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200 Ambitious Wealth-Seekers Wanted:

We'll Give You $13,661* to Try
Our Elite Resource Investment
Research —

Tiny Companies with the Unique
Ability to Make 100 Times
Your Money

(*You could get more!)

Hi, Nick Hodge here.
It’s no secret that after the terrible resource bear market of the last few years....
We are now experiencing an astonishing and dramatic turnaround in the resource sector.
In 2016 so far...
Gold is up 30%...
Silver is up 70%
And lithium is up over 40%.
Other metals like platinum are beginning to get some wind behind them. And in just the last few months, our readers have already seen some big winners on resource stocks, including...
new-black-check-mark  1,667% on a tiny lithium play in four months.
new-black-check-mark  530% on a gold miner nearing production in two months...
new-black-check-mark  437% on a gold explorer miner in three months
new-black-check-mark  619% on a uranium-gold play in six months
Just $13,661 invested in these few picks would have handed you $461,034...
And just in the first half of 2016!
In case you think I’m cherry-picking these winners, every single gold play in just my Early Advantage open portfolio is up double and triple digits. The average gain is 118%. Check it out...

When you consider that all of these massive resource stock winners occurred in just the first half of 2016.
It points to ONE inevitable conclusion: We have entered the early stages of a new resource supercycle.
A point when new fortunes are made or missed depending on how quickly you move...
So if you’re willing to take action today, tolerate a little volatility, and not miss out on these life-changing fortunes, then good:
You’re already halfway to the biggest profit windfall of your life... and this information is definitely for you.
Now you just need the specific ways to land the 100-baggers in the resource boom...
And that’s why I’ve done something rather unprecedented here at the Outsider Club and Angel Publishing.
In light of this recent reversal in the energy and metals markets, I’ve reached out to my industry contacts.
I’ve ruled out dozens of different strategies like futures, ETFs, and rare coins.
And I’ve honed down on the THREE absolute best ways to make a fortune in this new supercycle... no matter how much you start with.
I’m talking about specific ways to see 10-fold, 100-fold, EVEN 1,000-fold returns on resource booms.
I call it “Gold’s Trifecta.”
And I doubt you or even 99% of analysts have ever seen anything like it.
That’s because this one-two-three punch on the resource market targets the hottest yet least-known ways to make a fortune in supercycle events.
It includes...
1)  Private placement deals
2)  Early-stage junior miners
3)  And prospect generators
These three each differ in their risk-reward and wealth potential for everyday investors.
But together they are the ultimate tool kit to make YOU a millionaire on this uptick in gold, energy, and resources... no matter how much money you have.
The thing is, you won’t hear about these opportunities anywhere else, certainly not from the financial media.
So in order to help you see the most profitable opportunities possible...
I've formed a group of three resource stock research services and two non-resource services... Each dedicated to offering you a specific way of generating 100-bagger profits from the new resource boom.
I even recruited a resource guru and financial advisor to billionaires in order to help me do it.
But I took it another step further...
I'm so confident in Outsider Club's premium stock advisory services that I've convinced my publisher to set aside $1,000,000 of our company’s cash to pay readers to try it.

We’re Giving The First 200 “Beta-Testers” $13,661 Each

To Test Drive Our New Resource Market Research

And if you’re thinking there must be a catch, you’re right.
There is a catch. Two, in fact.
First, you have to act now. There are only 200 slots available. And they’re already filling up.
Second, you must promise to use this money wisely.
Invest in your children or grandchildren’s education, invest in a loved one, or take your money and make smart moves in the market.
And I don’t mean investing in the S&P or blue-chip tech stocks.
Instead, I hope you stake it on one of the elite resource plays we’re going to share with you.
Because that $13,661 — invested in just one of these plays — could generate EXPONENTIAL wealth. And in a very short time span.
What’s the real potential wealth at stake?
Well, imagine if you had invested just $13,661 in the last resource supercycle in the 2000s.
Resources were taking off, just like they’re doing now. And investors enjoyed dozens of opportunities to become rich with $13,661 or even less.
Take the uranium firm Laramide Resources, which surged from just pennies to over $15.


