Senin, 19 Desember 2016

How rich will you
be when GOLD
hits $8,000?

After 10 years in the money industry,
I can tell you...

There’s one unequivocal truth about gold

Dear Reader,
I’m not a "gold bug."
I don’t bury it in my yard, and I don’t necessarily view it as the ultimate "safe harbor" investment like some do.
But after 10 years in the money industry, I’ve discovered there’s one unequivocal truth...
Gold makes people rich.
It’s a fact. It can’t be disputed.
Some of the world’s greatest fortunes have been built on gold... and some of the deadliest wars in history have been fought over it.
And if you know anything about physical gold, you’ve already realized prices are headed much, much higher...
  • Pierre Lassonde, legendary gold investor, predicts gold prices could reach $8,000 per ounce based on an eight-decade connection between the Dow Jones and bullion.  You’ll see his reasoning shortly, but it’s important to note that he’s not the only one predicting this...
  • Willem Middelkoop, the man who predicted the U.S. housing crash and wrote the book The Big Reset, recently said, “By revaluing gold to a much higher level, to over $8,000 an ounce, central bankers solve quite a lot of problems.”
  • And Paul Brodsky said at an investment conference, “A big number to be sure, but math is math.  An $8,000 gold price would represent the magnitude of dollar devaluation necessary to reconcile all past monetary base inflation... In fact, we could see it rising even higher.”
And the market is starting to reflect what these guys are saying. Already this year, gold has been the best-performing asset class in the world.
So it wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve already looked into buying gold — maybe even more gold — like some of the world’s most famous investors currently are...
  • George Soros, for the first time in three years, has returned to gold... placing a $123 million bet on the metal.
  • Barry Rosenstein, the New York financier, followed suit... putting $5.9 million into gold.
  • Stanley Druckenmiller, the hedge fund billionaire and legendary investor, has piled into gold as well... placing more than $320 million of his own money into gold.
  • David Einhorn has allocated 10% of his $11 billion Greenlight Capital portfolio to gold.
  • Ray Dalio, John Paulson, and Jim Simons — all multibillionaires — also have huge stakes in gold.
The list goes on and on... billionaires and everyday investors alike are rushing into gold head on, just waiting for the huge payday that’s around the corner.
However, before you do ANYTHING involving gold... there’s something VERY important you need to understand.

It’s something I’ve told my high net worth
clients, and it’s something I’m going
to tell you TODAY.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you NEED to hear what I say in this briefing before you put so much as another dollar into a gold investment.
You see... I have some urgent news for you.
The stars have aligned in the gold market, and a rare opportunity for massive profits has opened.
It gives you the chance to make FORTY-FOUR TIMES what you could earn by simply holding bullion.
In other words, for every $1 gold goes up, you stand to make $44.
So if gold goes from its current price of around $1,300
all the way to $8,000... that means potential profits of more
than $294,800.

Even if gold hits just half of that value... it still puts a
possible $147,400 in your pocket.
Either way, we’re talking about A LOT of cash — more than you’re likely to ever earn on physical bullion.
So what makes this possible?
I’m about to show you how you can use just a single "secret" to turn small rises in gold into HUGE amounts of cash.
But before you get any wrong ideas, let me tell you...
  • The "secret" I’m about to share with you has NOTHING do with buying coins. Today’s opportunity is far more explosive than anything you’ll earn on collectible coins, no matter what anyone tries to tell you.
  • This has NOTHING to do with buying or selling options. Not only can options be difficult to use, but any profits delivered by options will likely pale in comparison with what I’m showing you today.
  • Finally, this has NOTHING to do with risky Forex plays. So you don’t have to worry about getting mixed up in anything that’s difficult to understand or execute. This opportunity is one of the easiest you’ll ever come across... and it also has more profit potential than anything you’ve likely ever seen.
Instead, the gold moneymaker that I’m going to show you today is one of the fastest and most explosive ways to make a fortune I’ve ever come across.
You see, what we have before us is something that will very likely go down in history...
It’ll be talked about for years...
I can already see millionaires showing up on TV or at conferences to talk about how much money they made when gold soared to $8,000 per ounce.
I’d like you to be one of these people...
But you have to act.
Opportunities like this are very rare.
In fact...

