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Giant Silicon Valley Corporations 
Are Looking to

Gobble Up This Small $3 Firm:
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Dear Reader,
This is urgent and every second counts.
The story is developing quickly... and the gains have already started mounting.
A small $3 tech firm has just landed a major partnership with Microsoft in 
a deal that could soon be worth billions to this tiny company.
And Microsoft isn't the only juggernaut who's "taken notice" of this firm’s game-
changing technology.
Google is cozying up to it and so is Dell.

These tech giants have good reason to keep a close eye on this tiny company.
In fact, all of Silicon Valley does.
This company — with its incredibly disruptive technology — is 
shaking the industry to its core.
So much so that I'm betting Microsoft, Google, or another gigantic tech 
company will soon buy out this small firm at a significant premium...

And majorly reward early investors when news of the buyout hits Wall 
Because it’s done something no other tech firm in the world has been able 
to do...
This hidden company controls a breakthrough technology that could 
change the way every enterprise in America operates
In fact, it could literally change the world.
Which is why so many Wall Street firms have started snapping up shares like
In just three months alone, institutional banks recently increased their 
positions in this stock by a whopping 239% – the single-largest increase in
 institutional ownership of any small-cap tech company on the market.
When big institutional banks load up on a stock that heavily and that fast, 
you know something is up...
And this time, it could indicate the biggest market story of the year.
In fact, I’m so confident in this company’s massive upside that I’m putting
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So, believe it or not, here’s the deal: I am personally GUARANTEEING that 
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If neither of those two events happen, we'll send you a check for $1,000. And 
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Let me repeat that so you're crystal clear on what I'm offering here:
If the stock doesn't either get bought out or go up by 100%, then 
I'll send you a crisp, $1,000 check.
All you have to do is simply respond to this letter. I’ll give you more details on 
how to do that in just a moment.
But first I want to convince you this isn't just some marketing ploy...
I want to show you the absolutely potency of this company’s breakthrough...
How it could completely disrupt the world of technology.
And have an impact on thousands of industries — all at once.
In this letter, I'll lay out the full case, data, and facts about this company... and
 why I'm so confident it could get bought out at any time — perhaps even in a 
matter of days — driving up the stock's share price 100% or more.
I have to warn you though: The stock's market cap is less than $200 
million, which means it's TINY.
It also means that if too many people swoop in to buy up shares, it could
 artificially inflate the share price, ruining the opportunity.
I don't want to see that happen, which is why this presentation will disappear
 from the Internet on September 30.
But if the stock gets bought out, it could be removed even earlier.
So if you're interested in the chance to make a lot of money in the next few 
months no matter what happens in the rest of the stock market, then keep

Penny Stock Lands Major Deal
With Silicon Valley Titan
Microsoft must really like what it sees...
After all, the firm doesn't sign deals with just any tech company.
Microsoft has partnered up with this tiny firm for its earth-shattering
The deal gives this penny stock access to Microsoft's giant, growing resources. 
I'll explain why this is so valuable in just a moment...
But a deal like this is absolutely huge for this penny stock, which I believe could
 be worth several billion dollars in as little as a few years from now.
I think investors who act now could make 100%... and that's just for starters.
Beyond that, the gains could be... well, extraordinary.
Other tiny companies who have hooked up with Microsoft in the past have 
seen their share prices soar...
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions went from $3 to $21 — a gain of 600%.  
  • EMC Corp saw its shares go from $4 to $20 — a 400% increase.
  • Insight Enterprises went from $2.60 to $27 — a 938% gain.
And here's the really good news: It's happening again right now...
With this tiny firm whose technology is so advanced and unlike anything on
 the market that Fortune 500 companies and even the U.S. government are
 lining up in droves to use it.
So what exactly is this tiny company's breakthrough technology?
And why are governments and big Fortune 500 companies clamoring for it?
Let me tell you about it... and why I'm so confident in its rise that I'm backing
 it with a $1,000 promise to you.

The Breakthrough
Technology... REVEALED!
Let’s face it...
The way the world does business has changed.
Long gone are the days when the employees of a single company all worked 
together in the same office.
Employees are now increasingly mobile, traveling and working in offices 
all over the world.
On top of that, the employees of a company are not all using the same devices
 for work.
The amount of different devices used these days, even in one office, is 
There are laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, and more.
In short, not everyone is sitting in the same office or using the same devices
With employees using different devices and working from many different
 places, it's becoming difficult for employees to view and share the same files.
That's because not all of the software they're using is compatible on every
For instance, an employee using an iPhone can't open a program written
 for Windows XP.
Or an employee using a laptop PC can't open a program written for 
Apple's iOS.
As the Wall Street Journal says, "There are lots of technical 
headaches with workers using their own devices on the 
job. For one, compatibility. With a wide variety of devices 
using different operating systems, it takes lots of time and
 resources to build and test a different version of the same 
application for every single one."
As one IT expert admits, "Trillions of dollars that companies have
 invested into technology have gone to waste."
In short, there's been no easy fix for this compatibility problem across 
different devices. For corporations, it's resulted in lost revenue and time.
But here's where our little $3 firm — and its revolutionary technology — 
comes in...
Its technology lets employees access and share virtually ANY program —
 on ANY device — from anywhere in the world.
In other words, it makes virtually any piece of software compatible on 
almost ANY modern device.
You can think of it as a “master key” that allows employees to open any 
kind of program or file without fail no matter what device they're using.
All a company needs to do is install this little firm's "magic box"... and it 
could translate just about every single piece of software ever created.

CRACKED: Silicon Valley's
Master Code
This problem of software incompatibility between different devices is 
something that all types of companies face — both big and small.
For instance, here's what Carol Fineagan, the CIO for mid-sized nuclear 
service company EnergySolutions, is saying about this company's "magic
"Whether an employee is using a tablet, desktop or laptop
          at work or on travel, they will have a familiar and high
          response experience."
The Chief Information Officer of Clearlink, a small content management 
firm, said this about it:
"We are converting the entire company to this system."
This tiny $3 firm — with its "magic box" — has literally cracked Silicon 
Valley's software "code."
It can take any software program and let employees successfully access it 
through any device.
Employees never need to download any new versions of the software 
programs, either. The "box" translates all versions.
It's no wonder so many companies are signing up to use the firm's "box." 
After all, it can save companies millions of dollars... and make others billions.
David Hamilton of the Financial Post says this kind of technology "has the 
potential to shower billions in revenues on companies that embrace it."
People are using so many different devices for work today. This is THE 
WAY business gets done now. Silicon Valley has no choice but to embrace 
this company's technology.
Big tech juggernauts like Microsoft and Dell already are.

Now, the science behind it is super technical. No matter how computer
savvy you are, it'd be difficult to understand it.

But I'm so on board with this technology — and its massive potential
that I GUARANTEE this stock shoots up 100% or gets bought out.

And if it doesn't, I'm willing to give you $1,000, which is yours to spend
 as you like.

Hi. I'm Jason Stutman.
I'm the resident technology expert here at Angel Publishing, one 
of the largest independent investment advisory firms in the world.

I'm also the founder of the popular news site Tech Investing Daily  
and the investment newsletter Technology and Opportunity.

I'm proud to publish your blueprint to leading-edge technology
 investments... investments that have the potential to double, triple, 
quadruple, or more.

I cut my teeth in the world of technology, and over the last several years, 
I've built an incredibly strong network of professional connections in
 the industry.

I'm not at liberty to drop any names, but I will say my contacts 
include high-ranking chief technology officers, investor relations
 executives, and even high-profile technology CEOs.

To be clear, I'm not mentioning any of this to brag.

I simply want to point out the advantage this can give you.

By getting in on the inside, I've been able to tip my dedicated 
readers off to a steady stream of winning technology stocks.

This includes gains like:
  • OmniVision Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: OVTI) — up 82% in 
  • just over a year
  • Foundation Medicine (NASDAQ: FMI) — up 101% in less than
  •  six months
  • MannKind Corp (NASDAQ: MNKD) — up 76% in less than six months
  • Prana Biotechnology (NASDAQ: PRAN) — up 212% in less than 
  • six months
  • Robotics company AVT Inc. (OTC: AVTC) — up 136% in just 
  • over a year
But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what some of my
 latest subscribers have had to say:
"Took this recommendation but bought only 144 shares. 
Doubling your money is always good but this one paid my
 subscription many times over."Leonard Smith

"I could not believe it! Yes! I had $5k on FMI. Now it's 
$10K! Best I've ever done in the market. Thanks a lot!" — 
Harry Mozen
And now I believe this tiny $3 stock — with its breakthrough "box" —
 could deliver the most explosive gains yet.
Think about it...

Buyout Mania!
With this firm's "magic box," anything an employee needs is stored 
digitally and made accessible on any device.
The dollar savings, productivity gains, and added revenue benefits are
This is a classic example of "disruptive" technology.
Employees are using more devices and are spread farther apart today
 than ever before. This is the new reality of global commerce.