A stunning gain of 25,650%.
That’s good enough to turn $13,661 into a staggering retirement windfall of $3,510,000.
And not in 20 years, 15, or even five, but in just four years!
And it was far from a fluke.

What $13,661 Could Do for Your

Retirement in the Resource Supercycle

Another energy play, Coalspur Mines, saw explosive gains of 22,400% in two years’ time.


That’s good enough to turn $13,661 into $3,073,725... all in 24 months! That 225 times your money!
But you could have done even better with an unusual kind of gold miner called Reservoir Minerals.
From the bull market of 2009-2011, and all the way up until recently...
This play surged for triple-digit gains, over and over again... with almost no pullback.
Take a look...

All told, you could have seen a whopping 32,000% gain on Reservoir between 2009 and 2016.
Good enough to turn every $13,661 invested into a whopping $4.38 million.
With any one of these plays you could have become a millionaire starting with a $13,661 grubstake.
And you could have done it in a few short years. In one case, as little as 24 months!
That’s the wealth-generating potential of resource upturns like the one we’re starting to experience.
But incredible as these gains are, they weren’t even the biggest returns from the last supercycle.
Instead, that honor goes to a tiny resource play called Paladin.
When the new resource supercycle began forming in mid-2003, Paladin took off on the most unbelievable run I’ve ever seen.
It blasted off from just under a penny to over $10 by early 2007.
An unprecedented return of 130,400%. And in under four years!
See the proof yourself...


Incredible, right?
You would never have to work or invest again (if you didn’t want to).
Imagine how much this would have changed your life by investing $1,000 or $10,000 on just this one play.
In fact, as little as $800 would have made you a millionaire.
And in less than four years!
But I’ll be frank...
Plays like Paladin Energy are not for the faint of heart. They’re for serious wealth-seekers. Investors who aren’t satisfied with paltry 4% or 5% gains every year.
And who can weather the volatility along the road to real wealth.
So if you don’t have the gumption or ambition to claim the $13,661 check we’re offering today...
You probably won’t have what it takes to pull the trigger on these speculative resource plays.
They’re just not for everyone. And that’s fine.
But if you’re the kind of brave wealth-seeker willing to buck the normal investing curve...
Someone who is willing to ignore the financial media, the naysayers, or even your friends...
And who wants to strike it rich in a short time span, with very little invested...
Then you’re a perfect fit. Which is why I feel so confident giving you this $13,661 check today. I know you’re the kind individual who will put it to good use for yourself, your family, and your retirement.
It’s also why I’m limiting this offer to a select group of 200 readers who move quickly.
And I do mean quickly. My suspicion is that we have a lot more than 200 ambitious people ready to pocket $13,661.
Especially when we’re also offering the potential to turn that $13,661 into a whole lot more.
Potentially $1 million more.
As you’ve seen, that’s what happened during the last resource supercycle.
Investors saw the opportunity to get fantastically rich by investing just $13,661 (or less).
And we believe history is about to repeat itself.
The new supercycle is just beginning and could once again make all-new millionaires in the decade ahead.
Only this time you don’t have to front any of the “seed money” yourself.
We’ve got you covered.
But here’s the thing...
Last time the fortunes only went to those who got in early, just as the supercycle was beginning.
Which is why you need to get in immediately, during the early stages right now. So let’s not waste any more time.
Let me show you how to instantly claim your $13,661 check...

Introducing Outsider Club’s Inner Circle:

Your Gateway to the Biggest Fortunes in
Gold, Energy, and Resource Markets

When you claim your $13,661 check today, you’ll begin a test drive of Outsider Club's Inner Circle.
At the center of this project are Outsider Club’s three highest-grade resource services.
Each hones in on the most lucrative kind of metals, energy, and resource plays.
The ONLY kind of plays that make millionaires in supercycles like the one we’re entering now.
They include...
new-black-check-mark  Elite junior miners
new-black-check-mark  Prospect generators
new-black-check-mark  And private placements
With each of these kind of plays, you could turn that $13,661 grubstake into a retirement nest egg.
My team and I put our boots on the ground in order to dig up these opportunities.
We don’t just look at quarterly earnings reports or corporate spreadsheets.
We go out to the mines...
Meet the executives...
Hob-knob with the geologists...
Analyze the resources...
All to bring you the “inside scoop” on every single opportunity we find... and rule out the fakes.

