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From the extraordinary gold treasures of the ancient Egyptians and Persian Empire to the rise of great modern dynasties like the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Rothschilds. Gold preserves — and grows — its value better than anything else in the physical world. Yet most people overlook this unique gold market because of its secretive nature and because it's simply not accessible to the average investor. But here's the thing... Movements in this underground market can tell you when to get in and when to get out of gold with mysteriously uncanny precision...

The Secret 
Gold Market  
They're NOT
Telling You 
This hidden playground is completely 
OFF LIMITS to retail investors...
 but it holds a secret that can
help you predict spikes in gold 
with mysteriously uncanny accuracy...
Here's how you can piggyback off it 
to build your
own banker's fortune...

 Dear Reader,
In an underground "playground" that's completely off limits to retail 
investors like you and me...

A STUNNING amount of gold quietly changes hands...
We’re talking over 100 billion ounces of gold here. That’s billion, with a "B."
And yet hardly any financial experts or pundits talk about it. Even fewer 
understand it.
This secret gold market is strictly the domain of a few big banks like
Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, central banks including the Federal Reserve, 
and the like...
This secret gold market is strictly the domain of a few big banks like
Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, central banks including the Federal Reserve, 
and the like...
As Harvard-trained geologist Byron King writes, "If you’re not familiar
with [this gold market], there’s a good reason for that. You're 
not supposed to know much about it."
But just because you're cut off from this secretive gold "playground" 
doesn't mean it can't make you rich. Because I've stumbled across 
a shocking secret about this market... a secret that could be the key to 
unraveling one of the biggest mysteries about gold...
And that is WHEN to jump into gold and when to jump out of gold... 
with stunning accuracy.
It could allow you to rake in the largest gold gains imaginable... right under 
their noses.
I'm talking gains of 468%, 935%, 1,657%, and more... without having 
any "inside" connections... 
Without touching some ETF or mutual fund...
And without taking delivery of bars or coins. 
First, what's interesting is that these banks are not trading silver, copper, 
oil, or any other commodity in this secret market.
They're trading only one thing: GOLD. And there's a very good reason 
for that.
Gold has been THE ultimate store of labor and wealth. It has 
guaranteed power throughout all of history.
From the extraordinary gold treasures of the ancient Egyptians and 
Persian Empire to the rise of great modern dynasties like the Rockefellers, 
Vanderbilts, and Rothschilds.
Gold preserves — and grows — its value better than anything else in the 
physical world.
Yet most people overlook this unique gold market because of its secretive 
nature and because it's simply not accessible to the average investor.
But here's the thing...
Movements in this underground market can tell you when to get in and 
when to get out of gold with mysteriously uncanny precision...
It’s been damn near DEAD ON, as I’ll show you... even in bear markets!
But first I must warn you:
When you see this chart in just a moment, it will give you chills... just 
like it gave me when I first saw it...
It’s absolutely crazy just how accurate this unique "predictor" is.
And what it's indicating is that the biggest gold returns 
haven't yet occurred.
In the next few minutes, I'll show you the shocking proof behind what 
could be the most accurate gold predictor I've ever seen.
And it's now saying:

"Buy Now, RIGHT NOW!!"
Look, everyone knows that gold can make you rich.
But the real trick is TIMING its move.
It’s something that neither the pundits nor the talking heads on TV have any clue how to do.
But this secret market niche just may hold the key to timing the big moves in the yellow metal... and making a killing off it time and time again.
Let me give you a bit of background on this gold underworld that’s cloaked in secrecy... a playground that’s off limits to you and me.
It's what's known as the gold wholesale market.
In this tight-lipped realm, central banks including the Federal Reserve "lease" out their gold to banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.
Those banks take the metal and sell it to other industrial users or to investors who want immediate physical delivery.
"Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the state control of Congress."
— Sen. Barry Goldwater (Rep., AZ)
Eventually, the gold borrower will obtain more gold from another source — like a mine or gold refinery.
The borrower will pay interest on that gold until they return it to the Federal Reserve or other bank.
Much of the "leased" gold goes out for terms of many months, if not years. And many of those gold "leases" have been extended multiple times.
"After that, things get shadowy," says geologist Byron King.
It sounds odd, right?
Big banks lending gold to each other, just like they do with real money. And it's all very hush-hush. Nobody really knows what's going on inside of it.
As former presidential candidate and 22-year congressman Ron Paul says, "The Federal Reserve is pretty secretive, you know. Congress doesn't have much say on what's going on over there. They do a lot of hiding."
But just because we aren't privy to the inner workings of this secret market doesn't mean we can't crash their party.
What I've uncovered is a way to turn the tables on these greedy fat-cat bankers.
They've been getting rich off this market for years right behind our backs...
Well, now it's finally your turn!