So every company in the civilized world is a potential client... 
every person a potential user.
In the tech world, when you have something that valuable, you build 
a moat around it.
And that's exactly what this little firm is doing...
It's received 45 patents total (with 36 more pending).
So you can see why a software juggernaut like Microsoft is eager to partner up
 with this little firm... if not just buy it out entirely.
Acquisitions happen all the time in the tech world.
Why? Because getting a leg up in the tech industry can be a highly challenging
Sure, big tech companies spend billions of dollars on research and development.
But they also need to keep an eye out for emerging technologies that can give
 them an advantage over their bitter rivals.
Even Google and Microsoft have taken this route to one-up their competition.
For instance...
  • Microsoft acquired Skype for $7.8 billion... and investors could have 
  • raked in over 200%.
  • Google bought Nest Labs for $3.2 billion... netting investors 
  • a 300% gain in less than a year.
  • Facebook scooped up virtual reality company Oculus for $2 billion...
  •  doling out a 700% return in just seven months.
This is the same kind of opportunity for gains you have today with 
the tiny firm I've been telling you about.
I'm convinced a buyout will happen or the stock delivers 100% 
gains at the very minimum.
And if neither of those things happen, then I'll send you a $1,000 check. 
The money is yours to use as you wish.
So for you, this is a win-win.
I'll tell you exactly how you can take me up on my special, limited-time 
offer in just a moment.
But first, let me tell you a bit more about why I believe a buyout is so

A Suitor in the Wings
Corporations and governments aren't the only ones that stand to benefit
 from this tiny $3 firm's innovation.

There is another huge market this company is tapping into...

I'm talking about education.

And it's peaked the interest of a $374 billion company you're already
 familiar with: Google.

Here's why...
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are 49.8
million students in the U.S. alone. And that figure doesn't even include
colleges and universities!

The majority of schools in the U.S. have computer labs filled with outdated


So Google has created a line of devices perfectly tailored for the 
It's called the Chromebook. It's a fast, portable computer that gives 
students access to the web's rich educational tools and resources.
And it's quickly becoming the device of choice for many school districts
 because it’s affordable at $199 a pop.
Yet because the Chromebook runs on Google's unique operating system, 
 Chrome OS, it faces compatibility issues with crucial education software.
That's why schools have started using this firm's "magic box" for the 
Chromebook. This includes two of the largest school districts in Texas.
And Google has recognized the usefulness of the "box" for its products...
In fact, Google's top executive for its Education Division, Jason Katcher,
 has commented about this tiny company on his Twitter account multiple
He's even hinted at a potential buyout...

"[This firm] would make for an interesting acquisition," 
 says Katcher.

He's personally accumulating shares of this tiny $3 stock too, which 
is another reason I think Google could already be negotiating a deal 
with this company.
"Buying more. Too much upside," Katcher says.
Talk about a ringing endorsement.
Of course, he's not the only one who’s loading up on shares.
Remember, Wall Street banks have recently increased their positions 
in this stock by 239% in just three months.
That's more than any other small-cap tech company on the market.
Cyrus Capital has a large stake in this firm with over 5.9 million 
 shares. It is a major investor in Virgin America, the airline 
founded by billionaire Richard Branson.
I want you to get in on this ASAP. That's why I've put together
 a report with the full details about this urgent situation.
It's called, "Buyout Imminent: The $3 Firm That's Cracked
 Silicon Valley's Software 'Code.'"
This report tells it all: the name and ticker symbol of the small 
company, the people behind the company, the companies that are 
looking to buy out this small firm... everything.
I want to send you this report immediately at no charge.
The best part? If this stock doesn't go up by 100% or doesn't get 
bought out, I'll also send you a check for $1,000.
I am that confident in this company... and its transformational
So how can you get this report for free AND take me up on
 my unique promise?
Let me explain...

I've Dedicated My Life
to Finding "Big Ideas"
As I mentioned earlier, my name is Jason Stutman.
And I've committed myself to finding the most lucrative 
opportunities in the world of technology.
One of my favorite parts of the job is getting behind-the-scenes, 
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know about.
I've attended many medical and scientific conferences. I was 
one of the first to get private demonstrations of 3D printers, drones,
 and robots.
By getting on the inside, not only do I get an early look at potentially
 world-altering technologies, but I'm also able to translate that intel 
into dynamic gains for my readers.
I do that now for over 7,000 readers in a highly sought-after 
investment research newsletter called Technology and Opportunity.
But here's the thing...
I just can't share some of the best investment opportunities I come
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Some of these stocks and other plays are just too small and too
 sophisticated for your average reader.
But they were also huge opportunities that were being overlooked...
 until now.

That's why I created a new service called The Cutting Edge.
In The Cutting Edge, I hone in on the tiniest, most potentially explosive
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accounted for nearly 90% of the stock market's largest returns over 
the past 20 years.
I’m talking about returns like the 6,244% gain seen from Celgene... the
 6,334% move by Biogen... and the 9,232% gain investors experienced with
Let me be clear about something...
This is NOT a simple newsletter for mom and pop market watchers.
After all, I'm not going to give $1,000 to just anybody.
The Cutting Edge is a much more revealing, advanced research service, 
tailored for a small group of elite investors.
I find situations that offer you a venture capital-style edge... where a
 small stake of $1,000 or $2,000 can quickly turn into $5,000 or 
The tiny $3 firm I've identified was built to be bought out. And when
 it does, I believe it could double or triple your money.
And for the right folks... those who "get" what I'm doing here... it's going 
to be a lot of fun and potentially very lucrative.
So how much does The Cutting Edge cost?

The Offer of a Lifetime!
Honestly, this is the type of research Wall Street firms charge 
tens of thousands of dollars for.
So let me ask you this: How much would you reasonably pay
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 $100,000... or $200,000?
I can tell you that if a hedge fund produced the kinds of gains we’re
 targeting... it would right away take $15,000 to $20,000 from your 
 investments for its fees and expenses.

But The Cutting Edge won’t cost you anywhere near that amount.

Normally, a one-year membership to this research service costs $997.
But I know not every stock doubles in two months or even a year, for 
that matter. That's why I'm giving this situation two years to play
 itself out.
So if you're willing to hold onto the stock for two years, I'm going to 
make you a special two-year membership offer:
You can sign up today for a two-year membership to The 
Cutting Edge for just $1,795.
That's a 10% discount off the price of a regular two-year membership —
 a savings of $199!
And if the stock doesn't double or get bought out by the end of your second 
year, I'll send you a $1,000 check.
That's my unbreakable promise to you.
Of course, I understand $1,795 is a lot of money to fork over all at once.
So you can subscribe today at the regular rate of just $997 and still be
 eligible to receive the $1,000 check.
You simply have to remain onboard for a second year when the time

But what if I'm wrong about a buyout?
Well, you could still make a fortune off this stock.
Keep in mind, tiny firms that have hooked up with Microsoft in the
 past have seen their share prices skyrocket by as much as 938%, 
400%, and 600%.
Better still, if the stock doesn't get bought out or post a 100% 
gain by the end of your second year of membership, then I'll send you 
a $1,000 check.
The money is yours to keep. You can use it to supplement your existing
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Plus, as a member of The Cutting Edge, you'll be getting at least one new
 high-tech stock recommendation every month.
So there's a number of ways this situation can play out in your favor.
If this sounds like something you're interested in, I've written up 
everything you need to know about this tiny firm in my newest
 report, "Buyout Imminent: The $3 Firm That's Cracked 
Silicon Valley's Software 'Code.'"
It's yours free of charge just for trying my research service The Cutting
 Edge risk-free.
Before I tell you how to get started, there's one more "big idea" I'd like
 tell you about.
Let me show you what I mean...

Obama's NEW War
President Obama calls the battle against this health threat a "national
 security priority."
Recently, he unveiled a $1.2 billion plan to combat its spread.
The Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says this threat could 
"devastate our economy."
And claim millions of American lives.
What exactly is this urgent threat to our way of life?
It's not Ebola, HIV, bird flu, or any new virus, like SARS.
It's antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
But there's a simpler term for it: superbugs.
And they've recently become a major problem.
In a 2014 report, the World Health Organization (WHO) called superbugs
 "one of the three greatest threats to human health."
A recent study published in the journal Society for Healthcare 
Epidemiology of America says we have reached near-epidemic 
levels across U.S. hospitals, with a 500% increase of reported cases
 in the Southeast alone.
And some emerging superbugs cannot be cured with modern medicine.
Thanks to cheap, generic Brazilian and Chinese antibiotics being over-
prescribed in poor countries, we have a situation where the "bugs" now
 resist treatment.

Superbugs don't just resist one or two common antibiotics, like penicillin
 or methicillin. They can also resist second- and third-line antibiotics,
 too. Some superbugs resist everything!