It’s Like You’re On the Ground With Us

The second one of our experts detects any worthwhile moneymaking intelligence, Outsider Club's Inner Circle members get an email, which always includes a recommended course of action.
And not just in the metals or energy markets, either...
Specifically, you will receive ALL of our research at the Outsider Club — every item we publish, every investment recommendation, every income or wealth preservation strategy, every report, every special situation alert — all FREE — for the rest of your life.
Everything we publish now (except Nick's Notebook). And any new publications we add in the future (which there are already plans for).
Right now, that includes:
  • The Crow's Nest ($690 lifetime value)
  • Like Minded People ($990 lifetime value)
  • Resource Stock Digest Premium ($4,990 lifetime value)
  • Nick Hodge's Early Advantage (Our best-selling advisory service, a $9,990 lifetime value)
That’s a $16,660 lifetime value you'll have as a member of Outsider Club's Inner Circle.
Within days, even minutes, you’ll begin seeing the impact research of this caliber can have on your wealth.
Let’s take a look at what you’ll start getting the minute you accept this limited-time offer.
To start with, you’ll get my latest, most cutting-edge research service: Nick Hodge's Early Advantage.

Inner Circle Service #1:
Early AdvantageOur Flagship, #1 Selling Service

I started Early Advantage 10 years ago. And it's evolved into Angel Publishing and Outsider Club’s flagship stock advisory service.
It’s the #1 best-seller year after year. nick hodges early advantage aes 200x100
Until I launched Nick’s Notebook, it was the highest grade of research we offered at Outsider Club and Angel Publishing. And for good reason...
Over its lifespan, readers have had the opportunity to profit from no less than 280 triple-digit and double-digit winners. My overall win rate is 83%.
I didn’t get this track record by sitting behind a desk.
I go directly out to the companies, meet the execs, examine their reserves, and speak to their geologists.
That gives me insight you won’t see from the company earnings report or CEO spin stories.
In the last few years I’ve logged over thousands of hours of air travel putting my boots on the ground.
And all the time and effort is worth it knowing the sort of wealth my readers have had the opportunity to earn.
Like member Donald M., who told me:
Thank you, Nick! On your information I did very well on two picks with a profit of $26,989!
— Donald M.
Or member Paul P. who simply says:
I can say without a doubt you have the best investment ideas I found anywhere.
— Paul P.
Most recently, they had the opportunity to profit from some home runs in the resource space like...
new-black-check-mark  123% on a platinum miner
new-black-check-mark  284% on a gold-lithium play
new-black-check-mark  116% on a gold explorer
new-black-check-mark  109% on a near-production gold miner
new-black-check-mark  213% on a basic metals explorer
And that’s just over the past few months!
In fact, the average pick in my precious metals portfolio right now is up 118%.
How did we do it?
By ignoring the naysayers who said resources are dead and never coming back.
My readers and I know all too well that every bear market carries the seeds of a bull market.
It happens like clockwork...
Prices get so low that miners can no longer produce, causing the supply to drop. Then prices start creeping up.
And once investors start catching on, like they did in early 2016, resource plays shoot through the roof.
The ones who make the real fortunes? Investors like my readers and I who knew what was inevitably coming and stuck to our guns.
To be clear, while gold and resource plays are the ultimate focus of Early Advantage, we limit ourselves to no sector.
Alternative energy, biotech, and technology — we aim for long-term growth plays in these ultra-lucrative markets.
The kind that can provide a quick shot of returns, then materialize into 10- and 100-baggers.
Some of the plays like these I have my eye on right now include...
new-black-check-mark  A tiny company with a patented and proven method for connecting homes and offices to next-generation fiber-optic networks. It’s done work for Google, Homeland Security, and Johns Hopkins University, but this cash-cow is just getting started.
new-black-check-mark  A virtual reality company that is revolutionizing the home improvement and construction space. It’s partnering with North America’s largest construction materials providers to allow homeowners to see finished projects in real time. Don’t sit on the sidelines for this one.
new-black-check-mark  Another tiny biotech owns patents on the most advanced vaccine development for the Zika virus, one that’s now entering clinical trials and could become a first-line therapy worldwide... not just for Zika, but other deadly epidemics like HIV, ebola, and MERS. Even cancer!
These three plays are each screaming buys right now!
And you get all three — including their profiles and ticker symbols — the moment you become a member of Inner Circle.
Plus you’ll get 21 other equally lucrative opportunities in my open portfolio... and all of my research reports.
And you’ll get it all on the house!
A one-year subscription to Early Advantage is $999. The 10-year "lifetime" value (before inflation) is $9,990. Though I, and I hope you, plan on living much longer than that. 
You’ll receive Early Advantage for as long as I publish it free of charge as a member of Outsider Club's Inner Circle.
And at only 33 years old… I plan on publishing it for decades to come.
You'll also be getting resource stock guidance from a face that’s becoming familiar here at the Outsider Club...
A Texas man who has advised billionaires and multimillionaires in the resource markets.
He himself built a multimillion-dollar portfolio in real estate using profits from gold stocks.
His name is Gerardo del Real.
And his new advisory service, Resource Stock Digest Premium, offers you the sort of explosive profit opportunities his high-end clients have grown accustomed to.