Since 1976, massive gold bull markets
have only popped up four times...

And when they did, they didn’t last very long.

Not only that, but if you miss the timing by even a few months, you stand to make far less than you would if you’d gotten in early.
  • The first gold bull run in the last 40 years happened in 1976... and it lasted only four years (ending in 1980).
  • The second time was in 1993... and it lasted just three years (ending in 1996).
  • The third time came in 2000... and it lasted eight years, closing in 2008.
  • The fourth time it popped up is RIGHT NOW... and there’s no telling how long this run will last.
So, as you can see, this is a once-per-decade event...
And if timed properly, it has resulted in some of the greatest wealth-building opportunities in history.
Let’s take a look at the most recent run, for instance... the one that started in the year 2000 and ended in 2008.
During this period, the price of gold jumped by 234% per ounce.
By almost any standard, that’s pretty impressive.
But when you consider that there was actually a way to make far more by NOT buying bullion... those gains actually look pretty tiny.
Check this out:
If you’d used the "secret" I’m sharing with you today instead...

You could have banked nearly five times more money than if you’d bought physical gold.

Instead of 234% gains on gold itself,
you could have been raking in gains of 1,056%

The best part?
This wasn’t a one-off.
There were actually multiple opportunities to use the "secret" I’m sharing with you today.
During the last gold run, you could have made an absolute killing.
Take a look at this one...

This time you could have made almost nine times more than if you’d simply been holding physical gold.

Instead of 234% gains on gold itself,
you could have been raking in gains of 2,080%

But it gets even better.
There was yet another opportunity to use the gold "secret" I’m about to reveal...

Here you could have made another nine times more than with physical gold.

Instead of 234% gains on gold itself,
you could have been raking in gains of 2,107%

In all, you could have made 22 times more with this gold "secret" than you would have if you’d been buying coins or other forms of bullion.
In other words, for every $1 gold went up in price, you could have made $22.
But it doesn’t stop there...
This time things are looking to be better... much better.
Remember, I expect gold to move much, much higher. And as I showed you a few minutes ago, I’m not the only one.
One of the biggest names in the gold industry, a guy that’s been in the market longer than I’ve been alive, sees it hitting $8,000 easily... and here’s why:
“In 1980, gold was at $800 and the Dow was at 800. In 1934, gold was $36 and the Dow was at 37. Where is the Dow today? Do I know it’s going to go back to 1:1 — I don’t know, but if history is a bit of a lesson, even if it goes to 2:1, that’s $8,000.”
He followed up, saying:
“If you look at gold today, it’s moving up in every single currency... That’s the definition of a bull market.”
That’s Pierre Lassonde’s view... and he’s been on the inside of the gold world for decades. Not only that, but he’s not spit-balling... his prediction is based on 80 years of historical evidence.
So while gold went up 234% between 2000 and 2008... this time we’re looking at a massive run of 515%.
In other words, this is an opportunity in gold where you could easily make twice as much as folks did during the previous explosion.
That means you could pull in up to 44 times more money with my gold "secret" than you would by buying gold and putting it in your safe.
In other words, you could earn $44 for every $1 gold goes up over the next several months — even years.
And that’s just using my "secret" three times...
You could have actually used it many more times than that... and pulled in even more cash.
So what is this "secret," and how does it work?
I’m about to show you...

