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"This Will Create More Millionaires Than Microsoft"???? ..Troy Dayton, CEO of the hedge fund ArcView Group, agrees, saying, "These are exciting times, new millionaires and potential billionaires are about to be made." And it’s already happening... Consider Colorado. Since legalizing pot three years ago, the state has produced 4,873 new millionaires. That’s a rate of almost five new millionaires a day! CNN calls them "the New Marijuana Millionaires."..??>>> WHY US LEGALIZE MARIJUANA..?? >> DID US BILLIONAIRE... HAS LOST.. THE REAL AND LEGAL COMMODITIES.. IN THEIR .... BIZ..??>> OR WHAT'S HAPPENING IN US BIZ-MEN.. AND THE PROFESSIONAL.... ENTREPRENEURS..?? >> MARIJUANA IS ONE OF SO DANGEROUSLY...COMMODITY.. FOR THE EDICT ED PSYCHOTROPIC ..DRUGS..?? ?? >>.. In the heart of Denver’s "marijuana zone" sits a string of secret warehouses... Together, they supply 120 metric tons of premium-grade marijuana — an estimated $700 million value. Not much is known about what goes on here. They don’t advertise their names or locations. As Bloomberg reports, "the operations are still somewhat secretive." But it’s not because they’re growing weed... now legal in Colorado. Instead, my research shows it’s due to an incontrovertible link between these grow operations and "the world’s greatest investor."...>>.. Warren Buffett's Secret Marijuana Stash Why is the "world's greatest investor" stockpiling barrels of weed? And could this daring move result in an explosive wave of $200 billion in marijuana profits for savvy investors?...>> "Vladimir Putin Seizes a Monopoly of the World’s Uranium Supply" Putin is now a one-man uranium cartel. He owns 50% of the global uranium stockpile and controls 45% of the global supply. These are incredible numbers. And it’s shocking more people don’t realize this... Russia is a major supplier in itself, sure. But I’m talking about its neighbor Kazakhstan — a country Putin pretty much owns. Kazakhstan is the world’s #1 uranium producer, mining 40% of the current supply. You see, Russia recently signed the Eurasian Union compact with three of its neighbors. One of the only countries to sign it? That’s right: Kazakhstan. In effect, this is now the OPEC for uranium. Call it UPEC. The Russian nuclear energy company, Rosatom, pretty much has first dibs on all of Kazakhstan’s supply. And Rosatom is a major exporter of nuclear energy, building power plants in 13 countries. Plus, get this: Nuclear power provides electricity to one out of five American homes. America is the largest consumer of uranium, at least for now. And it relies on foreign countries for 90% of its uranium supply. Our major supplier is — you guessed it — Russia. And that’s not even the worst part... Russia is now the largest owner of America’s uranium deposits. A recent acquisition gave Russia control of one-fifth of America’s reserves. And they can choose to export to Russia, China, or any country if they wish. So with the continued Cold War raging between Washington and Moscow... Sanctions on Russia... And Putin’s history of using energy exports to coerce Europe... The potential for a severe uranium supply disruption in the very near future seems inevitable. It’s an incredible situation — one that’s obviously lucrative to anyone paying attention. If Putin chooses to withhold even some of his supply, the uranium price is going through the roof. No question about it. Bottom line:...>>>..."Uranium prices are inevitably going to soar" You have the fundamentals, with the current supply crunch and skyrocketing demand... The swing in market psychology, with Japan switching on 10% of its reactors by January 2016... And you have escalating geopolitical crises, where nearly 50% of global uranium is produced, stockpiled, or otherwise controlled by Putin. It’s all coming to a head right now. You know how much money is at stake. You’ve seen how past swings have sent nuclear fuel stocks soaring as high as 100,000%. This situation — and its wealth potential — is a no-brainer. The only question now is......>>

The State of Nuclear: Interview with Former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham (Part 1)

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted December 31, 2015 at 1:10AM

I spoke yesterday with former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham about the state of nuclear in the country and the world. Below is the first half of our talk, in which Mr. Abraham touts the ability of nuclear to fight climate change as well as its safety record. You can read Part 2 here.
Nick Hodge
Publisher, The Outsider Club

Nick Hodge: I'm talking today with Spencer Abraham, former U.S. Senator, Former Secretary of Energy under George W. Bush. Currently, he's Chairman and CEO of his consulting firm, The Abraham Group, and he sits on or Chairs the board of several energy-related companies. Mr. Abraham, it's a pleasure to be able to talk nuclear energy with you today.
Spencer Abraham: Thanks, Nick. Good to be with you.
Nick: I'll get right to it... There are 430-some operable nuclear reactors in the world right now. Over 60 are being built, the most at one time in the past 25 years. And hundreds more on order or planned. Are we finally witnessing the nuclear renaissance that people have talked about for so long?
Mr. Abraham: Well I hope we are. When I was Energy Secretary one of our objectives was to try to really pave the way for a nuclear renaissance that would allow us to — in the United States — begin to expand the fleet of reactors, and also to make sure we had the ability to keep online reactors that were aging.
But I think there are several things that are making it more likely that we are going to see some real progress on the nuclear front. Certainly at the top of the list is the emergence of global concern over climate change issues. It's hard — even for the people who've long opposed nuclear power — to fight nuclear energy and global warming at the same time. People now recognize the critical role that nuclear power plants play in the production of electricity without emissions of greenhouse gases. And so I think as that awareness combines with the concerns about the amount of emissions, it's providing a strong political base for expanding nuclear.
And I think — at least in the community of people who focus on issues that relate to nuclear safety — the growing realization that while, of course events like the tragedy at Fukushima need to be studied and need to be addressed... that by and large nuclear plants operate very efficiently and very safely. And the folks who basically are running nuclear operations and companies are doing an exceptional job of balancing their responsibilities to the company with their responsibilities to their communities.
Nick: You bring up a lot of good points there, some of which I'd like to flesh out as we go. But it's a perfect segue into the two degrees Celsius talk that's been going around recently, especially with the recent UN Climate Talks in Paris. In order to limit the global temperature rise to two degrees Celsius by the end of the century, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that we need to double installed nuclear capacity to 930 gigawatts by 2050. What's your view on this? Can this be done?
Mr. Abraham: Well it can't be done unless we really put to rest this — all of this — misinformation about nuclear power and nuclear power plants that has basically built up over the last — really since Three Mile Island. It's time for people to discuss nuclear energy with honesty and without scare tactics. Some of the opposition we've had to nuclear has been based on very — in my judgment — weak arguments. And yet the media has too often highlighted the worst case scenarios and not paid enough attention to the record. So we gotta change the — if you would — public perceptions. And that's happening, I think.
In addition, there needs to be commitment by those in government to not do anything to make it possible to move new plants forward without proper scrutiny and oversight... but to not create artificial barriers that prevent that from happening... and to not allow those who want to stop nuclear at all costs from being built to tie up the development of new nuclear plants in all sorts of time-consuming and lengthy and expensive litigation and regulation.
Nick: I couldn't agree more and since we're talking about safety we can stay there for now. I always tell people that nuclear energy is the safest form of modern energy there is per kilowatt-hour generated when you factor in all the life-cycle costs of mining the uranium compared to mining coal or drilling for oil and gas. And then when you take into consideration the lifetime costs of emissions and position of asthma and other diseases that are related to carbon pollution.... nuclear energy is the safest. Can you articulate why that is and what the government is doing to keep nuclear energy as safe as you and I know it is?
Mr. Abraham: Well, first of all, it's safe because it is a clean — in terms of emissions — it's a clean form of energy. I think it constitutes at least — or close, certainly — two thirds of all the emission-free power generation in the United States. And so that's why it's safe — because it isn't producing byproducts, which are potentially injurious to health and the environment.
But what I think tends to happen when we have these generational incidents — the issue of Three Mile Island, the more recent Fukushima, and then the actions that took place in Chernobyl, which I think stand a little unique because of the nature of what was really being done there... is that meanwhile all over the planet nuclear plants operate safely under intense government scrutiny, under generally approved, uniform kinds of safeguards that are constantly being tested.
And then when we do have an incident... even if it's an incident as unforeseeable as the tsunami which struck the facilities in Japan, which by the way make that very unique because nuclear plants are often near water, almost always very close to — if not always right on — coastlines, there are very few situations in which they're also on fault lines of potential 9.0 earthquakes. But when they do happen — on those very rare occasions — new policies and regulations designed to prevent that event from happening again are immediately undertaken. And we have strong rules and very heavy penalties in place if those rules are broken.