Inner Circle Service #2:

Resource Stock Digest Premium
The Elite of Elite 1% of Gold Stocks

Just since he started in May 2016, he’s already shown a handful of readers a handful of bigger winners.RSDP 200
One copper play has soared 181% in four months.
Another gold miner has soared 100% in that same time.
And seven other recommendations in his portfolio are up double digits or more.
All told, his total open portfolio now stands at an average 43% return — and that’s just in four months!
But he’s just warming up.
Before I hired him to run Resource Stock Digest Premium, Gerardo was an advisor to high-net-worth investors in the natural resources sector. Some of his clients have assets in the billions.
These are people from all corners of the world.
He doesn't work on Wall Street. Or in Silicon Valley. In fact, he lives in Austin, Texas.
So why do high-net-worth individuals pay him for resource stock advice over some high-flying Wall Street hedge fund manager?
Because they know he has a proven formula for consistently identifying big winners in the gold and natural resource markets. And perhaps more importantly, a strategy for avoiding huge losses, too.
(Sometimes the best stock is one that you walk away from in the first place.)
His formula has allowed him to consistently tap huge gains in the resource markets year after year, while regular investors play stale blue chips.
In fact, with the profits he's made in the resource sector, he's been able to build a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio. He owns several properties in Alaska, Texas, Mexico, and more. (After all, good land is a finite resource, too.)
And some of the gains he’s showed his small circle of clients were absolutely breathtaking.
Take a tiny company called Rare Element Resources. It's a rare earths company. But it also has a great gold exploration property in Wyoming...
He bought in at 40 cents a share. And then the stock went as high as $16.
That's an incredible 3,900% gain.
Most people never see gains like this in their entire lifetime. Funny thing is, his investors have seen even bigger gains...
He found another company called Quest Rare Minerals.
This tiny firm had a very large deposit of "heavy" rare earths in northern Quebec. In fact, it's one of the largest deposits in the world, outside of China. And these "heavy" rare earths are even more valuable than gold.
He advised his network to buy shares at around seven cents.
Outside investors who weren't privy to the opportunity paid many times more when they realized the powerful trend in the rare earths space that was developing.
When the stock hit $5 a share, he began advising his network to book profits.
That's a stunning gain of 7,042%.
Good enough to turn a $10,000 stake into $715,000... on just a single trade.
Incredible, right?
Just think about everything you could do with those profits... buy a fancy car, pay for a wedding, pay off your house, put your kids or grandkids through college...
But here's the thing: he’s identified winners even when gold is getting clobbered, just like it did in the past several years.
Gerardo looks to make money under all market conditions — in both bull and bear resource markets.
And that's exactly what his high-net-worth clients are looking for.
For example, back in 2014 in the teeth of the gold bear market, he identified an exploration company in Nevada.
It's a small gold outfit sitting on three unique gold exploration projects.
But here's the thing: it’s also one of the only companies in the United States that owns land right next to one of the biggest producers of another metal most people have never heard of...
And it's become one of the most sought-after elements in the world.
Wall Street brokerage firm Goldman Sachs is calling it “The New Gasoline.”
I'm talking about lithium, the third element of the periodic table.
Lithium is a key ingredient in creating batteries for electric cars and home power systems.
At the time when he told his clients to get in, the stock was trading for around 16 cents a share.
When the stock hit $1.50, he told them to immediately lock in their gains.
That could have turned every $10,000 invested into over $83,200.
In other words, an 832% return in six months.
Meanwhile, gold prices plummeted 13% during that year.
This play is one of Gerardo’s biggest successes. And it happened during the most brutal gold bear market in the past 40 years.
Since launching Resource Stock Digest Premium in May 2016, he's already given his readers the chance to double their money on several resource picks. Member Donald R. has already written in saying:
Thank you Mr. Del Real! Thank you! My story begins early in portfolio was suffering badly. The results have been amazing since using your publications. My portfolio has risen from a dwindling $72,000 to a rapidly advancing $110,000. This is truly a dream unfolding! Thank you for your publications based on hard work and something that today is hard to find...your HONESTY and INTEGRITY! 
The value Gerardo can deliver for you is in his ability to hone in on the least-known and most profitable sectors of the resource boom.
And in light of the new supercycle forming in just about every major commodity... From gold and silver to lithium, platinum, and rhodium...
The profit potential he can deliver for you is truly staggering, perhaps bigger than anything in decades.
That’s why we’ve assembled this elite package for maximum profit seekers.
Resource Stock Digest Premium sells for $499 — that's a 10-year "lifetime" value of $4,990. And you get it free of charge, for life, when you become a member of the Inner Circle.
But I’m not done just yet.
As an Outsider Club's Inner Circle member, you get all of our public market services here at the Outsider Club, free of charge.
And that includes opportunities to not just build wealth, but protect it and maximize your income, too.
It’s truly everything you need for complete financial security in retirement, even if you don’t have much currently saved.