So that’s why the antibiotics we have aren’t working like they used to...
But I've identified one company that promises to eradicate this 
disease with its revolutionary therapy. And it's not a new antibiotic.
As Discover Magazine points out, "researchers are turning to [this 
therapy] because antibiotics are losing their punch."
It's a unique solution that can be injected, sprayed onto the site
 of infection, or swallowed.
Dr. Naomi Hoyle says, "It doesn't have the side-effects or the 
negative aspects of antibiotics, like diarrhea, because of its high 
BBC News says the type of treatment this company offers "may 
be the key in the bacteria battle."
Right now, this tiny company trades for just $0.30 a share. 
And it's moving into FDA trials.
Judging by a number of other recent acquisitions in the biotech sphere,
 I think a 300% to 400% return isn’t out of the picture if this story takes
 a year or more to play out.
To help you get in right away, I've written up everything you need to
 know in a new report called, "Superbug: How to Profit from the
 Post-Antibiotic Era."
I'll rush it to you right away when you agree to sample my research
 service, The Cutting Edge, RISK-FREE.
The reports include every detail and instruction you’ll need to pocket 
substantial gains.
So, in summary, here’s everything you’ll receive:
  • FREE REPORT #1: "Buyout Imminent: The $3 Firm 
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  • FREE REPORT #2: "Superbug: How to Profit from the 
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And there's just one more thing...

Try it Out For a Full
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When you give The Cutting Edge a try, you'll have two months to decide 
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Like I said, it's certainly not right for everyone.
Two months should give you plenty of time to see how my 
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So if you are interested in the chance to make some big gains —
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But I'm afraid I can't keep the books open on this deal forever.
Because this is a smaller stock — with a market cap of just $151 million 
 — I must be careful how many readers find out about it. Only a small 
 number can get in on this at any time. That's why this presentation
 will disappear from the web on September 30 at midnight.
And like I said, if this company gets bought out, it could come down 
before then.
So if you're a serious investor who’s interested in this unique situation,
 it's crucial to take action immediately.
Click the "YES! Start my subscription now" link below this presentation
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Stutman sig
Jason Stutman,
Investment Director, The Cutting Edge

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menu icon - black check markGold could easily go to $6,000 an ounce in the near future...
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Maloney explains:
"I believe the greatest investment opportunity in history is knocking on

your door. You can open it, or not... the choice is yours.

During these events there is always an enormous wealth transfer,

and it is within your power to choose whether it is transferred toward

you, or away from you.

If you choose to have it transferred toward you, then you must first

educate yourself, and second, take action."
The Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver is the most
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Everyone, from experienced investors to first-timers, should read this book
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My copy is dog-eared and covered in different colored highlights. I keep it
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My name, by the way, is Nick Hodge. I’m the founder of Outsider Club,
 a community for individuals dedicated to surviving and prospering
 independent of the poor decisions and oppressive financial polices of our
You might have read one of my essays online or seen me speak at any
 number of conferences. I spend half the year on the road spreading my
In fact, I’ve appeared at the same events as Michael Maloney several times
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He has a real passion for history. And he believes we’re at an extremely
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When you read Maloney’s book, you won’t just discover exactly how to
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This is invaluable information.
Maloney will show you how every paper currency has failed. Starting with
Rome and going forward, he explains the parallels between then and now.
And he also proves that two things always win out: gold and silver.
Rich Dad Advisors founder Robert Kiyosaki, the publisher of the Guide to 
Investing in Gold and Silver, had this to say about Michael Maloney
and his book:
"Mike has a tremendous financial IQ. You would do

very well to heed his words and his warnings about the

coming economic storm and the wealth transfer it will

confer on those who have taken the time to moor their

financial well-being to the rocks of gold and silver."
Here’s what some readers had to say about the book (these are actual
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"Blew my mind. I will never see the economy the same way again.

I have bought five copies and gave them to friends." Maria B.

"This book is a real eye-opener as far as who is in control of the

money in this country. You need to read this..." Pat P.

"Anyone who is into precious metal investment should own

a copy, or at least read it once. Mike Maloney is a great teacher."

Daniel Y.
And Tony T. simply called it, "the financial survival manual 
for today."
Right now, on Amazon, the cheapest you can get a brand-new copy
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And this book is the best way to educate yourself about what’s happening
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 precious metals opportunity.
In the book, you’ll learn three major lessons...
Lesson #1: The dollar is headed for a perfect storm. And its 
debasement and destruction is the only result possible, thanks
 to the Federal Reserve.
Maloney has an outstanding grasp of history, and you’ll learn how
 every society eventually gets to this point — and why gold and silver
 always win out.
For instance, you’ll learn things like:
  • Why our government purposely and drastically understates 
  • inflation and why it’s dangerous for your savings. (Page 65)
  • Why even as the Dow goes up in price, its value is rapidly falling. 
  • (Page 70)
  • How the world economy already came within hours of the worst
  •  collapse in history — yet few Americans even realized it. (Page 92)
  • How Richard Nixon gained the right to tax not just U.S. citizens
  •  but also every citizen worldwide. (Page 43)
  • What the Roman emperor Diocletian has in common with Janet Yellen 
  • — and how that will send precious metals prices soaring. (Page 9)
  • The seven steps every society takes that eventually debase its currency
  • — we’re in the middle of step six right now. (Page 22)
  • Why in the next crash, bond AND stock values will be destroyed at 
  • the same time. (Page 96)
Maloney makes it painfully clear that our government has printed far
 too many dollars for the system to handle. No matter what it does to
 control it, even with the current deflation, rampant inflation will rear
its ugly head.
He isn’t all doom and gloom, though.
That’s the second thing you’ll learn:
Lesson #2: How to take advantage of the dollar’s demise to make
 once-in-a-lifetime profits. He’ll show you exactly how to buy precious 
metals to make the most money.
Maloney sees the coming crisis as a major opportunity. And he’ll show you
 where to put your money, specifically, to reap the biggest windfall.
For instance, he explains:
  • Why three different mainstream indicators suggest gold prices
  • could go
  •  to $6,118, $6,484, or $6,611 an ounce. (Page 120)
  • The five reasons silver prices could gain 15 times more than gold in 
  • this boom. (Page 133)
  • Why the U.S. government’s silver stockpile — once the largest in history
  •  — now makes up less than 1% of world supply, and why that could lead
  •  to a mania in silver. (Page 128)
  • Why buying silver coins to profit is a bad idea. Maloney explains, in detail,
  •  exactly how you should buy silver, complete with specific instructions
  •  on how and where to store it. (Page 165)
  • When the smoke clears, Maloney believes there’s one investment you 
  • should buy with your silver. This tool could double your silver profits.
  •  (Page 151)
The last thing Maloney teaches you is perhaps the most important...
Lesson #3: Learn how to avoid scams. Sadly, the precious metals 
market is full of them, whether they’re created by Wall Street or
 a street-corner salesman.
Maloney devotes a whole section of the book to showing you how to spot
a scam and which investment tools to avoid altogether.
Remember, Michael Maloney is an expert in the gold and silver business.
He’s seen every kind of scam tried more than once.
Many first-time readers find this to be the most important section in the book...
  • Maloney exposes gold and silver ETFs for what they are: pieces of paper. 
  • In fact, he points to the fine print in SEC filings that says these 
  • investments could fall in price — even while precious metals are rising. 
  • (Page 159)
  • If someone is selling a gold or silver certificate and there’s no storage 
  • fee, it’s probably a scam, according to Maloney. (Page 160)
  • You may not realize that coin dealers take a profit anywhere from 
  • 5 to 20 times higher than bullion dealers. (Page 165)
  • Maloney reminds you that it’s perfectly legal to own as much physical
  •  gold and silver as you’d like, and you are not required to report the 
  • purchase to the IRS — under any circumstances. (Page 174)
As you can see, this book is excellent for anyone interested in purchasing
gold and silver — whether you’re a beginner or an experienced veteran.
As I mentioned, my name is Nick Hodge. I’m the founder of Outsider Club, 
a personal investment community with hundreds of thousands of members.
We’re one of the largest independent financial publishers in the world. And our
mission is to help readers like you learn what’s really going on behind the
headlines and in Washington, D.C.
We want you to know how this affects your money both now and over the long
 term. And we show you valuable alternative investments to what Wall Street’s
As a best-selling financial author myself, I’ve spoken at several conferences
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He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. And he has an uncanny way
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I’ve read his book so much I almost know it by heart...
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4 More Ways to Profit...
Like I mentioned before, my name is Nick Hodge.
Please note that Michael Maloney doesn't work for Angel Publishing or  
Outsider Club. We simply find the information highly valuable and would
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I’m a best-selling author myself — and I’ve appeared at investment
conferences across the country and the world, often on the same billing as
Michael Maloney.
I’m also the founder of the Outsider Club. We’re a financial publication
dedicated to showing Americans how to beat the system instead of getting
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Face it: our government is greedier than ever, and your savings — as well
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We have hundreds of thousands of members who read our work every day
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Over the last few weeks, our experts have shown readers...
  • How to get their hands on the U.S. Mint’s never-before-released 
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  • The #1 sector to invest in right now.
  • Why even after a near collapse, Russian stocks still aren’t a bargain.
  • The best way to invest in China’s version of Amazon.
Every day, we show people how to become truly self-reliant — how to
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Beyond that, I personally do boots-on-the-ground research, examining
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When I find one of these valuable situations, I write up a comprehensive
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For instance:
  • Back in 2012, I found a company that was combining 3D printing  
  • and biotech. Organovo Holdings had created a process to produce
  •  functional human tissue through what it called 3D bioprinting.
The stock was at $2 when I recommended it. In a little less 
than a year, it soared over 245%.
  • I saw that a company with a $0.59 share price was signing deals with 
  • Rice University, the University of Virginia, and the National Renewable
  •  Energy Laboratory.
After further digging, I found out the company had a proprietary silicon
 coating that would drastically improve the performance of solar cells. I 
visited this company and saw the technology in practice.
I recommended the stock to my readers, and it went up 128%
in three months.
  • I learned that a $0.19 company, Alternate Energy Holdings, was
  •  building a nuclear power plant in Idaho before the market had a clue.
The stock soared to $1.00, handing my readers 426% gains
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If you’d put $10,000 into each of these investments, you’d have 
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  • storage, from vaults to safes to off-site storage. In fact, the best thing
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  • "The 'King' Play: How to Turn Every $10,000 You Invest Into $100,000": Bear in mind, I don’t expect physical gold and silver to pay 
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  • "Currency 'X': An Alternative Guide to Riches": I’m really excited
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  • A pattern that goes back nearly 200 years. You might remember the 
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silverbook-reports-smallBonus Report #1: "Your Personal Fort Knox: How to
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Bonus Report #2: "The 'King' Play: How To Turn Every 
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The Blue Chip Millionaires
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Dear Reader,
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In short, it’s a way to pinpoint exactly when the market is peaking and
exactly when it’s hit rock bottom.
It gives you the chance to avoid the fundamental error so many traders
 make on a constant basis: poor timing. They trade with their hearts instead
of their heads.
When things are going well, few people think about selling. And on the flip
side, when things are bad, most investors are scared to buy.
But of course, it’s easy to say you need good timing — it’s another thing to
actually have it.
And that’s where the formula I’m telling you about today comes in.
It takes all of the "heart" out of investing and clearly indicates what to buy,
when to buy it, and how to profit.
And while I’m using the word "formula," you won’t have to run any algorithms
or relearn calculus here.
We’ve run the formula ourselves, and it’s already identified five blue chip
companies almost nobody realizes the profit potential of — and I’m going to
reveal them to you for FREE in just a few moments.
Even better, while these five stocks are ready to explode right now, you can
do this over and over again in the coming months to generate a massive fortune.
Let me explain...