Earn 44 Times MORE Money

I call my "secret," quite simply, the Gold Gain Multiplier.
Because EVERY time gold prices go up, this "secret" multiplies those increases by crazy amounts.
It happens like clockwork.
Just take a look at some of the other gains you could have grabbed as gold prices shot up in the past...
  • 1,118% on Endeavour Silver
  • 1,775% on Silver Lake Resources
  • 1,103% on B2Gold
  • 1,438% on Lydian International
  • 1,180% on Millrock Resources
  • 1,573% on Goldquest Mining
  • 2,588% on Condor Gold
  • 2,244% on Roxgold
  • 1,514% on Semafo
  • 2,050% on Channel Resources
  • 1,370% on McEwen Mining
  • 1,020% on Goldrush Resources
  • 1,350% on Robex Resources
Imagine if you got in on a just a couple — or even three — of those opportunities.
That’s what the Gold Gain Multiplier does for you... it alerts you to moneymaking events just like these.
But remember, this doesn’t happen often.
Since 1976, it’s only occurred four times... and that fourth time is occurring as you see this information on your computer screen.
And, like I’ve already mentioned, you have to act if you want to make a fortune with the Gold Gain Multiplier.
“That time is now...”
As world-famous investor Paul Tudor Jones recently said... “I have never been a gold bug. It is just an asset that, like everything else in life, has its time and place. And that time is now.”
“If you don’t own gold...”
Ray Dalio, billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates, went on record saying... “If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.”
“Get out of the stock market...”
Legendary billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller got a bit heated when asked about buying gold... “What part of ‘Get out of the stock market’ don’t you understand?”
Thing is, the market agrees with all of them...
Already in this gold cycle, the one we’re experiencing right now, we’ve seen plenty of action...
  • Asanko Gold, an exploration and production company, has already shot up more than 200%.
  • Pilot Gold has risen by 237%.
  • And Richmont Mines has gone up 218%.
See what I mean?
Things are already in motion, and as gold continues to explode, these companies are set to catapult even higher.
But their runs have already started... it’s already too late to pull in max gains on these specific companies.
However, there are several other companies that haven’t even started their runs yet...
And I’m about to reveal them to you in just a moment.
But first, let me cover something very important.

7,042% Gains with the
Gold Gain Multiplier

My name is Gerardo Del Real.
I’ve been in the money industry for a decade now, and I’ve spent that time advising some of the highest net worth investors in the world...
I’m talking about guys who count their money in billions.
I’ve used the Gold Gain Multiplier for them, and today I’m introducing it to you.
I’ve spent thousands of man-hours tweaking and perfecting it... and to say it has worked would be a massive understatement.
For instance, one of my high net worth clients mentioned that he was going to buy a large amount of gold.
I immediately told him to listen to what I had to say before he went out and did that because I had something better.
I talked to some contacts who were working on advancing a company called Rare Element Resources, which traded at $0.26.
Shortly after, the stock jumped to $16 — a 6,053% gain.
In other words, he couldn’t have been happier, as he pulled in FAR more cash on my play than if he had bought up a bunch of physical metal.
On that one play, he made more money than most people will ever see in their lives.
But that wasn’t an isolated incident...
I also advised a group of investors to sidestep physical gold and get into a company called Quest Rare Minerals.
My Gold Gain Multiplier had identified it as a primary target, and I let them know that.
We got into the stock when it was trading at just $0.07.
A short time later, I contacted them and told them it was time to get out.
The stock was trading at $5 — a gain of 7,042%.
If you’d known about this and threw in $10,000... you’d be sitting on a cash pile worth $715,000.
And that’s on just a single trade.
As you can see, I’m not looking for 10% or 20% gains here... I’m looking for four-baggers every single time.
These types of results aren’t even that surprising to me anymore...

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding
and profiting from the ins and outs of
every type of resource imaginable...

And gold’s at the top of the list.

To see what I mean, just check out this opportunity I found using the Gold Gain Multiplier.
This time it was on a company by the name of GoGold Resources.
Check out what happened...

While physical gold was going up just 32% over this period, the Gold Gain Multiplier identified this play, which shot up by 845%.
That’s 26 times better than with ordinary gold.
There was also this opportunity on Lydian International:

This one was even better... as Lydian shot up 2,300%.
Physical gold? It only went up 63%.
In other words, if you’d jumped on this two-year ride with Lydian, you could have made 36 times more money.
But, impressively enough, that wasn’t even the best opportunity.
Are you ready for the mother of all Gold Gain Multiplier plays?
It happened with a company by the name of ATAC Resources... and it was a crusher.