The Ultimate Gold Market Timer
Just take a look at this chart...
It tracks these gold "lease" rates, along with the price of gold:
As you’ll notice, these lease rates move up and down just like interest rates do.
You can see that a big rate spike in this secretive market happened just BEFORE gold prices bottomed at the end of 2008.
The price of gold was down 25%. And miners took a huge hit.
But if you had simply invested in the metal after seeing this big jump in rates, you would have done great... grabbing yourself a 93% gain.
But we saw miners bring in six-fold, 10-fold, 16-fold gains... and more.
For example:
Alacer Gold rose 468% in 40 months... from $1.98 to $11.24.
Centerra Gold rose an extraordinary 1,657% over 39 months... from $1.14 to $20.04.
Detour Gold rose from $3.62 to $32.47... an incredible 796% gain.
We saw some tremendous gains in the market’s best mining stocks. And it happened AFTER the big spike in rates.
Then there was a second big spike in rates — this time to the downside. It occurred near the top of that gold run-up at the end of 2011.
It happened shortly after the price of gold hit a high of over $1,900 per ounce.
After that spike, it led to a painful 48-month-long gold bear market. Gold prices declined 40%.
Are you beginning to see how eerily accurate this thing is when it comes to signaling big movements in gold?
And this is where it gets really interesting...
The most recent surge in rates in this market occurred back in December of 2015, which is right before gold prices bottomed out.
And since the start of 2016, gold prices have climbed 25%.
Pretty strange, right?
All of this begs the question...

Is the Gold Game Rigged?
Look, I’m no conspiracy theorist.
We all know these banks own and trade lots and lots of gold. They’re the ones who really drive the gold markets. It’s not the dealers... it’s not regular investors like you and me... it’s the Big Banks!
And for that reason, they have access to information about gold that Main Street investors like you and me don't.
So why NOT use their secret market to YOUR own advantage?
You're now able to tap into this ultra-secret playground... and monitor its movements.
The reason you can do that is because the research tools we have available today are much better than they were a decade ago.
And you can do it from anywhere, so long as you have an Internet connection... and the discipline to follow this market diligently.
I have never come across anything like this — a "fortune trigger" that could change your life for the better over the next few months.
Today, you can take part in this special situation in the gold markets... one that comes up very rarely.

Yet when it does, it creates instant opportunity and unbelievable profit potential.
We already know that this secretive market is predicting a big move in gold prices.
It's just a question of how big the move will be.
History may be able to provide us with that answer...
What we're seeing today is a setup in gold prices similar to one that happened 40 years ago.
It happened back in the 1970s gold bull, when it created a slew of new millionaires. And it's happening again right now.
Let me explain...

A Setup Not Seen in 40 Years:

