Rabu, 12 April 2017

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e rogue Wall Street economist who predicted:
  • The decade-long stagflation in 1970...
  • The rise of China as a global superpower in 1977...
  • The rise of Islamic terrorism in 1988...
  • The Internet as a cyberwar battleground in 1994...
  • The crash of the Asian Tigers in 1994
  • And the real estate crash and market implosion in 2005...
Has now just issued an urgent warning he calls...
"The Most Disturbing Market Forecast
I’ve Made in 50 Years"
Many retirees could lose $4 out of every $5
as the carnage unfolds in 2017...
But if you take these three simple steps you could preserve and
grow a legacy of wealth — no matter how hard the market falls...

Dear Reader,
This is California.


It’s America’s wealthiest state, and home to 9 of the nation’s 10 richest cities.
Bastions of the elite 1% like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Palo Alto, and Bel Air, just to name a few.

These are recognized symbols of wealth around the world. And on the surface it seems that times are booming.
Even the poor have it good, with the country’s highest minimum wage and social welfare system.
But just under their feet, imperceptible to the average Californian, is the world’s largest tectonic plate.
And leading earthquake experts say its boundary — the San Andreas fault — is poised to shift at any moment, destroying the lives of 30 million Californians, rich and poor.


In addition, a new “second fault line” that runs parallel to San Andreas has just been uncovered.
Scientists fear that the combination of the two faults could trigger the “big one”, leveling millions of homes and businesses.

Yet aside from leading experts tracking the situation, few Californians believe this could happen.
They’re living their lives like most Americans, oblivious to the real danger about to strike.
The times are good, money is flowing, and they think that’s how it will continue, and how it always will be.
But a catastrophic earthquake of historic proportions is not just inevitable — it’s fast-approaching.
Strangely enough, a similar situation is unfolding about 3,000 miles east, on Wall Street...

A Catastrophic “Fault Line” Has
Formed in the Stock Market
Just as everything with the market seems great, with the Dow soaring to 20,000...
With America’s wealthiest taking home over $237 billion from the market in 2016...
And even American workers seeing the highest wages and lowest unemployment in 10 years...
There’s a fault line under the surface that is about to shift, unleashing unimaginable destruction.
While this crack formed in the market decades ago....
A new fault line has now been discovered alongside it.
And, when combined with the first, could trigger the “big one.”
Setting into motion tremors through the market that will impact 99 out of 100 stocks.
Just to start with, the market will see a severe 73% crash, erasing four of every five dollars from 401ks.
Only a few will survive the bloodbath, and those who do will come out richer than ever.
If you want to be one of them, please watch this critical video to the very end.
In it you’ll see five shocking charts that prove we’re on the cusp of a historic market crash...
One that will usher in a $45 trillion “wealth transfer” like never seen before...
You’ll see why billionaires are quietly going all in on bets against the market...
And you’ll see the precise actions that could preserve and even grow a legacy of wealth through the carnage.
You won’t just be taking my word for it either...
I’ll introduce you to the financial legend who’s sounding this critical warning to Americans.
And you’ll see why he says...

The Market is On the Verge
of a Catastrophic 73% Plummet
My name is Nick Hodge.
I’m the Investment Director here at the Outsider Club and Angel Publishing. We’re one of the world’s largest financial publishing houses, with several million members worldwide.
Since I’ve founded our group a decade ago, I’ve had the pleasure of hobnobbing with some of the world’s leading investment minds.

I’ve rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in the financial world... like John Paulson.
We’d both been invited to a closed-door investment summit in Puerto Rico last year, and we got the chance to talk for a while.
I’ve eaten steak dinners with billionaires behind some of the world’s most profitable energy and mining firms.
And I’ve had the pleasure of befriending Wall Street investing legends like Rick Rule.
Yet recently I partnered with a true legend in our industry who stands head and shoulders above the rest...
A man who has spent the last 50 years earning a reputation as the world’s #1 market forecaster.
His name is Mr. James Dines.
Barron’s hailed him as “The Original Gold Bug” back in 1980, saying his calls to buy gold throughout the previous decades was "one of the most fantastic investment calls on record."
There’s literally no major market forecast that Mr. Dines has not called over the last 50 years.
He recommended gold at $35... Silver at 92 cents... And uranium at $8.
He said buy Apple at 44 cents... AOL at $3... and Amazon at $4.
And he’s predicted every major market move — bullish and bearish — over the last six decades... including:
  • The 1970s stagflation, and the decade-long precious metals and energy boom...
  • The bottom of the Internet stock boom in 1994, and the top in 2000...
  • The bottom of the natural resource “supercycle” in 2001, and the top in 2011...
  • And the top of the real estate market in 2005... and impending stock market crash
And that’s just for starters...
He kicked off an influential rebellion of anti-tax and pro-gold citizens...
A movement that many argue gave rise to Ronald Reagan, then eventually Donald Trump...
He’s been featured on every mainstream financial media outlet from Fortune to Forbes...
And he started a renegade media network that’s helped countless everyday Americans retire rich...
It’s a network I’m proud to share with many other investment legends like...
new-black-check-mark  CIA insider Jim Rickards
new-black-check-mark  Doug Casey
new-black-check-mark  Bill Bonner
new-black-check-mark  Jim Rogers
new-black-check-mark  Reagan advisor David Stockman
new-black-check-mark  James Dale Davidson
new-black-check-mark  And many, many others...
Mr. Dines started it all decades ago.
He first began his career serving America as a military intelligence operative...
Then moved to a major bank, where he found his passion uncovering contrarian investment ideas.
Later he was blacklisted by Wall Street for his “treasonous” views on gold and the dollar...
That’s when Mr. Dines started his flagship newsletter, The Dines Letter, and as they say “the rest is history.”
Since 1977, his wisdom, formulas, and foresight have helped millions of Americans retire early.
Nobody I know of even remotely comes close to his track record of “on-the-mark” forecasts.
And now, he’s made a shocking discovery that he thinks may be the biggest in his career.
Which is why he decided to partner with my team... and why he just authorized me to send this video on his behalf.
If you have ANY money in the stock market, I urge you to listen to what he’s found.
It could mean the difference between spending your retirement begging loved ones for change...
Or traveling the world, buying a house on a Caribbean beach, and sitting on more money than you know what to do with.