Look for part two next week, when we get into uranium supply, potential shortfalls, and why the price of uranium needs to rise. 
Call it like you see it,
Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge
Nick is the Founder and President of the Outsider Club, and the Investment Director of the thousands-strong stock advisory, Early Advantage. Co-author of two best-selling investment books, including Energy Investing for Dummies, his insights have been shared on news programs and in magazines and newspapers around the world. For more on Nick, take a look at his editor's page.
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The U.S. Media Empire Is Crumbling

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted November 4, 2015 at 3:04PM

It’s been some time since we focused on anything outside the market.
And there have been a few news items catching my eye recently.
So let’s start there before settling into our now-usual routine.
For starters, Americans’ trust in mainstream media remains at an all-time low.
As recently as 1999, trust in the media was as high as 55%.
That fell to 51% as the dot-com bubble exploded and we argued about chads in Florida.
Trust in media then climbed back up to 54% in 2003 — but fell all the way to 44% in 2004 as no WMDs were found.
Media Trust
Since then, the number of Americans who trust the media has not gone back over half, registering all-time lows of 40% in 2012, 2014, and again this year.
Indeed, since 2007, “the majority of Americans have had little or no trust in the mass media,” Gallup recently reported.
It continued:
This decline follows the same trajectory as Americans’ confidence in many institutions and their declining trust in the federal government’s ability to handle domestic and international problems over the same time period.
All this continues to be in line with the events of a generational Fourth Turning, which we’ve covered at length in these pages over the past two years.
Even more so when you learn that trust in the media by younger Americans — those aged 18 to 49 — is even lower than the national average. Just 36% of that age demographic trusts the news.
The 64% of younger Americans that don’t trust the media is who you should be looking to to solve the problems of today for tomorrow.
And boy, are there problems.
You’ve got an oligarch leading polls for the Republican presidential primary the same year the United States was shown to be an oligarchy. I’m referring to Trump. And that’s all the words I’ll spend on the lunacy that is his candidacy.
Beyond the political dog-and-pony show, though, papered-over problems continue to fester beneath the surface.
From ISIS and Volkswagen to wage growth and zero interest rates, a global culture of moral decay and sinister elitism has left the everyman weary today and wary of tomorrow...
Note: This is an excerpt from the October 2015 issue of Nick Hodge's Like Minded People. To read the rest of the story and gain access to Nick's stock portfolio click here.

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Obama's Secret Pipeline

The REAL reason why he vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline

And why this $3.4 trillion move could ignite a $1 stock...
Turning every $1,000 invested into $1,304,000 starting January 2016

Dear Reader,
Do you ever wonder why Obama so strongly opposes the Keystone Pipeline, even as he claims to support America’s shale revolution?
And even as this pipeline could support America’s energy independence — one of Obama’s key policies?
Well, my investigation uncovered something astonishing...
The real reason why Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline...
And why we’ll never see it constructed, no matter how much it supports the U.S. economy or our national security.
As it turns out, Obama is busy constructing a "secret pipeline"...
A pipeline that’s key to his entire energy plan...
To his climate plan...
Even to his budget plan and foreign policy.
In early 2015, while Congress was approving the Keystone bill that was ultimately vetoed... Obama was busy cutting multibillion-dollar deals for this "secret pipeline."
And a number of "in the know" billionaires (that’s with a "b") are already jumping on this opportunity.
For instance, Bill Gates has earmarked $35 million to build a start-up for this project.
So has Microsoft co-founder and fellow billionaire Paul Allen, who’s personally shelled out $80 million.
Then there’s Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, who’s invested $19.5 million of his personal money in secret pipeline projects.
Last August, PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel staked $2 million on this pipeline.
And the biggest stake comes from billionaire investor George Soros, who has tripled his secret pipeline position to a whopping $126 million.
So while everybody is bickering about the Keystone Pipeline, the really smart money has its eye on this.
And for good reason...
This pipeline is a truly massive energy project in size and scope.
In fact, it could soon power four out of every five American homes...
Span 76 countries on six continents...
And supply power to a third of the world’s population.
I’m talking about 2 billion people...
Many who have never paid a light bill but who will now have access to 24/7 electricity.
All thanks to this secret pipeline.              
That’s why the price tag for this could reach a staggering $3.4 trillion — equal to the U.S. government’s annual fiscal budget.
Bottom line: It makes the Keystone Pipeline look like a grade-school science project.
So can you see why some of America’s most prominent billionaires are buying into this?
It’s ushering in a major energy shift like we haven’t seen in decades.
Yet the media is completely unaware of it, as are most investors.
The only reason I know about this is because I’ve been an insider in the world energy scene for the past decade.
In fact, I’m in direct contact with the key players — government officials, policy makers, energy companies, and insiders — that will drive this situation into a staggering profit opportunity.
That includes four little-known companies lined up to cash in as these "secret pipelines" go up across the U.S. and around the world...
I’ve been to their operations. Seen their sites.                               
Met their CEOs, management, and workers.
And I’ve analyzed the numbers.                
They’re small plays. Some trade for $1 or less.
But using history as a guide, they have the potential to surge 10,000% or more.
And you don’t have to invest millions like the big guys.
By my count, just a small $1,000 stake could explode into $1,304,000.
Enough to fund your whole retirement on just one single play.
By January 31, 2016... a specific event will begin to launch these companies’ shares to the stratosphere...
Turning a handful of early investors rich beyond their wildest dreams.
As you’ll see, this has happened before — twice, in fact.
And BOTH times, it spun off a group of brand-new millionaires.
In a moment, I’ll reveal four ultra-lucrative picks for this opportunity...
Plus, I’ll share details on the event that will send them skyrocketing for life-altering gains.
But first, allow me to explain this explosive situation and why it could...

Turn Every $1,000 into $1,304,000... Starting January 31st

You see, while $3.4 trillion is flowing to these pipelines worldwide...
And while the price tag for just one could reach $8 billion...
It’s NOT in the construction or operations where everyday investors can get rich.
It’s in the unusual type of fuel, the companies that produce it, and a crisis brewing right now that could send these little-known plays shooting to the heavens.
Let me explain...
Demand for this fuel is soaring thanks to these secret pipelines.
Worldwide, it’s quickly becoming the #1 source of power for over 2 billion people.
For the first time ever, over 76 countries are adopting it to meet their growing energy demand.
In fact, in order to meet the growing need for electricity worldwide, use of this fuel has to grow by 136%!
That’s the consensus among industry leaders and leading politicians.
For instance, the IEA — the global energy agency — recently confirmed, "use of this [fuel] has to double."
And even oil giant Exxon admits, "The world has to double its use of [this energy] if it’s going to meet its surging electricity demand."
This is why Big Oil is diversifying into this fuel...
And why Obama is pushing the construction of hundreds of these pipelines.
But here’s where it gets interesting...
Right now, supply of this vital fuel is rapidly shrinking.
Take a look...
The arrow on this chart points to a shocking supply gap...
It confirms annual demand already exceeds supply by 40 million pounds.
What’s more, these secret pipelines are throwing fuel on this fire.
They’re adding at least 33 million new pounds of demand.
This means we’re looking at an imminent 35% supply deficit.
I’m telling you, in all my years in the energy market, I’ve never seen a supply gap like it.
Especially one where the resource is so vital for so many people.
Fact is, there’s just not enough fuel for these new pipelines, which a third of the world’s population relies on for electricity.

The Crisis Nobody is Talking About Can Make You Rich

If that’s not enough, producers are closing or halting operations.
They simply can’t make a profit at the current low price.
Several years ago, there were 500 companies producing it.
Today, there are fewer than two-dozen.
The current low price has removed 96% of suppliers from the market... And right at the moment that these pipelines are going up everywhere.
To make matters worse, a geopolitical crisis beginning this year will instantly remove 50% of global supply from Western markets.
It will happen overnight... in the blink of an eye... and without notice.
In short, the situation is critical. Supply of this fuel is already short. Global demand is more than doubling from these pipelines. At the same time, supply is shrinking, with an imminent 50% supply cut this year.
Unless fuel prices go up, all of these new pipelines will shut down.
If this happens, a third of the world will go without power... so it won't happen. World leaders won’t let it happen. Prices MUST go up. It’s inevitable.
The only question is... how high will they go?
JP Morgan says the price has to go up at least 250% in order for producers to make a profit, so they can meet the massive supply needs of these new pipelines.
Meanwhile, legendary investor Rick Rule compares the current scenario to...