Why Gold is Heading to
$6,500 an Ounce
Between December 1974 and August 1976, gold prices dropped 40%.
But then, from August 1976 to January 1980, the average monthly gold price increased 514%.
A few of the big gold producers dished out big returns during the ’70s stagflation-induced gold bull:
Newmont Mining $21.52 $60.62 182%
Hecla Mining $5.12 $53.00 935.2%
Homestake Mining $30 $107.50 258.3%
Dome Mines $78 $154 96.8%
Campbell Lake Mines $28.25 $94.75 235.4%
But it was the smaller junior mining companies that went on the most impressive runs during that time span:
  1975 1980 Gain
Lion Mines $0.07 $380 542,757%
Wharf Resources $0.40 $560 139,900%
Steep Rock $0.93 $440 47,212%
Mineral Resources $0.60 $415 69,067%
And here's the thing:
Right now, we’re seeing almost the exact same pattern play out:
Between September 2011 and December 2015, gold prices decreased 40%.
Then in December, the Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates for the first time in a decade. Gold has been on the rise ever since...
An equivalent 514% increase from the December 2015 dip could put gold over $6,500 an ounce by 2019.
In short: The current gold bull market shares a very similar pattern — to this point — with the ’70s gold market.
If history repeats itself, which I believe it will, gold prices are on the verge of one of the biggest moves yet...
(And the secretive gold market I’ve been telling you about is indicating that they are.)
That's why you have the chance to make life-changing gains in the next 18 months.
Gold prices are having their best start in more than 30 years... up 25% since the beginning of the year.
Some mining stocks have fared a lot better...
  • Rupert Resources has shot up 3,500%
  • Gold Mountain Mining jumped 1,200%
  • West Red Lake Gold Mines has gone up 1,200%
  • Silver Bear Resources shot up 1,020%
  • Colorado Resources has rocketed 1,060%
But this is only the beginning...
Gold's climb to the top has barely gotten underway. It has A LOT more room to run...
I want to show you exactly how you can ride this juggernaut into some of the strongest gains you'll see in your investment career.

But first, please let me
introduce myself...
Hi. My name is Luke Burgess...
Perhaps you’ve read my articles before in Energy and Capital, Wealth Daily, Kitco, and 321Gold.com.
Or perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio. I’ve done countless interviews about gold.
These radio shows interview me for ONE reason: Because they know I have a knack for timing gold's moves... and making huge returns in the process.
Back in early 2004, I began heavily investing in gold and other precious metals after watching the value of the U.S. dollar decline rapidly for several months.
Shortly thereafter, signs of a serious slowdown in the broader markets emerged, and I began urging others to start investing in gold and other hard assets.
Over the next several years, gold soared. Gold was driven to record highs in 2011. My readers and I were sitting on dozens of triple-digit and several quadruple-digit gains in gold stocks.
But it was then that I began to notice the gold and precious metal markets had become bloated.
I bet you remember all those "cash for gold" commercials, where you'd mail in old jewelry and they'd mail you a check for a fraction of the gold's value.
Or how about all those TV ads pitching collectible coins — maybe a $50 gold buffalo replica, or one of those coins where the Twin Towers "stand out at you!"
These were among the signs I saw that the gold market was saturated, over-hyped, and generally bloated.
So, with gold sitting at just over $1,800 an ounce, I decided to secure all the profits from my six-year run of gains. And I sold EVERY position in the portfolio.
Everyone thought I was nuts. But it turned out to be near perfect timing.
The price of gold topped $1,900 an ounce before heading into a four-year bear market.