Is This James Dines’ Biggest Prediction YET?
Over the last six decades Mr. Dines has tracked an explosive underground fissure in the market.
One that’s grown bigger and bigger with every passing day.
Now he believes it’s finally about to crack, and trigger destruction of such unbelievable magnitude...
That it could dwarf anything he’s seen in his lifetime.
Triggering a seismic shift in the markets, and even in the distribution of wealth in America.
To be sure, he’s been watching this invisible crack form since the beginning of his career.
In fact, he says it’s the most important catalyst he’s found in his half-century of market forecasting.
And while things with the Dow may seem great at 20,000, the cracks below the surface are shifting quickly.
If even half of what he says comes true, the economic pain will be unimaginable.
  • The Dow will crash by 73% — igniting an unprecedented $45 TRILLION “transfer of wealth”
  • 99 out of 100 stocks will plummet, many of those firms going out of business.
  • Many retirees will lose 4 out of every 5 dollars in their 401ks and brokerage accounts.
  • Banks will issue “bail-ins”, confiscating accounts to make up for their huge losses.
  • Entire cities will go bankrupt, leading to no power, running water, food shortages, and unemployment.
  • Riots will erupt in response, causing general mayhem and chaos throughout America.
And that’s just the beginning...
In the aftermath, a dark economic winter will envelop the nation — one that lasts 30 years.
  • The End of Employment, with robots and A.I. taking over almost all jobs.
  • The End of Social Security and Medicare, as checks stop coming, and coverage is no longer accepted, causing millions of seniors to go hungry and untreated
  • The End of Capitalism, as a powerful communist government becomes the world’s leading superpower.
  • The End of Cash, as governments worldwide remove physical bills from circulation, forcing us all to use digital money instead.
  • The End of Civil Liberties, as martial law is declared in all major cities and even small towns, and the Constitution is permanently shredded.
  • The End of the Dollar, as it loses its reign as the global reserve currency — and America’s $20 TRILLION debt bubble implodes.
Look, this is the reality facing most Americans, but it could be a very different one for some...
Because while the majority of investors will get slaughtered by the market mayhem...
In the process more fortunes are about to be made than at any point since the Great Depression.
It’s always the downturns, when valuable assets sell for pennies, that mint the most millionaires.
And we’re about to see almost everything — from the S&P 500 to Apple shares — get very cheap.
If you move now you could avoid the huge losses, and seize the opportunity of historic discounts... walking away richer than you could possibly imagine.
At least $45 TRILLION of wealth will transfer to those who take these precise steps...
Moves that Mr. Dines’ readers are now making to prepare themselves for the coming financial carnage.
In just a moment, you’ll discover what he recommends in order to survive and even grow wealthy through the market chaos...
You’ll see irrefutable proof that the market is on the verge of a once-in-a-lifetime collapse...
Including five charts that show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Dow could plummet by 73%.
But first, you should know this:
Mr. Dines is about the furthest possible from what the media calls “permabears.”
In fact, most of his 50 years of uncannily accurate predictions have been bullish.
For instance...
Major Prediction #1:
He Recommended Gold At $35...
and Silver at 80 Cents!
He’s been dubbed the “Original Gold Bug” for recommending gold when it was just $35, and silver when it was 80 cents. At the time the government regulated the prices and investors wanted nothing to do with the metals. That all changed in the 1970s when Nixon removed the dollar’s link from gold, and inflation surged. In fact, Mr. Dines’ prediction of gold at $400 seemed conservative when gold roared to $850. His readers had the opportunity to take home 2,025% gains on gold, and 1,635% gains on silver. Barron’s even called it “one of the most fantastic investment calls on record” on 14 January 1980. Of course, gold’s rise came to an end, and in 1982 Mr. Dines told subscribers to “sell gold!” The gold and silver index soon began its 70%, three-year decline. Subscribers to The Dines Letter, though, had already locked in 20-fold profits in gold.
Major Prediction #2:
He Recommended Apple When It Was Just 44 Cents!
In 1984, he recommended a little-known company called Apple Computers when it was trading at under $1 — 43.5 cents to be precise. Since then Apple has soared as high as $134 — a literally unprecedented return of over 30,705%. That’s incredible. Dines’ readers had the opportunity to turn a small investment of $10,000 into $3,080,500. Even a stake of under $4,000 could have made you a millionaire! It’s the sort of gain most investors only dream of... and it’s not the only time it happened for Dines’ readers.
Major Prediction #3:
He Called the Bottom and Top of the Internet Bubble...
and Recommended Amazon at under $4!
He wasn’t done making remarkable forecasts in tech, either. In 1994, he said the Internet was the biggest invention since the Gutenberg printing press, and recommended a handful of Internet stocks, including...
  • America Online at $2.78 a share... his readers had the opportunity to ride it to a high of $96... for gains of 3,353%.
  • Amazon at $4.77... the stock absolutely exploded and has gone as high as $845... Mr. Dines’ readers could have banked astonishing gains of 17,615%. Just this play alone could have turned a $10,000 stake into $1,771,500. That’s a 100-bagger!
  • Then there’s CMGI, which he recommended at $5.53... the stock hit a remarkable high of $163 a share. That was good for a gain of 2,848%.
On December 3, 1999, as mutual funds and professional money managers began pouring into Internet stocks, Mr. Dines told his readers to sell their Internet stocks. That was 60 days before the market began its steepest crash ever — the “Tech Wreck.” Millions of everyday investors were slaughtered, but not Mr. Dines’ readers. They saw all the biggest Internet stock profits, and avoided all the catastrophic losses.