How America's Biggest and Best Companies
Could Hand You 1,000% Gains
Over and Over Again...
As you well know, the market goes up and down all the time. There’s no
changing that.
And even though things are great right now, it’s inevitable that there will
 be a downturn at some point.
Back in 1987, everyone thought things were rolling along great. Then Black
Monday hit, and millions went bankrupt as they lost all they had.
The same thing happened in 2000 and 2008. And it’s going to happen again
at some point... probably sooner rather than later.
But the crazy part is that these market crashes were actually good news
for those investors who knew about the opportunity we recently uncovered
here at Angel Publishing.
Take October 1987...
The biggest single-day crash had just wiped out millions of investors.
Wall Street was running scared.
Even big hedge funds were collapsing.
But unknown to most analysts and traders, a small batch of billion-dollar
companies were about to take off.
One of them was an overlooked steel giant with a $15 billion market cap.
Not only did this industry leader escape the crash pretty much unscathed...
But it actually soared for staggering 845% gains.
If you knew about this company’s potential for delivering massive gains
following market corrections, you could have turned a $10,000 stake in
this large, safe, and stable company into a $94,500 windfall.
And this wasn’t the only opportunity... Not by far.
Take this $30 billion company, a world leader in ceramics and glass
It also escaped the 1987 crash without a blip.
And it went on to multiply investors’ money five times over...
Good enough to turn a $10,000 stake in this 150-year-old company into
 a $54,430 windfall.
And here was the biggest opportunity from this unusual group of plays...
A massive U.S. regional bank, with $263 billion in deposits.
After the 1987 crash, it went on a massive run... skyrocketing for
1,331% gains.
Good enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $133,100.
It wasn’t just this time, either.
In 2001, after the "Tech Wreck" had wiped out 50% of the S&P, this
 same group of companies did it again.
This time, the steel giant — the first one I mentioned — soared for
a whopping 991% gain...
Another Fortune 500 titan in this group, a leading power equipment
manufacturer, skyrocketed for 1,120% gains.
And the number one ceramics and glass manufacturer, the second company
 on my list, took off for staggering 2,087% gains.
As you’d expect, after the 2008 crash, they repeated this performance  
once again.
One soared by 132% in just 60 days...
And then went on a run for 418% gains.
Another soared for 722% gains:
Look: I can keep showing you one example after another...
But I think you get the point.
This tiny batch of blue chip companies has proven to survive and even
 return astronomic gains through market downturns time and time again...
Making a handful of investors rich on a small starting stake.
But the problem is, first you need to have the ability to identify these blue chip millionaire-makers... You can’t just pick randomly and hope for the best.
Then you need to select the right time to buy and sell...
Something considered impossible by brokers who tell you to
 "buy and hold" instead.
But not only is it possible, it’s actually been done by Wall Street traders
 for the last four decades, all thanks to a little-known formula...
A formula kept secret from people like you and me.

Wall Street's Secret Formula Exposed!
Fortune hails it as "the holy grail of corporate finance."
The Financial Times says it’s "a true moneymaking formula."
And one JP Morgan document even refers to it as "the most important
number in finance."
That’s why analysts at nearly all major financial groups have tapped
this secret formula for enormous profits...
new-black-check-markJP Morgan
new-black-check-markMorgan Stanley
new-black-check-markRaymond James
The list goes on and on.
As MoneyWeek reports, "The fact is, influential market players 
embrace [this formula]."
But you haven’t heard about it for one reason...
See, even as some of the biggest firms on the Street are making money hand
 over fist thanks to this formula...
They’ve told their clients to do the exact opposite.
It’s simple: When you hold an investment over a long period, the fees
accumulate for managing your money. So your broker gets absurdly rich...
while you get slaughtered when the market drops.

"An Old Wall Street Buy Signal"
In fact, this formula has pinpointed every major market top and bottom
the last 40 years.
It’s tipped off the Wall Street elite, who position their money time and
 time again.
For instance, this formula issued a sell signal at the top of the market in
1973 before it crashed by 48%.
Then it issued a buy signal in the late 1970s before the S&P surged 440%
in the '80s.
In 1987, before Black Tuesday, this formula issued a sell signal. And then,
 when the market bottomed days later, it issued a buy signal.
In the early '90s, while recession gripped the country, it issued a buy signal
 — before one of the greatest bull markets in history.
And in August 2000, it issued a sell signal right before the tech
bubble burst.
In April 2003, at the bottom of the market, this formula screamed buy.
And in December 2007, at the top of the market, it screamed sell.
At the bottom of the market in March 2009, it once again screamed buy.
If you had known about these crucial signals, you could have pocketed
100% of the profits of bull markets while avoiding catastrophic losses
during the downturns.
That’s why it’s allowed some of Wall Street’s biggest names to beat the
S&P by a factor of 10,000% over the last 40 years — all while significantly
 reducing their risk.
For CitiBank, reports the Wall Street Journal, this is the "preferred metric."
Reuters calls it "an old Wall Street buy signal."
And one Forbes analysis of half a century of market data found "a strong
correlation between [this formula] and expected future returns."
So how big a difference could this have for your portfolio over the long haul?
Take the S&P 500 index.
If you had invested $10,000 on July 1, 1970 using conventional "buy
and hold," right now you’d be sitting on $248,242.
That may sound good, but that’s over 45 years!
And it’s not even enough to retire on.
To me, that’s a horrible investment.
But if you had used this formula instead, now we’re talking a whole
 different story.
That same $10,000 would now be worth $2,898,437!
And that’s without investing any new money or even reinvesting
Tell me which you’d prefer...
Can you see how this could change everything for your finances and
Point is, this formula could mean the difference between having to work
until you die...
Or retiring early without ever having to worry about money again.
In a moment, I’ll show you how you don’t have to wait 45, 10, or even three
years to see this kind of windfall.
In fact, you could retire a "blue chip millionaire" in the next 36 months
thanks to a unique program I’ve put together for you.
But before I share with you the details on that, let me answer something
that’s probably on your mind...
What exactly is this formula? And how has Wall Street safeguarded this
secret for so long?
To answer that, we need to go to the source of the controversy...
33 Liberty Street, Manhattan, New York.
The headquarters of the Federal Reserve.