Just take a look at what some of my readers had to say about that run...
$59K Profit!!!
"Hi Luke — Wanted to thank you for your recommendations for the last 2 years. I currently have about $195,000 invested in your recommended stocks and after thinning my winning position in GNI and WTZ, I have made a profit of $59,222.41. I have kept track of all trades and decided to calculate the totals today. Thanks again and you can use this e-mail if you so desire."
— Jerry Sanders
Bought an RV!
"I was sitting in my RV and realized there would be no RV if it wasn't for you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!"
— Cyndi H. (Colorado)
Financial Life-Changer!!!
"Luke — I want to thank you for the heads-up. Did the necessary due diligence and business plan looks more like a grand slam than a home run to me. Large position established over the last few weeks, see some institutional buying showing up here and there... could be a financial life-changer here. Keep doing what you're doing, finding the micro cap specials! Thanks again, Regards."
— Ray C.
$30,000+ Profits!
"I have already made $30,000+ and have been a member of your newsletter for a little over a year. Keep up the good recommendations. Thank you."
— Ben H.
The bear market pushed gold prices all the way down to $1,000 an ounce by the second half of 2015.
But after watching gold and the mining markets continue to get beaten down, I quickly reentered the gold markets in October 2015 because I began to see the bigger picture...
Here’s exactly what I wrote to Energy and Capital readers on November 17, 2015:
"A shortage of new mine-ready projects, coupled with sustained demand, could translate into hefty profits for prepared investors — which is why the time to act is now! Physical gold is fine to own. But to really leverage rising gold prices, we want to be into equities right now."
I started recommending gold stocks to them from that moment on.
Again, it was nearly perfect timing.
Gold prices bottomed out just one month later in December when the Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates. And since then, my gold and precious metal recommendations to Energy and Capital subscribers have killed it.
Here is every single precious metal stock I've recommended to buy since November 17, 2015...
Company Ticker Market Cap Recommendation Price (Date) Last Price Change
Avino Silver & Gold Mines TSX-V:
$98M $0.80 (12/23/15) $2.52 +215%
Barrick Gold NYSE:
$22.0B $13.61 (03/28/16) $20.41 +50%
Endeavor Silver NYSE:
$441M $1.55 (03/02/16) $4.44 +344%
First Majestic Silver NYSE:
$2.5B $3.42 (12/23/15) $15.89 +365%
Goldcorp NYSE:
$14.2B $12.05 (11/16/15) $18.14 +51%
McEwen Mining NYSE:
$935M $2.21 (05/29/16) $3.96 +79%
New Gold NYSE:
$2.1B $3.73 (05/29/16) $4.41 +18%
Royal Gold NASDAQ:
$4.9B $36.58 (11/16/15) $78.88 +116%
Sandspring Resources TSX-V:
$81M CAD$0.44 (05/29/16) CAD$0.80 +82%
Sandstorm Gold NYSE:
$721M $3.49 (05/29/16) $5.15 +48%
Silver Wheaton NYSE:
$11.1B $18.20 (05/29/16) $26.13 +44%
Stillwater Mining NYSE:
$1.6B $9.77 (05/29/16) $13.22 +35%
Tahoe Resources NYSE:
$4.6B $9.50 (03/09/16) $15.28 +61%
Overall Return +82%
They are ALL up double- and triple-digit percentage points... with an average overall return of 82%!
Now, I don't point those gains out to boast. Rather, I want you to see that the rally in the gold market is real... and so are the profits.
Even though these gains look pretty good for now, I expect they will pale in comparison to those we'll see when gold prices really take off.
With so many potent catalysts behind today's prices, it's possible gold could be set for its biggest run ever!
For instance...
Catalyst #1: Negative Interest RatesFor the first time ever, negative-yielding government debt has risen above the $10 trillion mark. The trillions from portfolio managers, pension funds, and insurers looking for a return will drive gold to all-time highs.