Major Prediction #4:

He Called the Top and Bottom of the 2000s' Natural
Resource Supercycle, Showing His Readers
Dozens of Whopping 10-Bagger Returns!
Then, while everybody was reeling from the 2000s' tech wreck (everyone besides his readers)... he issued repeated buy alerts on gold and other commodities, anticipating the beginnings of the new resource “supercycle.” He recommended gold at $250 — near its lowest point in the past 40 years — and it surged past $1,900. Some of his historic gains from the 2000s include...
new-black-check-mark  4,237% on ASA
new-black-check-mark  2,168% on Agnico Eagle
new-black-check-mark  2,618% on Industrias Peñoles
new-black-check-mark  1,553% on Anglogold Ashanti
new-black-check-mark  1,485% on Silver Standard
new-black-check-mark  978% on Pan American Silver
new-black-check-mark  794% on Anglo American
new-black-check-mark  And many more!
It wasn’t just gold and silver... he recommended uranium at the rock-bottom price of $8 — 90 cents from its low — and said it would go to $40. It did quite a bit better, surging to nearly $150 — a 1,650% gain. You can’t buy uranium like most commodities, but uranium junior miners saw fantastic returns. Readers of The Dines Letter had the shot to book gains on recommendations like...
new-black-check-mark  Cameco at $10.18 hit a high of $51.97, good for 411% gains.
new-black-check-mark  Denison Mines at $2.35 shot to $16.50 for a gain of 602%.
new-black-check-mark  Mega Uranium at 46 cents hit $8.98 for a gain of 1,852%.
new-black-check-mark  Laramide Resources at 83 cents went to $16.70 a share... a gain of 1,912%.
new-black-check-mark  Pinetree at $1.16 jolted up to $16.13 for a gain of 1,291%.
new-black-check-mark  Plus more...
On September 16, 2011, Mr. Dines issued a “sell signal” on gold and other resources, seeing weakness in the Chinese economy. This was literally a few weeks after gold hit its record high, and began a long-term slump. Other metals like silver, platinum, and palladium were also near their record highs, and would follow gold’s slide downhill for the next few years. In other words, he saw the very rock-bottom of the resource supercycle, and the very top. If you had followed his recommendations to the tee, you would have not only seen historic profits. You would have booked them all, and avoided giving back any of that money.

Major Prediction #5:

Dubbed the “Original China Bug” — he was bullish on
China back in 1977, and then became a bear
in late 2011, alone against popular opinion
Mr. Dines had been bullish on China since Mao Tse Tung died, becoming “The Original China Bug,” back when it was one of the poorest countries in the world. He said it was ripe for “an explosive bull market.” He subsequently predicted that India’s development would soon follow.
But on September 16, 2011, he foresaw China’s glory temporarily ending, and issued a “sell” on China, going alone against the rest of the world’s prominent forecasters. China’s growth has been falling ever since.

Major Prediction #6:

He saw the 2007 real estate crash
coming three years earlier
In 2004, he started pounding the table on “The Coming Real-Estate Crash of 2007”, repeatedly warning — even on PBS TV’s Nightly Business Report — that it would teach a lesson in illiquidity and shake the mortgage markets to their roots. And he was dead right.
As one of his readers wrote, “Way back in 2004 - 2005, you were the only person who stuck his neck out far enough to correctly predict 'The Coming Real-Estate Crash of 2007.' Please continue to write as much as possible in every issue of The Dines Letter.”

Major Prediction #7:

He predicted the mega-trend of legal marijuana...
and recommended pot stocks early on that
have soared for whopping gains in 2016
In fact, he was the first prominent analyst to get his followers into the still-illegal marijuana market.
He predicted that the use of medical marijuana would be legalized by many states (it’s already legal in 28 states).
It’s among the fastest-growing industries in America. And Mr. Dines sees it as destined for tremendous growth in the coming years, brimming with fantastic investment opportunities.
He wasted no time in taking advantage of this monster trend while it was in its infancy. The mainstream is still catching on, but Mr. Dines has already handed his readers big triple-digit winners since recommending, including:
new-black-check-mark  548% on Canopy Growth
new-black-check-mark  416% on Mettrum Health
new-black-check-mark  406% on Aphria
new-black-check-mark  320% on AeroGrow
new-black-check-mark  284% on OrganiGram Holdings
new-black-check-mark  251% on Cannabis Sativa
He sees pot ultimately being legalized at the Federal level. That’s when Big Tobacco will enter the field and go on a buying spree of operating companies already in his recommended lists in order to get a jump on the competition.
He’s identified a number of other rich takeover targets. And he will recommend them when he believes the timing is right.
That’s just a tiny sample of the stunning predictions Mr. James Dines has made.