This would be hard to believe if it hadn’t actually happened...
ATAC shot off for 10,150% gains... a ten-bagger.
Physical gold, however, was nowhere near that... going up only 51% over the same period.
All told, ATAC outperformed bullion by an astounding 199 times.

** Something You Should Know **

As you can see, my Gold Gain Multiplier finds some of the most extraordinary profit plays in the gold market.
And it does so with regularity.
In fact, I have five of them in my open portfolio right now, and guess what? ALL of them are winners.
I’m simply holding them, waiting for them to reach max gains.
Of course, while the gains you can make with the Gold Gain Multiplier are incredible, there is something you need to be aware of...
You can’t just go out and take a position in any gold company and expect the kinds of gains I’ve been sharing with you.
The 1,000%, 2,000%, and 8,000% gains you’ve seen are the result of a very technical system that I’ve honed and tweaked over many years in the industry.
And I can tell you firsthand...
There are FAR more losers out there than there are winners.
For every huge gain, there are a hundred big-time losers.
So if you don’t follow the gold market as closely as I do (just about every minute of the day), you could very easily lose your shirt.
But that’s where I come in...
I’m going to be your guide and help you navigate the turbulent gold market waters and pinpoint the plays with the greatest potential for HUGE payouts.
You see, not only do I use my Gold Gain Multiplier to help identify the biggest potential winners, but I also do all the work most analysts can’t or won’t do.
Quite often I’m actually sitting on the edge of a mine, chatting with the CEO and other top executives of a company...
Or I’m on-site, learning how a company operates... making sure it’s on the up and up...
Or I’m in a board room, getting to the bottom of a company’s financials... getting behind-the-scenes information from resource contacts that I’ve built over many years in the industry.
In other words, I know what makes gold companies tick... what makes them good targets... and, most importantly, what makes them potential four-baggers for YOU.
On top of that, thanks to my Gold Gain Multiplier, I’ll be able to tell you exactly when to take action on an opportunity... and also the precise moment to collect your gains.
This is the entire reason Angel Publishing spent a good bit of time and money recruiting me.
They saw the success I was delivering to my high net worth clients...
They saw my list of contacts... and how I’m a single phone call away from ANYONE you want to name in the entire resource industry...
THEN they saw my track record...

2,500% Gains with the
Gold Gain Multiplier

During the last gold bull run (when gold went up 234%), there was an incredible opportunity...
It was on a company called Abcourt Mines.
Almost no one had ever heard of it.
But it didn’t escape my Gold Gain Multiplier.
In 2003, Abcourt was trading for just $0.08.
Then things changed as gold took off.
Shortly after, those who got in on Abcourt early had the chance to cash out for 1,500% gains — or six times what physical gold would have made them.
Thing is, Abcourt was just the first of three plays that produced crazy gains.
The second happened almost to the day that Abcourt took off.
This time it was with Abacus Mining.
And this one made even more money... In fact, it made 10 times more than bullion.
By the end of Abacus’s run, investors were looking at gains of 2,500%.
The third play came in the form of Eagle Plains Resources... and like Abacus, it popped off for 10 times the gains made with physical gold.
With just these three plays, you would have pulled in 26 times more than you would have made with gold during its most recent bull market.
That’s an insane difference...
You could have put $10,000 into gold, and you’d have made $14,000 in profit.
OR you could have put $10k into each of the plays I just showed you and walked away with $610,000.
That doesn’t take into account "rolling over" profits or compound interest, either.
That $610,000 is straight-up, 100% profit.
And that’s just with THREE plays. Imagine if you’d nailed five or six more...
The money amounts we’re talking here are extraordinary.
But again, you can’t just go out and throw darts.
You need extensive knowledge of the gold market and a comprehensive contact list in order to have the ability to find these kinds of opportunities.
However, like I told you before, you don’t have to worry about that.
You don’t have to put a decade’s time into doing that kind of work like I have.
And that’s because I’m going to show you every part of my Gold Gain Multiplier... how it works... and how you could start using it today to nab potential gains like the ones I’ve shown you.