How the Fed Uses a Similar Formula
to Predict the Markets
Many have heard about the Fed’s model and how it’s key to the Fed’s policies.
But few know exactly how it works.
Let me tell you a little about it...
You see, first the Fed calculates the earnings yield of the S&P.
Now, earnings yield might sound fancy, but it’s just the price-to-earnings
ratio (P/E) flipped over.
Instead of the P/E ratio, earnings yield is the E/P ratio.
It couldn’t be simpler.
You just divide the earnings by the market share price.
Why is this better than P/E ratios at determining value?
Because it allows you to compare what the market is yielding to other
potential investments.
And this is the crucial part — something most analysts miss or just don’t
You see, the value of investments is all relative.
Stocks may be fairly cheap. Or not even that cheap.
Nonetheless, if stocks are the best value out there, then most investors
 will flock to stocks.
The same with bonds... CDs... real estate.... and other assets.
Simple, right?
In fact, you can see the results of this every day in the financial papers.
By keeping rates near zero, the Fed has forced even the most conservative
 investors into equities.
This has pushed the stock market to all-time highs.
So why does the Fed use this to predict the markets?
Well, if the S&P earnings yield falls below bond rates, this is a very reliable
 sell signal...
It means stocks are significantly overvalued.
Investors will flock to bonds — where they’ll get a better return with more
And a crash is all but imminent.
This was the case for nearly every major market crash over the last 40 years.
That includes the 1973 recession, 1987 Black Thursday, the 2001 tech wreck,
and the 2008 crash.
But this situation inevitably results in the next market rebound.
As share prices plummet, earnings yields rise.
Once the S&P earnings yield climbs well above bond rates, this means stocks are significantly undervalued...
And the market has bottomed.
This was the case for every market bottom that led to a major bull market.
Now, the Fed’s version of this formula is NOT 100% perfect.
Otherwise they would have alerted us to every major market swing over
the last 40 years.
We know that’s not the case.
Sometimes it’s been on the money. A lot of times it hasn't.
The problem is, the Fed’s model only compares the S&P’s earnings yield
to 10-year Treasury bond rates.
Of course, it’s easy to see why this misses the mark.
10-year Treasury bond rates are incredibly safe — perhaps the safest
investments there are.
This means stock earnings yields will outperform them by leaps
 and bounds
 more times than not... even before a market crash. It’s called the
"equity risk premium" in financial circles.
But that’s not the case for AAA corporate bonds.
If you compare the earnings yield to the rate of AAA corporate bonds,
 you get a deadly accurate marker for market tops and bottoms.
That’s the signal used by Wall Street’s biggest hedge funds and banks.
Unlike the Fed’s model — which has missed some big calls — this
 formula has hit the bull’s-eye for the last 80 years.
In 1929, for instance, the corporate bond yield was almost 6%, while
the earnings yield fell to 5%.
This precipitated the greatest market crash of all time.
Then, in 1932, at the Great Depression market bottom, the earnings
yield skyrocketed to 11%, even as the corporate bond yield fell to
under 3.5%.
This HUGE buy signal could have handed you some of the biggest
returns in financial history.
That’s why most hedge fund analysts follow THIS version of the
Fed’s model.
I’m talking about analysts from major banks like...
new-black-check-markJP Morgan Chase
And more...
What’s more, it could have handed you an average of 22% annual returns
for the last five decades.
That’s the same return as Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, and George Soros.
Now, this doesn’t just apply to long-term market cycles, either.
In fact, Benjamin Graham — Warren Buffett’s mentor — used this
as his number one criteria to screen stocks.
And he found plenty of opportunities when his investing career took off.
During the Great Depression, when he began snapping up shares like
crazy, the market had bottomed.
So the opportunities were everywhere.
What’s more, this formula allowed him to focus on the most lucrative ones...
In turn, this allowed him to generate cumulative returns of 5,620%.
But here’s the thing...

Position Your Money
Before September 16
While investors think interest rates are really low, they’re ignoring the
AAA bond rating.
This shows that rates are inching up no matter what the Fed does, even
as the S&P earnings yield is plummeting.
And on September 16, when the Fed plans to announce its interest
rate spike, the yield spread will close.
Every time this has happened over the last 40 years, the market has
But like I mentioned earlier, investors who know about this formula
have no reason to worry.
In fact, I believe we’re going to see the most lucrative opportunity in
80 years.
The chance to buy top-notch American household names for pennies on
the dollar...
A trillion-dollar wave of new wealth creation... one that everyday investors
can grab a piece of.
It’s the bargain price opportunity most investors dream of — only it occurs
 every so often, and most miss out.
But you can’t just blindly pick stocks once you think the market has
 hit bottom.
That’s because every market crash has false bottoms. And if you buy
into them, you can still lose as much as 50% of your portfolio.
What’s more, some blue chip companies could go bankrupt. Others could
just downgrade.
So you’ll need to pick the cream of the crop — companies that aren’t just
soaring because of the recent bull market, trading volume, or because
 investors are greedy. In short, you’ll need to identify companies with
REAL value.
These aren’t the best-known blue chips. But it doesn’t matter. During
market rallies, they soar... often by 1,000% or more.
These will be the ultimate winners of the next rally.
That’s how Benjamin Graham — Buffett’s mentor — made a fortune
during the Great Depression.
And this secret formula was the key to his success.
If you follow it too and buy select blue chip stocks at rock-bottom prices
 — companies you might even own now — you could position yourself for
quadruple-digit gains across the board... on some of America’s top
household names.
That’s why I’ve assembled my new dossier, "The Blue Chip 
Millionaire Blueprint."
Inside I reveal five specific plays — including their names, company
 profiles, and ticker symbols.
These are companies you can buy into for REAL wealth when the
market hits bottom (I’ll tell you when).
I also include a step-by-step playbook of my proprietary system,
so you know exactly how to play this for maximum wealth.
With your permission, I’ll send this groundbreaking research to your
inbox absolutely FREE.
But before I do...

Allow Me To Introduce Myself
Hi, my name is Jimmy Mengel.
You may have seen me hobnobbing with the financial elite
on CNBC's Closing Bell...

jimmy cnbc

Or you may have heard of me as the architect behind the wildly popular
finance and investing website Wealth Wire, where I brought readers the
story behind the mainstream financial news every single day.
I've spent my entire professional career researching and writing about
little-known opportunities in the financial arena.
Today, because of my experience, I'm managing editor of one of the
country's largest independent financial boutiques, filtering obscure
moneymaking ideas to our followers.
I head the Outsider Club and our financial planning advisory,  
The Crow's Nest.
As a trained journalist, I've gained a reputation among my peers for
 digging like a sleuth to uncover under-the-radar moneymaking loopholes
 in financial back doors that most people never hear of...
In other words, I don't follow the crowd. The real money is always in the
 investments you've never heard of. That's how the rich play the game.
For instance, last year I discovered a greedy way to play silver that
 doubles your return — without risky futures or junior miners.
It's a very simple tool to maximize silver's inevitable returns in 2015...
In short, this investment phenomenon allows you to earn 2% every
 time silver spikes 1%.
Another unconventional investment I discovered is a way to get into
the collectibles market.
Through hard research, we tapped the resources of a collectables
company that has authenticated and graded more than 27 million coins
 — worth a total of $27 billion.
The company's card experts have certified more than 20 million
trading cards, autographs, and other valuable memorabilia, exceeding
$1 billion in worth.
It's already up 101% in just a few months, and to top it all, my followers
 are enjoying a whopping 6.1% dividend... a return that's almost unheard
 of in the regular market.
I've been furnishing my readers with these unorthodox — but incredibly
 safe — investment ideas that could have a huge impact on their
 financial goals.
I am not one to follow the mainstream when it comes to money. That's the
 road to the poorhouse.
Folks who want to stick to conventional investment ideas can buy a CD and
 be happy with a 2% return forever or follow the herd into the stock market.
But if you want to beat the market at its own game and stay ahead of
everyone else — instead of playing catch-up — then this is your gateway
 to financial freedom.
I’m talking about my proprietary "Blue Chip Millionaire" system.
One with...