Catalyst #2: Demand is Going Through the RoofChina and Russia have been gobbling up gold as quickly as they can. Over the past 15 months, China has increased its reserves by 70%. Russia’s been on a spree, too, increasing its reserves by 21% and becoming the fastest-growing buyer of gold. More and more countries and investors are coming to understand that something is not quite right with the global economy. And they are turning to gold.

Catalyst #3: Supplies Are Drying Up as We Speak — Last year, annual mine production crawled to its slowest increase since 2008. Global gold production is expected to fall 3% this year. And by 2018, mine production is expected to fall by 315 tons!
Mark my words: the conditions for gold's ascent have never been more perfect.
I expect to see gold top $1,400 an ounce by the end of this year...
And $6,500 per ounce by 2019.
So without further ado, here are the steps you need to take right now to position yourself for the coming spike in prices...

Your Complete Gold Buyer's 
Guide to +1,000% Gains
Step #1: First and foremost, you MUST own physical gold.
Now, you may already have some gold coins, and that's fine. But I want you to own more.
I'm a true believer that everyone should own as much precious metal as possible. (My physical bullion holdings even rival those of my older contemporaries.)
I'm extremely active in the physical gold market. I'm constantly looking for the best values in gold coins and bars.
Prices on them vary by dealer. And oftentimes, the dealer with the lowest prices changes. So I’m monitoring prices DAILY.
Now, you don't need any kind of trading account to buy gold coins. It’s as simple as buying directly from a bullion dealer or from one online. All you need is a little cash — $150 would even get you started.
BUT... and I can't stress this enough... I absolutely do NOT want you to buy any kind of "collector" coin. There are a lot of people on the Internet selling these kinds of coins. Do NOT buy them.
You could lose thousands... even tens of thousands of dollars dumping your money in the wrong coins.
What you really want are coins specifically geared for investing... not collecting. And there are some pretty big differences.
That's why I've laid out all the details for owning them in my brand new report called physical-gold-buyers_report"The Physical Gold Buyer's Guide."
This report will tell you about the first gold coin you should buy today... and it gives you the list of online brokers I’m recommending.
But I want you to know this... I don’t have any direct affiliation with any bullion dealer. And I don’t want one, either, because I’m a customer myself and purchase from several different dealers based on the best prices, which are constantly changing.
It will also tell you what bullion to buy right now, what grades to look for, the types of authentication they should have... everything.
But while I think owning physical metals is important for any investor, to really leverage rising gold prices and make those triple-digit gains, investors also need to be in equities.
And that brings me to...
Step #2: I've created a model portfolio of gold stocks for you.
Let me explain exactly how I've set it up to minimize your risk, while maximizing your profit potential:
  • 15% of this portfolio will consist of a few very large international gold producers and royalty companies.
These are some of the biggest players in the industry with billion-dollar market caps. They have the best gold-producing properties in the world... with long, rich histories of production.
I am expecting to hold the majority of these stocks until we’ve officially hit the gold mania buying stage...
That's when we start to see physical gold prices rise like those witnessed in the late 1970s of 500% or more!
  • 30% of the portfolio will be made up of a few mid-tier gold production and late-stage development companies.
They're well run, with large, mineable deposits. And if gold moves, they will profoundly outperform the price of gold. Again, I'm largely expecting to hold these for the "full term." The large- and mid-tier production, royalty, and development companies will provide the least risk in the portfolio.
They're solid ways to invest in gold... with the added benefit of leverage.
But there's even more money to be made here:
  • 55% of the portfolio will be made up of early-stage junior mining stocks.
"The real wealth in the mining industry is generated by FINDING something."
— Billionaire mining industry veteran Robert Friedland
For the most part, I’ll focus on the much smaller, much less known gold exploration and early development companies...
These are the guys who find 90% of all the deposits... and sell them to much bigger companies for massive and immediate profits.
All they do is put the word out to the big guns and name their price. No waiting around, no massive overhead costs of constructing facilities, building roads, laying power lines, building living quarters, and mining the metals... just dozens of anxious buyers knocking down their doors.
The name of the game here is LEVERAGE. These companies give you the most exposure to gold with more risk. But when gold moves... they could absolutely explode.
And that, my friend, is what gives them the greatest potential upside in the entire market.

OK, what if I'm wrong about
gold going to $6,500?
Well, back in the mid-1990s, we witnessed many junior gold miners take off.
Here are just a few:
Company Pre-Bull $ High Gain
Cartway $0.10 $26.50 26,040%
Arequipa Resources $0.60 $34.75 5,692%
Arizona Star $0.50 $15.95 3,090%
Cream Minerals $0.30 $19.45 3,050%
Conquistador $0.50 $9.87 1,874%
Samex Mining $1.00 $7.20 620%
Golden Star $6.00 $27.50 358%
But get this... the entire mid-’90s mini-bull, when massive fortunes were being made with junior gold stocks, occurred at a time when gold itself was flat.
That's right — the metal itself barely even moved. Simply play your cards right, and it won't matter the least bit if we're in a gold bull market or not.
But today, the metal is already rising... up 25% since the start of the year.
Gold is on the cusp of such an historic move that I believe +1,000% gains will be common from the right junior mining stocks.
In short: Just ONE of these stocks could easily lift your wealth to an entirely new level.
That why I've put all the details of this incredible opportunity into another brand new report titled, "The Golden Portfolio: Your Ultimate 'Buy List' for the Coming Run-Up to $6,500 an Ounce."
And I'm going to give these two reports to you for FREE. (Just tell me where to email them.)
All I ask in return is that you take a risk-free test drive of my brand new research advisory, Secret Stock Files.