Earn 199x gold with the
Gold Gain Multiplier

This could very well be your skeleton key to unlocking incredible gold gains in the market for years to come...
It’s a unique system that combines my 10 years of industry experience with dozens of technical indicators to pinpoint huge gains BEFORE they happen.
And like I told you earlier, I currently have five of these plays in my open portfolio (plays I’ll reveal in just a moment).
But those are just the beginning... I currently have three more that I’m ready to release in my special report, "The New Millionaires: 3 Gold Stocks to Ultimate Riches."
That’s three more plays I’ve identified with the help of my Gold Gain Multiplier.
Remember, it only takes three plays to secure untold riches.
You could be in line to collect 199 TIMES what physical gold makes, like I showed you earlier with ATAC Resources.
So how do you take advantage of the Gold Gain Multiplier?
Here’s how it works...

I’m not simply a stock picker...
I’m a moneymaker

Investing in the gold market isn’t like investing in blue chips... or most other things, for that matter.
Fact is, when it comes to building substantial wealth in gold assets, you have to know what you’re doing.
That’s why I recently joined Angel Publishing.
They wanted a guru, someone who’d been in the depths of the industry for years... someone who was willing to share his secrets and, more importantly, help our readers understand exactly how to get rich in the gold market.
So I’m not here to simply drop three stocks in your lap and walk away.
I’m here to explain the Gold Gain Multiplier to you... tell you precisely when to buy... precisely when to sell... and walk you through the process from start to finish.
Others will simply leave you hanging... or they need outside help to find the biggest potential profits.
But that’s not the case here.
I know the gold market inside out, and that means I know the top executives... I know how to vet share structures... I know exactly what questions to grill geologists with... and I know where the real opportunities are.
This is a service run by a professional.
I’m not simply a stock picker... I’m a moneymaker.
So whether you’re starting with $10,000 of your hard-earned money or you have $100k to play with... rest assured that you’ll be handed the most potentially explosive plays in the world.
What it boils down to is this: If you can follow a simple set of instructions and you’re looking to get rich in the gold market... you’re in the right place.
And in order to get my picks to those who want them, I started a brand-new service here at Angel Publishing called Resource Stock Digest Premium.
I’d like to get you started immediately, because I can’t stress enough: You HAVE to get in early on these plays.
Miss your window by just a couple months — or even weeks — and you’ve missed the chance to score 2,000% gains.
So, as there’s not much time to lose, I want to give you the full details on how you can start taking advantage of the Gold Gain Multiplier right away.

“Come on, is gold really going up?”

First, though, I’d like to quickly clear something up...
The minute I bring up gold, most people immediately ask me the same question: “Is gold really going to go up?”
The simple answer is this: I wouldn’t have sent you this briefing if I thought otherwise... and after a decade in the industry, I have a pretty good grip on exactly what gold prices are going to do.
In fact, I’ve wanted to start a gold advisory service for years...
But I knew, in good faith, that it wasn’t the right time.
Trust me; I don’t like to waste time — especially when it comes to money.
So I wouldn’t be here with you today if I thought the gold bear market was going to last another five years... or even one year.
We’re months away from an historic gold surge that should mint more millionaires than any other recorded bull market.
But it’s not just a "gut feeling" here. I don’t operate on those. I operate on facts.
And there are THREE main reasons gold is in for a big run:
  1. The Negative Yield Effect — For the first time ever, negative-yielding government debt has risen above the $10 trillion mark. The trillions from portfolio managers, pension funds, and insurers looking for a return will drive gold to all-time highs.
  2. The Death of Central Banks — As more and more countries move to negative interest rates, those who look to gold for safety are doing so as fast as they can. Even investors who typically avoid gold are turning to the precious metal for protection. And when that happens, companies pinpointed by the Gold Gain Multiplier will start to skyrocket.
  3. China and Russia are Hungry — China and Russia have been gobbling up gold as quickly as they can.  Over the past 15 months, China has increased its reserves by 70%. Russia’s been on a spree, too, increasing its reserves by 21% and becoming the world’s largest buyer of gold.
Those are the quick and dirty explanations. Like I say, there is a super technical side to it all, but the result is the same... Gold’s heading into what could very well be the greatest bull market we’ve ever seen.
The only question is, will you be in on this run? Are you going to be part of the group that makes up to 199x gold over the next several months... even years?
I hope so. I really do.
And I’ve pulled out all the stops to help make your decision a no-brainer.
Let me explain...

