover.
For example...
Before 3D printing made the news, I told my readers about a company called Organovo that develops three-dimensional (3D) human tissue printing technology to create tissue on demand for research and surgical applications. Since then, the stock has surged over 570%.
Whether with 3D-printed human tissue, solar breakthroughs, or the initial run of a cancer-killing Blue Blood company, members of Early Advantage have been raking in the gains.
Today’s opportunity, however, stands to put EVERY gain I’ve ever produced to shame.
As activity heats up and the masses catch onto this story, expect investors to push the price through the roof — remember, we're talking quintuple-digit gains here.
I want you in before this happens.
In fact, just recently, the wireless electricity company's CEO bought over 10,000 additional shares of his own company — and as legendary investor Peter Lynch says: "Insider buying is always a good sign."
And I happen to know that this is at least partially because the company just passed a major regulatory checkpoint — things are really picking up speed.
The media responded by calling the company everything from a "hot stock" to rating it a "gigantic stock to buy."
That's why I’ve put everything you need to know about this wireless electricity company into a comprehensive report, including...
  • The ticker symbol of the company I’ve been talking about
  • The company profile and why this could be the most lucrative opportunity I’ve ever uncovered
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I would like to send this special report, "670 Times Your Money from America's Energy Grid Upgrade," directly to your inbox right now... FREE of charge.energygrid-report
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How much does all this cost?
The short answer is: nothing.
Remember, you get to try it for free.
And if you stick with me for the long haul after you've discovered what an extraordinary profit opportunity you have your hands on?
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Another one of my followers, Donald M., said he made a profit of $27,649 last year.
That’s enough to pay for 17 years of my research!
Todd S. is up a bit more, saying...
"Thanks to Early Advantage, I'm planning to retire a multi-millionaire!"
Given these kinds of gains, I'm sure you'll agree $1,599 is a bargain.
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I truly believe this wireless electricity technology is the single best opportunity I’ve ever discovered. I want to make absolutely sure you don't miss out on your chance to profit from it.
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I want you to discover for yourself everything Early Advantage has to offer — without having to risk a single penny.

My "Keep Everything & Risk Nothing" DOUBLE GUARANTEE
You see, I stand behind every piece of advice, insight, and recommendation I make with 100% confidence. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back!
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  • Bonus Report #3: "How to Quadruple Your Wealth from Graphene's Rise" — Stronger than steel and lighter than a feather, this radical new material will soon have a pervasive impact on the entire human race. It will assist in breakthroughs on everything from the blood cells in your veins... to the way your brain functions... to military defense... to the powering of electronic devices. It's recently been confirmed that the biggest potential deposit of this substance in the world is right here in North America. And one company has the inside track on this resource, which is why its stock is set to absolutely explode higher. I will tell you all the details in this special report.
Some folks have shelled out $799 for EACH of these reports, but you won't pay a single cent for them.
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The wireless electricity opportunity mentioned here is extremely time-sensitive.
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Shares might be under $10 right now — but this could change overnight the second word gets out to other investors.
The company's PR team could even be drafting the press release right this very moment.
Once that happens, it will create a media frenzy around this company so big that it will set off alarms all over Wall Street.
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Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge
Editor and Creator, Early Advantage

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To do so, it's making use of an IRS loophole that very few companies on earth have access to.
In fact, there are only roughly 50 companies that fit the profile these guys do...
And that's out of 5,000+ publicly traded stocks.
So here's the deal...
So long as you take action by March 25th, you will be guaranteed a 30% payout on however much you decide to put into this company.
  • Invest $1,000, and you'll walk away with $300 in profit.
  • Put $10,000 in, and you'll pocket $3,000.
  • Stake yourself $25,000, and you'll earn an easy $7,250.
There's no limit to how much you can put in...
And as I've mentioned, these payouts are 100% guaranteed.
So what's the catch, and why is this happening?
Well, first, there is no catch.
In fact, the only "rule" you have to follow is to take action by March 25, 2015.
Once that date comes and goes, the percentage of the guaranteed payout will likely drop drastically.
And this isn't some pie-in-the-sky opportunity I'm touting here...
The company I'm about to fill you in on has been around for a decade and was recently invited to ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ exchange.
However, please pay attention, because opportunities like this don't come around all that often.
As such, this presentation is going to be quite brief.
I want you to have as much time to take action as possible.
So hear me out, and you’ll see why this could be the easiest 30% you’ll ever make in your life... AND you’ll learn a secret that will give you the chance to DOUBLE this payout without any additional work on your part.