Inner Circle Service #3:
A Lifetime Subscription to The Crow’s Nest
Use Your New-Found Wealth to Earn Retirement Income That NEVER Runs Out
the crows nest wwp logo 200x100
The obvious question is: once you’re sitting on a mountain of wealth from the resource boom, what’s the next step? After all, in retirement, the ultimate goal is not to eat into your principal — no matter how much money you’ve saved.
That’s why, as a special bonus, Outsider Club's Inner Circle members will also get a free lifetime subscription to the Outsider Club’s premier income service: The Crow’s Nest.
The Crow’s Nest is your gateway to earning the retirement income you need in our zero interest-rate world.
Headed by our income expert, Jimmy Mengel, this service gives you a steady stream of income opportunities...
Unheard-of income plays that generate upwards of 20% yield safely.
Ideas like...
new-black-check-mark  A $50 Retirement Plan
new-black-check-mark  L-25 Retirement Contracts: legally contracted 17% dividends
new-black-check-mark  A 10.1% dividend on valuable items like coins and collectible assets
This entire underworld of super-income is just what retirees are looking for!
But The Crow’s Nest goes beyond just income...
You’ll also get unique insight into explosive markets like medical marijuana.
Jimmy scopes out the most lucrative pot plays in the market by putting his boots on the ground.
He goes out to the marijuana facilities and the Silicon Valley VC meetings.
He meets directly with the biggest names in this mushrooming industry.
And then serves up his readers big gains in pot stocks like...
new-black-check-mark  93% on a Big Pharma play on the cutting edge of new cannabis therapies
new-black-check-mark  112% on the “Budweiser” of cannabis
new-black-check-mark  73% on an organic marijuana grower
new-black-check-mark  120% on a Canada-based VC firm that finances medical marijuana startups
That’s just over the last year. And it’s just a fraction of the profits he sees coming down the pipeline...
Legal marijuana is an explosive $200 billion market that’s just beginning to be unlocked.
Billionaires like Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and even Warren Buffett are buying in on the ground floor.
So far 25 states have legalized it for medical use, and four for recreational use. And new laws could make those numbers obsolete by the time you watch this presentation.
In the next few years, as more states legalize marijuana entirely...
Jimmy will have his eyes on this market the whole time, directing you to the biggest pot profit opportunities he’s uncovered.
A one-year subscription to The Crow’s Nest costs $69 annually — a 10-year "lifetime" value of $699. But it’s absolutely free of charge for Outsider Club's Inner Circle members, for life.
So you’re sitting on all the wealth you earned from smart trades in the gold and resource supercycle...
You’re earning income on this pile of cash, and living out your retirement comfortably...
You’re all set, right?
Not quite.
You see, the threats to your wealth are coming from all angles, and we want to help you protect it.