Over 50 Years of “On the Money” Forecasts
Here’s a few more...
  • In 1980, he predicted the “Coming Great Deflation.” At the time the word “deflation” was virtually unknown. Yet today, most economists agree the U.S. economy entered a deflationary downturn back in 2008, and we’ve yet to leave it.
  • On June 15, 1982, Mr. Dines flashed a major BUY signal on the Dow, predicting that the depression was temporarily over. Sure enough, the bottom was reached only 38 trading days later, on August 9, 1982! In 1983, the New York Times wrote: “It was a truly magnificent call.” The Dow has never traded that cheaply since.
  • In 1988, he predicted the rise of Islamic terrorism, over a decade before 9/11...
  • In 1989, he called the Japanese market “the short of the century” when the media was hyper-bullish on Japan, and shortly after it entered a long-term depression that persists today.
  • In 1994, he predicted the Internet’s future as a cyberwar battleground and tool for government snooping. Today, cyberwar is known as the “fifth domain of war” and the NSA has the power to tap every communication device on Earth.
  • And many, many more!
You get the picture: There’s literally NO major trend happening now that Mr. Dines did not predict.
As Moneyline said, Mr. Dines is, “one of the most extraordinary men in America today; a man with a long and glorious reputation in being one of the first people to call the real turns in the strategic moves that happened in our marketplaces over the years.”
It’s why he’s been cited by such prestigious publications as The Wall Street JournalBarron’sForbesNewsweekBusinessweek, and Time magazine to name a few. He’s even been featured on the cover of New York Magazine — disbelieved even though gold had risen to $850 from Mr. Dine's "buy call" at $35/ounce. New York Magazine has still not apologized for the "wanna bet?"
It’s also why he’s been asked to appear on television’s PBS and as a feature on 60 Minutes.
In the process, he’s literally turned ordinary Americans into millionaires, even with very little invested.

Mr. Dines Has Minted All-New Millionaires Before...
Now He’s About to Do It Again
1000% Gains!
"In April 2004, I took what was left of an ailing IRA and bought 150,000 shares of           for $93K. Yesterday, that account closed out above $1 million."
— MW, Arizona
Buying first home with profits
"I've decided to buy my first home in Sydney that I thought I would never be able to afford. Better still, I am buying it using a $50K deposit which is pure profit from my portfolio and only a small percentage of it."
— Richard Smith, Australia
Made a fortune
"Thank you for making my fortune. I have been a subscriber to The Dines Letter for 8 years and will continue to subscribe until God has some other plan for me."
— Jack Kirik, Illinois
“You Made Me Rich”
"You wrote that there would be way more than enough money to be made for all of us, which shows the broadness of your mind, and you made me rich."
— Venkata Gannu, New Jersey
$125,000 into $1 million
"I turned 65, I lost my job and my wife died. I took my retirement funds and after several false starts, subscribed to The Dines Letter. You enabled me to take roughly $125,000 and turn it into $1 million after taxes."
— SR, New York
Imagine waking up tomorrow to find $1 million sitting in your account.
That’s the kind of life-changing result Mr. Dines has shown his readers.
It doesn’t matter one lick what the stock market is doing... or what the broader economy is doing... or who’s in the White House.
His forecasts have been shockingly accurate over the past decades. I don’t know of anyone else who can match his track record of success in the industry.
Now, I bring all of this up not to toot his horn, but to show you that when Mr. Dines makes a call... when he sticks his neck out on the line... it absolutely pays to listen.
And right now, it’s going to pay to listen more than ever.
This is the culmination of Mr. Dines’ entire life’s work.
And it could not only save you from the financial carnage that’s looming on the horizon, it could also save your livelihood!
I’m going to tell you exactly what you can do — for yourself, your family, and your wealth — as we enter an unprecedented moment in American history.
But first, let me tell you a bit more about Mr. Dines’ latest forecast — perhaps the biggest in his 50-year career.
If you know his work, you know he talks a lot about the U.S. government’s $20 trillion debt.
In addition, Americans have accumulated trillions of debt in student and auto loans, plus mortgages.
Both, he says, are unsustainable, and will result in long-term catastrophe.
But he believes there’s another urgent debt clock that’s poised to devastate investors in 2017.
One that the media isn’t discussing.

Urgent: The Debt Crisis You’re Not Hearing About
Will Slam 99% of Stocks
Trillions of dollars in corporate debt.
It all began in 2008, when the Federal Reserve — in consultation with leaders on Wall Street — started a program we know as QE (quantitative easing).
They lowered interest rates to historic lows, and eventually to zero.
The goal was to stimulate the economy by boosting jobs and wage growth.
Yet none of that ever happened.
Companies DID begin piling on tons of debt, almost for free.
But they didn’t invest it in jobs, production, or new technology.
Instead they began engaging in stock “buybacks” — reinvesting debt into their own shares.
A practice that has soared to its highest on record since 2007...

This is the secret behind the long Dow bull market!
It all has to do with free debt from the government.
Debt which was then invested into company shares, boosting the entire S&P to 20,000.

Corporate America’s $6 Trillion Debt
Is Coming Due This Year
The result?
S&P Global Ratings found U.S. corporations are now sitting on a record $6 trillion debt pile.
Now, they’re also holding a record $1.84 trillion in cash. But when you dig a little deeper, the actual picture is frightening.
Turns out half of this cash is held by just 25 corporations! And they have zero debt.
Which means ALL of that debt is held by 99% of U.S. companies — who have just half the cash!
In other words, Corporate America is in debt up to its eyeballs, with almost nothing to cover it.
According to the director at S&P Global Ratings, “There’s a misconception that companies are swimming in cash, they’re actually drowning in debt.”
The chart here shows that companies, on average, only have $12 for every $100 they owe...
It’s the lowest recorded rate on record, even before the 2008 market crash.

The graph shows the hidden reality behind the so-called “economic recovery.”
Now, here’s the other side to the story...
The declining rate of corporate profit growth.
The chart here shows that profit growth hasn’t budged in recent years.