How to Make $7.57
for EVERY Share You Own
As I’ve already mentioned, opportunities like this don't come around very often.
In fact, only a few spring to mind.
One of the most recent was with a company called Equinix.
Not only does Equinix fit the profile of the company I'm telling you about today, but it was also in the same boat of trying to lower its tax bill.
So by using an obscure IRS tax loophole, it handed out $416 million to its investors on November 25, 2014 as part of a one-time payout.
Those who got in before the "buy date" were handed a hefty $7.57 for every share they owned.
It was a guaranteed payout, just like the one I'm telling you about today... but to take advantage of this opportunity, investors had to get in nearly a full month ahead of time — on October 27th.
If you were one of these folks, you'd have pulled in $757 for every 100 shares of Equinix you owned.
I'm sure some people grabbed up 500 or even 1,000 shares.
Remember, it was a guaranteed payout... announced ahead of time. Investors who were in on this play knew exactly how much they were going to make.
In fact, the only downside to this particular opportunity was that the guaranteed payout was only for around 3%.
And while any guaranteed paycheck is pretty great, the opportunity in front of you today is, incredibly, 10 times better.
But before I get to that, let me quickly show you another time something like this occurred...
This time it was with Ryman Hospitality, a company in the hotel business.
Over two full years ago, on December 21, 2012, these guys gave away $309 million to their shareholders.
The math on the payout works out to an instant $6.84 per share — but only for those who'd bought stock over a month before (on November 13th).
For this specific payout, the instant gains totaled 21% — much better than Equinix but still far less than the guaranteed 30% you stand to make with today's opportunity.
And while these payouts went off without a hitch, something else happened with these companies that I absolutely want you to see.

DOUBLE Your Guaranteed 30% Payout
Remember the Equinix example I just showed you?
Well, if you recall, the date investors HAD to be in by was October 27, 2014.
Then, a month later, those who got in were collecting $7.57 per share... guaranteed.
However, check this out...

As you can see, not only did early investors have the chance to bag the guaranteed gain Equinix paid out, but they also caught a nice 21% run-up in the two months after.
So you could have done one of two things...
You could have bought, say, 100 shares, collected $757 in guaranteed gains, and then dumped the stock immediately...
OR you could have collected the $757, held on for a couple months, and pocketed an additional $4,031.
If you run the calculations, you'll see that by collecting the additional cash from the stock run, you'd be looking at a total of $4,788 in your pocket.
The choice is obviously yours. I know a lot of people who go into these opportunities for the payout only... but if they noticed the pattern I've noticed, they might not be so quick to sell.
After all, the same thing happened with Ryman Hospitality, the company that paid out 21% in guaranteed gains a couple years back.
Check it out...

This time it took three months, but like with shares of Equinix, shares of Ryman shot up over 20% right after the company issued the guaranteed payout.
And again, you could have taken the payout for what it was, nabbed a guaranteed 21% gain, and made off into the night...
OR you could have held onto the stock for a few months and bagged an extra 20%.
Just by holding on for a few extra months, you would have DOUBLED your money. And I fully expect the same from today’s opportunity...

A Dependable Pattern of Gains
Back in 2012, the GEO group — a company in the corrections and detention business — made a guaranteed payout of $350 million.
For shareholders, that translated into an instant gain of $5.68 per share.
What do you think happened to their stock after the payout?

Investors who held for just two months after the payout were entitled to some very nice 24% gains.
Don't forget, that's on top of the guaranteed 20% gain from the payout.
Up for another example?
How about when data management company Iron Mountain made a $700 million payout at the end of last year?
Two and a half months after paying out a guaranteed 12% gain, Iron Mountain's stock climbed 23%.
You see, as bizarre as it may seem, these guaranteed payouts are good not only for shareholders but also for the companies...
The proof is in the charts.
Now, I could keep on going with examples, but like I said before, time is of the essence here...
Because once word starts getting around about this guaranteed gain, share prices will climb, and you'll miss out on the biggest guaranteed payout possible.
Now, I'll share the ticker symbol of the next guaranteed payout in just a second, but let me just quickly show you why this company is a buy even without the guaranteed payout...

The Dividend to End All Dividends
You see, I'm not looking to invest in any old company prepared to hand out cash.
To do so could be risky.
The stock could tank and leave us with a small loss despite the payout.
There HAS to be some substance underneath all the gloss.
And the company I'm here to tell you about today checks off every single one of my requirements for an investable company.
Here's my favorite part...
To even further reduce its tax bill (this company hates paying taxes almost as much as I do), this company is prepared to offer a very attractive dividend.
Current estimations are looking at 12.5%, paid quarterly.
That’s a great chunk of change every three months, AND it’s on top of the 30% you’ll earn if you get in by March 25, 2015.
I mean, T-bills only get you half a percent, and you'd be lucky to get much more than that in a CD, let alone a savings account.
Don't spend your time sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the Fed to help along sickly interest rates.
According to a recent article in Forbes, "It appears that interest rates will remain low for the foreseeable future... That means more frustrating times ahead for income investors."
Instead of settling for a percent or two of yield, you can follow me to a yield 10 times better.
Now, when you calculate this stock's yield with the one-time-only payout, you get a massive yield of 20%.
This means that in just five years, you'll have gotten back 100% of your original investment, and you'll still have your shares.
This kind of yield isn't just good in today's world of anemic savings rates... this is one of the best yields you'll find in all of recent financial history.
Here's the thing: Some analysts are predicting that the dividend could rise even higher.
It's a great deal no matter how you look at it. And that's why management owns over 25% of the stock.
So I bet you're wondering what this company does...
Truth is, it doesn’t really matter.
All that matters is that it’s guaranteeing a 30% payout, it has a business model that’s made it the largest in its field... AND it’s been in business going on 20 years.
It operates over 100,000 accounts in all 50 states.
Its stock has been growing as well, up nearly 200% over the last five years.
Now, I could go on and on, but before we go any further, let me very briefly introduce myself.