"A Dam About to Break"

Rule says, "Prices MUST go up from here."
According to him, "The question is not 'if,' but 'when.'"
So I set out to find exactly when.
And I’ve pinned down the date to January 31st of 2016.
On that day, this explosive situation will come to a head.
A specific event will light the fuse, blowing the lid off of the whole thing...
A handful of plays will surge for life-altering gains...
And if history is any indication, they could turn just $1,000 into $1,304,000.
I can say this with 100% certainty because it’s NOT the first time this has ever happened.
In fact, the same scenario has happened TWICE before...
The first time was in 1973. A supply gap formed, fuel prices rose to fill the gap, and early investors made a fortune as prices rose 10-fold.
The same thing happened in 2003.
Surging demand...
Vanishing supply...
And rapidly disappearing stockpiles.
What happened? That’s right, the fuel price skyrocketed to fill the gap.
In fact, the price of fuel for these secret pipelines jumped 13-fold.
That’s a 1,300% gain... good enough to turn $10,000 into $130,000.
I think you’ll agree that’s spectacular. But it’s nothing compared to what companies that produce the fuel did.

For the Third Time in History...

Get this: One company, International Enexco, surged for a stunning 114,300% return. Take a look at the chart:
That’s good enough to turn $1,000 into $1,143,000... in just three short years.
Amazing... and you know what’s even more incredible? It wasn’t even the biggest winner.
Another company, Paladin Energy, surged for a staggering 130,400% return.
That’s good enough to turn $1,000 into $1,304,000... in just under four years.
All on this single play.
Take a look in your wallet right now...
Imagine every $10 turning to $11,455... every $100 turning to $114,550.
Not a decade from now, but in just three or four short years.
And there were other smaller — yet still amazing — winners.
Like one company, Laramide Resources, which jumped 30,800%.
Another company, Energy Fuels, bolted 13,725%.
Another called UEX jumped 13,976%.
I could go on and on...
But here's the important thing for you to understand: History is about to repeat itself.
I've been tracking this situation for 10 years... watching as it unfolds. I can tell you without a bit of doubt that this is happening now.
And as Obama pushes these "secret pipelines" around the world, the supply deficit is about to soar.

$3.4 Trillion of Investment

For instance, in January 2015 while Congress was busy passing the Keystone bill he would quickly veto... Obama was visiting India, which has agreed to build 12 secret pipelines at a cost of $3 billion each.
In fact, they will soon supply 30% of the India's energy.
Mind you, that’s in a country of 1 billion.
And that’s why costs of this global program are staggering.
According to Forbes, the price tag could reach $1 trillion.
That bears repeating...
$1 trillion. Just for India.
India is willing to spend $1 trillion because this pipeline will provide a cheap, reliable source of energy.
One that could lift 800 million of its people out of poverty.
After he left India, Obama traveled to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis want to build 16 secret pipelines over the next 20 years at an undisclosed cost.
When he returned from his trip to countries eager to build secret pipelines... Obama vetoed the bill approving the Keystone XL pipeline that Congress had passed.

Sales Exploding by 6,600%

Last August, Obama even made a pact with China, which is now planning to construct hundreds of these pipelines.
In fact, this will now be China’s key energy source over the next few decades.
According to Bloomberg, China will need to build 1,000 of these pipelines...
Spend $2.4 trillion...
And expand its use by as much as 6,600%...
Just to meet that goal.
Amazing, right?
But it’s not so crazy when you consider the energy needs of 1.3 billion people — one-fifth of the world’s population.
And as China’s population soars alongside its economy, it will only need more and more.
So in India and China — two nations that comprise a third of the world’s population — this is shaping up to be their key energy source.

Over Two Billion New Customers

And it’s not just in these Asian giants, either.
In fact, "secret pipelines" are going up everywhere around the world...
Right now, 76 countries on six continents are building these pipelines... with no end in sight.
Argentina is building two for $20 billion. The United Arab Emirates is spending $40 billion on four of them. Even Nigeria is interested, to the tune of $80 billion. Vietnam, Turkey, Belarus, Bangladesh... they're all signed on to build these secret pipelines.
At the same time, supply of their vital fuel is already short.
Again, take a look at this chart...
With these new pipelines, we’re seeing a 35% supply gap.
That means over one-third of these pipelines are inoperable...
A crisis that will put a third of the world in the dark unless prices go up.
But before I go on, let me answer something that’s probably on your mind...
What exactly are these pipelines? And what is the fuel they harness?
Of course, I’m talking about nuclear energy.
And as you can probably guess, the fuel is the nuclear reactor fuel: uranium.
Which begs the question...
Why is Obama — and the rest of the world — spending trillions on nuclear energy?
It’s the only cheap, climate-friendly source capable of meeting their power needs.
Nuclear power meets all the checklists that solar and wind can’t.
Reduces electricity costs... check.
Cuts carbon emissions... check.
Capable of powering entire countries... check.
This fuel is a win-win for the environment and economy.
That’s why the political consensus for this is incredible:
Even hard-core environmentalists.
As The Washington Post reports, "Climate change is forcing environmentalists to support nuclear power."
Just recently, 71 environmental scientists and researchers signed a letter in support of nuclear energy.
All are on board.
They all support billions invested in nuclear power.
None of the crazy political feuding we’ve seen over the Keystone Pipeline.
So this is an unstoppable trend, and one that’s heating up right now.
Which brings me to the "elephant in the room."
That is, Japan.

HUGE Market-Moving Event #1:

By January 31, Japan Will Restart 10% of Its Reactors

Japan is restarting its fleet of 43 nuclear reactors without question.
The first restart, of the Sendai 1 reactor, occurred in August 2015. Sendai 2 was restarted in mid-October.
Each one requires vast inspection time to ensure it's safe.
Japan's Nuclear Energy Institute hinted that three more could come online in the very near future, saying "Takahama 3 could restart late December and Takahama 4 early next year."
At that point, Japan will have reached critical mass, with more than 10% of its reactor fleet up and running. I view that as the catalyst for the next nuclear supercycle to begin.
It's all downhill from there. Japan has vowed that nuclear will once again make up nearly a quarter of its energy mix.
Fact is, it has no choice.
Its economy is in tatters as a direct result of the post-Fukushima shutdown of power plants.
Once accounting for 30% of the nation's electricity needs, nuclear has fallen to zero.
In its place, Japan has imported massive quantities of oil and gas at crazy-high prices.
This in turn has triggered a massive trade deficit, forcing the cash-strapped government to take on even more debt and print even more money.
Utilities are losing $30 billion every year from increased fuel costs.
And Japanese consumers are feeling the pinch, with 50% electricity rate hikes.
Consumer demand is plummeting as fewer people have money for goods after paying their light bills.
So the Japanese government is rushing at full speed to get its nuclear reactors online.
And I’m not exaggerating when I say this event will be THE game-changer for uranium.
You see, the memory of Fukushima is the only thing still weighing on the uranium sector.
That’s why the markets haven’t priced in the real supply gap.
But that’s all about to change...
Once a critical mass of reactors actually go back on online... investors will rush into uranium stocks.
Utilities will rush in as well, as they're need to secure future supply for their own reactors... sending prices up even further.
But you won’t want to wait until then. It will be too late... and you’ll miss out on the early entry points.
And this is key...
In fact, getting in just early enough could mean the difference between a few nice percentage points on your portfolio statement...
Or a massive retirement windfall.
It’s your choice.
But if you want the second option, you’ll want to act right now.
And you’ll want to act on the four specific plays I’m sharing with you today...
The next uranium 10-, 100- and 1,000-baggers.
Just like Paladin Energy, which skyrocketed from one cent to $10.34 — a staggering 130,400% return in just three short years.
Before I go into specific details on these picks, though, first you should know this...
Yes, Japan’s nuclear move is HUGE...
Yes, it will have a huge psychological impact on the markets...
But it’s NOT the only major event that will drive uranium through the roof.
Far from it...
In fact, fear of climate change is forcing a dramatic global shift from fossil fuels to nuclear energy.