7 Gold Companies

I’ve already told you that I have three companies that I'm ready to send you in my special report, "The New Millionaires: 3 Gold Stocks to Ultimate Riches"... ticker symbols, buy and sell instructions, and profit predictions.
But I’d like to sweeten the pot.
So I’m not going to give you just three stocks.
I’m going to give you SEVEN of them.
That’s right. I want you to get started in the gold game properly.
And the best way to make money is to start with a basket of stocks.
I didn’t think three was quite enough.
So I’ve upped the number to seven.
What are these four bonus stocks?
Well, let me briefly show you which bonus stocks my Gold Gain Multiplier identified for you...

Bonus Gold Multiplier Stock #1

This company was — until gold took a nosedive — one of the most respected prospect-generators ever.
And as gold recovers — and skyrockets — these guys are once again demonstrating the business acumen that’s allowed them to outperform and out-discover their peers over a period of decades.
This company is shaping up to be a world-class asset, with world-class exploration potential and a world-class team that’s proven it knows how to pay shareholders.

Bonus Gold Multiplier Stock #2

Company #2 currently sits on 4.2 million ounces of gold. That’s not potential gold... that’s actual, measured gold. Thing is, with gold prices deflated, it couldn’t do anything with it. Now, it's just biding its time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
It has the gold, it has the management team... and it's set to pay out record gains once gold officially starts its bull run.

Bonus Gold Multiplier Stock #3

Company #3 is involved with three gold assets in Nevada. But there’s an added bonus: these guys also hold interest in six lithium exploration properties.
The true feather in their cap is the geologist who is working on the high-grade property they joint-ventured with, one of the most successful teams in the business. This woman is largely believed to be the absolute best in the industry. She’s a legend in the business, she doesn’t miss, and she has the company operating in one of the best mining jurisdictions in the world.

Bonus Gold Multiplier Stock #4

The final bonus company is a Canadian miner with a strong portfolio of precious and base metals.
It's in the early stages of what could be a very significant discovery in the heart of Mexico.
This is a more speculative pick, but it’s a company I’d gladly recommend to my billionaire clients... the kind of pick that could deliver the kinds of 199x gold gains I showed you earlier.
But again, you must take action now.
These companies have already started moving up... give them much longer, and they’ll already be out of range for maximum gains.
To be clear: I fully expect each one of these stocks to outperform physical gold in a HUGE way.
In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if each one of these plays turned out like the one on First Quantum Minerals during the last big gold run...

As prices of physical gold went up... so did shares of First Quantum.
Only First Quantum performed 17 times better than bullion.
In all, you could have raked in the 3,961% gains First Quantum paid out and made $17 for every $1 physical gold went up.
These kinds of gains happen EVERY time there’s a bull run in gold.
It’s like clockwork.
And I’m going to give you my best seven picks today... opportunities that stand to absolutely crush it as gold soars in the coming months.

What About Silver?