"A Proven Track Record of 1,000% Gains
On Blue Chip Stocks"
Gains like...                                  
  • 1,479% on Amazon
  • 2,946% on Apple
  • 997% on Western Digital Corp.
  • 1,179% on Ford
  • 1,074% on Delta
The list goes on and on.
These are supposedly "impossible" gains on some of America’s biggest
 household names.
But they’re real... documented... and independently verified.
I’m not exaggerating that this system could make you rich beyond your
 wildest dreams — starting with a small portfolio — on just a single stock!
Take blue chip online retailer Amazon.
Each time the secret formula detected buying opportunities, Amazon
The first time, it took off 1,479%.
Or enough to turn a portfolio of $10,000 into $157,900.
Once Amazon was done climbing, this formula then detected the top using
simple math... and issued a sell alert.
Sure enough, Amazon crashed by 60%.
But no worries... you’ve already cashed out.
And if you had followed this formula to the tee, you’d be sitting on a nest egg of $157,900.
Great, right?
Well, let’s see what happens when the secret formula issues a buy alert again.
Once Amazon bottomed, this formula issued a buy alert.
And the stock took off for a 962% gains.
If you had re-invested your profits from Amazon’s previous sky-high run,
you would now have a portfolio of a $1,676,898.
Pretty incredible, right?
If you chose to "buy and hold" over that same period, you’d only see
a fraction of that money. Certainly not enough to retire on.
And Amazon was far from an anomaly...
Consider the tech giant Apple.
In this case, you could have landed on seven figures by investing a small
$5,000 stake...
All thanks to this incredible formula.
Hard to believe?
Take a look...
The first time the secret formula detected a bottom for Apple, the company
soared for amazing 2,946% gains.
Or enough to turn a stake of $5,000 into $152,300.
When it reached the top, as expected, this formula issued a sell alert.
Sure enough, Apple fell by 55%.
When it detected a bottom again, Apple soared 907%.

If you had re-invested your profits from Apple’s previous run —
 without investing ANY new money — you would now be sitting on
a stake of $1,553,460.
But while you can use this to make money on virtually any blue chip
stock, you’ll need to select the elite few to see the biggest gains —
the kind that can fast-track your retirement.
That’s why I’ve scanned the big players and narrowed it down to five
little-known giants that have soared for triple- and quadruple-digit
gains during past market rallies.
Again, I include everything you need to know about these picks in my
dossier, "The Blue Chip Millionaire Blueprint."
Before I send this cutting-edge research to your inbox absolutely FREE,
let me tell you a little about each of the plays inside...
2015 Market Crash Winner #1:980% Potential Gains
The first play I’m tracking now is a Fortune 150 company based out of
Charlotte, North Carolina.
It’s America’s second-largest steel producer, with a market
cap of $14.4 billion.
It grew its earnings by 50% last year. And it’s projected to double
its earnings by 2016.
That means it could hand you 140% gains for no reason at all.
What’s more, this company has a proven track record of managing
market swings.
And that’s why this is a huge market rebound winner in my book.
I’m talking about potential 1,000% gains easily.
I’m not guessing, either.
After the market crashed in 2001, this company soared a whopping
982% during the 2000s bull market. Take a look...
So if you sell $20,000 of your current positions, follow this secret formula’s
buy alert, and invest just half of your "war chest"... this play alone could
deliver you a $108,200 windfall — or more.
2015 Market Crash Winner #2:
1,000% Potential Gains
My next play is a Columbus, Indiana-based engine maker with a $31 billion
market cap.
Founded in 1919, this Fortune 500 giant is a global leader in manufacturing
diesel engines and power generation systems.
Over the last five years, it’s enjoyed incredibly strong average earnings
 growth of 15%, mostly thanks to surging demand for its auto components
 throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. And it’s expected to outpace
 this growth over the next five years.
That’s why an independent evaluation based on Warren Buffett’s buying
criteria ranked this company a number one buy out of industrial stocks.
What’s more, this firm has a proven track record of handing investors
 life-changing returns during market rallies.
For instance, after the Tech Wreck of the early 2000s, this company
skyrocketed for 1,120% gains.
Let’s say you staked $10,000 down when you got the buy signal — at this
point you’d have $122,000.
Then, after the 2008 market crash, it soared again for 722% gains.
At this point, you’d have $1,002,840.
And right now you should cash out and prepare to do it again starting
 September 16.
2015 Market Crash Winner #3:
418% Potential Gains
The next play on my radar is a Minneapolis-based bank founded in 1901.
And although I doubt 99% of investors have ever heard of it, this is
 America’s fifth-largest bank with over $263 billion in deposits.
However, unlike Bank of America or JP Morgan, it’s a regional lender.
And it focuses mostly on the Midwest.
This is one of the few banks that could have survived the 2008 crash
without a bailout.
It’s one of the ONLY banks that never posted losses during the crisis.
Even as most banks lost their shirts, it remained profitable.
That’s why, within two months of the market bottom, it soared
for 132% gains.
That’s when it charged forward buying dozens of smaller banks during the
market rally.
And through this series of acquisitions, it took off for incredible gains.
All told, you could have taken home 418% gains after the market bottom
buy signal.
So if you sell $20,000 of your current positions... follow this secret formula’s
buy alert... and invest your "war chest"... this play alone could deliver you
 a $103,600 windfall — or more.
Now, let me tell you about what I think is the most potentially lucrative of
all these plays.
2015 Market Crash Winner #4:
2,000% Potential Gains
Founded in 1851 with a market cap of $30 billion, this next major blue chip
company is one few investors know about.
It’s the world’s leader in ceramics and glass manufacturing.
Not the sexiest sounding industry, I know.
But its products are vital for the production of portable computers, fiber-
optic cables, and scientific research equipment.
Now, it’s a shame this play is so ignored by most investors.
Because it has delivered phenomenal gains following market downturns.
After the 2002 crash, for instance, it handed investors 1,967% returns.
That’s enough to turn a small stake of $10,000 into $200,670 in just a few
short years.
All from a solid billion-dollar global leader.
And even though it’s one of the safest big gainers I’ve ever seen in the
You won’t hear about this play from CNBC or Forbes.
That brings me to my last bonus play — a way you could pocket monthly
income from your liquid cash...
2015 Market Crash Bonus Winner
It’s one of America’s largest health care REITs.
While REITs have lately caught some flack from investors, health care
REITs have a bright future ahead.
Aging demographics...
Increased health care expenditures...
Rising demand for individual properties...
Health care REITs are a no-brainer.
However, there’s a reason I’m picking THIS Chicago-based company...
It’s NOT for its gain potential — although it’s outperformed the market
since the 2009 bottom...
And it's NOT even for its 5% dividend — which trounces almost all rates
out there.
It's because it has hiked its dividend year over year since 2009.
It maintained its dividend — and even raised it sharply — through the
Great Recession.
I think it’s inevitably moving into the Dividend Aristocrat category.
And if you know Dividend Aristocrats, you know they can deliver
 investors massive 10-fold returns — safely.
What’s more, this company has boosted cash flow by 200% over the
past few years.

ventas cash flow
These are the kinds of plays I look for: cash-heavy firms with the treasure
chest to expand operations even as the economy falters.
The best part is, with the Fed moving rates higher, we’re looking at a great
buying opportunity...
A shot for both great appreciation and great yield moving forward.
Lock in this rate now, and you’ll be earning an “actual yield” closer to 15%
within only a few short years.
Now, with the money from your new investments, you could earn a strong
 stream of monthly income to cover all of your retirement expenses —
and more.
I’ve included this red-hot play, along with the four others, in my new report:
 "The Blue Chip Millionaire Blueprint."
Inside you’ll find the company profile, ticker symbols, exact buy points, and
dates to buy.
To my knowledge, this groundbreaking report is the ONLY way to pocket
surefire 1,000%+ gains on safe blue chip stocks.
In other words, it details the safest possible strategy to pocketing massive
Where else can you see such enormous potential?
Penny stocks? Options? Puts?
All insanely risky. In fact, you can lose as much as you can make, if not more.
So this strategy is for the conservative investor — retirees and future retirees
 who want as much as upside as possible with very minimal risk. In short,
the best of both worlds.
Inside your FREE report, I also fully detail Wall Street’s secret formula...
including how it signals market tops and bottoms... the gigantic returns it's
 already made investors... and how a few Wall Street insiders have kept this to themselves.
I detail the Fed’s upcoming plans, what they mean for your portfolio,
 and how you can dodge the financial landmines that are about to disrupt
 the market in ways we haven’t seen since 2008.
I include a full play-by-play of my "Blue Chip Millionaire" system to
help you avoid catastrophic losses while pocketing enormous riches during
the 2015 crash...
The same kind of riches that minted 2.9 million millionaires during the
recent market rally.
I’ll send this timely, urgent, and ultra-lucrative guide to your inbox
absolutely FREE.
All I ask in return is that you test-drive my wealth-building research
 service, The Crow’s Nest.