Event #2:

The Government's #1 Solution to Global Climate Crisis

Now, regardless of how you feel about global warming, the reality is that the world is mobilizing to cut its CO2 emissions.
And Obama is leading this massive drive... especially in high-pollutant countries like India and China.
Wind and solar power simply can’t meet the energy needs of these fast-growing nations.
Like it or not, the only realistic zero-carbon emission solution is nuclear power.
The IEA said that in order for the world to meet its climate reduction goals, "nuclear power needs to double."
That’s why Obama’s leading energy advisor calls nuclear energy "essential to our carbon reduction goals."
Obama’s Climate Action Plan confirmed this statement.
And in last year’s "climate change accord" with China, nuclear energy was the big winner.
This pact requires China to add 1,000 gigawatts of zero-carbon energy.
In turn, that requires a total of 1,000 new nuclear reactors.
That’s 150% more nuclear reactors than currently exist in the world!
Then there’s India — a new major polluter — which is catching up to China in carbon emissions.
In early 2015, Obama pushed through a "nuclear breakthrough" with India as part of their climate talks...
A move that will lead to 30 new nuclear reactors, supplying electricity to a sub-continent of 800 million people.
These two deals will spread nuclear power like never before.
67 new reactors are under construction...
166 are being planned...
And 322 more have been proposed.
That's a 136% boost from the current number of online reactors.
This marks the greatest number of reactors in construction since the 1970s, when the first uranium supercycle kicked off.
Billions of new people in over 76 countries will now rely on nuclear power for their electricity.
But here’s the real kicker...

Event #3:

"Vladimir Putin Seizes a Monopoly of the World’s Uranium Supply"

Putin is now a one-man uranium cartel.
He owns 50% of the global uranium stockpile and controls 45% of the global supply.
These are incredible numbers.
And it’s shocking more people don’t realize this...
Russia is a major supplier in itself, sure.
But I’m talking about its neighbor Kazakhstan — a country Putin pretty much owns.
Kazakhstan is the world’s #1 uranium producer, mining 40% of the current supply.
You see, Russia recently signed the Eurasian Union compact with three of its neighbors.
One of the only countries to sign it? That’s right: Kazakhstan.
In effect, this is now the OPEC for uranium. Call it UPEC.
The Russian nuclear energy company, Rosatom, pretty much has first dibs on all of Kazakhstan’s supply.
And Rosatom is a major exporter of nuclear energy, building power plants in 13 countries.
Plus, get this:
Nuclear power provides electricity to one out of five American homes.
America is the largest consumer of uranium, at least for now.
And it relies on foreign countries for 90% of its uranium supply.
Our major supplier is — you guessed it — Russia.
And that’s not even the worst part...
Russia is now the largest owner of America’s uranium deposits.
A recent acquisition gave Russia control of one-fifth of America’s reserves. And they can choose to export to Russia, China, or any country if they wish.
So with the continued Cold War raging between Washington and Moscow...
Sanctions on Russia...
And Putin’s history of using energy exports to coerce Europe...
The potential for a severe uranium supply disruption in the very near future seems inevitable.
It’s an incredible situation — one that’s obviously lucrative to anyone paying attention.
If Putin chooses to withhold even some of his supply, the uranium price is going through the roof.
No question about it.
Bottom line:

"Uranium prices are
inevitably going to soar"

You have the fundamentals, with the current supply crunch and skyrocketing demand...
The swing in market psychology, with Japan switching on 10% of its reactors by January 2016...
And you have escalating geopolitical crises, where nearly 50% of global uranium is produced, stockpiled, or otherwise controlled by Putin.
It’s all coming to a head right now.
You know how much money is at stake.
You’ve seen how past swings have sent nuclear fuel stocks soaring as high as 100,000%.
This situation — and its wealth potential — is a no-brainer.
The only question now is...
Which plays are best positioned to repeat those incredible historic gains?
I’ve screened hundreds of these producers and narrowed it down to four of the best.
Let me start with my #1 pick...

The $1 Stock Jumping
10,000% in 2016

It’s a $1 stock.
And it’s currently sitting on the most valuable uranium deposit in history... the last source of untapped high-grade uranium in the world.
It’s located in Canada's Athabasca Basin, the site of the world’s most valuable uranium mines.
And this field is the crown jewel of the region.
A recent resource estimate confirms it holds 105 million pounds of high-grade uranium, although more drilling since then means it's probably at 150 million pounds or more by now.
Even at the current ultra-low uranium price — around $40 per pound — that’s a $3.99 billion asset.
That’s pretty astounding.
Analysts were stunned. Even the company’s CEO was blown away.
And this stock has a very tiny market cap... just $225 million.
But what’s really incredible is that the markets haven’t sent this stock shooting to the heavens.
You’ll see why in a second... why this is such a lucrative opportunity and why you need to jump on it so quickly.
Right now, this company is an easy $8 to $10 a share in value.
But once uranium prices skyrocket, as they will this year, it could climb to $20, $30, even $50.
What’s more, analysts all agree this play is a major acquisition target.
I can list off several companies that are circling this tiny miner, waiting to bid up its shares.
So with this many bidders and this much attention, we’re looking at a hot premium for the acquisition price. And I’ve seen premiums that doubled the market value of a company... easy.
Not to mention the markets will certainly shoot the stock up higher than the bidding price.
That all sounds great, but the real question is, "When will this happen?"
The best part is that we don’t have to guess...
You see, the reason why the market hasn’t factored in this new uranium discovery is due to a weird anomaly in the resource markets.
The chart below shows it...
This chart is known well by industry analysts. But few outside of those circles have seen it.
It predicts when a junior miner is about to soar with remarkable accuracy.
Here’s how it works...
After the explorer makes the initial discovery, its share price soars. That happened with this company, as shares climbed 233% from 2013 through 2014 as the discovery was made.
Then, after the resource estimate, the company’s shares usually tank. Again, that happened here. Shares fell by half through 2015 after the resource estimate was put out in January.
But it’s in a tiny six-month window surrounding the Preliminary Economic Assessment — the PEA stage — where the real opportunity lies.
After the PEA report is released, a junior miner takes off... like clockwork.
And right now, for this $1 stock, we are currently in that window.
So this company is going through the roof... no matter what.
But here’s why this is REALLY a perfect storm of profit...
I expect an updated PEA to be released early next year... right as the uranium price is soaring.
The markets will already be piling into these stocks.
And believe me, when they do, even weak uranium miners will skyrocket.
So an incredible company like this — one with an unprecedented asset... releasing its PEA report right as the uranium market begins soaring early next year, and right as dozens of big uranium producers are entering into a fierce bidding war...
Well, it’s about as close to guaranteed as anything I’ve ever seen in all my years in the markets.
The markets will pile into this stock in a frenzy...
And $100 a share for this company by the end of 2016 is not out of the question.
But you’ll need to act now, while it’s still trading at $1.
This way you can ride the tidal wave of profits for 10,000% gains.
Or enough to turn a portfolio of $10,000 into $1 million.
Plays like this one have returned similar gains — even without this kind of incredible asset.
Its upside potential truly has NO limits.
So you can take action early while there’s still time, I include the name, ticker symbol, and profile of this play in my FREE report: "The Third Supercycle: How to Grab 10,000% Profits on the Coming Uranium Boom."
But before I show you how to get your hands on this groundbreaking research absolutely FREE...
Allow me to share a few details on three other potential 100-baggers I’ve identified.