Of course, I have to tell you...
While gold is my main focus right now because of the looming bull run that looks to be one of the most dynamic in history... gold isn’t the only place I make my money.
After all, my service is called Resource Stock Digest Premium.
So not only do I cover gold in depth, but I also go over any other sector where I see the potential for life-changing gains.
In fact, to prove it to you, in addition to the SEVEN gold picks I’m going to send your way, I’ve also decided to give you something else...
I’m going to give you access to THREE additional reports I’ve put the finishing touches on that deal with non-gold opportunities in the resource sector.
The three reports I’d like to send you cover three markets that are set to go absolutely bonkers...
You might not agree with me, and that’s fine... these are bonus reports. They’re 100% FREE to you, so you can do with them as you wish.
You can feel free to focus on gold... or you can diversify and collect gains from a variety of arenas.
The three reports I’m including for you today are...
  1. "Uranium Special Report" — A uranium bull market is on its way. The only problem is nobody can seem to figure out when it will arrive. There’s little doubt it will, though, and for contrarian investors, the delay is an opportunity to buy the very best assets at bear-market prices. Buy low, sell high. Everybody talks about it, but very few actually have the emotional makeup to execute on it. This report details everything you need to know to strike before the bull run starts in full.
  2. "Lithium: Bubble? Opportunity? Or Both?" — The recent bubble and subsequent bust in the rare-earth space has investors hesitant when it comes to lithium. Meanwhile, all the signs are there that the lithium market has all the necessary ingredients to go on a great profit run. The element is in great demand as you read this, and the need for lithium is expected to last well into the next decade. This report is my take on what you should do, what you should look for, and whether lithium is the right investment for you.
  3. "Two Silver Stocks to Own Now" — Silver prices are up over 47% for the year, and like gold, it caught many off guard. Funds, banks, and speculators are all rushing back in to take positions in anticipation of further gains. But, like with gold, as impressive as its performance has been, the real money has been in the juniors. In this report, I give you TWO silver plays that you should make now... Both are poised to skyrocket, and both should pay out similar gains to what gold companies are expected to hand investors.

The ball is in your court now...
What are you going to do?

As you can see, I’ve created a specially designed resource package for you here today...
new-black-check-mark  I’m giving you full access to my Gold Gain Multiplier... the very same access I give to my millionaire and billionaire clients.

new-black-check-mark  I’m handing you SEVEN gold plays... all vetted, analyzed, and hand-picked as the next potential four-baggers in the gold market.

new-black-check-mark  And I’m also giving you a set of THREE timely reports that will help you navigate the resource sector in its entirety. You’ll learn the ins and outs of uranium, lithium, and silver... all set for huge runs that could compound any gains you make on gold.
That alone is enough to give you a shot at becoming the next gold market millionaire.

But I want to go above and beyond...

So I’m also going to extend to you the following:
new-black-check-mark  Monthly Issues of Resource Stock Digest Premium (12 in Total) — Every month, you'll receive a new issue of Resource Stock Digest Premium, which gives you new buy, sell, or hold recommendations, a full analysis behind each of my new picks, as well as offers you inside videos and pictures to many of the world's top junior mining projects.
new-black-check-mark  Continual Stock Updates & Alerts — I won’t leave you hanging. Not only will I keep you updated on all current positions, but I’ll also make sure you get immediate access to any timely plays my Gold Gain Multiplier uncovers. There’s no limit to how many opportunities you’ll receive. But I will warn you... you have to be ready to act when you receive one of my alerts. Like I’ve said a couple times, if you mistime these plays by even a month, you won’t rake in the max gains we’re shooting for.

new-black-check-mark  Unrestricted Access to the Resource Stock Digest Premium Members-Only Website — This is where I post everything you need to know. It’s your one-stop shop for everything I uncover in the resource sector. You’ll have access to every special report I issue, as well as my open and closed portfolios, any premium reports I’ve written, and a complete archive of every alert and recommendation I’ve ever made.

new-black-check-mark  Full-Scale Customer Support — If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our customer support team any time between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. (EST). They’ll be happy and willing to assist you with any question you might have.
It’s an incredible package of information and benefits.

But I do have one question for you...

Is This Right For You?

In spite of everything you’ve seen today... and how easy it is to make money using the Gold Gain Multiplier, my service might not be right for you.