And now corporate profit growth is actually turning negative!
This just begs the question: why in the world, with cash flow and profits declining...
Has the S&P 500 surged from 667 to 2,300 since 2009?
It’s hard to deny the one cause:
Record-high share prices are being driven by debt-fueled buybacks — not actual profit growth.
And the incredible thing is that most economists know this. They’re not idiots.
They’ve just succumbed to a fantasy idea that always drives market mania.
The idea that what goes up must keep going up higher, and won’t fall.
But the Day of Reckoning is coming faster than they think.
You see, the Fed believes that Trump’s infrastructure plans are about to cause rapid inflation.
And in anticipation, they’ve already started hiking interest rates for 2017.
That means this record amount of debt is about to go from almost free, to very expensive.
Resulting in mass corporate defaults on a scale like we’ve never seen before.
Don’t listen to these financial talking heads when they say that Fed rate hikes are of no concern.
They simply don’t realize how weak the market really is, and just how much it depends on debt.
In fact, the number of corporate debt defaults is already beginning to soar.

Credit Crisis in the Making:

American Business Is Quietly Declaring Bankruptcy
In late 2015, the Fed gave a tiny bump to interest rates, nothing that would have normally mattered.
And the result was catastrophic.
In 2016, 150 major corporations defaulted — double the number in 2008.
Now, with rates already doubling from there, and about to surge even higher...
Corporate default is poised to reach a crisis of epic proportions.
And even if rates don’t move, which looks unlikely, experts expect that number to spike 30%.
Meaning they anticipate 200 more companies defaulting on their debt in 2017 — no matter what rates do.
In other words, 1 in 7 American businesses will default on their debt this year.
That’s a number not seen since the last market crash!

And it could get worse — depending on Fed rates, that number could easily double, triple, or more.
Just to give you an idea...

Would You Loan This Stranger Money?
Imagine a stranger comes up to you, asking you to lend them money at a hefty interest rate.
It sounds like a good deal at first, but then you look into their personal statements and see the full picture:
They have $1,200 in the bank, but $10,000 in debt.
They aren’t saving any of their income.
And their debt payments are about to dramatically skyrocket, eating up all of that cash.
They’ll have no choice but to default, and soon.
Would you lend this stranger your money?
No sane person would.
It’s almost the picture-perfect definition of a credit risk.
Yet that’s exactly what happens when you invest your money in S&P 500 stocks!
We’re on the cusp of an explosive credit crisis that will impact 99% of stocks, ruining their investors.
That’s the real trigger to the next financial crisis.
It won’t be a simple 10 or 15% correction either.
Even the 2008 downturn could look like a mere hiccup compared to how far stocks could fall.
But how hard could the market really crash?

Shocking Indicator:

The Market Is 73% Overvalued
To get that answer, let’s look at a classic value indicator...
The Schiller P/E Ratio.
Historically, the S&P has been valued at an average 16 P/E by this measure.
The highest valuations on record were in 1929, 1999, and 2008.
In all three instances, market mania led to skyrocketing share prices detached from value...
Which ultimately anticipated two of the hardest market crashes on record.
In 1929, the S&P reached level 30 on the indicator.
Shortly after, it fell from 381 to its low of 44 by 1932, a shocking 88% loss.
In 2000, the Nasdaq hit level 44 on this indicator, a historic high.
Then it began its long descent from its peak of 5,000... to just 1,100 by 2002.
A stunning 80% loss.

Then, in 2008, the market reached 27 on the indicator, and we all remember what happened next.
Stocks plummeted by 60%.
Now, in 2017, as the market hits record highs, the S&P has jumped above 27 on the indicator.
This is a historic moment, only three times before has the stock market passed this number.
Each time stocks fell by 60% or worse.
Not even in 2008, when our financial system unraveled, did the market become so overvalued!
This is why some of the world’s richest men are betting big that the markets will tank in 2017...
For instance...

Billionaires Bet “The House” That Markets Will Crash
One financial document shows Warren Buffet is making a $72 BILLION wager against the market.
According to a new SEC filing, Buffett is sitting on $72 billion in cash. This is highly unusual behavior from a man often called "the world’s greatest investor."
It’s the biggest cash hoard the legend has EVER amassed.
At a cost of $29 million every single day he keeps his money out of the markets, from all outward appearances, this is a risky and costly gamble. Unless Buffett is sure a Wall Street crash is at our doorstep.
But he’s not the only major investor who sees a major crash on the horizon.
Multibillionaire Carl Icahn recently increased his short positions by 600% … betting as much as $4,321,000,000 that the stock market will plummet sharply and suddenly!
George Soros — who is considered to be the most successful hedge fund operator in history for timing market crashes — is getting in on the action, too. He just made a $2.2 billion bet that the market will collapse.
Even famed investor Jim Rogers went on record saying: “A $68 trillion ‘Biblical’ collapse is poised to wipe out millions of Americans.”
In short, just about every major financial whale is taking specific steps against the market … all at the same time.
In fact, we haven’t seen this many concentrated bets on an immediate crash since 2008.
Now, Mr. Dines is NOT recommending that you short the market like these wealthy men.
In fact, he almost never recommends risky trades like options or puts.
But he DOES recommend that you take certain actions and steps to prepare yourself...
Millions of Americans buying into this market, thinking Trump is going to fuel a new boom...
Are about to lose their shirts, and watch 4 out of every 5 dollars in their accounts VANISH.
But as strange as it sounds, readers of The Dines Letter are excited about what’s coming next.
Because they know they’re about to see a historic buying opportunity.
One where some of the best blue chip companies go on sale at insane discounts.
Where certain assets and resources surge, even as everything else plummets.
And where explosive growth sectors show fantastic returns, leaving the rest of the market in their rear view.
They know that more fortunes are minted in major market crashes than at any other time.
And they’re taking the proper moves to prepare and position themselves for historic wealth.
You can too, using some of the steps Mr. Dines outlines in his new book...