Three 100-Baggers

Third Supercycle Play #2: My next pick is a spin-off of the first company I mentioned and could hand investors the same profits, if not more. You see, this play mimics the performance of its parent company. For instance, when my first pick recently jumped by 20%, this one soared by 50%... in just two weeks. Only thing is, it trades for just 1/10th the price — which means you only need a very tiny stake to see the windfall of your life. I expect it to double, even triple the gains of my first pick. So 20,000% gains or more is not out of question. That’s enough to turn a $500 investment into a million-dollar retirement nest egg. Similar plays like it have done just as well. Better, in fact.
Third Supercycle Play #3: This third pick may be the one I’m most excited about. Legendary investors Rick Rule and Doug Casey own a 16% stake in this company. And Marin Katusa, one of the world’s leading energy experts, calls it a "screaming buy." You see, the CEO and founder of this company has a proven track record of making shareholders very rich, very quickly. He previously brought to market the major uranium miner UEC Corp. And during the second supercycle, UEC returned incredible gains. First it jumped 583% in just four months. Then it took off for 3,426% gains. Now, he’s brought to market a play just like it with similar profit potential. What’s more, it’s highly likely that its one high-grade uranium project, located on the uranium-rich Athabasca Basin, will become a spin-off company. This move will hand investors a fortune. And analysts project this to happen within the next six months, right as uranium is heating up. The combination of these two developments, plus its high-grade quality project, could send this $0.60 stock soaring by over 10,000%.
Third Supercycle Play #4: My final pick is now the #1 developer of one of the world’s largest, most prospective uranium projects in the world. A recent acquisition has placed it in control of a whopping 100 million pounds of uranium — a multibillion-dollar asset. It’s the kind of asset that would send this play through the roof on a massive uranium price upswing. During the last uranium supercycle, this company soared for incredible 11,700% gains. Right now, it’s trading dirt-cheap at just $0.35. And with this new billion-dollar asset, it could even beat that performance this time around.
So I included all the details on this lucrative pick — and the three others — in my FREE report: "The Third Supercycle: How to Grab 10,000% Profits on the Coming Uranium Boom."supercycle-report
Each of these companies could hand you 100-fold gains over the coming months.
And let me be clear:
While you’re virtually guaranteed to make money investing in uranium stocks...
If you know where to look and when to buy, it could mean the difference between just doubling your money...
And retiring wealthier than you ever dreamed.
I only know where to look because of my extensive "boots-on-the-ground" investigations.
I go out to the mines... the deposits... the operations...
I meet with the management, which is a crucial (yet overlooked) asset for any resource company...
And I see "behind the scenes," pulling up the curtain on the quarterly earnings report.
While traveling the world, I’ve combed the entire uranium sector from top to bottom.
And these four picks — the ones I just described — are the cream of the crop. Hands down.
Again, I’ve included full details on these four 100-baggers in my FREE report: "The Third Supercycle: How to Grab 10,000% Profits on the Coming Uranium Boom."
Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll get:
  • All four company names and ticker symbols.
  • Thorough company profiles based on firsthand analysis, including information you won’t find on CNBC, Forbes, or even in industry journals.
  • The analyst "consensus" you won’t hear in press releases... but I hear from hobnobbing with industry insiders.
  • And details of their assets, holdings, and upcoming dates for company reports.
You get all of this absolutely FREE today... so you can position yourself before January 31st.
All I ask is that you give my advisory research service, Early Advantage, an absolutely free test drive.

Join the Club

Hi. I'm Nick Hodge.nick-hodge-outdoors
I'm an investment analyst here at Angel Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland.
I'm also editor of Nick Hodge's Early Advantage, the resource for big profits from little-known breakthroughs and disruptive technologies in energy, electronics, technology, agriculture, and more.
No sector is off limits.
In just the past few years, I've brought investors massive, rapid-fire gains from companies in multiple sectors, such as:
  • 159% on Xethanol Inc. (in 3 months)
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And the list goes on and on. I simply don’t have the time to list all of my big-time winners here.
But know this: Off of just one of my recommendations, you could make the type of money that could change your portfolio... or even your life.
How do I know? It’s already happened.
One guy by the name of Dan Leopold wrote to me about one of my recent recommendations...
"I made over $100,000 with you on the first             run a year or so ago..."
I’ve had to redact the stock name there because it’s an active play that’s still making people money, and it wouldn’t be fair to those currently holding positions.
Donald McMillan shared his story, too:
"I did very well on two picks. Pretty lucky with a profit of $27,649!"
And Anthony Reymond recently wrote me to say:
"This is the most profitable service in almost 10 years of trading. Pure and simple. [Three picks] have been triple-digit winners for me. As a friend of mine who speaks broken English would say, 'THANK YOU VERY BIG.'"
But my favorite is from Tom Donaldson, who made nearly half a million dollars on a single trade:
"Nick — My account is now over $450,000. Happy with the gains so far! Thanks!"
So as you can see, I continually provide the potential for huge gains.
And I can tell you this...
It takes a lot of hard work and boots-on-the-ground research to maintain the success I’ve experienced.
Whether it’s flying out to California and speaking with an aquaculture expert to get the inside details on a world-changing medical discovery...
image 1
Or taking a tour with Canadian CEOs to uncover the newest intelligence in the world of energy...
image 2
Or even interviewing Montel Williams in the hopes of discovering the next 1,000% gainer in the market...
image 3
There’s not a stone I won’t turn over if I think there’s money to be made on the other side.

I Spend Millions on My Research

You already know the best way to make a lot of money is to get in the game early — before a company makes news with a major discovery in the mining or energy sector... the creation of some disruptive technology... or breakthroughs in agriculture or health.
I’ll go to any extent I feel necessary to make sure things are on the up-and-up before I recommend something other folks might put their money into.
I don’t simply sit behind a desk, stare at a computer screen, and pick a stock based on some arcane information from an annual report.
That’s for the no-talent hacks that think they know what they’re doing.
Not me. I do the real research most analysts don’t feel like doing — or can’t afford to do.
I’ve been in a three-man helicopter over the Canadian wilderness... stood on the edge of 500-foot-deep mines... and attended $5,000/seat conferences across the country... all in the name of securing the full stories behind the biggest wealth-creating opportunities in the world.
You can even say I’ve hobnobbed with the financial elite...
If you didn’t already know, the "other guy" in that snapshot is John Paulson, American hedge fund guru and billionaire.
We were both invited to a closed-door investment summit in Puerto Rico recently, and we had a nice little chat.
It’s pretty obvious these things don’t happen for analysts who refuse to leave the office — or get out of bed.
But I do it because it’s what I love to do. It’s what I’ve always loved to do.
Giving readers like YOU the early advantage on any moneymaking or money-saving opportunity available long before the rest of the market catches on.
That's what Early Advantage is all about.
I've been on the cutting edge for years, discovering major life-changing, moneymaking opportunities that other financial institutions don't cover.
Just to give you a better idea:
  • Before 3D printing made the news, I told my readers about a company called Organovo. It develops three-dimensional (3D) human tissue-printing technology to create tissue on demand for research and surgical applications. Since then, the stock has surged over 570%.
  • Then there's Natcore Technology, a company with a number of patented technologies that any solar company can use to double the efficiency of current solar cells while cutting costs in half. I flew to New York to visit the company's facilities and was impressed with what I saw. In less than three months, my readers were able to secure a 128% gain.
  • And I've closed, in total, more than 210 double- and triple-digit winners on my stock recommendations alone by locating little-known wealth-building opportunities before the masses knew about them.
My research comes with NO RISK and absolutely NO OBLIGATIONS.
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Within minutes of signing up, you'll receive an email with your password to the Early Advantage website... your ultimate gateway to unheard-of profits in cutting-edge sectors ahead of the crowd.

Unbelievable Value!

So how much does all this cost?
The short answer is: nothing.
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Some of these analysts work in hidden niches of the market, making millions per year to research new ways to play upcoming trends.
To them, services like mine are a leg up on the competition, and they would happily pay $10,000 or more per year, since it’s really a fraction of the cost some "professionals" shell out for research like this.
But even though I could see this service going for that much, I know it would be difficult for everyday investors to participate at such high a price...
So I asked myself, What’s the absolute minimum I could ask people to pay for this service? What's reasonable? What's fair, considering the fundamental value?
After all, Angel Publishing and Outsider Club are in the publishing biz, and we have to keep the lights on here. That, and many of the companies I recommend with this predictive investment strategy require deep investigation.
That last part means I have to travel out to worksites... talk to the geologists and engineers... rub elbows with the people on drill decks and in core shacks... and meet with the CEOs and other executives.
So after crunching the numbers, I finally settled on a price of $1,599 per year for this service. At least, that will be the regular price of this service moving forward.
It’s easy to understand why: One single recommendation could easily pay for your entire subscription.
For example, one of my followers, Chris G., recently sent me this note:
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Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge
Editor and Creator, Early Advantage

Warren Buffett's Secret
Marijuana Stash
Why is the "world's greatest investor" stockpiling barrels of weed?
And could this daring move result in an explosive wave of $200 billion
in marijuana profits for savvy investors?