Is This Right For YOU?
As I mentioned, I’m Luke Burgess.
And I believe gold prices are currently following a very similar pattern to the 1970s market... when they shot up over 500% higher in a matter of months.
And when several gold stocks rose by many multiples.
That's why I'm relaunching my newsletter right now.
In a nutshell, Secret Stock Files is the best way for you to take advantage of the coming spike in gold and precious metals prices.
It’s a raw feed into only the companies and trends that have the potential to grow your wealth 100%... 500%... or more.
We focus on wealth-building companies that produce gold, silver, oil, uranium, natural gas, and hard assets that can never “go to zero”... that offer a strong hedge against a collapsing U.S. dollar.
Some people consider this sector “speculative.” And it can be. But over the long haul, I've never seen another asset class perform better... not ever!
The key is timing — jumping in when the masses are fearful, and cashing in when they're greedy.
Not many people can do this on their own... Perhaps YOU have been? I don’t know. Nonetheless...
You can't just rely on annual reports... or “earnings per share figures.”
You need to understand the supply chain and have some “boots on the ground,” too...
I’ve seen hundreds of different kinds of mining operations firsthand. I've traveled to far-flung places around the globe to inspect companies. Have you ever been to Albania? I went there to visit a copper property in the mountains. While I was there, a dog ran up to me and nearly bit off my calf!
I spent the rest of that trip hobbling around.
Do you think this is something your broker would do for you?
I'll be sending you reports directly from the field. I'll be inspecting projects, meeting the management teams, and “kicking” the actual rocks.
Without this kind of insight in your corner, the market has proven there is little chance for success.
But if you do what it takes to find the right juniors — really dig deep down into their fundamentals... management... history... properties... balance sheets... and results — you can't help but pull in fantastic gains.
I won’t make a move unless it has the ability to double... triple... or quadruple your money.
For that reason, I urge you to be honest with yourself...
If you’d rather sit in an S&P Index Fund and hope the next 10 years are better than the last... or find an investment that’ll just let you “scrape by” on returns of 10%... you might feel out of place here.
Secret Stock Files is geared towards aggressive — but sensible — individuals who want to make serious money.
If you believe Secret Stock Files is right for you, then I'd love to welcome you to our inner circle — at least, for a risk-free preview.

Here's What You'll Receive
Reply by simply clicking the "Try Secret Stock Files" button at the bottom of this message...
Within minutes, I'll be in touch with you with a letter that shows you how to download a copy of my two newest reports:
  • "The Physical Gold Buyer's Guide"
  • "The Golden Portfolio: Your 'Buy List' for the Coming Run-Up to $6,500 an Ounce"
But that's just the tip of the iceberg... As a charter member of Secret Stock Files, you'll also get:
  • Weekly Issues of Secret Stock Files  Every Wednesday, you'll receive a new issue of Secret Stock Files, which gives you new buy, sell, or hold recommendations, a full analysis behind each of my new picks, as well as inside videos to many of the world's top junior mining projects.
  • You'll have full members-only access to the Secret Stock Files website and archives with 24-hour portfolio availability.
  • "Coin Deal of the Week" — In the weekly update you'll receive, there will be a special section telling you the best gold coin you should buy now.
  • You'll Also Get BUY and SELL Alerts The gold mining market moves quickly, especially the junior resource market. Sometimes a new buy or sell recommendation just can't wait for the scheduled weekly update. And I'll send you these alerts right away.
  • SPECIAL BONUS REPORT: "The 21st Century Gold Bull Market Supercycle: Seeing the Big Picture" — This is the real story of how gold prices got to where they are today... and why they're now coiled to skyrocket to $6,500 an ounce. (Valued at $99... Yours FREE!)
  • Most Important  You'll get a FULL 60 days to try out Secret Stock Files, risk FREE!
In the next few weeks, you'll hear about investments that could literally change your life... the kind that allow average, everyday folks to wise up — and retire early.
You should expect at least two new stock recommendations every single month. And each week, I’ll also be telling you what physical coins and bars you should be buying.  
That's why Secret Stock Files will be unlike any other investment research advisory you've subscribed to in the past.
But before I tell you how to start your own trial subscription to my Secret Stock Files advisory, there's one more opportunity you can take advantage of right now...