I don’t worry about short-term fluctuations.

And I don’t trade in and out of the market on a daily basis.

Put simply, I am not running a trading service.

I’m a cautious, conservative player in a market full of risk-takers and gamblers.

And that’s what I designed the Gold Gain Multiplier to do...

So we’re going to be investing in the best management teams with the best assets that are in safe jurisdictions and have plenty of working capital.

In other words, investments with massive built-in profit potential and very little downside risk.

This is not about "playing the lottery" or taking wild chances with your money, nor is it some "get-rich-quick" scheme.

This is about hard-fought, elbow-deep, grease-stained research... and putting ourselves in the right place at the right moment.

But some people just don’t have the stomach for the index-busting gains from the opportunities we set ourselves up for so early. If you think this isn’t for you, don’t worry. It’s not for everyone.

However, if you think you can handle it — and I think you can — I highly suggest you check out all the information I’d like to send you today.

And remember, this is the first round of opportunities I have for you.

Over the next few months, I’ll be recommending more and more as the gold rally quickly approaches.

And the good news is, you’ll be in ahead of almost everyone else...

Why Most People Won’t Hear About
These Explosive Opportunities

I will say there’s a good chance you won’t have heard of the companies I’ll be recommending (including the SEVEN I’m going to send you today).

After all, you won’t read about them in the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal.

They simply don’t cover the backbone of the precious metals industry. These resource plays don’t hit their radar because they’re not companies with $1 billion market caps.

Many analysts don’t cover them, and they’re not on the radar of most brokerage firms.

In fact, sometimes I’m in on these companies before they even have a website.

So how do I find them?

The same way I find all of my companies...

I put in the extra miles, flying to far-flung locations.

My goal is to make at least one site visit per month... if not more.

I spend countless hours with CEOs and geologists. I analyze drill hole results. I examine all the pertinent documents including pre-feasibility studies, company reports, and press releases.

And it doesn’t hurt that I have my proprietary Gold Gain Multiplier to work with.

Plus — and here’s something I haven’t covered yet — I know how to separate who’s telling the truth from who’s just blowing smoke. After a decade in the industry, it’s not all that hard anymore.

And to take that knowledge a step further, something I ALWAYS share with my billionaire clients, I’ll "call out" companies that publish fluffy press releases and reports.

I’ll do it right on my private, members-only website, so you’ll have access to companies I recommend staying far away from.

In other words, not only will you know which companies to buy...
You’ll also know which ones NOT to buy.

That’s why Resource Stock Digest Premium will be unlike any other advisory service you’ve ever been a part of.

And it’s likely the easiest-to-follow service you’ll ever find...

I’ve arranged this in such a way that I’m pretty sure an eighth grader could start making money.

This is your shot at making 17x, 44x, or even 199x whatever physical gold makes as it takes off in the coming months.

That’s up to $199 in your pocket for every $1 rise in the price of gold.

It doesn’t get much better — or more profitable — than that.

Or does it?

You see, in addition to everything I’m giving you today... I’ve also decided to give you a very special discount of 50%.

Today, you’ll only pay HALF of what Resource Stock Digest Premium will cost in the near future.

I’ve kept this discount exclusive to Charter Members of Resource Stock Digest Premium... and while folks have already rushed in to take advantage of this deal, I’m extending this offer to you right now.

I can’t say how much longer this low-price, discounted offer will last.

Either way, the opportunities I detail in Resource Stock Digest Premium are so time sensitive that there’s no reason not to act right away... like NOW!

As gold truly begins to take off and an historic bull run is created, I want you to ride gold to $8,000 with me.

I know I’ll be in the game, and I hope you are, too.

Thing is, this flurry of gains could start as early as next week — or even tomorrow.

So to take advantage of this history-making gold run, simply click the Subscribe Now button below to get started.

You’re only a couple of clicks away from starting to reap the benefits of the Gold Gain Multiplier... which will give you the chance to absolutely crush the gold market in the coming months.

I hope to have you along for the ride...


Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest Premium

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