Dear Reader,
In the heart of Denver’s "marijuana zone" sits a string of secret warehouses...
Together, they supply 120 metric tons of premium-grade marijuana — an estimated $700 million value.
Not much is known about what goes on here. They don’t advertise their names or locations. As Bloomberg reports, "the operations are still somewhat secretive."
But it’s not because they’re growing weed... now legal in Colorado.
Instead, my research shows it’s due to an incontrovertible link between these grow operations and "the world’s greatest investor."
The details of which could change everything you think you know about the explosive marijuana market.
All while minting you a fortune, as $200 billion in untapped wealth is unleashed onto the markets.
I even caught an image of this secret grow operation...
Now, before I go forward, let me make one thing clear: The details of this story are highly sensitive.
I doubt one in 1,000 Americans are privy to Buffett’s marijuana holdings.
And when Bloomberg reporters attempted to contact the normally chatty billionaire about it, he refused to comment.
But after I caught wind of this controversial story, I led a team to conduct a full-scale investigation...
And thanks to my extensive contacts inside the legal cannabis industry, I’ve gotten to the bottom of Buffett’s weed stash...
Why the "world’s greatest investor" has ties to warehouses stockpiling metric tons of marijuana...
And why this could hand life-altering profits to investors who are privy to the details.
Using history as a guide, we could see nothing less than short-term gains of 2,850%.
Which is why Buffett is far from alone.
As it turns out, the "smart money" is buying marijuana by the forklift.
Earlier this year, billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel staked over $75 million on marijuana holdings.
The LA Times reports Thiel is positioning himself for the inevitable end of prohibition.
And now dozens of big-name investors are following closely behind.
Like George Soros, who recently staked a fortune on the ground floor.
MarketWatch reports the billionaire is working with Big Food conglomerates to develop mass-scale growing operations...
And then there’s Tesla’s Elon Musk.
All told, Musk pocketed $133 million from this industry before it even launched.
In fact, this ground-floor opportunity is so lucrative that former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively — who worked directly with Bill Gates — left the software giant to begin a marijuana start-up.
According to Shively (a.k.a. the "Bill Gates of Cannabis"), the industry is on track "to create more millionaires than Microsoft."
"This Will Create More Millionaires Than Microsoft"
Former Microsoft Exec Jamen Shively
Troy Dayton, CEO of the hedge fund ArcView Group, agrees, saying, "These are exciting times, new millionaires and potential billionaires are about to be made."
And it’s already happening...
Consider Colorado.
Since legalizing pot three years ago, the state has produced 4,873 new millionaires.
That’s a rate of almost five new millionaires a day!
CNN calls them "the New Marijuana Millionaires."
People who are waking up overnight to find they are sitting on a mountain of riches.
  • Take Jeffery Moss, a 40-year-old Northern Washington farmer. Last year, he couldn’t afford a car and had to rely on his parents for money and his friends for meals. Now, legalization has made him a millionaire on his marijuana holdings... virtually overnight. In fact, since the state law passed last year, he’s grossed $5 million.
  • Then there’s Carry Vincetti, 33, who left her job as a paralegal to join the "Green Rush" — not to sell marijuana, but as a consultant to start-up cannabis entrepreneurs. With so many people looking to make a killing on the Green Rush, her own business is booming. So far, she’s raked in a $2 million fortune.
  • And there’s Allen Gustov, who lost all of his savings investing in a music venture. He and wife were sleeping on cardboard furniture and had a baby on the way when they moved out to Anaheim, California and opened a marijuana business. They went from being almost homeless to raking in over $1 million last year.
The examples go on and on.
Now you can join these brand-new millionaires — without starting a business... owning a farm... or ever touching an ounce of marijuana.
In fact, in order to make a fortune from the cannabis boom...
  • You don’t have to live in a state where marijuana is legal.
  • You don’t have to sign any petitions or do any political advocacy.
  • And you don’t have to have anything more than $25 to invest.
You just need to buy in now before the end of marijuana prohibition. And not in some shady penny stocks. Instead, I’ve identified three super-safe companies that are banking on the "Green Rush."
They don’t all grow or own weed, but they provide services that benefit those who do.
These are ancillary companies raking in the lion’s share of marijuana profits by providing software, real estate, and technology to growers.
Just like people who struck it rich in the Gold Rush by selling picks and shovels... not mining... these companies will spin off a new wave of millionaire investors.
To be sure, I’ve been to their operations and seen their sites. I’ve met their managers and workers.
I’ve pulled up the curtain on the quarterly earnings report and seen their real profit potential.
In short, I’ve gotten the inside scoop that you won’t hear from analysts sitting behind a desk.
Using history as a guide, they could deliver nothing less than 2,850% profits moving forward.
And that’s just over the next 12 months.
It’s happened before — when the government ended Prohibition...
When Atlantic City legalized gambling in the 1970s...
And other similar historic moments — what I call "crossover events."
This is when formerly illegal industries become legal... and already established companies with loyal customers generate fortunes — as do their investors.
Now, the exact same circumstances are setting us up for astronomic gains once again.
I’ll show you why these profits are inevitable... when to expect them... and what to buy.
But before I do, allow me to introduce myself...

I've Been on the Front Lines of the
Billion-Dollar "Green Rush"
For a Decade Now
Hi, my name is Jimmy Mengel.
I’ve been on the front lines of America’s billion-dollar "Green Rush" for the better part of a decade.
And even though the market is still only legal in some places...
I’ve shown my readers big gains on some of the hottest emerging marijuana plays.
Like a biotech developing marijuana treatments that we bought and sold for 93% gains in seven months.
Or a Canadian marijuana delivery company that handed us 73% gains in seven months.
Another company I recommended four months ago has doubled since then.
And I’ve given six-figure presentations in front of Silicon Valley bigwigs seeking my outlook on this explosive market.
I’ve even hobnobbed with the likes of famous TV host Montel Williams, who benefited from medical marijuana to treat his multiple sclerosis... and is now benefiting financially from his medical marijuana dispensary, too.
Recently I toured the facilities of Canada’s dominant medical marijuana firm... now poised to make a small fortune for investors.
All because I’m confident of one simple thing...
Legal marijuana is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime mega-trend that delivers "big wins"...
The kind you can retire early on, with more money than you know what to do with.
You see, we hardly ever see the birth of a new billion-dollar industry or the opportunity to get in before these profits are unlocked...
Much less one where money is already there under the surface.
That’s what makes the emergence of America’s newest and most lucrative industry — legal marijuana — the most extraordinary profit opportunity I’ve ever seen...
And because marijuana legalization is unfolding state by state, we have the rare opportunity to buy in before prohibition completely ends.
If you know the stories of alcohol millionaires like Joe Kennedy, then you know just how lucrative this can be...
And why Silicon Valley is now scrambling to join the "Green Rush."
In fact, at my recent Money Show presentation, I spoke to early VC investors in companies like Uber, Reddit, and Tesla Motors.
All are pouring capital into emerging marijuana start-ups... and see even bigger opportunity than anything Silicon Valley has delivered since the iPhone.
The Financial Times now calls marijuana "Silicon Valley’s hot new sector."
And as the LA Times puts it, "They’re leveraging the legalization of marijuana into a windfall."
So are Fortune 500 corporations.
This includes companies previously opposed to marijuana legalization, like...
  • Big Tobacco
  • Big Ag
  • Big Pharma
All are now getting a piece of the action.
All are putting down billions outside the purview of the government or the media.
Cannabis is even moving to Wall Street, where it could soon be traded just like any commodity.
The CEO of VC firm Privateer Holdings predicts, "Six to 12 months from now there will be investment banks who will have analysts following cannabis like they follow healthcare or agricultural commodities."
These "smart money" moves all point to one unavoidable conclusion...
The time to (legally) pocket massive profits from marijuana is now.
And for good reason...
Over the last 24 months, the legal market has surged from zero to a $2.7 billion industry.
A newly released market report even called legal marijuana:
"America's Fastest-Growing Industry"
Troy Dayton, CEO of the ArcView Group
Smartphones came in a distant second.
Last year, sales skyrocketed 74%.
The year before, 64%.
No market has taken off at this rate since the tech boom began in the early '90s.
But moving forward, this will look like a drop in the bucket.
Think about it...
Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states...
Recreational use in a mere four states.
Four others have decriminalized it.
And these are just the first dominos to fall.
New laws are rapidly advancing in half of all 50 states, red and blue alike.
The customers already exist. The market is already there. The profits are just now being tapped.
Which is why this millionaire growth story is only just beginning.
And why the 2016 elections will unlock the marijuana industry’s untapped profit potential...
I’m talking about the imminent end of marijuana prohibition, thanks to a series of little-known bills on the state and federal levels.
Now, that may sound like a bold prediction, but the writing is on the wall. Anyone who’s paying attention can see it.