The Gold Bible
Mr. Dines has written extensively about gold and precious metals over his career. In fact, his third book focuses on gold.
And in 2016, he condensed and updated his most recent work into a special abridged edition because this approaching crisis is now coming to light as he previously predicted.
The book, which is a bestseller, is called Goldbug!goldbug_book_190x190
And it’s the most comprehensive book on gold and silver investing I’ve ever read. 
It’s the culmination of a lifetime of study and research on gold. It details everything you could possibly ever want to know about gold, but didn’t know whom to ask.
As Jim Puplava, host of FinancialSense.com said, “If you really want to gain an understanding of gold, what led up to various events that you’ve seen in your lifetime and more importantly where we’re going in the future, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Goldbug!  It’s well written, easy to understand, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the big picture.”
And as Mike Campbell, host of Money Talks, a leading national Canadian radio show, writes, The Goldbug! book is so timely with what’s happening in the world and what’s happening with the world of gold. Mr. Dines started the awareness of ‘The Coming Currency Devaluation Wars,’ which we’re seeing. I found this book absolutely fascinating and it didn’t matter if you’re a beginner. I absolutely adored the book. The book also spends a lot of time saying how to protect yourself.”
What’s nice, though, is that you don’t have to search for it online, or try to find it on Amazon.
In fact, you don’t even have to pay for it. We’ve arranged a way for you to get a copy of this investing “bible” FREE.
This book is a must have. Everyone, from experienced investors to first-timers, should read this book before they make another precious metals purchase. Or a significant investment in the stock market.
My copy is dog-eared and covered in different colored highlights. I keep it close by in my office.
As I mentioned before, I’m Nick Hodge. I’m the founder of Outsider Club, a community for individuals dedicated to surviving and prospering independently of the poor decisions and oppressive financial policies of our government.
You might have read one of my essays online or seen me speak at any number of conferences. I spend half the year on the road spreading my message.
Mr. James Dines and Nick HodgeI’ve appeared at the same conferences as Mr. Dines. He is an absolute icon. And as I said before he is one of the best-performing forecasters in America.
He has a real passion for history. And he believes we're at an extremely important point — giving you a chance to grab hold of your share in a huge "wealth transfer."
Because of my special relationship with Mr. Dines, we can send you a copy of the recently updated and condensed abridged edition of his book, which you can download instantly for FREE.
He calls Goldbug! the most important thing he’s ever written!
Mr. Dines sees the coming crisis as a huge opportunity. His book is the best way to educate yourself about what's happening with the world economy and how to position yourself for profit. 
He believes you should allocate a percentage of your assets to physical gold, understanding that it yields no income, but that it could make a huge difference when desperately needed for safety — to be held in the family for generations to come.
Mr. Dines also believes you should allocate a percentage of your portfolio to gold stocks.
He has put together a portfolio of the gold and silver stocks he believes you should buy RIGHT NOW.
It’s called: The Gold and Silver Portfolio.
In it, you’ll discover the names and ticker symbols of the stocks Mr. Dines believes are set to rise as this gold bull market continues its inevitable march upward, and which should protect you in a currency crash.
And we’d also like to send you this portfolio for FREE.
To claim your copy of Mr. Dines’ abridged book and his special portfolio, the only thing we ask is that you take a trial to his legendary newsletter.
It’s called The Dines Letter
It’s a simple monthly newsletter that Mr. Dines has been writing for decades.

A Rockstar Career
He has amassed an unheard-of track record in his long career as an investment newsletter editor.
His specialty is spotting and predicting massive trends... the rise and fall of nations... the bursting of economic bubbles... and more.
He was very early into the current tech boom when he delivered two 100-baggers for his readers with his picks of Apple and Amazon.
He was in at the beginning of China’s economic emergence and the palladium, uranium and rare earths, and marijuana booms.
He was also into gold and silver at the start of a secular bull market that will surely end in mania.
Mr. Dines helps everyday folks try to build an unbreakable wall around their wealth.
That’s why he’s one of the few people I believe could help us navigate through all the trouble looming on the horizon.
We are living in some truly scary economic times... we're at an economic crossroads in which everything could change forever... something is going to break. And it's just a matter of time. 
The Federal Reserve is driven by the illusion that printing more money, going further into debt, and lowering interest rates provides the key to prosperity.
It’s what they’ve been doing for decades: Inflate the economy out of crisis by flooding the market with new dollars. But it’s no longer working...
You can print all the money you want, but if people are not borrowing it, if they're not spending it, then your economy is declining, even with money printing.
Unless things change radically, the time will come when confidence in this cunning system of unbacked paper money will be shaken and broken.
What’s coming down the pike is a shift, a flight to safety, out of dollar-denominated assets and into the traditional and historic safety of gold and silver, as money managers seek to transform their paper money into hard assets.
Central bankers around the world will come to the realization that their paper currencies will need to be backed by gold again, and so they will need to go back into the open market and repurchase gold at much higher prices.
Gold will be “revalued” somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000 per ounce.
Mr. Dines believes it will again lead to the most spectacular bull market in commodities history.
With moneymaking opportunities in gold, silver, uranium, palladium, copper, oil, and more...
Mr. Dines’ newsletter will keep you one step ahead of these huge developments.
First, you’ll have a high level of protection from a crisis based on government overspending and soaring debts.
Second, you might profit like NEVER BEFORE.
Remember, Mr. Dines has handed his readers the opportunities to make astounding gains not just in the physical metals themselves.
But unheard of profits in gold and silver stocks... including gains of 4,237% (ASA), 2,618% (Agnico Eagle), 2,168% (Industrias Peñoles), 1,553% (Anglogold Ashanti), 1,485% (Silver Standard), 978% (Pan American Silver), 794% (Anglo American), and more.
He has been a crusader for precious metals ever since his early days on Wall Street, when even believing gold would rise was considered heresy.
Mr. Dines is also bullish on graphite and is “The Original Graphite Bug.” Graphite is a vital raw material for a host of technologically advanced products, including lithium batteries in electric cars, smartphones, fuel cells, solar panels, and pebble-bed nuclear reactors.
As with rare earths, China holds a working monopoly, in this case controlling 75% of world production. Mr. Dines’ strategic recommendations are based in Europe and Canada for geopolitical considerations.
The best part is this information has never been available to Angel Publishing readers before.
So if you’re ready to take advantage of Mr. Dines’ legendary recommendations and research, here’s what I suggest you do...