Inner Circle Service #4:

A Lifetime Subscription to Like Minded People

Protect Your New Wealth, Too!

That’s where my service Like Minded People comes in. But it’s more than just an investment minded people lmp logo 200x100
It’s a community of sovereign individuals united by their shared beliefs in personal liberty.
We know that government malfeasance is the ultimate threat to your wealth.
new-black-check-mark  Zero interest rates hurt savers...
new-black-check-mark  The declining dollar erodes your purchasing power...
new-black-check-mark  Skyrocketing taxes rob you blind
new-black-check-mark  Digital cash traps your money in unstable banks...
new-black-check-mark  Surveillance threatens your financial privacy...
new-black-check-mark  Deficit spending poised to reach $20 TRILLION in 2017
And that’s just for starters...
Nowadays, it seems just about everybody has their hands out ready to pickpocket you. The threats include...
new-black-check-mark  Creditors putting a freeze on your bank accounts
new-black-check-mark  Banks charging mega-fees, overdraft withdrawals, and ATM surcharges
new-black-check-mark  Mutual funds and brokers robbing your portfolio with outlandish fees
new-black-check-mark  Police looking to get you with overcharged tickets and court fees
new-black-check-mark  Jealous neighbors looking for a big payday with frivolous lawsuits
The list goes on and on.
Like Minded People is about finding ways to not just free ourselves from these wealth destroyers...
But to prosper in spite of it all, preserving and growing our personal wealth and liberties.
Our entire wealth-growing strategy revolves around what I call the three-bucket system...
1) Less out of the bucket: cut out unnecessary expenses while still enjoying all of the fruits life offers.
2) More stays in the bucket: maximize your income while saving a bigger portion of it
3) And grow the bucket, generating a minimum 10% return each year on your savings
To help with that most of my recommendations have nothing to do with the stock market.
Some of these include...
new-black-check-mark  The best ways to buy gold and silver coins at a substantially lower premium...
new-black-check-mark  Unusual wealth-growing accounts that pay dividends, shield from taxes, and provide greater financial security
new-black-check-mark  How to safely buy and store precious metals
new-black-check-mark  “Currency X”: secret currency of the mega-rich
This is just a handful of the wealth-preserving and asset protection strategies you’ll get with Like Minded People.
One year of Like Minded People sells for $99 — that's a 10-year "lifetime" value of $990. Again, it’s free of charge when you become an Outsider Club's Inner Circle member. For life.

Claim Your $13,661 Gift
By Joining for Life
Given the current prices of our services… the retail rate for lifetime membership to all Outsider Club publications should cost $16,660.
Have a look at the table below and you can see the breakdown of everything Outsider Club's Inner Circle members get, for life...


But as “seed money” to get you started right away, I’ll give you the opportunity to claim an “Instant Credit” of $13,661.
You're welcome to pay $16,660... and I'll write you a check for $13,661 immediately.
Or you can claim it as an instant savings and pay only $2,999 today. That's a savings of 82% off the regular membership rate.
Once you join, you’ll never again have to worry about if or when your subscription will expire. You’ll never again have to pony up $500 to $1,000 per service… per year. Instead, as a member of Outsider Club's Inner Circle you’ll pay only a small yearly account maintenance fee of just $175.
And remember, the value of your membership can only increase.
In a few weeks, we’re adding a brand new investment research advisory service which has at least a $500 annual value. You will get it for free... for life.
That's why it's so important to get on board now.
To maximize your profit potential and lock in maximum savings today… all you have to do is become a member of the Inner Circle. That means you’ll get a lifetime of access to every public stock advisory service we publish at the Outsider Club:
  • The Crow’s Nest
  • Like Minded People
  • Resource Stock Digest
  • Nick Hodge’s Early Advantage
the crows nest wwp logo 200x100 RSDP 200
like minded people lmp logo 200x100 nick hodges early advantage aes 200x100
Plus any new publication we ever add…
For one low price.