Explosive Profit Catalyst:
The Imminent End
of Prohibition in 2016
Presidential candidates are behind legalization on both sides of the aisle.
At least 17 states are lined up to fully legalize marijuana.
And more are joining the wave, no matter who wins the White House.
The political consensus is growing.
Pew Research polls show 53% of the American public supports legalization.
63% of Republicans under 30 support legal marijuana.
And Republican support for legalization has more than doubled in the last five years.
That’s why Republican presidential candidates are now jumping on board, including Trump, Bush, Cruz, and Walker...
In fact, Newsweek recently called 2016 "The Marijuana Election."
Like it or not, we could see "green states" from sea to shining sea by early November.
And as Forbes predicts, "[This move] will make investors extremely wealthy."
I agree.
But what’s the REAL upside potential?
Now, while legal sales of marijuana have climbed to $2.7 billion...
We’re just seeing the results of four states legalizing recreational use.
So as it spreads across the Union, it’s not hard to imagine this story will look a whole lot different.
After all, we’re looking at tens of millions of new and already existing customers.
This is a giant "mountain of money" waiting to be unlocked.
When all is said and done, estimates put the legal market at an astronomic $200 billion.
That’s an incredible sales surge of 7,300%...
The kind of astronomic growth that turns everyday folks into millionaires.
And I’m not talking about 10, five, or even three years from now... but over the next 24 months.

Phenomenal 7,300% Sales Surge...
in 24 Months
That’s why financial journalist Todd Harrison calls marijuana "the best investment idea of the next decade."
The Daily Bell takes it a bit further, calling it the "profit opportunity of the 21st century."
And one hedge fund owner told Wall Street investors, "There is a massive potential. It is untapped. It is just sitting there below the surface and it is ready to come above ground."
Now, some may still be opposed to legalizing marijuana. They may think it’s unethical or immoral.
And I respect anyone’s views.
But when you consider the tide of public opinion...
The growing number of states lining up for legalization...
And the massive profits about to be unleashed as a result...
I think you can agree legal marijuana is inevitable, as are the profits at stake.
So the way I see it, you have two choices...
You can sit on the sidelines and miss out on the profit opportunity of the 21st century...
Or you can ride the tidal wave of inevitable profits for retirement wealth, however you feel about marijuana.
In a moment, I’ll share with you the three best ways to cash in on this $200 billion wealth trend.
The future Anheuser-Busches, Bacardis, and Miller-Coors of marijuana.
But first, let me show you just how much money is up for grabs...
When can you expect to see it...
And why I’m so confident these profits are inevitable.
To give you an idea: First, we’ll have to go back to the end of Prohibition in the 1930s...
When alcohol stocks skyrocketed for unbelievable 10-fold gains in under a year...
Even as the rest of the stock market tanked!
This is what I consider a "crossover event" — illegal markets becoming legal.
Time and time again, these market anomalies have handed investors a fortune.
Let me explain...

The Biggest Profit Opportunity in 83 Years
It’s November 1932.
The writing is on the wall.
FDR wins the election by a landslide.
One of his central promises?
The repeal of Prohibition.
FDR’s victory was easy to anticipate at least months before.
So were the legalization bills that passed in several states.
And much like the situation we’re seeing now, alcohol’s legalization was all but inevitable.
That’s why, even though it would be another year before Prohibition was actually repealed...
It didn’t matter.
Alcohol stocks — known as "repeal stocks" — soared to the heavens.
But since selling liquor was still illegal, only three kinds of American companies were available:
  • Medicinal
  • Industrial (i.e. cars)
  • Ancillary purposes... like antifreeze
Take the major bottle manufacturer Crown Cork & Seal.
Today a blue-chip giant, this company was relatively new at the time.
In June 1932, it traded for just $5.
But then it soared to $10... $30... and $50.
By July 1933, five months before Prohibition was even repealed, it soared to $64...
A massive gain of 1,180% in just 12 months.
Then there’s American Commercial Alcohol, a leading producer of alcohol for cars.
It soared from $8 in 1932 to $20... and then to $50.
By July, it had reached $90.
That's a 1,025% gain in just 15 months.
And there’s National Distillers, the largest provider of medicinal alcohol, which surged from $12 to $125.
Let’s not forget Canada, where alcohol was still legal...
And where major suppliers surged as the American market opened up once again.
Take Hiram-Walker, the maker of Canadian Club, which soared from $2 in 1932 to $59 just 12 months later.
A gain of 2,850%.
But the biggest "repeal stock" home run was the bottle manufacturer Libbey Owens-Ford...
In fact, the Chicago Institute of Securities would list it as one of the top stocks of the next two decades...
All told, the stock surged for incredible 11,326% gains.
Enough to turn just $10,000 into over a million-dollar nest egg.
Now, these gains are great and all...
But how did investors really do?

How Joe Kennedy REALLY Got Rich
(HINT: Not Bootlegging)
Consider the famous example of Joe Kennedy.
Now, you might have heard the legendary story of how the Kennedy patriarch accumulated his riches...
Laying the foundations of the famous family fortune.
To this day, many claim Kennedy built his empire by illegally bootlegging alcohol.
But in reality, that was only a small part of it.
Instead, Kennedy made his REAL fortune in just three simple steps...
  • He anticipated Prohibition’s end early
  • He bought shares of bottle manufacturers and other ancillary companies
  • And then rode the tidal wave of life-changing profits as alcohol shares surged in 1933
In 1933 alone, he took home $4.27 million in inflation-adjusted profits...
All by investing in alcohol-related stocks like National Distillers and Libbey-Owens Ford.
Now you can do the same.
And while you might not make millions like Kennedy...
If you know the companies to buy and take action early, just like Kennedy did...                              
THIS could be the biggest profit windfall of your life — hands down.
And this is just one past example.
Whenever an industry becomes legal, investors get rich.
History has proven this time and time again.
Consider the next big "crossover event" — the (partial) legalization of gambling in the 1970s...

Guess What Happened When
Gambling Became (Somewhat) Legal...
It’s the mid-1970s.
Atlantic City passes a historic bill legalizing gambling.
The law leads to Native Americans winning a series of historic court battles...
Paving the way for legalized gambling in Indian reservations everywhere.
The result?
Gaming stocks take off... even as the market is tanking.
Take Bally Manufacturing, the country’s largest casino slot-maker.
It trades at $5.
But then it shoots up to $10... $30... as high as $68 by September.
A gain of 1,260% in just nine months.
Then there’s the Las Vegas casino operator Golden Nugget.
It surges from $5 at the beginning of the year to $45 by August...
A gain of 800% in eight months.
And these are just a handful of examples. Dozens of hotel, airline, and real estate stocks soared for 1,000% gains or more in just months. Many were ancillary companies poised to profit from the legalization of gambling in Atlantic City.
But the biggest home run by far was Resorts International — the lead casino for Atlantic City.
That’s a whopping 31,432% gain... in just two short years.
Good enough to turn every...
  • $100 into $31,432
  • $1,000 into $313,432
  • $10,000 into $3,313,432
In a matter of 24 months!
This is simply the biggest, quickest gain I’ve EVER seen in the markets. Nothing else compares... not by a long shot.
If you had seen the writing on the wall when Atlantic City first proposed legal casinos...
If you knew THIS company’s potential to hand investors earth-shattering gains...
And if you had taken quick and decisive action...
It’s no exaggeration to say you could have retired on this single play... with just a very tiny stake.
This is the historic wealth-building power of "crossover" events — when formerly banned industries become legal.

History's NEXT
"Repeal Stocks" Boom
Just like the end of Prohibition and the partial legalization of gambling...
The end of marijuana prohibition will make investors very rich, very quickly.
And if you know where to look and take action while it’s early...
You could see the biggest profit windfall of your life, no matter how much you invest.
After all, the big winners won’t be the growers...
Or anyone who even touches the marijuana itself.
The winners will be the ancillary companies essential to production.
I’m talking about real estate, grow equipment, and security systems (just to name a few).
These are companies with the potential to deliver nothing less than 10-fold returns in under a year.
Once again, investors will see the writing on the wall.
They’ll see a major election in 2016 that guarantees a shift in policy...
They’ll see dozens of states pass legalization bills...
And they’ll snap up shares of marijuana companies in a frenzy... driving share prices through the roof.
But you’ll need to move right now, because these stocks will start surging long before prohibition is officially over.
Can you guess the effect of the end of Prohibition on alcohol stocks?
Nothing. Not even a tiny bump.
That’s because investors had already bought up company shares in anticipation of what they knew was inevitable.
That’s why the "smart money" is moving into this sector now.
Billionaires like Thiel, Buffett, Soros, and Musk.
And if you know where to look — and move quickly — you can get their same first-mover advantage.
And this is key...
In fact, getting in early enough could mean the difference between a few nice percentage points on your portfolio...
And a massive retirement windfall.
It’s your choice.
But if you want the second option, you’ll want to act right now.
And you’ll want to act on the three specific plays I’m sharing with you today...
The future Anheuser-Busches, Bacardis, and Miller-Coors of marijuana.
That’s why I’ve laid the groundwork for you so you can get started immediately.
You’ll get all the details on how to profit from America’s fastest-growing industry — including three red-hot plays — in my brand-new dossier, "Green Rush Profits: 3 Ways to Play the End of Marijuana Prohibition in 2016."