Here’s Everything You’ll Get
Start a subscription to The Dines Letter today and you’ll be able to instantly download a copy of the 2016 Abridged Edition of his book, Goldbug!
It encompasses everything he’s learned about gold and silver in his career. This is Mr. Dines' third and final book on gold. He’s also written books about Technical Analysis, Mass Psychology, and High States (personal development).
The original version sells online for $88... but this recently published abridged edition is yours FREE with your subscription to The Dines Letter.
But that’s just the beginning... As a member of The Dines Letter, you’ll also get:
  • Special #1: The Dines Wealth-Building Starter Kit — The kit shows how to relatively bulletproof your portfolio, and reveals the 65 "must-know" investment insights, key forecasting tools, and more. (A $99 Value... Yours FREE).
  • Special #2: The Gold and Silver Portfolio — Mr. Dines has assembled a group of stocks he believes you should own immediately to not only protect your wealth from the coming economic insanity, but also to profit like gangbusters. He provides names and ticker symbols. Yours FREE.
  • Special #3: The Uranium Portfolio — The current uranium supply/demand imbalance has a lot in common with the last market cycle. It’s setting the stage for the next uranium boom. Now is the time to get positioned for the same kind of explosive returns we’ve seen in previous uranium bull markets. So far, it only has one stock, but you’ll want to be a subscriber when he finally flashes another “Buy” signal on uranium.
  • Special #4: The Pot Stock Portfolio — With legalization sweeping the country, several stocks have already begun skyrocketing in price. Take action today and you have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pull in an absolute fortune. This portfolio shows you exactly how to take advantage of America’s budding legal marijuana market.
  • Special #5: Report: Surprising Forecasts Issue — What will happen with high-tech stocks, interest rates, currencies, real estate, bioterrorism, and big government in the future? This Special Report reveals all of Mr. Dines’ predictions. (A $25 Value... Yours FREE).
  • 14 Monthly Issues of The Dines Letter (only $21 an issue) with the big Annual Forecast Issue, a combined double issue of December and January — Every month, you’ll receive a new issue of The Dines Letter, which updates his forecasts and predictions. Mr. Dines shows you what is happening in the economy and how you can navigate it for safety and profits, and includes new recommendations when appropriate.
  • Outstanding Customer Support — If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our Customer Support staff any time between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. (EST). They'll be happy to assist you.
So how much does a membership to The Dines Letter cost?
I think it’s incredibly cheap, considering everything that goes into Mr. Dines’ work. He has a top-notch team of researchers working for him.
For instance, back in the 1996 Internet stock boom, there wasn’t an index available that tracked Internet stocks. So Mr. Dines and his team created one. Priced, averaged, and updated daily for a chart.
They created an index for rare earths stocks. An index for gold and silver stocks. For Chinese Internet stocks. For cybersecurity stocks and most recently for pot stocks.
His staff digs deep to find the opportunities most analysts only dream about. But don’t be worried about being bogged down in complex charts or pages and pages of numbers.
He writes for the layman. He uses concrete examples, stories, simple charts, and real-life studies to teach you everything you need to know to invest like a professional.
I can’t tell you just how valuable these insights are.
As I’ve told you before, some of Mr. Dines’ subscribers have written him to say that they are now millionaires thanks to his work.
“You enabled me to take roughly $125,000 and turn it into $1 million after taxes.”
— SR, New York
How incredible is THAT?
Fact is that just one of the recommendations you’ll find in your free portfolios could easily pay for your subscription hundreds, if not thousands of times over.
As Kevin Plemel, Canada, writes,
“I regained my entire The Dines Letter investment in under two weeks.”
But I simply can’t stress enough the urgency of Mr. Dines’ warning...
The consequences of unbacked currencies that are headed our way are real and demand your immediate consideration. Most Americans aren’t aware of them. They need to be.
His ideas can absolutely protect your wealth, make you rich, and grow your income — no matter what happens. And while he has gotten more than a fair share of great calls, past results, of course, are not a guarantee of any kind for future performance.
Now, there’s one more way to weather the looming storm I’d like to share with you before I tell you how to start your own subscription to The Dines Letter.