The Discount of a Lifetime
Hi, my name is Jimmy Mengel.
You may know me as the architect behind the wildly popular finance and investing website Wealth Wire, where I've brought readers the stories behind the mainstream financial news on a daily basis.
As a trained journalist, I've gained a reputation among my peers for digging like a sleuth to uncover under-the-radar moneymaking loopholes in financial back doors that most people never hear of...
Today, because of my experience, I'm the managing editor of one of the country's largest independent financial boutiques.
I head the Outsider Club and our financial planning advisory, The Crow's Nest.
And I'll be honest with you... I've never had much of a stomach for risk.
I'm terrible at poker and would never, ever buy a lottery ticket.
I invest the same way. My goals are to keep risk at a bare minimum and look outside the box to find unique, safe deals.
BUT that doesn’t mean you have to settle for sorry returns year after year.
You can keep risk out of the equation and still make a killing in the markets.
But to do that, you have to be willing to think outside the box.
Folks who want to stick to conventional investment ideas can buy a CD and be happy with the 1% return forever...
Instead, I dedicate myself to finding unorthodox — but safe — investments.
That's why I was so excited to find the unique deal I've been telling you about today...
You see, unlike most "experts" out there, I’ve been following these instant payouts for some time now.
I wanted to see what happened before, during, and after the payments occurred.
I also pored over obscure sections of U.S. tax code to understand exactly how and why these deals go down.
And only once I was convinced that these were "can’t miss" opportunities, I vowed to recommend the next one to my readers.
Well, here we are... BUT you have to get in by March 25, 2015. Remember, you have to be in early in order to rake in the biggest gains and receive the biggest guaranteed payout.
So how exactly do you get in on this guaranteed gain?freemoney-report
Simply agree to test-drive The Crow's Nest for a month, and I'll immediately send you the report detailing all you need to know: "FREE Money: How To Collect a Guaranteed 30% Gain."
Now, as I said before, this isn't your typical play, and this isn't your typical presentation.
So I’m also not charging my typical price for access to The Crow’s Nest.
You see, I'm only charging $4.95 to access this report.
Think of it this way: That's just $4.95 for a guaranteed 30% gain.
And you’ll also have full access to The Crow’s Nest for 30 full days, so you can make up your mind about whether my service is right for you.
I have a feeling it will be if guaranteed payouts interest you, but I want to give you a full month to decide.
If you like it, simply do nothing, and we’ll conveniently renew you at the standard annual rate of $69 per year.
You’ll also get ALL of the following:
  • 12 Issues of The Crow's Nest: Delivered in the first week of every month, each research letter I send you will be packed with the best elite investor ideas I uncover. I’ll also show you how to boost your income, incredible ways to dramatically cut your cost of living, the safest way to grow your retirement account, and much more.
  • Special Report: "FREE Money: How To Collect a Guaranteed 30% Gain"
  • Bonus Report #1: "The Millionaire's Pennsylvania Mutual Fund" — This is a 30-year secret that is trumping Wall Street-type funds by almost three times, soaring nearly 365% in the last six years alone. In fact, it's Warren Buffett's favorite fund, and it's hidden in his will. You'll get details on how to get started.
  • Bonus Report #2: "IRM(72): The Forbidden Secret To Retire a Millionaire" — While most Americans remain clueless, you'll get full details on a secret type of savings plan called an IRM(72) plan. These plans trump Social Security, 401(k)s, and IRAs by a factor of 10, but they have remained a secret because Congress forbids companies from advertising them. Yet IRM(72) plans are legal, there are no age restrictions, and you can begin with just $10. You’ll get details on how to start these plans right away.
If you decide my service isn’t right for you... simply let us know, and we’ll take you off the list. You won’t be charged a cent beyond the cost of the $4.95 report (which, because of its proprietary nature, is non-refundable).
But I think $4.95 in exchange for a GUARANTEED 30% payout is the deal of a lifetime.
So don't delay.
Remember, this is a very time-sensitive play. You MUST be in by March 25, 2015 in order to receive the highest guaranteed payout possible.
All hands on deck,
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Jimmy Mengel
Investment Director, The Crow's Nest

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