Welcome to The Crow's Nest
At The Crow’s Nest, we spot the upcoming trends and where the markets
are heading.
We help you position your money at each turn, avoiding major losses
while pocketing astronomic profits.
We’re only looking at the safest possible investments, but we’re not satisfied
with even 20% returns.
There’s no good reason you should compromise safety and profits.
Which is why this secret formula is the most exciting market indicator I’ve
ever seen.
As the market plummets in 2015, we’ll be by your side, using it to alert you
 when it’s time to buy again.
We’ll show you the very simple math the whole time so you can decide for
And we’ll show you the blue chip companies to buy and sell — and precisely
 when you should do so.
This way you can maximize your profits on these household American names.
Mind you, these are little-known multibillion-dollar companies... hidden gems
with tons of pent-up cash flow. You won’t hear about them from CNBC
or your broker. So that means you’ll be able to grab your fair share, even
 while most other investors are still running scared.
The best part is, they deliver REAL potential for 1,000%+ gains — with
very little downside risk. They're not the garbage over-hyped penny stocks
you might have heard of. Most of those — what I call micro-crap stocks —
have more loss potential than anything.
Since the 2008 market crash, over 2.9 million millionaires have been minted.
Not from penny stocks or options...
But because they bought blue chip stocks — at bargain-basement prices —
 the same opportunity I’ve discussed today.
In short, this is your REAL shot to retire with money you will NEVER
run out of.
Your free report, "The Blue Chip Millionaire Blueprint," is your
 gateway to retiring early during the next market rebound.
But there’s STILL one question left...
Once you’ve built your retirement wealth, how are you going to generate
the income you need? Especially with interest rates near zero?
Well, that leads me to a special income generator — one that allows you to
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Bonus Report: "IRM(72): The Forbidden Secret To Retire 
a Millionaire"forbidden-secret-report
Did you know there’s a secret retirement account that lets you pocket, on
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I know an extra 4% gain may not sound like much... but all these gains add
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It shows the growth of $1,000 invested in both the S&P 500 index and this
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While a $1,000 investment would have turned into $80,760 with the S&P
500 index, the same $1,000 investment would have turned into $2,297,085
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This account had an average annual return of 9.8%, while the S&P 500 had
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All thanks to what I call IRM(72) accounts.
This is a very unique way to retire rich... a rarely advertised investment
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Most people don’t know this retirement program exists.
But a few regular folks, like Bernard Schlossman, a 73-year-old retiree
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As he says, this is something "you cannot not do."
That's because this little-known program can mean a lifetime of safe,
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And this is the perfect program for investors who are looking for income
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With this kind of income, you could amass an unbelievable stake in just
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I’m sure by now you’re asking yourself: "If this secret plan is so good, then
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The short answer is that the government has placed restrictions on
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When this plan was created, it completely bypassed traditional brokers
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ever being advertised to the public.
As The Wall Street Journal wrote:
"It’s the best kept secret on Wall Street. Securities and 
Exchange commission rules won't let them say much 
about this fabulous way of saving and building wealth..."
Or as MarketWatch put it:
"Brokers and fund managers can't sock you with big fees
 and commissions if you [use this program]. So they won't 
tell you the 'best-kept secret' and they've made sure 
Congress and the SEC keep it a secret too."
Do you see now why so few people know this program even exists?

The good news is that today, many online brokers will gladly help you
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You just have to know what to say.
I’ve created a special report to tell you everything you need to know
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Like I said, I will send you all of this research free of charge when you start a subscription to The Crow’s Nest, which is delivered to your email inbox in the
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How to Get Started With Retirement
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I realize you might have subscribed to a financial or investment newsletter
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Jimmy Mengel
Investment Director, The Crow's Nest

The Golden Fire Sale
Buy Discount Gold, 
Get Uranium FREE
(and turn every $20k invested into $121k)
One little-known resource company, currently priced below $0.95 per
 share, has quietly acquired billions of dollars' worth of gold resources in
 South America for pennies on the dollar.
With the help of one very wealthy, highly-connected, and influential family...
In fact, in one of its most recent gold acquisitions, the company only paid
$13.5 million in stock to acquire a company that two years earlier had a
market capitalization of $140 million.
Even better, the enormous gold resource it acquired in this purchase was
 recently valued by an independent engineering report at $233 million —
 17 times more than what they paid for it.
And with the continued depressed conditions in the mining markets,
I expect this explosive exploration company — with its deep pockets and 
backing from a wealthy family, which I call the "Kennedys of Brazil" —
to continue to capitalize on its strategy of acquiring valuable resource assets
 at bargain-basement prices.
For early investors, this means a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in
on a tiny, undiscovered resource company that’s currently trading at a huge
 discount compared to assets it already owns... not to mention what's to come.
A junior exploration company that could soar 509% or more based on the
$233 million value of just ONE of its NINE major gold projects in Brazil.
That's right — it owns eight more.

Brazilian Gold Project #1: Calculating the Massive Gains...
It’s as simple as this...
Divide the net present value of this company’s Brazilian Gold Project #1,
 $233 million, by the number of shares this company has outstanding...
 currently 72 million.
That works out to show the company’s current value is about $3.23 per
 share — for a company whose shares have been trading below the $0.70-
per-share price range in the past few weeks.
Do you see the value here?
The result: You could make a life-changing gain of 509% or more
from this tiny Canadian resource company that’s extremely undervalued
 at its current price.
It’s not an exaggeration to say this is the kind of opportunity that can
vastly improve your life, where a small $20,000 investment could turn into
$121,800 or much more...
Bringing you enough profits to buy that sports car you always wanted, go on
 that exotic vacation you always dreamed of, or stash away some money to
fund your early retirement.
And remember... that 509% gain estimate is based only on the value of one
 of the nine gold projects this resource company currently owns...
Really, 509% gains is my extremely conservative estimate here.
It’s no wonder all three analysts covering this stock are calling this
company a super-buy, because it’s trading at a significant discount
 compared to the value of the assets it owns.
In fact, these typically conservative analysts are setting some high targets
 for this company’s stock in the near term.
The analyst at H.C. Wainwright & Company has a $1.82 price target for the
 stock. That's 243% higher than the current share price.
Cantor Fitzgerald values the stock at $2.70 — a 409% gain.
And Salman Partners values it at $2.00 — a 277% gain.
Luckily for us, this company is by far the best-kept secret in the gold
mining industry — with little mention of it in investment circles or in the
media markets.
But that could change any day now, so your quick action on this
opportunity is essential.
In a moment, I’ll share with you details on how to get a free copy of
my timely report on this tiny resource gem, "Golden Fire Sale: 
How to Get Extraordinarily Rich Following the 'Kennedys 
of Brazil'."
First, let’s take a deeper look at the "Kennedys of Brazil" family and
 the great advantages they bring to this tiny resource company.

How to Get Rich from the
"Kennedys of Brazil"
Imagine hosting a luncheon for the Vice President of Brazil, sitting down
to discuss business with the Prime Minister of China, or spending an evening
 discussing politics with former U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush or
 Bill Clinton.
Well, this is part of a normal routine for the "Kennedys of Brazil."
From the Pope to Ronald Reagan to the Kennedys themselves, this wealthy
Brazilian family has sat down and discussed business ventures with the most
 influential leaders in the world — past and present.
And this Brazilian dynasty’s business model is working... attracting over $15
billion worth of investments into Brazil in recent years.                      
The head of the family is one of the richest men in Brazil and one of the most
influential — a world-renowned businessman whose career spans over half
 a century.
He’s the winner of many awards, including the prestigious Global Innovation
As leader and principal shareholders of one of the largest private merchant
 banks in Brazil, with a net worth of $1.5 billion, his family’s merchant bank
business is booming...
Developing partnerships with over 19 countries (as seen in the map below),
with the goal of promoting Brazilian business interests worldwide.

His family’s business has been at the forefront of bringing billions of dollars'
worth of technology and investment into Brazil through 80 partnerships
around the world...
Working on projects as diverse as bringing the first car rental business to Brazil,
the first cell phone, the first computer, the first ethanol car, and so on.
And now the "Kennedys of Brazil" are ready to repeat their success with their
one and only gold investment, this tiny Canadian resource company.
They aren't backing any other gold mining investments — only the one I'm
telling you about today.
So when the founder of this tiny resource company spoke to me recently, I was
 excited to hear he had formed a joint venture with the "Kennedys of Brazil."
The "Kennedys of Brazil" are the people you want to have on your team, with
their solid history of business success, valuable connections, access to top
experts, ability to raise capital, and influential ties to politicians who can open
The fact is, this tiny resource company is the only gold mining investment
that this powerful Brazilian family is involved with, which is HUGE because
 it says a lot about the faith they have in this company’s profit potential...
Faith you should have, too.
With this family's track record of enormous success in important political
 and business alliances, their seal of approval on this resource company
carries a lot of weight in the investment world.
Already, having the family play an important role in this up-and-coming
Canadian resource company is paying off.
With the backing of the "Kennedys of Brazil," this Canadian company was
 recently able to raise almost double the amount of money it expected to
(over $4 million) based solely on the recognition and confidence investors
 have in its top-notch team and strategic partners.
Money that can be used by this junior exploration company to acquire
additional projects in emerging producing gold districts in Brazil, Paraguay,
and other parts of South America at bargain-basement prices — at the height
 of the bear market.
The fact is, the founder of this Canadian resource company and the "Kennedys
 of Brazil" are so confident in the success of their new joint gold venture that
they’ve invested over $1 million each of their own money into the deal.
And believe me, they wouldn’t be putting their own skin in the game if they
didn’t think they were investing in an opportunity with potentially massive
It's blood-in-the-streets investing for gold.
They are positioning this tiny gold resource company so that when the
resource sector rebounds, which many believe is due to happen shortly, 
as no junior resource bear market has gone on for more than four years,
this company will have ample opportunities and projects to turn to.
This is a tiny company that holds valuable resources in one of the greatest
 gold belts in the world and is set to score 509% gains in the coming months...
 and it could easily become a 10-bagger down the road.
Because there are a few things I haven't told you yet that almost
certainly make this a can't-lose proposition...
Case in point: If the massive gold play isn’t incredible enough to grab your
attention, this company has also acquired a massive uranium property
on the cheap.
A potentially mammoth moneymaking FREE BONUS for you, because
you can...