3 More Ways To Profit
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m Nick Hodge.
I’m also the founder of the Outsider Club. We’re a financial publication dedicated to showing Americans how to beat the system instead of getting trapped inside it.
You need to understand what’s really happening so you can put yourself in the best position to profit.
We have hundreds of thousands of members who read our work every day — and the list is growing daily.
Every day, we show people how to become truly self-reliant — how to prosper with help from no one but themselves.
Beyond that, I personally do boots-on-the-ground research, examining investment opportunities across the world...
Frankly, some of them don’t make the cut.
But that’s why I do the legwork — so I’m only sharing the best, most legitimate profit opportunities with my readers.
When I find one of these valuable situations, I write up a comprehensive special report with all of my research on the topic.
And then I share that unfiltered information with my readers so they can decide whether or not this is an opportunity they want to pursue.
I’ve been doing this for years, and some of the opportunities I’ve found have helped my readers make serious money.
For instance:
Back in 2012, I found a company that was combining 3D printing and biotech. Organovo Holdings had created a process to produce functional human tissue through what it called 3D bioprinting.
The stock was at $2 when I recommended it. In a little less than a year, it soared over 245%.
I learned that a $0.19 company, Alternate Energy Holdings, was building a nuclear power plant in Idaho before the market had a clue.
The stock soared to $1.00, handing my readers 426% gains in just three months.
I saw that lithium was undervalued and, through my connections, I was able to get my readers in on a special deal not open to the public.
I recommended the 15-cent lithium stock to my readers, and in just four-and-a-half months we closed out a 1,480% winner.
If you’d put $10,000 into each of these investments, you’d have ended up with about $245,000.
And these are just a couple of examples.
Helping people realize their financial goals is my ultimate aim. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a great response from my readers.
So when I hear things like this, it makes me smile...
“Nick — for what it’s worth, Wall Street Underground is my #1 ‘Guiding Light’ as I approach retirement age. Scores of ‘competitors’ have failed to pass muster with me, in contrast and comparison.”
— Robert L.
“Dear Nick, I enjoy your insight into market assessments... I have religiously followed your tips and recommendations and made lots of money!”
— Warren S.
“Hi Nick, I think you are switched on, both on the financial world and other things behind the scenes that are not publicized in the mainstream. This is good because now I feel I can trust your judgment even more.”
— Peter M.
Now, I want to help you get a leg up on the market.
As a special bonus gift, I’d like to give you a chance today to try my work at no extra cost to you.
I’d like to send you three (3) pertinent research reports for FREE today.
You won’t hear about them anywhere else.
But you’ll get them free — along with your paid subscription to The Dines Letter.
Here are the research reports you’ll have access to immediately...
3 Ten-Baggers to Play the 8-Year Gold Cycle”: We are in the formative stages of a gold bull market set to take off any day now, and it will be bigger than every other gold run... ever. And I’ve identified three companies that I firmly believe have 10-bagger potential. I’ve been following them for years. I’ve met all the management teams. And I’ve put the full details and ticker symbols of these three plays inside this jam-packed new report.
"Your Personal Fort Knox: How to Buy and Safely Store Your Precious Metals": I’ll get into the do's and don’ts of precious metals ownership — specifically where to safely store your precious metals in your home. I’ve personally gone out and tested all types of storage, from vaults to safes to off-site storage. In fact, the best thing I found is probably available at your local Walmart. If you are going to buy gold or silver coins and even ETFs, I’ll show which are the safest and how to avoid being ripped off.
The Next Gold Mine to Go LIVE”: This new gold mine is expected to produce 87,000 ounces of gold per year for the next eight years... it’s the only one in Canada that’s fully financed, permitted, and under construction... and now you can get in BEFORE it goes into production. The company trades at a “market cap” of just $146 million, providing you with an exquisite entry point. You’ll discover the firm’s name and ticker symbol inside this special report.

This information is extremely important if you want to take advantage of the coming gold and silver run-up and be on the right side of what Mr. Dines calls “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”
So, when you claim a subscription to The Dines Letter, you’ll also get a free 90-day trial to my monthly research newsletter, Wall Street Underground.
WSU Header LogoEvery month, I point out flaws in the government and market systems. I’ll show you how to exploit some of these flaws for big profits — and which to avoid at all costs.
I’ll show you how to remove the government from your life as much as possible — and I’ll give you tips on how to live outside the corrupt system it's created.
The dollar is a ticking time bomb — ready to explode with inflation and erode your savings.
Wall Street Underground will show you how to protect yourself and thrive in spite of the government and banks' rash decisions and sinister plots.
Every month, you'll get an update on the follies committed by governments around the world and how that affects your life and finances.
I’ll also share with you a brand-new, totally unique way to profit in every issue.
With your 90-day FREE trial subscription to Wall Street Underground, you’ll get the three special research reports I mentioned above, plus you’ll get access to my archives and every recent recommendation I’ve made.
You’ll have the full breadth of my experience and research — for FREE.
All of these gifts apply to the situation we’re facing right now...
And that’s ultimately why we’re doing this.
When you send for this generous package...
new-black-check-mark  The free copy of the Abridged Edition of Mr. Dines’ final book on gold called Goldbug!
new-black-check-mark  14 issues of The Dines Letter
new-black-check-mark  The Dines Wealth-Building Starter Kit
new-black-check-mark  All 7 of Mr. Dines’ stock portfolios, including Gold & Silver, Uranium, Marijuana
new-black-check-mark  All 3 of my special research reports
new-black-check-mark  And a 90-day free trial subscription to Wall Street Underground
...You’ll get sound, independent advice about how to handle the storm on the horizon.
That’s why we’re giving you all of this for just $295 — a pittance compared to what you could make with all the information and guidance you’ll receive.
If you’re interested, please act soon.
We believe the U.S. dollar is headed for massive inflation. In fact, it’s already started...
This means the largest transfer of wealth in history is about to happen. If you own gold and silver, you’ll be on the winning side.
Click here or the button below to get started. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Service team at 855-877-8623.

You can review the specifics one last time and tell us where you’d like your free information sent.
Mr. Dines’ book and all of the research reports that I mentioned will be sent to you electronically, immediately after you confirm your order.
I look forward to the wealth we’ll make together.
Call it like you see it,
Nick Hodge Signature
Nick Hodge,
Founder, Wall Street Underground
P.S. Through this special offer, you’ll get the free copy of Mr. Dines’ precious metals investing bible... 14 issues of The Dines Letter... all 7 of his stock portfolios (including Precious Metals, Uranium, and Marijuana)... all 3 of my special research reports... and a 90-day free trial subscription to Wall Street Underground.
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