535% on Silver
Back on December 23, 2015, I recommended that Energy and Capital readers buy shares of a little-known silver mining outfit called First Majestic Silver.
With a commanding land position, First Majestic has 100% interests in six silver-focused mines in Mexico.
The stock was trading around $3 a share.
Today, shares of First Majestic are trading at $15 a share.
That's a 500% gain in six months!
Silver has been on fire since the start of the year. The demand for it is red-hot, especially in China.
China is on pace to import more than 3,000 tons of silver this year, which would be the most since 2011.
But supply of silver is dire. There are not a lot of standalone silver producers out there. And there is little investment going into new silver mines.
Based on the supply/demand fundamentals, I expect silver to soar much, much higher.
As Steve St. Angelo, an independent researcher with the SRSrocco Report, says:
"Gold and silver prices will skyrocket in the future based on the fundamentals, not technical analysis. Not only will fundamentals be the important factor in the future, they have also been the leading indicators over the past 50 years."
That's why, in addition to my gold portfolio, I've also created a portfolio of silver stocks, so you can leverage rising silver prices going forward.
The portfolio is structured in a similar fashion to my gold portfolio, with a heavy focus on the smaller, early-stage silver explorers.
That's because they will be the ones to benefit the most from a move in silver, even if it's only a tiny move in the physical metal's price.
I've written a report detailing the absolute best silver stocks to buy now.
It's called: "The Ultimate Silver Portfolio."
When you sign up for Secret Stock Files, you'll receive complete access to this exclusive report and my entire portfolio, which you can find on the members-only website.
It's available 24/7. And I'll alert you by email when I'm selling positions and adding new ones.
So how much would you pay for a weekly investment bulletin that delivers, straight to your email inbox, consistent opportunities for triple-digit profits?
And how much might it be worth to you to receive an easy-to-follow roadmap for taking advantage of the enormous, once-in-a-lifetime bull market in precious metals?
Before you hazard a guess as to the price of my service, let me put you at ease: the return on your very first investment will likely more than pay for a full year of Secret Stock Files many times over.

So Here's the Final Tally:
For an annual investment of $299 actually just $5.75 a week you get weekly access to some of the best investments Wall Street has yet to discover.
You'll hear every week about my travels to unlock the opportunities that go overlooked by other analysts and be on the "right side" of every major commodity trend before it hits front-page news.
But there is ONE catch!
Because my work does cover some tiny, potentially high-risk stocks, I must limit enrollment to just a fraction of readers.
Everyone deserves this opportunity, and I hate to shut anyone out, but we simply can't afford to "go public" to a large group and risk blowing out these stocks. Because that is NOT the way to invest.
If this attracts too much "attention," we'll pull the plug. But I don’t want you to miss out...
So as long as you respond immediately, I’m going to remove every possible reason you could have for not accepting my invitation to at least see everything, 100% risk free, for yourself...
Here's my special promise to YOU:
If within 60 days you're not completely satisfied with Secret Stock Files, if for any reason you feel that it's not worth your hard-earned money, just call in, and I'll give you a 100% refund.
You heard me right. Every penny of it.
No surcharges... no "restocking fees"... no risk.
That's because I know that once you see how I can improve your net worth, you won't need another newsletter ever again.
Securing your financial future can be as easy as a single click of a mouse button.
But please understand: Conditions for these gold recommendations won't stay this perfect for long.
Today's gold market shares a very similar pattern with the 1970s gold market... when gold prices surged 514%.
When these trades take off, I have no doubt in my mind that they will accelerate FAST.
That's why I urge you to act now.
Every day you wait is another day you could be making money.
Good Investing,
Luke Burgess Signature
Luke Burgess
Investment Director, Secret Stock Files
P.S. — When I say "no risk," I really mean it. If you're not thrilled for any reason... if you're dissatisfied for any reason... just give us a call. Within the first 60 days, you'll get back every last cent and keep everything you receive — with my best wishes for success.

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