Inside you’ll get...
  • Their names, ticker symbols, company profiles, and full analysis — everything you need to make this emerging opportunity the most lucrative of your life starting today.
  • Everything I recently shared with an overcrowded room of hungry VC investors at The Money Show in San Francisco.
  • All of my boots-on-the-ground analysis, including hobnobbing with elite marijuana entrepreneurs like TV show host Montel Williams.
  • And much, much more.
Let me tell you a little about each of these companies right now...

Green Rush Play #1:
"Canada's $1.3 Billion
Marijuana Monopoly"
Gains Potential: 2,900%
My first pick is a Vancouver-based company I call the "New King of Pot Stocks" because it’s positioned as the future monopoly of Canada’s marijuana industry.
The Canadian market for medical marijuana is growing fast.
Industry experts project the market will grow from 40,000 individuals to 1 million in just a few years.
And this firm is THE number one way to cash in on Canada’s explosive market — hands down.
First off, the company is Canada’s first licensed marijuana distributer and manufacturer, so it has considerable first-mover advantage.
That alone should grab our attention.
But when you add a recent acquisition of its biggest competitor...
A combination that analysts hail as “a cannabis superpower”...
We can now indisputably say it’s the dominant player of the country’s market — one that will lead this industry from infancy to maturity...
And deliver investors the biggest returns.
But it has just started growing its market share, and here’s why...
The company doubled its revenue each month in 2014.
In 2015, its revenues have grown six-fold.
In just two short years, its revenues are projected to explode 2,900%... even as expenses decline!
No surprise, then, that it recently booked positive profits... AND free cash flow.
I’m telling you... in an infant industry like this, where many of the companies are emerging players, it’s incredibly rare to find a company sitting on extra cash.
In fact, right now it’s the ONLY player in the Canadian market to generate free cash flow.
This all means one thing: It can snap up its much weaker competitors... expanding market share.
In other words, we’re early on the cusp of an explosive profit growth story.
Just to give you an idea of its potential, this stock has more than doubled investors’ money in just ONE month. Take a look...
That’s enough to turn a small investment of $10,000 into $25,000... in only 30 days.
And a coming catalyst could send it a whole lot higher.
Recently, the Canadian government legalized cannabis oil and edibles — a law that takes effect near the end of the year... opening up a whole new billion-dollar space for this marijuana giant.
To be sure, it has dozens of products in the pipeline that should hit the market before 2015 is over...
Not to mention it’s quickly expanding into the North American market.
And as the ONLY profitable Canadian marijuana firm — one generating free cash flow — it has the treasure chest to do so... without adding any debt.
Right now, its shares trade around $3...
But considering we’re looking at the dominant leader of a projected $1.3 billion market...
It’s unbelievable how the markets are undervaluing it.
Moving forward, 2,900% gains are not out of the question.
That brings me to my next recommendation.
It's a Denver-based social media platform that some now dub...

Green Rush Play #2:
"The Facebook of Marijuana"
Gains Potential: 1,500 percent
It’s connecting thousands of legal weed users around America.
The company’s subscriber base has soared from 25,000 last year to 500,000 now.
That’s an astronomic surge of 2,000%...
And as marijuana prohibition ends, this number will only grow.
So will the number of companies paying for advertising.
Right now, 1,000 marijuana companies are hosted on the social platform.
Locked out by Google, Facebook, and Twitter, these business owners are just happy to have a space for Internet marketing.
And with competition heating up in the market, they’ll pay whatever it takes to reach customers.
Let me be clear: Online marketing for cannabis is a HUGE untapped space. And when prohibition ends, this company is lined up to be the leader — not other social media firms that snubbed the industry.
The astronomical growth in subscribers has hedge funds taking notice.
So far, it’s attracted $25 million in venture capital this year.
The markets are starting to see its potential, too...
Between August and September, the stock surged 129%.
Not bad for one month.
But wait until you hear what’s coming next...
If everything goes right (and there’s no reason it shouldn’t), this will be the first cannabis tech company to be listed on a major exchange...
A significant milestone event that could attract dozens of big-name institutions and send investors piling into the stock.
This is just weeks away, so I urge you to move quickly.
While it only trades at $2...
It has all the potential of Facebook or Twitter, if you had invested pre-IPO.
Now, here are the details of my last play...

Green Rush Play #3:
The Company Banking on
Marijuana’s $3.6 Billion Energy Shift
Gains Potential: 1,000%
It's a Swedish-based LED light technology firm.
The energy costs for marijuana growers are astronomical, to say the least.
One study estimates that weed growers consume 1% of total U.S. energy output.
  • That’s the equivalent of 2 million American homes...
  • The entire country of Israel...
  • And as many as 150 countries!
The total tab has been estimated at $5 billion a year.
Industrial growers, like Denver-based Medicine Men, pay as much as $40,000 per month for electricity.
So LED lights are a no-brainer.
They can cut energy costs by as much as 66% in some cases.
They’re also eco-friendly and produce more diverse, potent, and higher yields of cannabis.
And this Swedish firm is on the cutting edge of new LED technology customized for the marijuana industry.
Over the last year, in fact, sales of its patented LED technology have doubled.
And that’s just for starters...
The overall LED grow-light module market is expected to move from $395 million in 2013 to $3.6 billion by 2020, according to Wintergreen Research.
These estimates will certainly move higher after the 2016 election, when dozens of new states pass bills of their own.
And considering its disruptive technology... growing client base... and surging sales growth...
This company is shaping up to be a major player in this emerging billion-dollar space.
Right now it trades around $1.30, but $10 is not out of the question moving forward.
So you’ve seen all the profits up for grabs...
The upcoming catalysts that can put this money in your pocket soon...
And similar circumstances where investors got rich.
So that you, too, can turn this into the profit opportunity of a lifetime, I’ve assembled the full details on this pick — and the two other red-hot plays — in my brand-new dossier:
"Green Rush Profits: 3 Ways to Play the End of Marijuana Prohibition in 2016."
Inside, you’ll find a profile on each of these companies and their ticker symbols.
That way, you can buy into them right now, before they start returning HUGE gains.
With your permission, I’d like to send you my research on this new breakthrough absolutely FREE.
All I ask is that you take a quick test-drive of my research advisory service, The Crow’s Nest.

Welcome to the The Crow's Nest
As I mentioned before, my name is Jimmy Mengel.
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Bonus Report #1:
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This account had an average annual return of 9.8%, while the S&P 500 had an average annual return of 5.4%... a difference of 4.4% every single year...
All thanks to what I call $50 Retirement Plans.
This is a very unique way to retire rich... a rarely advertised investment opportunity so good that it puts 401(k)s and IRAs to shame.
Most people don’t know this retirement program exists.
But a few regular folks, like Bernard Schlossman, a 73-year-old retiree from Northridge, have already started to take advantage of this secret. As he says, this is something "you cannot not do."
That's because this little-known program can mean a lifetime of safe, effortless wealth generation for ordinary Americans... beginning with as little as a few hundred dollars.
And this is the perfect program for investors who are looking for income because it allows you to collect five to 10 TIMES bigger dividends than holding a stock the normal way...
With this kind of income, you could amass an unbelievable stake in just years starting with very little money.
I’m sure by now you’re asking yourself, "If this secret plan is so good, then how come I haven't heard about it before?"
The short answer is that the government has placed restrictions on advertising this program to the general public.
When this plan was created, it completely bypassed traditional brokers and money managers. So Wall Street lobbied Congress to forbid it from ever being advertised to the public...
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"It’s the best-kept secret on Wall Street. Securities and Exchange Commission rules won't let them say much about this fabulous way of saving and building wealth..."
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"Brokers and fund managers can't sock you with big fees and commissions if you [use this program]. So they won't tell you the 'best-kept secret' and they've made sure Congress and the SEC keep it a secret too."
Do you see now why few people know this program even exists?

The good news is that today, many online brokers will gladly help you get started. Your current broker may even offer this program, even though he probably doesn't advertise it.
You just have to know what to say.
I’ve created a special report to tell you everything you need to know about this rarely advertised retirement program. In the report, I'll show you how to get started... why this plan is so much better than regular retirement plans... how much you can collect... and three companies that are perfect for setting up $50 Retirement Plans.
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