Buy One, Get One Free

As I mentioned earlier, this little-known resource company is trading at a
huge discount, currently priced below $0.95 per share.
And based on the value of just one verified gold project of its nine, this tiny
 resource company’s stock should be well over $3.22 per share — a 509% gain.
And remember... the 509% potential gain is an extremely conservative
number given the enormous amount of gold resources this company possesses
 in its other eight projects — which aren’t even figured into this triple-digit gain
In addition, gold isn’t all this resource-rich company is sitting on...
By investing in this company, you also get free exposure to a majority stake in
an enormous uranium land package that encompasses over 218,000 acres in
the world’s richest uranium zone.
Its minority partner is the $4 billion French nuclear giant Areva, who knows
just how strategic this property is.
Plus, the project is within 50 miles of another high-grade and near-surface
 uranium discovery, meaning it could be cheaper to produce than most
uranium projects.
Even better, a nearby uranium discovery in this same region is now
valued at $350 million... a great indicator of the potential value of this
tiny resource company’s recently acquired uranium project.
If you’ve been following the uranium market, you know it’s been heating
up over the last year.
According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, there are currently 71 new
nuclear plants being built worldwide, meaning long-term demand for uranium
 is assured.
It’s no wonder that since the lows of 2014, uranium prices have increased by approximately 35%. It's been the best-performing commodity this year.
As this trend continues, highly prospective exploration projects such as this
will benefit immensely.
So the timing couldn’t be better for this Canadian company’s acquisition of
a potentially huge supply of uranium.
Because not only does this Canadian resource company already possess
enough gold to trigger its stock to soar over 509%, but it also has a valuable
 uranium project that could bring additional value to shareholders.
It’s two for the price of one... buy gold and get a valuable uranium asset free.

Urgent News:
I recently learned that an important meeting just took place in Paris that
 could determine the fate of this Canadian company’s uranium project
 holdings and be a major catalyst for this penny stock if a spin-off or
sale is to occur — which could unlock considerable value for shareholders.
So even more reason to move quickly on this opportunity...
And the man behind this stock, the founder of this tiny gold resource
company, already has a successful track record of bringing a uranium
project into commercial production and making shareholders
3,673%+ gains.
Let me explain...

The Last Time This Happened...Well-Timed Early Investors Made 
Over 3,673%
The founder of this tiny Canadian resource company is billed as one of
the "next generation’s resource industry titans" and a proven commodity
 for good reason.
In the mid-2000s, this brilliant entrepreneur founded and built a tiny uranium
 company into one of the lowest-cost uranium producers worldwide...
Bringing this uranium company from concept to production in five years...
a fast time line in this industry.
Even more impressive was the fact that he launched this tiny uranium
company at the same time that another 600 small public companies were
 pursuing uranium deposits, since uranium prices were going higher.
Ten years later...
Of those 600 companies, only 10 are left today
His is one of them.
And of these 10 public companies, his was the first to achieve uranium
For example, this gifted businessman gave lucky early investors the
opportunity to make gains of over 3,673% in 24 months in his first
uranium resource company.


Imagine turning a small $25,000 investment into $943,250 with just one
 tiny resource stock. Well, that’s exactly what some investors did by getting
in early on this uranium stock.
This not only established credibility for him among investors, but it also
 brought great recognition for him from Fortune magazine on
 its "40 Under 40: Ones to Watch" list of North American executives.      
He is also recognized by Casey Research, a leading investment advisory
publisher, as a top-10 mining industry entrepreneur and executive...
In addition, he’s a recent nominee for Ernst & Young's "Entrepreneur
of the Year" distinction.
He is known for forming a company, getting it off the ground, and making his shareholders HUGE GAINS.
And now he's applying the same enterprising spirit to his newest venture..
. which you can invest in today.
This time, he made the brilliant, calculated move of bringing the "Kennedys
of Brazil" family onboard as partners in his new business to help land the
best resource projects — and raise the most money — in Brazil and elsewhere
around the world.
His gold resource company has significant core assets in gold in Brazil and
uranium in Canada... and plenty of cash on hand to invest in additional
advanced-stage gold projects for cheap during the current mining downturn.
Already, the assets it owns are worth over 100 times what the stock is
trading for.
As you know, most junior gold stocks are struggling and have low valuations
today. This is a GOLDEN BUFFET for a guy like the founder of this tiny
Canadian resource company. He can buy resources FAR cheaper than he
can drill out resources today.
And the result is a company that is experiencing rapid growth — going from
under 1 million ounces of acquired gold in 2012 to over 3.9 million ounces of
gold today.
With an estimated value of over $4.8 billion at today’s gold price, it's easy to
see why I think this company — currently trading with a $50 million market
cap — is so undervalued.

$4.8 Billion Gold Resource / $45 Million
Market Capitalization =
This is a company that has a powerful management team, led by
one of Fortune's "40 under 40: Ones to Watch" teamed up with the
well-connected "Kennedys of Brazil" — which gives it a huge competitive
A company whose value in just one of its nine Brazilian gold projects is 
worth 509%-plus more than the current stock price reflects (and remember,
that doesn’t even include the value of its giant uranium land package)...
A company that is benefiting from the costs of production going down with
a favorable foreign exchange and an estimated 31% reduction in mining costs
as the Brazilian real devalues against the U.S. dollar...
And a company that is profiting from a 50% drop in the price of oil — which is
 a big part of the cost of gold mining.
The fact is, a $1 drop per barrel of oil equals a $1 drop in costs per ounce
 of gold produced for mining projects. If the price of oil stays down, it’s a 
big help for this resource company’s bottom line.
These positive factors bode well for any acquisitions the company is
considering or negotiations it’s currently involved in.
Many call this company a uranium and gold double play, where you
buy one (gold) resource and get one (exposure to the uranium market) free...
A double play that is a golden opportunity, where you could make
the biggest gains of your lifetime with this one tiny gold resource
company that’s currently greatly undervalued.
But you have to act quickly... because once the average investor finds
out about this incredible penny stock opportunity, your early
advantage will be gone.

Legendary Investors 
Are On Board
It’s no wonder some of the most legendary resource investors have
stakes in this explosive gold resource company... including Rick Rule,
Marin Katusa, and Doug Casey.
In fact, their private investment fund is one of the major shareholders
in this company.
And believe me, they wouldn’t put their money into a resource company
 unless they thought it had enormous potential. They know a potentially
lucrative deal when they see one.
The bottom line is — thanks to a depressed junior mining sector —
 this company has secured massive gold and uranium projects for
pennies on the dollar in stable, mining-friendly jurisdictions.
And today I’m going to show you how you can get in early on this little-
known resource company that’s hugely undervalued and set for a
massive rebound.
The full details are in my timely new FREE report, "How to Get 
Extraordinarily Rich Following the 'Kennedys of Brazil'."
Before I tell you how to secure your FREE report, let me quickly
introduce  myself...

Hi. I'm Nick Hodge.

nick-hodge-outdoorsI'm an investment analyst here at Angel
Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland.
I'm also editor of Nick Hodge's Early 
Advantage, the resource for big profits
 from little-known breakthroughs and
disruptive companies in mining, energy,
 electronics, technology, agriculture, and more.
No sector is off limits.
Thousands of Early Advantage readers have
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Just to give you a better idea:
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In just the past few years, I've brought investors massive, rapid-fire
gains from companies in multiple sectors, such as:
  • 159% on Xethanol Inc.
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But those are just a handful of the winners my readers and I have
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In fact, I've closed more than 210 double- and triple-digit winners
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At least three stocks in the portfolio are buy-rated and set for an easy
double. That's on top of open positions of 45%, 75%, and 93%.
But I’m just getting started... I have even more winning recommendations
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company I’m sharing with you today.

Nick Hodgenick-yahoo

My insights have led to numerous appearances on television and
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Network and Yahoo! Finance's Daily Ticker...

reallgetrich-bookgreen bookEnergy Investing for Dummies 300px

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Nick Hodge
Editor and Creator, Early Advantage
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P.S. Because the stocks I recommend are small-cap stocks,
too many
readers can push up the share prices and adversely
affect your profit potential. So we really must limit membership
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If you’re late to respond to this invitation, your name goes on a
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