Want to pocket even more?
It was October 2015. I had just begun enrolling members in Nick’s Notebook.
That’s when I received first-hand information about a no-brainer private opportunity in the lithium sector.nicks notebook nnb logo 200x100
A tiny play that owns the largest lithium land package in Clayton County, Nevada. Plus a production-ready resource in the “Saudi Arabia” of lithium.
It helped that it was run by two of the biggest names in the resource space: billionaire Frank Giustra and Paul Maysek.
Both of whom have over a dozen major 10- and even 100-bagger wins under their belts.
Yet even though the lithium craze was hot, most investors hadn’t heard about this play.
And even if they did, they couldn’t buy in. Or wouldn’t know how. Because it wasn’t publicly traded.
But that wasn’t the case for members of Nick’s Notebook.
They enjoy a steady stream of early-stage private deals.
The kind that most investors never get access to, because they don’t have industry contacts.
And that’s where all the real money is made.
Money that could pay off your mortgage... fund a worldwide vacation... and cover your grandchildren’s tuition, with plenty left over!
So most investors bought this play when it began trading months later at $1.02 a share.
Since then, shares have jumped to $2.53 — a 153% gain in just a few months. Not bad.
They could have netted a $5,300 profit on $10,000.
But when members of Nick’s Notebook bought it, months earlier while it was still private, it traded at just 15 cents a share.
So my small circle of readers had the opportunity to pocket 1,667% returns!
That’s good enough to turn just $13,661 into a $230,000 windfall, in LESS THAN five months!
What sounds better to you...
On the same exact company, on the exact same capital, all in a matter of months...
This isn’t a hypothetical scenario, either. They’re real returns. Returns that are verifiable, documented, and proven. Returns that actual readers of mine got in on.
Another one in early 2016 came from a gold miner in Papua New Guinea.
The company had scooped up a massive production-ready mine from the gold giant Barrick Gold.
And it bought it for literally pennies on the dollar.
With gold heating up, the opportunity was another no-brainer. So I alerted readers of Nick’s Notebook in February — again, before it went public — when you could buy at 35 cents a share.
It went public in May, at about $1. And months later it surged to $2.21.
At best, those who bought it once it started trading could have banked 121% returns in two months. Not bad.
But when I told my readers to take their profits... they scooped up a 531% return.
Good enough to net $86,000 in profit on a $13,661 investment, in just five months!
Most investors could NOT have seen these returns on their own. Not without an “in” with the company. The kind of “in” my readers and I had to buy shares when it was still private.
I’m not cherry-picking my winners, either.
In the last 10 months, readers of Nick’s Notebook had the opportunity to bank some impressive windfalls like...
new-black-check-mark  448% on a gold miner in two months!
new-black-check-mark  271% on a tiny biotech in three months!
new-black-check-mark  153% on a medical marijuana distributor in four months
new-black-check-mark  233% on a potash play in 25 days!
new-black-check-mark  171% on a lithium explorer in 30 days!
new-black-check-mark  287% on a gold miner in eight months
Meanwhile, investors who bought AFTER these companies' shares went public saw just a tiny fraction of these returns.
And these are just the gains still on the table.
In fact, our average closed portfolio gain is a whopping 681%!
Can you see how far $13,661 could go with Nick’s Notebook? And how quickly?
That’s the wealth-building power of private placement deals...
Deals that you can now easily access, thanks to my inside connections in the resource and energy spaces.
Until now, you may have thought it was impossible to buy into these sort of deals.
In fact, outside Nick’s Notebook members — private placements are usually reserved exclusively for resource insiders, multimillionaires, and billionaires.
But with Nick’s Notebook, you now have their same advantage, all while the resource market is just starting to boom!
Which means you can amplify your returns potential exponentially.
That’s why this is the apex in my elite group of resource services.
Nick’s Notebook sells for $3,000 annually — a "lifetime" value of $30,000! But it’s free for you for as long as I publish it, when you select the $4,999 membership plan for Outsider Club's Inner Circle.


That’s every advisory we publish — including Nick’s Notebook, which recommends only private placement and pre-IPO opportunities.
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Our Ironclad Guarantee
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